Tophatter: Win Fun Discounts

Tophatter: Win Fun Discounts

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  • Current Version: 10.5.4
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Tophatter, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Tophatter: Win Fun Discounts App

Buy fashion, gadgets, jewelry, or win an auction on Tophatter — the fun, easy way to bid and shop fixed price items! Bargain hunting and shopping online is fast, exciting, and fun on Tophatter. Whether you’re looking for a gift, a camera, or even a ring, there’s an endless array of fun products for you to scroll through. Find a gift for yourself or a present for a loved one, either way, the sky's the limit — there are even drones for you to bid on! Nothing beats the thrill of winning a great deal and bargain hunting on Tophatter. Finding a gift you love is easy thanks to Tophatter’s huge variety of fun and affordable items. Browse, bid, and enjoy instant savings on anything from a piece of jewelry to a TV! 3 Ways to Win Big Bargains with Tophatter 1. Log into your account and find products you love immediately. 2. Shop on the app from anywhere, and get involved in the auction action. 3. Bids are free, most items start at $1, you only pay when you win. Tophatter puts the fun and excitement back into bargain hunting. Win big with the latest discounted offers at your fingertips! It only takes one simple click to add a big spark of joy to your day. Download and start your bidding now! Technical Support and FAQ Buyer Protection Guarantee: 30-Day Easy Returns: How to bid on Tophatter: How to pay on Tophatter: Terms of Service:

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Tophatter: Win Fun Discounts app reviews

  • RIP OFF!!! 1/5

    By johnnybid
    The very first thing I ordered was not as described. Supposed to be four drill bits in an aluminum case. What I received was one drill bit in a plastic baggie. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. There won’t be a twice! APP DELETED
  • No stars 1/5

    By bwcShawn
    This is a horrible app! I’m two for seven in actually receiving the item that was advertised. Seriously bait and switch for sure
  • Nothing is real 1/5

    By Host9788
    It’s all fake. Everything! You will end up with the joy of bidding and feeling like a winner, only to find out it’s all a scam. Because of that you are absolutely entitled to refund on every product they sell. Be persistent about it and maybe they will change their Ways.
  • Fraud 1/5

    By dhdhskkahsdiiiw
    This is a scam apps
  • Scam 1/5

    By juan2493
    Biggest scam of app never got my items and kept my money
  • Lose my orders and think credits to their site for half the amount is okay 1/5

    By kimlacla
    Buyer protection sounds great but they purposely wait past the time period to respond if your order is delivered to the wrong place or not at all so they can only issue a credit for half the amount. They blame their vendors for issues and clearly can’t control them. It’s a waste of your time. Don’t bother.
  • Cards 1/5

    By 543321teee
    I think that you need to let us pick if we want to use the cards we get, instead of it being used without being asked if you want to use it or not cause I got cards an it was used and I didn’t want to use it. So I don’t recommend this site any more to anyone Also I don’t give this any stars but again you don’t get that option
  • Needs to list different items to bid on 4/5

    By Kamisgrami
    I’ve been using this app for about a year now. It’s a good app. Refunds are made for undelivered or things that do not meet your expectations , but I am finding that the same items are constantly listed for bid. If you do win, prepare to wait up to two to three months for your item, if it comes at all. Also, I received a couple of items and I wish to purchase more. I went to the vendor and cannot find the item on their list. This app is definitely better than the WISH app. The prices that you see on Tophatter are the ones that you pay. If your item is delayed, you can easily track it and that is a big help.Many items do not arrive as they appear on the site. Be sure you carefully order the correct size in clothing. I have found that ordering two sizes more than you wear generally fit OK but not always. I don’t use this app much any more because they keep offering the same items for bid.
  • Tophatter good products not so good 2/5

    By 1962Jojo
    My first bid/order shipped and never left country of origin. 3 months I got the refund from tophatter. Second order same thing took three months. It finally left the country of origin but was shipped to the wrong address. Again tophatter was great and refunded my money. If you had time to see where the product was coming from I would keep the app. But it doesn’t give you time to look into the product before you bid. So I deleted app.
  • Scam app 1/5

    By so do B b
    This is the worst auction app ever I will never purchase from it again I’ve been waiting for an item I purchased in November it says it’s at a post office almost an hour away from my location and hasn’t moved in over 20 days
  • You win but then you lose. 3/5

    By Xnavyx
    I have won a bunch of auctions and almost half never get to me. You can notify and get credit immediately but if you wanted it you still do. No way to contact them other than on last item ordered. They seem to have stopped the spinning and getting credits hourly too.
  • Items 2/5

