Tophatter: Win Fun Discounts

Tophatter: Win Fun Discounts

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Tophatter: Win Fun Discounts App

Buy fashion, gadgets, jewelry, or win an auction on Tophatter — the fun, easy way to bid and shop fixed price items! Bargain hunting and shopping online is fast, exciting, and fun on Tophatter. Whether you’re looking for a gift, a camera, or even a ring, there’s an endless array of fun products for you to scroll through. Find a gift for yourself or a present for a loved one, either way, the sky's the limit — there are even drones for you to bid on! Nothing beats the thrill of winning a great deal and bargain hunting on Tophatter. Finding a gift you love is easy thanks to Tophatter’s huge variety of fun and affordable items. Browse, bid, and enjoy instant savings on anything from a piece of jewelry to a TV! 3 Ways to Win Big Bargains with Tophatter 1. Log into your account and find products you love immediately. 2. Shop on the app from anywhere, and get involved in the auction action. 3. Bids are free, most items start at $1, you only pay when you win. Tophatter puts the fun and excitement back into bargain hunting. Win big with the latest discounted offers at your fingertips! It only takes one simple click to add a big spark of joy to your day. Download and start your bidding now! Technical Support and FAQ Buyer Protection Guarantee: 30-Day Easy Returns: How to bid on Tophatter: How to pay on Tophatter: Terms of Service:

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  • Watch what u buy.. 2/5

    By Sigsauer777
    Yes most items are pretty much junk from China in plain unmarked bag, regardless of the picture you may be looking at. And it usually takes a beating in shipping.. yes you can return it.. jump through their hoops for 2 or 3 bucks?? Not worth the trouble.. even u.s. sellers advertise .925 sterling , AD Jeweler for one.. even with their negative reviews, Tophatter still allows them to mislead the buyers and sell their crap jewelry as sterling...And obviously don’t care cause they are getting there cut... so beware... not much really worth buying. And I have 100’s of purchases, so I know.. learning the things that are worth buying if u get it cheap enough.. don’t bid too much for something cause another will be selling in 2 minutes. Pay attention to the shipping costs.. Funny.. after updated, I can only see 3 items at a time, instead of more... did I miss something? Hope this saves people money and disappointment..
  • DLC 5/5

    By dlchac
    I love this site!
  • An Honest Review 2/5

    By ljs1178
    I love the concept of Tophatter, but the sellers, I get agitated with them. They ship their merchandise as cheaply as possible, even if you pay for shipping, they send in small manila envelope, some do bubble wrap the item and if you are really blessed, a seller may send an item in a box but that is far & few between. Tophatter’s customer service is good so if your displeased tell them. I hate the customers that give 4 or 5 ratings then say but I haven’t tried it yet. If you haven’t tried it, don’t rate it. I have lost a lot of money by purchasing due to ratings...STOP DOING THAT JUST SO YOU SEE YOUR NAME IN PRINT!!!!!!!!! With that said, if you know your pricing you can get great bargains in Tophatter. I wish I could give them a better rating, but I can’t until the s/h gets better, just don’t be surprised at the nonchalant method of the sellers shipping, it is deplorable!!!
  • Warning!!! Slightly Addictive, LOL 5/5

    By Midnight1012
    This is a great way to get great deals on great products. Warnings: some of the items are junk, the shipping and handling can make the price jump significantly, and if you are a shopaholic like my cousin (LOL) it can be dangerous for your wallet and bank account.
  • Not much 1/5

    By goFyournightnames
    Got a few things but frankly seem to be for people who are looking for jewelry or clothes myself I’m a gamer and they got nothing to interest me or even the things I collect so as interesting as it look after a few minutes was clear was a useless app to me
  • Crappy items 1/5

    By Dumb Dupe
    Order only if you like cheap crappy Chinese junk!!!
  • Tophatter Review 5/5

