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  • Current Version: 4.2.6
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Whitehawk Ventures, Inc
  • Compatibility: Android
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Touch of Modern App

Touch of Modern is THE Shopping App for Men to discover the world's most interesting products and at amazing prices. With dozens of new sales added each day, TOMO will be the Shopping App you lust to check every day. Join millions of men discovering new designer products at up to 70% off retail. Touch of Modern is the #1 app in the U.S. to shop conveniently for unique electronics, watches, furniture, gadgets, fashion and accessories. We source internationally to bring you modern products at unbeatable prices delivered straight to your door. 1. Shop with more than 13 million Touch of Modern users to instantly view daily sales of up to 70% off top designer products! 2. Touch of Modern is your one-stop-shop for all things stylish- from watches, home decor, tech accessories, gadgets, to all things fashion. 3. Discover a better way to shop. TOMO gives you curated sales and first access to limited-time only deals selected by our in-house experts. The Touch of Modern app provides you with a FREE, fast, and exclusive membership to: - Dozens of hand-picked items and deals added daily - Sales of these highly coveted items are up to 70% OFF and last ONLY 5 days - Discover the most fascinating and well-designed products in the world at the BEST possible price - Shop on the Go! Have some spare time while commuting or just waiting for your friends? Check out our app, discover, browse, shop select and check out within seconds. Put your spare time to use, and own the cool gadgets, fashion, phone accessories or wallets that you’ve always wanted.


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Touch of Modern app reviews

  • Expensive, Bad customer service, slow shipping 1/5

    By Best reviewer for you
    If you think you’ll get decent support after spending close to $250, you’re wrong. It’s bad. If you think you’ll get decent shipping when you spend $250, you’re wrong. It’s slow. Just avoid this altogether.
  • Touch of Men? 1/5

    By i just want to turn the camera
    Somehow this is advertised as Men’s Shopping. For, y’know, men’s things, like clothes, outdoor activities, cooking ware, shoes, toys. Y’know, because only men do this stuff. Only men. For men. For maleness. Because men are the only ones who need any of these things. For men.
  • Need to create an account before I can even enter the store. 1/5

    By dpmitu
    Need to create an account before I can even enter the store. Nope. EDIT: Developers missed the point. Require an account for purchases? No problem. But I have no clue if the app is even worth my time. I want to see what’s available in the store before I give my email to another potential spammer.
  • Good app but... 4/5

    By StoneKaitlin
    Just be carful that you don't get caught up buying something that's not actually well priced just do a little research on the item if you aren't sure.
  • This place is amazing! 5/5

    By George the marine
    Touch of Modern is your place to go when you looking for something interesting! The support is superior, I had a issue with one thing I purchased and they simply replied quickly and answered my problem and gave me store credit within a few days! Awesome work guys Thank you for being unique!!!!
  • Buyer beware 2/5

    By Henry NY
    Although they have some great and unusual stuff for sale, they do not offer refunds. They do however offer “store credit” on clothing returns except they don’t apply the credit to you next order and when called they say they will refund the difference because of an error except they don’t do that either. Make sure whatever you buy you are keeping because once they take your money you won’t get it back!
  • Low quality product 1/5

    By zlu94115
    I bought two pairs of underwear and 1 pair of swimming suit. The wrapping came dusty and the cotton underwear looks and feels much worse than in the product photo. I tossed them after a few washes. The size of the swimming suits looks ok but they are uncomfortable to wear. Those went to goodwill. Maybe someone else would make some use out of them.
  • Hasn’t let me down 4/5

    By panda541
    Been shopping on here for at least two and a half years now. Packages always come secure and sealed. Clean and team is typically quick to respond and will compensate for any troubles you may encounter. The app needs some work. Going to your favorites is a hassle when you get sent back to the very top after clicking and loading one item. Please fix that and I’d easily give a 5 Star.
  • Worst customer service 1/5

    By ipal.riverside
    I gave them second chance couple of months ago. I bought a watch and a sunglasses from this app. They charged me almost 200$ but i didnt recieve my stuff. I keep emailing them for refund or store credit they havnt noticed that. Till date i m expecting their email about the settlement.. i m tottally unsatisfied with their service...
  • Needs improvement 2/5

    By Sgt. Bash
    I really like the app but it would be nice to have a search feature to see if you are selling certain items
  • 1/2 Star... 1/5

