TripLog Mileage Log Tracker

TripLog Mileage Log Tracker

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TripLog Mileage Log Tracker App

TripLog a Top-Rated GPS mileage tracking app with over 1 million total downloads. Featured on Forbes, CNN, Inc, and PCWorld. Start you free trial today! TripLog offers multiple mileage tracking options: MagicTrip™ - a fully automatic tracking feature, car Bluetooth, plug into car charger, or manual tracking with widgets. TripLog is one of the top ranked mileage tracking app for both personal and business expense reporting. Automatically tracking your deductible mileage with greater accuracy, reliability, and ease. TripLog gets rid of the guesswork during tax season by giving you 100% IRS compliant reporting that is fast and simple to merge with all major accounting platforms. Stop logging your miles manually. Let TripLog automatically track miles every time you drive your car, or your fleet of vehicles leaves each day. WHAT IF you paid your drivers for growing your business not manually logging mileage? The time to get rid of the manual logging and paper trail is now. TripLog is simple to use and takes the guesswork out of your mileage reimbursement. SELF EMPLOYED or 1099: The most feature rich automated mileage log tracker for your IRS deductions. The TripLog app automatically records trips and categorizes them based on your preferences. TripLog is completely customizable unlike other tracking apps on the market. Log miles for specific times of the day, or set up tracking for business and personal. Mileage is just one of many expenses you can deduct. Other vehicle expenses include fuel, parking, tolls, maintenance, insurance, logging, meals etc. TripLog can keep track of all vehicle and business expenses to maximize your tax deduction. • Auto Start when plugged into power source, or connected to a Bluetooth device and driving more than 5 mph. Or, you can have the app auto start on a set time frame. TripLog automatically stops the trip when the vehicle stops and/or device is disconnected • IRS compliant HTML and CSV tax return reports and built-in 2017 mileage rates • Capture expense receipt photos and upload to the Cloud ENTERPRISE EXPENSE MANAGEMENT: Automatically and accurately track mileage and expenses for mobile employees with our comprehensive fleet management solution using mobile GPS app and web SaaS technologies. Simple innovation that provides immediate time savings and ROI. • Fixed and variable rates (FAVR) smart mileage programs • Easy setup, and tax automation to increase productivity: TripLog provides Quick start pilot program. End-user training company rollout. User guide and new driver administration introduction training. • Record actual driving routes and view them on Google Maps • Commercial Truck support (scale, lumpers, per diem allowance, state-by-state mileage for IFTA fuel tax reports, and track DEF fuel purchases and gas mileage). Did you know 35% of employees guesstimate when they self-report mileage. This can cost companies and additional 25% or more in reimbursements annually. Now is the time to claim your complete reimbursement and TripLog is the most comprehensive app to help you achieve this. TripLog is easy, accurate, and reliable. Integrate with QuickBooks™ and Concur™ Excellent customer support. If you have any questions, please send us an email. We will reply to all customer emails within 24 hours. Start Maximizing your reimbursement with TripLog’s 30-day free trial.


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TripLog Mileage Log Tracker app reviews

  • I changed my mind after trying 5/5

    By Franky_HT
    As a tax attorney, I have been impressed by this app. It tracks everything the IRS wants to see, automating tasks and making it easy to provide detail for each trip. For business owners who want to deduct mileage tracking on their income tax returns, this app is extraordinary
  • Need this app for my job! 5/5

    By Rita_CChan
    Makes keeping track of business and personal miles a snap. This has cut down the time it takes to complete my monthly mileage reports. I love it because of very nice reports.
  • The best mileage tracking app for tax deductions 5/5

    By Ll_Carpenter_Ll
    I’ve only had the app a couple of days but from what I see. I love it! Super easy to use. Room for notes. Will definitely be a blessing for tax time next year... 
  • Simple and effective 5/5

    By Matthew_Dnn
    Very easy to use and it's now there's a widget for iPhone. I hope this helps track my mileage of car, and It has done well! Accurate and easy.
  • Awesome tracker! 5/5

    By Dav-Freeman.M1
    This app does exactly what it says with very nice reports. It’s purpose is to remind you of trips you have made, categorizes and allows for export of the information. Two thumbs up.
  • Replacing my brain 5/5

    By Rc_Coles
    I’ve been using it for about 3 months now. You don’t have to remember anything. It does it for you and if you do forget it reminds you that you have an open drive to classify. Looks like it’s going to save me significant money come tax time. More tax refund!!!
  • Works like a charm! 5/5

    By J. Glaton
    A real timesaver. Must have app if you do any business mileage. The most important thing is very nice reports and intuitive user interface.
  • Great app for keeping up with vehicle mileage 5/5