    By jeanninegarza
    For The Most Part TopHatter Is Absolutely Wonderful Very Addictive But You Can Get Some Awesome Products At Even More Awesome Prices I Have Done My Last 2 Years Of Christmas Shopping Right Here So Enjoy Biding Everyone
  • Don’t win more then 4x 1/5

    By theshadow1961
    First few wins came fast and where nice but all clothing even when ordered as adult 4x still came in sizes that fit xsmall. Then after my forth win on rings they started to come over a month after expected date. First items came as stated after that it’s been over a month since expected date and I am still waiting. 2 items didn’t even leave China till after expected date. Everything does come from China and don’t expect top quality.
  • Tophatter 5/5

    By 56Bentley
    For the most part I have been pleased with my orders!!! There are a few orders I wasn’t Pleased with and Tophatter gave me a refund right away!!! That is what I call great service!!! Thank you Tophatter!!! Hilda👠
  • Get it while you can. 5/5

    By Geraldo B28
    Excellent customer skills and support when you need it. Great products, great prices and they always have something for everyone. So go ahead and start shopping I guarantee you will be hook. Lots of fun on this app. Love Tophatter.
  • Top Tophatter 5/5

    By DetteK
    I have been buying from Tophatter for many years now and never really had a problem or gotten real junk! Everything is pretty Top of the line that I have gotten! And all for good prices! I love them!!!!!!
  • Mad 1/5

    By funkyjimadena
    Holy smokes I bid on a go pro n won but holy didn’t realize it was 26 dollar shipping
  • Used to be fun 2/5

    By ralden
    I use to enjoy using this app. Then they ‘improved’ it. Now the iPad version only works in portrait mode and single column. The developer claims you see more items per page but in actuality there are less items per page so it’s difficult to track multiple listings at once. Reminders (items that you were looking for) is now in the menu instead of a simple tab at the bottom like it had been. Why do app developers make things more difficult and call it ‘improved’? As for the listings themselves, READ the descriptions and pay attention to the dimensions of items. Most item reviews claim disappointment because of smaller than expected size of said item. Most dimensions are given in metric so convert before you buy. Sometimes the photos are misleading so pay attention to the description for important details. As for the items, most are cheap quality to be honest so don’t overbid. Usually the same item will be up for auction at the conclusion of the current auction. I’ve gotten some good deals and some real trash. But Tophatter has been very responsive to any issues I’ve had. Except in the case of the latest ‘improved’ version of the app.
  • $9 to ship a micro SD card in two weeks 😂 1/5

    By Sagacious Reviewer
    Buy cheep crap and they make a killing off overcharging for shipping
  • Knock off company 1/5

    By GregSnyder🤙🏻
    This platform is literally like Wish. It’s all knock off and cheap items from sketchy company’s in Asia. At least with Wish it’s one flat price, not pointless bidding. Y’all paying for junk.
  • Where’s my rings 1/5

    By mooreSR
    Don’t buy from this site they didn’t give updates on where your order is there’s no support contact to call. This site takes people money. Please listen and don’t buy off here
  • Be careful. 3/5

    By 7slpacas
    Watch what you buy. Sone things are junk. I just bought what I thought was owl planter. It is so small not even tiny cactus would fit in it. Sone things are nice.

    By ThumbCrazyGamer
    I like this app very much but I would like it even more if the pictures were true to the actual items you received!!! I just won an auction that included a set of wrenches. In the picture it shows several pieces to the set maybe 8 to 10 pieces. Well, if you begin to read the “fine print “ it states only 3 are available!!! Once you bid, you can’t back out !!! I just don’t understand why people are allowed to do this on this app?! It’s kind of like a big rip off! I’m probably not the only person that has noticed this and been frustrated with it either!!!
  • cheating and scam 1/5

    By pcarguime
    they start auctioning the products with low prices from $ 1, but if you win by buying a product with a price of $ 20 or more, the shipping is not more than $ 5 or free. But if you win the auction of the product with a price of less than $ 10, the shipping costs more than $ 20. It is a pirate theft the product practically li are selling at regular price ... I do not recommend this Apps
  • I’m still waiting on my refund 1/5

