TREBEL Music - Download Songs

TREBEL Music - Download Songs

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  • Current Version: 4.3.4
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: M&M Media, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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TREBEL Music - Download Songs App

TREBEL is a free iPhone music app that lets you download songs and albums, and play them offline, for free. Now you can listen to music you download anywhere with no WiFi. TREBEL is engineered for unlimited music downloads and uses less phone battery then music video sites and works with no cellular data plan. iOS 10.2 or GREATER REQUIRED. Please send questions to: [email protected] Like the app? Rate us 5 stars and hit us up on Instagram @trebelmusic! --- Downloading free music on TREBEL is as easy as tapping a button. No more wasting time on torrent sites or stream ripping YouTube videos to MP3 in order to get the music you love. On TREBEL you can download the hottest new albums from your favorite artists for free, such as: Kodak Black - ZEZE Ariana Grande - thank u, next Lil Baby - Street Gossip Sheck Wes - Mo Bamba Nicki Minaj - Good Form Billie Eilish - come out and play Halsey - Without Me Xxxtentacion - ? Lil Wayne - Tha Carter V Trippie Redd - Topanga Kevin Gates - Luca Brasi 3 Post Malone & Swae Lee - Sunflower If you have a large iTunes collection already, TREBEL automatically syncs your existing library so you can combine your own music with songs downloaded for free on the app. Product Features: No Wi-Fi connection needed to listen to most downloaded songs Play offline on mobile Unlimited music downloads enabled by caching technology Use no cell data when playing music offline Use less battery when playing music offline Download complete albums at a time No need to use an MP3 converter or torrent site. No need for stream ripping Syncs with your existing iTunes MP3 collection Music: Top 40, Hip-Hop, Rap, Electronica, Punk, Classic Rock, Metal, R&B, Gospel, Christian, Holidays, Folk, Country, Bluegrass, Indie, and more! High quality audio Album cover art and information Customizable playlists Search by artist, album, or song Sort by artist, album, genre, song, or playlist Social: Campus function allows you to discover music from students at your college or university Interact with campus influencers for new music recommendations See what your friends and followers are downloading and listening to Download the same music as your friends What's New in This Version: We’re constantly updating and improving the TREBEL experience. Keep your Updates enabled to make sure you always have the current version. We’re working hard to get more free music content for offline playback. If you see a song or album that we don’t offer, hit “Request Download” and we will let you know when it’s live on the app. TREBEL is a licensed service with the best music in the world from Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group. HIT US UP BELOW! Instagram: @trebelmusic Twitter: @trebelapp Facebook: @trebelapp If you love the app, please rate and review it with 5 stars!

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TREBEL Music - Download Songs app reviews

  • Love It, But Just 2 Things 3/5

    By Caleb Dix
    I'm still not getting the part where a new album comes out and I have to request to download it and I never hear from it again! And can you really change a color scheme! Other than that. I highly recommend it for anyone who cannot or does not want to pay for music on iTunes. And this just in! When I click on the app it takes me out of the app within 3 seconds! This just started happening a few minutes ago, before this I’ve been using it all day! I cleared my data and restarted my phone and that didn’t do anything! Please figure out what’s going on!
  • Ok I guess…… 4/5

    The app is great except you have to wait at least 2 weeks for new music. There was a song that I wanted so I searched for it and it told me it was “Coming Soon” up to this day it’s still not out. If you want to listen to your songs without interruptions this is good for you and if you want to listen to new music with only 30 second ads then go download Spotify right now. One other thing is that for one hour of music offline where is without WiFi if you did not know, it costs 1000 coins. 1000 coins seriously!?! By the way if your still reading your awesome😁! Any way I gave it 4 stars so your welcome. This is probably one of the better apps so… yeah check it out at your risk.
  • This app is very convenient but... 2/5

    By Thatonecommentguy
    It seems to focus on one genre of music, or two, actually. Any new song and rap, so really it’s just rap and pop, if it’s trending they are gonna get that right away. But some tracks from 2012-2011 aren’t even available which puts me in awe. They can get brand new songs but not even songs from 2012 or 2011 it’s stupid, if you’re going to make a music app, then you should at least try to make SOME diversity. Good suggestion only because I still can’t listen to them, All time low- Don’t panic. Also if they do somehow have your music, don’t get too happy it’s probably just the video that needs WiFi and you need to keep your phone on for. Here is a recent one Also! Sorority noise- add their newest album on. Also why does every comment like mine not get a reply?
  • Coin’s 4/5

    By Barbie_Beezy
    The TREBEL coins are annoying because when ever I play a song I loose coins all though I like the app
  • Just a suggestion 3/5

    By simplegirl110
    I absolutely love this app EXCEPT 90% of any songs or artists I want to download is “coming soon” it’s very disappointing. I selected to be notified when the songs I want come available... yet after a year.. not even one single song has come available. So “coming soon” is very misleading to customers. Also half the songs I wanted the most can only be played on WiFi. If not fir these issues I would gladly give this app 5 stars.
  • Great app but one quick thing 5/5

