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TrackR - Lost Item Finder

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TrackR - Lost Item Finder App

Find more and search less with the TrackR app. Our Bluetooth trackers are small and lightweight so you can attach them to anything you don’t want to lose: keys, wallets, bags, remotes….Pair them with our easy app and use your phone to find them fast. TrackR is also built into products from leading brands like Amazon, DoCoMo, Cross Pens and more. As seen in The Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, Business Insider, USA Today, Macworld, Gizmodo, SlashGear, among others. Keep finding with TrackR. With the TrackR app you can: * Ring and find your missing keys, wallet, bag or any item. * Ring and find your phone quickly—even when it’s on silent mode. * View your item’s last seen location on a map. * If you lose something, receive a confidential location alert when another TrackR app user passes near it. * Find your phone just by asking your Alexa device. * Be alerted when the battery is running low. * Keep finding with in-app ordering of free replacement batteries for all your TrackRs!*** Helpful hints: * Leave Bluetooth and Location Services enabled so your phone can communicate with your lost item and flag the area where it was last seen. * Keep the app running in the background so you can record your item’s whereabouts or ring your phone if you misplace it. * If you are beyond the Bluetooth range (up to 110 ft.), turn on Crowd Locate notifications to be alerted when someone passes nearby your item and updates your item’s location. There’s just so much you can do with TrackR! Features: * Rings your item * Just tap the app to make your missing keys ring and light up so you can find it fast. * Phone finder * Press the button on your TrackR Bluetooth tag to ring and find your lost phone. * Alexa Skill * Use TrackR’s Find My Phone Skill with any Alexa-enabled device to find your missing phone. Just say, “Alexa, ask TrackR to find my phone,” and Alexa will ring it loudly, even on silent, or tell you the address of its last known location. * View the last seen location * With the app running in the background you can view where and when you last had your stuff. And you can enable Item History to view the last four locations it was seen. * Crowd Locate * Rely on TrackR’s global network of users to help you find what’s lost. When a TrackR app user passes by your lost item, the app sees it and automatically sends you a private, secure and anonymous location update. Compatibility: * Works with the entire TrackR product suite: sticker, wallet, bravo, pixel and spot * Requires Bluetooth 4.0 * Requires iOS 9.0 or later * iPhone 4s, 5, 5c, 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, SE, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, and X. Works with iPad with Retina display and iPod touch. * Amazon Alexa-enabled devices For further questions, please contact Customer Support at [email protected] ** This app requests to use Location Services while backgrounded to provide the most accurate location of your items. *** Battery replacement is free for U.S. only. International customers pay $2.50 shipping.


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TrackR - Lost Item Finder app reviews

  • Simple functions work so far, Google Maps pls 4/5

    By jimmylawrence
    Started using it today and haven’t seen any issues. Location mapping though, is somewhat inaccurate and difficult to navigate. Can the developers allow the users to choose their preferred map apps in the next update? Thank you
  • Long way to go 2/5

    By Luis M Perea
    It’s a good idea but it has a long way to go. As many other reviews have put it it triggers too many false separation alerts at work. At home when I lose track of my keys and I use my phone to track them, it rarely works. I’ve even had moments where I’ve had my keys in my coat pocket, it can’t even detect a foot away??? If the Tile brand trackers get a replaceable battery in their trackers I’ll be switching back, unless a serious update is made.
  • Last update lost all my data 2/5

    By Fdiskit
    Now I get to re-enter/re-home all my devices. Battery issues better, but still less than 4 weeks on a charge. False alarms so frequent, especially when TrackRs and phone are less than 1’ apart (passenger seat), that the app pretty much stays unloaded.
  • False alerts 1/5

    By 002mas
    I agree with false alerts. It’s been going off all night and my keys were in my kitchen. Super annoying. Does not respond to silence either. Funny when I lost my keys once it would not work then. Don’t waste your money$$
  • Tracking is confusing and doesn’t work too well 1/5

    By jdmccallum1999
    I lost my keys and needed to use this for the first time in a real situation. I opened the app and started walking around to wait for it to find it. After 30 minutes I found my keys by myself. Then to test the app I left it open next to they keys and... NOTHING! The app didn’t show that I was near my key at all for 5 minutes. I then pressed the little button on the tracker and I instantly showed up. But that isn’t much help because when my keys are lost I can’t push that button on the keys 😂
  • Really?! 1/5