    By TeresaSsSa
    Just testing this software out for my road crews. Had to be simple to use from their phones or they won’t do it. Think they’re going to love this app! Happy staff makes for a happy team. Reasonable pricing!!
  • Super user friendly. Love the reports. 5/5

    By BarrientosCc
    The basic free app will have you covered if you don’t drive every day, only occasionally. The unlimited is priced very reasonably when you need it. I really do not regret the money spent on a purchase
  • Pleasant with 100% 5/5

    By KnowlesCNN
    This app has changed my life at tax return time! Mileage tracking is now a breeze I keep recommending it on as it’s totally worth it! My accountant is very pleased with my neat and accurate reports.
  • The simplicity is the best! 5/5

    By cun<3Vuu***
    Love intuitive user interface in this app. I’ve used it for 3 years and it is simple and accurate. I just print out the summary report for my accountant. 
  • Effective and convienient 5/5

    By BJPerez0
    I love this app! This app has made it super easy for me to keep track of business miles. When tax time comes around it’s simple to print the reports and turn them in to my CPA. My CPA loves it very much <3
  • This app is awesome! 5/5

    By allenLYe
    As a small business owner I’ve tried many mileage trackingapps to track my business trips. This is THE BEST!!!! It has saved so much time, I love how flawlessly it works and how it’s all done automatically for me! 
  • Deserving a compliment! 5/5

    By Jjemmi_Trukie09
    Started using the App a couple of days ago and everything is very great. I use this app for work purposes and I’m totally pleasant with great customer support.
  • Cannot do without! 5/5

    By ExumMike
    My CPA loves it. He loves how simple this is to use! It takes no time at all to collect the daily travel reports and it only gets better with each update!
  • REALLY worthwhile! 5/5

    By Adam^^Luv87
    Easy to classify and keep track of my mileage tracking/ gas/ locations for my emerging entrepreneurial endeavors! Burden off my mind and great way to review the day swiping either personal or business.
  • Never waste my money! 5/5

    By Gunnsteinn.No1
    Great swipe left/swipe right categorization. Not having to remember to turn it on every time I get in the car is great. Buying more gadgets is very worthy!
  • Great app! Way better than MileIQ 5/5

    By FelixC 727
    I was previously using MileIQ My friend recommended TripLog So glad I made the switch. I had issues with MileIQ and when I contacted their support team they had no answers or any concern to take care of the issue. Whenever I’ve reached out to TripLog, stuff gets taken care off!! I highly recommend them! Not to mention that their price is 1/4 of what it cost to have MileIQ.
  • Great Small Businesses app 5/5

    By Emilio..Schiavone
    So far this app has logged all of my drives. Very easy to use. Highly recommend to anyone that needs a MileLogger. I believe it would be worth paying for if that is the case
  • Faithful to this app 5/5

    By Chankie.Wang606
    After years of filling paper mileage tracking logs, taking photos of the odometer as reminders and then remembering something else at the end of the month, I needed something to save much time! This app has done that for me!
  • Only trust in your app 5/5

    By 8457029380
    Awesome app!! So far so goodI had this app for 10 months and it worked perfectly, my mileage tracking report from 2017 was very accurate and simple that I was able to report it in my taxes. I’m very happy and very satisfied!
  • My new favourite app 5/5

    By _Cordelia G**k_
    Recently started testing this app. So far it seems pretty great value. I’ll, more than likely, upgrade and purchase something to be more convienient!
  • Time Management 5/5

    By Frímann J Guðleifsson
    I work 70+ hrs a week, driving for Uber as a second job, at night. Letting triplog my miles for me is saving me time that I already didn’t have to waste. Save time and money – the best!!!
  • Never regret when having used 5/5

    By Han.T.Hen
    More tax refund ! I’ll take the money I recouped and the time I saved and go on vacation instead of fighting travel logs for taxes. Because from now, this app almost completes my job with me. 
  • It Does Everything For You 5/5

    By Carll.Mas''91
    I was told about mileage tracking by a friend and I was sold after watching him use it. Super simple to set up, it tracks everything for you...all you have to do is swipe. Absolutely worth the money!
  • Best app ever 5/5

    By Eli_ Bales1102
    Automation is great . I have only been using this app for approximately three weeks. I am so happy with this app. I can’t believe I waited so long to start using it. This is by far the best app I have.
  • 5 star 5/5

    By r_snyder.78
    Everybody need compensate from their companies for miles that they travel business so let’s this app give you a hand! Mileage reimbursement for sure comes back to you.
  • Really convenient 5/5

    By CB.Doroth
    This is produced to make life easier for businessman. In the past, writing down to track mileage on forms and spreadsheets is a must. Now all you need is a smart phone and just download this portable app.
  • Tons of awesome features 5/5

