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Toy Blast

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  • Current Version: 9174
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Peak Games
  • Compatibility: Android
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Toy Blast App

IT’S TOY BLAST TIME! THE ULTIMATE MATCHING PUZZLE GAME PLAYED BY MILLIONS OF USERS EVERY DAY! Match the cubes of the same color and combine boosters for huge explosions to blast your way through thousands of levels! Fun is at the tip of your fingers, with the most fascinating puzzles you will ever solve! There are countless possibilities, and your talent in solving puzzles will be key in mastering Toy Blast. Experience the greatest adventures through infinite episodes in the most colorful lands of the Toy Blast. TOY BLAST FEATURES: ● Unique and simple gameplay - just tap the matching cubes ● +5500 puzzles, easy and fun to play but challenging to master ● Fun events every day: Star Tournament, Crown Rush, Treasure Hunt, and Daily Challenges! ● Star Chest - open and win amazing rewards as you progress through levels ● Legends Arena, where you can compete with the best players ● Daily prizes from the spin wheel ● Dozens of adorable characters and toys to keep you company on your adventure ● Numerous boosters and powerful combos to help you solve puzzles ● Leaderboards to compete with your friends and players all over the world

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Toy Blast app reviews

  • Really cool ! 4/5

    By dan n' linda
    Fun,fun,fun !
  • Finally done 5/5

    By AgentParsec
    It’s taken years, but I finally completed all available levels (at the time of this review), with all levels at 3 stars, without joining any groups or making any purchases. So it IS possible to do it without any help or purchases (but it can take a long time).
  • I am confused 5/5

    By UncleClint
    I’ve been playing this game for years and enjoy it, but recent ads that have popped up on other apps show us saving the “Toy Blast” girl from scary drills & drowning. How do I get to those levels?
  • Lives getting taken away 2/5

    By Gene Han
    Whenever you have extra games and try to use them, somehow my “extra lives” disappear like a fart in the wind. This has happened numerous times. How can somebody have -1 lives and then have to use an extra to get back to zero and then waste another life just to play.
  • Reviews 5/5

    By Poochona
    Great game
  • It is an ok game. 3/5

    By Pooka Nator 14
    It is a decent game but the algorithms are wonky. I have over 100 cubes and more often than not, they are useless whether it is where they are placed or you get into a game and find out there is no place for a selected boost to go. Which brings me to another issue. If you’ve worked your way up to a crown, and the board initially has nowhere to put them, they should be placed as soon as there is an opening like Homescapes does rather then never get them. It’s usually an ok game but has been almost unplayable lately. Might be time for a break from this game. I like it, but I play games to relax not get aggravated and frustrated.
  • Game 3/5

    By Mstiky
    It takes a lot of cash to win
  • Beginning only 2/5

    By Beadfreak13
    This game is fun in the beginning as you progress it get much harder and you have to use your boost to get ahead. I like the beginning only.
  • Great 5/5

    By sugur cookie
    Best Best ever app
  • Takes money and lives 2/5

    By evdggddhddgr
    Every time I purchase extra lives, it takes my money and I do not receive the extra lives
  • No adds so far! 5/5

    By Amazongrl
    No adds so far (lvl 26). The game is simple and good for zoning out. Unlike Toon Blast, this game doesn’t make the levels impossible to get through without spending $$ to get to the next level (using coins or special abilities, which get used up FAST). This game, instead, challenges you without making the levels impossible without spending coins (e.g. real $$). Toon Blast, on the other hand is geared for pay to play. Why can’t they just sell you the game for like $5 instead of making it pay to play with a ton of adds!?
  • Great Game! One fault. 4/5

    By Master Blaster 16
    I have one fault with the game. When the losing round is over, you can hit play on but never asked to confirm. I have lost many coins this way.
  • I Love the game 5/5

