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Tractor Supply App

Get all your Life Out Here needs on your phone or tablet. Download the TSC app for quick shopping, order tracking, scheduling deliveries and check your Neighbor’s Club points. Features include: NEW TO THE TSC APP – Get the most out of your Neighbor’s Club membership with our newest App features. ACCESS REWARDS & MORE THROUGH YOUR WALLET Find reward certificates, Market redemptions and member benefits in your wallet. REDEEM YOUR POINTS IN THE MARKET Exchange your Neighbor’s Club points for rewards, services and more. TRACK YOUR PROGRESS ON THE DASHBOARD Check your points balance and see how close you are to the next member level using the dashboard. ACCESS ORDER HISTORY & RE-ORDER See previous orders and easily re-order products again and again. SUBSCRIBE & NEVER RUN OUT Get supplies for pets and animals delivered on your schedule and never run out of what you need with subscription. MAKE A DONATION DURING CHECKOUT Easily donate to organizations like 4H and FFA during checkout on purchases made through the app. SEE PRODUCTS IN YOUR HOME OR YARD WITH AUGMENTED REALITY See the full-size version of a product in your home or yard using augmented reality PAY USING APPLE PAY OR GOOGLE PAY Connect your Apple Pay or Google Pay account for quick and easy checkout in stores ADD YOUR CREDIT CARD TO YOUR PROFILE WITH A QUICK SCAN Scan to add your credit cards to file for quick, easy and safe checkout STREAMLINED CURBSIDE PICKUP See where you are in the curbside pickup process with easy-to-follow instructions sent to your phone. CHAT WITH VETS THROUGH PET PROFILE Get expert veterinary advice and product recommendations with Pet Profile GET QUICK ASSISTANCE WITH YOUR PROPANE REFILL Use the app to notify our Team Members that you need help refilling your propane (available at select stores only) SCAN STORE COUPONS WITHIN THE APP Scan coupons using the app during in-store checkout PROCESS YOUR RETURNS QUICKLY & EASILY IN THE APP Conveniently process your online returns from the app PLUS, TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THESE HELPFUL FEATURES: • Notifications that help you stay up to date on our latest sales • Track your orders to stay up to date on deliveries • Product search made easy with text, voice, visual and barcode-scan • Store Locator to help you find local stores and learn about the services available

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Tractor Supply app reviews

  • Can not get the closest store to come up 1/5

    By Scott Myers 1
    Use the store locator it does not come up with any store. With the closest store is 25 miles away.
  • Can’t open my app 1/5

    By Lisa Leroy
    My app was doing fine. I was being able to make my orders and things. But today it stopped. I took it off and redownloaded it and still saying there is a problem. I called the number and trying to get help is like being a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. Lisa Leroy
  • It’s great until an update 1/5

    By bshwkiwywb
    Everytime there’s an update it seems the app doesn’t work. At all. You can’t log in , searches time out etc. But when there’s not an update it’s wonderful!
  • Great app but… 4/5

    By MamaBearGray
    There are a few bugs and some improvements are needed. The app is extremely laggy. When adding product to your cart, it takes several seconds for the cart window to open. Once open, you have to click the x to keep shopping which, again, you have to wait a few seconds for it to close before you can go back to search for your next item. My second suggestion is related to same day delivery. It would be nice if the app was linked to whatever delivery service is being used. In my area, TSC uses “Roadie”. It would be nice to be able to see when my order is ready, when a roadie driver accepts my order, and when my order is on its way to me.
  • Not user friendly at all 1/5

    By Athens, ME
    This app is very difficult to use. I have an IPhone 11 and it's still slow and not user friendly. Sometimes I get frustrated enough that I shop elsewhere. Maybe an overall update is due?
  • Trouble with Apple Pay 3/5

    By akndhskakajeb
    Absolutely love the app and the barcode scan feature but I tried placing an order and it gives me an error with Apple Pay and then trying to put my card on tsc profile and it wouldn’t let me
  • Just use the mobile website instead 1/5

    By wqety
    My problems with this app are: 1. The search function (when used in conjunction with the search results filter) does not work well to actually narrow down your search results in a helpful way. For instance you can type a search criteria (let’s say “boots”) then filter by let’s say “size” and you will find no “size 14” option in the filter field for size. BUT when you add the filter for brand (let’s say “muck boots”) THEN filter by “size” and have the option to filter out size 14 suddenly. It’s like the filter criteria is limited to the number of items on the first page list of your search result? Whatever the case the app search function does not work well whereas the mobile site handles these filters and searches with no problem. 2. Also there is no easy way to navigate to the items that are on sale in the way you can easily access it on the mobile site right from the hamburger navigation menu. I wish the web app had a few of the design features carry over from the website
  • Oooo ahhh 5/5

