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Toyota+Alexa App

Amazon Alexa in Toyota vehicles brings her tens of thousands of skills and services with you on the road that Amazon Alexa customers currently enjoy. What can Alexa do for you? Now, you can talk to Amazon Alexa in your Toyota. With Toyota+Alexa, you can ask for directions to your next appointment, check traffic, order food, play music, hear the news, check weather, control smart home devices, and more. Alexa lives in the cloud, so she is always getting smarter, adding new capabilities that are delivered to your device automatically. Using Alexa in your Toyota is simple and hands-free – just ask, and Alexa will respond instantly. What is required to operate Alexa in your vehicle: Compatible Toyota Vehicles (Please see below) Toyota App and Toyota+Alexa App installed on compatible iPhone Toyota+Alexa App Vehicle Compatibility: • This app is only compatible with select 2018 and newer Toyota vehicles. Disclaimer: Amazon, Alexa, and all related logos and motion marks are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. Not all Amazon Alexa functionality is available for in-vehicle use.

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Toyota+Alexa app reviews

  • Wouldn’t work 1/5

    By mkwh1996
    I tried numerous times to get this app to work with my 2019 Camry. I downloaded and redownloaded it several times, connected to WiFi, Bluetooth, everything I was supposed to do, and it still never worked. Terrible app.
  • Worst App Ever 1/5

    By Griff1975
    It’s not compatible with 2018 Toyota Camry SE,I wouldn’t recommend this app at all period.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Terri 294
    It was installed on my 2018 Camry and worked fine a few times and stopped working. Entune doesn't work well, however, I can use my phone to make calls through my speaker system and that's all it does. I can't even get my navigation system to work. All apps are grayed out. Useless system.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By frustrated-toyota-owner
    The app connects to my Amazon Alexa account and registers fine but will NOT connect to my 2019 Sienna. No support anywhere as it sends you to Toyota site and they only offer a quote for your vehicle as if your there to sell them your car... my Android worked fine with Alexa and same Sienna but Sienna doesn’t offer android compatibility version of the apple CarPlay so switched to iPhone for those features which outweigh Alexa anyway but back to the app.. it’s useless for apple devices and yes I have switched from the entune app to the Toyota app and it still won’t work.
  • Rarely works! 1/5

    By Creative Cakes
    I have a 2019 Toyota RAV4. I have managed to get this app to work three or four times. It’s completely useless. The concept of it is great however it’s simply doesn’t deliver on the follow through.
  • Can’t get past setup 1/5

    By TY Stiles
    I love the idea of this app and was excited to use it but it’s a huge problem if you can’t get through setup. I sign into Amazon and then it says I need to connect to Bluetooth when I’m already connected. I see many reviews with this similar issue. @Toyota, get you developers to fix this. It shouldn’t be too difficult
  • Needing to open the app. 1/5

    By Long time Toyota owner
    I don’t understand why each time I want to use Alexa Toyota app that I need to open the app each time I disconnect from the car. It also seems when you switch to a different app while never disconnecting from Bluetooth you have to reopen the app to reconnect. This is a hassle if you are on long trips and are still driving.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By peebee_123
    Just tried to connect to a one-day-old 2021 Rav4 Prime. Bluetooth connected just fine, and CarPlay works via cable, but I couldn’t get this Alexa app to work whether cable tethered or not. Waste of time. Toyota should eliminate their apps entirely rather than wasting out time with bad apps. I love the new Rav4 though 👍❤️❤️❤️ Update: After more screwing around I finally got it installed and connected but no change to my one-star review. The connection is inconsistent, the mic is intermittent/unstable, the app only works when the cable is unplugged (killing CarPlay)... so still a bad app, waste of time.
  • Never works 1/5

    By jojobonkojbfr
    This app is terrible it would be so good if it worked and never works for me it worked one time right one I loaded it and after that it has never worked sense for over a year
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Nicole mom of 5
    I have a 2019 Toyota Sienna. My van literally advertised that I should download and use this app. I was so excited. Well, after spending multiple hours trying to connect to my van it just wouldn’t connect. I still want to try again but as of now this app gets a big fat 1 star because it’s not user friendly.
  • Never Worked 1/5