    By galleria photo studio
    First there is a required registration to open app or enter website. Store is not as easy to enter as e-bay or amazon. Sent a few questions to costumer service never received an answer that will tell you how horrible their costumer serv. dept. is.. sad the idea is there but not the business ethics...
  • Just read 2/5

    By sebvillah
    Simple, this app will overrated product make you pay way more. Just make a simple research and you’ll find same products half price anywhere.
  • Two Stars for requiring registration BEFOR buying. 2/5

    By Resjuda
    I wanted to browse the web site BEFORE I give up any of my privacy rights or agreeing to THEIR terms and conditions. Not a good sign for their customer service attitude. I understand IF I buy I need to provide information..., but before I buy..., not.
  • Facebook 1/5

    By Kenny KGB
    Facebook recommended me to this. I didn’t even download the app. Hey Facebook, stop being so intrusive. Sheesh.
  • Ridiculous Shipping Time 2/5

    By akheebose
    Don’t be in a hurry if you order anything from this company. They have some interesting products but their shipping times are horrible. You will be told multiple dates that your shipment will be delivered, non of which will be accurate. Currently I’m almost a month in on a product I could have (in hindsight should have) ordered from another company that would have gotten it to me weeks ago. I would check elsewhere for the product before I bought something from these folks...unless you don’t mind having to wait an absurd amount of time to get your order.

    By dvpadilla
    I have made 9 purchases over 2 years, every single purchase took over a month to receive. The last one was ordered on 04/20 it is now 05/22 and it is still “Processing”. Not worth it! Deleting the App once this last purchase is resolved. Go directly to the manufacturer, most run the same, or similar, deals!
  • Nop 1/5

    By Doker88
    You can’t even browse to see if you like the eBay or other popular apps. You have to provide email or Facebook to access the first time. Automatically get your info to send you a bunch of emails...
  • This app gotta be a JOKE! 1/5

    By FlatRed458
    Worst shopping app to this day. With the amazing photos and descriptions you will be tempted to buy some stupid over priced product. Once you purchased you are basically screwed!! Customer service? Nonexistent!! Delivery? Takes forever, packages come from Jupiter! Delivery update? Forget it!! The only place where you can find a advanced dildo listed next to a Rolex yatchmaster!!
  • Demands personal info to spam 1/5

    By Aslan7147
    App and website demand personal email and Facebook account info presumably to spam you and friends. My personal info isn’t for sale. Website and app refuse to show any products and won’t tell me who Touch of Modern is or where they are. Privacy policy is only viewable after surrendering personal info.
  • Beware! 2/5

    By khunbird
    It’s nothing wrong with the product here, they are all cool and good price but the problem thing is you have to make sure you buy the right one because if you don’t like the store won’t return the money to you, they will give you the store credit. I stopped order from this site!.
  • Be prepared to wait 2/5

    By Leehouse
    Not bad items offered for sale, and if you research before you buy their prices are pretty good compared to buying direct. But there isn’t anything that I have bought through the app that didn’t take 6-8 weeks to arrive. You could literally walk to the vendor and pick things up faster.
  • Overpriced cheap crap 1/5

    By dyloniscook
    I have bought a couple of things from this app and have been disappointed every time. The products look very high end but are cheap products when you get them. I placed an order and never received it. Then took 2 months to get my money back. If you are lucky enough to get your order it will take 2-4 weeks to receive it. Customer service is only available through email. Do not be fooled by the cool pictures and products, this app is selling straight crap.
  • No customer service 1/5

    By Boomkuh
    I’ve ordered bed sheets 4/23 with no notification that the order wouldn’t be proceed until weeks later. Now 5/11 it says it will ship in 3-4weeks and estimated ship date of 5/18. I’ll never order from these crooks again.
  • Non-stop crashing 1/5

    By yayhunter
    I have never got this app to work. I sign in, scroll around a bit, then bomb, app crashes. Next time I try to get it in, immediately crashes... deleted and reinstalled multiple times...
  • Terrible quality 1/5

    By Vitale914
    Everything they sell on this app is either an outdated model or som crap product shipped straight from China. I have purchased multiple products on this app and I have to say everything I have bought to this point has been extremely underwhelming, and they have a no return policy so you’re just stuck with it, unless you want store credit. I have a feeling that you probably have to spend 1000’s of dollars to receive a half decent product!!
  • Meh 3/5

    By TiggerLily55555
    I got this app hoping it would give me cool and affordable things to buy, but most of it is not cheap, and I feel that this app is mostly for men. Almost all the Products I have seen so far are not things most women would buy for themselves.
  • So so 3/5

