Toters توترز

Toters توترز

  • Category: Food & Drink
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 3.6.040
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: TOTERapp LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
8,010 Ratings
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Toters توترز App

Food delivery & much more! YOUR FAVORITES Star your favorite stores to keep them at the top of your screen - for easy access. SCHEDULE DELIVERIES Let us know when you need your food at 1:15 pm in five days, as precise as that sounds. SAME ORDER, DIFFERENT DAY Get your dose of a large cappuccino with skimmed milk, easy on the foam, one click away, every day. YOUR PREFERENCES, SAVED Save your payment information securely and your best friend’s home address, just once, because who wants to type that in every. single. time? REAL-TIME TRACKING Watch your order arriving: from confirmation to preparation and on the way to almost there. We get hangry and impatient too. WE’RE HERE FOR YOU Reach out to us. Five-star service gets you what you need, right when you need it. GET REWARDED With Toters Rewards, earn points and redeem them through a wide range of offers, discounts, free meals and benefits. More orders means more rewards! GET ANYTHING DELIVERED With our Butler service, we can pick up or buy and deliver anything that fits on a bike. WE’RE ALREADY THERE - with more than just lunch Business trip to Lebanon, Iraq, or the U.S.? You guessed it. We’re already there.

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Toters توترز app reviews

  • سئ 1/5

    By dr lamees
    التطبيق انت و حظك يعني يوصل الطلب ناقص او انت ماشر ملاحظات بالتطبيق من يوصل الطلب كلها ماكو تعترض يكولون والله هذه الاشياء على المطعم مو صوجنا لذا نصيحتي للجميع اطلب مباشرة من المطعم على الاقل يتحمل المسوولية
  • توترز 1/5

    By snelsoowdkdeoiairaroa
    تطبيق سريع وسهل ومضبوط
  • السلام عليكم 5/5

    By eter alwared
    الله يعطيكم الف عافيه ممنونين وموفقين 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
  • Good food 5/5

    By yo Mr.White
    Good food goes brrr !
  • 🛵🥇 5/5

    By .altaii
    The best
  • Man to MAN or any 1/5

    The prices of free products that you exchange for points have been raised to double the price in Iraq. I hope you notice this and thank you for the codes you provided
  • MRF Quattro 5/5

    By Diyar AlAllaf
    تطبيق رائع جداً وانصحكم به
  • beautiful 5/5

    By Ossamaa
    Beat app deliver for ever
  • Results after a complaint must be reached. Not just a written msg 2/5

    By wadiabujamil
    We expect more of an action result after a complaint. Not just a template sent message
  • نصب واحتيال 1/5

    By hussainmk97
    كاتبين تخفيظات وعروض يشدون العالم بيهة ومن تحملة وتريح تستفاد من العروض تتفاجيء انه هاي العروض وهمية وغير موجودة
  • تطبيق توترز كان جيد بي 2020 بس هلاء لا 1/5

    By •H------
    اطلب الشي محد يقبله يعني كانك تضحك علا نفسك ومن يسكر المحل يقولو لك التغت الطلبيه👎🏻

    By nana0011
    Some areas in Beirut where there are Muslims .. don't have access to toters. Shame on You
  • Review 5/5

    By mewrek
    Best delivery service system , fast , and good discounts
  • Bad customer serivice 1/5

    By atrushi the boss
    Customer service called me 40 min after my order telling me that an item isn’t available, i think i will keep using talabat!
  • The best app 5/5

    By fofo;))
    tbh this is the best app ever in iraq
  • ً 1/5

    By ZhSd13
    صار يومين احاول اسجل دخول ومديسجل بسبب الاسم وغيرته اكثر من مره وهم مقبله ماعرف شنو الخلل الصاير بلبرنامج وهيج معلك ميستاهل اكثر من نجمه فاشل فاشل فاشلللللللل
  • Worst experience ever! 1/5

