TripIt: Travel Planner

TripIt: Travel Planner

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TripIt: Travel Planner App

AN EASIER TRIP, EVERY TIME Quickly make sense of all your travel plans and create a single itinerary for every trip with TripIt. Stay one step ahead from planning to landing with the world’s highest rated travel organizing app. YOU HANDLE THE BOOKING, WE'LL TAKE IT FROM THERE Unlike other travel apps, TripIt can organize it no matter where you book. As soon as you book a flight, hotel, car or other reservation, simply forward it to [email protected] and we’ll instantly add it to your master itinerary. ACCESS AND SHARE YOUR PLANS IN AN INSTANT No more frantically searching through your inbox for important details like when your flight gets in, or your confirmation number. Get to them instantly in TripIt, even when you’re offline. With Siri shortcuts for iOS 12, you can even access those details hands-free! Plus, we make it easy to sync travel plans to your calendar, or share them with anyone you choose. Manage all your plans for free with TripIt, or for about the price of checking your bags, upgrade to TripIt Pro to get stress-free travel all year long. When you upgrade, TripIt Pro will do all this for you (and more!): WHILE YOU'RE PLANNING YOUR TRIP • Help you find a better seat • Monitor for flight refunds • Remind you when to check in BEFORE YOU'RE OUT THE DOOR • Tell you when to leave for the airport • Send real-time flight status alerts • Let you know how long the security lines are WHILE YOU'RE ON THE MOVE • Provide interactive airport and terminal maps • Send terminal and gate reminders • Tell you baggage claim info TRIPIT PRO SUBSCRIPTION Your iTunes account will be charged when the purchase is confirmed. Your TripIt Pro subscription will be good for 1 year, and automatically renew each year at $48.99 unless you turn off auto-renew at least 24 hours before your term ends (see user agreement: and privacy policy: To manage your subscription, including autorenew, visit iTunes Account Settings.

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TripIt: Travel Planner app reviews

  • Bugs!! 1/5

    By Love traveling
    If I could rate this 0 stars, I would. Many bugs. Have used for a number of trips in the past, and it worked great, but not now. Took my flight info fine, but cruise port info would change after I entered it. Times and dates changed. Spent 2 days on this. Deleted!!
  • Great 5/5

    By Cjack1385220
    I love this app
  • What happened? 1/5

    By Ti2mInPA
    I use to use it all the time. The last few cruises I could not import. Will probably end up deleting the app. 😕
  • Not reliable 1/5

    By macdavid.joshua
    Does not sync with email. I have to send all plans to the specified email which is annoying. Purchased trip it pro. First trip my flight was cancelled. Never received a notification. If they are going to charge 50 dollars a year they need to be reliable. You need an app that you can base your travel plans on. This app lacks reliability
  • Have a backup don’t trust it! 1/5

    By atravlr
    It completely erased my plans on one phone. Contacted them 4 weeks ago and not heard back.
  • Nah 1/5

    By nofloodwatercantsee
    Tried repeatedly to sign up 7-10-2019. App indicates it is sending a verification email. Never receive the email either in inbox, spam, all mail. It’s not there. Email is correct. App not
  • Power user. Love it. 4/5

    By AvidHKGuser
    I am a power user and love the app. I highly recommend. And in general, Dave and the support team are fabulous! However, some critical features regularly don’t work, despite repeated discussions. Namely, the pricing information for many flights and accommodations does not get regularly and reliably imported. This creates issues, especially when trying to make itinerary changes or determining if a hotel reservation is prepaid, or not. Also, this prevents a user from capturing any reliable annual/quarterly/monthly summary.
  • Muy util 5/5

    By Brenda Meyer
    Es increíble como puedes organizar todos los viajes, te pine directo los vuelos me encanta
  • Súper App 5/5