    By Eugene_MBell.433
    I don’t expect much from such a low cost product but it really takes me back. I can experience automatic daily back up to cloud, photos related expense receipt also uploaded to it, integrate with many devices and platforms, etc.
  • Efffective one 5/5

    By Sellers-BE
    Well not only mileage, you can receive huge deduction from other expenses as this device will help you record effectively along the way. Such an absolute stealth with this incredible product!
  • We can customize it! 5/5

    By 78.Kimberly
    From my personal experience, I can say that this Triplog provides all necessary and customized needs to improve the users’ experience as much as it can.
  • Nice option for us driver 5/5

    By Dkar.Robinson
    For all drivers out there, you definitely need to keep track of your mileage unless your work is counted! If you’re still finding you, this is really worth considering.
  • Wow wow wow 5/5

    By Daniel-harris
    I like the nice reports of trips and tracking of additional expense. Plus the customer service with that humble and supportive manner is impressive!
  • satisfied! 5/5

    By Perry.PF_00
    Yes TripLog Mileage Tracker is more than a mileage tracker! It can satisfy the pickiest customers by the wide range of nice reports and multiple features that go beyond a tracking device you expect.
  • Make your wise choice 5/5

    By Quara4k
    Why I have to waste money for the same-functions-app with higher price? This mileage tracker guarantees all you need from a well-functioned app: deliver great reports of mileage tracking, user-friendly interface, nice customer service. 
  • Great option 5/5

    By Anjali35
    Downloading and signing this app literally takes some secs! The data is sent to your cloud and connect Bluetooth conveniently.
  • Effective support 5/5

    By LeWWis H Lis
     First I actually don’t pay attention to this app because I don’t expect much with that reasonable pricing. Then your supportive does change my mind!
  • great job 5/5

    By MyyWilliam'956
    The mileage tracking log saves my information related my trip such as mileage, fuel costs, additional expenses. cant appreciate more. 
  • Worth your try 5/5

    By Jay**J_Petter
    Install once and enjoy numerous useful features with such price! This mileage tracking’s worth a try!
  • Customize by yourselves 5/5

    By Marion S Aguilera
    They still leave space for your convenience and setting. You have the chances to customize based on your individual preferences, which makes TripLog Mileage Tracker app outstanding in the market.
  • People like it! 5/5

    By Vv_Fitzgerald.94
    This is absolutely my top favorite discovery among the apps. My CPA also loves it! Everything becomes more and more simple and time-saving.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Preacher pta
    Great app does what it says
  • Not real impressed 2/5

    By traxterhitlist
    I bought a ibeacon to go with this app. Auto start is terrible. I have to manually start to make sure there is no mistakes in my mileage. Cause it is a pain to fix it if it doesn’t start. Real drains a battery on the iPhone as well. Hope they fix they app because I do like the online version and other reports. Burnt on the iBeacon thing so don’t bother if you are considering this app
  • Gone South or lower. 1/5

    By Fishing Dr
    This app is to be fairly good especially in the free version. It seems they keep adding things that don’t work correctly. I had two cars on this app and on one trip it put mileage of both cars. Customer service used to be fairly good, now you just get an answering machine with in my opinion a very poorly recorded message. I think at most I’ll go back to the free version. I hopeThis app gets its act back together.
  • Taking away features I paid for?? 1/5

    By Me8190
    I bought this app a couple years ago because I liked the auto start feature. It worked very well for me until I updated a month ago. I just found out today that after updating I was put onto a 30day free trial for auto start functionality (even though I already purchased the app and this was an advertised feature then) and they took away auto start stating that the only way to get it back is to pay more for it. Real sound business practice... Nope. Bye.
  • User-used 1/5

    By TherapyNE1
    Worst app ever. Basic plan $15. What do you get? NOTHING!!! What you will get is a bill for $20. If you want to get any reports. If you’re just tracking your mileage buy a pencil and paper it will work better and is cheaper.
  • Make your back up 5/5

    By Lydia Burk
    The worst scenario ever is losing your data one day. To minimize the risk people use cloud and app connecting to cloud. TripLog Mileage Log Tracker is a typical example.
  • Auto start is iffy at best 2/5

    By Chuck 202
    Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t! Absolutely not acceptable for an app that you pay for. It’s only IRS useful IF it works EVERY time.
  • So ez, so convenient 5/5

    By alxnxd
    There’re always a lot to keep track of when you drive for business, commuting or personal reasons. Now with this mileage tracker, you just have to tap and all of your current reports are on the screen.
  • You do what you want 5/5

    By evahammang2
    Your drive reports are saved safely in the cloud. Need to arrange the records? Your choice to categorize all of them based on your own preferences.

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