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  • Current Version: 1.11.0_71
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Tractor Supply Company
  • Compatibility: Android
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Tractor Supply App

Get all your Life Out Here needs on your phone or tablet. Download the TSC app for quick shopping, order tracking, scheduling deliveries and check your Neighbor’s Club points. Features include: NEW TO THE TSC APP – Get the most out of your Neighbor’s Club membership with our newest App features. ACCESS REWARDS & MORE THROUGH YOUR WALLET Find reward certificates, Market redemptions and member benefits in your wallet. REDEEM YOUR POINTS IN THE MARKET Exchange your Neighbor’s Club points for rewards, services and more. TRACK YOUR PROGRESS ON THE DASHBOARD Check your points balance and see how close you are to the next member level using the dashboard. ACCESS ORDER HISTORY & RE-ORDER See previous orders and easily re-order products again and again. SUBSCRIBE & NEVER RUN OUT Get supplies for pets and animals delivered on your schedule and never run out of what you need with subscription. MAKE A DONATION DURING CHECKOUT Easily donate to organizations like 4H and FFA during checkout on purchases made through the app. SEE PRODUCTS IN YOUR HOME OR YARD WITH AUGMENTED REALITY See the full-size version of a product in your home or yard using augmented reality PAY USING APPLE PAY OR GOOGLE PAY Connect your Apple Pay or Google Pay account for quick and easy checkout in stores ADD YOUR CREDIT CARD TO YOUR PROFILE WITH A QUICK SCAN Scan to add your credit cards to file for quick, easy and safe checkout STREAMLINED CURBSIDE PICKUP See where you are in the curbside pickup process with easy-to-follow instructions sent to your phone. CHAT WITH VETS THROUGH PET PROFILE Get expert veterinary advice and product recommendations with Pet Profile GET QUICK ASSISTANCE WITH YOUR PROPANE REFILL Use the app to notify our Team Members that you need help refilling your propane (available at select stores only) SCAN STORE COUPONS WITHIN THE APP Scan coupons using the app during in-store checkout PROCESS YOUR RETURNS QUICKLY & EASILY IN THE APP Conveniently process your online returns from the app PLUS, TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THESE HELPFUL FEATURES: • Notifications that help you stay up to date on our latest sales • Track your orders to stay up to date on deliveries • Product search made easy with text, voice, visual and barcode-scan • Store Locator to help you find local stores and learn about the services available

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Tractor Supply app reviews

  • Portrait Mode Only 3/5

    By tenmileblues
    App does not work in Landscape with my iPad Pro/Keyboard.
  • Great app. But won’t run right on my iPad Pro. 2/5

    By Appolo55
    I love the app when using on my iPhone. But when using it on my brand new iPad Pro in will not run in horizontal view which is very annoying. Is this a known bug?
  • Unusable 1/5

    By Emtinct
    Browsing in the app is non existent. The app is so slow and buggy and the amount of time for page loading is excessive. I’ve tried over wifi and cell data, low battery mode on and off, too buggy.
  • Junk 1/5

    By Dickriley
    App is junk do not use
  • won’t work in landscape 1/5

    By normbal
    keeps turning page sideways so I can’t use keyboard, everything is turned 90 degrees left. A lot of apps do this on an ipad for some reason, USPS only recently fixed their app, but the displayis about 1/8 the screen. I’ll check back later. iPhone still works (but is cumbersome), desktop best but my ‘puter is downstairs.
  • Not good for credit card management 2/5

    By :/ unhappy camper
    This app would be better if it let you manage your tractor supply credit card within the app. Just spent up to an hour trying to access that feature in the app with the manage my card button and every time it’s said that either my user I’d or password was wrong or information was entered wrong.
  • Not great 1/5

    By HB1747
    The one and only reason I don’t like this app is because it doesn’t show you what’s available at your store. It will let you order anything then you waste your money on it just for them to cancel your order because they don’t actually have it in store and then you have to wait days for a refund to be issued. I don’t see why when you put in your store location it doesn’t tell you that the product you’re looking for isn’t available. I won’t be using this app nor will I be going to TSC until this issue is fixed. It’s just easier for me to go somewhere else at this point then try to waste my time with them just for them to cancel my order when I get to the store.
  • Intrusive and unnecessary 1/5

    By Tech_Bear_42
    This app has been pushed out by TSC in a manner that is intrusive, disruptive, and interfering. When an attempt is made the use the Search feature of their website, it is immediately replaced with a message hawking this app. It does so even from desktop Windows computers. Efforts to clear that message and continue to shop TSC through their website using a web browser become very difficult. When I finally relented and installed the app, it does not even change orientation if I turn my tablet from portrait to landscape display. A poorly thought-out and implemented app. Using the website would be better - if only TSC would not trip over their own feet…
  • Improve it! 3/5