    By JCVLO
    Increíble herramienta de trabajo
  • Only way to travel 5/5

    By Sac skins
    I love this app. I spent the little money for the Pro & it’s so nice. My itineraries, confirmation numbers, everything in one place. Tells me when my flight will be delayed, gate changes. It’s the only way to travel.
  • My Assistant 5/5

    By Frequent Banker
    I consider this app to be my personal travel assistant. The notifications are great, and PRO is a must-have. It’s helped me out of jams with last minute flight changes, alternate travel options and seat changes. The reminders are perfect. I love it!
  • Needs more itinerary updating capabilities. 3/5

    By Clynne617
    I love this when I have email confirmations but I cannot find an option that lets me manually add info such as hotel or lodging that someone else set up or that did not generate an email that is compatible with the app. It would be great if it let you edit more details if needed. But as far as tracking flights especially if you shave a multi stop trip it’s great. I just think it could be improved to allow for more exceptions we may have with travel itineraries.
  • Saved me many headaches 5/5

    By Iceman 99
    I now have used TripIt Pro for a couple of years both domestic and several international flights. I have been notified of gate changes even before they post it or make an announcement in the waiting area. I am notified of flight time changes and flight number changes even before the airline notifies me. Saved me missing a flight that was rescheduled an hour earlier due to summer schedule. Keeping everything together flight, hotel, car rental is a blessing. Especially the conformation codes. Have referred to them at hotels several times. I recommend TripIt with the Pro Add on to any serious traveler.
  • Airport shuttles 4/5

    By Jerrytxk12
    I can’t figure out how to schedule shuttles to and from airport and hotel.
  • Best travel app on the market 5/5

    By MaxRMcD
    TripIt has made traveling so much easier for me, scraping all the important info from emails and displaying it in the same format, making it standard for me and so easy to find out quickly where I am traveling to next
  • 11.6 Messed Up The App 4/5

    By Shaun0388
    I loved this app and would have given it 6 stars until I updated today. Now whenever I go to open the app, it has logged me out. This takes away a lot of the content convenience of the app since I cannot just pull up my itinerary and I have to stop, step to the side and log into the app to see what is next. I’ve gone back to using individual airline/hotel/rental car apps for now. Hopefully they fix it quick or I will be canceling my pro account and finding something more efficient. UPDATE: They did fix the login issue, and they did so rather quickly, which makes me think it was a widespread problem. A comprehensive testing of any updates would be a good idea. I was in the middle of an important trip, and while it is not the end of the world and I can get along fine without and app because I prepare for that, I pay for the premium service so I have that convenience. I updated my review to 4 stars for now because it is a great app when it doesn’t ask you to log in every time. Hopefully their team will do better testing before pushing out updates in the future.
  • The Best All In One 5/5

    By Me Mingo
    Tried Google Trips first but it lacked a few things. This has everything Google Trips was missing.
  • The devil is in the deets 5/5

    By stlatlsgford
    That airport shuttle, or that odd distance between your 2 points, Tripit sees it too. It offers multiple ways to connect your dots right before your eyes. It uploads your trip into one easy file. I’m sold.
  • Great app 5/5

    By EvApMi
    I love this app. Using it gives you a great timeline of your trip so it’s easy to keep track of where you need to be and all confirmation numbers. It’s super easy to use. It is by far my favorite app
  • TripIt is a travel necessity 5/5

    By AmyLeeRobinson
    I’ve been using TripIt for maybe 5 years and I cannot imagine traveling without it. All iteneraries, trains planes and automobiles in one place, notifications with gate changes, delays before they’re even announced, even lets me know when relatives’ flights are scheduled to arrive early so I can be at the airport to pick them up right on time! I love TripIt and highly recommend it!
  • Required app for those that travel 5/5

    By Damian Erskine
    Pro subscriber. Nothing else comes close
  • Just the Best Travel Management App 5/5

