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TransLoc Rider

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  • Current Version: 1.7.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: TransLoc Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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TransLoc Rider App

TransLoc has raised the bar with this wholly reimagined transit-tracking app. If you’ve ever stood in the rain wondering where your bus or train is, TransLoc Rider is the app for you. TransLoc Rider provides real-time transit tracking, arrival predictions and proximity alerts. With TransLoc Rider you can: • Watch buses and trains move in real time • Set alerts that tell you when your favorite bus is approaching • See the location and heading of any bus in your vicinity • Watch all the buses moving on a specific route • Check the arrival predictions for all buses approaching a specific stop • Use SmartSearch to quickly locate specific routes and stops • New multi-modal trip plan update incorporates stop, route and schedule information when passengers use multiple modes of transportation (e.g. Uber and mass transit). *Limited to participating transit agencies. This app leverages an Apple service called the "significant location change service", which runs in the background and collects data only when your device has traveled 500 meters and five minutes have passed. This results in a tiny processing impact to your device. The benefit to transit riders is assisting transit agencies in positioning routes and stops as well as dispatching vehicles with optimal frequency.

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TransLoc Rider app reviews

  • Good but could be better 3/5

    By Hamedab14
    Very helpful but a lot of the time when I’m looking for a bus and I know that the buses are in route it will say no prediction and no Arrow will come up on the map
  • No wasted waiting time, no standing outside in the cold! 5/5

    By Atl Yankee
    Useful, good interface. Helps me time my trip to the bus station very accurately.
  • Good 4/5

    If you live on campus, this app will be great for you.
  • Disabled 5/5

    By Lynn Allison
    I used a heavy knee caddy and the drivers were great, putting out the ramp without hesitation.
  • Unreliable app. 1/5

    By AM on skype
    I just saw a bus pass the stop I was supposed to take it from. It wasn’t shown as currently on the route in the app! I missed it thinking it’s not on the route for some reason. Busses randomly drop in and drop out of the routes. This is quite irritating and it keeps happening all the time. Not sure if I can trust this app. I’ve missed too many buses now.
  • Won’t open 1/5

    By donna in atlanta
    Just error messages, I’ve deleted and reinstalled, still just errors
  • Needs Update 1/5

    By Ms. Stark
    App hasn’t been working lately. No prediction for routes and there hasn’t been updates in a while.
  • Love the Bee 5/5

    By Rucker-Young
    I love riding the Bee and I think the service is priced right !!!
  • Cool app 5/5

    By SonSonnnn
    I love it !
  • Rider opinion 5/5

    By Cait360
    Wonderful app very effective
  • Good improvement 5/5

    By Ramij48
    When I started using this service was not able to track 50% of the service! Now I can track almost 95% of the service!!! Is good improvement for the service, thank you Suffolk!!!
  • On point 5/5

    By Skeater10
    I encourage everyone to get this app you will not be disappointed, it delivers and keeps you informed about upcoming events If your new to riding the Bus, you’ve to try this app, I love it.
  • Nice drivers 4/5

    By Sharky boo
    I have been riding this shuttle for almost 2 years and for the most part the drivers are very nice and friendly. I think this app works pretty well. I have shared this app with other people and they seemed to like it to. I do wish the shuttle buses were cleaner.
  • What is the point. 1/5

    By Ally Hass
    Never tracks the buses correctly.
  • No info 2/5

    By 2tru
    What’s the point of having an app, if it rarely works. Don’t even waste your time here. Just check the schedule online and hope it’s on time.
  • Mostly accurate 4/5

    By TMbrunner
    Really appreciate this app... accurate most of the time. Makes taking the bus regularly possible for me.
  • Inconsistent but better than nothing 3/5

    By Deryck with a Y
    I have been using the app to get to and from work for the last month. At least once a week the app will inaccurately predict the bus either by saying it’s a minute away (bus doesn’t show for another 5-10) or the bus is 25 minutes away and it shows up 5 minutes later.
  • 👍🏽 5/5

    By CamiHiggs
    It’s been very accurate since I’ve downloaded it. It is a huge help. Thanks 👍🏽
  • Super Annoying 1/5

    By future_prez
    Every time I use this app I get inconsistent results. If there were another app available, I would definitely use it.
  • Great service! 5/5

    By Polardoo
    Very nice drivers specially Vicky and Randy. Thanks!
  • Good app 5/5

    By travenature1
    They finally updated the screen to fit the iPhone XR most likely the other devices to
  • Wish I had this service in undergraduate school 5/5

    By loqw98
    Great app
  • Works great 5/5

    By teaicky
    Works great for my local transit system. Very user-friendly interface.
  • It’s good 4/5

    By wyatt_mcqueen
    It’s a little weird to get used to and understand but eventually it becomes super useful day to day
  • Rarely Correct 1/5

    By F*** you eBay
    The app says the bus will arrive way earlier than it actually does. Apparently they don’t know the difference between 5 minutes and 20 minutes.
  • Great Start Could Be Better 5/5

    By Msmodel05
    I downloaded the app after my son and I became daily commuters to the Bus. I drop him off at daycare in the mornings and pick him up and also ride throughout the day to job search.. Some of the bus lines are off or if you aren’t standing at a particular bus stop it won’t tell you that it’s coming. But since I ride the same routes everyday I have learned to navigate through the app.. Definitely easier than calling the phone line every time I leave from somewhere
  • Just Add Lag Time 4/5

    By Sal'mander
    Generally an effective app. I assume the bus is closer than the marker appears, which cuts down on me watching the bus go by. There are ghost buses (no transponder), so I still have to use the published schedule. This is a great app for delays, I can see all the piled up buses. The time to arrival information is confusing, I can’t tell which direction it’s referring to, and sometimes I can’t get the route I want to appear.
  • OK 2/5

