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Toyota App

The Toyota app currently only supports select 2010 or newer vehicles that are connected services capable (e.g. with Remote connect, Safety Connect, Service Connect). Sign up, activate, or manage your connected services with this app. Get real-time vehicle health information, enjoy remote services, and more! • Remotely start/stop your engine, lock/unlock your doors • Find your parked vehicle • Customize alerts for guest drivers and get instant notifications when they exceed your settings • Check vehicle maintenance alerts and health reports to keep your Toyota in top condition • View your driving performance and recent trips (1) Available features vary by vehicle and subscription type. (2) Remote services: Be aware of vehicle surroundings. Operate when legal and safe (e.g., do not start engine in enclosed space or if occupied by a child). See Owner’s Manual for limitations.

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Toyota app reviews

  • Hey Toyota, you should call OnStar for advice. 1/5

    By Bubba Clark
    The Toyota call center rep says I should be patient because this is new technology. Yet OnStar has been around for years. Millennials...please issue a fix. I’m tired of disconnecting my battery to reset the system.
  • Junk 1/5

    By HarleyDavid'sSon
    Does not work.
  • App Bad and needs improvement 2/5

    By Jacquin84
    I have a 2020 Camry XSE and I was able to remote start & unlock the car but it stopped working. It just keeps saying connecting. I tried disconnecting the battery but it doesn’t help. This app was working fine before the last update.
  • App Doesn’t Work 1/5

    By The Rock Yeah
    The app stops working every few days. Only the mileage and gas updates. I tried deleting and re-downloading the app multiple times.
  • Never Works 2/5

    By Melissa765
    I’ve only had my Rav 4 for a week and a half and it’s not worked more than it’s worked. It won’t stay connected. I can hardly ever start my car with it. I’m glad it’s free right now. No way I would pay for this. Would be a great thing if it actually worked.
  • Constantly Logged Out and App Needs App Shortcuts 1/5

    By mjriley
    The Toyota app constantly logs users out which makes the Apple Watch app worthless as it always says, “login on the phone to use the app”. I see no reason to have to login almost every time I want to use the app. And without FaceID being used, you have to remember your username and password every time you open the app as you have to login. It’s really sad that Toyota makes this so complicated for their users. Get with it Toyota. It would also be great to long press on the app icon to bring up shortcuts to start, unlock, and lock your vehicle.
  • Very disappointed 1/5

    By VenusJG
    This app never works. I have disconnected the battery like some have said. The second the app has an update it stops working. I’m not going to keep disconnecting my battery every week.
  • Worked for a couple months. 1/5

    By Anthem85
    The car doors don’t unlock or lock. The engine won’t start. It’s failed when I really needed it. Why put our tech that is this bad.
  • Nice looking, but... 2/5

    By Tjohns1738
    Much better looking that the “Toyota Connect” app. The layout is great and looks great on Apple Watch too. But the biggest downsize is the constant sign outs. I have the “rememberer me” box check and it does not remember my info at all. I also cannot edit the any information in this app either. Toyota, please make it simple and make this the centralized app. I am tired of having 3 apps on my phone (Entune, Owners, and this one) I have not had the connectivity issues as others, it has worked since I’ve installed it (and signed in lol). 2019 Toyota Corolla Hatchback.
  • Worthless App 1/5

    By Jaco2010
    The remote start doesn’t work. I’ve reinstalled the app, turned the wi-fi on and off, stood beside the truck and it still won’t start. Don’t buy i to the fact Toyota offers a factory remote start via this app. It’s trash.
  • Like a lot of others it no longer works on phone but... 2/5

    By kinda funny mostly ugly
    I have the same issue like others. It worked for a while but now the app on my phone keeps saying Unable To Activate Remote. It does say the miles and fuel level. But what I have also found is that I can start my truck from my watch app with no issues and i get notifications on my phone. Still it’s annoying that the app on my phone doesn’t work like it did before. Hopefully they fix sooner and not later.
  • Only worked a few times 1/5

    By JCap6255
    2020 Rav 4 hybrid. It worked the first week or two, then it stopped. It kept showing of data and couldn’t lock, start.... Called the dealer, they wanted me to bring the car in. Nothing wrong with the car. It is a server issue. My car talks to the internet just fine, so does the app. Toyota’s servers can’t talk to the car. At a minimum let the dealers know your service is down. My app/car features have started and stopped working in their own, sporadically. Up about 5% of the time, making the service useless, when I want it most.
  • Seriously toyota? 1/5