    By AshleyTherrien
    Horrible time trying to use app to make this work. Will be returning it tomorrow. Worth paying Tile money and subscription.
  • Seems like the bugs have been fixed 5/5

    By sp00kpupper
    I saw the rating and I got worried that this would not be a good product, but I was proven wrong, the tracker is super small, has replaceable batteries, and has a metal casing, overall good product, and simple, easy to use app which is very useful.
  • Waste of $$ 1/5

    By kira1029384756
    This is so worthless. The only way you can track your things is if you’re connected with Bluetooth. Absolutely worthless.
  • Unable to track 1/5

    By BTruong163
    Just bought my Ekster Wallet with Tracker card, but so far over the past week it only record the first time I paired it. No tracking information what so ever. I actually misplaced my wallet and looked forward to using the app and to my surprise it didn’t even track it one bit.
  • Great Service, but not like guaranteed gps 3/5

    By Swamplightening
    The service is great, but the product only works when the tracking device is next to your phone or someone with a trackr app turned on. Otherwise, the item is "disconnected" with its very short battery life
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By AmazonCEO
    I asked Alexa to ask TrackR to ring my device 3 times and it never rang. I wouldn’t throw money into this product

    By LouiseCL
    First of all, you have to have super hearing to hear the sound from pen. Also, the device is inconsistent. You press the pen button to find phone and....Nothing! Sometimes it works and other times it doesn’t. Also i set the sound duration to its max of 10 seconds and i’m lucky if it gives me even that. Very disappointed. Husband bought it for me as an Anniversary gift and he is heartbroken that his gift doesn’t work the way it was advertised! Please fix these problems. Its a great concept.
  • App is working well these days 5/5

    By Tony_AZ
    I have watched this product, app, and service grow and purchased numerous devices. It is working very well these days and if you have not had good luck previously, I suggest trying again!
  • Poor support 2/5

    By pinkypie867
    I can’t use this product very well Because the batteries die so incredibly often, and the app rarely loads the battery ordering page. Why have a product if it’s never powered enough to run? You have to do everything through the app, but it doesn’t work well. When we actually have a battery and need to use it, it is helpful, but only 2 out of my 6 trackrs have a working battery. One I can never use because it died before I could order one, and that’s the only way to order :(
  • Garbage 1/5

    By dbradda
    Looking for my tracker devices? Check the garbage.
  • Going back to Tile! 1/5

    By usuq808
    Even with newly changed batteries, these trackers are never connected when I need to locate something!!!! They are useless!
  • Trackr bravo 1/5

    By philshere
    I agree with that other person who said that it doesn’t work worth a darn. I have gotten two of them and both didn’t work consistently. And I just got off the phone with customer service and they didn’t help me at all. They tried to say it was my fault and wouldn’t take responsibility for it not working. I purchased it so I wouldn’t lose my keys or my phone but it doesn’t work!! And terrible customer service too!! I have found another company that makes the same kind of device and my friend has it and he said his works perfectly. So I’ll be buying that one and hopefully it’ll work better than Trackr bravo. It couldn’t be any worse that’s for sure!! Don’t waste your money on this one! Combined with very poor customer service it’s not worth your hard earned money. I have tried everything that customer service recommended and it still doesn’t work properly no matter what I have tried. All that customer service says is that they’re sorry I am having trouble with it. Very disappointed. Once again Trackr customer service says that they’re sorry I am having trouble with it and that’s it!!
  • Terrible product even worse customer service. 1/5

    By castboy1209
    I left my wallet and my keys somewhere this evening. When I logged onto my TrackR app it was as though it was brand new. All of my TrackR units that had been registered were now gone. It kept asking me to add a device, And could not find any of the devices I have added over the last year. I logged on the chat to talk to customer service representative and she told me to hold my phone near the unit so that I could add the device. I kept trying to explain to her that the device is in my wallet, the device is on my keychain and I can’t find either of those things. I told her “That’s why I have a TrackR“. We went round and round until I just got so frustrated I stop talking to her. My advice is stay away from TrackR. The battery life is like a fruit fly and the app is worthless if it clears all the devices I’ve added.