    By RouMb
    This is the worst service application I’ve ever used! I literally spent the last three hours speaking with all the agents that were available for no use! I was just being transformed to other drivers and finally when i was assigned to a driver that was actually heading my way turns out he’s new to the application and barely knows how to work on it and none of the support agents were even helpful or support full. I even had to call the drivers every now and then to follow up. I spent the whole month speaking to agents and receiving calls from the department and yet there’s always a mistake this application was so good im sad that it’s downgrading!
  • Highly recommended 5/5

    By shams abdulssmad
    السايق اجاني بوقت قصير وكلش محترم
  • بغداد 5/5

    By maryosha Al-zubaidy
    المطاعم تصيب و تخيب بس توتر فريش هو الربح رغم هواي قبل جان احسن و النقاط تفيد كومة بس مع ذلك توتر فريش هو الافضل .
  • مهم 5/5

    By ابو ليندا زيد
    دائما اكتب للسايق ملاحظه عند الطلب احضر معك خردة ١٠٠$ لان مثلا الطلب مالتي ب١٢ الف او ١٠ او ١٥ مرات مايكون عندي خرده فقط ١٠٠$ السايق يكلي ماعندي وكذا هاي المشكلة ضروري الحل مالتها
  • عدم وجود وصف للمنتجات 4/5

    By noora_22.
    ياريت يــ؏ــني تخلون خانه بيه وصف للمنتج والوانه المتوفره واشكاله وكذا لان كلشي مديبين من المنتجات إلـي موجوده بلتطبيق وماكدر اطلب لان ماعرف يا لون ويا شكل حيجي! و شـڪـراً♥️.
  • Toters deliveries 4/5

    By SummerNM
    Thanks for the services. However it would be nice if drivers have the correct change. Otherwise it is taking money from customers unfairly. Also, it would be nice if the food is delivered hot and fresh. 99 Grill is the only restaurant I know of at this time that delivered my food fresh and hot. Regards.
  • Better than talabat 😂 5/5

    By Ahmed Galiawaiy
    Thanks you’ll Never made me hungry
  • Very bad 1/5

    By Wisam 88
    Bad communication between customers and support, the last request I received a missed sandwich,
  • Hey guys 5/5

    By fatm haidet
    It is a fantastic app to use and it is so simple useful and colourful so advice anyone to download it
  • دەستان خۆش بەڕاستی نایابن 5/5

    By Dilovanbb
    ئەی لای من گرنگە دەتوانی بە ڤیزەکارت شت بکڕی و داوابکەی هەربژی!
  • البصرة 5/5

    By Zainhassanein
    افضل تاطبيق مطاعم خصومات كلش حلوة و يوصل الاكل اقل من 30 دقيقة و تخفيضات حلوة و هاذ تخفيض 50‎%‎ على اول طلبين BASRA2
  • Customer support is terrible 1/5

    By Sofreakingbadbbb
    No more using toters, terrible service, no support, wrong orders, cancellations and more.
  • بقداد 5/5

    By cukurbarcelonamessi
    افضل برنامج بلتاريخخخخخخخ
  • 1 hour + for juice 1/5

    By Hadi-apple
    If you need over an hour to send juice there’s a problem, even if the drivers bike broke down, you shouldn’t have waited an hour before sending him to pickup an item that needs 5 minutes if it’s not ready. bad service Adding to this review Live chat doesn’t work anymore
  • Dropping down App 2/5

    By Samsoumitunes
    Since a concurrent opened recently it is very sad to notice that Toters dropped down with its services. Agents were not able to solve problems 4 times in a raw within 2 weeks and other complications on the app happened where orders were not worth spending 30 mn doing it. There is no feedback from them and ot seems they now care less about customers. It is weird
  • Becoming very unreliable 2/5

    By mouch
    Many orders in the Broumana areas face issues. Stocks in Fresh. And two recent orders cancelled, the latest one without being informed (I got a notification that customer service wanted to chat but the app showed no chat and suddenly the order was cancelled). If there was another option Toters would be in trouble. As it is, it’s still useful but unreliable.
  • تأخير 1/5

    By AMG096
    ما فد يوم اجى بلوقت المظبوط لازم يتأخر أقل شيء ١٥-٣٠ دقيقه
  • اضافة فيزا كارت نوع NEO في العراق 3/5

