Toyota Owners

Toyota Owners

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  • Current Version: 6.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Toyota Owners App

Take your Toyota ownership to the next level. Whether you’re a new or current owner, the Toyota Owners app will help you get the most out of your vehicle. The new Toyota Owners app is filled with vehicle-specific information and provides resources to answer most of your vehicle questions. Stay connected with product features and tips to help you understand everything about your Toyota. With videos and explanations, this app is designed to help you maximize your Toyota ownership experience. The Toyota Owners app also provides easy access to model-specific information on your smartphone any time you want and syncs automatically whether you access Toyota Owners from your desktop or smartphone. Key features of the app include: - Locate dealer service offers - View and keep track of service history records - Store photos of your registration and insurance documents - Submit roadside assistance requests - Search Owner’s Manuals, warranty information and scheduled-maintenance guides - Understand what your dashboard is telling you – see indicators associated with your vehicle Now you can become an expert on the Toyota you drive and enjoy it even more. Let’s Go Places.


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Toyota Owners app reviews

  • App glitchy or not working 1/5

    By Idkwhat1451
    App is horrible it glitches a lot and certain icon close the whole App like when I try to open Eco Mode or Sport it closes down the app. App is horrible and needs attention.
  • app needs update 3/5

    By xes1
    add passcode/Touch ID option
  • Where did my data go? 1/5

    By lots of questions
    My 2nd Toyota vanished. Will it come back? Will the data and service records that I manually entered come back? What do I do with the service record I was going to enter this morning? Why is it asking for the make and model of my 1st Toyota again? I previously entered it and it still has the VIN number. Why am I using this app????
  • Overall experience 2/5

    By george0225
    This was a great app I used to use it until o got rid of my camery then I bought a tundra and I re downloaded the app but I cannot even sign in it’s super buggy and really needs an overhaul. Just like the entune app there are many issues that seem to not be getting fixed. I love Toyota but I cannot seem to find a good working app that I could use to interact with my vehicles.
  • Broken 1/5

    By josh1832000
    App dose not let me slect vehicle info to look up recalls.
  • Messaging doesn’t work 2/5

    By BHeasley
    Since iOS 11 my highlander 2017 will not alert on text messaging. Very frustrating how it takes Toyota so long to update vehicle and App software to keep pace.
  • Update prevents me from selecting my vehicle... 1/5

    By MisterFox
    This update prevents me from even picking my vehicle. Toyota is a premium priced product, but can’t hire programmers who can program?
  • What does it even do? 1/5

    By atebit
    It tells me Own the vehicle. I already know that...
  • HORRIBLE 1/5

    By eastboundanddown
    I am so frustrated with this app! I am constantly having to re-enter my vehicle info, frustrating. Entune is even worse!! I am literally getting rid of my Toyota because of this, for real! I need a connected car, not another horrible thing to waste time in my day.
  • Worthless 1/5

    By Jordon MR
    When I go to open the vehicle icons and I try to put the model and year and it just goes away (You have to hold it!). Simply I did not have any of the buttons I wanted.
  • Toyota is awesome, the app not so much 2/5

    By Jackb1000
    Let me start by saying that Toyota is awesome! I’ve owned 3 of them and you can’t beat them! The app constantly kicks me out & I’m always having to sign in. It’s always kicking my Tacoma info out, Ive had to put my VIN in so many times I’ve about got it memorized. The app is almost useless. Come on toyota, you gotta invest some money into this app to make it worth while!
  • Was useful but not now 1/5

    By TPnw63
    Ever since last update, app does not work.
  • Pretty useless 1/5

    By Tremolux66
    YET ANOTHER UPDATE (2017/12/11): Looks like the problem was getting my account reactivated. When I told it NOT to continue in the mobile app, it completed successfully. Then I was presented with a page that was very different from the app (much better) and I was able to change the service dealer. Nice. But when I reopened the app, it was the same old stuff, EXCEPT that I was able to sign in and see my vehicle. App is still pretty crappy, though. UPDATE (2017/12/11): Toyota sent me an e-mail asking to reactivate my credentials, which I did. When I opened the app, it kept asking me to sign in and add a vehicle over and over. At some points it seemed to know who I was and what my vehicle is, but when I tried to set the preferred service dealer, it got an error and I was back to square one. I would give this app -1 stars if I could. PREVIOUS REVIEW: Tried using the app for the first time in a long while. I wasn't asked to login, although IIRC that never worked (I don't think I could ever get into the Toyota support website either). It found a nearby dealer without difficulty, and the icon explanations were semi-helpful, although the instructions for the low tire-pressure indicator don't match what's in the printed manual for my 2015 Highlander. I went to check it against the owner's manual in the app, found the appropriate section, and tapped to go there. Nothing happened so I held my finger down and got a pop-up offering several choices and selected Open. Again nothing happened. So all I was left with was the prospect of (literally) thumbing through the document, which is over 700 pages long. I happened to know that the tire info is somewhere in the 400s or 500s, but I could die of old age before I got there. Glad my printed manuals are intact.
  • This app is truly pathetic 1/5