    By Lane Good
    1) The Trackr literature says iPhone can connect up to 10 devices AT A TIME. If you have more than 10 the app should allow to disconnect/reconnect in the app. It doesn’t. 2) The name you give the device with the doesn’t transfer that name to the IOS Bluetooth screen. Instead the IOS Bluetooth screen names every single Trackr device tkr, making it nearly impossible to selectively connect devices there. 3) The app has a serious issue in detecting batter levels, constantly sending out false low battery warnings. 4) The devices themselves have serious battery issues. Although Trackr will send you free battery replacements, replacing the battery rarely actually fixes the issues with that Trackr. 5) They offered me a refund if I sent the devices back to them. That would require me to find the items that the devices are attached to without a working app to find them with. I figured that would take at least several hours, so I decided to eat my loss. IF COURSE I DO NOT RECOMMEND TRACKR
  • I like that it can call my phone with a custom ring tone. 4/5

    Really like the custom ringtone feature, and the blinking light feature when in search mode. What I struggle with is physically pressing the button to find my phone (it’s difficult for me?), and keeping the app open in the background to track my every move (no bueno). So, I don’t allow it in the background, and only open the app when I need it. Some have complained about low volume. When mine was buried in a purse pocket with a microfiber cloth over it, I could not hear it. Moved it to my wallet, and I generally can hear it. If I’m really needing to find my phone, I’m going to use Apple’s find my phone if I can’t locate it with TrackR. I have definitely had group location notifications when I didn’t have it in search mode. I do have it set to Wi-Fi exclude. I tried Tile and the “chime” it emitted was so annoying that I sent them back. From reviews I saw while looking for a tracking device, they all have their challenges. This is the best of the ones Ive seen available.
  • Dead battery 1/5

    By Masacpte
    Sad that the device battery died almost right out of its package.
  • Incessantly Rings 1/5

    By Heislord5
    Rings for no reason and YES I have toggled both separation settings off for ALL devices.
  • Actual Rating 0 Stars 1/5

    By Eloise107
    If I could review without giving any stars, I would. Terrible device-bought multiple to give as gifts but now have discovered the device is worse than having nothing at all. I have found that you have to be about 2 feet away before getting any response and sometimes no response at all. I liked the idea of being able to change the battery but think I will go back to using Tile.
  • Delighted 5/5

    By Queenbee3551
    You have to learn how to use the app, I had a few false alerts at first but once I got the hang of it the value is as promised. My purse fell between my headboard and mattress, I had no clue where it was and tracker let me find it easily. I have had things stolen from me when I traveled. For now on a tracker will be attached. So for those that loose their keys, travel a lot, etc this is a very handy product.
  • Good idea, but poor execution renders it useless 1/5

    By Whompus12
    Good idea (but utter waste of $$): ----------- The form factor of the trackr bravo is very good. The fact that you can easily replace the battery is also a great idea. Like many reviewers have noted you are limited to the range of Bluetooth but that's OK. I understood that when I purchased two units. And I also understood that they werenot the loudest. That is something they need to improve. I would suggest a lower frequency sweep or a different transponder. The app is well designed and easy to use. Poor execution: ----------------- I find that The biggest drawback is that the app or the phone or the tracker itself seems to lose its sanity. The Trackr on my key ring is constantly "losing touch" and I have to re-pair it with the Bluetooth. This makes it useless if you can't rely on it to stay connected. As with many small companies good luck trying to get some support. :( Update: Trackr did contact me, but because I couldn’t find the purchase information they would not replace them. (I bought them directly from them but they had no record of it) I see from the current reviews that the current generation Trackrs are still rife with problems. How do they stay in business?
  • Not even close to expectations 1/5

    By Xmas hat gzus
    It only really works if your item is like 12inches near you, further than that you can't even locate your item
  • Buggy and doesn’t follow iOS app settings 1/5

    By tonztime
    Where to begin? Let’s start with separation alerts. If you configure safe WiFi zones the app will often report separation. To combat this it’d be nice to have screen pop up or something silent but that’s not an option. The biggest reason behind this review has come because for the last 2 nights I have been woken up at 1:48AM by the app notification sound. The first time this happened I couldn’t even figure out what was going on but recognized the alert sound. After unlocking the phone, opening the app, the only way to stop the alert was to force close the app. I then opened the app again to turn off tracking but as soon as I reopened the app it triggered the alarm again and the only way to shut it up was to force close the app. I then went into settings, notifications and disabled badges, sounds and banners by turning off the button ‘allow notifications’ for Trackr. Problem solved, right? Nope!!! The next night the app went off again at the same time. Even with all notifications disabled in iOS. I immediately uninstalled the app so I could get a good night sleep moving forward. This is INSANE.
  • Absolutely useless. 1/5