    By autumn bbrooke
    They prepared me for my cactus obsession with tools needed and gloves 🧤 which saved me after hours of pulling prickles out like the year before the variety was outstanding also my partners gifts typically began here even my neices bday gift was bought here🎁 sadly I’ve never been in the store I ’m ashamed 😔 the mobile ordering has everything I need clearance items lines delivery or curbside pick up options and email alerts from sales to updates on my order it’s defiantly the way to go sometimes however the app does get slow after being on it for awhile or for about 2 weeks I had an issue with my lists but the list situation is over if that’s all I have to deal with I think I’ll continue my new shopping addiction
  • Worthless search engine, will only 1/5

    By Louistouis jouis
    Worthless search engine, will only search for words and phrases that it auto suggests.
  • Service 5/5

    By Sterling Homes
    Have had nothing but phenomenal service from the Shelbyville location!
  • Propane refill 5/5

    By bring back the humans
    I get quick service when I request a refill on the app and am parked at the propane area. Bobby has come out within 2 minutes of requesting the refill: he is very efficient and a delight to work with. This is twice using this method for me and it’s great!! Thanks Bobby!!
  • Good service 5/5

    By hayranchlady
    Local store offers excellent servicehowever, orders are a little sketchy. The local store was out of the cat food. I wanted so bad to be shipped to charged me a delivery cost of 699 I called to cancel the cat food and they credited me the 699 why did they charge it in the first place? What if I had missed it since a new way to make money also in the order the things that I order show a higher price than what I bought
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By Honolulu Lulu
    I live on the Big Island of Hawaii and there is a Tractor Supply store here. I downloaded the app but every time I tried to search for something and order online for pickup, it asks for my zip code and I input the store zip code. Every time I try to search for something, no matter what, even something I know they have, it says not available in my area. After many tries and uninstalling/reinstalling I gave up.
  • Has the best curbside pick up 5/5

    By Harley Heidi
    Tractor Supply has become my all time favorite store ! Prices are affordable, staff friendly and knowledgeable! My curbside pickup is quick my orders are correct!!!
  • Can’t see purchase history 3/5

    By Rudy Baumgart
    Having an issue with seeing my history for purchases, I have uninstalled the app and this didn’t work. Is there anything else that can fix this? -Rudy
  • Very easy to use 5/5

    By tsc custmr
    App is very user friendly and very easy to navigate through without any issues
  • No, I don’t want an account!!! 1/5

    By peeoff123456
    I thought you fixed this! I don’t want an account and you don’t need my location. Home Depot , Lowes, Walmart, and all the others don’t force me to have an account! I want to use curse words right now!!!!!
  • Love TSC 5/5

    By zhansen06
    Love this app and love TSC. The app is great, it works well and continues to improve. I like that all the features I’d expect are there, like being able to apply promo codes or use the quarterly options like free delivery for neighbor plus customers. I can be at work and realize I need stuff for my animals, order it through the app and when I get home, the stuff is on my front porch. Makes my life much easier. Thanks TSC!
  • Worst app 1/5

    By greatgoats4
    Doesn’t work half the time. Jams up, doesn’t move the pages fast. Awful piece of garbage.
  • Works but… 3/5

    By apollo1377
    It works ok but very slow and clunky. I will keep on using though. Nice to place order and pick up.
  • Poor app 1/5

    By rottenfan
    When trying to use the app, there is no option ( that works) to only show in store availability. I don’t want to see what they will charge me to ship to me. Its annoying.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Golden freddy faz bear
    Trying to do Christmas shopping. I type in search and nothing comes back.
  • Don’t support the Kelso store 1/5

    By DH Longview
    This store has an employee who has the ability to run customers away. He has absolutely no idea what customer service means. I put up with him for far too long and have finally boycotted this store and that was after spending a lot of money building fences, barns and feeding a large number of animals while putting up with him. I will never walk into this store again. I went to Wilco when he wouldn’t unbury duck feed. He told me I would have to wait 45 minutes. I could have gotten to the sack of feed in 10 minutes!! And I’m 65 years old. I also found the feed and fencing was cheaper at the Kelso Wilco! This staff at Wilco has offered much much better customer service. Actually no comparison to tractor supply.
  • TSC credit card payment 1/5

    By life long farmer
    So frustrating!!! Where on app????🤬
  • Pet food 5/5

    By penncro
    So many choices good price reliable delivery
  • New app update sucksssssssss 1/5

    By Mhack29
    This is ridiculous. Most of the things I’m clicking on like holiday gift guide do nothing and the shopping icon says sorry content not loaded. No kidding. Worthless. Yes I have the most updated iOS.
  • Reduced $400 2/5

    By Lilmama7 :)
    I usually buy chicken items from there and purchased a mower. Always pay on time. Look yesterday and notice my account was reduced $400 ( example $2500 limit now $2100) Not understanding why. Other than that I have not had any issues.
  • Great for helping get things for my horses 5/5

    By o jxj.
    This app is great! I have 2 horses at my house and in this app i can find a lot of things like champion’s choice salt cubes. Wich are perfect for horses,deer,and mules. And a lot of feed stuff. Definitely good for ranch or farm work
  • Forced update 1/5

