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TransLoc App

TransLoc is your personal assistant for getting to work on time, spending the day running errands or hopping around campus for classes. TransLoc is the only app with public transit options, a trip planner, ride-sharing and bus schedules. Not sure how to get from point A to point B? No problem! Use the trip planner to find the best public transit routes, times and services to fit your schedule. You can even favorite the bus stops you use the most to always have arrival predictions at your fingertips. Wondering if you have time to grab a coffee before getting on the bus? With TransLoc, you’ve also got access to scheduled and estimated arrival times…perfect for those mornings when a 5-minute coffee run is essential. Where available, you can even bring the bus stop to you! TransLoc connects you to nearby ride-sharing services offered by your city or campus. Best of all, it’s cheaper than most private ride-hailing apps! Get to where you want to go for less than the other apps want you to pay. ALL YOU NEED TO GET AROUND • Quick access to the transit options nearest you • Stay in the know with scheduled and estimated arrival times • You can even pay with TransLoc (where available) CHEAPER RIDESHARING • Enjoy the same ride-sharing experience you’re used to at a price that’s about the same as a bus ticket GET TO YOUR DESTINATION SAFELY • TransLoc makes it easier to find and use public transit options near you • Your city or campus runs the microtransit and ridesharing services, which are easy to spot and safe to ride on BETTER & SMARTER • Your TransLoc app is constantly updated with great features and enhancements. • We’d love to hear your ideas on how to make the TransLoc app even better. Just use the feedback option within the app.

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TransLoc app reviews

  • Glitchy and Annoying 2/5

    By nevaeh616
    I’m happy that I have a good understanding of when the buses come so I know to leave early and just wait. But I’d love to just CHECK the app at least once without it crashing or just showing a blank screen/ having no available buses at all.
  • Late to work 1/5

    By Charles Magnes
    Buses never come on time I had to quit my job because i cant get a consistent ride c
  • Invasive location tracking 1/5

    By Someone who uses a lot of apps
    Want to check a bus schedule? Want to see where buses are? Well you better be willing to let the app track you. It makes sense that it may want your location to show you where you are on the map. But this is the first and only bus app I’ve seen that REQUIRES you to share your location to see a bus schedule. Even if you give location once to set up what bus systems are near you, it will still REQUIRE you to share your location anytime you want to check the schedules/locations. Invasive location tracking for no good reason.
  • Status frozen 1/5

    By jhy435
    I don’t know what has happened but this app has stopped working for me for a day. The status is stuck, and the official website is also down. I don’t the server is working.
  • At least it’s free 1/5

    By teeneechee
    By far the worst app I’ve ever used.
  • Bus info missing 1/5

    By Resistor-Transistor
    I work for a Hi Ed institution, the app may be great but if the buses don’t turn the gps on! it’s useless….. going back to walk and run as soon as I spot the bus….
  • At least it stopped crashing 3/5

    By Deryck with a Y
    When I last reviewed this in February 2022, it was crashing *every* time I tried to open it. It stopped doing that, thankfully. However, it has no bus tracking for any of the buses I take, which is a big reason to use it. Knowing when a bus is scheduled to arrive is useful, but Google Maps does that plus more.
  • Mediocre at best 1/5

    By Tonatiuh Quetzal
    I’ve actually reached out a few times to submit feedback, none of the bugs have been fixed. Glitchy, inaccurate, delayed notifications. There have to be better options than this app for shuttle service, avoid at all costs
  • This is the worst app ever 1/5

    By Vipulbhai Patel
    Why does it make you turn your location on to see routes?? Why doesn’t it let you manually put in a location and see nearby buses??? The times are also often behind, which is annoying.
  • inaccurate and not reliable 2/5

    By NatStudent
    Frustrating to use. It’s possible it’s more the fault of the shuttles themselves, but I’ve found this app to be unreliable and often inaccurate. The scheduled time of arrival and the “minutes away” often do not match, which is confusing. I also cannot get the Notifications feature to work. I’ve ended up running late or missing my bus entirely many times.
  • Really isn’t a bad app 4/5

    By OJK14567
    Use it at university when I study late. Works well enough. I can book late night car rides back to my apartment from the library and avoid creepy people outside. That’s enough for me
  • TERRIBLE 1/5

    By BdotR
    Your app does NOT work one bit. There is constantly flex vans that park in a parking lot half a mile from my place all the time waiting for people that need rides and it still tells me no rides nearby. I’ve opened this app about 8 times in different areas and it’s never once told me a ride is available always just tells me no rides nearby. This app is literally losing you business.
  • Tallahassee should be ashamed to switch to this 1/5

