TrapCall: Reveal No Caller ID

TrapCall: Reveal No Caller ID

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  • Current Version: 6.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Epic Enterprises
  • Compatibility: Android
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TrapCall: Reveal No Caller ID App

If you’re troubled by harassing blocked calls or the dreaded "No Caller ID," TrapCall will solve your problem. Sign up & get freedom from unwanted Blocked, Unknown, and "NO CALLER ID" calls! TONS OF AMAZING BENEFITS: √ Find out who’s hiding behind "NO CALLER ID," Unknown, & Blocked calls! √ Track down digital stalkers √ Protect your privacy and safety √ Get the evidence you need to file a police report √ Make annoying unwanted calls stop √ Automatically block over 200,000 known spam callers and telemarketers √ Continuously updated spam call protection √ Record your incoming phone calls for evidence √ Avoid needing to change your number! √ Get your voicemails as text and SMS or email √ Turn unfamiliar numbers into names, photos, and addresses with Live Caller ID This is the only app in the world that protects you from harassing or threatening calls by revealing the Caller ID of people who mask their number. It’s a must-have for anyone who is concerned about their safety, trying to track down a digital stalker, or wanting to put an end to annoying phone calls. How's it work? Easy! When you receive a "No Caller ID" aka blocked call, decline the call so it can be sent for unmasking and within SECONDS the call comes back to your phone — with the number unmasked! You can even get the name and address associated with the number instantly via SMS! TrapCall's spam call blocking will automatically block over 200,000 known spam numbers to your phone, so your phone will stop ringing with unwanted calls! When your phone does ring, you can be sure that you'll know who it is, even if the Caller ID was masked, thanks to TrapCall. **** To decline a call on the iPhone, press the Power button on the side or top of your iPhone two times! **** AS SEEN IN: √ The New York Times √ Wired √ MSNBC √ CNET √ Gizmodo √ The Washington Times ** TrapCall does not cost a fee to download in the App Store, but the service requires a paid subscription **

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  • Hi 3/5

    By brankosavovic
    It won’t use my number it says it’s not valid idk why Can you deactivate the free trial? Can you see the numbers of no caller ids before you isntaled this app?
  • Now, ironically, sending texts 1/5

    By Aznewmom
    Beware!!!!! Once you attempt to get your “free” trial (what a joke) they will SEND YOU TEXTS!!!!!! What a joke. This is pure crap. Don’t fall for it!!!!
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By JayRockstar
    I wish I cloud give this app more stars. It works great but when I started getting calls from potential customers I noticed that none of them would leave a voicemail. I was told that it wouldn’t let them leave a voicemail. I thought it was because of the app. I tested this theory with a co workers phone. My phone rang like 20 times only to just eventually hang up on the person without being asked to leave a voicemail. I immediately deleted the app and followed the proper instructions to unpair my phone with the app. I would still be with the app if it didn’t have the voicemail issue. Hopefully this issue will get fixed but I can’t jeopardize my business on a faulty app.
  • Review 2/5

    By Quicky Lucille
    Needs work not very thorough
  • Not a satisfied customer 2/5

    By Butterscotchbeauti
    At first I was excited about using this app. Overtime, (less than a month) the app does not get all calls. Even when you decline it which defeats the purpose of having the app.
  • Not free 1/5

    By HazelDomain
    You cannot do a single thing in this app without entering credit card info first. Sketchy and weird, immediately uninstalled.

    By c_insano
    You literally cannot use this without either signing up for a subscription or using the free trial which I assume will automatically roll over into a subscription. Complete BS that there is no disclosure of in-app purchases on this app as with other apps!
  • The app doesn’t work 1/5

    By Nellz__
    I’ve been dealing with this issue for months it doesn’t unmask my call unless it’s a miss call or record phone call conversations
  • You have to log in and activate it every time 2/5

    By ninfanrp
    I have to keep logging in and starting the activation process every few times when I open the app. Usually after a couple days it will log me out and I have start the activation process. Not every time I open. You also get Reverse Number lookups, if you use the same number more than once by accident it will keep deducting from your monthly total....wish they would fix these isssues since I paid for it
  • Works but sucky customer service 3/5

    By Give Me My Money Stat
    **EDITED TO SAY** Arthur D was able to refund my money and cancel my subscription in ONE email. Seriously appreciate not having to have several back and forth and non effective communications like my first time. App works. But it does cost. If you have the money and want to find out who is calling you private or no caller I’d, get it. I thought I signed up for a week free trial, but when I went to unsubscribe and cancel the subscription I see I was charged the entire $96 to my PayPal already. SMH the only way to get in touch with someone is via email and they give you the runaround.
  • Trash 1/5

