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  • Current Version: 1.18.3_87
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  • Compatibility: Android
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Tractor Supply App

Get all your Life Out Here needs on your phone or tablet. Download the TSC app for quick shopping, order tracking, scheduling deliveries and check your Neighbor’s Club points. Features include: NEW TO THE TSC APP – Get the most out of your Neighbor’s Club membership with our newest App features. ACCESS REWARDS & MORE THROUGH YOUR WALLET Find reward certificates, Market redemptions and member benefits in your wallet. REDEEM YOUR POINTS IN THE MARKET Exchange your Neighbor’s Club points for rewards, services and more. TRACK YOUR PROGRESS ON THE DASHBOARD Check your points balance and see how close you are to the next member level using the dashboard. ACCESS ORDER HISTORY & RE-ORDER See previous orders and easily re-order products again and again. SUBSCRIBE & NEVER RUN OUT Get supplies for pets and animals delivered on your schedule and never run out of what you need with subscription. MAKE A DONATION DURING CHECKOUT Easily donate to organizations like 4H and FFA during checkout on purchases made through the app. SEE PRODUCTS IN YOUR HOME OR YARD WITH AUGMENTED REALITY See the full-size version of a product in your home or yard using augmented reality PAY USING APPLE PAY OR GOOGLE PAY Connect your Apple Pay or Google Pay account for quick and easy checkout in stores ADD YOUR CREDIT CARD TO YOUR PROFILE WITH A QUICK SCAN Scan to add your credit cards to file for quick, easy and safe checkout STREAMLINED CURBSIDE PICKUP See where you are in the curbside pickup process with easy-to-follow instructions sent to your phone. CHAT WITH VETS THROUGH PET PROFILE Get expert veterinary advice and product recommendations with Pet Profile GET QUICK ASSISTANCE WITH YOUR PROPANE REFILL Use the app to notify our Team Members that you need help refilling your propane (available at select stores only) SCAN STORE COUPONS WITHIN THE APP Scan coupons using the app during in-store checkout PROCESS YOUR RETURNS QUICKLY & EASILY IN THE APP Conveniently process your online returns from the app PLUS, TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THESE HELPFUL FEATURES: • Notifications that help you stay up to date on our latest sales • Track your orders to stay up to date on deliveries • Product search made easy with text, voice, visual and barcode-scan • Store Locator to help you find local stores and learn about the services available

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Tractor Supply app reviews

  • In stock completely inaccurate 1/5

    By Kristie Hutch
    Inaccurate from experience and quoted by employee. I drove 35 miles at over $5 a gallon for item website and app said in stock for in store pick up. IT WAS NOT! Completely dissatisfied and ready to take my business elsewhere
  • Stuck 1/5

    By huhilol
    When logging in and selecting the neighbor’s club tab at the bottom, the app freezes and is stuck on loading. I can’t use the app for my rewards or credit card. I have to go on the internet.
  • Payment issue and customer service 1/5

    By nick4b
    I have always bought dog food in store but recently broke both feet. That being said I tried to order dog food through the app. I first tried to use the subscription option so it will be less hassle to get food when it’s needed. I tried multiple times to order the food needed with a few different payment methods. It keeps saying the app could not verify payment. I have had family get my dog food as needed. I have been trying to order it for over two months with no avail. I have tried to contact customer service but usually hang up after being on hold multiple times longer than 45 minutes. Today I was able to get customer service on the line after waiting for 20 minutes this time. They told me they do not have any way to process subscription options of purchase. This is terribly frustrating, the app doesn’t work and now I’m being told the operating system won’t let them manually place a repeating order to be delivered. I’m usually not one to complain but I hope this reaches the right place for someone to look into fixing these issues.
  • Can’t use my own credit card to checkout!!!! 1/5

    By chgxbgxfh
    Can’t use my own credit card to check out
  • I hate this app, their website, and now the store 1/5

    By Real Estate Lurker
    This app is a pathetic excuse for a poorly run website! I tried a year ago and it was awful. Could it even get the items I wanted into the cart. I can now find and add items to my cart, but I can’t check out. Thanks for wasting 30 minutes of my time. I’m so sick of dealing with this store that I’ve decided t grow my own feed . I can’t take dealing with this bull, their horrible customer service on the phone, understaffed stores, pretend coupons that you can’t ever use because of restrictions. It’s a joke. I won’t miss you TSC.
  • Nonfunctional App when using a VPN 1/5

    By syoung_2000
    This is the only app I have out of about 250 apps on my phone that makes me turn off my VPN to search & use the app. Same goes for their website. Who is making their apps and website & what private information are they trying to acquire that no other app wants? Seems very shady TSC !
  • Awful app 1/5

    By Shaledan
    This app never works. Keeps crashing on me all the time. The load times are horrible.
  • Annoying unknown notification numbers 2/5