    By joe1148139
    This is honestly the worst transportation app I have ever had the displeasure of using. It consistently lags, buses will not appear on their routes for minutes at a time, and the animation of them moving moves so slow that the buses are far from the destination stated on the app. I have been late so many times because of the dysfunction of it and I cannot believe the city of Tallahassee still burdens it’s residents with having to use it
  • Often laggy, inaccurate 2/5

    By gabbmeister
    I’m not sure if this has to do with the local buses and less with the app, but when using it I have to keep in mind that the bus is likely pretty far ahead from where Transloc says it is, even with great wifi/cell service. There have also been times that a bus has gotten frozen on my screen then jumped very far down the route. I have missed buses because of this as I have to walk a while to my stop and use the app to determine when I should head out. Also, it’s very confusing to see when buses are arriving. The ‘arriving in x minutes’ feature is never accurate and, if the app thinks it can predict what time a bus will be at your stop, it won’t tell you the actual scheduled time. The app is better than nothing but it could use a lot of work. Edit: I would like to add just a couple of things. One, there have been some mornings recently where information will not update at all in the app and I have to go to the bus system’s website to keep track of buses. Two, I am getting frustrated over the fact that, when it is working, I cannot tell TransLoc what routes matter to me. I take the same buses every day, yet when I reopen the app I am shown random routes nearby and not the ones I choose to see every day. As I said before, this app can use a lot of work.
  • Give us back Rider 1/5

    By usedtoridealot
    TransLoc is a pain. Give us back rider so we can plan ahead with info from any route we might need
  • Slow 1/5

    By Emenike
    It doesn’t load the local buses most of the time. I am sitting at the bus stop hoping I didn’t miss my bus at the moment.
  • Pointless App 1/5

    By quietvictory1993
    The app literally only shows routes now, no actual shuttles, no estimated arrival times, no capacity information. Basically a fancy route map.
  • HELLO??? 1/5

    By ImpulseAddict
  • Needs to be fixed 1/5

    By GuitGuyD9
    I have routes very close to where I live and it never shows any of them. The other day I was standing directly under the bus stop sign, the app indicated “no active routes,” and the bus showed up about a minute later. I know the approximate time these buses are supposed to show, because I use an old fashioned schedule, but it would be nice to pinpoint exactly where the bus is. Please fix.
  • At Times Slow and/or Unresponsive 2/5

    By 2CPD
    When the app works, it works great: the ETAs are pretty accurate and I can see the buses’ location on the map. Trouble is, that happens only about 50% of the time. Idk when it started exactly but the app has been showing no routes on startup and I would have to quit and reopen it to see where the nearby buses are.
  • Freezes and doesn’t show buses half the time 1/5

    By Grendel 12.7
    App is plagued with problems and its awfully optimized, whether the app works or not for its intended purpose is a coin toss.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By michellerv15
    Horrible it never shows any bus route at all even if you are standing in any transfer point or anywhere
  • Absolute garbage 1/5

    By Laureellxx
    This app doesn’t work. I check daily to see where my local bus is, when I’m at bus stop, and the app days there are no active routes around me. I’m standing at bus stop. So how is that not an active route? Don’t use this app if you want real time updates on buses.
  • Just no 2/5

    By Audreybrooke_
    Doesn’t work half the time and the only really helpful thing about it is the location tracking, and again that’s only sometimes. Unfortunately this is the only app that my university’s transit system uses. They have another one completely for the on campus route that works pretty well but all the off campus routes are forced to try to plan around this bad app.
  • Terrible! Does not work! 1/5

    By Kanchana Ranasinghe
    The app is very unreliable. Does not work for our region. It shows no routes at all although the bus is there.
  • Buggy and unreliable 1/5

    By rd744739393746
    Forced to use because this is what my university chose to track their shuttles. App is extremely buggy and unreliable, with routes not updating or randomly just not appearing until restarting or even reinstalling.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By HL25463
    I was trying to find morning routes and the app gave me evening routes.
  • Literally never works 1/5

    By A Really Dumb Nickname
    You could literally be standing at a bus stop and it will still tell you there are no routes nearby. Trash app.
  • Worked great for years. Lately can’t say the same 1/5

    By mblling
    I don’t know what’s changed but in the last several weeks this app always says there are no routes active. No refreshing or opening and closing the app fixes it. Every now and then I’ll get lucky and it actually works. It’s been weeks, you’d think they’d fix an issue this big asap.
  • Inconsistent 1/5

