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Trending Politics brings you the top news headlines of the day. Keep up with President Trump and the world of politics with our all-in-one app! Join the community of patriotic individuals who love their country and want to stay informed.

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  • Love the conservative news 5/5

    By Rosie723
    This was working great up until a couple of days ago. I believe they are trying to block conservative news
  • Impeachment 5/5

    By blue lyne007
    It put our country thru hell divided us controlled what we saw on TV except Fox News. It was the most terrible thing I have ever witnessed corruption at the very top of our government! Until China released the Bat SARS Cov-2 which was even more horrifying! Why has all this happened to Us? Hate,Control, Corruption, are we all at risk for our Freedoms being stolen from us? IF WE ARE NOT CAREFUL IT WILL BE GONE BEFORE THOSE OF US WHO CALL US DEPLORABLE REALIZE THEY TOO LOST IT ALL. PLEASE VOTE FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP AND THE REPUBLICANS WE ARE FIGHTING HARD TO GET YOU TO REALIZE IT IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW...
  • Garbage 1/5

    By eaglesfanintn
    Just like trump, this app is garbage. I'd give it zero stars if I could
  • Can’t read articles 3/5

    By My America
    Why does the app jump back to the beginning?! I’ll have delete if this continues. Is it click ads?
  • Trending politics 5/5

    By JanaHoward
    🚂💨I love our President it’s a great app Trump 2020 To Keep America Great Safe and First 🇺🇸 JjHoward.
  • Murray Ackerley 2/5

    By Apostle murray
    The app is not working, when I tap it half the time...
  • Love our President! Trending Politics red 5/5

    By Grmcracker
    I have been searching for a True Conservative Pro Trump News Service, aside from The Blaze. Now I feel I can trust news again. Love the Blaze and I am appreciating this news outlet! I’m trusting in you and I pray you tell it like it is - as you offer up news on the GOP party and President Trump. May I offer a suggestion? Please encourage reporters and us who join this news platform, to call our President by President Trump, not just Trump. I feel it shows more respect. I was always using Trump on my Social Media, but I feel in my heart, we should use more respect. Thank you for what you are doing. Please stay true to your reporting. I am on top of all news and I will call you out if think otherwise. 😊 Bonnie Cassady Dunagin
  • Still not working 5/5

    By Dudeman555
    I just received a message stating the bugs were fixed. Still only allows me to dismiss your messages
  • Cup 1/5

    By lars 060845
    Never received my cup order3weeks ago consider it a donation I guess. Your 6518888682 phone was never answered. Lars 060845
  • Trending Politics 3/5

    By RedVinoGirl
    Great site overall. However, unable to open any notifications. Deleted and downloaded app several times hoping to correct. Didn’t work.
  • My President 5/5

    By terry tenhet
    My President as far as I am concerned is the best we have ever had or seen God bless Trump and God bless America!
  • Trump Loves U.S.A. 5/5

    By reel games
    Mr.President Trump will go down History as the Best President that the US has ever had! He Loves our country, I’m so Thankful, he realized the importance of everyone’s future! The average American was doing what they do best, working hard. While socialist Democratic Party, had lot of greedy agenda, for this country to be Totally Socialism . The average person before four years ago trusted our government, I know I did. Also, George Sorous is the money behind taking America down, no matter how much and or what it takes. He’s been the one behind scenes with other countries, same scenarios. Also, want to add how Lovely our First Lady is! Thank you, President Trump. Crista Anderson 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🙏🙏🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❗️
  • Democratic Party is a Shame! 5/5

    By Maga Adiction
    Democratic Party is traing to destroy President Trump by all means they don’t care about Am the only this that count on them is power and money. They are destroying this country.
  • Mostly lies 1/5

    By Daavisito
    Mostly lies, poorly written
  • Love my President 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 5/5

    By Littlechef61
    We are the luckiest people to have the President we have. He is caring and loving to the people and to our country .GOD gave him to us he made him strong for all he has to endure from the do nothing dummycrats who do nothing but want to support Planned parenthood during a crisis we are in now what are they thinking shame on them all Love our President Bobbi GOD bless our President and his Family 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
  • Trump is Gods Man 5/5

