Tophatter: Win Fun Discounts

Tophatter: Win Fun Discounts

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Tophatter: Win Fun Discounts App

Buy fashion, gadgets, jewelry, or win an auction on Tophatter — the fun, easy way to bid and shop fixed price items! Bargain hunting and shopping online is fast, exciting, and fun on Tophatter. Whether you’re looking for a gift, a camera, or even a ring, there’s an endless array of fun products for you to scroll through. Find a gift for yourself or a present for a loved one, either way, the sky's the limit — there are even drones for you to bid on! Nothing beats the thrill of winning a great deal and bargain hunting on Tophatter. Finding a gift you love is easy thanks to Tophatter’s huge variety of fun and affordable items. Browse, bid, and enjoy instant savings on anything from a piece of jewelry to a TV! 3 Ways to Win Big Bargains with Tophatter 1. Log into your account and find products you love immediately. 2. Shop on the app from anywhere, and get involved in the auction action. 3. Bids are free, most items start at $1, you only pay when you win. Tophatter puts the fun and excitement back into bargain hunting. Win big with the latest discounted offers at your fingertips! It only takes one simple click to add a big spark of joy to your day. Download and start your bidding now! Technical Support and FAQ Buyer Protection Guarantee: 30-Day Easy Returns: How to bid on Tophatter: How to pay on Tophatter: Terms of Service:

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Tophatter: Win Fun Discounts app reviews

  • This Eyeore watch is crap 1/5

    By schneidypants
    How is this a real thing? It’s like speed dating for eBay if eBay was populated with knockoff Chinese crap. “Winning” an auction applies only in the Charlie Sheen sense of the word. The reviews are fake; the legit-seeming reviews are from hopeful suckers who haven’t even received the $5 junk they wasted actual money on. Anyway, I just want someone to explain how this is at all legitimate and how I can make money at it.
  • Good app 5/5

    By Kat0123
    People who complain are not reading reviews or doing their research. I have bought quite a few items and been very satisfied. Know what you are bidding on people!
  • Beware 1/5

    By SianAngel
    Cheaply made items placed on bid that either do not work or are not what is advertised!
  • Mop 5/5

    By Gizmos and kaydo and bud
    My mop came today just put it together and it came with extra mop head I love it and it came early thank you
  • Bargains galore! 5/5

    Please be sure and read the ad description before you bid! I saw bids over $40 for an iPad CASE AND KEYBOARD! I think the bidders thought it was the iPad itself.
  • Review 2/5

    By WDHedrick
    I started buying from Tophatter several years ago. I buy almost all my Christmas every year here. It seems to me like you are allowing cheaper products and a higher price.over the first few years I never received a damaged or not received order neither and item I didn’t like. This past year l received severl items that hit the trash Ben immediately!! Shippings bad,bad products,bad delivery bad customer service, I have lots of problems getting around but if these problems aren’t corrected I will not spend my Christmas buying with you A good customer you are about Deanto loose
  • Missing item 1/5

    By Itsmyrealtor
    I received my order and was delighted with my purchase until I discover they only sent half the order. I have emailed support over and over with no response
  • My thoughts 5/5

    By gmal 1-2-3-gens
    Some items are good but you are the one that knows what you should be paying. Know what you are buying.
  • Too small 2/5

    By Rocknhaus
    Fits my elbow not knee
  • Only if you want junk 1/5

    By WildcatLady74
    My very first order, I ordered cordless headphones. They came completely smashed. They were in pieces in the package. It was total trash! I guess that’s why the things are so cheap. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME!
  • Not worth buying from this site 1/5

    By Jer-bro
    I bought several items on this website the first two days I tried it. It took 3 to 4 weeks to have the items delivered and one of them never showed up. The items that did show up were absolute garbage and two of them don’t even work. I tried writing a review in the app and it wouldn’t let me send it. I also tried sending an email to the site to let them know that I didn’t receive the one item and that wouldn’t let me send it either. Just kept kicking me back to main site. This app is a total rip off so stick with amazon and eBay.
  • Tophatter 5/5

