Toyota Integrated Dashcam

Toyota Integrated Dashcam

  • Category: Utilities
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 1.0.25
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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Toyota Integrated Dashcam App

The Toyota Integrated Dashcam App allows you to connect to your Toyota Integrated Dashcam to manage your device settings and download your video content. Wireless Video File Download Settings Management Software Updates 
Wireless Video File Transfer Easily download your video files from any of the folders on your Toyota Integrated Dashcam to your smart phone using Wi-Fi. Once saved to your phone, you can easily transfer or share your files. It is important to download and save a copy of any important footage as soon as it is safe to do so to prevent it being overwritten. Protected Files may still be overwritten by newer protected files if the memory card is full. Note: Your video is only transferred from your camera directly to your phone and is not stored or backed up on the cloud by this service. Detailed Owner’s Manual Use the app to view the detailed owner’s manual for detailed help with the features of your Toyota Integrated Dashcam. Note: Review the in-app Owner’s Manual for all features and functions. Settings Management Use the app to easily change settings such as G-force sensitivity, video resolution and frame rate, storage allocation, date and time settings, video information stamp settings, GPS history settings, default microphone behaviors, footage overwrite settings and more. Software update
With Over The Air Software updates you do not have to worry about missing the latest updates, the App will notify you when it is time to update to the latest software and assist you with the process.

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Toyota Integrated Dashcam app reviews

  • Very frustrating! 2/5

    By Zombie Thumper
    Excited that my new truck had the dash cam installed but getting it to work correctly has been beyond frustrating. It competes with the Apple CarPlay and disconnect in less than a minute. I can see that it’s been recording every since it got to the dealership but trying to load a video is impossible! Come on Toyota! Put some effort into making this a great add on feature. Grrr!
  • Needs a lot of work 2/5

    By CellPhoneYoda
    I will update this review as soon as Toyota updates this app. It is terrible. I can watch short clips and then the WiFi disconnects. Not sure but I believe it’s competing with the wireless Apple Car Play. It does help to cut off mobile data but it doesn’t stay connected to WiFi long enough to download a whole clip. You know when it is connected because you here the single beep and then you have to quickly go to look at the clip before the WiFi disconnects. Toyota is supposed to be quality. Please fix this…
  • Simply does not work/connect 1/5

    By B.Welli
    Everything about this app is useless. Does not connect or even stay connect if it magically connects via WiFi. More annoying than anything. I dont know if it’s the app or the dash cam itself.
  • Frustrated 1/5

    By hybrid Sienna
    I agree with all the comments indicating it is very user unfriendly. Very difficult to get it to synch. Totally agree with the comment that it should be Bluetooth not Wi-Fi. So far a waste of money. Step up Toyota. In a 2022 Sienna. Had to have the dealership instal it as my region was blocked from factory ordering. Probably because it doesn’t work!
  • Terrible 1/5

    By 2022/Tundra
    I can’t tell if it’s the app or the camera but either way it’s Toyotas fault. Fix it.
  • Not happy 1/5

    By spitty 2
    Spent a good amount of money to have this DashCam installed only for the app to be worthless. The app won’t save any of my setting preferences even though I’ve tried multiple times to set them. Even tried deleting the app and reinstalling. Toyota company says I have to contact my dealership to get help with the issue. The dealership where I purchased my vehicle is almost 2 hours away from me. As soon as I turn my vehicle off, all of my files get erased. I’ve had my bumper clipped by a crazy driver and it didn’t even save a recording for me, even when I hit the record button shortly after. Also got hit in a parking lot today, came out to find white paint on my car and, again, no recording of the incident. What a waste of money and horrible app!
  • System is ok but not spectacular 3/5

    By Luft Zeit
    I read another review- in order to get live view on your iPhone, you must turn off cell phone data- because the system is set up as a low power device your phone wants to use cell data rather than the DashCam Wi-Fi. I increased my review from 1 star to 3.
  • Toyota Dashcam is not up Toyota standards. 2/5

    By JimboZ3
    I must agree with the other reviewers. The app is very weak. I would have expected Toyota to do a much better job than this with the Dashcam App. They must have used subpar programmers to write the code. Being this is such an important accessory in today’s highways today, too many compromised drivers out there, just look at all the Cops that get killed by a drunk driver! If you don’t have a video of the wreck, it becomes a she said, he said dilemma for the jury. This certainly does have possibilities, but not currently. I ordered it with my 2022 Toyota Sienna because I wanted a Dashcam that would look good and be integrated into the inside of the van with no hanging cords, etc. Hopefully Toyota will get this right sooner, rather than later!!! If not maybe I can use the installation and wiring to install a Dashcam that actually works. I must say, the $35 China Dashcam I purchased several years ago on eBay works so much better than this Toyota version.
  • Wont connect? 5/5

    By redhead allie
    WILL YOUR PHONE NOT CONNECT? Pair via WiFi and turn off your mobile data. It will connect to get you started. Remember your phone uses the strongest internet connection. So it will connect to WiFi but because it’s low data, your phone will automatically move back to the mobile internet.
  • Some flaws here and there 2/5

    By Rome206
    My live feed won’t connect. Yes, I’m connected to the cam with my phone via wifi. I’m able to browse the clips and use other functions but download speeds are very slow. Once connected to the camera’s wifi, there is an indication that the wifi has a “low wifi connection”. I don’t see anything about having the option to select a wifi from the camera if I had any.
  • Dashcam 1/5

    By borriq
    Horrible don’t waste you money. Get a known manufacturer, Toyota Dashcam trash. Works via Wifi connection is horrific why not use Bluetooth. The app is outdated … worst Dash-cam/ software I’ve ever seen
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