Toyota Entune

Toyota Entune

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  • Current Version: 1.25.713
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Toyota Entune App

Entune™ App Suite is an in-car multimedia experience that keeps you and your Toyota connected. Entune™ App Suite is a collection of popular applications and data services integrated with select 2012 and newer Toyota vehicles (excluding vehicles equipped with Entune™ App Suite 3.0). Entune™ App Suite is included with your vehicle, at no additional or annual charge. Once the phone is connected to the vehicle using Bluetooth® wireless technology, some services may be operated by voice recognition, depending on the capabilities of your vehicle. Entune™ App Suite for Prius Plug-in/Prime Hybrid Advanced model, RAV4 EV, and Mirai also includes Remote Charge Management, Charge/Hydrogen Station Locator, Remote Climate, Vehicle Finder and Eco Dashboard. Access to Prius Plug-in/Prime or EV apps requires an active Safety Connect® subscription. Please visit for details. Always drive safely and obey traffic laws. Apps/services vary by phone carrier and are subject to change. Data charges may apply. See for details.

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Toyota Entune app reviews

  • Entune 1/5

    By bobNEPA
    Don’t even turn it on, it’s not worth your time. I was hoping it would help me to find destinations on the navigation system, which is also a little difficult to use, not happening! It’s time to delete it from my phone.
  • Engine is the worst 1/5

    By DrBrianJones
    My 2017 Toyota Tundra is a beast. Added a supercharger to it and it flies. But the radio and apps are terrible. The newest update removed pandora. Everything is too clunky to navigate. And I hate having to login all the time. Worthless. Toyota, please do something about this!
  • what's the point? 1/5

    By thoudeadmou5
    ....i can't even get my vin to register in the app
  • Bring back pandora 1/5

    By DragonVamp01
    Was a decent app until they canceled access to Pandora.
  • Trash 1/5

    By SirStrongBeard
    Great truck, ridiculously bad app
  • Buy a Honda 1/5

    By Adam9932
    This app is the reason I’m not buying a Toyota after 5 years of BS in my Camry.
  • Don’t bother, the app is useless. 1/5

    By Pereirano305
    Don’t installing this app. The application is completely useless. It requires you log in every time. It does not remember your username nor password. I recommend just focus on enjoying your new toyota and don’t sour your experience with this useless app.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By jimkavitz
    After purchasing my 2019 Rav 4, I hoped to enjoy the Pandora interface. After several tries to get it working called Toyota Corporate Support. Got some suggestions the told to call Pandora. Shortly after that received notice that they were dropping the Pandora app and several others. Very, very bad marketing.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Chris 737381
    The app can't remember your login email address. It can use touch ID or Face ID. The app doesn't keep you signed in for more than a day or two. The fact you have to manually type your email address and password almost daily just so it can connect to data is ridiculous.
  • Horrible app and worst app 1/5

    By Mohanrao
    Even though Toyota is a big company and it is shame that they don’t have good app to connect to their vehicles - Their competitor Honda uses apple car play which is lot better. You should feel bad about your IT services...
  • Zero stars! 1/5

    By GreyB
    What a piece of $h!t. 2013 4Runner. So 5 years after my first review (see above). And still a flaming bag of crap!! Why don’t you fix it already?? It has an overall rating of 1.4 stars. Get a clue and listen to your customers!!!
  • Upgrade 2/5

    By Awesome123443211796
    I wish they’d make it all thumbprint ID versus pin login which is more modern for such a technologically advanced brand. Also there are so many apps out there for “entune” can you consolidate to one app? Finally, can you make it so you can disable (both in app and within the car) iheartradio and slackerradio and the like? Some of us who don’t have subscriptions and don’t want them, dislike having to scroll through these apps with error messages as we’re selecting the source from the steering wheel.
  • Entune Terrible 1/5

    By chazzy19
    This app is terrible and pointless. Wish it had phone mirroring as google maps is better than the Toyota maps. Spend the money and update the app.
  • Would give this less than one if I could 1/5

