Tribal Wars

Tribal Wars

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  • Current Version: 2.13
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • Developer: InnoGames
  • Compatibility: Android
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Tribal Wars App

Create villages, forge bonds, conquer worlds! Fight with thousands of other players online in this medieval strategy game. What our players are saying: “Love that game! :)” “If you like strategy games you need to play Tribal Wars” Tribal Wars is a medieval strategy game which offers complex strategies and fun with a simple gameplay. Upgrade your village to a mighty fortress and raise your army. Band together with other players to form a powerful tribe and lead your troops into battle. Conquer the villages of your enemies and expand your empire. Will your tribe prevail? FEATURES • Free to play! • Build and upgrade more than 15 unique buildings • Raise an army by recruiting many different defense and offensive units • Appoint a paladin and find mighty equipment. • Attack, plunder and conquer your opponents in real time while defending your kingdom against attackers – real PvP. • Band together with other players to form a tribe and declare war on your enemies. • Many different worlds with altered victory conditions. • Play via your smartphone or via your browser. General Terms and Conditions: Imprint:

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Tribal Wars app reviews

  • Oyun yönetimi oyun arkadaşlarını korumakta 1/5

    By sgaeckoggklrhsvpjrvıe
    Oyun içinde yönetici olan kişiler arkadaşlarını korumakta ayrıca oyun yöneticileri türkçe konuşup ve yazdığı halde yazılanı anlamamakta, yada okuma yazma bilmemekte oyun içerik olarak iyi ama uygulama berbat ötesi bunlar yöneticilerin işleri ile karıştığında ortaya felaket bir durum çıkmakta. Oyun yöneticileri taraflı ve yanlı davrandığı sürece cacık olmaz sizden yoğurt versek dahi. Oyunu indirip buşuna emek vermeyin. Yöneticiler arkadaşlarının rakiplerini şikayet etmesi halinde hemen ceza veriyorlar dünyalarıda belki buna göre şekillendiriyorlar. Sevgiler
  • Trash 1/5

    By ismokeaneighthaday
    Game used to be good, but the game moderators have ruined it
  • Long time playing 2/5

    By Ageless one
    If enjoyed playing. So far this co players is making the strategy of the game not worth playing anymore. To me it should always be one player one account not multiple players on one account. I'm thinking hard on playing anymore until coplay is removed. To me coplay is another way of cheating the system.
  • Alloy s 5/5

    By XiongSheng9
  • Pay to Win 2/5

    By darthdracarys
    I played this game years ago and it was great. I recently got into it again just to find the game has become Pay to Win. I joined a new world on a server that JUST opened and within 1 day the top players had villages that take WEEKS to get. If you don’t pay for premium you have no legitimate chance to win. Terrible format for new players.
  • This app looks very good 5/5

    By luismeneses31
    I’m going to rate this app at 5 stars for the reason so organized, fast and clean I’m not a big fan of the game but if I’m rating is because I’m getting into Bless tribal Wars
  • Best game EVER 5/5

    By DannyBoy_1717
    This game is simply amazing! It’s super emotional as well and takes up so much of your time but lovely! I lost sleep over this game trying to snipe trains in the middle of the night but that’s also the beauti of this game as well
  • Top 5/5

    By Celina Pankau
    Macht super viel Spaß und ist gut simuliert.
  • Long time player 5/5

    By The blanket man
    I’ve played this for over a decade and they’ve added more and more each year. The fact that this game is still going and has a lot of players still coming in is great. The gameplay is always fun, but make sure you’ve got a LOT of time. If you’re not down for wait times that can go as high as 2-5 days (based on what you’re doing) then I don’t suggest this, however if you’re absolutely ok with than and you’re willing to mess around while you’re waiting for a long attack to get back or a long build request to finish the. This is absolutely for you. Imo if you check periodically through a day, then You’ll have a good time. Having a good and active tribe can also help.
  • Input 4/5