    By Wings LLC
    I put a tracker on my dog but in case she gets lost. This device only works when my dog (the tracker) is literally 5 feet away from the phone, otherwise it will lose signal. Well, if my dog is 5feet from me then I wouldn’t need the tracker. Serious question, what is the purpose of using this?
  • Complete Garbage do not buy!!!!!!! 1/5

    By Reyoko360
    So I bought these mainly so I could put on my Pomeranians... because someone abducted my male pom last year ...well My back pack was stolen last night and I left my poms collar in that back pack ... I'm thinking yaay go me ... had a fresh battery and all .. well I try to do crowed locate ect .. its still saying Im in same spot I was in 2 months ago ...Ive moved from that area as-well ... complete garbage don't put your faith in this product go with something else... 0 stars ....
  • Don’t waste your time and money 1/5

    By Not so fast
    I use it to find my phone and it Simply does not work, waste of time, just use Alexa Default app instead.
  • Not saving Device Separation Alerts 2/5

    By Spurtie
    The app refuses to save that I want “Device Separation Alerts”. Please fix this bug.
  • Not for pets 1/5

    By Jake Tully
    TrackR literally advertised this device on Facebook for pets... Under the FAQ section on the app it says not recommended for pets. If your pet is out of Bluetooth range it will only be able to show you where your pet was last.. which was probably with you. So what help does this device do if your pets gets lost or taken? Tells you where you last saw it.
  • Buy TILE instead 1/5

    By Kaegwyn
    This thing has never worked to find my keys. Every time I find my keys I have to re-pair them with the app. I made the mistake of buying several of these. None of them have functioned correctly when I need them to. All of them seem to work when I pair them with the app and when I check up on the pair 2-3 weeks later. They also don’t work in multiple rooms. So if I’m trying to ping a trackr in another room it doesn’t work or if I am trying to ping a trackr on the other side of a big room (30’ long) like an ordinary living room it doesn’t work.
  • So glitchy it's almost useless 1/5

    By Blargnstuff
    The alerts will sound even with my phone right next to the tracker. Besides using lots of battery the app is bulky & needs to be updated, maybe the worst tracker on the market.
  • Unhappy 1/5

    By RIDE x
    The app is to hard to use. I have issues with navigating it.
  • Last seen when? 1/5

    By last seen when?
    I lost my keys with the TrackR bravo connected to them on Feb 2 (they were stolen). I checked the app daily, and found on March 9, a crowd search had posted a last seen location from March 5. I went to the location, but was unable to connect or find my keys or device. I couldn’t see a log of device history. I chatted with support and they told me to reinstall the app. I did, and now the last seen is Feb 24, and incrementally updates every few minutes with “new” last seen locations from Feb 24. I think there is a REAL last seen I should pursue, but the app is not sharing that with me. And tech support was not much help with figuring this out
  • Needs work for iPhone X 3/5

    By EIOR
    TrackR is a great idea and could work great with a bit more effort. The app on iPhone X is poorly designed. Screen is cut if on many screens so you get locked on a screen. Need to close app then restart. The groups feature does not let you delete people. If you set up a group, the only way to delete someone is to delete entire group and start over. Crowd locate would be awesome is it worked. I have tested with multiple devices and the crowd locate does not always report device. It is hit or miss. Would like to see TrackR improve service. Will say customer support is great and they are great about sending batteries out if device is low. End of Review. Will update if things change.
  • Terrible- unreliable and not functional 1/5

    By FeryLn
    Lost my wallet and last location record it has is from 4 months ago since it only gets updates when you open the app....
  • Does not work 1/5

    By John726383$2
    The small TrackR tags are a good idea but flawed with problems. The last place this so called app located my keys was a month ago. Some help that is when I am trying to locate them. Don’t waste your money you will be very disappointed
  • Too many false alerts 2/5

