Toyota Entune

Toyota Entune

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  • Current Version: 1.29.86
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Toyota Entune App

Entune™ App Suite is an in-car multimedia experience that keeps you and your Toyota connected. Entune™ App Suite is a collection of popular applications and data services integrated with select 2012 and newer Toyota vehicles (excluding select 2018-present vehicles which use the Toyota App to connect vehicle to App Suite services). Entune™ App Suite is included with your vehicle, at no additional or annual charge. Once the phone is connected to the vehicle using Bluetooth® wireless technology, some services may be operated by voice recognition, depending on the capabilities of your vehicle. Entune™ App Suite for Prius Plug-in/Prime Hybrid Advanced model, RAV4 EV, and Mirai also includes Remote Charge Management, Charge/Hydrogen Station Locator, Remote Climate, Vehicle Finder and Eco Dashboard. Access to Prius Plug-in/Prime or EV apps requires an active Safety Connect® subscription. Please visit for details. Always drive safely and obey traffic laws. Apps/services vary by phone carrier and are subject to change. Data charges may apply. See for details.

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Toyota Entune app reviews

  • Great cars…less than worthless app. 1/5

    By DaddyFlo
    Great cars…less than worthless app. Quit embarrassing yourselves and wasting your customers’ time. Take this app down from the Apple App Store!
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By holymolynicknameistakenistaken
    I downloaded this app, and when I create the account and enter my vin it tells me to download the Toyota app which I already have connected. I just want my maps to work on my tv screen (dashboard). Even after calling support I got the run around of oh it’s not Toyota apps fault it’s entune fault, but when they transfer me to entune help it’s apparently Toyota’s fault for not downloading it for me. Now I have a 2021 Toyota Tacoma with a screen that’s only useful for showing me my mpg and radio. I paid an absurd amount for a vehicle with a screen only to still use my iPhone for a map while driving. What’s the point of the screen if I can’t use my maps on the screen. Feels like the screen is a waste. Don’t download this save yourself the time and aggravation.
  • If the world could take a dump 1/5

    By Beezlebubzzz
    I had to come back and try to squeeze in another review because it’s that bad. I truly believe the cosmic world decided to get together to see what the biggest piece of crap would look like and plopped this thing out. Toyota, you’re a cruel mistress.
  • Crap 1/5

    By Guitar Pirate
    Total piece of crap app. I could go on but to what end Logged in several times and reloaded app won’t accept login credentials.
  • Crap 1/5

    By Tried of nickname
    This app is crap! You can’t even sign up! Worthless
  • Not finding VIN 1/5

    By Azn persuasion
    Apparently I am not the only one with the error message of not finding the VIN even after scanning the sticker. Please update your app Toyota. Thank you
  • Zero stars 1/5

    By Not giving name86
    So my brand new rav4 has no apps and needs this app to add something as basic as a MAP! This “app” wont let you sign up and says “error please download toyota app”. On the website it says “ Please ensure you have entered the VIN correctly and your vehicle is Entune or Enform App Suite capable.” FIX YOUR APP TOYOTA!
  • Worst app I ever downloaded 1/5

    By Noroad4me
    All I have to say is that Toyota should be glad that I like the vehicle because their connecting technology and this app is the worst!!! I would be ashamed if I was Toyota to offer such junk. Next time I purchase a new vehicle, I’m going to test these options out. Lesson learned.
  • Desperately needs an update and Spotify 1/5

    By km8297
    This app is very outdated and needs an update ASAP. Additionally, it needs to include Spotify as one of the available audio apps
  • Doesn’t Work 1/5

    By MadsRBrice
    Every time I try to create an account it says my VIN number is wrong or that my Toyota app needs to be connected to my car which it is. Going to use my Google maps via Apple Car Play instead
  • Can’t log in through any method 1/5

    By Disappointed webm guy
    I tried to use the login that matched my Toyota app and was told it was wrong. Tried to make a new account and was told the VIN wasn’t right even though it was scanned with the camera.
  • Toyota Entune on 2019 Prius Prime 1/5

    By leosper
    Buy another car if you are interested in Apple Car Play! Never will get retrofit! Liars!
  • Unless app 1/5

    By Fed Up 44
    I tried to download this app to my IPhone. After resetting my password numerous times because it didn’t recognize it I finally thought it was going to work. When I tried to pair it with my 2021 Tacoma I was back to the app not being able to upload the applications. Now it doesn’t recognize my password. I have reached the limits of my patience with this nonsense!
  • They should be embarassed 1/5

    By JohnnyMopp
    I’m a Software Engineer with a Computer Science degree and I can’t get this garbage to work. Shame on Toyota for ever letting this crap allowed in their cars.
  • Horrible App, worth Zero stars 1/5

    By VoctoriaLK20
    I couldn't understand why this app was rated so low, then I installed and tried to use it with my 2017 4Runner (new iPhone, so I needed to reset everything). I've reset my password twice, and it is still not recognized. Enough. Not even an assistance contact available.
  • I can’t signup 1/5

