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  • Current Version: 1.95.2
  • Adult Rating: 9+
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  • Compatibility: Android
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Tribal Wars 2 App

Build your villages and expand your empire! Ally yourself with other players to form mighty tribes! Protect your people against your enemies! And turn the tides of war! Tribal Wars 2, the free online strategy game, is the successor to InnoGames’ online hit Tribalwars. You become the ruler of a city in a war torn medieval universe and you have to defend your followers and your village and expand your empire to ensure its survival. To succeed you have to rely on your strength and your strategic skills. But you won’t be able to do all of this on your own. Rally other players to your cause, build a tribe and form alliances with other tribes. Your political decisions could mean the difference between triumph and defeat in the world of Tribal Wars 2. Tribalwars 2 is available in the browser and on your mobile device. You are able to use the same account across all your different devices. You used your browser to send one of your armies to attack an enemy’s village? Check the results of the attack on your smartphone and prepare your cities for the counter-attack using your tablet! All features of the game are available on all different devices. FEATURES: • Build glorious villages with 16 different types of buildings • Wage war with 13 different types of units • Create army presets to plan your attacks • Conquer other villages and compete with your enemies for their territory • Form tribes with other players to create an empire and rule the world of Tribal Wars 2 • Trade resources with other players • Choose an Order and get access to different types of elite units • Play the same account cross platform on all your different devices Learn more about the game on our website Become a fan on facebook at Add us to your Google+ circles at Subscribe to our youtube channel at General Terms and Conditions: Imprint:

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Tribal Wars 2 app reviews

  • Tribal wars 2 4/5

    By Gilltrix
    Way better than the previous tribal wars. They have defiantly improved the game! It's all you need in a mobile command and conquer.
  • To many bugs for iPhone version 1/5

    By Padrivnik
    I came back to Tribalwars2 after 4 years and still the same disappointed. Game it’s glitches on iPad or iPhone. Costumer Service it’s horrible, non balance troops it take 3 defensive villages to kill one offense full pack of troops. And I forgot to mention one more it’s play to win now. If you want to enjoy real tribalwars just go to first one it’s the best.
  • Just one thing 5/5

    By Gagoron
    The game is great. Never took away from the old TW1 style yet was able to add more to the game. My only issue is everything done on the pc can’t be done on mobile. I personally don’t have a pc and can only play mobile. Not home long enough to be on pc. But if that could be improved somehow, that would be great. 5 star for TW2 all in itself though
  • Mobile app 1/5

    By brian english
    So much is wrong with this app from crashing to not being able to do a lot of important features. You can not see incoming attacks(idk if that is just me), you click on the timeline then the attack and click go to units but nothing is there. Eventually I get reports. The whole idea of the timeline was a good idea but not implemented well. The whole unit section is faulty. No way to get a good overall unit count, as well as there being no incoming section that allows you to label incoming attacks. I see many deferent faults. Good ideas but just not implemented well with mobile version. I will change review if these important mechanics are fixed. Thanks, Brian
  • Bad customer service 1/5

    By Alastar13
    I was trying to get on this morning and I had been using Game Center to log in. It didn’t log in through Game Center and now I’m stuck with either making a new account or just deleting the game. I spent $5 for in game money which I’ll never get back either. I tried going to customer support but it just bounces you back and forth from giving your email to retrieve your password to logging in in order to fix the problem.
  • Fun 5/5

    By Lucenfbdwjhrbdksbsbtjdejdj
    This game isn’t like any other, you can actually work together to takeover other people plus it never gets boring, my only concern is I wish you could boost villas on the phone
  • Predictable, Pay to Win 1/5

    By DanberryCT
    Every server is the same: you start out with everyone on an even playing field, players having fun enjoying the only territorial acquisition type war game of its kind around (Game of War clones give you one village, no real social/territorial aspect)... a month into the servers, the same people show up with supposedly $15,000 to level a tribe up from nothing to level 36, which Inno Games wants to happen so everyone else starts shelling out their own money to pay to keep up. The moderators can try to make sure the cheating stops, but Inno games will always overrule them - ensuring that the big spenders and cheaters have a distinct edge, so that your free-to-play players have to spend money to keep up. iOS is constantly limited compared to the browser version (which is identical in graphic ability to the mobile versions), having no coop function, no ability to apply tribe skills points, and only recently added the “seasonal” Gwen game. (Other games of this type, the Game of War clones, all have daily, weekly, monthly events and special activities... Inno just sticks to the boring, outdated Gwen game.). Even the Gwen game is rigged to only give you the BEST rewards IF you pay money to keep playing until the very last “shot” and thats when you will win the big prize. InnoGames developers are not shy- to win in this game, you have to pay. Plain and simple. But dont believe the players who claim to spend $15,000 by choice to play and win worlds. Its an orchestrated decision that happens on every world, like clockwork, to incentivize YOU spending your paychecks in a vain attempt to keep up with them. Like many pay-to-play controversies across the mobile gaming and video games industry, InnoGames should be investigated and Apple and Google should consider pulling their apps from the App Store until remedies are made to address pyramid schemes that fault the players who come into this thinking its the as-advertised “free to play” game.
  • Crashing 1/5