    By Sunflowaah
    This app is ok when it works but in store scanning doesn't the majority - & also why not have the ability to access receipts in the app - instead of sending an email that says your receipt is attached but it's blank and not attached.
  • Great app 5/5

    By TheCat360
    Great app and great store would recommend to shop at this store and get this app, they sell good mini bikes
  • Awesome 5/5

    By awesome employee
    Tony at the Norge Va store was outstanding!! Very knowledgeable and patient! Thank you Tony!
  • Not ready for prime time yet 2/5

    By nickname314156
    Just downloaded app and within 5 minutes I found multiple bugs that make it difficult to use. Not worth it until they make major improvements. I will stick to the website. DJG
  • Insecure App 1/5

    By Tomboyz
    Do not store any other credit card information on this app other than Tractor Supply Company’s own card. I was scammed through PayPal without Tractor Supply Company even realizing it. In 30+ years, this has never happened to me before, so beware.
  • Ease of use and 💜💜 that I can pull up and have someone else do the heavy lifting!!! 5/5

    By Muppets mom
    Love lo
  • Great place to shop!! 5/5

    By 1oldman56
    TSC is always my first choice for hardware needs, tools, almost all my needs for home. The quality is always good and the service is always excellent!! I have never been disappointed or dissatisfied by Tractor Supply!! I can almost always find a tractor supply no matter what part of the country I’m in!! I’ll be a customer for life!!!
  • Not working since the last few updates 1/5

    By Nhedin
    On iPhone 8, not working for the last few weeks. Screen loads and then goes white.
  • Terrible app! 1/5

    By jdjsokxbebxiidndbd
    Don’t waste your time! I’ve re downloaded this app SEVEN times. When I open the app I get a quick look at the initial page then the screen turns white and doesn’t load. Just use the website.
  • Buggy 2/5

    By cheesydonut89
    Super buggy. Crashes frequently
  • Poor app 1/5

    By sftrbg1810
    One of the slowest and worst apps to use.
  • Wish it worked 1/5

    By tbcranky
    Loaded the app a couple months ago and it worked fine for about a week. Now all I get is a white screen. I deleted the app, reloaded it and had the same result. Contacted TSC and they told me to delete the app and reload. Same results. I contacted TSC 2 more times but they never replied. Does appear that they care.
  • app needs work 2/5

    By jnerd69
    a lot
  • Useless 1/5

    By Magnolia Forest
    I’ve installed and deleted this app twice. After I log in with Facebook it only shows a white screen. I will quit the this app and open it again to white screen that gives me no options for anything. Might be the most poorly working app I’ve ever used actually :(
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By gjufdrikhf
    This app doesn’t work! Sign in then the screen turns white .
  • Blank page 1/5

    By mooseiam
    Sorry but after deleting and re installing all I get after sign is a blank page
  • Unusable Due To Blank Screen 1/5

    By Bdisbr
    I’ve tried downloading this app 10+ times over the last week. It always goes through the process of finding your store, then goes to a completely white/blank screen. I have yet to get past that screen to be able to actually use the app.
  • App for iPad 1/5

    By River Dawg
    I downloaded the TS app but apparently it isn’t for iPad. No landscape mode and text and pictures can’t be seen in its entirety. Everything is in large mode. Please fix
  • Unreliable for orders and stock availability 2/5

    By TropicRanch
    I use and like the Tractor Supply App. Love Tractor Supply since I own horses, which is a rare niche pet to own anymore near urban areas, so it’s extremely difficult to get feed/supplies. ..But the app is very unreliable. I often place an order for pickup to ensure it’s in stock before driving out of my way, only to have it cancelled. If the app says it’s IN STOCK and available, it should be in stock period! Please find a system that is accurate and reliable or I’ll just order elsewhere. Thanks!
  • Search 1/5

    By Jine2014
    Hit search and doesn’t search
  • Tracking a Shipped item 2/5

    By Loweman56
    No where can I find on app where to track a shipment. And. Can’t see what I’m typing
  • White screen upon opening app 1/5

    By (denied nickname)
    Useless. Blank white screen after the TSC logo. Can’t get out of it to actually use the app.
  • Was working… 2/5

    By jtlg1980
    Was working well but now goes straight from open screen to nothing but a white screen… 🤷🏻
  • When it works 4/5

    By Coder & Biller
    For over a week now when I open the app it makes like it’s logging in with the tractor supply red logo and then briefly goes to the main screen and then immediately goes to a white screen and that’s where the journey ends each time. I would love for the app to work. I would use it often. Hope it works soon.
  • App 3/5