    By Shay good look
    Very relaxing love to play the game
  • Don’t play 1/5

    By Ibew electrician
    Unless you like being hosed by a stupid algorithm that does not help you succeed at any time. There’s no point in using your helps, like rocket TNT or the cube. Because they will not be placed in a good way to where they actually help you. There’s no point in using the crowns because on the next board they will not put your rocket and TNT in good places to where you can actually use them. This is completely set up so that you are forced to pay a crap ton of money in order to pass the boards. And they will not fix the algorithm, it is rigged. Unless you like spending countless hours wasting your time and wasting your money then go’s a fun game. But it’s set up for the suckers. And I’m not gonna do it.
  • Game 5/5

    By Redpanther93
    I LOVE IT 🥰
  • I hate this game so much. 5/5

    By theeteetotaler
    Vjvjgukggjgyghkbhgjkghjgjkghbbaihfgfg I’m good to see your new home safe you get a good chance to
  • Juvenile 3/5

    By Bigbadmom247
    The ads show more interesting levels. The reality is not challenging. I had deleted this game once and I understand why I did that.
  • Great game! So fun and challenging! 5/5

    By Lk Ck
    I love this game it’s so fun and I’m at level 5801 it’s so fun and challenging also.The levels are so fun to play. And the design of the game is great! I hope you liked my review.Bye!
  • Landscape Mode 2/5

    By LilyRose22
    Been playing this game for long time and been able to play in landscape mode but now I can’t. Only works in portrait mode and it’s a pain! What happened?
  • Love this game 5/5

    By Rad8036
    I love this game but am becoming annoyed with not being able to use boosters on many puzzles because there aren’t spaces available. I want to be able to use any of the boosters at any time
  • Divierte y entretiene … 5/5

    By Smurfee G
    He jugado este juego por buen tiempo y me parece divertido y a la vez entretenido . Lo juego como un medio para relajar mi mente y créanme , si ayuda .
  • 10/10 5/5

    By cemosk1
    i like it
  • Fun game 4/5

    By Checknight
    It’s fun
  • Where are the improvements and changes? 3/5

    By meery747
    Never seen a game so stingy to incite game play. I’ve been playing every day for months and have yet to get the 5 lives on the wheel even once. They never do unlimited lives for even 5 or 10 minutes. There’s no point in having a team since there are zero incentives from what I can see? They limit the lives you can receive from your team too. I can’t even talk to the team? I honestly thought they didn’t even have developers. It seems like they’ve done nothing towards upgrades and changes? This game feels like it’s the first of its kind and it’s in the first phase of game play. The developers should maybe play some similar games and make improvements and changes. It’s fun for its base value but otherwise this is far lacking in anything that will really keep me around when other games have far better improvements.

    By snoozethencoffee
    I love it so much and I can’t believe there is no final stage
  • Playtime with TB 5/5

    By Freddy OO
    One of my favorite games is Toy Blaster. It is the first good game I have ever played online. Basically having to figure a strategy to get the cubes and other super weapons is a great challenge in the game. Several family members spend time with TB. We all love it. Thanks creators of TB.
  • Fun in the beginning, but they cheat 1/5

    By nmlkjhgb
    This game is fun in the beginning but as you get better at it there’s no winning in less you put money in.......No one on my team even plays anymore. You can win & get stars but they say you didn’t win anything because you didn’t play! What? Don’t waste your time or money.
  • Best game ever 5/5

    By gnfjfffhhfgfdhdfg
    This game is the best game ever it is so a fun
  • Hate waiting 1/5

    By babyboy 55
    I like this game but I hate waiting 2 weeeks for the upgrades
  • Why 2/5

    By holycowbell
    Why do the ads show a different fun game and not what it really is?
  • I like the game but… 3/5

    By theyluv_jayy
    If you die 5 times you have to wait 21 minutes to play again and I don’t really like that.
  • Not fun anymore. 1/5

    By Rdugar
    I’ve been on the same level for weeks and I refuse to buy anything. Games aren’t fun like they used to be. If it’s not the ADs these days, it’s the purchases inside unwinnable games. It’s all about money with you people. We just want to play and have fun. That’s it.
  • crashing 1/5

