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  • Current Version: 1.59
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Trending is the best way to listen to music, podcasts, and watch videos! * Search and stream any song without creating an account. * Create unlimited playlists, edit, reorder and manage your music. * Choose your own color theme. * Watch videos in portrait and horizontal mode. * Favorite songs you love for quick access later. * Set your sleep timer so you can fall asleep to your favorite sounds. * Wake up to your favorite music with your alarm clock. * Use the equalizer to change how your music sounds. Millions of people love this app, read their reviews. If you love Trending, rate us 5 stars!

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Trending Music app reviews

  • What happened? 1/5

    By ZoeZoPendragon
    It stopped playing entirely. I can get through one dog before it freezes and stops playing entirely. Please fix this.
  • fix this bug 5/5

    By Camcam4500
    it keeps shutting down after i pick a song, please fix it
  • Confused 4/5

    By kaki shelby
    How do I put my music to offline mode???
  • 3 star ⭐️ 3/5

    By Kendry Cespedes
    I don’t know if is my phone but I had the music on my screen when I lock it but when I lock my phone is not there and is not letting me switch songs if the phone is lock
  • Update for what ??!!!!!! 1/5

    By Jephkmob
    Update update and you guys still don’t fix nothing !!!!! You guys are f***ing horrible!! This app is horrible !!!!! Waist of a download !! Was a great app before updating !!!!!!

    By NyxIncarnate
    I've been using this app on various devices for years now, and I love it. I really haven't had any issues with it until the new update. Whenever I try to keep the music playing in the background (a feature many people solely use the app for) and come back to choose a different song or even hit repeat, the whole app freezes and restarts. When the app is glitching like this and a song is over, it won't play even if it's on repeat. Furthermore, whatever song I'm playing in the background will sometimes turn off randomly, and when I go to check the problem, I find that the app has restarted itself YET AGAIN. Like I said earlier I love this app and have for years, but these bugs make the user experience more difficult.
  • Wow 5/5

    By bdhdbdhc
    I love this app it’s free and plus it’s good Quality of music.
  • Playlist 3/5

    Please make it that I can make a playlist and listen to my playlist without internet. It would make driving a lot easier instead of scrolling through songs.
  • Doesn’t work anymore 2/5

    By bdheirbxiwvdi
    Ive been using this app for years and now over the past few months it’s doesn’t want to work ! Music won’t play and when I try to play anything is kicks me off the app 😒 super sad! I don’t want to delete it!!
  • freezing 1/5

    By rudymartinezsorto
    this app use to be so good until my music stared freezing and i would have to restart the app after every song . it’s so annoying , please fix
  • The app doesn’t work anymore 1/5

    By Oscar 🔆
    So, when I started using this app it was great, the best app I have ever discovered. But In the lasts updates the app doesn’t work anymore. When I open the app I can only hear one song before the app freezes and can’t do anything. This happens EVERY time I want to use the app. It’s really frustrating because this was one of my favorite app, but now it doesn’t so it’s job.
  • App issue 1/5

    By EdgarF919
    When offline or online, I can only play one song. When said song is done the app freezes and doesn’t play the next. I’ve been using this app for 2 almost 3 years and I’d really hate to switch so please fix the issue.
  • Huh 4/5

    By help🐙
    It keeps on freezing it’s like every single update it gets worser omg 😡😡😡😡😡
  • Fix it 1/5

    By Delgado442
    Honestly, dis app was good until the most recent update for me. I’ve had soo many problems wit dis app in da past like losing half my music, not bein able to use is w/o internet. But now, I listen to a song and halfway thru, I go to look at it and just freezes. Won’t let me skip a song, won’t let me pause, won’t let me foward a song. After tryin to do dat, it just force closes. And even if a song finishes, it won’t go on to da next. And if I try to go on to da next, it freezes and force closes. Like come on yo, fix dis😒
  • Trending. 2/5

    By FreshKidOfSeattle
    It’s decent yet it freezes and crashes on me sometimes. Might wanna fix them bugs
  • Needs fixed. 1/5

    By Ashh_1864
    The main reason I got this app was to listen to music off of WiFi and the new update messed it up. Please fix!!!!!
  • Don’t download 1/5

    By EC32EC32
    This app won’t let me add new songs to my playlist. If I exit the app after adding my music, you cannot get anymore songs. This streaming service is TERRIBLE!🙄
  • H 3/5

    By allwna kk
    It keeps glitching on me and im not happy
  • UGHHHH 2/5

    By Blxtzx
  • Woo 5/5

    By cccdrgcvxdxxx
    Spotify and YouTube combined without ads
  • Won’t let me create an account 1/5

    Annoying!!!! Trying to create an account and keep getting message user name taken. I have tried everything, added numbers, symbols but still can’t create.
  • Fix it or I’m leaving it 2/5

    By shalethiahorton
    I rated this to cause one y’all need to update it and number 2 all the music I have downloaded like it’s like I don’t have a playlist
  • Bad 1/5

    By bartledoo32
    My app has been crashing and it dose not want to play music.
  • No longer auto plays 1/5

    By TianahC93
    If you are not open to the app, the next song will not play! This update is trash!
  • Buggy 1/5

    By hdidudhdkv
    It only works if my WiFi is shut off and it keeps freezing or just crashes by its self
  • Please Add this feature! 4/5

