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Toyota+Alexa App

Amazon Alexa in Toyota Vehicles brings her tens of thousands of skills and services with you on the road that Amazon Alexa customers currently enjoy. What can Alexa do for you?: Now, you can talk to Amazon Alexa in your Toyota. With Toyota+Alexa, you can ask for directions to your next appointment, check traffic, order food, play music, hear the news, check weather, control smart home devices, and more. Alexa lives in the cloud, so she is always getting smarter, adding new capabilities that are delivered to your device automatically. Using Alexa in your Toyota is simple and hands-free – just ask, and Alexa will respond instantly. What is required to operate Alexa in your vehicle: Compatible Toyota Vehicles (Please see below) Entune™3.0 App, and Toyota+Alexa App installed on compatible iPhone Toyota Vehicles Compatible with Toyota+Alexa App: 2018 Model Year availability– these vehicles are compatible with a Multimedia Enhancement available from your Toyota Dealer Camry Sienna 2019 RAV4 2020 Corolla Prius Prime Disclaimer: Amazon, Alexa, and all related logos and motion marks are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. Not all Amazon Alexa functionality is available for in-vehicle use.

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Toyota+Alexa app reviews

  • What’s the point? 1/5

    By Promulgation
    I can’t connect my Amazon Alexa account to the Toyota one, thus can’t connect to my home network or tell Alexa to play music with my Spotify connected to that account. It won’t run when you have Apple CarPlay connected. Toyota needs to probably consider hiring some new engineers. This should be an embarrassment for them.
  • Needs more features. 2/5

    By MeccaHeccaHineyHo
    Correct me if I’m wrong, but as far as I can tell, it will only open maps on your phone rather then on the screen of the car. I don’t want to look at my phone, that defeats the purpose of buying a car with a screen. I’ll stick with using Apple car play until it’s updated. It’s also very limited in what apps will show up.
  • Misadvertisememt 1/5

    By lilianalysis
    The sticker on my 2020 Sienna says compatible with Toyota Alexa but it’s not.
  • Rarely ever works 1/5

    By Rick Thorpe
    I haves 2019 RAV4 Limited and I have found that it only works on occasion. I have to toggle the mic on and off to get it to work. Disappointing that Toyota doesn’t fix this. They advertise it on their commercials, but I would be careful if you are looking for Alexa in the car. Go with Echo Auto instead.
  • Just does not work 1/5

    By OhVey09
    2020 4Runner here. I say Alexa and nothing happens. I tried everything. I’m a very tech savvy dude too.
  • No work for sienna 1/5

    By Angdaniel
    I try manny times never can’t connect it on sienna 2019
  • So frustrating!! 1/5

    By Isellrx
    This app will only work if you log out and back in. The worst part is your password doesn’t store so you have to enter it every time. Then if you get a call, you have to log out and back in again. It’s ridiculous that Toyota doesn’t figure out a way to get this to work. I’m so unimpressed!
  • Frustrating 😡 2/5

    By eadams44
    If they ever get this app to connect without having to restart it every time you start the car it will be great. For now it’s very very frustrating. I love Alexa and so go through the process almost every time I drive but annoyed I am 😡
  • Don’t waste your time, Toyota doesn’t care 1/5

    By tavella81
    Toyota doesn’t care about iOS users. Their focus is solely on Android as they can’t manage to get that in their infotainment systems. The Alexa functionality was added to my 2019 Camry over six months ago and they’ve yet to update their iOS app. The Android app works just fine with my vehicle. I even received an email stating this was live in my car. Nope. Twitter support will not reply, customer service is useless. If you’re looking for decent telematics in a vehicle, it’s NOT Toyota.
  • Android App worked w/2019 Camry 1/5

    By EarlMel
    Switched over to iPhone and I cannot use my Alexa. Are you kidding me?!! You have Apple CarPlay, why not Alexa for all new models? Come on. Do I have to go back to Android which I have no issue with to get a more advanced version of this app? So much for the Apple hype👎
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Dddd151471
    More often than not this app doesn’t work. I have only gotten it to work a handful of times. It is more of a distraction than a benefit, as you have to fiddle with it to get it working.
  • Camry 2020 1/5

    By Neko_DINOSaur05
    It’s ridiculous that Toyota can’t seem to provide an app that actually works with a brand new car. Extremely disappointed!
  • Have to delete, reopen 2/5

    By tomas 101
    This last update made the app so hard to use. Delete from Apple 7 plus, reinstall, then it works. Longer trips I do this, short trips use fm or stream from phone.
  • Did not work 1/5