    By DuncanAnderson11
    Ever since I purchased my 2019 Toyota Camry SE, I have had difficulty with Toyota Apps and connected services within my car. The Toyota+Alexa app never worked, even though I’ve tried sitting down for over an hour a couple times now to get it connected. I’ve tried everything including disconnecting a State Farm Bluetooth Beacon completely (which shouldn’t interfere as all other Bluetooth connections work for Toyota). Nothing works. I always end up with the same result - “Not Detected.” I have tried almost every FAQ page, Toyota Owners, anything and I just go in circles. This APP needs major correction
  • Doesn’t work very well 1/5

    By barbjean z
    It doesn’t work very well. It keeps dropping I get it set up and then it takes about a half an hour to get it to work it keeps dropping it was a fantastic idea but it’s a dangerous app it says don’t use it while you’re driving well it keeps dropping so you’ll have to try to get back on so you pull off the road almost get hit trying to get it back on. It needs a lot of work it’s a great idea but please get it to work right .
  • Useless 1/5

    By Nakeefeets
    Never works. I have a 2021 Tacoma, don’t waste your time with this app and use CarPlay.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By crApp Reviewer
    Doesn’t work. Doesn’t connect. Garbage.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By ColonelMom
    I have a 2019 camry and the toyota+Alexa app won’t work in my vehicle. Why??!! Can someone tell me what I can do to get it to work. If it doesn’t work for the 2019 camrys it’s a shame!!
  • Cannot make it work with 2019 Sienna 1/5

    By GoodToCU
    Other apps work, such as iHeartRadio. Just this app on Sienna cannot detect the app on iPhone 12. Can’t find any troubleshooting info.
  • Lisa C 1/5

    By Delane C
    Cannot setup app, it gets stuck on the location question. Is this app compatible with 2019 Toyota Camry SE? App shows on screen in car but cannot get it to work
  • Typical Toyota 1/5

    By comtbrider
    Typical Toyota. Excellent cars, crappy entertainment software.
  • Wow Alexa 1/5

    By chatachato
    Wow I have a RAV4 2020 and was so happy to have Alexa app but it was so hard to connect and then Alexa didn’t hear me and I was so frustrated I was trying like an hour trying to connect Alexa and had no luck and now I’m reading the reviews and it’s happening to everybody so I guess I should delete the app of Alexa and also try to call some one and it said to go and register in Alexa so tired of trying everything 😬
  • Microphone 1/5

    By Diana-Nochka
    Problems with microphone. Have no idea how to set it up
  • Complete junk. 1/5

    By Rd0116
  • Poor 1/5

    By Bensan70
    I have had nothing but trouble with this app. Sad
  • 2020 4runner/iPhone 12 pro does NOT WORK 1/5

    By JacobBPowell
    I have tried with an iPhone 11pro as well and there’s a glitch in the current version it will not allow microphone permission plus when I connect to my 2020 4 runner limited it will not even allow me to use the app on my phone or the screen. I’ve tried both with usb and Bluetooth. Please fix, would love to use this!
  • Oh What A Feeling! 5/5

    By RaffyHaddadin
    This app works perfectly in conjunction with the Toyota app in my 2021 Tundra Limited! Alexa App works perfectly. From my favorite music to remote start, everything works flawlessly. Be sure to connect all your accounts and start enjoying! Thank you Toyota!
  • Doesn’t work without Entune 3.0 1/5

    By ErinCit
    Entune isn’t supported and has vanished off App Store. Newest update says this is compatible with the Toyota App but so far that’s a big negative. Hasn’t worked in my 2020 Highlander Limited since Entune disappeared. I’ve deleted this app and reinstalled. Verified my Toyota app was up to date. Car keeps trying to download Entune. Very sad and frustrating. I used hands free Alexa every day. Can use Alexa in car play but it’s not hands free.
  • Spanish Support Please 5/5