    By GuardianoftheWhills
    It works great, but all I could wish for is the ability to use the search bar and other home screen functions in landscape mode, as my iPad is most often used like that.
  • Very helpful app 5/5

    By icant get it
    I think this is a really good app the music is free and u can have the music as an alarm clock and there is a good selection and you can have fun with your playlist and move it how you want.
  • My songs don’t continue playing 5/5

    By ChefMatt94
    Hi! I love this app but recently when I work out, and I have my playlist playing without WiFi, my songs don’t continue playing. They were playing continuously for a while but recently I have been noticing they stop playing. When the song is done playing, it’s like the whole app freezes and I can’t exit without closing out the app and restarting the app and start a new song and it will keep happening. Please help!!
  • Angry 1/5

    By xoxojimgirlxoxo
    This update did not fix any bugs. The app only plays one song and quits playing. I have to completely close the app to play another song and I have to do this process over and over again just to play ONE SONG each time
  • App problems 1/5

    By App Problems Fix Now!
    This app keeps freezing and being slow it won’t let me click to the next song without internet.

    The app has been working just fine for me for the past months but after updating my iOS the app trending now has this glitch we’re it crashes just after playing 1 song. The the next song doesn’t play after and nothing works. I redownloaded the app but after a while it started to happen again. The app has been the best ever for the months I used it but they need to update for it to be better.
  • Everything is great except, a few minor problems 3/5

    By WassabiFan&prettylittlelurfan
    My music won’t keep playing in the background, so I have to open up my phone and wait for it to unfreeze and then play the next song. I picked this app especially for the music that I’m listening to, to keep playing in the background without me going out of my way to select the song after it. To add on, the app always keeps freezing for literally no reason.
  • Loved, not no more 3/5

    By sujey k.
    I loved this app like my number 1 app to go to for music . But lately it’s been acting up . It only plays one song then it exits the app itself . Please fix thissss I love this app sooo muchhh . Thankssss
  • I'll need to fix 1/5

    By kayymcdonald
    The app keeps freezing up on me and I exit the app out the song still plays for a bit then stops but while the song plays the whole app freezes and I can’t move fast forward or rewind the song I can’t do anything but exit the app
  • It good but lagging 5/5

    By brandonbrodie
    It a good app but the lag is to far
  • Won’t auto play & freezes 3/5

    By Crimson_Night
    The app was fine until the new update. The video player does not play and the auto play doesn’t work. I can’t skip to the next song either.
  • Trending Review 3/5

    By jcombs999
    It freezes and I have to close it out and open it back up
  • Freezing and crashing 2/5

    By amanadur
    Note: this is just a review of the latest version. I’ve used Trending for a long time and it’s one of my favorite apps but recently it’s been freezing and crashing. I play my music and close the application as always. When I pause my song and try to un pause it or go to the next track, I can’t. So I reopen the app and it’s frozen and crashes. It happens with everything I try to play. Just trying to bring this to the developers attention.
  • Issues 2/5

    By Seth.wilkinson9
    Lately the app has been freezing on me while I’m scrolling through my song list and it’s really bugging me.
  • Major bug 3/5

    By Donk Kong XC
    There is a mjor bug right now cant listen to my next song
  • I use to love this app 5/5

    By imonii J
    This app was great until the last update The trending App doesn’t automatically switch songs unless I’m on the app now. Before the update it switch by itself now I literally have to stop what I’m doing just to click back on the app so it can play the next song. I’m not a happy camper. Can you please fix this problem soon??
  • Bugs 4/5

    By LegacyKingYT
    There’s a lot of bugs sometimes my music won’t play or I can’t pause it or skip I have to go into the app and let it sit jsir so I can play my music
  • Great app but one bug 3/5

    By Tyler58300
    This is an amazing app for listening to music on and offline. There is a problem where the music freezes when the app is not open. Please fix.
  • 😡😡 1/5

    By sleeperzfream
    It’s won’t let me play music offline🤦🏽‍♂️
  • The newest update 1/5

    By That kool Person Eero
    Freezes, kicks you out the app and has trouble saving new songs.
  • Amazing App!!! 5/5

    By Lizzardhowells23
    To whom this may concern, this app is my go to when I’m at the gym and also my go to for music. But does anyone else have random moments where the app will shut down and not play more than one song? Recently it has been occurring often and I was concerned. Regardless I hope this app stays around for generations to come. I love it!!!!
  • literally NO songs are playing! even with wifi! 3/5

    By Vanesa F.
    ever since the update, the app works horribly and every time i play a song, it’s just stuck on a blank music screen with no music playing. this morning i was playing music but the app seemed off. the update definitely screwed things over. please fix as soon as you can because i use this app every single day
  • 🤷🏼‍♀️It’s Glitching 2/5

    By WWEFan forever and ever
    My Music Doesn’t AutoMatically Play AnyMore I Have To Click On The App To Play It. Even Then SomeTimes It Just Glitching & I Have To Close & Open The App. I Deleted & InStalled The App 5Times. Cause It Keeps Doin That & It Didnt Even Play My Music Today .
  • Trash 5/5

    By Y3sss
    Won’t even let me listen to my music off line after the recent update fix it plz it stops mid song and I can’t pause it change song or anything then it closes the up👎

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