    By ruines the game
    Absolutely pathetic that a game with only a couple thousand people can crash ten times in a row within a couple minutes timeframe. Clearly no money from micro transactions go into actually maintaining the servers, and for a simplistic game like this there is no excuse whatsoever
  • iOS very buggy 3/5

    By hair metal 82
    There are crashes on the farm info screen. Barracks screen jumps around and can’t really select things. Also, the latest update broke farming with preset troops. Other than that, I like it. And it’s fine on PC.
  • Good game, but the Android app still has a lot of connectivity issues. 3/5

    By hfheochr
    Good game, but the Android app still has a lot of connectivity issues.
  • Bullying game 1/5

    By Acid1372
    Terrible game, players do whatever they want and justify it by saying it’s a war game! If you want to get bullied and feel lonely and weak go on and install it. Note: Terrible Support too
  • Disappointed 2/5

    By Sad Taco Cat
    I played Tribal Wars on the computer and saw they had added the app to the iPhone. I’m not sure about a crashing problem, but there are so many issues with the screens in the game. For example, the troop recruitment screen in the barracks has almost never worked for me. I sent a Trouble ticket with pictures of the issue but they don’t have a solution. I have not been able to recruit the “ram” unit which is critical to the game, the issue still hasn’t been fixed from what I’ve seen. You either need to play on computer or pay to purchase units.... I feel the developers are going to a strictly elitist format where either you have a lot of time to sit in front of a computer and play or you “pay to win” format............. people playing without money, or an insane amount of time; good luck.
  • 4/5 Stars - Enjoy It For What It Is 5/5

    I previously played TW1 & TW2 and recently came back to play TW2. I play it on my iPad and have zero issues with crashes. The browser version also works fine and offers additional functionality that you don’t get on IOS. The game is free so the devs need to make $ somehow. If you spend $ you have an advantage just like all other games that are freemium. I hope my $ spent to unlock additional build slots carries over to the new world once the current world ends...that’s my concern. The game is fun and engaging IMO. I recommend it highly!
  • Fun game, TERRIBLE app 1/5

    By JS721
    I have the most recent version. The app crashes every 5 minutes if not more often. I do not recommend this game if you can’t get to it on a PC.
  • Don’t waste your time! Stay away...Bad game! 1/5

    By Cobrapilot29
    This game is was fun, but ruined by the game play dynamics. If you aren’t spending TONS of money this is a waste of your time. Your spend weeks building your castle only to lose it and have to start over. Play forge of empires or dominations...1000% better!!!
  • Pay to Win 1/5

    By Kjdizzy
    I have been play TW for over 10 years..Could have been a great game like the first TW but they made this one a pay to win game witch absolutely ruins it..Any player who puts money into the game is at a huge advantage in a game like this and if you dont pay you lose.I understand the need to make money but do it in a way that keeps the game somewhat balanced.. The developers are all about profit witch is too bad..If your looking to play this game just play the first tw at least the players who put the time and effort into the game are rewarded and not someone who dumps money into the game to be the best..This game is trash so I wont be wasting my time any longer and will no longer be playing..
  • Screw this 1/5

    By We Are The Union
    Poorly designed and crashes every thirty seconds. This app is an embarrassment to the AppStore.
  • pay to win game 1/5