    By xwigginsx
    The Toyota Vehicle and the Amazon Alexa App have support for Spanish, however the Toyota + Alexa App does not. This needs to be applied across the platform for a consistent experience for the Spanish Community.
  • Mostly doesn’t work 1/5

    By avopreludio
    On my brand new 2021 Highlander hybrid platinum, I rarely ever get Alexa to work. If I try on my way to/from work, it will sometimes start working just before I arrive. Not Toyota-worthy.
  • Exasperating! 1/5

    By alcannistraro
    I like to ask Alexa to play my favorite non local radio stations using Tune-In or I Heart Radio. But this generally requires much fumbling with the Toyota app and the Toyota +Alexa apps each time I get into the car. Worse, unless and until I get Alexa running, I can’t even listen to regular radio. Not worth the aggravation.
  • Useless. Stick with Apple Car Play 1/5

    By Jimbo7997
    Love my Toyota, but whoever they pay to write their apps needs fired. My phone is connected to Bluetooth, yet the car and phone do not see each other and timeout. Tried multiple times, different starting orders, I give. Stick with Apple Car play.
  • 2021 highlander XLE AWD 1/5

    By XLE MAD 🤬
    I bought this car two weeks ago. there’s any way that I can return to the dealership? only because it comes with Toyota entune the worse system ever. Please Toyota gets it fixed.
  • I don’t get what it’s suppose to do 1/5

    By Graevon
    Title says it all I downloaded and connected my phone to my car but app is stuck on connect my phone all I can say is I’ll never buy another Toyota I love my 2020 Camry except when it comes to Bluetooth or hands free car is completely useless. However being that the dealer I bought it from nor Toyota can tell me anything about how to make any of the features I paid for work it’s a useless product and one of three apps your car asks you to download for all of your features to work. Personally I think they should take the vehicles back unless we can have working features without the need to download tons of non working apps. Honestly it’s borderline fraud being we were sold the cars claiming hands free.
  • Wake Word 4/5

    By Jvv103
    It works pretty well so far but do you have any plans to allow the user to change the wake word like with other devices? My daughters name is Alexa and at home we call it “Echo.” Thanks.
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By rywil89
    I have a car that is compatible with the app but for some reason they decided not to include my car model on the Apple app. I tested with android and it worked fine. The car isn’t the issue, it’s this app. Why can’t there be an update that includes all cars with this feature like they did on android?!
  • Has to be a better way 1/5

    By Xpsy
    This is app is complete garbage. It’s always a hit or miss; most of the time it doesn’t work.
  • The app will not connect 1/5

    By Jessigrd
    I have a 2019 Toyota Camry and this app will not connect to my car. I have tried it in different occasions to connect and nothing. It just says in my car that app cannot connect 😡
  • Connect to Alexa 1/5

    By O Lugan
    We have a 2020 Toyota Camry Hybrid and connecting is frustrating. Sometimes it works sometimes not. We had to replace our other car and purchased a 2019 used Nissan Rogue. As soon as you get in the Rouge it connects immediately!!! So disappointed with Toyota Alexa. I love my Camry otherwise. We have owned Honda and switched to a Toyota family years ago. But it’s $ had us go to Nissan.
  • does not work 1/5

    By Bob Mel.
    I have had my new Toyota Highlander Hybrid Platinum for two weeks. I got the Alexa app to work one time, since that it will not work. Every thing works n this car, but the Alexa App is terrible.
  • No good 1/5

    By Bev0314
    Installed on my new 2020 RAV4 and it is crap. Alexa understands nothing I say. I was excited because I love my Alexa at home but there is no comparison. If she could comprehend what I say it would be great. Hoping the update soon. I am not the only one that feels this way after reading the reviews. Amazon and Toyota please fix this
  • Works in our 2020 Camry hybrid, but why bother? 2/5