    By pmtquilts
    All I can really do is mirror what had already been said. Horrible archaic and way behind. Go on apple website and see how many other cars use CarPlay. Fix this problem and help make your sophisticated car work!
  • Utterly useless. 1/5

    By Bobxusa
    I love my RAV4 but ToyotaEntune stinks. The navigation and entertainment apps are stupid, slow and limited in functionality. Why didn’t Toyota just go with apple and google car mirroring/apps? Toyota makes great vehicles but are horrible in the infotainment systems business. Please make my humble 2015 RAV4 “Car Play” compatible.
  • Awful 1/5

    By anj24$
    I expect much more from a company like Toyota. Really terrible.
  • Well it’s just a waste of space.. 1/5

    By Chi008
    I don't think I could use this app for anything. It was on my phone for 2 years and only opens up when it's connected to my car and does nothing. Not useful at all. Rather spend some money to integrate your navigation system with Google maps. Your in-house navigation system is not useful.
  • Horrible App 1/5

    By Vince_Barron
    Love my Tundra so I can’t believe this app is so terrible. Never automatically connects, have to login every single time I boot up which makes no sense and is pretty much a useless app when booted up and logged in. C’mon Toyota, you’re better than this.
  • So frustrated! 1/5

    By 18 Tacoma TRD Sport
    I’ve only had my 2018 Tacoma for 4 months and I’m already looking at other head units to replace what’s there now. I have adjusted to not having Pandora thru Entune, I use the Bluetooth connection and play it that way. But now I have issues with that! I’ve had to restart my iPhone X TWICE to get it to connect to the head unit. Not safe while driving. It reconnects and works fine. I get out of the truck and get back in to head home and expect to continue to listen to Pandora. Nothing...except thru the speaker on the phone. Needless to say I’ve been to my dealer, asked for solutions. Their solution to me is I should get a third party head unit...that’s the cheapest fix. Or I could continue to hold out for Toyota to get their act together and get them to allow CarPlay to work with the current head unit. Why did I pay extra for the navigation and touch screen to have it be such a hassle? Why do I have to struggle and find the right combination of logging in/out of Entune and restarting my iPhone just to get it to play music???? Tried iHeart radio. I can only get recently listened to stations. I can’t get anything else (except local stations). What’s the point? If I wanted local stations I would use the radio. Don’t get me started on navigation. It sent me on quite a trek...when it should have been very straightforward. And if I try to use Waze, I can’t listen to iHeart radio because I need audio set to Bluetooth to hear navigation. Ugh. Toyota...I hope you are reading this. I love my Tacoma (it replaced a 2009 I was very happy with). I’m not happy with this outdated app that causes quiet rides to work and home. I want Apple CarPlay. Let’s stop this frustrating interface and get to something I can use with ease.
  • Jan 8, 2019 1/5

    By Fosforin
    Useless app, money wasted. It seems like this app will only work on a flip phone from 2009
  • Useless 1/5

    By Pingless
    Uninstall. Cars are great but toyota apps ara crap!
  • Annoying 1/5

    By Matthew Blakley
    This app has always been bad, but the latest version takes this too a level I couldn’t have imagined. I get a pop up message on my car dashboard now every time I start the car that MUST be acknowledged. Even uninstalling won’t get rid of it.
  • Need fingerprint sign on 2/5

    By Porsche 911 Carrera
    Have to sign in every time I get in the car. Very poor compared to other vehicles I own or have owned!
  • Crap app 1/5

    By zob the great
    Keeps forgetting the user name and password but expects to be used every time you start the car. How Toyota keep expecting someone to enter a user name and password while you are driving is beyond me. It’s especially annoying when you go to that cars navigation to get a nag screen saying that because you haven’t entered this info your apps won’t update. Have spoken with both Toyota and my dealer with no success Great cars. Crap support and a crap app
  • Never buy a Toyota. 1/5