    By im2bze
    It’s a great site to buy on. If you receive something that is broken or not like was advertised, they will be happy to help. I’ve been very happy with buying!!
  • Wrong Address 1/5

    By Bryan Leslie
    You keep sending my orders to my old address and I never see my product purchases! Yet, you keep my money and don’t make it right!
  • Trash 1/5

    By Madduglies
    I’ve tried to use this app on multiple devices. It will not let me make any bids. It keeps telling me to log in to make bids. I log in and it says WELCOME then does the same thing again.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By NcyNee72
    I’ve ordered a lot from Tophatter but my last three orders two I never received and one the seller refunded my money because they didn’t want to sell me the item after I won the auction. I’m very disappointed! I’ve bought a lot of items and never had a problem till now. I’m thinking of erasing this app and I had my family checking out this site! I’m disappointed and looking for my refund on the other products that I never received!!
  • Need to fix the bugs 2/5

    By Kittyyyyyyycattttttt1466666
    Any time I go to confirm the order it takes me back to the bid screen.
  • Don’t waste your time 1/5

    By Bmouer
    I purchased many items from here when i first joined. I’d say 80% of the items are disappointing to say the least. Then when you go to rate the item, there is always an error when you give a bad rating, yet works when you give a good one. Seems sketchy 😒
  • WONDERFUL Site 5/5

    By Glenny's sister
    I love this site. I’m new to it I just started two days ago. What I like about it is that you don’t have to buy bids. The items are wonderful and the process is easy. Thank you for this absolutely lovely way to buy what you want without a hassle. I’m hooked on Tophatter.
  • Not very good 2/5

    By crispfruit
    You may get lucky but for the most part nothing is quite as it seems . Pictures are pretty misleading. The app does not function well to make a return u bless being told twenty times that I need to refresh my browser is acceptable. Much of the stuff is junk.
  • Don’t waste your time. 1/5

    By Mancasa98
    I’ve had this app for only a week and I’m completely disappointed. You can obviously tell that half of the product being sold on this app are coming from poor produce/ knockoff companies. This app also tries to lure you in with products that are supposedly worth 200-300 plus dollars and being sold for $10. Then I read the reviews of the the products being sold in this app and the majority are rated 1 star and filled with many complaints. Just deleted this app and never again falling for something like this.
  • Orders cancelled 1/5

    By hyeral
    Why are all my orders canceled and I can’t get in contact with customer service.
  • Not happy 1/5

    By zctresa
    The concept is good but there are too many dishonest companies allowed to con people.
  • Ok 3/5

    By Marina116
    Site is fine. Products sometimes come damaged. Buyer beware.
  • Disappointed 2/5

    By Reckia6
    I haven’t had a good experience with tophatter so far. The first item I bought, a pair of Bluetooth headphones, would not pair with my IPhone and the instructions were so small you needed a magnifying glass to read them...and I don’t have one. The second thing I bought, a smart watch, was never delivered and was sent back for some mysterious reason. They were kind enough to offer me a refund, though I would have preferred to get what I ordered. Anyway, overall, not that impressed so far.
  • Tophatter 4/5

    By That bleak
    Fun. Some products lack proper info, some products are Cheap chinese products, and you don,t get what you paid for. However, I purchased some products I liked very well. Bob
  • It so fun to shop on here 5/5

    By Felix5668
    I love the products and the bidding for things is fun
  • DO NOT USE 1/5

    By A2nj91
    I am very disappointed. Not only did they say my package was delivered and I didn’t get it, but when I reported it customer service said they couldn’t help me. They accused my address of being wrong and then said it’s out of their hands! I will discourage everyone to use this service.
  • Bra 5/5

    By eight trax
    Very sexy on my lady.
  • My 2 cents 3/5

    By edrtyghi
    Most of the stuff is not worth it, but if you watch close then you can find the deals. Stay away from the high end items ( phones, tablets, watches and the such).
  • 1630r 4/5

    By Bananas 10
    Had quite a few problems particularly with watches that you could not charge or recharge because of recharge cords. Also anything mechanical.
  • Tophatter junkie! 5/5