    I rarely if ever write reviews for apps. However, I must make an exception for Tripit. This is absolutely hands-down the best travel management app on the market. The automatic linking to your email for trip updates it’s a wonderful feature. But the best feature by far is the interface with the airlines. Many times I am alerted by Tripit about delays, gate changes and baggage claim belts before the airline apps can tell me. I just love Tripit.
  • Always use 5/5

    By sjboyne
    Can imagine planning and executing a trip without it! Especially if multiple people traveling.
  • Great service! 5/5

    By jeanaz1
    They notified me to call my airline for a fare reduction. Saved me $250 I would not have known about. Thank you TripIt!!
  • Please add expense sharing! 4/5

    By LC,PT
    Love this app and site. It makes keeping up with all my travel info SO much easier! I would like to see expense sharing capabilities within the app. I currently use TripIt AND Splitwise, but it would be much easier to have the $$ sharing within the TripIt app.
  • Overall good app but lacks some functionality 3/5

    By Proper attire required
    This is my go-to travel app, but it lacks the ability to do any serious editing of trips. For that you have to go to the website.
  • Fantastic. I love it. 5/5

    By fhakduegfnalfhrheuanfbfhe
    I travel a lot and this app is great for keeping all my flight and hotel info organized and readily available in one place. No searching through emails or trying to remember what airline your on or hotel you're staying at. It’s all here and easy to find. Fantastic. My life is so much easier.
  • Wrong ticket information 1/5

    By slick76
    Trip it had my ticket/boarding pass on a delta flight and wrong flight number when I was on a frontier flight. I missed my flight and it cost over 1000.00 to get me home. Delete this app.
  • Good service, fair implementation, awful UI 2/5

    By DadaStar2
    If this app had a decent, up-to-date UI, it would have easily been the essential one for your trip planning, scheduling, archiving system. The point is: it looks so aesthetically outdated that you are regretful as soon as you launch it. Devs, please make this app as aesthetically functional as the services it provides already are. It’s 2019, not 2009 anymore.
  • Just a leisure traveler... 5/5

    By Staylor
    I may not travel as much as others, but maybe that’s why I need this more, to organise me like a professional. I love the ease of just forwarding confirmation emails to TripIt, and having all of the information imported automatically. Not just confirmation numbers, but ticket prices, web site info, car type, etc. Every item shows in my regular calendar, so I never have to enter anything twice - especially helpful when there are changes! The notifications are a godsend when there is a flight or gate change - I get them before I get the airline’s - once I was able to rebook the last two seats on another flight, and I know it’s because I knew about the cancellation a few minutes before the rest of the plane. I use this for everything!
  • Love how this keeps all the details for us 5/5

    By Lesa in Portland, OR
    TripIt Pro is an outstanding app that takes the organization of travel to the next level. It’s as simple as forwarding your confirmation emails to the app. It plugs it in to whichever trip makes sense to it, or pings you if it needs help. But you only need to provide the direction and it then puts it in. It’s a friendly to look at, and friendly to use app. Love it!
  • Would have been 5 stars but.......... 4/5

    By Mikeatcut
    Love this app, but I have one pet peeve. I upload a lot of photos to my travel plans but every time I go to view them they are in a different order. Surely just a simple fix?
  • The best tool while traveling 5/5

    By yesyjames28
    I’m constantly traveling around the country and overseas. This app is my best friend. It helps me keep everything organized. Love it.
  • Nice app 4/5

    By Playing with sounds
    Figuring out how to edit and update itinerary was a little tough at first.
  • Clean and efficient 5/5

    By Clive Lewis
    Loving the app. Keeping everything in check and so accurate and updated. What’s not to like...
  • A must 5/5

    By Dr Ellen Kent
    I have travelled extensively: all seven continents, 106 countries, and 49 states (am a holdout with Alaska). This app is the best on the market, and the pro version keeps one up to date including the where to pickup baggage carousel! Nothing is left out. A+
  • Cool app 5/5