    By Mister apple mac
    Update 2: Fixed the problem.....Bought a Sony head unit with Carplay and deleted this app. Update: I have been working with Toyota national. They have been awful to deal with. Offer no solution. Just blame user or Apple. Finally a guy that works in the parts department told me they were trained to downplay the issues with Entune. They are 1/2 a software issue and 1/2 hardware so down expect it to ever get fixed. Entune is coded on an very outdated Blackberry software. Toyota told me they will never offer CarPlay for older cars and told me I should seek help from 3rd party, they could not help me anymore. Feel really taken advantage of. I mean they train workers to pretend this system does not have 1000 issues. Why kind of company does that? Totally ruined this car for me. Never buy Toyota again.
  • Disgusted with Toyota 1/5

    By Personwhoactuallyreads
    Every time I see an update for this app I get hopeful that it’s finally able to do something, anything useful. No. It’s is dreadful. Toyota is worse than Suburu when it comes to phone connectivity, and that’s saying something. The map function can’t be updated and was obsolete the day I bought my Prius several years ago. I connect my phone through Bluetooth, but then somehow music plays when I don’t want it to. It’s pathetic really. I won’t ever buy another Toyota. There’s nothing they can do now to win me back.
  • Text messages stopped transferring 3/5

    By Allinder1
    I have no problem with the ap and the in car system on my 2018 4 Runner limited except that after the iPhone 6s update to ios12 the texts wouldn’t display on the car screen and text notifications stopped. I called Toyota in August to report the problem. They said they are aware and working on a fix. It’s now January with no fix.
  • Crap 1/5

    By Jbfiacco
    Just display my iPhone. Can you do that?
  • Bring back Pandora 1/5

    By jahxudj
    The pandora app was really useful bring it back to the app
  • Entune 1/5

    By sienna owner
    Very disappointing and hard to use. Then Pandora is discontinued. Adds “insult to injury”.
  • Unbelievably bad 1/5

    By Scott in Oklahoma
    Terrible app. I can’t use most of the service it’s supposed to provide on my 2016 4Runner. There is no help to find. No one responds to messages.
  • The most junk/outdated tech ever 1/5

    By DanStelle
    Why is it that we are forced to go to the dealer to software upgrades when we pay $40,000 for a vehicle. Give us third party support or give us CarPlay (2016 Tacoma owner with JBL audio setup)
  • Worst attempt ever 1/5

    By 2WheelerJunkie
    Am I the only one who is scratching their head and wondering what purpose this app actually has? It is horribly non-user friendly, doesn’t retain credentials to sign-in, functionality is cumbersome, does not add any value in any way! Horrible!! One would think that Toyota would keep up with technology like Subaru, Kia, and even GMC. WTH?? Makes me want to trade and go to another brand!!
  • Pointless 1/5

    By Jruhym
    Does nothing my phone cannot do on its own. Newest version removes the only apps I used. Doesn’t matter; the native phone versions work better anyway. Why not merely have the voice command button fire up Siri, then this app would be useful.
  • Entwine loss of features 2/5

    By Kcsb00
    I think like others that this is not the best app. And since buying my car new, I’ve lived with it and utilize it. However what really infuriated me is now I’m loosing various functionalities! Pandora is no longer supported, and it no longer reads my text messages (my favorite function)!!! Thanks ToyotaEntune for updating an app with LESS functions! SMH!
  • The worst 1/5

    By Hijt
    I don’t even understand what this does?? App suite???? Hahahha what a joke. No usefull apps, why bother with this garbage. Just make it plain old Bluetooth if you are going to put out such a worthless product. When I spend $48,000 on a truck and pay extra for the “high end” sound system I expect at least a usable and up to date system. This is beyond unacceptable. The fact that I need to go out and buy an aftermarket head unit for my brand new truck is insane. I wish I could buy it and charge Toyota back.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Gobucks999
    The app is useless.
  • The worst...seriously. 1/5

    By ranxfromindy
    This entune system is such junk that it will prevent me from purchasing another Toyota until it’s replaced. The GPS is outdated, both in form and function, the available app suite is pretty much useless, it’s Bluetooth is unreliable and it loses login information every few days. The knob at Toyota who approved of its implementation should be fired...seriously.
  • Disappointing. 1/5