    By pilotIBkiller
    I have a Toyota Camry 2108 and I tried to connect it to to the car but it did not connect.
  • 2019 Camry Apple Compatibility 1/5

    By MorningAngelus
    The fact that this app isn’t compatible with the 2019 Camry (upgraded head unit) is absolutely ridiculous. It’s despicable that Toyota can’t prioritize a compatibility software update for a model year that’s over a year old. Toyota devs, doesn’t it bother you that all of your apps are so poorly rated when it’s within your power to make it right? When will this be corrected?
  • 2019 Camry 1/5

    By robot chuckels
    The Alexa app only worked The first time The sales manager showed me. It has never worked since.
  • Does not connect on its own 1/5

    By Nick Gurr 240
    I have to logout and log back in every time i turn my car on. Very annoying
  • Works 2% of the time 1/5

    By Garrett Seybert
    Just bought a 2020 Tacoma and this app has only worked about 2% of the time. When I ask Alexa something it just says “thinking” 🤷🏼‍♂️. Like the other review states, sometimes when I reload the apps it’ll work but most of the time it doesn’t. Pretty ironic how much I have to mess with my phone to get this hands free app to work.
  • Worked once 1/5

    By Golferpaul
    It will not working. I don’t want to have To reload app every time to get it to work. Toyota can u fix this app????
  • There is a bug 1/5

    By 2020 corolla
    I have a 2020 Corolla. I have to restart my phone to make it works... I tried to use iPhone 11 and same thing happens. Your need to fix the bug! ...I’m not the only one who is experiencing with this problem.
  • Can’t get it to work 1/5

    By Tech_E
    Navi screen shows it attempt, but always fail to work. Tried many times, but now giving up. 2019 Camry, with iPhone 10 Max. App showing available in my cars available apps list.
  • Very seldom works 1/5

    By scott fan
    It works maybe once out of 100 times. I would like it if only it did what it should. I have deleted app and installed again several times. Waste of my time. I am editing my review. It is now worse than ever after having it for several months. Can Toyota please update so it will work?? Another update. Had app checked when I went in for service. Don’t know what they did but now will not do anything when I talk to Alexa. Toyota will you ever fix this? So not happy.
  • Horrible Customer Service 1/5

    By budmanstl
    Received email today from Toyota saying how great Alexa is with my car. 4 hours later and still not working. 3 calls to corporate customer service. 1st minimal software knowledge. Second said my model didn’t support it. Third said dealer didn’t install required software. Dealer says they did. Round and round
  • Does not least for me 1/5

    By tampatampatampa
    I was really excited to see that my 2019 RAV4 had Alexa but disappointed that it doesn’t work properly. I have everything turned on and followed the instructions to a tee but all it does is sit there after I ask something. I read the other reviews I feel that getting it to work by reloading each time is not very convenient and a little ridiculous. Toyota needs to fix this.
  • Needs updating 1/5

    By Doctor Flex
    2020 Tacoma. Got the app connected but couldn’t really get it to work. Granted the app doesn’t state it is compatible with the Tacoma. This is actually not why I am rating it low. At least with the new infotainment system, if I had the app installed and not even running, my phone connected via Bluetooth tooth wouldn’t pause the music after 30 seconds or so. I would have to go in and restart the music. If I delete the app, problem goes away. Install again, problem recurs. This type of bug ticks me off so I will not be reinstalling this app. Super annoying. Easy enough to work around but lame bug none the less. Maybe I need to wait and see if it gets updated for Tacoma. The Tacoma says it is compatible but the app itself doesn’t.
  • Can’t get Alexa to respond 1/5

    By Correspondence
    I would give zero stars, but you have to give one to review. Alexa says she’s listening but when I say something she never responds.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By WellUsa
    Terrible app, doesn’t work properly,
  • Not working 1/5

    By Geghard90
    Do not bother to install the app, it doesn’t work.
  • Confused 1/5

    By ColonelMom
    I got an email stating my vehicle is ready for Alexa setup but when I go to try it won’t work in my vehicle. Does it not work with the 2019 Camry??!!
  • Alexa 1/5

    By gettomedic
    Only works when it feels like it. Not pleased with this app
  • Camry 2019 2/5

    By goplacrs
    When will it be available?
  • Don’t waste your time trying to get it to work 1/5

    By Shew1982
    Way too annoying to be useful. If I go into the Toyota+Alexa app on my phone, it occasionally works, but if I have to go into the app, why bother with Alexa?!
  • Have to close and reload in order to use. 2/5