    Not working today
  • Tractor supply 5/5

    By Arae69
    Love the app easy to order and purchase quick to find .
  • App down 1/5

    By RonJJr
    Your app is down. iPhone 7+ user
  • Doesn’t work great with IPad 3/5

    By Jerry in Texas
    I like Tractor Supply, and I like the curbside delivery service the app lets me order for, but it’s a difficult app to move around in. Picking the closest store is kind of difficult and adding things like Tax Exemption certificate numbers is impossible without refilling out a form that’s already on file with the local TSC store. That being said, just a little more tweaking would make the app much better. Also, as the title implies, on my IPad, I can’t get the entire webpages on my screen, and the images don’t rotate when I turn the IPad from side to end. For example, I was ordering some mealworms for our chickens, but the images were so large on the screen that I could tell what size the bags were. That kind of thing. I mean, you can look around and find out that kind of stuff, but I have a keyboard case for my IPad and I have to type the information I want to input while looking at the webpage sideways.
  • Propane 4/5

    By Just wanted coffee
    Anyone know if port Charlotte has propane problems fixed?
  • Mr. Albert Wilson 1/5

    By Hey, Bud!!!!
    Here is my review and it is not good. I have been shopping at the store on Highway 81, McDonough Ga. 30252, since they opened. I am a disabled vet and did not understand the point system. Well, one of the cashiers said go to the app open it up and retrieve my points. That was a blatant lie. Now I have spent all this money there and nothing to show for. I feel I have been taken advantage of because of my mental status, due to war PTSD. So my question who is going to correct this, or do I have to put it on the Va web site, saying do not go here. This site reaches every Veteran in the world!!!!!’
  • Ripped off 1/5

    By Ply64
    Made a purchase that I needed the next day note website /tractor supply did not mention that this item was not in ther store . They took my order After making 3 phone calls I find out it’s coming by a slow boat from China it probably takes 3 months to just stock the ship This was 5 months ago now And now I received a E mail for a review today “really” ok they asked best I could do was one start here is no half star. PS by the time the battery connectors shows up I on longer needed them. I had good good results Pryor with tractor supply store before but certainly not this time.
  • Customer service 5/5

    By iiiiiiioiiioijjjjijjji
    My dad has no internet nor does he want it. I called and the service dept printed him a owners manual and mailed it to him. Home run in his book thank you Joe
  • Please create an IPAD Landscape version 2/5

    By addfreenot
    This is not available on IPAD in Landscape mode. Would much more useful if could shop from IPAD in Landscape mode.
  • Great store horrible app 1/5

    By &98
    Tried to use it, can’t sign in and can’t find stores even with location services turned on. Website is better than app.
  • For Hawaii 1/5

    By Girl
    We have a store in Hilo, Hi our zip code is 96720, but in the app, can’t find store with 96720?? Why is that???
  • My poor eyesight? 3/5

    By 7777760
    Haven’t used the app yet but still trying to set up the profile. It won’t allow me to join the rewards club. After entering the month/day the numeric pad covers up the “join” button. Also, without my “readers” I can’t zoom in on the product.
  • 10 % off impossible to apply 2/5

    By Maridadi
    Could they make it anymore difficult? Ridiculous usability.
  • Not iPad friendly and way too wordy on how good it is 1/5

    By Apps - the Good, Bad and Ugly
    I like to be able to use my iPad to not only look at apps in portrait mode but also landscape mode, am actively deleting any that don’t do both, Tractor Supply being one of them. Other than that every time they do an update they write a book on how great it is. Let me know when you get it to work in landscape mode, then I might use it.
  • Website doesn’t match store 2/5

    By Rschwark81
    I used my super friendly app and have a free same day delivery so was going to get some smoker pellets delivered. Find them and went to checkout but still wanted to charge $11.99 for delivery even though it said free same day. Oh well, I’ll drive to go pick them up. Get there only to find out they do not have any inventory even though the website and app said they do. Wasted 20 min drive one way. Rural king is the next best place for them but it’s 20 min the opposite way. Thanks for wasting my day
  • Tractor supply in Oroville,CA. 5/5

    By Boogidy2021
    I love the store in my town. Always have what I am looking for. Super friendly and always lending a hand. Best team ever in my book.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Former team member
    I very rarely complain about an app but this is the most useless App , fails to provide proper credit when shopping and then if you enter the receipt manually says cannot find . Then called there service number for the neighbors club again learned nothing got no help. While I like TSC stores your tech side is lacking so you should stick to sell Farm related products and hire a professional company for your App or tech work !!