    By 3 pitbulls
    I still haven’t recieved the items I purchased back in October
  • I was robbed 1/5

    By Hittemnforgetem
    I paid for 3 orders they were fine until I made an accidental bid and canceled it because it was sitting in my orders as unpaid and it canceled all my paid orders you canceled my orders took my money and I would really like it back this is not okay there is no way to contact you guys because your app is really buggy and it won’t let me open your responses I feel scammed and robbed this is over whelming my son was expecting these gifts
  • Never use again 1/5

    By Mrs. Richoux
    I haven’t received half the things I won and then I get charged twice on multiple things
  • Worst ever 1/5

    By sytelyfe
    This app should be closed..nothing comes as appears and it takes months for anything to get to you.I was refunded for 3 purchases because the were sent somewhere else..I have another 3 items that haven’t updated in shipment in over 2 months
  • Jewelry 1/5

    By Bowling Wars
    Would be nice if the jewelry were real and not fake
  • Didn’t get my deliveries 1/5

    By TBrry4
    I am not sure why this app has such good reviews. My mom and I both have this app and we have not received about 80% of the things that have have won. It takes months for the tracking info to tell you it was delivered but we never got anything. Some of the tracking info even says my packages were delivered to other states. And when they refund you it is in credits to use in the app which is useless if I am not going to get anything I win to begin with. Would not recommend wasting your time.
  • Nothing received is as picture shows 1/5

    By Josh.L.Willis
    You think you want a 3’ x 5’ flag but instead you receive a flag that’s about the size of an air freshener. You order a 42 inch, three row light bar for your truck, you think your getting a good deal for it but instead you receive a 6 inch fog light. You think you might get a good deal by bidding on a 20 piece wrench set but instead the wrenches come in one piece at a time. Description says 20 piece. You get one. I bought 2 usb charge ports, both don’t work. I bought 2 drill adapters that described a 31 piece set, both sets came in as 3 piece sets. I’m done with this app, I’ve had very few purchases worth what I paid. So many more that I’ve thrown away or never received. The app should have an option for “sold in America” or “take the gamble”. Another rant, while I’m here...... Nevermind, I’ll delete the app. Keep the refund money and the apology emails. This app sells junk from China.
  • Ok App. Crashes a lot. 3/5

    By Fun dor Me
    Product descriptions on a lot are vague. A lot of photos are misleading on size and quality of merchandise. Can be addicting and you do not have to buy unless you win bid, which is a plus. Customer service takes f-o-r-e-v-e-r to respond. A few items ordered were refunded due to vender not sending item. Kinda a drag. But The option is given to refund via credits or original method of payment which is nice. Quite a few items were extremely late but that could have been the holidays. If you are lucky, a vender will be true to description. Not so bad on some fine jewelry I ordered. Other products.. not impressed. A lot of stuff comes from over seas and is made cheaply. Depending on the amount you won the bid for, product is not worth the amount paid. However, its still a fun app... if you don't mind taking a chance. A plus is sometimes products are “free” ... just pay shipping. Just be careful as sometimes the product isn’t quite the quality expected. But ok for the price paid in shipping. The most irritating thing is app crashes or resets and this gets annoying when your in the middle of leaving a review or researching a product description. Get the bugs fixed.
  • Ripped off again 1/5

    By fiddle farts
    Fair warning DON’T shop here unless you’re into getting ripped off Everything is on a really slow boat from China thing’s hit transit and like the Bermuda Triangle thing’s disappear for life.
  • Scamonhere 1/5

    By scamedonhere
    I ordered a ring and received yellow shoe laces and can’t contact anyone to get my money back
  • Crappy customer service 1/5

    By Angel.girl85
    Tophatter is not worth your money. The quality is often poorly made, and the customer service is horrible. I contacted customer service as several of my purchases show as delivered and I never received it. I contacted customer service as the money can’t be refunded to the same card and I was told they can only refund to the card the purchase was made on. Don’t use tophatter.
  • Down hill 2/5

    By Kendall2410
    I use to love this app. Now everything I buy gets sent to someone else in another state. Everything I order goes to New York and I line in Chicago. That’s a really far and big mistake. Someone needs to fix this because my information is verified.
  • Jane Lanning 4/5

    I’m loving just about everything I’ve gotten on Tophatter. I just received a refund statement for a hammock I bought. I never asked for a refund and would like to keep my order as is! Thanks Jane
  • Bait and Switch 1/5