    By myoshi jones
    I paid 8$ for paint brushes and canceled my order same day and still waiting on my 8$ refund I’ve reported the seller and still I haven’t received the 8$ payment I have proof from my bank statements the refund hasn’t been issued back to my account thanks please have the seller refund my 8$
  • All junk 2/5

    By Mcp1986
    Full of complete junk from China. Even the nice electronics are all refurbs that aren’t even deals.
  • Accidentally bid 1/5

    By sewinglover
    I didn’t mean to bid on item
  • Product quality 3/5

    By Flynaz
    Not all products are the quality when received, as they are advertised. But for cheap crap, guess it’s not bad.
  • Waste of time 2/5

    By Sapperski
    First of all, I did not actually buy anything from the app, so I have no opinion on shipping or actual quality of items. Secondly, from browsing through, I did see that a lot of items are cheap knock-offs. There may be some items in the app worth bidding on, but if you’re looking for that Apple Watch, turtle beach headset, or designer dress for cheap you’re better off waiting until it goes on sale at an actual retailer. You won’t find it on this app. Lastly, there is no search function that I could find. If I’m looking for a specific item (like a protein skimmer for a saltwater tank), I can’t get it through this app. It shows what it shows and by the time you actually read the description of what said item is, the auction is over and you’ve missed your chance to get it. If you want to buy stuff on impulse, then this is definitely the app for you. However, if you actually research what you’re buying and/or want something specific, then I cannot recommend this app.
  • Cheap, but some decent stuff 4/5

    By IPv6 Subnet
    The site has a lot of cheap knockoff items you wouldn’t usually see at Walmart. Sometimes it is worth trying to get since the quality isn’t always terrible, but a lot of the time it is so be wary on what you bid for. Only really negative thing I have to say about this site, which is really all of these cheap bidding sites, are the bots that outbid you until you reach an amount the Seller can make profit from. Kind of crooked, but you’re buying cheap knockoff stuff so what can I say? Their integrity isn’t necessarily what your paying for here, it’s their cheap as dirt items! I will say though that it is quite fun scrolling through the site looking for cheap stuff I want!
  • Right 3/5

    By stone dreamer
    I started out on the site excited and full of expectations. When orders started to arrive I was disappointed. Realizing where the stuff is coming from and not to bid higher than a couple dollars. It’s fun to play.
  • Lol 3/5

    By emily 3644
    This app is ok.. if I got more then 2 bids every 2 days this app would be amazing.😪
  • Wonderful 5/5

    By ckparsons
    I love all the great things they have on here
  • Buying things 5/5

    By Potter 1
    I really injoy buying things from Tophatter. I am happy with everything that I buy. And plan on buying many more things.
  • Problems 3/5

    By butterfliesgurl
    EArrings one hook broken soon I got it Dog collar light led don’t work Mouse remote for cats don’t work!! All that is what I get .. broken n. It working I was so embrassed I got my mom earrings for early Christmas gift n said oh it broken!
  • All Smiles 5/5

    By Silkensparkle
    Dear Tophatter, I’m so excited to have found your site and I can’t wait to receive all my jewelry 😍
  • Loving it 5/5

    By PattiLemer
    Very happy with the deals on TopHatter. It’s fun and fast!!
  • Decent site for quick bidders 4/5

    By Rock2soil
    Be careful. Some items shown not actual size.
  • Round up girl!boy 4/5

    By round upgirl!boy
    Looking into if my account is actives or do I have to reopen a account please let me know
  • Seems bad 1/5

    By Thatoneguywhoratedthisapp
    From what I read from the comments, it seems like the products are mostly pieces of junk. I downloaded the app because I thought I would be able to get some stuff that I want at decent prices. I’m giving it a one star review because it doesn’t have any kind of a search function, which is ridiculous.
  • Much worse now that it is only vertical orientation on iPad 1/5