    By Col OD
    I should’ve read these reviews before I switched from Hyundai to toyota. Since 2014 my remote start on my Hyundai was flawless. I pay 15k more for the 2020 RAV4 hybrid and the app is useless? Also, terrible communication on their part for these issues. No information posted on the website. Without a fix soon this will be my first and last toyota...
  • Worked for a few weeks 2/5

    By ColdinCle
    I have a 2020 RAV4 hybrid XSE and used the app for about a week and it stopped connecting to my vehicle completely. It has not updated my vehicle information since Jan 6th. I would love to start my car in this cold weather via the app instead of running out to use the key fob. Hoping this fix is soon or at lease a credit to use for longer on the account.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Les #8+
    Will not start, unlock or lock doors
  • Great!!! 5/5

    By brinkleyboy
    I love this app!!! The remote start is great and my driving record is no one fault but my own every time I look I hold my breath lol
  • Good app, missing features 4/5

    By Wipplebai
    Like all the functionality this app offers. Having said this, I have two concerns. 1. I got into a 2020 Highlander and after connecting my services and logging into the app, there’s no image of the vehicle? I just updated the app and figured this vehicle has been out for almost a month, surely they must have added an image... not so! Come on Toyota!!! 2. I used the Remote Connect app prior to this one and I could set it to my smart watch face. Now with this app that functionality is gone. I mis it.
  • This doesn’t work!! 1/5

    By Place--k
    This app worked the first 2 months after purchasing my 2020 Tundra. I called Toyota support 5 weeks ago because the app will not lock, unlock or start my truck. They said that they would put in a ticket to fix it...5 weeks later, still doesn’t work and no follow up from Toyota. Great concept, but terrible customer service. It’s a shame because I have been a Toyota owner since 2010
  • So disappointed 1/5

    By Dunno86
    The app only worked for a month. It hasn’t updated in a month. It says my doors are unlocked and they aren’t. I even deleted the app and reinstalled it. I got a free trial when I bought my car and planned to pay for it once the trial was up..... definitely will not pay for this. Total junk.
  • Doesn’t work w/new vehicle 1/5

    By rossdm
    Got a new RAV4 and created an account on the Toyota website. The car shows up fine on my web profile, but when I try to log into this app, it prompts me to add the VIN, but says that the VIN is already claimed by another user.
  • My account is missing my vehicle 1/5

    By Prabidhi
    I am not able to see my vehicle and when I try add the vin number it says “Provided VIN already associated to an existing account”
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By mickeyinlouisville
    The app worked one week on my new rav4. Now the app will not allow me to sign in. Totally worthless. TOYOTA should be ashamed of itself for putting out an app that does not work and they refuse to fix.
  • VIN already in use 1/5

    By RAV4User
    I was loving this app for about 3 weeks until it stopped working this morning. It prompts me to sign in, then prompts me to enter my VIN, and then says that it’s already in use. I’m the first owner of this car and now it won’t let me sign in. Therefore, this app is entirely useless to me. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app countless times, yet nothing works.
  • This App is Horrible 1/5

    By Scott5527
    I’ve had this app for a week now and it has only worked properly twice the entire time. Now it will not allow me access unless I enter the VIN #. When I enter VIN #, it locks me out because has already been entered.
  • Buggy and doesn’t work well. 1/5

    By DipperP
    I set up the app, and everything read and registered properly the first time but now when ever I try to log into the account I used it doesn’t save the info, and attempting to re-register the car with the VIN simply gets a “this car is registered to another account” error which is very frustrating.
  • Used to work fine 1/5

    By SlideToUnlock
    This app used to work fine. For whatever reason, right when winter hits, the remote features stop working. Why on earth would I need to remove my battery to fix this?? Absolutely ridiculous.
  • Good for taking up phone space 1/5

    By Bobert Bigwig
    The app connects to my car for diagnostics fine, but remote services stopped after about 2 weeks and hasn’t worked since. Toyota rep suggested I reinstall my app, which didn’t work. Then I learned that after the remote services trial period, I would need to PAY for the pleasure of this non functional junk. Pass.
  • Remote app/connect not working 1/5