    By Mercenyc
    Great game, but something happened to the app. It wom’t open—the screen goes black and the app crashes
  • Review 5/5

    By redrubyslippers15
    Toy Blast, best game ever !
  • Love this game! Keep it going! Yes 5/5

    By My Dog Duke
    Love it!!!!!
  • Just a copy of a much better game.. 1/5

    By NailahM
    Toon Blast did this style of game better, but of course they did because this is just a copy. Lol
  • False advertising 2/5

    By Emb6x
    The game is alright but it was not what I expected. I was expecting to play the mini games that are being advertised which seem exciting.
  • Mini games 4/5

    By Hurleygirl75
    Why can’t I find any of the mini games that are shown on the advertisements?
  • I love it more than candy crush saga I play it all day long 5/5

    By Threebears25
  • Best Puzzle Game, Good People! 5/5

    By Andrea Halsey
    I have played so many puzzle games that catch my ADD and this is the only one I’ve never deleted. Admittedly I got good at this game, I beat all the levels consistently and then challenge for 1st place in the Legends Arena for the 250 coins. That just means, you *can* figure out the algorithm and have fun! THE BEST PART is this is a company of good people. I can tell because they don’t trick you into buying anything at all if you don’t want to, you can *earn* coins as well as the bonus moves (that are sometimes needed on the most difficult levels). I have never once stressed about needing lives or moves and having to pay to continue. On top of all that, they constantly produce new levels to achieve! AND ON TOP OF THAT! No ads! Seriously, there is no better game out there. They really have the player’s experience in mind and are not greedy like nearly every single other game that uses gambling tactics to take our money. This is *not* a pay to play, it’s an earn and learn… and worth your time investment to get good. Every game company should take note! Long live Toy Blast.
  • Best game ever 5/5

    By holliman166
    I love playing this game it’s very calming and it makes you think about your next move! Have installed on iPad would never get work done ( when at work ) if had it on phone!
  • Good, however 4/5

    By daisy cat🐈
    I like this game, but the trouble is, I don’t have enough moves. The game is very challenging. You make the levels too hard. I have had my parents and grandparents have tried to complete the level I’m stuck on. It’s impossible! This game is supposed to be a stress reliever but it’s only created stress for me. Consider my opinion before downloading.
  • Great game 5/5

    By Kelly14u2nv
    I’m at the top level and absolutely love this game. Play the other one the creators made. Super fun. Wish they had more. Thanks guys.
  • Great game. 5/5

    By nikkijsde
    I’ve been playing this game for over a year already it’s the only game that I have on my phone with no regrets ! I downloaded it for a long flight and I’ve been addicted ever since ! Sometimes I have to wait s few days before an update is available for more levels , I’m currently in 5700 levels ! I will not stop until you stop providing more levels
  • Teams 5/5

    By no F in whey
    Fun game, but it would be nice for team owners/leaders to have the ability to remove players that are not active, do active players can join up... Other tools would also be nice for team owners (logo change, team description change, etc)

    By Jack&Brenda
    Stop crying and outsmart the game and developer. Don’t pay for anything!! You don’t need it!! I’ve been playing several years, I have 40k coins and 600 plus dynamite, rockets and cubes, 300 plus drills, vacuum’s, etc. Great game - be smart and don’t get in a pissing match with someone and throw away your stash of tools!!
  • Box one hour 5/5

    By golden nutget
  • Comunicación 4/5

    El juego es muy bueno pero me parece que le hace falta una sala donde los miembros de un mismo equipo se puedan comunicar sea por voz o a través de texto.
  • Toy Blast does not give you what you pay for! 1/5

    By Jammer104
    I purchased the $6.99 tool package2 days ago and did not receive the 125 coins I paid for. Thinking this was a fluke I Tried again today and guess what! I DID NOT a receive my 125 coins. Have played this game for quite awhile and really enjoyed it but will delete since it has become unreliable. Somebody owned my $13.98.