    By Pangie11
    I just started bidding about ten days ago, I’ve ordered some beautiful things at great prices! Thank you for offering quality products with a great return policy!
  • Bad experience 1/5

    By Mombbrimmt
    Buyer beware on this site. However it seems like if you initiate a return and it was shipped free from China they just refund the money. I got my 6 bucks back. Crazy cheap merchandise drop shipped. It is a nice site and enjoyable. Terrible products.
  • Excellent Company 5/5

    By E.Y.C.
    Tophatter is the best app to do business with! Your very reachable when someone needs to talk with You ! And Y’all solve problems Quickly! I don’t believe that the people who are sending negative thoughts about Tophatter have experienced a well run organization. I have purchased many items from Tophatter. I’ve been pleased with all aspects of doing business with Tophatter. Y’all handle any & all requests quickly! Y’all provide excellent customer service! Thank Y’all for a great online experience!
  • JUNK 1/5

    By debaroo2
    Everything looks good in the pic and when you get it. It’s ALL CARNIVAL JUNK! Don’t do it!
  • Very sorry merchandise 1/5

    By Kit75494
    Please save your money not only do you not get exactly what you think it’s not as described and does not work right then they hound you for a review and when you don’t give a good one they suddenly have tech difficulties.
  • Tophatter 5/5

    By Pebbles 50
    You can find great items for anything at a good price.
  • Not gold 3/5

    By Tim7th
    I think top-hatter needs to stop allowing people to post an item titled 14k gold if it’s not 100% gold then list it as filled on the bottom it’s misleading that’s my only problem with Top-hatter
  • A lot of scam sellers 1/5

    By m1paul909
    If you get something cheap the seller refunds your money and sell items damAged then you see it 100 times more for sale that day. They have bots that bid if your winning something cool for cheap to charge you more if you really want it
  • Junk 1/5

    By nascanjo
    I deleted this app because everything I bought came from overseas and was junk. I would rather pay more for something and get better quality merchandise. BUYER BEWARE, you get what you pay for!
  • Best bidding website 5/5

    By Imzadi4you
    This is the best bidding website I've been on.. the products are good..
  • Enjoyable and fun 4/5

    By Nelichka
    It’s great, but wish they had a larger variety of different items. Seems very repetitive. But other then that I like it. Just wish I saw more stuff I need.
  • Very addictive 5/5

    By GrandmaGiGi55
    But a lot of fun. It amazes me how many times I win.Its like playing a game! Love this sight! Betty Ann,
  • Wish and ebay had an ugly baby! 1/5

    By Coki Kola
    This app is everything wrong with society- BUY BUY BUY and Buy it Now! But it’s all cheap CRAP Mostly from overseas and people are just TOO lazy or it’s too difficult to RETURN. I’m all for supporting a successful business but this just makes more problems in the long run- we need to focus more on SUPPORTING SMALL BUSINESSES THAT MAKE QUALITY ITEMS ANS PROVIDE HUMAN SERVICE. That’s all.
  • I’m enjoy this 5/5

    By kevin courville
    I like this so for i thank you
  • Tophadder 3/5

    By Wedito58
    A lot of nice thing but also a lot of JUNK, please improve this, so people can get good items instead of JUNK.
  • TopHatter Shopping! 5/5

    By Erlindamae
    I just Love TopHatter! I can bid on items I like and I don’t have to leave my house! I just bid, win, pay! And I get my items in the mail a few days later! The greatest part is that there is NO Driving, NO Parking, NO Standing in Line to pay! I Believe these are good reasons to buy on TopHatter plus the price is what I want to pay!
  • Sarah Sawyer 5/5

    By sarahsawyer717
    I am so addicted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • No exchange? 3/5

    By _shefox_
    I know it’s all quick and mostly cheap. From other countries. But 2 out of my 3 items were not as described. And was automatically refunded. ??? I keep the item...okay? Still not what I wanted. Waste of time. I see things I’m still interested in but what’s the point?
  • Love this app 5/5

    By live looking
    Love this app. So much fun to see all the stuff you can win with your bid. Some are useful and some are just fun. Keep up the good work guys!

Tophatter: Win Fun Discounts app comments

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