Transit Stop: CTA Tracker.

Transit Stop: CTA Tracker.

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  • Current Version: 8.2.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Kramer Concepts, LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Transit Stop: CTA Tracker. App

Transit Stop: CTA Tracker gives you quick and easy access to bus and train (‘L’) arrival time estimates for your favorite Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) stop. ------------ Features Include: ● Apple Watch integration - view estimated arrival times for the stops you've saved on your wrist! ● Estimated Bus & Train Arrival Times - Includes arrival time estimates in minutes (e.g. 4 minutes) and time (e.g. 12:14pm) along with the route name, bus ID or train run number, distance to stop, direction of travel, destination and a time stamp when the estimated arrival times were last refreshed. ● Location Map - In addition to the list of estimated arrival times you can view bus and trains locations and route patterns on a map. ● Individual Vehicle Tracking - View estimated arrival times for upcoming stops for specific bus or train vehicles by tapping the row of the estimated arrival time of interest. ● Save Stops - Ability to save the stops you use everyday for quick and easy access while you're on the go. ● View Multiple Routes - Toggle the estimated arrival times to display only your selected route or you can view all the routes that service a particular stop. ● CTA Service Alerts – View CTA route service alerts for whichever bus route or train line you're tracking. ● Refresh – Estimated arrival times can be manually refreshed giving you the flexibility to update the arrival times exactly when you need them. ● Real Time Tracking Data - Bus routes, train lines, stops and estimated arrival times are all provided directly from the CTA bus and train tracking systems. ------------ Transit Stop is not affiliated with the CTA. Like Transit Stop on Facebook or follow us on Twitter and be the first to know about new updates:

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Transit Stop: CTA Tracker. app reviews

  • Every update is less usable than the last 1/5

    By BG75894302
    Navigating the app gets more difficult with every updat
  • timing is everything 5/5

    By JamesH
    timing is everything, thanks TS, you make commuting like clock work
  • This app use to be great 2/5

    By tinab57
    This app use to be great, now I can never see the arrival times have gone back to cta bus tracker
  • 63rd 1/5

    By disgusted passenger
    Horrible service. Never on time!
  • Map feature gone? 2/5

    The new design isn’t intuitive - the old one worked fine. Also did the map feature leave? Please bring it back!!
  • Works sometimes 2/5

    By Seriously, bro?
    So many times when it says a bus is coming but then the bus never comes ... or says no buses are coming for a long time then you watch one pass... CTA is the worst and this app is an extension of that
  • Nice app! 5/5

    By It's cool...
    Fast and easy to use!
  • Never accurate 1/5

    By jamg2
    They need to updated It’s never accurate
  • Not easy to follow 2/5

    By anushka45688
    The display is not intuitive
  • Why did you change this!!! 2/5

    By Jess28running
    You can no longer see the times listed, you actually have to look at the map and follow the route directionally rather than being able to see upcoming trains in chronological order. This isn’t helpful, and it’s more chaotic visually.
  • It’s fine, but... 3/5

    By pru09
    This app is fine to give you an approximate idea of when busses will arrive, but I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve watched a bus go right by me when I’m not quite to the stop yet and know I gave myself plenty of time. You’d think there would be a better way to get more accurate info. Get to the stop early but don’t rely on it if you’re running short on time.
  • Not always reliable 2/5

    By Debso16
    The arrival time constantly changes and buses you’re waiting for can suddenly disappear so it’s not a very dependable way to track your travel plan.
  • Useless App 1/5

    By Pgsunft
    It would be helpful if you got the times even remotely correct
  • Easier access 4/5

    By Jaz4love
    To searing line or bus instead of scrolling
  • Buses are not tracked correctly 1/5

    By Fun.Size.Umpa
    I have mistakenly taken Uber’s because the app doesn’t show any buses coming when they are. Complete waste of money and time thanks to incorrect data on this app. Not happy. This didn’t happen before the update. Extremely annoying and frustrating. I take the 85a and it’s never right in the morning.
  • Bus Schedule 3/5

    By ECarini80
    Sometimes the times are inaccurate and the app shows “phantom” buses, but typically it’s reliable.
  • Used to be amazing 1/5

    By lindenwhatshapelend
    Purple line to Linden has not worked in 4 weeks. What’s going on?
  • 81 west 2/5

    By Cherie Wolford
    Updates have made site more difficult to navigate
  • Best app for Chicago riders period 5/5

    By Gregg Dovo
    With the new updates it’s simply the best app out there for Chicago users of public transit
  • Very Reliable But Room For Improvement 4/5

    By G.A. SKL
    Overall this is one of the most important apps I use on a day to day basis. This app is extremely helpful and works great in terms of functionality with almost no glitches however, there are 2 main issues I’ve identified: -some buses are not tracked within the app (Missing Buses) -sometimes the app is tracking a bus that never shows up and as a result you have to weight for the following bus (Phantom Buses) It’s usually the same bus at the same time every day that is either missing or phantom. These buses usually cause disruption in commute planning resulting in delays one way or another. Other than these two scenarios, this app is one of the best public transportation apps I’ve seen. Thanks, G.A.
  • Not accurate 2/5

    By 😒😫😒😫
    Half the time this app is accurate and the other half of the time it makes me wait for a bus that suddenly disappears off the list! So then naturally I order an uber cause waiting 20 mins in the freezing cold isn’t ideal and then the bus appears...Seriously so annoying, part of me doesn’t even want to use this app anymore. Like why are they disappearing off the list? They need to fix something.
  • New update renders app useless 1/5