    By Disappointed in my days
    This is a spiritual battle of Good verses evil. God put Trump in office because He can do the job and God trust him to do Gods work. This virus is just the devils delay tactics but this to shall pass. So Thankful for Trump he has a backbone of steel and he is like the energizer Bunny that just keeps on going. Pray for Him keep him covered in the Blood of Jesus. He does what he says and is honest about what is going on. They don’t like the God in him. They don’t like what he is doing. They are in fear. Pray ! Pray! Pray! Lift Trump up! Thank you! He can’t be bought. Best President and Vice President Pence . Thanking God for both of them. Don’t accept fear! Send it back to where it came from. Just because it comes does not mean you have to accept it . That goes for bad doctors reports too. Just remember the Great Physician and the Medicine of Gods word three times daily . Praise him and thank him while you wait for the answer to manifest. But don’t doubt. That just ties His hands. Forgiveness plays a big part in it. He is faithful to forgive. He is faithful to Heal. Please know He wants to help you. He is Love. Who else has died on the cross for you? No one! 2020 Trump WWG1WGA Trust the plan!
  • Great place to get the news. 5/5

    By robesm
    For years the media has spun the news / events so this looks to be very good.
  • From my neice & I support my/our President Trump 5/5

    By lovingAmericaDA
    From my neice; thank you for posting!🇺🇸🇺🇸😇🇺🇸🇺🇸🙏🙏 WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!Ok, everyone wants to talk Corona virus... let's talk about it. Let's talk about how China was fighting against the Hong Kong protesters that were waving American flags and praising Trump.... gone. Let's discuss how Trump has been tough on China and trade and theft of intelectual property. Now China threatens to withhold the ingredients for medicines. Let's talk about how the democrats and main stream media have blamed Trump for everything since he was elected and have come out and said they hoped the stock market would crash to make him look bad. Let's talk about how we had a Harvard professor of bio chem working secretly for the Chinese and getting paid really well, while lying about his connections. We all have seen what these leftist college professors have indoctrinated our young people and how nasty they've been towards anyone that supports Trump. We've all seen how far the left and dems are willing to go to regain power and how the media has been used to promote their fake stories. Now we see them blame Trump for a Chinese virus and use the dem media to scare people and destabilize our markets. Let's talk about the Chinese girl that they're looking for, that they think is now back in China , that had access to our defense department and military. How about the Chinese guy they busted at the airport with vials of bio materials hidden in his sock! How about the Chinese driver that was discovered working for Fienstein? Let's talk about how there's not more talk about protests in Venezuela. How about the fact that there's a bio lab in Wuhan, near that market they blamed and the professor had ties to that lab. Now China is trying to blame the virus on our military... makes no sense...since when do we have troops in China? How about Nancy Pelosi trying to sneak in abortion funding into the funding bill for the virus. Let's talk about all the scandals that aren't being talked about now.... like Hunter and Joe Biden's corruption in Ukraine or how Nancy and Schiff abused power in congress to continue this never ending witch hunt against our President. And for sure don’t forget about Hillary and the federal judge ordering her to testify on March 3, in the coming weeks! So all you sheep,..go ahead and beat each other over toilet paper. You're now getting a taste of socialism at it's finest. Lack of supplies, waiting in line, media scaring everyone while screwing the economy and only telling you what they think you should know. Let's look at Italy where they're not going to treat the elderly because it's too much and they want to treat the young people.. there's your socialized death squad medicine for you. Go ahead and panic like dems want. The rest of us that are still sane and are the last bastions of common sense aren't going to panic, We're not falling for the BS and yes, we will still vote Trump!#straighoutachina. #KAG2020 COPY AND PASTE FOR ALL TO SEE!
  • App not working 5/5

    By jlitt72
    For some reason the last 10 weeks it won't leave opening screen of President Trump. How can I fix this ?
  • Doesn’t work 2/5

    By Jimbotec
    Good message, but doesn’t work well. Just removed it.
  • The Love of America 5/5