    By JDouglas_86
    Accuracy on this application is 50-50 at best. Half the time I get “No Prediction” even though according to the bus company the bus should be 5 minutes away.
  • A must-have for bus riders in served systems 5/5

    By palaeologus
    I have tried catching buses in my medium-sized Southern city with just the paper or online schedule, and it simply doesn’t work as well as this app, which aims to provide real-time tracking of buses along routes. While the app isn’t foolproof — mainly because cities and individual drivers don’t always match the anticipated routes, and the app isn’t equipped to adjust to those changes — it is a real upgrade from other means of ascertaining when a bus will arrive at a particular stop or which other buses make stops at a particular location.
  • Excellent service!! 5/5

    By Cyrus Mccullar
    Every time I use this app I get the correct time and always make my bus on time
  • Nice App! 5/5

    By Sandhill!
    The app seems to be pretty accurate, so we can finish up at a location based on when the next streetcar will arrive without having to wait for extended periods. It adds extra convenience to our plans when taking The Hop.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Ufjx HD ig of gdhf
    Never accurate. I missed every bus using this app. Garbage. Negative star if possible.
  • Needs Updating 2/5

    By McCollr2
    Please, if anyone sees this who works on this app, make it compatible with the newer iPhones. It could also use some better UI to enhance the user experience more. Also, the app could run a lot smoother too. Thanks.
  • Better than Real-Time Arrivals 5/5

    By Pericats
    The website for CHT (Chapel Hill Transit) is okay, but this app uses what I believe is some kind of radar to keep track of the buses, much like weather radars. It takes some getting used to, but it does work better than the Real-Times Arrivals in the CHT website!
  • Playa Vista Shuttle Tracking Rocks!!! 5/5

    By Willoweey
    Love this app! Not only does it let us know when the next shuttle will arrive, but we can actually see the shuttle progress in real time. A must have!
  • Inaccurate 3/5

    By Lauren E. W.
    This app is generally useful most of the time but I have finally gotten tired of watching the last bus drive away when on the map it’s not even supposed to have gotten there yet. This app is very inconsistent when reporting bus locations. Suddenly the bus is on route then it’s randomly on some side street or gone altogether. Very frustrating.
  • Love this app 4/5

    By MakedaSmiles
    Super helpful and saves me so much time.
  • Limited experience but.... 4/5

    By LuluWhit
    So good, so far. I’ve only the app to track one off campus University shuttle but it seems pretty accurate so far. Has saved me standing out in the blistering longer than necessary. Thanks.
  • Thank you 5/5

    By Jon1599
    I wish they had this system down south in broward. It’s definitely a life saver for me.
  • On time 5/5

    By itztheprince
    With this app you can be on time!!
  • Terrible 1/5

    By @SH!3Y
    As one of the hundredsss of people that rely on this app it’s completed inconsistent and badly maintained doesn’t even show the buses half of the time to know where they are and it NEVER gives you an ETA so what’s the point?
  • No more guessing games 5/5

    By Brian Sheil
    This is a pretty good app. Now, I can tell when my bus will come. Living on Long Island, I’ve been taking a bus for 23 years. But, sometimes the schedule can be wrong. With this, I’ll be able to catch the bus without worrying.
  • Amtrak’s Capitol Corridor 5/5

    By ajoliefanatic21
    I use this app in Northern CA weekly to track my train as the company running the train (Amtrak) can’t seem to tell me when it will show up. After rushing out of a few meetings (and a few bars) to catch my train home, I’m so happy to have found this app! I can now wait in warmth rather than stranded on a platform somewhere waiting for delayed trains. Highly recommend!
  • Extremely inconsistent 1/5

    By Nadir Elamin
    This app rarely ever works correctly. It will sometimes say that a bus is 10 minutes away while using WiFi but when u get to the bus stop and use data, the app says the bus will arrive in 40 minutes!! I’ve used this app for about 5 years now and it has been inconsistent all the time. Sometimes it will say that the next bus will arrive in 40 minutes but actually a bus will arrive in 5 minutes that isn’t even being tracked by the app. I can easily tell that the developers haven’t taken any time to improve the app. Extremely stupid and annoying. I’ve been late to classes multiple times due to this app. Definitely a 1 star rating. If there was a different app that tracked the buses I would use that. Edit: I’ve been using this app since 2015 and it has not been updated once. I mean how do you not update an app atleast once in 5 years? These developers are complete bums that do nothing.
  • The BEST app Everrrr 5/5

    By RawRiches
    This thing has saved me sooo many times. Rider, I’ll ride with you till the wheels fall of 💯
  • Very helpful & accurate 5/5

    By IAgirl
    Easy to see where the buses are en route; easy to narrow down the particular bus routes you use most often. Excellent app!
  • Pretty fire app overall, always helps me 4/5

    By Adri 😚
    Sometimes inaccurate but I think it's just because the bus drivers either get stuck in traffic or are taking a well deserved break. Pretty good app overall. There are times when buses come that aren't on the grid which is nice but it would be good to know.
  • Reliable and simple. 4/5

    By Jungle Lem lem
    Works pretty well at UConn. It’s a huge upgrade from the old ride system app the university used to use. Now I’m not late to class cuz of an app glitch.
  • Accurate and handy 5/5

    By 키이프
    Using this along with my uni’s bus app. Gives real-time updates, showing routes and buses on a handy map. Rather than just knowing how many minutes a way a bus is, one can see where exactly the bus is and where its going. Anyone can see inaccuracies are not on the app’s end.

TransLoc Rider app comments

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