    By zabole
    I can’t sign up
  • Terrible app for rental users 1/5

    By Corkster9
    What a pointless way to make apple cRplay inaccessible to users. Needing to create an account and enter VIN number is idiotic, Toyota engineers need togo rent a hyundai to see what good infotainment software looks like
  • Junk!!! 1/5

    By flacofishing
    I had success pairing but it just keeps kicking me out. Junk!!!
  • New issue 1/5

    By Cmcgr05
    So, I have a 2015 Corolla eco premium. Every time you start that car it asks you to log in to entune app. Then, I added to the agony and bought a 2019 RAV 4, which no longer uses Entune. You go into the Toyota app for that one. So now, entune app reminds me all the time that the rav no longer uses this app and to go to Toyota app. It does not recognize I have 2 cars. I mean…one app, select which vehicle shouldn’t be that hard!
  • Update the map 1/5

    By Mason Protsman
    Please update the map. There are streets listed on the entune map, but when you search for them you get no results! Just update the map
  • Useless App 1/5

    By Coopntx
    Doesn’t work. Says to try Toyota app which is also useless.
  • Where is the “0” Rating? 1/5

    By PhoGo1
    It is hard to believe that an app that’s been out for 4 yrs is still not functional. The app will not recognize my password nor change to a new one. I can’t delete my 2017 Toyota nor register my 2021. The 800 number for any help disappeared from the picture before I could copy it. This app is worthless and will now be deleted. Ditto for the Toyota Owner’s app - nothing works.
  • Less than 1 star 1/5

    By Time killer extraordinaire
    It’s an embarrassment for Toyota that they still even offer this app. The fact that it supports like two apps, which don’t include Spotify, pandora, Apple Music, or any of the most popular and common, nor the ability to connect any of my music on my phone is pathetic. I really do not understand what the point is? So I can get, um… stocks while I’m driving? Skip this, just connect through Bluetooth and wait until Toyota makes something useable.
  • Bad 1/5

    By Seamus019
    This is the worst system that Toyota puts out. I’m not surprised because even though we live in a digital world, Toyota has always been way behind. It’s seems as if they just want to put something out with their name on it and don’t care how it works
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Archduke2788
    This app doesn’t work. Won’t let me creat anything. Keeps giving, “Error Use Toyota App to connect with car”. Am I missing something??
  • Garbage 1/5

    By BustaCrook
    I love my Camry TRD but Toyota’s app’s are complete crap!
  • FIX THE APP 1/5

    By K.kayyla
    Bought a used 2018 Toyota Camry Le, have been trying to signup with the app and every time it says “ download the app or stay connected to Bluetooth” and I’ve done both. So frustrating at this point I’m not going to even try. It’s 2021 and this app acts like 2001 lol please fix it !!!
  • Forcing Alexa; can’t use radio 1/5

    By ephelan_
    Most recently, I was disconnected from the app and when I re-logged in, I can no longer access basic AM/FM radio without connecting the app AND now it’s trying to force me to connect an Alexa/Amazon account. This is unreasonable, and now this radio is completely useless.
  • Entune useless 1/5

    By Lost explorer.
    Can’t get it to work. 2019 Tacoma. Went to Toyota dealer for help. Said I didn’t have Entune Suite installed. Went home and looked at my sticker from when I purchased. Said it came with truck. Called dealership where I bought it and they said of course you have it. Don’t ask service department for help- ask sales department. Still not working!!!
  • useless 1/5

    By Rrhhhhjfff
    I go to create an account to get access and it tells me to download a toyota app to get access. but i just did download the app and why i am trying to make an account through the app to get access. not sure how much worse this thing could be honestly. How you messs up this bad?
  • Will not interface with my 2020 Prius 1/5

    By zzz97
    I don’t understand it, doesn’t make sense to me. This is a 2020 Prius prime plug-in hybrid, I am specifically told by my car, on the display, that for some features you need Entune. But N-Toon says that “it is not compatible” with this type of car. All these features are promised in the basic Toyota app, but not delivered. And even after entering my Vin number multiple times, it just doesn’t want to work with a 2020 Prius. Frankly I don’t want another social media, certainly not one that connects my car to my name in the eyes of the Internet when it is a digital computer controlled car. I was already leery of the idea because it just seems like a big social media and I don’t want that at all. I don’t want social media at all, not with a car. That’s too much of a danger to myself in a literal sense. However, it doesn’t even connect with my car and so most of the features that my car has are in accessible to me. And I don’t want Siri and I don’t use Siri, so Apple doesn’t let me use cat Apple CarPlay, which shouldn’t need Siri anyways. The fact is that both Apple and Toyota are dropping the ball when it comes to phone car integration. For apple, Siri needs to be treated as it is, an add-on. Remove Siri from CarPlay and leave it as an option. Toyota needs to either give me the basic features of my car in the Toyota app without all the razzle-dazzle and fluff, or else they need to make Entune work. And I don’t want entune to be this public thing which leaves a media imprint of my car.
  • Error 1/5