    By 2020WJ
    The app worked for a few days then stopped working. Doesn’t update odometer, location and none of the remote services work anymore. Have contacted Toyota with no response. The latest app update did not fix this issue.
  • Inconsistent 2/5

    By Alex Placencia
    I used this app for about 2 months when I bought my new 2020 Camry. Out of nowhere the application just wacked out. My car doesn’t turn on with the app anymore neither does it lock or unlock. It literally shows the mileage & incorrect fuel.
  • Doesn’t work on my 2020 Rav4 XSE 1/5

    By HowkMan
    Like many others, the app doesn’t work for me. When I press Start Engine or Unlock it just shows “connecting” and never executes. I registered it and can get logged in to the app with no problems. I registered my 6 digit code and it was accepted in entunes remote start. I called the SOS button folks a couple times and they were helpful with giving me a new 6 digit code to try (the first code wasn’t accepted) and giving me the Toyota Experience phone number. I called them also but waited 10 minutes and they never answered. So I give up for now. Toyota support - if you want to reach out to me for tips, I’m happy to help troubleshoot with your guidance. I’ll change my rating to a 5 if we can get this fixed!
  • Lost sound on phone calls 1/5

    By tundra 2020
    After downloading app and connecting to my 2020 tundra ...I lost sound when making calls or recieving phone calls when I wasn’t using Bluetooth in my vehicle ....I had to delete app disable Bluetooth and shut down my phone many times before sound for my phone calls returned ....during the calls issue I still had sound for text alerts and could listen to pandora etc
  • Thank you Fixed 3/5

    By grateful for the advice
    Had same problem as reviewer “Fixed”. Followed advice in review to reset. It worked. Thank you.
  • Not very reliable 2/5

    By Redhawk96
    My app stopped communicating with the car after about one month. Only the mileage and gas level would work. My app always shows an alert that the doors are unlocked, even when I lock them and update the app. It seems like maybe it was locked up. Tje lock/unlock and remote start don’t work now, which is disappointing b/c it was one of the features that separated the Camry (XSE) from the Accord and Altima. I brought it into the dealer, and they tried the fix mentioned in the earlier review of removing the battery cable for 15 min. Unfortunately, it didn’t fix the issue in my case. I’m going to try it one more time in a few days, but otherwise I guess we just hope Toyota can get it together and get rid of the bugs.
  • This app is garbage! 1/5

    By Bombtech.1
    I drive a 2020 RAV4 Limited Hybrid, everything was marketed as using the ‘Toyota Remote Connect’ App when attempting to load the VIN in the TRC app it said it was not supported and directed me to this ‘Toyota App’. The other app has much better reviews and very good user interface. This App is almost worthless, initially you could not use a smart watch with this App - this was added a week ago... finally. My tire pressure does not show, it says it is unavailable. It will start the car remotely about 80% off the time. However, as soon as I touch the car handle it shuts off - - what is the point???? The usability of the App is not intuitive at all, it requires just touching different icons to see what is available.
  • CONSTANT log ins required 1/5

    By soundneedle
    This app is so annoying as it requires you to log in almost any time you want to use it. The watch app is trash for the reason—-“use your phone to log in”. What is the f’ing point??
  • Intuitive App 5/5

    By GoelB
    This is an awesome app. Registration process was so simple and intuitive. And i was able to subscribe to lot of features and services.
  • No Apple Watch App? 2/5

    By WhatUpDLaw11
    So my 2020 Tacoma will only work with this app (not the remote connect app) and for some reason this one does not have an Apple Watch app available? Seems a bit ridiculous to have it available on an outdated app and not let me have this functionality when it was something the dealer pitched to me when buying the truck.
  • Just like everyone else 2/5

    By blumis1
    Works half the time. You’d think Toyota would have fixed it by now.
  • IPHONE 11 1/5

    By Hazel12$
    I have been having issues with the iPhone 11 while using the speaker to make wireless calls. I did it through the Apple Car play and then again through the Bluetooth. It sounds like my speakers are broke and I keep loosing connection. Took it back to the dealer and they are saying it’s the phone. Is anyone else having issues with the new IPhones in the 2020 Camrys?
  • Disappointing 2/5