    By Sounds of Jazz
    I really like this app, would be great to be able to save travel insurance documents, details of vaccinations etc would make it even better
  • Kayak app better and free 1/5

    By rob4000
    Used tripit for years, with a subscription, but switched to use the trip planning ability within the Kayak app. Not sure why anyone would pay for this anymore.
  • Poor Syncing 4/5

    By Jbgolfnut
    I would give it 5 stars if it would only sync consistently! So many good features, but I am consistently having to delete and add calendar between my iPhone, iPad and Mac. It just does not sync well with iPhone, iPad or any other device. And forget Outlook. Forget the refresh that they recommend too is a worthless process. Oh you can merge accounts but they just don’t merge. Please fix it!
  • Don’t leave home without it ! 5/5

    By travelcrazy1
    I’ve been consistently using TripIt for about 5 years now & I’m impressed with its ease of use as well its versatility in types of information in can store for you . When planning a trip to Italy, my daughter , who had been the year before , shared her “past trip” details with me . It was complete with maps of landmarks she wanted to see & various restaurant options she had marked . It saved me so much time ! I now “pay it forward” and forward my past trips to people to share where we stayed , who we hired to drive us , rail info etc ... it’s just fabulous ! I’ve never had a glitch ! Happy travels
  • The app constantly bugs me to rate it. 1/5

    By nerd-o-rama
    I hate when you're fumbling in the rain for your hotel address on the app and it interrupts to ask you "do you love tripit?" "rate us in the app store!"
  • Love it 5/5

    By Kingdcg
    I love this app it helps so much when planning a trip
  • Great App for Trip Planning 5/5

    By PC Traveler
    Easy to use and keeps the family up to date on the entire trip. No one has to ask “What are we doing tomorrow” - love it!
  • I'm not sure how I ever traveled without it 5/5

    By GlendaTheGood
    This is the best travel itinerary app I have found. Don’t even look elsewhere. This is the best. It’s like having your own travel assistant. You get informed of gate changes before the airport tells you. It’s just an amazing app!!!
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By Triviapro
    The app is easy to use. I love having all my travel plans in one spot.
  • Wouldn’t leave home without it 5/5

    By big4dog
    I just simply use trip it for all of my travel...
  • Absolutely fantastic. 5/5

    By Gabe Kunda
    TripIt is the best app travel planner HANDS DOWN. My Newley wife and I are in Paris for our honeymoon. We were able to get all updates on flights, baggage claim info and more through this app. We will be using it on any trips we take. I can not stop raving about it!! Thank you, TripIt Team! I’ll be making a review video on my Instagram! @GabeKunda
  • Indispensable, but buggy 4/5

    By Hammerdone
    Have used this app EVERY DAY for >1 year travel to >40 countries. Absolutely recommend it to avoid constantly rummaging through emails to try to find reservation details. Really surprised that, as an offshoot of the business app Concur, it continues to have bugs. For example.... I set up trip dates, yet my imported plans regularly create new trips, instead of inserting them in existing trip. Annoying. Yes, you can ‘add this plan to existing trip’, but that’s not the point. Trip statistics. Will track distance covered, countries visited, etc. weirdly, will only do that for completed trips (why?), and not for trips that are over 366 (?) days... why? International info pro feature. Always defaults to the first country I used it in, instead of the last country I searched. Why? Multiple devices. I open my iPhone and iPad apps and see very different information very often. Cross device glitch on my one account. Continue to get, for example, flight gate and departure times alerts days after the event has happened... That’s just off the top of my head.
  • So far so good, but... 3/5

    By Scooby575
    Since learning that Google was discontinuing Google Trips, I’ve migrated over to TripIt, mostly with success, but there are a few concerns. The main one is in the required permissions. I fully understand the need to access my email to harvest data from various confirmations, but stating it needs permission to completely delete my email is rather concerning, to say the least. There should be some finer granularity to that set of permissions.

TripIt: Travel Planner app comments

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