    By hychyc
    I understand that the server need money and stuff. And coin is the way of giving the support, but to allow to coin the wall back to lvl 19-20 in a minute or so that is ridiculous. How people gonna fight like that? A coiner like that need like 2 or 3 time the amount of village and player to take him out. And those players need to be vet. That only if he is fighting alone, if he get his tribe support then you might need 3-6 time the amount of players/ villages to take him out... that just a normal coiner player, and I am not even talking about those that coin their army. This game like this is not worth your time to play. Beside many might bomb me and argues that this is a browser game not a phone game etc etc. But I didn't mention all the advantage playing in browser vs phone(iPad). If the game change little and not allow the wall to be coined, then this game can be said a strategy game otherwise it is just another game of pay to win. And this game doesn't really have any update or improvement at all. The game is like this for years!. And all those events is more harmful then not having them. Because it is more beneficial for those coiner, we got one "shoot" per day on the events, but coiner can easily spend 30 coins on extra shoot to get all the prize such as 2 noble, 100 treb, 100 ram, etc etc... all those allow those coiner to summon noble on a village that doesn't even have academy and conquest your village in a unexpected way... and spam those treb out of from nothing and make your nuke die like fly. There are few things they can improve all those, but they don't do that.
  • Nope 1/5

    By Eulcon
    Game crashes every few min and by the look of it nobody is trying to fix it... it’s a shames because I liked playing this on my PC.
  • Stop being lazy and fix it 1/5

    By Skywalker446
    I’ve been playing this game for a while but it seems to me that you guys are ignoring the crashing problem that you are having since two iOS updates ago... I’ve spent good money on this app and I know there is a lot of others that have too. I expect a change to be made soon because this is ridicules. Every 30 seconds or so it crashes. That is a serious problem... fix it and this game is 5 stars easily, don’t and you will loose a lot of players
  • Doesn't work on iOS 11!!!! 1/5

    By Ishkibable
    Push notifications have stopped working on the app! For the love of god fix the iOS app and stopped pretending to put out updates only to clear the bad reviews!!!
  • Constant crashes 1/5

    By Kalastron
    Almost unplayable in its current state please find a way to fix this.
  • App crashes 1/5

    By WileeIOMC
    Can you please fix your app.. I updated my iOS to 11.02 and now anytime I try and play the app crashes after a minute of use if that.. the app crashed over 30 times in 1 hour of trying to play the game
  • Worst App build - ever 5/5

    By DontDLthisApp
    I like this game on PC but they completely botched porting this to iOS. It crashes constantly on both my iPhone 6 and iPad. Never had an app crash this much - it’s 1-2x per minute, making the game unplayable. Or you can play and lose because you will never keep up with how slow and buggy this is.
  • Don’t use!!! 1/5

    By Vesp1234
    The app has been broken for months. It crashes all the time and the developers don’t care. Maybe if we stop using it some will fix it.
  • Crashing 3/5

    By Outside hubs
    The game keeps crashing every 3-4 minutes but if it didn’t do that it’s very fun to play once you get the hang of it but the only problem I’ve seen is the app crashing a lot
  • Keeps crashing on iPad 1/5

    By 52Scrill
    Keeps crashing on iPad with new iOS update
  • Spend real money and win! 1/5

    By Bufalow Beal
    You have to spend either your entire free time playing this game or spend real money to do well in this game. If your village gets taken it's too bad. You get to start over from scratch. Also I had a problem and contacted them for help. Got the equivalent of shoulder shrug as a response.
  • Very convenient app 5/5

    By Antoniodeadmau5
    This is a desktop game, a couple functions are disabled on the app version but you can still basically do everything on the app version vs the desktop version, its great that you can upgrade buildings and attack and get notifications when you are away from your computer, this is a fun strategy game, highly recommend starting with a couple of friends together for a better chance to conquer other villages!
  • Tutorial 1/5

    By Thrice sons
  • Very bad app, don't download 1/5

    By Slyhom09
    I have just registered and entered a realm and when it says to change my name, I put a name that already existed and thenI couldnt proceed to the next step. I tried to exit and re-enter and I am stuck on this same step.
  • Great Game!! 5/5

    By Twolegitt
    An original game. Good graphics and good performance. Still have cheaters, but no game is free of hacks. I LOVE the ability to completely destroy others and take their city. YES, u actually conquer people!! Get a good tribe and you will have a great time ;)
  • Very bad 1/5

    By Julian2521
    I was working no stop on my first village and I was even able to start my second village but after one single attack (after having 1300 troops) I lost of them which would equal at least a week of work meaning I lost everything. This game is not only not fair but makes me question who would continue to play this ? If you're just starting off, give up bc in 7 days you'll get attacked by a random personZ and lose your week.
  • Fun, just a few issues. 4/5

    By Melinick
    I've played tribal wars for a few years and this would be my first time playing this version. Enjoy the layout and how the game is played. When I try to connect to the app it says it's unable to connect to the US services (while in 60 mb wifi)... not a major issue but still kills my buz. Recommend downloading
  • Best Game Ever 5/5