    By YahooisBunk
    Used to be great now it about 70% Chinese junk with some nice high end stuff mixed in.
  • Shipping and Receiving 3/5

    By asthmaslayer
    Extremely high shipping cost on the majority of the things I saw and wanted to purchase but shipping was too expensive. I did order a few things and it’s already been a month. I won’t order anything else from here until at least I see the two or three things I did order. Items are presented very fashionably and in good taste but shipping is just too long and cost to high before you receive anything, thus far, that is my only complaint.
  • Bad design 1/5

    By RichBrew2
    You can’t shop or look at products without giving your email and creating an account.
  • 1 month to ship 1/5

    By john10384
    Just do yourself a favor and don’t deal with this garbage, go to amazon or basically anywhere else and you won’t have to wait a MONTH+ for a simple item to be shipped, from there who knows when it will be delivered. I’m still waiting on an order from March 31st. Better options out there never using this again.
  • Long wait 3/5

    By liquid_swordz90
    Ordered shoe cleaner on the 2nd of the month, it arrived on the 28th. SHOE CLEANER!!!
  • They got 3/3 orders wrong 2/5

    By Ravioliformuoli
    It’s impossible to browse by category /search in the app. You are presented with all products at once in no particular order. I stuck with the website and deleted the app. Unique products at great discounts but they got all my orders wrong every time and their 5-15$ shipping takes 2-6 weeks. Customer service is very helpful. Order 1: 15-20$ bracelet. No size options, returned because too tight. Returned and refunded with no hassle Order 2: 100$ sunglasses. Wrong color. Also, they seemed cheaply made and more in the range of 20-40$ quality. Returned and refunded with no hassle. Order 3: two brown bracelets for 10-15$. Somehow I wound up with one brown bracelet and a black bracelet instead of what I ordered. I decided to settle and not attempt to return the order. Overall I’d only use touch of modern for trinkets and other things that wouldn’t be terrible if they got the order wrong. Would definitely not buy some 1k watch with how badly they mixed up all my orders.
  • Just try touch of modern 5/5

    By icewarwe
    Touch of modern is awesome they have merchandise that will amaze everyone all you have to do is stay with them
  • Joke 1/5

    By Floyd Little
    Another joke of a cheap company
  • Excellent app but keeps crashing 5/5

    By Yum yum yeeeeee
    I love the idea of having a modern shop online and everything on there looks, and is, so sleek and contemporary. (Though some are a bit overpriced). But every time I tap on the app it crashes and brings me to my home screen. Five star app. Two star because I can’t even use it. *UPDATE* The developers responded and told me to try the new version of the app, and the bug was fixed. Now I can easily use this great app. Thanks whitehawk!
  • No reviews, no returns, iffy products 2/5

    By sangfroid01
    Like many other users of the app, I agree that the app is great to look at and browse. That products are very tempting. However, after making a couple of purchases (multiple items), I realized the fatal flaw with this app. 1. There are so user ratings or reviews for the products. So there is no way to know the quality, service, etc. of the products. You order solely based on the fancy descriptions. Often, the pictures look great but there are some flaws in the product. For example, a tie I bought was a couple of inches too short and looks just off when worn. Which brings me to the next point... 2. Most sales are final! You are stuck with the products whether you like them or not or whether they have a genuine defect. Sorry, but this app is slick but not a great way to buy stuff. Use it to browse products you wouldn’t usually find but buy them elsewhere.
  • Overall... Truly Great Shopping❣️ 4/5

    By Ditch Logan
    I’ve been a rather active shopper on this site. It offers a wide variety of unique items, often with a discount. I enjoy their selection and offerings on the whole. Also they allow you to use a variety of charge cards, so processing a deal isn’t all that difficult. My one recommendation would be to consider carefully what you’re preparing to buy, as most items can’t be returned, and often take an (extended) period to receive, but usually within the delivery window listed. They offer quality items that are well produced overall. Often they will re-offer items that they once had online, so if you like something, place it in your “saved” items so you can see it once It reappears. All things being equal, I truly like this site and the products they offer... my rating: Recommended!
  • Way to lock a potential customer out!! 2/5