    By FusseEd
    Buyers beware! Read description good.! I have 95 refunds from October 1 2020 / through January 10 2021! Either the wrong item comes, or I buy an item but they send something different. Or I buy something at a good cheap price, then it gets refunded cause they don’t want to let the item go that cheap. Fine put a reserve price on it. I’m done with this site. If you have to have this cheap crap Just go to Walmart you can find most of this cheap stuff there. After all most of Walmart’s junk is from China. Happy Bidding Tophatter Suckers!!! Order #129212909 now no results about this order, manipulation?
  • Fraud Do Not Use Read BEFORE YOU DOWNLOAD 1/5

    By Tiffy1105
    I used to use this app and it was pretty good at first. Items not the best quality but for the prices one paid, not too bad. BUT than after a while my items stopped coming to me and when they were marked delivered i would check the tracking and the items were always delivered to someone else in a different state. It kept happening more and more often and the company solution was to give a credit. Who wants a credit when you aren’t even getting your items. I sent MANY emails to customer service explaining to them that their sellers are giving multiple people the same tracking numbers on an item but only one person gets the product (my guess is that it goes to the person that paid the most). Customer service didn’t seem to care. Ok Now I’m sure some people are wondering how I know about the tracking , well I work for the usps and I was able to see that ALL the items I ordered were NOT ADDRESSED TO MY ADDRESS. All were addressed to others addressed. Unless you want to get ripped off, don’t download or use. The sellers cheat people out of their money and the company only gives a credit unless you send an email requesting a refund.
  • Don’t do it 1/5

    By PrincessA5
    It’s worse than wish. If you even receive your items 9/10 times it’s wrong, smaller, cheaper, broken, etc. Sure, TopHatter will refund you, but from order date to refund you’re looking at 2-3 months. Out of about 15 orders I placed I have received ONE item that was as described... the rest either showed “delivered” to a completely different state, haven’t shipped at all, shipped and never arrived, or arrived as something entirely different (and WAY cheaper) than what was ordered. Save your time and money! Lots of other cheap sites to order the same stuff from and you’ll actually receive it!
  • Mail fraud 1/5

    By sisco😭😭😭
    Scam mail fraud will steal your money the don’t give refunds I’m reporting this and if no action is done I will hack into the website and import a virus
  • Absolute crap! 1/5

    By Beeinflorida
    Products were junk and not worth the lie price you pay. I bought several small items and they didn’t look like the pictures when won a bid.I got credit a few times however I “thought” I was buying an iPad but nooooo it was just the attached keyboard. Guess what? It didn’t fit my iPad snd I cdnt return it bc it was in Chinese snd I had ZERO concept on how to return it! RUN
  • It’s okay but......... 2/5

    By mananexkcarA
    It is okay but it takes way to long for your package to come, it can take a whole month for your package to even be SHIPPED!!!. So I do not recommend!!
  • Horrible glitches! 1/5

    By unkno.
    The app glitches horribly! It freezes up while scrolling, closes out completely or accidentally bids on items while scrolling. During bids that I’ve placed it has closed out & I’ve lost bids because of it! This app was great from 2015-2018 & now it’s ultimate trash! PSA- The jewelry items will cause discoloration on skin & clothing. Some to most of the tech items don’t work. Grand luck to you if you’re trying to contact customer service! You will hit an error each time! If you didn’t receive an order yet it’s marked as delivered, or the item you did receive is defective or doesn’t fit you can forget about a refund! You might get a credit if they choose to do so & that has an expiration date! Seriously get it together!
  • Ring 1/5

    By l.j.a...
    I placed my order on December 11, 2020 and it has not arrived! The customer service here is BAD! You can get no help at all!
  • Dee Dee 5/5

    By D - D
    Very addictive ~ wish you sold more houses-hole products ~ not so much jewelry, watches etc ~ just a thought I did buy a pair of earrings ~ got them and the post were bent ~ responded to customer support But never received a response Maybe there should be a phone # People could call ~ just a thought
  • Delivery 1/5

    By bugzyboys
    First of all if i could give negative stars i most certainly would. I ordered a nail drill on 11/25/2020. It had shipped on 12/1/2020. After 60 shipping updates it was delivered to Barksdale AFB , La. I live in Pa so i would like to know how it was delivered there. My address is not even close in anyway to where it was delivered. I am very upset and can get NO answers. You can only email. I have never ordered from anywhere and had this kind of service. Its awful don’t waste your time or money.
  • Almost never get my package 1/5