    By KenB643
    And Toyota apparently does not care it makes them look like total incompetents. The latest update seems to fix the dates of the service records. But just try enter the car's current mileage typing it in and it does crazy things like accept only the first four numbers and then goes off somewhere using the next number. You can enter numbers into each individual cell but the next time you tap the miles icon it wipes out some of those numbers. I have not tested a lot of functions because of how bad the ones I have tried are. Thankfully, the car is pretty good.
  • Trash app 1/5

    By RobertValenzuela
    This app won’t accept my email address that I used in the past and it keeps asking to reactivate my account. The there is an error when sending my email and I have to check later which is now a month later. When trying to contact via email Toyota to activate my account, its web page does not even work.
  • Neat ...if it can do what it’s supposed to do 2/5

    By Byrd Nick
    I love what the app is *supposed* to do, e.g., keep service history of my car. For examples, the app seems to be confused by the service history data. It shows that *all* of my 20+ service visits occurred on, get this, 12/31/1969. That’s obviously false (for lots of reasons). This data is handled properly on So the problem is with the app. I look forward to a fix to these kind of problems (and to updating this review accordingly).
  • Worthless App 1/5

    By GPS Tracking Really?
    Text boxes are overlaid by chat and text boxes and if you try to back up forget it! Have to keep starting over trying to schedule service!! So frustrating and useless so deleting this worthless app and picking up the phone
  • Wrong dates, useless app 1/5

    By Barcard
    The app claims we purchased our 2016 vehicle and installed running boards on 12/31/1969! Will no longer enter dealer serviced items, I have to do that manually. I have the actual dates on paper and so far the dealer also has them in their records, so I don’t really need to keep them on this faulty and useless app.
  • previous functionality full of errors 1/5

    By phatjasonle
    1) this latest software update removed all my previously entered records in the My Glovebox. Please bring them back. 2) additionally, earlier service records completed at my local Toyota dealership have bad erroneous dates, i.e. 12/31/1969. Please fix ASAP.
  • Cmon toyota 1/5

    By E4604
    Terrible all around, not even worth me getting into it
  • Service Records 1/5

    By moe1944
    With the latest app update all my service records now show a 12/31/1969 service date. I’m disappointed with what appears to be a lack of attention to detail. Do your auto service centers have the same lack of attention?
  • Very handy 5/5

    By Matteos72
    I love this app. It gives me access to my truck’s manual, as well as all the service records for all my visits, at any of the dealerships visited during my ownership of the car. It also lists any recalls issued for my vehicle, location of all dealership based on my current location, summary of any dash lights pertaining to my registered vehicle, in addition to few additional features. This app makes sense to new car owners, as well as used Toyota car owners who frequent the dealership service department, or just want to have access to their manual, list of recalls, dealership locations etc.
  • Never worked 1/5

    By Kas_Ser
    Every time I try to enter my vehicle info, it crashes! Completely unusable.
  • Doesn’t work in iPhone X 1/5

    By TheGambler84
    Can’t select my vehicle.
  • Pretty useless so far 1/5

    By Blue Quill
    I got this app shortly after buying a new Prius. Thank God the car works better than the app. I tried to use the app to download the manual for the Prius to my iPhone (the app menu says you can do that). Of course the first step is to tell the app what model and model year you have. The app let me spin the dial to “Prius”, but then steadfastly refuses to accept that info from its own model-picker. Never got beyond that. They make great cars, but apps?...forget it.
  • Mileage Updater Doesn’t Work 1/5

    By ramundo86
    I keep trying to update the mileage, but it doesn’t save although it says it does. The app needs a lot of improvement.
  • Can’t login 1/5

    By Fguev
    Resetting my password does’t help. And it’s not only the app, same happens on the website.
  • Hope.. 1/5

    By ***Ïñ²ÑФ***
    I really hope that whoever is programming this junk of an app. Is not doing the programming of the computers in the cars and trucks.
  • Piece of crap 1/5

    By califbill
    After logging in and entering my vin number it keeps saying its server is down. When I try to enter my car, a Camry, as soon as I hit ‘done’ it wipes the choice out and goes back to the original menu. I have an iphone 8+ but it should work with current phones. Toyota should hire a 10 year old to do their app design- I’m sure he would do a better job than the morons they have.
  • Unimaginable! 1/5

    By David Colin22
    Keyword is 'Help' bottom line! You won't get it from this App. They make it impossible to reset your password that expires when they update the App and the reason for this review is that when you are lucky enough to find s link to call customer care,.. that fails too! The worst!
  • For a company that makes good cars they make terrible apps 1/5