    By Itaintezbnrich
    New ad campaign looked great guys! Problem is I’m trying to log in with an e-mail address that was associated with a Facebook account that I no longer have - thus locking me out of the app. Winner winner chicken dinner guys!! 👌💯🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️😅 Update: I checked my e-mail and have not received a security related e-mail. Upgraded to two stars for responding. I think you guys should maybe not lock potential customers out for any reason, period. You are forcing us to hand over arguably private information just so we can see your products in an age where everyone is being hacked and protection of our privacy is a laughable concept. I have another e-mail address I could use, but refuse to hand it over. Thank you again for the reply.
  • Latest Update 5/5

    By Wudro
    Man, the latest update is terrible. Every time I try to view an individual item, the app crashes. Otherwise, I really like the site and products. Please fix the app. Update: Downloaded the latest version. Everything’s working properly. TYVM
  • It works! Thanks for fixing 5/5

    By Nano271719
    Great app, though things take long it’s not the apps fault OR the company is more thieve 3rd party retailers
  • Not letting me sign in 3/5

    By griffinjones119
    This is a very good app for anyone who likes to shop online and people who don’t. I was never a big person to shop online but this app made me totally change my mind. The stuff they have is amazing! They have everything you could think of. The reason I gave it a three star review was because it won’t let me sign in saying “this account is not active” please someone help me out because it is a great app and I want to keep browsing.
  • Glacial in the Age of Amazon 2/5

    By rdavenport
    While ToMo has reliably interesting finds and deals, you’ll find yourself waiting weeks—sometimes months—for products to make it to your doorstep. Whatever you choose to buy, understand that Touch of Modern will show that order as “processing” in the same amount of time that you could purchase a similar product on Amazon 15 times.
  • Mediocre 2/5

    By CalebHamilton
    App used to be nice. But now it crashes whenever I open it.
  • The site won’t let me in . 1/5

    By It's me , just me
    I downloaded the app and it tells me to log in but there is no button to register for the app so I can’t even get into the app .
  • 4+? 1/5

    By Ohlerking
    I don’t think this is 4+ because there’s stuff that’s SO inappropriate
  • 4 Star business. 5 Star app 4/5

    By Alexjstone
    I want to start by saying that I really like Touch of Modern. I’ve spent a large amount of money, and gotten a lot of great products from ToMo. Including, clothing, jewelry, accessories, art and even out of the ordinary stuff like swords and cool new tech. I rate the app 5 stars because it’s very reliable (rarely crashes), intuitive design and layout, and just beautiful. Though, lately, I’m unable to use Apple Pay to checkout because of an error that says ToMo doesn’t ship outside the USA, though I’m definitely in the USA. I rate the business 4 stars. Because, while I love the app and product I get from ToMo, it’s sometimes infuriating how long I have to wait to receive the product after I spend my money on it. Seriously, waiting 3-5 weeks after buying something these days is extremely infuriating. Sometimes, and I mean sometimes, I’ll get a product within a week after a purchase, though that is rare. Most of the time, especially lately, they’re pushing the 3-5 week estimate, and have been late on numerous occasions. Granted, Customer service is great when you inquire about your order, often giving a small credit to offset shipping costs, if your order is late. Now, I’m sure this delayed shipping has something to do with the prices being so discounted. However, there has to be a way to speed up the shipping times while maintaining the discounted prices. Please figure it out. Because I (and, I’m sure many others) HATE waiting weeks to receive a product after a purchase. And that is my one and only negative thing to say about ToMo. Besides that, I love everything about ToMo and will continue to spend my money on the quality goods ToMo has to offer.
  • Update 1/5

    By SugErspun
    Have been unable to get anyone on the line for over two weeks. Received email response saying package was delivered when it was not (at least to my address). I call and call with no one answering or calling me back as they have stated they would.

    By Ineffable_B
  • Beware!! 1/5

    By DJSFO
    This app appears to be for someone to be and "in between person"for products to be sold and this person orders them from companies in Asia etc. and when he gets them he sends them to the customer?? Ad says 2 to 3 weeks delivery and now I'm told at least a month?? Way too long to wait for products. And my experience with people and companies that do this is the products are inferior in general and generally no return policy even for defective items???? And as of late they don't answer email inquiries for further information about their products. Whoever does the ads leaves out the most important parts of the description. Also the app rating is highly incorrect it especially when you see all the negative reviews.
  • Just Another Overpriced Americanized Chinese Junk Store 1/5

    By GB isurbuddy
    Have you ever walked into a store and walked right back out because you realize it was just hyped up and you can get the same stuff cheaper in 10 other places....

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