    By Adhawan10
    It doesn’t work . I paid one month subscription to figure out unknown caller but no results. Zero star for you.
  • Ruined My VM After I Cancel 1/5

    By XxxxxxxCoCoxxxxxX
    Thanks jerks, my VM no longer works after I cancelled your service.
  • Unhappy customer 1/5

    By Julian8784
    This service doesn’t register the caller information correctly. My daughters number comes up under the wrong name and we share an account. Her number should register under my name and it doesn’t. There were a few other numbers that registered under the wrong names and a quite a few no name at all. Not worth the money nor the time it takes to cancel. Still trying to cancel...
  • This App is a Scam 1/5

    By fgalatas
    This app comes up as free in the app store but you will need to sign up for a weekly or monthly plan, requiring that you pay!
  • $$ 5/5

    By zzzquenn
    I don’t see anywhere on here how much it costs monthly ?? Help??
  • I want to cancel this trial 1/5

    By Glipcious
    This app does not work with my phone I want to cancel this trial . There is no place to contact customer service to do so .
  • Good 5/5

    By mym200
    Legit works great

    By Badpictures
  • Avoid - the developer *is* the Spammer! 1/5

    By domeblue
    Against my better judgement, I entered my mobile number but decide the $100-per-year service was not worth it to me so I cancelled the setup. Within minutes, without permission to send me texts, I received a marketing text from "Dan" offering me a free trial for the app. Really?! Talk about not knowing your target audience. Originally I was interested in his app to protect my privacy; when I see the developer implement unsolicited marketing tactics using my *private* information without my permission it tells me they don't get it. What an abuse of trust and lack of fundamental respect for users who don't purchase his app! I can't help but think of the old gangster movies where the thug walks into the shop and sweetly tells the owner it'd be a pity to see all this nice stuff ruined. This feels so very much like extortion, and it's really not welcome, "Dan". Delete my information if I cancel the setup, better yet, don't even save it until I become a customer! The app is named appropriately, TrapCall; once you're in this developer's trap, he's going to make sure you feel it. Oh well, I made the blunder and I'm posting this to help others. Don't make the same mistake as me. Avoid this app and protect your phone number.
  • This app don’t work 1/5

    By One World Plumbiing
    It does not do what it says it does. You can contact a real person. Help is not easy to find.
  • Amateur hour 2/5

    By sicromoft
    If you write into support, they’ll wait a week, then tell you they were busy and force you to write again to get any help. Then they’ll give you the wrong info because they got confused about their own product line. Then they’ll supposedly extend your trial, but it will still cancel on the original date, and the website and app will tell you conflicting info about your subscription. I would not trust these guys with my phone calls.
  • Bad app 1/5

    By sexyjenny813
    I can’t get this app to work on my phone. And there no one to talk to. Really not liking this one now.
  • Can’t get past set up 1/5

    By isabelxvx
    I’ve done the first two calls to set up TrapCall but when it’s asking me to decline the number, it doesn’t work when I decline. So, haven’t even be able to get through the setup
  • Kept logging me out 1/5

    By Blondie_shell
    App keeps logging me out. No response from customer service. Canceled my free trial before it even expired.
  • What? 2/5

    By RigoTheCEO
    I deactivated my account & I expected to still have the month I payed $15 for but I’m now logged out of the app & can’t log back in.
  • This app is clutch 5/5

    By Boxhead1230
    I never ever have written a review for a app before but this app earned it. It exposed a blocked number that has been harassing me for months now it gave me there name, address, and number. Now I can sleep in peace.
  • False Advertisement 1/5

    By Beautifulcajun
    It should say in app purchasing. Specifically looking for a free one. I put my number and email so I am sure I will be getting messages now, more to my junk email pile. It wasted my time. Looking for free Caller ID as they call me app.
  • Not worth it anymore 2/5

    By nycr3b3l
    I’ve had TrapCall for the past 9 years and loved it from day 1, I used to get a lot of blocked calls and this app would unscramble the number while the caller had no idea their number was reveled but for the past year, I’ve had nothing but problems with the app logging me out and deactivating my account. I know you can reactivate it quickly with the app but when you get a blocked call and you hit ignore with no feedback, then the issue is why are you paying for a service that doesn’t work like it used to. I believe the company stopped caring and therefor, I will no longer continue my subscription which ends in 10 days. I don’t recommend it
  • Why does it cost money? 1/5

    By JP(taken)
    Okay, I know you guys need money but come on I just want to do this for free to see who these random unknown people are. I deleted the app and will find another one, thanks for letting my hopes down.
  • Dumb 1/5