    By Ak.Dog
    Good game
  • App Crashing In Beta For Iphone 3/5

    By I Love Milfs Is My Username
    I Have Paid Good Money On This Game And To Wake Up Trying To Log In On My Beta Account And The App Keeps Crashing On Me No Cool Please Fix This I Don’t Want To Be Nobled And I Got People To Attack!!!
  • Toxic community 1/5

    By hma2030
    Just as I remember it this community is terribly toxic
  • Pali 4/5

    By billyboboh1971
    I am playing 2 worlds where the palidon learns skills. Between those 2 worlds I have over 40 skills learned, and neither have allowed me to earn green building tier 1 skills. It’s discouraging.
  • Great 5/5

    By Logan SMTX
    Used to play this game when I was like 14 on browser and I was so excited when I saw it was an app now. Even better now than before
  • Good game 5/5

    By Htisop
    I've played a few of these this is a simple game with a lot of strategy
  • Greates Game Ever 5/5

    By le hard
    Everything from glory, power, honor and betrayal. The game is the perfect arena where for human behavior blossoms and channels in to war.
  • Date and time messed up 3/5

    By Vatigers
    I have played tribal wars before and I totally loved it. This was about 9 years ago. I recently started replaying it again. This app is great. I have few complaints though and hence the 3 stars. 1) the time displayed is the EST. The date is displayed in dd/mm/yyyy. In US the date is display in the format mm/dd/yyyy. This causes lot of confusion. I should be able to select the date and time format instead of wrapping my head around and getting confused. 2)the iOS app has little latency in refreshing. When the troops return from successful attack, the app does not refresh the resources immediately. Hopefully these things are fixed soon. .
  • Creepy game 1/5

    By 743588(??(4
    Be careful with this game. I played for a few years, quit when a guy found out my real name. I don’t know how he did it but somehow people can find out personal things about you, then they could harass you at your job. Not worth it at all if people can do that to others. This game brings out the worst in people.
  • Pay to win 1/5

    By Adxzy46
    They have gone with a pay to win strategy. It ruined the game. Don’t play
  • 💰= any success 2/5

    By SUDL Drummer
    U wont do well if u plan on not spending any money, which is bs. Dissappointing if ur a casual player with a life outside of this game.
  • Top 5/5

    By vilasboas1987
    Ótimo jogo ! Recomendo
  • Terrible game 1/5

    By AManlyMan
    Filled with griefers who prey on smaller clans and new players, instead of fighting it out with near peer enemies.
  • It’s a fun game 5/5

    By Dredd011
    It’s a fun game. You need to be on a lot of you want to make it to the top ranks. Premium points are required for that as well. Once you get the mechanics down, you’ll be good. Just remember that people are “very” cold hearted in this game and will not hesitate to attack you. Be prepared for the worst.
  • Can't spend PP 4/5

    By Amway_Dude
    I bought 5000 premium points through the store. I tried using my points to extend my subscriptions but it won't let me. It keeps wanting to charge it to my iTunes account. Why isn't there an option to use my already purchased PP? My computer is down and I haven't fixed it yet. So I can't do it online.
  • Great Simple game 5/5

    By IndividualAmazed
    This is a very very old game. That being said without all the bells and whistle it’s a great game. I use to play with a hardcore clan the ruled the center, the saying was get rimmed, points don’t win wars troops do. I was top ten for a month on this game according to ranking with Offense point count. The ranks are broken up on defense, and attack point. Remember that farming with units doesn’t mean to send your whole army. I use to farm 50x50 writing down the coordinates and time. Upgrading castle is pointless and is best placed at a small threshold. People can’t loot you if all your resources is dumped on unit queue. No one will waste a noblemen on a small base in the 2,000 range. So like we use to do it when we log off we send our army 9 hours out and back with pure offense troop and no defense. Also I recommend premium for more advance play.
  • Wait a second... 1/5

    By proudMomOf3boys
    Me:B-but it’s not tribal, it’s feudal.. Tribal wars: SHUT UP AND GIVE ME MONEY!!! NAM NOM NAM!!!
  • Nice idea 2/5

    By SpaceCowboy86
    The idea was nice but it contains issues with login. You can’t chose the world and doesn’t recognize worlds you are currently playing. Because of 97 coming out it won’t even let you create a username or use the app properly.
  • App needs more 4/5