    By ChrystenM
    I can’t sign up to use the app. It keeps saying error download Toyota app and connect to vehicle. I’ve done all that and it still doesn’t work. Any ideas??
  • Requires another App 1/5

    By jiffyhippo
    I downloaded Entune, went to register, and it said I need to download the “Toyota” app. I went to download the Toyota app and it said that I needed a higher iOS than what my phone is capable of. Why two apps? Why the iOS requirement? Why not have that same requirement for both apps so it doesn’t send me down a bad path? Improved messaging about this seems like a bug fix you can get out ASAP.
  • It’s doesn’t work 1/5

    By Talib Ali 89
    This app won’t work it’s trash
  • Car auto play 1/5

    By Zsedcrtyhj
    Please work with Apple in fixing the car auto play. I am tired of the car constantly playing my music when I want it to stay stopped. If I ever use Siri or any of the features then it goes to the music as soon as I’m done using the feature. It is the most annoying thing and I really just want to delete the app and delete Apple Music and never use it again because of this issue. Please fix this.
  • I wish I read the reviews! 1/5

    By nick name 654321
    This has screwed up everything getting constant error. Please connect to etune it is super annoying. I wonder if Toyota is going to add an app option that works?
  • Worst app I’ve ever tried using 1/5

    By wardo99
    I think this is just a token effort by Toyota to be able to say they have a smart truck. Every time I try using this is asks for user name and password. Never accepts what I type in. If I tell it to reset my password it says I have a valid email address and they sent password reset instructions but I never get them. Tried resetting this up a couple of times and it will work once right after setup and then never let me log back in. Junk app
  • Can’t sign up 1/5

    By AngelBabyx_
    I have a 2021 Toyota Corolla XSE and when I try signing up on the app it just tells me “ download the toyota app and stay connected with your vehicle”I have a download it and I am signed in but how do I get navigation app installed onto my Corolla? Help me please tell me! Because it won’t let me sign up so I can’t get into the app
  • Utterly useless 1/5

    By Stilltikin
    Won’t install even tho my car requires Entune. Requires an account. Utter junk won’t buy Toyota again
  • Useless 1/5

    By Fiohgedsdvdehfewfgiyc
    Doesn’t even connect. Only gives an error message. I have never gotten it to work and I’ve tried with multiple Toyotas.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By kate21321
    Can’t even creat an account . Just says error download Toyota app and stay connected.
  • Toyota Fail 1/5

    By NBlackwell.
    The app says my vehicle is not compatible with Entune (2020 sienna) but my vehicle says to download and use the entune app suite. This app says to use the “Toyota App” instead of entune, and the “Toyota App” says to use entune instead and fails to load anything else. We bought Toyota for its reliability but it seems they do not make reliable technology features... They certainly have a ways to go, hopefully they get this fixed within the next 200,000 miles but if not, at least I’ve still got a good engine.
  • App is a piece of crap 1/5

    By mynameisnoturbizness
    App is a piece of crap!!!!!! Fix it!!!!!!
  • Won’t let me create an account 1/5

    By OffensiveNickname
    Says error and something about creating a Toyota account.
  • Incredibly useless 1/5

    By arzipper
    My car has a physical hardware button called ‘Apps’ that ONLY functions as a front end for this completely useless app. I like Toyota, but this app (and really all Toyota *software*) is embarrassingly bad.
  • This version of Entune needs a tune up! 1/5

    By juno143
    I love my 16’ Toyota Prius Four-Touring, however I do not love this version of Entune! It need a severe update! It currently lacks compatibility with iPhone 10, 11, & 12. Due to this incompatibility on my iPhone 12 Pro the app crashes and the App Navigation Tab for Saved Address (AdressBook) will not sync to my new car. Also the iHEARTRADIO, SPORTS & STOCKS will not sync either. So I had to input all my top ten saved addresses into my actual car navigation system, which was extremely frustrating, tedious and time-consuming. Other than these app issues with this version, Entune is decent. I give it a 1STAR BUT WOULD GIVE IT A 5STAR IF IT WAS UPDATED AND FIXED.

    By Are you kidding!!!!!!!!!
    Do not download. Entune is not a feature that is supported. Call Toyota customer service and have them walk through how to handle this. NONE of the advertised features are available and none of the instructions in manual or on website apply. Save yourself wasted time and frustration and call to resolve.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Merriium
    App will not allow me past the create a profile page. Continues to prompt error message. Gathering from other reviews, the problems will continue even IF I miraculously get past this page.
  • New user on Toyota 2021 Highlander 1/5

    By Bocellibabe
    Downloaded the ap on my phone. I entered all my data as a new login. Vin number, pass word etc. agreed to terms and up pops a page that says down load the Entune App. Duh, that is what I already did! Keeps asking me to repeat all my sign up info but never saves it or finishes the process? Totally unusable. Not sure why I even need this ap. Plan to delete it.