    By Sonny 38
    Where are when have we ever had a person who cares more for our country. This man works and gives his pay away, name me any other person in politics who in the past that has even considered doing this? The horrible way that he has been treated by the media Fake News CNN, MSNBC, etc. The other party has been unending in their pursuit to try and destroy this countries greatest POTUS we have ever had. May God Bless He and His Family.
  • Ads in articles 3/5

    By Omie455
    There are too many ads and it appears that they take over and interfere with reading the articles. I am tired of fighting to read the articles. Will discontinue use and uninstall.
  • Our President is a hero 5/5

    By giggygirl
    What a fabulous job the President is doing in keeping our nation lifted up, trying to unite and staying on top of this Corona Virus with his medical experts. We trust his keen awareness in getting the Nation back to work and appreciate ALL that he does in keeping us safe and informed. I, for one, happen to like his daily updates to the public(tweets), and hoping this outlet will be a benefit to all! We LOVE Flotus - is she not the most gorgeous gracious and smart First Lady?! I am so sad that these two are so disrespected... but on the flip side - so loved by MAGA supporters. America will overcome! As Pres. Netanyahu said today, if God took Pharaoh out, He can certainly take the Coronavirus out! Praying for Pres. Trump
  • Holly wood Liberal 5/5

    By Just me Gil
    I think it’s pretty sad when someone can get on Facebook and talk bad about the POTUS and the First Lady with nothing being done about it. If I talked like that on Facebook I would be banned from it. They think they are untouchable. Punk is what he is !!!
  • This app needs major work 1/5

    By E Motley
    Big Trump supporter but you app needs a lot of work. You click on a post and it opens up to 50 mores things to click on? The hell is that? To much clutter. I click on a link I expect the video and article, non of that other garbage you have all over each page. Do better!
  • Appreciate the notifications! 5/5

    By TruBlu4u
    Keep them coming! I am well-informed. No need to deal with fake news any longer.
  • Great app BUT. 1/5

    By Use browser instead
    I see no way to rotate screen on iPad. Should be an easy fix.
  • Love our Mr President Trump 5/5

    By cdlittlebit2
    From the very beginning the Democratic Party has tried to destroy this President because of hate and jealousy of the Great Job He is doing for the America that he Loves. President Trump ran for the job to make America better because the Democratic Party are socialists and communists and they want to destroy America, President Trump is the only thing standing in the way. Mr Trump is God’s friend and nothing can come against him to destroy him because God is with him at this time. As long as President Trump walks in the that God wants him too he’ll be just fine, but the minute he doesn’t listen to God, God will remove him as he did in the old days of bad leaders. May YHWH always keep you safe and you must listen to the Father to hear his voice.
  • Virus 4/5

    By purpleheart1968
    The President has to also help out the American people that are hurting also. Just because we are retired does not mean we all have a lot of money. A thousand dollars in every Americans pocket would go a long ways to help the average person and retires. Don’t do like Obama did he helped everyone but the average American. That will not fly again.
  • President Trump 5/5

    By Gumboa gal
    Idiots never look past presidents enjoyable Exterior to see how Good he is ! Give me a break democrats! All Americans should love and respect Prrsident Trump. He didn’t plan to become President from birth like chicken, John Kerry..., the biggest coward of Vietnam war. Hiding in his ship while his gunner protected them. I buried on brave young husband soldier and am remarried for 50 + years to another damagedVietnam Vet. Jo Biden, a weasel in politics, able to bend and bow to get more power at every whim, now sadly unable to carry on a speech. Why would anyone put him in a position of power???? He can’t handle himself. It’s a pity. President Trump May be more outspoken than some young people want , but they need to look past his personality ( which I great like!... He has his own magnetism) and see what he does under enemy fire on all sides since he gave up his wealthy pleasant existence to be persecuted and be rated by every evil person who exists. I always want a hard nosed bullish president. Hardy and outspoken he reminds me of great Men like Teddy Roosevelt and Andrew Jackson and the forgotten but brave vp who replaced me. oYou have d FDR....... otherwise the WW11 would have never ended. Love our president and lovely first lady! We are so blessed to have him and her to represent us and hardness to prepare us for attacks.... I’m embarrassed by the way he has been treated. It is pathetic. Little child fight when they lose . Not grown people , except in them swamp’ God bless you and keep you safe Mr President and Vice President Pence. May God keep you , mr Trump and surely bless you for all thegood you have done. I look forward to campaigns again. I lobby your communication abilities. You know when to fold them and darn sure know when to hold them. And know how to cut off the Fake Media.
  • President Trump is a Great President. 5/5