    By odditique
    just on principle, i give any app that forces you to update a 1 star review no matter how good the app is. nothing in the world is worse than trying to use an app and you are forced to download and adjust to the changes when all you wanted to do wassomething simple
  • Pick up doesn’t work. 4/5

    By ljburns775
    I wanted to purchase and pick up items from the store but it wouldn’t allow me to place the order. It also took several tries to add credit card information too. So I gave up and went to the store later when I could.
  • Unresponsive 2/5

    By teletruda
    This app though looks nice, it times out and doesn’t respond like it should. Usually have to close it and reopen it to get it to switch to a new item I’m looking at. And, there’s a glitch with trying to change my password and log in.
  • Slow & glitchy 3/5

    By RJL0822
    I love that TS has an app, but it is very slow and glitchy. Please fix because other than that it’s a decent app. It’s been glitchy ever since I installed it, which was several months ago.
  • Can’t submit order 1/5

    By Orglethorp
    Filled out all the information to purchase something and the place order button won’t work. Such a frustrating app. Worthless
  • glitchy 1/5

    By hello-hello
    installed October 22, the most glitchy shopping app I have ever used. The search is incredibly glitchy and results are “all over the place”
  • Worst app on my phone 1/5

    By kking805
    This app very rarely works for me. And now, every time I select anything, I get “something went wrong. Please try again later.” Didn’t work before I updated it and it doesn’t work after I update it. Poor app.
  • This app fails at the most basic function. 1/5

    By teamtom
    I wanted to check the stock in my 2 nearby stores for a raincoat before I drove there. Essentially impossible to do since I want a specific size and it resets for every choice. Basic functions for select soze, select “in stock” and then display my options. Nope! Do people who approve these apps ever try to use them?
  • If it is in stock, then they are great! 4/5

    By RoseTylerTalons
    Need to put Sentinel Lifetime in the Stores, not just online to ship, and start stocking Nutrigood Senior Snax again, they are always out. Don’t charge to deliver to the store. Then it would be a 5 Star!
  • Stupid 1/5

    By 88racejo
    This is the dumbest stupidest app ever!!!!!
  • Great way to check availability 5/5

    By Wranglerlaura
    I enjoy being able to make a complete order, with things I can pickup today and things that need to be delivered. It’s also fun to go through and see what you can get from Tractor Supply. You can also order things in the size you need when you need an unusual size. The app works decent on my phone,at times it does get glitchy. If I need something that I know sells out quickly or might be affected by the shipping issues or whatever, I can always check on it in the app. You can also check availability at various stores if you need it today. Love the app, it’s yet to fail me.
  • Curb side pickup 5/5

    By Groves3
    The customer service is always excellent!!!!
  • Propane 1/5

    By Darth Vader 00
    I received an email from tractor supply today about refilling my propane tank. I thought what a great idea, and I have an empty one. I went to the store at 7:30 and they didn’t have someone to refill my propane tank. That’s not good business.
  • You still have bugs!!! 1/5

    By Fleewee67
    Tried your app multiple times to place my order and it crashes, then went on line directly and when I try to sign in I get bad gateway!!! Not the only person, I called the local store and they said others have called also same thing…..
  • Updates Are Ridiculous 2/5

    By Grammz3
    Every time the app needs updating it signs me out and then it doesn’t recognize my password. I have update/change my password each time this app updates. It’s ridiculous!!!!!
  • Friendly Support 5/5

    By SouthernLadyofGod
    I enjoy the convenience of ordering online & curbside pick up. I also enjoy shopping inside with the helpful friendly staff.
  • Worst app ever!!! 1/5

    By debbs hair
    Address delivery wrong Had to go back into my account change the ZIP Code Difficulty applying free delivery award hard to find Wouldn’t apply my free reward for delivery signed out and signed back in only to be told that I had tried 10 times to login and therefore I was now blocked out which was total bull. There was nothing wrong with my password I had only signed out once and tried to log back in. I’ve already spent too much time trying to get in and place an order for delivery I have deleted the app and I won’t use it again!!!
  • Purposefully won’t save password. 1/5

    By Jvizz
    This is ridiculous. It will not save your password. App is not as good as other retainers.
  • What idiot designed this? 1/5

    By Gilshafer
    How are you going to have an app and website that are separate? I mean don’t get me wrong, I love entering everything 3 times and not being able to use my debit card to pay my credit card bill as an option. Great Job Guys!!!
  • App failures 1/5

    By shop ranch
    The worst app for farm and ranch! App never works. App appears to have virus shop ranch
  • No link to TS Credit Card - cannot pay bill 2/5

    By Synthesizeme
    I have a Tractor Supply Credit Card and thought I could pay my bill through the App. If you can, then it is not very intuitive. I have looked everywhere online and in the app. If you can pay your bill in the app, it is not intuitive. Even submitting a question involves a lengthy process of filling out all my personal information that they should already have on file with my Credit Card info. This app seems to just be an unintuitive way to shop - without a link to a Tractor Supply Credit Card. Useless app for me.