    By A cool customer
    Hey! This is a absolutely great app with tons of cool music and such. But my one piece of advice is to add shuffle play for playlist. Anyways thank you for your time! Great app!
  • App Doesn’t open or load after update 1/5

    By Honest-Lisa-would-never-lie
    App doesn’t load or open after the update .. it’s no useless junk in my phone that I’m now gonna delete n never use again!
  • Great app 5/5

    By mouse power
    So far so good ,an app I can download music I want for free👍👍

    By milio11619
    can you guys put in some Larry June albums plz
  • Videos 4/5

    By clonetrooper234
    It good but some of the songs I want to download are only videos and if I close the app they stop playing so I can only watch them on the app
  • Update 1/5

    By alcoira
    Use to love this app until the last update now doesn’t work😡😡😡😡🎈
  • It’s Fantastic it’s just that.... 3/5

    By 💜The unicorn💜
    Hello it’s “the unicorn” again.I just wanted to say I understand your coin rule TREBEL, but what if you have slow data and ads won’t help because they won’t load that is a major problem that I am facing. So again, could you create some other creative way to earn more coins? As you have responded on many other complaints/reviews on this app about coins you say “it helps the musicians...” or that “you’re not like other illegal music apps” I really do understand but PLEASE PLEASE do something about the coins?!!?😡😡😡 Overall, without the coins it’s a splendor app! The ads don’t really bother me if my data wasn’t slow. From, 💜The unicorn💜
  • Great but one subjection 5/5

    By calebwright47
    This app is great I love it but the only thing I wish it had was shuffle play so u don’t have to keep listening to songs in the same order but it not that big on a deal for being able to download music free.
  • Again 1/5

    By MikeD956
    Well again this new update they put out the app doesn’t stay open it crashes open it and it stays on for a second and crashes
  • READ THIS 5/5

    By redfoo kid
    This app is amazing it has all the music I wanted and you don’t have to pay all you need to do is make an account that takes like 5 seconds to make then search up you music and then download it which also takes like 5 seconds YOU NEED TO GET THIS APP ITS AMAZING 😘❤️💕😍😚😊
  • Unable to download 1/5

    By care2191
    I was not able to download a single song. Either it said coming soon or download button did not work
  • Love it ... 4/5

    By 1848$(48)
    But can y’all put some Russian artists on there please like y’all need more artists, I use it every day I and my friends would love it you would put some more songs in Russian thanks
  • Very good 5/5

    By firas93
    I love it
  • frustrating 2/5

    By blackpool86
    every band whose name i entered: coming soon..??? i dont have time for that.
  • FIVE STARS!!! 5/5

    By charzrd trainer
    Thank you so much for the ability to listen to my favorite songs offline! I have a phone but no service while I’m out of the house this helps me because now I can listen to music on the bus! Thank you so much BTW my fav list is hip hop/rap Keep up the good work! 👍🏻
  • Whoo Hoo!! 5/5

    By changy75
    Absolutely the VERY BEST music app I’ve downloaded that allows offline playing. Not every song u may want is available immediately, but that’s ok! AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!! Thank you TREBEL!!
  • Good concept but missing key features 3/5

    By entercreativenicknamehere
    One of my biggest complaints with this app is that none of the albums are in order. Furthermore, it is impossible to change the order of the songs in a playlist. There should also be a system for deleting entire albums at once. Finally, the albums that are “coming soon” should either not be visible or have some way of telling the user that they are not available for downloading. I think that the concept behind this app is great and should be extended to other types of media (like books or movies) but the app still needs some work.
  • This is stupid 1/5

    By doritoman555789
    Every time I try to download a song it says please wait so I wait 30 minutes later nothing
  • Best music app ever 5/5

    By kschroeder550
    You can listen to off line music if you download it highly recommend!!!!!
  • Get rid of the coin system for already downloaded music. 2/5

    By Shsuajxdjvhxhxjxkx
    I wanted this app to get the music I wanted and not get interrupted! Fix your darn coin system. If I see another notification, that I can’t listen to the music I sat down and downloaded. Then your app will lose its recognition real fast. I’m upset at this. Again, I wanted this app to be able to sit down and enjoy it, without worrying about coins!! Spotify is now sounding a whole lot better then this app! Fix your system. Free music! You know what I want to see when I click on my music? The music! Not something about coins! Fix it! I don’t care how! But I want it fixed now!
  • Goated App 5/5

    By JonathanUsor
    Had this app for a while and I have not expierienced a single problem, 10/10
  • Work Very Good 5/5

    By kushpanda89
    This app works very well
  • What happen to the no internet to listen to music? 3/5

    By NightWolf0807
    I really like this app I really do but I liked it better when I didn’t need internet to listen to music
  • Amazing and suggestion 5/5