    By edith827
    The recent update is so confusing, there’s all these dots on a map but who knows which direction any train is headed? It’s useless now so don’t bother downloading.
  • Where is the Save Stop Button? 1/5

    By Saddadmaddad
    You used to be able to save a stop, the screen demo in the App Store shows the “save stop” button, but that button is missing from the app. I paid for it, it’s strange that feature disappeared. I’m not the only one, I’ve checked with multiple people.
  • Remove Ads Purchase 5/5

    By SOS Ana
    Phone made this purchase while in my bag , how do I cancel this. Not sure if this is a one time purchase or monthly and where am I being charged
  • App does not work! 1/5

    By geehey
    I deleted and re-downloaded the app- still doesn’t work
  • Useless junk 1/5

    By Sean (Seattle)
    The app does not work. Tapping location takes you to somewhere in the Atlantic (0,0) despite location services being enabled. Manually scrolling to a stop still does not make it tap-able.
  • 5 star 5/5

    By doosse
    I like it because if you just press one bus number it will show you all the numbers
  • Accuracy of times for bus arrivals are off! 1/5

    By dreamfan07
    Needs better accuracy of arrival times for buses.
  • Difficult to use 2/5

    By Urban Jan
    Switching back and forth between directions is cumbersome. Not intuitive to use. Would not recommend.
  • Unreliable and bad UI 1/5

    By Sara20122
    The functionality of usability of this app have gone way down ever since their recent upgrades. Only showing the # of minutes away as opposed to the actual ETA makes it more difficult for those of us who have transfers to coordinate. The layout is not intuitive and it often crashes. More importantly though, the reliability is awful. The estimated times of arrival are off way more than they are on. You’ll have a bus/train that will be “1 minute approaching” for about 10 minutes one day, then you’ll have a train that’s coming in 7 minutes, the 30 seconds later it’s 1 minute away. You’re much better off downloading another app, this is a completely unreliable system.
  • Refreshing update 5/5

    By mass confusion
    I love the new look of the app and how it’s easier to access the map
  • Refresh 5/5

    By Hallor
    Please update to show miles away for trains just like it is for buses, especially for late night when service is not running as frequently
  • New upload 1/5

    By J.C. Chicago
    Did not like the upgrade, I think the one old one was better
  • Interesting update 4/5

    By Tayycro
    I'll say I don't hate the new UI update, but it could use some fixes. I miss being able to see the time the bus will get to me and how many minutes until it arrives without having to tap multiple times. The distance doesn't really matter, it should go back to being a one tap deal. Ease of use, no? Also, if you've just gone out of searching for a line/route, you should be able to get back to that same line/route immediately when you go back to search. Instead of having to click back through a bunch of times. Hope these changes make it to the next update, if not? I'll still prob use it bc it's the most simple and easy to use unfortunately.
  • App not working!!! 1/5

    By anhelibdnjdgah
    Stuck in the retrieving arrival times cycle!!! Cannot access settings menu to reset data toggle. Helppppp I need you
  • Thanks for bringing times back! 5/5

    By CTA ETA
    I wrote a review a few weeks ago about bringing back the arrival time display on the favorites page so that I could compare which bus was the fewest minutes away side by side. This function was lost after the recent update. Ask and you shall receive! The ETA function is back on the favorites page. This app once again does exactly what I need it to. Awesome. Thanks!
  • Pace 4/5

    By Javy21
    I love this app I just wish they would add Pace bus arrival times. Other than that the arrival times are almost always very accurate. Like I said I just wish they would add Pace buses to the app
  • No train schedule 1/5

    By maeblack3333
    I can’t get train times on here. Super frustrating
  • Used to be Accurate 2/5

    By amyh914
    Not sure what has happened since the update but this app is now useless for bus tracking. Completely wrong in time estimates. Typically says 5-10min and then bus comes much sooner and vice versa. Please fix! This used to be great and reliable.
  • Excellent, best CTA app 5/5

    By E_J_M
    Great app, especially being able to load the estimated arrival times for all the saved stops at once.
  • I like the last version better 3/5

    By LenntCat696969
  • CTA 5/5

    By New Day C. T. A .
    New update AWESOME !!!!!
  • Saved stops erased 5/5

    By nick946252859
    Thanks for erasing all my painstakingly-added saved stops on the last upgrade!
  • They took out the arrival time 2/5

    By Kari_Perez
    Now it just says its like 10 min away and not the actual time itll arrive
  • Getting worse, not better 1/5

    By Mix Master '74
    Without fail, I can check from either my desktop or my phone for bus times in my apartment, and be given a completely different read when I get to outside. It’s as stupid as it is infuriating.
  • Easy and most convenient 5/5

    By Anil R Shah
    I love this app very easy and understanding. Save so much time. Keep it up.
  • Best Transit App 5/5

    By Nuccii_03
    This is the best transit app yet. I’m impressed
  • Comments to improve 2/5

    By Big Lo93
    A little confusing to me and hard to navigate.
  • Bring back default stops 5/5

    By KM1080
    I love the app and have been using it for years (I even upgraded since I use it so often). I really like the new release but what happened to the default stop when you open the app? It used to be when you opened the app you could specify a stop as the default. Now it opens on the last stop you used. I tend to rely on the app in the morning and would like to default it to open on my morning stop. The settings also used to allow you to set the default or the last stop but that’s gone too. Can we bring these back?

Transit Stop: CTA Tracker. app comments

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