    By MechE_123
    This app is buggy. I drive a 2020 RAV4 limited hybrid. This app doesn’t work with a new car. Nothing updates or connects. Spent a lot of time on calls/hold with the service number trying to get the VIN to work, odometer to update, and controls to respond. Still doesn’t work but I was told the app is still being worked on. I feel like Toyota is falling behind in the software department (e.g. app, camera GUI, infotainment system, etc). Mechanically their products are great but the software is worrisome. The app needs to be fixed before I’ll open it again. Please work on this problem. As a new buyer, this app was a big part of the car’s appeal. It’s disappointing that it does not work. I think everyone who can’t use the remote connect services should have an extension to their free trial period. Thanks!
  • Teribble App 1/5

    By Keetz807
    Toyota needs to figure this stuff out as we're in 2020 now. Can't tell representatives to sell us this functionality when it stops connecting after a couple of weeks. Reps are ridiculous, not worth driving 45 min to dealership to be told it's the App not the car. Waste of time.
  • App Review 2/5

    By DEVxEst1997
    Remote start worked at first now it does not... only good for checking if you locked your doors how many miles til you need gas or odometer readings.
  • Horrible integration 1/5

    By GamerAlex
    I can log on to owners site and see my car but the same logon in the app shows no car so I add the VIN and it says it’s already in another account - how!? Also, a shame that none of the remote capabilities are present for Prius Prime 2020 owners. Why would you handicap your most iconic car!?
  • Remote start 2/5

    By Dragon Gunner 0351
    Everything else seems to be working ok on the app. However, the main reason I got the app was for the remote start. The remote start will not work. I’ve got 2020 RAV4 Hybrid XSE.
  • Remote Start Failed 1/5

    By Lede unhappy user
    To the person to who figured out a workout to the remote start problem, big thank you for taking the time to investigate and solve the problem. It actually worked. To Toyota Remote Service, completely disappointed. I hope you figure out the bug in the system and release a patch to fix the issue without breaking something else.
  • Steals your data 1/5

    By Bob9000000
    Steals your data. Not worth it. Check the privacy policy - it's terrible.
  • Solution 3/5

    By Ange_21
    The review post on December 22 was really helpful. This app stopped working and was stuck on connecting on my new 2020 Camry XSE. Looking for online solutions were hard to find and I decided to looks at some reviews to see if it’s only a problem for me. Turns out a lot of people are having this issue, but thanks to one of the reviewers they showed us a way to reset the system. Thankfully it worked. Now let’s see how long before I’ll need to reset it again.
  • Rav4 Hybrid/app issues. 3/5

    By flkeys
    (I’d upgrade the rating if Toyota solves this setup issue) Just picked up a new XSE Magnetic gray yesterday and was unable to get the iPhone app to work except for incorrectly report the mileage and distance to empty. I found a review on the App Store that suggested disconnecting the battery for 15 minutes (then going through a simple procedure of starting the vehicle and locking doors before trying again. That specific user had a standard gas engine XSE Camry however. Being a Hybrid, I was a bit uncertain about the battery situation but after a bit of research I decided to give it a go. The 12V is located in the passenger side rear cargo area. Once you get to it (quite simple), You can remove the negative terminal by loosening 1 nut and removing the entire negative supply assembly. It looks a little daunting but that entire thing pulls off with the terminal clamp by loosening that one nut. Let it sit for 15 minutes. Reconnect. Start the vehicle inside the car with your key fob in your pocket. Shut it off. Exit the vehicle and lock doors. Get far away enough from the car so the key fob no longer detects your proximity to the car. If you don’t do this, the remote start will not engage. Try the app again. When I opened mine again the first time after doin this it appeared as if it was still broke. (location was still wrong, incorrect miles etc) Try locking or unlocking with the app. Bingo. It worked for me. Then try starting the vehicle. That works too as long as your far enough away with the fob. Good luck!
  • Won’t let me add my vehicle 1/5

    By aerial0507
    All I want to do is install this app so I can use it. Every time I input my VIN it tells me it is already associated with another account. I am the first owner of this vehicle. I have created an account with Toyota and successfully added my VIN there. This app is useless. Please fix this ASAP. I have reinstalled the app 3 times already.

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