    By thisissuesue
    I have a 2019 RAV4 and the only way I could use Toyota + Alexa app is when I close the app and open it again and then it works! Hopefully they will fix this bug soon!
  • Doesn’t work very well. 😩 1/5

    By Irene0407
    I cannot get this to work properly in my Toyota 2019 RAV4. It works intermittently with a lot of help from me. I actually had an Echo Auto in my car that worked perfectly. I was going to give it away, but I guess I should keep it, until the app gets fixed.
  • App is horrible! 1/5

    By The_Bake
    There are no words for this app other than absolutely terrible! Whether Entune is running along with this app, or not, it’s unresponsive. Alexa herself would be embarrassed!
  • Not working on Camry 2019 1/5

    By JessAndJr611
    I tried and tried, and nop! Not working on my Camry 2019!
  • Hatchback 2/5

    By Cranky787
    Tried on my 2019 toyota hatchback but to my experience the app always crashes. Need more improvement and i will wait for the final fix, I still prefer Siri on my Iphone.
  • Useless, limited compatibility 1/5

    By Nomnomnomitynom
    Toyota apps are as poor. Get CarPlay.
  • Works - sort of 2/5

    By GJBToolman
    I have a 2019 RAV4 and was very excited to see the Alexa app. I have been more than a bit frustrated trying to get it to work consistently. What I found is that after starting the car I have to unload and reload the app to get it to work. It appears to be a problem with the microphone - it requires a reload in order to work. If I use the phone I have the same problem - after ending the call I have to unload/reload the app to get it to work again. Once reloaded it works fine - until someone calls or I restart the vehicle. This is something that one would think could be fixed, but apparently it is not a very high priority. Hey Toyota - making this work smoothly may help you sell more cars - if that’s important to you.
  • It works ... infrequently 1/5

    By Theresa McClain
    I bought a brand new, fully loaded RAV4 Limited, and I was initially excited that I could use Alexa in my vehicle. I am still waiting for my license plates, and I have already given up on the Toyota+Alexa app. It is rare that I am able to use Alexa- usually when I announce her name, nothing happens. When she does respond with “listening...” she does not hear my command. Sometimes...unfortunately infrequently, it works. But so rarely that I have given up on it. For such a quiet hybrid car, you would think Alexa would be a welcome addition - but the frustration is too much. I no longer even try.
  • Useless 1/5

    By ipone and elexa
    Indicates it does not detect an iPhone X max on 2019 Toyota Sienna. You need to update if that is the problem since you promote it’s use
  • Avalon 1/5

    By azunlisted
    Really hoping there will soon be access for us in other vehicles... was deceiving when I saw the app in my 2019 Avalon...only to find out it wouldn’t work for me
  • iPhone compatible 1/5

    By famdoc13
    I was told that this was supposed work on the 2019 Avalon Touring, but so far only with a android phone. Not an I phone Very upset
  • Needs update 1/5

    By Awesome'73
    Update for 2019 Toyota Sienna
  • Android to Apple 2/5

    By -webgem-
    I had the Galaxy S7 and this app worked great in my new ‘19 Camry. It would connect flawlessly via Bluetooth and I could ask Alexa to play my music from Amazon Music Unlimited. But now I switched over to Apple iPhone XR and find out the Toyota Alexa app isn’t compatible on my new XR. AND Siri won’t listen to your commands to play Amazon Music even though Amazon Music is in Apple CarPlay. I guess I’ll be switching over to Apple Music and just get used to plugging the phone in to USB every time.
  • Doesn’t Support Apple Music 1/5

    By Zigamorph
    This would be a solid 4 star app if it supported Apple Music via Alexa. This app seems to only support the basics and whoever Toyota has an agreement with. Which seems to exclude Spotify and Apple Music.
  • Not Happy 1/5

    By Amanda New
    Can not believe you would not have this for the 2019 Toyota Sienna. And why on earth is remote start not a standard on these vehicles??? So upset that mine does not have it. Of salesman would have told me it was an option I would have made sure he ordered it to have it. Was not happy at all when I found out my van was missing remote start and Alexa
  • It’s available for iOS and Android! 5/5

    By WooHoo75
    Not sure why people are saying it doesn’t work on 19 Camry; it does work on it. Works on my 19 Sienna like a champ too! Thank you Toyota!!
  • Update please 2/5

    By qqqqertyuijgcgui
    Please update to include 2019 Camry

Toyota+Alexa app comments

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