    By Dubie03
    Toyota should be horribly ashamed. They put this into their 2019 Tacomas instead of the apple car play and it seems they have given up on it. They let pandora and yelp leave. There seems no interest in bringing in other 3rd party apps. They will likely concentrate on their apple car play and the rest of us who bought a new car with Entune can go to hell.
  • Garbage app 1/5

    By Jjcrjrjcjd
    Constantly need to reinput username and password and now no Pandora support. Useless
  • This app is absolute fail 1/5

    By Z 4RL Owner
    I spent over 40k and hoped you could have done better. Your app is completely and utterly useless. It even says my vin is invalid. Your company should be ashamed. Wake up! Extreme failure! Everyone on the Entune part of things should be fired! Not America worthy!!!!!!
  • What’s this app supposed to do? 1/5

    By hoshuaj
    I have no idea what purpose this app serves, other than to collect user data.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By skybellishell
    Looked forward to the update and “Bluetooth” feature but all the update accomplished was deactivating pandora and some other apps. Works decently with USB connection but will not connect via Bluetooth (phone and music will). Might be grounds for selling my Toyota!
  • Toyota isn’t listening? 1/5

    By Gregmaso
    Toyota produce amazing vehicles but they remain far behind in the operator media interface. For vehicle tech they are a 4-star. For media they are just above Amish level. Come on! Don’t create a $25,000 (min) vehicle and put in a crap digital system. Give people an easy way to update the craptacular piece of crap as well.
  • Not very good 1/5

    By JLyerly16
    I just purchased a 2019 Tundra, the app DOES NOT recognize my VIN. This is the worst app I’ve ever installed.
  • Very Disappointed 1/5

    By 4runner18
    Toyota makes a great car and love my 2018 4Runner but zero part of that decision was the infotainment center or apps. The app is poor at best and bring nothing to the experience. They are cancelling app that were included and not adding anything. A very poor attempt. Delete the whole thing and add Car Play and you would be moving in the right direction.
  • Erratic, not dependable 1/5

    By Jojo_12345678973820273
    I have had Entune installed on my Tacoma for over a year. At first it was good. I was able to see text messages on the display, and accessed Pandora directly from the touch screen display. Then every week or so, Pandora just would not work. The erratic connectivity with Pandora continued for a year until Toyota just removed the app entirely from the truck. I guess they solved the problem one way. So, it then cancelled my Pandora subscription and subscribed to Slacker which is supposedly supported by Toyota. Only a few weeks later, and I get “not available” errors... no music. I installed and uninstalled the device several times.. it sees the phone (can interact with phone list and Siri) but the music app just stops working. I live in an area with very limited FM coverage, so the lack of access to the Entune is noticeable. During my last service visit at the dealership, I asked them about the Messages App and the Slacker app... and they said that they do not work on those and again suggested deleting and re-pairing the phone again. (Did. Not. Help) It is a shame that a such a good system just does not work reliably. That is the main reason for the 1 star review. When it works, it is great, but not working is a serious drawback. Another issue is that you have to toggle through disclaimers EVERY TIME YOU START THE TRUCK to acknowledge that you will drive safely and you have to pay for the data you use. Really? Is that so necessary that you can’t just listen to music without absolving Toyota of liability on EVERY drive?
  • Seriously ToyotaEntune?! 1/5

    By smith-neo
    This app and system is and always has been a disappointment, and bad mark against Toyota’s reputation. They should just upgrade us to Apple CarPlay or android equivalent and be done with it. This would restore Toyota’s reputation. After all, we each paid ridiculous money to them for our “upgrade” audio systems when we bought our cars.
  • Requires log in every other time 1/5

    By Miles2BK
    While in a rush to go, this app should automatically know your phone. Instead, you find out you need to log in while on the road making it useless. Just stick to Bluetooth.

Toyota Entune app comments

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