    By Kdeland83
    When I first tried this app I thought was pretty neat. I won a bunch of action pretty cheap and was happy with the first few items that came. THEN my packages started not coming. They were good about refunding me I will give them that. I get that things sometimes get lost in the mail and if it happened once or twice ok BUT it was 10 times I didn’t get my packages.
  • Trash app 1/5

    By chorxiong
    80% of the staff that I won and pay for it. I don’t receive them at all. It would say delivered but nope they lie. Many of my package they say the same thing over and over. NEVER RECEIVED!!!
  • Getting worse 1/5

    By 18793818
    Few years ago I start using this app and everything is good. I don’t mind waiting for shipping but at least I get what I what. Now, seems everything mess up, tons of fake seller selling fake goods and never deliver to your place. Using others tracking number for your order, wrong description of the product. Many many problem. I give up on this app coz even you win the bid, you won’t get what you want. Stop wasting your time
  • Poor App 1/5

    By TexasCovetPlayer
    This site doesn’t have a customer service number to contact in reference to a problem with your order. The products are cheap and not worth bidding on unless it cost less than five bucks. They will ship your order to you, but it goes to another address. Beware of what you order because you won’t get it.
  • Scam 1/5

    By Astensrude
    I “won” 3 different things from Top Hatter. I received 1. This was back in October.
  • Cha~Ching! 3/5

    By Nlowe74
    I love Tophatter and would’ve given it 5 stars but it closes out about every 5-10 minutes. I’ve been in the middle of bidding and it’s crashed on me. I open it the app back up and can’t find what I was bidding on!!! 😡 I’m sure you can fix this since you haven’t updated in a month. Keep me as a happy Tophatter user and fix the glitch please so I can give you the 5 stars you deserve!
  • You win some you loose some 3/5

    By MrsTurner1
    Be careful and READ descriptions!!! Overall it’s not insanely terrible, but definitely a gamble with what your actually gonna get.
  • Where’s Customer Support?? 1/5

    By Shershe699
    They offer a sad tutorial and a brief FAQ section. That’s all and good luck finding answers to your questions.
  • Love TopHatter BUT..... 5/5

    By bwhite0713
    It lags very bad sometimes and messes you up on your bids and sometimes when you’re in the middle of your bid, it will continuously load then close the app. Please fix! I’ve bought quite a bit of stuff in the past couple of hours but could’ve gotten more if it would quit freezing and lagging! Thank you!
  • Poor response to get refund 1/5

    By Sanghvi5m
    Tried several times too get refund frm the item not delivered as promised, and still waiting , no delivery and no refund after 3 weeks now, Be aware of the scam deal they are putting out as guarantee for refund for the items not delivered as promised, it is not complying to their own rules, After several weeks of asking for claim of refund and went through lt of e mails back and forth, finally they obliged to send the refund, This does not seem to be correct policy of the refund to e applied after several request of not delivered item
  • rip off 1/5

    By Brokgadancer
    I won a bid for 63m of led lighting strip. However, A small piece of 3 feet is what arrived. This was a total misrepresentation of the product. I'll never trust them after that gigantic lie. Update: 1/6/21 I just received an email stating if I would like a refund and to update my review. So much of my time has been wasted on this issue. Misrepresentation is simply another word for lying. I recommend this seller Updates their product listing with truth about their product. This review is to state a truth so that other people aren't conned like I was.
  • It’s a rip off 1/5

    By hvdryhjresf
    NotGetting what I paid for it’s a scam and you can’t get a hold of them
  • Don’t waste your time or money 1/5

    By sweetcountry girl
    I won the bid on a couple of items on this app mid November of 2020, and it said that I would receive the stuff in the mail by December 11, 2020. No big deal, I use wish all the time so I’m accustomed to having to wait. But here it is January 5, 2021 and I haven’t received either of the items. At this point I don’t even want the stuff, I just want my money back and they will not give it back. This is a ripoff.
  • Worst bidding App ever 1/5

    By too hater
    Out of 24 items won, 9 have been refunded after 3 months of waiting because I never got them. Received only 4 items I won and I’m STILL waiting on all of the other stuff I won 3 MONTHS ago... I do not recommend this app unless you want to waste your time. This app will be deleted as soon as I receive my other stuff if it even comes.
  • You took $178.00 and $35.31 1/5

    I want all my money back or I’m going to better business bureau You false advertisement especially about that keep around Xmas time u printed a much larger, & a battery controll jeep and it’s a China metal pc of crap that dolla tree has Send me my money back!!!