    By Yajedi
    In App-Store, its free... so you download it. Inside app, you have to purchase to use it. The crap is that ? Useless !
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By Serena The Savage
    Right when I download and put my info in. It’s asking me to pay in order for it to work! What it wrong with the people who made it?! Make it free!
  • Jerrilyon Wright 1/5

    By Fran the grandma
    Worse service every. I think it is a SCAM you cannot contact them, they reply with a text saying click here and it won’t work. You can get in touch with online chat. There is no phone # and they tell when you sign up that it is easy to cancel anytime except you can’t reach them. I gave it one star to make sure it is posted. Don’t sign up. SCAM ALL THE WAY.
  • Very useful 5/5

    By MyCircleisZero
    Gud job guys you pretty much covered all aspects of the kall. The decline first then answer is a bit confusing but after a few kalls u get used to it jus a tad pricey if u ask me and I’m a winner but wen I purchased ur premium for a year I don’t feel as though I’ve won more like broke even but at least I don’t feel it was a loss
  • Looks free. Money 1/5

    By Giorgiosbirro
    It looks like it’s free on the App Store you fill out all your personal information and then they tell you they want money. They probably sell this information. Not happy I was scammed
  • Don’t bother 1/5

    By Bee22929272
    Worthless app. Can’t even get past the setup. I have up eventually.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Lord Quest
    Well worth the money !
  • trapcall 1/5

    By bahaksvka
    please i beg you guys to becarful someone was using my number to make an account for trapcall and i have confirmed this with trapcall but i would have felt safer if trapcall had a paypass to make an account maybe they can send you a pin on a text if someone is trying to make an account under your number to virafy its you please this is a serouis matter please change your policy its so easy for someone to make an account uner anyone number and spy on them
  • Requires In-App Purchase 1/5

    By tangsl
    App description needs to change and reflect the fact that the app requires an in app purchase in order to function. Currently it’s labeled as Free without noting that there are in app purchases.
  • Deceptive- no free options 1/5

    By Gud Spelher
    Don’t bother to download this unless you want a subscription. There are no free features to use and you can only try the app after giving them your credit card info. Most of the other available apps have a free service and offer a premium upgrade at a cost but I’m not paying before I’ve tried the service at all especially not 100 a year for the discounted service. This app should say that it’s a subscription service in the description because it’s deceptive that it is a free download that has nothing free in it. Also, I don’t trust anyone who forces third party billing, apps should be charged through the App Store and I should not have to enter my cc into an app. Shady.
  • Deceptive - it’s a paid app! 1/5

    By Vb2k
    There’s no place in the store that says you have to pay for the service, but it’s over $95 per year.
  • Not here to help you 1/5

    By BrokeBruce
    Dan isn’t here to help, he just wants in your wallet.
  • Scam as the spammers. 1/5

    By good old days
    This advertises itself as free but it’s far from free. The moment you install it it collects your data and asks to subscribe. Scam.
  • You have to pay, it didn’t state that. 1/5

    By GabrielleRecto
    So I saw about the app on a YouTube video as an AD. It looked amazing, and even based on its reviews, but when you immediately sign up, you have this pay up front month to month. Like 12 months a year with 1 week free for $7.95 or 1 month with 1 week free for $9.95 So consider your time and money elsewhere, but if you have the money for this, then go right ahead, I don’t know if it really works, please write a review if it really works. Thank you.
  • Cost 120 per year. 1/5

    By shansult
    No free lunch here
  • App logs out every hour, adds numbers to your contact list 1/5

    By Updating will delete progress
    The piece of crap sign you out every hour (yes I have a subscription, it logs out while it's kept open in the background) what the hell is the point of this app if I have to sign on 20 times a day because it logs you out every hour. It also keeps adding every call it "unmasks" to my contacts. They claim "they updated it so it doesn't do it anymore" but it does. I'm running the newest upgrade on my iPhone X and it constantly adds numbers to my contact list an signs off every hour. Thanks for sucking & wasting my money. How about fixing this piece of crap. 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕
  • Buyer beware 1/5

    By Lord Humppsalotalota
    $120 a year

    By PapiiJrsPapii
    Not sure why this app is acting up. But it doesn’t work for my number. And CLEARLY I live in the US. I’m definitely looking for answers. Someone contact me. And NOT through here. I’ve emailed several times and have not even received any responses yet. 🤬🤔
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Volley65
    Doesn’t stop calls it is to and then when you unload it before the trial period is over you still get charged. Have to thank AT&T for recommending it they didn’t say it was a charged app.
  • U have to pay 1/5

    By Cas7796
    This would’ve been a great app but I wish they would’ve told us before we put in all our personal information to how much it would be on a monthly or yearly basis. I’m deleting the app

TrapCall: Reveal No Caller ID app comments

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