    By Gerath
    I've been a player for 3 years now and this game just doesn't get old. Many games such as Game Of War are based around one base that attacks with huge numbers. Tribal Wars 2 turns that all around! Instead you are able to take villages in the name of your tribe! Playing against real players attacking, Supporting, spying, sabotaging, anything you can imagine a infamous war commander can do! You can even be a renegade and attempt to dominate the world alone! I love the actuallity! You can take over the world, no lie! Once your tribe has proven themselves superior to an extent the world will be won and you'll be paid off 200 Golf for the win. And you can even be part of multiple worlds at a time! By far the best game I've ever played. I've already defeated a World, Working on another and present in 3 more worlds! Download the game and try it. It may feel slow but as soon as you have a noble the game picks up and I swear you'll enjoy it!
  • Pay 2 play 2/5

    By Bishshwyajdhhs
    The crowns feature has made it a pay to play, so if you're not willing to dump cash into the game don't expect to win. Rating will improve when it's more fair like the old versions premium feature
  • Black screen 3/5

    By JollyBriton
    When I log in, all I see is a black screen instead of my village but I'm still able to open reports and quests etc. Fix this glitch!
  • Banned 1/5

    By Supportsucksass
    I got banned because of my name, my name ingame was "SickCunt". I played the game for 2 months w/o any issues. Joined 3rd ranked tribe and took over 4 villages on top of my initial 2 ..and then I was banned out of nowhere no warning. I tried talking to support to see if they would let me change my name or change it for me to anything they wanted. They said they would have to force me to create a new account on a new world because it was simply too much work for them to do in order for me to change me name. Game is great 5 stars but I will never return to playing it because of support.
  • Great game 5/5

    By mkfoster17
    This is a fun strategy game that requires cooperation with others and eventually a lot of your free time. I just have one issue with it. When you send out troops to a village to nuke it it'll tell you it will land at a certain time (you can also double check this by clicking on the village info button). However other players and I have had issues with this because lately the time ends up doubled after you click send. Please fix this. The guy I would have nobled is now stacked by his tribe. This would not have happened had the game's timing did what it said it would do.
  • No speed servers. 2/5

    By Bo Adams
    I do not have time to wait a month before the game starts to get fun. It's not worth the massive time investment.
  • Crashed 4/5

    By Methriln
    Keeps crashing after update to iOS 9
  • This game defrauds you. 1/5

    By Random User 0001
    Apparently the bonuses you can buy for your towns such as extra queues get totally lost if you lose the town you bought it for. Also you can lose your starting town. You heard that right. You can lose the town you spent weeks building up. Sure it's hardcore but why play a game that hands you a big brown sandwich you cannot recover from. I feel like it stole money from me as it did not explain the mechanics from the get go. I suppose it's an ok game, but for goodness sake don't spend real money on it because it will steal that from you.
  • I've played tribal wars for years 5/5

    By rage1177
    The tw2 app is really nice. And the new game version is great. Start on the newest world to avoid getting smashed and ask for one of us vets to help you out if you really want to learn the game. Feel free to find me in game "rage1177"
  • New players stay away 1/5

    By Johnrobertlucas
    This is one of those games where you lose a battle and start over from scratch. For a new player, the already established players will destroy you, which essentially kicks you out of the game. This is an insane model. There is a reason that these types of games make little money. Who in the world would pay real money and find out the next day that there empire is no more. If you start these games when they are released, and are not a casual player, it could be fun. Otherwise, stay away.
  • Blank screen 1/5

    By Woopineh
    Works fine on PCs, however on my iPad just shows a black screen and can't interact with anything.....
  • Not good 1/5

    By Corey434
    Lost internet connection. Restarted app. The game restarted. I guess I should have registered my account. All that hard work lost. Go pink bunnies!
  • Still in Beta 5/5

    By Ruma-hart
    Honestly, it really is annoying sometimes. As some of the functions are not yet available on the app version. Though I know the app version is only supposed to implement the browser version and the app is not meant as your primary source of gameplay. That being said it works rather well and as a implement it does a decent job. However it would never work as a primary source of gameplay as the updates appear to be 3+ behind.
  • It's a must have 4/5

    By ThatEpicGuy21
    There are a few things that kinda get on my nerves but I can over look them for the game it's self
  • Great game 2/5

    By Buckbeck
    This is a great game and a lot of fun, when played on a computer. When played on the app it is glitchy. Doesn't let you deploy troops easy or upgrade things.

Tribal Wars 2 app comments

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