    By inthesand
    Maybe it's because our Camry is a 2020, but I was able to download the Alexa software into the car Entune system. Then I installed The Toyota Alexa software on my iPhone 7. It does work, at least for me.I was able to press the steering wheel button and state an Alexa command (weather, directions, trivia). But, as another reviewer pointed out, I have to have the Toyota Alexa app open for this to work I can do everything and more with Siri and the same would also go for "hey google" .The only advantage that I can give Alexa is that it's wireless. With CarPlay, you have to plug your phone into a USB port if you want to see your information on the cars display. I was surprised the Alexa software couldn't control any of the car features. We used to have a 2008 Prius and the voice control software for adjusting the Car controls is supposedly now "natural language." Back in 2008, you had to say the exact command. It's a little bit better in 2020, but it's nowhere near the AI that's in phone voice assistants. So why not let CarPlay and android auto integrate with car controls? I would love to see some update that would allow me to say "hey Siri, set the car temperature to 72°" I guess the auto makers just have too much invested in their Proprietary voice control systems. So, in summary, I think the use case for Entune AlexaIs pretty slim. Sounds like a lot of people can't even get it to work. And if you can get it to work, it's likely you have a much better option withSiri/CarPlay and Hey Google/android auto.
  • 2018 Sienna XLE doesn’t work 1/5

    By LR Joe
    Downloaded app and have iPhone connected to bluetooth in car. Alexa doesn’t show up as app on the Entune system. iPhone app keeps telling me to connect thru Bluetooth to Entune but it already is.
  • Waste of TIME 1/5

    By Panconaguacate
    Tried so many times and the Alexa App and myCamry 2019 NEVER CONNECTED
  • Poor implementation. 1/5

    By Sacsmitty
    Came from a Tacoma where I had installed a small Amazon Auto stand-alone unit so I was familiar with having Alexa in my last truck. Got a new 2020 Tundra with Entune and was very disappointed with this implementation. On top of what others have mentioned on reliability, you have to have the Toyota Entune 3.0 app AND this app running on your phone at all times. That’s just dumb. Toyota, you’re better than this implementation. Hopefully they’ll take another look at their tech because they’re close but One Star as of August of 2020. Just get the Amazon Alexa Auto unit and forget this implementation until Toyota takes a serious look. And 5 months without an update? Disappointed given the amount I spent on this Tundra TRD Pro Crew. :/
  • Microphone issues 1/5

    By Brithabest
    Only reason I’m giving this a star is because I have to select something. You have to have the app open in order to use it and that’s the dumbest thing I ever heard. I like my Apple play way better than this crap. Doesn’t even have and good apps on there anyway smh
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Mattbjjwhtbelt
    Really let down by this

    By Slenderman7
    I was excited to see an update on my Tundra’s header. And excited to see it was an Alexa update. After correctly attempting to set this up 5+ times — all it has done is made it to where I can no longer use my iPhone to listen to music in my pickup. I’d consider myself very tech savvy and have the Cisco certifications to prove it. So it’s not a user error. Toyota simply rushed an update which causes users to actually lose features. Really wish I could downgrade. Besides — most 2019 Tundra owners didn’t even want this update on the Tundra forums. We just want Apple CarPlay support.
  • Useless 1/5

    By AlvinAppStore
    Why would you use Alexa if you already have Android Auto and Apple CarPlay? Alexa doesn't do much especially when you ask for navigation - it opens Goolge Maps or Apple Maps lol.
  • Looking 1/5

    By will not take
    After reading all the comments I will be buying a Honda now
  • App will not connect!!!!! 1/5

    By Moonpie0316
    I have downloaded the Entune App & Toyota +Alexa app to both my iOS device & my 2019 Toyota Camry SE & my Bluetooth is connected to my car. I have tried for 2 months to get this to connect and it will not connect. To say I a, frustrated is an under statement!!!!!
  • Useless 1/5

    By 38lal69
    Doesn’t work. I have a 2018 highlander ask for directions says getting then nothing happens. Waste of time.