    By Modern combat beast
    Amazing 5 star app all around love it, but could you please add the feature when you disconnect a aux cord or bluetooth headphones can you pause the song? to many times at school i put away my airpods and the song doesn’t stop and starts playing on my devices speaker. not a big deal just something I’d like fixed. again great app!
  • Nice for what it is 4/5

    By B1k3r1981
    Known Pros: no piracy downloads, hd quality music, large library. Known cons: requires frequent connections to internet to continue use of app, has constant ads (it’s why the music is free), will play a hand full of tracks then annoyingly stop to check if your still listening (I know I’m not the only person that sleeps well to music), publishers seem to lean heavy on the rap/hip hop genre of major artists leaving those who enjoy metal/classical/southern rock/or non mainstream bands out in the cold
  • Coins 5/5

    By kekamarie
    What are the coins for !?
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By rosiebird15
    Okay so this app is my absolute favorite music app! If you are debating on whether or not to get this app, I think you totally should! It’s free, easy to use, and while you are playing music, no ads interrupt! And if there is ever a problem they are pretty efficient in fixing it! :) don’t just take my word for it, try it out! 😊
  • My issue was fix!! Yay 5/5

    By Kassandra Vivu
    I’m so glad that they fixed the issue with the app not opening! I’m glad I invested in Trebel!!! It’s an amazing app and I love it
  • Wow 5/5

    By zanzoon 💩
    I like the idea. It’s an amazing app. You can download music and listen offline. Just a little remark: some of the songs I want say that they are not available and that you are working on improving. Can you please fix that, because some of my favorite songs are there. Again, I love your app and I’m not trying to her because I am a user myself, but every perfection has its faults. Thank you for helping me listen to music offline. With thanks, Zaina Osama Albaini Ps: can you add gangsta’s paradise, it’s my favorite but it’s always coming soon
  • Best Music App Ever 5/5

    By Arson Aussault
    It’s literally just Apple Music except 100% free. The fact that you can listen offline is great and not available in other apps like this such as Spotify. Most songs and music are available. Also you can import your songs from Apple Music I think by using the plus button. Not a fake review btw I don’t think TREBEL made those for this app bc they’re great. AMAZING APP USING IT RN 😂 Quick question tho. What are the coins actually for?? lol thanks for the great app guys
  • Review 3/5

    By Rich 10 !-)
    Nice been looking for one I can download music it’s worth the time thank you but there’s one problem I got to watch adds just to listen to music
  • Omg I love it 5/5

    By Thehauntedarmor
    This is one of my favorite apps because it’s the actual songs and also offline
  • Not working 1/5

    Updated yesterday and app does not work today. Tap on app and it comes up for a second and then goes back to phone screen.
  • Great app. Getting kicked off! 3/5

    By xXGinger_KurdXx
    I really like the app TREBEL and I use it every day for the ride to and from school. One day I went on and it kicked me off! I was kinda mad and confused of why. I tried to power off my phone and nothing. Hopefully it’s getting worked on. -Rojhad
  • Don’t get me wrong I love this app 4/5

    By Ashanna101
    Except when it randomly shuts off on me but every thing else is amazing😊
  • Upset 1/5

    By Blahh 😡😡
    After the latest update my app won’t even open
  • Pretty Good 4/5

    By CheesePoop0806
    I mean, the app is pretty good to listen to offline music, but the only thing is that they need to update what music they have. I can’t listen to songs that have come out half a year ago
  • Best music app!! 5/5

    By alien_burrrps_713
    Very easy to use and Efficient!!
  • The downloads don't work 1/5

    By LooneyTunes12
    This app was my only hope, it was all easy. I was downloading a song and it told me to please try again. I close the app and went back to it and it does not work. It takes to long for it to download. Apple Music is also struggling with my uploads.
  • Amazing! One favor though. 5/5

    By Beautyqueen<3
    I absolutely LOVE this app, I am so happy that I get music for free and with amazing quality. I requested this app to my family and friends and they are satisfied as well! We don’t really understand the point of the TREBEL coins though, but it is so easy get the coins so I’m not really worried. My one request is to please please please add the Astro World album by Travis Scott PLEASE! It would even make this app better. I cannot wait until all songs are ready to be downloaded and listened offline!
  • K pop 3/5

    By ᔕᕼOᖇTᗯᖇITEᖇGIᖇᒪ
    I love this app but it won’t let me listen to bts and other k pop groups and artists.
  • Problem opening the app 1/5

    By Ly-Quinn
    Ever since I downloaded the newest version, I cannot open the app. Please fix this issue, thanks.
  • New update 3/5

    By potato_Alexia
    On my phone I can’t open trebel after the update yesterday I open it and it sends me back to my home screen. All my other apps work just trebel is glitching.
  • Newest Update 1/5

    By SZGammer
    The app just crashes every time you open it after this latest update. I love the app, but this needs fixed ASAP

TREBEL Music - Download Songs app comments

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