    By nhcoastie
    About every other day I get a notification number on the TSC app icon. I open the app but there is nothing there to alert me to what the notification is about. It’s a waste of my time so I just close the app without looking at anything. If you want me to see something at least make it obvious.
  • Can’t access Neighbors club 1/5

    By tsmith_co
    Downloaded app for the first time. Logged in, but whenever I try to access the Neighbors Club, it just goes to a white screen. Stays there until I force close the app. Haven’t been able to access rewards at all.
  • Curb-side pickup is convenient 4/5

    By TheRealLadyShine
    Order through the app or online, and get text/ email that order is ready for pickup is awesome! However, the “On my way” and “I’m here” function does not work. No biggie - just call from truck and they bring it out and load it up!
  • Can’t add anything to cart in app, 1/5

    By hehoehelolo
    The app won’t let me add anything to my cart, it is also beyond slow and glitchy
  • Terrible 2/5

    By PixieWrangler
    Horrendous clunky UI. Horrendous search results. Horrendous inventory status.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Sixft4moose
    Constantly freezes up or just closes, navigating stinks!
  • Portrait Mode Only 4/5

    By tenmileblues
    App does not work in Landscape with my iPad Pro/Keyboard. Update: The Tractor Supply App now DOES work in landscape mode! I raised my score!
  • Please create an IPAD Landscape version 4/5

    By addfreenot
    This is not available on IPAD in Landscape mode. Would much more useful if could shop from IPAD in Landscape mode. Thank you for updateing this to include Landscape mode…. very useful
  • Horrible app, horrible account registration 1/5

    By Unhappy Charley
    A phone number is required in order to create an account. I don’t wish for them to have my phone number so was not able to create an account. When trying to scroll in the app, the screen jumps all over and the product selection changes as you scroll.
  • Could we add the rewards? 3/5

    By Frozen Peach Deb
    Guys, I have been shopping here and giving my phone number every time and have no idea why. I found out TS mails out rewards. Make them available on the app. It cuts back on mailing cost AND insures the right person gets it. I have yet to see anything in the mail.
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By Ktbuggy25
    Just downloaded this today and it keeps freezing up. More than half of the items I click on won’t load therefore forcing me to go back to the Home Screen. I’ll just use my computer from now on.
  • Needs Improvement 2/5

    By UZH152
    I wish I had better things to say about the TSC app but it needs improvements. Very slow and lots of glitches. As a rewards member, shipping is suppose to be free over a certain amount. Lately, there seems to be a glitch that is causing it to calculate shipping. I called TSC and the lady wasn’t sure why and told me the way around this was to place the order over the phone so that she could override the shipping charges. But what’s the point of the app if it can’t be utilized for all orders?
  • Glitchy 1/5

    By ticwit
    I love the convenience of an app! And it almost works. But I was unable to complete the transaction because it would not allow me to pay. I had to sign out and go back in without the app to complete the purchase. On the good side it to keep my cart. It was also more difficult to search.Could not search by product name had to go in to the categories to find the product. Otherwise I like the feel of it and think one day it will be great!
  • Inventory Inaccurate 1/5

    By Skinfrakki
    Five times I see it in stock on the app. Five times a wasted trip. 20 miles round trip for nothing. I’ve even called in before leaving and the employees say it’s in stock. Last trip I’ll take
  • Never works! 1/5

    By mpavlas
    I almost never use the app even though I order from tractor supply often because it constantly crashes, can’t find the internet and never works for curbside pickup. It also won’t keep the store location I set. So frustrating!
  • New version won’t let you log in 1/5

    By EnterANicknameLame
    Did the MANDATORY update and now I can’t even log in. The app crashes and closes. 👎🏼👎🏼
  • Not user friendly 1/5

    By rhinorain
    Not user friendly at all. For example, there should be an option to say that billing address is the same as shipping address so the user does not have to re-enter everything again. And that’s just an example. I don’t know who wrote this app, but shame on you. I almost didn’t place the order.
  • Something went wrong… 1/5

    By Nasr9
    …Please try again later. Rural King also has an app so I’ll drive a little farther out of my way until they fix this one….
  • Points missing 1/5

    By Woodyrusty
    Opened account 100 points never showed up.
  • Too many bugs and errors 2/5

    By TropicRanch
    I wish TSC app was better. Quite often item is actually in store, app says not. Or app says pick up available but order gets canceled because nope! I moved and it constantly shows other state locations for pick up. Keeps showing wrong phone number as well. Do they care?
  • Payment buggy 1/5

    By Graymalkin's Left Ear
    Payment screens for credit cards are buggy. City field keeps blanking out regardless of whether I use the hand entered or suggested address option. Then CCV blanks. Maybe other stuff is missing too but now I’m tired of re-entering and re-entering info. There’s no indication of a problem other than the place order button is grayed out, so I have to hunt through the screens to find out what info got dropped. Not usable, unfortunately.
  • Wow terrible app 1/5