    By DoonutMon
    Inconsistent beyond measure. Does not show the bus lines that are there. Best to not even use the app. Just use the schedule posted. This is garbage
  • Great WHEN it works!!! 1/5

    By merlinxwiz
    Every time Transloc updates their app SCT no longer works! EVERY TIME!!! And every time I write them they keep blaming SCT saying that’s it’s them and not Transloc. REALLY?!? Transloc, wake up! I really used to enjoy Transloc because I take many buses every day and I need to know when they are coming or if I just missed one and need to wait an additional hour at the bus stop (sometimes in 15 degree weather!) I am sick of this game that Transloc continues to play! The app works perfectly and as soon as I install the latest update “BOOM” Transloc stops tracking SCT! Anyone with some common sense can figure out that it’s NOT SCT, but Transloc!
  • It keeps telling me to update the new version 1/5

    By khwanji
    I’ve already updated it
  • Unreliable 2/5

    By Wacoweirdobrain
    There have been quite a few times that this app has been straight up inaccurate. I’ll look at a bus’s location on the map to see how long I have to get to the bus stop. Instead what happens is the bus comes WAY ahead of schedule, and when I look on the map, the bus hasn’t moved.
  • They’re always moody (too late or too early) 2/5

    By dani051910
    Today my bus was 2 hours late and when it got here they gave us 3 minutes to get out before they left us. Other days when I’m at school, they come earlier than when I schedule and get mad at me because I can’t leave the school building until it’s time to leave (which is the time a schedule). Sometimes they would even leave me at the school with no way home. Other times they come an hour or two later. I’ve never gotten a bus on time, but I don’t mind it being a few minutes of. As a student I felt like I had a little control over how I get to and from school.
  • Unintuitive Garbage 1/5

    By brycen_grady
    TransLoc is the least intuitive, explicitly anti-user friendly transportation app I’ve ever used. I’ve scoured the app many times while standing at my bus stop and it will not display the bus line it advertises to show. At one time, it worked; but alas, it simply decided to stop showing RTS Gainesville one day. Do not download, save the space on your phone from this garbage. TransLoc, you are a shame. Get out of my sight, dirtbag.
  • Ride ETA 1/5

    By Rhodes Issy
    If I close the app I can’t see the status/ETA of the ride I ordered
  • Crashes on open 1/5

    By ccccduu
    This app has worked for over a year. But suddenly will not open.
  • Broken 1/5

    By shsfahe
    App used to work at first but wouldn’t show schedules. Doesn’t have fully update times. Not to mention this is the only source of transportation for many students and the app keeps crashing. For God’s sake fix the app
  • Awful 1/5

    By baller0261
    This app is just terrible, you are lucky if it works one day a week. It never shows where the bus is at and when it does, most of the time the timing is off. I don’t understand how you can make an app that people such as collage students depend on to find a way home and you can’t even get it to work. Just do better.
  • Garbage with a capital G 1/5

    By nickname69696969695959
    I’ve missed so many classes or been extremely late bc of this dumb app still no updates and won’t even load busses when most needed
  • it has potential 2/5

    By yah0121
    it would be a nice app if it actually worked. 9/10 times it won't load where the buses actually are.
  • Unbelievably frustrating 1/5

    By Xander Atalay
    This app is wrong about bus timing way too often. Do not trust this to get you anywhere on time.
  • Update 1/5

    By K.dreamss
    It keeps saying I need to update the app when I literally just got the app yesterday .
  • transloc app state 1/5

    By VanessaR34
    please just update this dumb app. i cannot count the times i’ve tried to look up my bus and it just has not loaded at all leaving me late to class and i have to rely on the bus
  • iPhone 6 review (1/18/22) 1/5

    By 9th grade Chemistry Student
    App crashes every time I open it. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling; same result.
  • Trash!!! 1/5

    By Rob n p
    Bring back the old TransLoc rider! This app is trash! I’m actually standing at the bus depot there are 8 buses standing in front of me and the app says no buses in 3 miles of me.
  • Does not work 1/5

    By Carcar12345124685114468
    Literally doesn’t work EVER. I have multiple busses in my area and they just don’t won’t pop up.
  • Report a Bug 1/5

    By 佛儒mt
    The presentation version doesn’t work on iPhone 6s with iOS 12.0
  • Good if it would work 1/5

    By MattyMcF
    The app works great at least 10% of the time. The other 90%, bus locations and times don’t load. Whenever you depend on the bus to make it somewhere on time, this is unacceptable.