    By 23797ebc
    The app is nice but it doesn't give you all of the same abilities that you get when your on your computer. Such as the world settings are hard to find as well as when you do find them you can only read half of the page, atleast on my iPhone. The app crashes a lot to and has lag problems when it comes to well timed attacks and defenses
  • Yeah bro 5/5

    By Oasisequalslife
    Top game
  • X 5/5

    By Star Lux
    Have been playing for awhile it's a fun strategy game for sure. I'd recommend it over chess.
  • Lot of fun 5/5

    By mattypesq
    Love it. Word of warning - this ain't CoC
  • Terrible 1/5

    By zxcgamer
    You get destroyed as soon as beginner protection ends. Building and raising troops takes forever.
  • Fraudulent charges! 1/5

    By 80's Smurfs fan
    Do not under any circumstances download this application. The billing system is fraudulent and the customer service is the equivalent of the middle finger. THE WORST experience I've ever had with any app.
  • Poor customer service 1/5

    By Bufalow Beal
    Had a problem and contacted them for help. Got the equivalent of shoulder shrug as a response.
  • 2 years 2/5

    By eric.ennis
    I have been playing for two years and the exact same problems have been going on. 2 years and the resources will not tell me what I really have. That Leeds me to over filling and waisting $$ and pp just because it won't tell me exactly what I have. Two years and they can't fix this is insane
  • Free To Play ? 5/5

    By Spinescrews
    Free to play applies to those with willpower, which I have very little. This is an excellent game, comparable to a good game of three level chess. Starts off slow but gets to where you wish you knew more about it to make survival more likely and less hectic. Keep up the good work team.
  • Join world 1/5

    By Andreessen10
    Won't let me scroll down to join any worlds. I love this game and will give five stars when this is fixed
  • Hilfen Sie mich bitte 1/5

    By Samuelo29
    Ich schreib kein Wort Deutsch. World 26. Neues :code: Gross bug. Amasa wachset zu schnell. Danke Ein neuer Spieler
  • It's amazing!! 5/5

    By AnonymousArizona
    Addicted immediately
  • It's pretty good buuut.... 4/5

    By Asdfhhjklkhgfda123
    Ok so I think it's a good game but there are some issues. I wanted better graphics in the game and I want to take villages in the beginning of the game and not just when your village is done growing otherwise it's a great game to play.
  • Play triburile for fann 5/5

    By TahityLeu
    Nice game
  • 5/5 5/5

    By Captain Bondega
    The app adaptation of this game is superb. I have been a player of Tribal Wars for more than 7 years now and this app is something that has made me stick around and keep playing. Very well done and bug issues are always fixed promptly.
  • Terrible game 1/5

    By Don't even bother....
    Waste of time unless you get in right as the server starts and want to pay stay. If not players will have huge head starts on you and once they turn on you, it's over. The game is a terrible version of Travian, but in Travian at least your original village is safe from being conquered by other players. Not in this POS. You can spend a month building up your first village only to have it taken, forcing you to start a whole new village for someone to steal. It's an absolute waste of time. You'll never be able to build fast enough to stay safe. You're just playing to make other players better. It's BS.
  • rip off 1/5

    By gamer99234
    these guys are a rip off. they have a problem with the app. but of course its my fault they say. they take your money with 0 support. save your time and money
  • Does not log in properly 1/5

    By Oliveman554
    Cannot use facebook to connect with existing account Always a log in error
  • Beautiful game 5/5

    By Sajjad rafid
    It has a one problem that ((credit card)) some people don't have a money in the market I hope to fixed this big problem
  • Dick 5/5

    By Itz RyN
  • Good but 2/5

    By Madiwan
    I like this game, I think that the idea is smart, but, my first world, everything went perfect, but with the rest of them, people kept farming me before I could get a good base. It's so stupid how that happens. Which is why it is 2 stars, not 5
  • Terrible staff 1/5

    By Markm065
    The rules of this game are so finicky. Got banned for the smallest of first offenses and honestly this game is terrible. Would not recommend to anyone.

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