    By Psrman
    Have had the app for about two months and ordered about 15 items while it was displayed horizontal on the iPad but will no longer use the app as it is now vertical and horrible to use. Agree with many reviewers about the iffy products: a few deals, a lot of cheap items and definitely some photos that give very misleading sense of size of some items. Had to return one item damaged in transit and had a better then expected customer service experience. Overall about 3/5 for what they sell, 5/5 for my one customer service experience and -100/5 for the new vertical display. They lost a buying customer here with that recent change.
  • Screening 4/5

    By Huffaluffacus
    Think Tophatter should screen sellers as some sellers items cheap or misleading which in my opinion is theft by deception. Like the fingerlings all were fake. Purses say one thing but when received they are not what I bought. Same as headphones.
  • Quality, sizing, usually too small, shipping usually too high! 3/5

    By Coach Liq
    I have bought much but, most of the jewelry & apparel runs. Rey small. And quality is below standards.. Liberal return policy but, shipping sometimes is too high! If you know prices you may find some deals. Sometimes takes too long to ship & sometimes their tracking is inaccurate!
  • Mhkakers 5/5

    By mhkakers
    I love Tophatter. They have wonderful products
  • if i liked to waste my time buying junk.. then this app would be cool. 3/5

    By 12 devs in 1
    i saw 1 brand name item.. and the rest was knockoff trash.
  • Last update 2/5

    By Xxddrrt
    Hate the latest update. On my iPad I want landscape not portrait. Will not be using it anymore.
  • Enjoying 5/5

    By docbby
    I love love love this app it has really great stuff and you don’t pay to much for it 😜 so what ya writhing on let go shopping lol
  • Don’t Trust the Sellers 1/5

    By Big Tee 1
    If you ever actually do get a good deal on something, the sellers will just refund your money instead of sending you what you won. A complete waste of time. Most of it looks like cheap stuff from overseas anyway.
  • Chinese fake crap 1/5

    By Zeekeezy
    This whole site is just items you can get off of the Wish app. Everything is knock off, fake, Chinese garbage. Stay away.
  • Cheap products 1/5

    By yoomctac
    I’ve purchased a set of ear 👂 phones and they were very cheap and only one ☝️ side worked. Y’all need to get better products!! I won’t be be buying any thing else from y’all!!
  • Tracking packages 1/5

    By kimmy12869
    If they said it was delivered to you and it wasn’t . They tell you to track it to where it was delivered and when you tell them that you did what they say and find out that the tracking number that the seller Provided for you fedexs tells me that the tracking number wasn’t even in my name or address doesn’t match and you tell Tophatter about it. They said that all they can do is look online and if it said it was delivered then there’s nothing you can do about. I have lost 3 item by the same seller and I spent some money on them. Tophatter only refund me on one but the others no. They don’t call and see if you are telling them the truth or not. They just check online and it tells them it was delivered. If that was my company and my name that these seller are using I would check in on what there customer say. I have lost out on some money for what nothing!!!!!!!
  • Might have to wait two months. 1/5

    By DJ twinkle toes
    Ordered my items over 30 days ago and they’re not even in the U.S.. I read the terms and conditions and I can’t do anything until 60 days has gone by. So yeah, you might get your stuff...but it could be two months later. I will not use this apps again.
  • Dentadura 4/5

    By max bejerano Diaz
    Compre una dentadura y no la he pagado quiero hacerlo por favor
  • Eh 3/5

    By AFMedic16
    Have bought 28 items from here; cancelled 7, on TOP of the 28, of them because of false advertising or bidding on something accidentally. They temporarily kicked me out. Some of this stuff is legit; some are a waste of money. I have literally thrown things in the garbage once I received them because they weren’t what I expected. I’m just waiting to receive my other purchases and than I will be deleting this app. Be aware of what you’re buying!!!!

Tophatter: Win Fun Discounts app comments

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