    By hjm85
    مرحبا…حاولت اليوم اضافة الفيزا كارت الخاصه بي من نوع NEO و لكن اثناء الاضافة و عند اضافة كافة معلومات الكارت و الكبس على Add card يغلق التطبيق و لا تتم اضافة الكارت. تم التواصل مع الفريق التقني و اخبرني بأنه فيزا كارت NEO لا تعمل في التطبيق فالرجاء اضافتها لكي نستيطع نحن اصحاب فيزا NEO التمتع بكافة خدمات التطبيق من الدفع الالي و غيرها. الرجاء الاخذ بعين الاعتبار بأن الكارت الخاص بي يعمل بصورة طبيعيه في جميع التطبيقات و فيه رصيد كافي مع التحيات
  • Unprofessional service 1/5

    By RihamCh
    The application is missing the cancel option which means lots of problems specifically when you figure out that you order might rake one hour or more! It’s support the points system but you can’t use your points, the delivery people are not experienced or have training to know the minimum things that should be included in order, if item was missing from your order you gave to contact the chat service with also less experience people with customer service and you lose your money and hardly receive a replacement for your order
  • فاشل 1/5

    By سررررى
    تطبيق ليزو احسن من هذا التطبيق بكثير
  • Bad customer service 1/5

    By HSabra98
    Again, very bad customer service!
  • Massa 5/5

    By masssssashahimmmmm
    Forever!! Love you toters best app ever❤️‍🩹
  • Bad communication 1/5

    By inadh
    Asking for a replacement and then sending the driver without the replacement
  • تطبيق عنصري racist app 1/5

    By ‎‎‎‎‎‎ㅤㅤ
    Racist app against non iraqis. I tried to order in Baghdad and my orders kept canceling, I’ve contacted support in the app and they said that we only accept Iraqi people as customers and you’re a foreigner, and they blocked my account! They saw my non Iraqi number that I registered with and blocked me!
  • تکایە بۆچی ناتوانم داخڵ بم یەکێک پێم بلێ 5/5

    By mhamadganjaneahmad
    تکایە یارمەتی
  • Delay 1/5

    By Messi2030
    Delay in orders
  • تطبيق فاشل وماعدهم مصداقية 1/5

    تطبيق فاشل وماعدهم مصداقية
  • Bad Delivery Duration 1/5

    By Jkk-cip
    This company is no longer reliable.
  • Free delivery removed 3/5

    By MJ4269
    Restaurants close to me used to offer free delivery in toters and I was only using toters but now that it’s gone I’ve been using deferent apps for free delivery. Other than that best delivery app in Iraq. Please bring back free delivery for close to me restaurants.
  • تقييم 1/5

    By akeelali97
    تطبيق فاشل ومن سيئ الا اسوء واسعار اغلى من المطعم نفسه وسوء متابعه ومركز مساعده بدون فائده
  • Very bad costumer’s service 2/5

    By ibrahim alnidawy
    When the order is late (always) i go to the support and it takes so much time then nobody answers this things made me delete the app
  • 😐 4/5

    By IQ_Itachi
    بوقت الذروه تطبيق ميشتغل 😐 شلون نبقى جوعانين 🤣
  • متعبين 1/5

    By the one who knos
    English txt below التطبيق زين "نوعا ما" بس الخدمة ولا افشل الدعم اضحوكة ويعاملوك على اساس انت غبي.. من تسوي تقييم لمطعم يراجعون التقييم واذا ميعجبهم ميحطوا يعني التقييمات كلها چذب فتطلب من مطعم حشى السامع ويطلع الاكل كله چذب. كلش ما انصح بي. نهائيا The app is “somewhat” ok. The service is worst than $h**. The app support and feedback system is a joke, literally. The treat you like $h** and if you order and leave a review on a restaurant or their service they “review” your review and if they don’t like it they won’t put it on their review’s panel. So the reviews are all glittery abd shiny. So basically it’s all lies. 10/10 won’t recommend it at all.

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