    By Jesus id Lord!
    The fake news media is trying to destroy his presidency because of their hatred. This needs to stop and go away. I can’t believe they are trying to blame President Trump for the Coronavirus that came out of China. This is absolutely insane. His speech he gave last night was an excellent speech showing he cares about America. This nut case Don Lemon shows his ignorance this morning. He needs to apologize to President Trump for the lies he was trying to tell the American people.
  • Best “Fake News“ ByPass 5/5

    By Storage4me
    Best way to bypass the FNM (fake news media). Get the truth from the source - no spins, no bias, no lies.
  • Disappointed 2/5

    By Itswhattime
    I finally downloaded your app, it takes forever to get to the news and I don't know what to do to get rid of notifications. Very disappointed!
  • Locks up with too many click baits 2/5

    By 'olschool
    Too many click baits that eventually lock up the app and you cannot get out of them. If this is supposed to be a trump news app it should be just that....get the kinks out of it and do it right!
  • Schumer 5/5

    By Joan la la
    Impeach Schumer. - This Is Not Only About Abortion Issue. This Is A Warning To The President Of What Will Happen - When The President Picks A Justice In The Future- Schumer Must Pay For This Street Barker - Joan La La
  • Viruses 4/5

    By saffire b
    Mr. President I think the biggest problem that we as Americans face is the lack of these immigrants and foreigners not getting there shots or flue shots I don’t really care about there religion or there race get your vaccines regardless push this mr. president and don’t let them over here if they don’t want them Thanks scarlett Braun
  • Let’s Make America Great Again Song 5/5

    By Analiza Brown
    To show my love- Respect and support for our President, I wrote this Song for him and the American people. Please go to my website: and click to published media and you will see the American flag. Please click on it and you will hear my song Let’s Make America Great Again.!! ❤️💋😘 thank you
  • India 5/5

    By Shooter Beard
    Hope you have a wonderful trip and I hope you enjoy your time over there. I hope they put your speech on the television for everyone to see here back in the America
  • It’s about time 5/5

    By ronniet1950
    Thank you for honest interesting news!
  • Our great president! 5/5

    By Wallysmom67
    President Trump has been harassed by the Democrats and the fake news and still continues to do his job and make good on his promises. It takes a incredibly strong person to endure that . Trump has done more for this country than the past administrations and they were not harassed from day one ! President Trump will always have my support!
  • Too many notifications links to web 2/5

    By PapaMordecai
    It’s too noisy with notifications. And, every time I go to read an article it takes me to the website. So, it’s not useful to me. If I want to see it I’ll go to the URL.
  • Trumpster 2020 5/5

    By gigidorgeloh
    Trumpster 2020
  • True Grits 5/5

    By Killer of evil
    Thank goodness for your news and interest in bringing the news to the world with out the biases of so many other people. Absolutely love this app, keep up the great news of the day.
  • Don’t mess with Medicare or social security 4/5

    By billmc49
    I heard that the president is going to cut these benefits which we paid into n not entitlements. If he does he is going to lose a lot of votes. He has come out on Twitter n say he is going to get our monies back the senate took n raise these benefits n cut prescription cost. N do it now.I’m still Voting for him but people won’t if he cut benefits
  • Very disappointed 3/5

    By word gamer234
    Downloaded in hopes to get news and yes they have news after you weed threw all the pop ups and garbage. The memes are not kept current and load slowly. Some don’t at all. Very disappointed.
  • Application 2/5

    By Steve112z
    How much does this app cost ???
  • Trump 2020 5/5

    By aimjs66
    Way to win again Mr. President! ♥️😉
  • Trending Politics 5/5

    By jeanfree
    Enjoy seeing what’s really happening in and around the world without media bias and talking heads spinning everything to cast a shadow on the accomplishments of our President! We must continue to fight for free speech of conservatives, because we must stand strong against far left democrats. Together we stand. Divided we fall.

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