    By echo0101
    False device separation alerts are far too common.. sometimes when my I’m just sitting at my desk with my tracker next to my phone the alert will go off. Having some degree of error certainly is acceptable; however, since this app doesn’t allow for silent notifications this is much more problematic. First, the app ignores the phone’s “silent” setting so even when I silence my phone it will still ring for the separation alert. While I see how this can be desirable for some in certain cases, it should be a configuration rather than the default behavior to override the phone’s settings. I’ve had false alerts trigger the phone in some pretty awkward situations. Second, the app does have it’s own “Silent Mode” but even this does not completely silence the app. When pressing the TrackR button to find your phone, the app will ring even when both the phone and app are set to silent. It would be nice to only trigger the alert with a long press or multi-press to prevent accidental alerts. Additionally, I’ve gotten separation alerts even with this app “Silent Mode” enabled. In summary, I bought these trackers for the separation alerts but given their current state, I find them almost unusable. This product is a great idea and the user-replaceable battery is great but the app has a lot of room for improvement.
  • Fake app 2/5

    By RabieMakkah
    You are liars..
  • Doesn't actuality work reliably. 1/5

    By Johncuyle
    It never seems to actually be able to make my phone ring. That's kinda the point.
  • Good product 5/5

    By ZDBrent
    Reading some folks having problems. So I’ve used Tile for years but I was also spending $100 annually replacing all of them. Not eco friendly and way too expensive. For the past 6 months half of my devices have been using TrackR. They don’t have as much range as Tile. They chew through batteries in about 3 months. Changing the battery is a pain until you watch a YouTube video and realize how easy it is. All that said, I live in a small house so the smaller range isn’t so bad. Changing a watch battery every 3 months is still so much cheaper than Tile. If you do buy, snag a Pixel. Bravo reviews seem like the product is really faulty.
  • Only works sometimes 1/5

    By mowmow53
    It’s goofy and not reliable. I put it on my cat to see where he goes in the yard when I’m not home. But as I drive away, what I think should be the “cat” circle on my screen looks like me in my car going rt down the road I’m on. So essentially I’m tracking my phone and where IT goes and not the cat? Yet other times I see it moving around on the map screen and I’m stationary on the couch so at that pt seems to be working. A waste of $ really.
  • Loser 1/5

    By PlainSpotter
    Not much good for finding things. You almost need to be standing on your lost item to get a connection. I get lots of crowd locates, even though there is nobody anywhere near this rural setting. Birds with cell phones? A lot of hype for something that is not ready for market. Expensive trash. Can’t even use it to find my waste basket.
  • Have you noticed they are reinforcing every positive comment. 1/5

    By RMarsolek
    And ignoring every bad one completely.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Grantyboy32wcgssxji
    Absolutely terrible, never works when you need it to. Lucky it was a gift and I did not have to waste my money on this product.
  • Annoying and malfunctioning! 1/5

    By sandraleo
    I got a tracker for Christmas so I downloaded the app. Worked fine a couple of times. Then my iPad started a loud and annoying alarm that I was unable to find or turn off. I finally reset my iPad to original settings and the sound stopped. All set! Then I used the app to track something and the alarm started going off! So it was the culprit! I then tried to find my items after deleting and resetting the app and it couldnt find the items I had set up with trackers. So it is completely USELESS!!! Don’t bother!
  • Horrible scam 1/5

    By Nymph Rider
    I bought this it was advertised to be a gps tracker and get it 3 weeks later I might ad and low and behold it’s a junk blue tooth tracker——- straight in the trash thanks for the waste of my cash trackr Donald Ross
  • Fix the software!!! 2/5

    By Aznpixie
    I bought trackrs from Within two days of opening and activating these trackers brand new, low battery warning on all of them. The separation alert doesn’t work. It actually starts to go off when you come back in range to your separated item! (Backpack I left in car didn’t indicate separation until I returned to my car from a shopping trip). I was in chat with reps for two hours troubleshooting. Uninstalled, reinstalled smartphone app (iPhone 6s) and all 8 trackrs. After all that “oh it’s a known problem with the battery life indicator, our software engineers are working on it” “just ignore the low battery warning” WHAT?!!! They say they are going to send me new ones and get a confirmation email.......Nope...that never came. So I’m within my 30 days return period. Another 30 minutes of chat later, I was to be emailed a return label....never came. Horrible!!!! I’m just keeping them because I bought 4 and got 4 for free. I had the tile too but got the TrackR for replaceable batteries and separation alert. Both features that are defective. Disappointed! False advertising in my opinion. Just say what you are and don’t make false claims.

TrackR - Lost Item Finder app comments


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