    By Dykesbe
    Don’t download this lame thing. I tried for about a half hour to buy something and it wouldn’t let me put in my debit card info. What a mess. Best thing about this app is that there are now three great spots right up front of the store that are reserved for online purchases that never have a car. Yeah I’d never park in a handy cap spot because I respect that idea but I totally take these spots because I’ll never respect putting out a stupid app and then designating a good parking spot to it. What a mess.
  • Won’t let you search 1/5

    By NewStyleBiker
    App will not load any search
  • Their server is BAD 1/5

    By YSNP
    Here’s an idea from their IT group- “Let’s run a sale on app/website purchases and during it, make sure neither the app nor website function and loads let’s make it so previously full carts empty. Let’s make signing in impossible.”
  • Doesn’t work with VPN 4/5

    By NiSos
    In general, app is fine. But is on functional when trying to use it through a VPN connection. This should be addressed. People are using VPN more and more to protect their privacy.
  • Can’t find sale items must not have any went to bomguards instead 1/5

    By geoge appleton
    No sale ads
  • App freezes 1/5

    By liler bug
    App won’t let me go into my neighborhood club. I have deleted and re-downloaded the app twice now….
  • Disappointed 3/5

    By memezmama2010
    Apps down and won’t load cart. Websites down and won’t load cart or let me sign in. Really need these to work. I need to order my dogs food. What’s going on? And going to my local store does no good cause what I need is never in the shelf’s. Please get the app and website back up and working. You’re a great store and we need you lol.
  • Address cannot be verified 1/5

    By apissedoffdogowner
    My address is older than TSC and it can’t be verified. Called the joke of a 877 number to get it fixed just to be met with sorry we can’t do anything about it. What of a joke of a company! If I could give a negative star rating -100 stars
  • Please read 2/5

    By 34567🤢🤮🤧🤠👺👿
    Hello Y’all really need to get more livestock show supplies in stores. I feel like y’all would get a lot more business especially if you got more cattle show supply’s in stores. like combs shampoos and conditioner in stores not just online. I does not matter if it’s weaver or Sullivan supply but something would be better than nothing.
  • Shipping argh 5/5

    By Niger better faster stronger
    I enjoy the app and it is well layer out. TSC should negotiate better shipping rates. >$9 for ship to store is 50% higher than ship to home for the same product from an on line pet supplier. Why pay $4 more and the need to travel to the local store for pick up. An on line pet supplier has flat rate shipping of ~$5 for the same dog food you were going the charge $9+, and the on line supplier is shipping to my house
  • Good app 5/5

    By jtmc25
    Ordered material and checked prices. Works as expected.
  • Update broke it 1/5

    Edit: I reinstalled with the update, but now I cannot find my password and have not received a reset email despite trying several times. I have checked all folders and tried alternate email as well. [s]I can no longer use the app since yesterday’s update. It comes up and crashes or just stays on the home screen. Have deleted and reinstalled. Have turned the phone off and on. This is the only app I have an issue with.[/s] Usually A very convenient and appreciated way to shop for curbside pick up.
  • Nice App 5/5

    By Paperclip1951
    The app makes it very easy to find what you need, order it, and pickup curbside.
  • App will open now! 4/5

    By CassieLS91
    Had some trouble signing in for the first time when the app first opened but after getting into the app it let me log in. Wish there were a way to cancel/change subscriptions from pickup to shipping. Other than that app seems to work well.
  • Seems fixed 4/5

    By 32USN
    Just downloaded the app and it is completely unresponsive and inoperative. Downloaded updated app and itseems to work fine.
  • Excellent app. 5/5

    Well laid out and makes shopping a breeze at TSC.
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By Ltlsuez
    This app wouldn’t open but shorty after letting them know they fixed the issue. Easy to understand and easy to use. Love that I can order my items and have them ready for me in a short time.
  • App crashing 5/5

    By AdamGibson
    Updated to the most recent version and now I can no longer open it. Rebooted the phone and tried reinstalling the app but no luck. Immediately crashes. No problems up until now. Update. Newest version is now working fine.
  • Need Continue Shopping Button 4/5

    By ralfam8
    The one feedback I would give is to add a Continue Shopping button. When adding something to the cart, it appears the only option is to Checkout. It’s not intuitive to click the X at the top in order to shop for other items. Most apps, if not all, that I’ve used have a button to Continue Shopping.
  • Not opening 1/5

    By TiredOfCreatorsNotListening
    The app will not open
  • Love TSCO 5/5

    By ddeweyh
    You guys rock! But the app keeps crashing when trying to open. Update: They fixed the crash!!! Keep on rockin TSCO team!!