    By Logos Fan
    By far one of the worst apps in the app store. The app forces you to login periodically. The and credentials that work on their website will not work on the app. And somehow if you are able to stay logged in there really is nothing much in the app to want you to spend time there. I don't think Toyota cares either.
  • Fix the login glitch, please. 1/5

    By Gypsywolf
    I had zero problems with this app, until I updated it. Could log on at ALL, resetting didn't help... So I hit "contact us", and got some customer support representative that said could not help me. I read somewhere it's a glitch, so please fix it.
  • why bother 1/5

    By GloriaCue
    App logged me out at some point, could no longer log in so had to start from scratch. I'd manually entered full service history for easy access (it only pulls info if you use a Toyota service center), now that's all gone. No point adding it again, as app will no doubt lose it again. Why bother. Grrrrrr....
  • Unpredictable 1/5

    By Allison the cat
    The ability to log-in is iffy and unpredictable.
  • Developer of this app should be fired immediately! 1/5

    By Mmindiq
    How can you submit a app that doesn't work?
  • Acct Registration Failed Preventing future Use of Email Address 1/5

    By Bnorth799
    Called Toyota and they promised to reset based on a glitch in their system. Never happened. Now email address associated with app is locked out. Says address being used but wont allow resetting password. I'm not the first with this glitch. Wanted to track service history on two recent car purchases. Not possible, now. Hope cars perform better than this miserable app and lousy customer service. Really, how hard is it to get a functioning website/app up and running. Switched over from Honda/Acuras. If Toyota app is any indication, did I make the right decision?
  • App Issues 1/5

    By Jaydawg0025
    App continually logs out and when you input username and password it gives you an error. Very disappointed
  • Great for Owners 5/5

    By jpofpc
    Ok, let me start by saying this app is not fancy, it's functional. Sure it could be a little more user friendly, but all the info is accessible and I love that I can pull up all the information on the buttons and lights without having to pull a book out. It also maintains all the service info and actually pulls all the info for your vehicle in by vin. Even contains an option to upload pics of all documents in your glovebox. Love this app and will continue to use it.
  • Basic functions don't work 1/5

    By Scrummer
    Can't find a nearby dealer without a timeout. Can't view service history. The app is basically worthless.
  • No longer works 1/5

    By Cardude906
    All my maintenance history and recall work was on there. Now gone. Worse than worthless. It's deplorable.
  • Forced Upgrade Is Garbage 1/5

    By Roger805
    My app used to work before I was "forced" to Upgrade to the latest version. After upgrade on my iPhones (5 and 6s Plus) the app crashes every single time I try to open it, making the app completely worthless. My iPhone 5 uses iOS 8.3 and my iPhone 6s uses iOS 10.3.2 I thought Toyota was better than this !!!
  • Better, But My Service History is All Out of Order 1/5

    By ToyFan18
    Updated July 2, 2017: after a month of trying, I finally got in only to find all of my self-entered data is gone. Thanks for nothing. What was once a user friendly, reliable app is no longer good for anything really. If I have to maintain my service records in another place anyway, why bother with this? App Deleted. I will say the new design (downloaded April 28, 2016) looks a little better, flows a little better, and my service notes seem to be back. Overall it is an improvement. However, my service history is still out of order. It appears they go by the month and ignore the year. For example, Jan 2016 comes before February 2015, then March 2016, March 2015, then on to April. They aren't out of order on the website, so at least there is that.
  • Does not work! 1/5

    By 'Ol Feller
    For at least a month I have not been able to login to the app. I've even gone to the Toyota website to try and create a new login information and it still will not work with the updated log in. It won't even work on the Toyota website anymore. This app used to be hopeful when it did work, but it's worthless now.
  • Deplorable garbage! 1/5

    By Oh hey, It’s Matt!
    The app won't keep you logged in, Rejects login credentials, And doesn't recognize your VIN. There should be an unemployed "app developer"
  • Outdated and horrible 2/5

    By mindctrl
    Toyota should be ashamed of this app. It's still using very outdated interfaces. The login functionality barely works, which is annoying because virtually every time you load the app you have to log in again. And again the login barely works and you'll probably have to try numerous times. Just overall not a good app for a multibillion company. They need to hire someone else to build this app and make it top notch like their vehicles are.
  • Useful when it works, account lost 3/5

    By superSteveT
    I like that this app can track your car's maintenance but I recently tried to log into my account and the app said I didn't have an account. Had to create a brand new account and I feel like this issue will happen again.
  • Cannot login 1/5

    By KWH2009
    I have an Entune account and the app will not let use my email because it is already in use but won't let me login with the entune password.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Chaddddddddwick
    Everything I need to know on my 2003 Tacoma
  • Login flaw fixed 5/5

    By MC1391
    The continuous error with not being able to login even after changing password seems to have been fixed. App works as expected.
  • Does not let me login 1/5

    By Monorail Red
    Tried to reset password numerous times Doesnot work. Called tech support said their upgrading their system. Whatever that means.

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