Trucker Path: Truck GPS & Maps

Trucker Path: Truck GPS & Maps

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  • Current Version: 4.3.6
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Trucker Path Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Trucker Path: Truck GPS & Maps App

North America’s most popular app for Truckers. BUILT FOR TRUCKERS, BY TRUCKERS! Get all trucker tools in one FREE APP! Best Trucking APP featured by truckers! Trucker Path is a mapping tool used by more than 1,000,000 truck drivers, to find truck stops, weigh stations over-the-road. We also provide truck-specific GPS navigation directions. Join the community of more than 1,000,000 truck drivers now! 40,000+ TRUCK STOPS IN USA & CANADA – Find popular Truck Stops: Petro, Pilot, Flying J, Loves, TA, Travel Plazas, AM Best – Hundreds of independent truck stops with reviews from fellow truckers – Truck Stops with showers, parking, food, entertainment – Rest Areas TRUCK GPS – Get routes specifically for your truck height, width, weight and type – Avoid sharp turns, low overpasses, bridges, small roads, and more – Access turn-by-turn navigation, and night mode navigation PARKING AVAILABILITY – Real-time truck parking availability – Truck parking status history – Parking status prediction – WALMART Locations with overnight truck parking WEIGH STATIONS & SCALES – See which weigh stations are open or closed – Check weigh stations status history – Find CAT Scales FUEL STOPS WITH TRUCK CLEARANCE – Find fuel stations with diesel – Compare fuel prices – All featured fuel stations have clearance for trucks TRIP PLANNER – Plan with Trucker Path GPS Map – Find Low Clearance Bridges – Get recommendations for HOS rests – Unlock fuel optimized trip plans FORUM FOR TRUCKERS – Post your ideas along the road – Share your perspective to other truckers – Get advice from other truckers Terms of use: Privacy policy: For questions or feedback, please contact [email protected]

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Trucker Path: Truck GPS & Maps app reviews

  • One update 1/5

    By TomD4
    This went from the best trip planning app for truckers to being horrible in one update. I’m guessing they changed it so they could justify charging for it now. But just charge for it and give us the old app back ... horrible
  • Bug 1/5

    please adapt the screen for 12 Pro, thank you!
  • Needs improvements for New York City and New Jersey 4/5

    By Osbingodoy99999
    Because sometimes the map is taking me to very tight roads one time I got stuck because the gps took me to a very tight residential street in New York City not only one time 2 times that’s why I give 4 stars because those days was like a nightmare to make the turn but I waited till the people left the place to make the turn please fix that issue because is hard to get stuck let me say where the gps is failing Brooklyn NY Manhattan NY queens NY new Rochelle NY New Brunswick NJ please fix those routes it evades low bridges but is not evading the smaller streets thanks after you guys fix it I will get the yearly edition
  • Last couple months slow 5/5

    By djligecbnifcnkufcbjhtfcbju
    Very helpful app,I'm using this app many year,bud last couple months stocking that much slow even open one of truck stop need a 40 second
  • Some things to fix 3/5

    By jolemavi
    The app it’s good, so helpful but sometimes times choose i crazy ways no good at all for truck, sometimes times the destination it’s just close and the app tells you to make a way around with no reason, and sometimes when you star a route it just freeze in the over view map and not in the route where you are, i always have to close the app and open it again when a star a route, if you guys fix this things it will a great app!
  • Please fix Route option 3/5

    By MrShihi
    Great app. But crashes or freezes a lot. And on the recent update, the "route option" is not working.
  • Crashes 1/5

    By Patandcat
    Jan 13 update didn’t fix that app crashes every 2 minutes
  • 4.3.5 Broke the App 2/5

    By Prodigal76
    I’ve been using the app as a gold subscriber without issue for nearly a year and it saved me finding quick parking numerous times. Now, after I updated to 4.3.5, I can no longer say the same. With the update, you can see all the truck stops along the route that you’ll be taking. As soon as you go into Navigation mode over half of those stops disappear. It’s not just mom and pop places. TA’s, Love’s, Petro’s, Pilot’s, and Flying J’s aren’t showing up. I’ve bypassed exits with 2-4 truck stops without a single “Parking Availability Marker” showing up. Also, if you try to scan ahead on your route while in Navigation nothing appears until you completely stop swiping and remove your finger. Why the change Trucker Path?!?!!? This has to be fixed. I will be dropping the subscription if it’s not taken care of.
  • Unsubscribing 2/5

    What a pain in the butt to unsubscribe! I’ve been trying to unsubscribe for a month now with no luck. They keep taking money out of my account. That’s bad business to me...👎👎
  • Driver 1/5

    By jack oyoo
    Not accurate for trucker
  • Last update worst 1/5

    By Aleha237
    Just when you get used to interface they make some fundamental changes that makes to worse. Places, weigh stations, fuel and parking were in a tab neatly grouped together. Now you have to press several buttons to navigate back and forth! THAT IS NOT A PRACTICAL SOLUTION! Please revert back to old or give users option to choose!
  • Fuel Plan bug 3/5

    By facemark
    Just downloaded and unlocked the most expensive Platinum version. When I try editing the Fuel Plan screen, I'm unable to cave changes because when I make my edits and tap "Get Fuel Plan" an error pops up saying "Minimum Fill Purchase can not be less than 26" -- what is the Fill Purchase? Do you mean Fuel Purchase? Also, it's already set to 30 which is greater than 26. You've got a bug. Also it would be great if you save save multiple trip plans. It seems like you can only have one trip plan going at once, but I'd prefer to be able to plan multiple trips and then select one to navigate when ready to go.
  • What is up with all the changes? 3/5

    By RandMan57
    Newsflash, I’m not going to subscribe to the paid navigation. I just use the reg car routing. I’ve tried you subscription navigation and it’s inferior and expensive. The silver is fine for me. I have other forms of gps navigation I like better. I’m a subscribing member. Why, why must you change everything around? It was fine before, the format was perfect. Every year you people make these ridiculous changes and I cannot take time to learn the app all over again. People like familiarity, especially when it’s something I am depending on. Stop with the changes all the time please.
  • Crashing every minute 1/5

    By Najaah16
    Fix this issue
  • CRASH ISSUES!!!!! 1/5

    By jdjdjsnsmdmd
  • Updated review: worse with every update 1/5

    By Mecharuva
    I’ve updated my review for this app multiple times over the last few years, and every time it gets worse. I’ve given 1 star for a while now, but I would give zero if I could. The banner ads now cause the app to stutter HARD, making the app almost unusable — I reported this to them directly months ago and they assured me it was being fixed. Now, on my new iPhone 12 mini, within ten seconds of opening the app, my phone is hot enough to use as a hand warmer in a Canadian winter storm. No other app makes my phone this hot, not even the most taxing video games. I tried reporting this to Trucker Path and the response I got was a copied and pasted message regarding app crashes. I didn’t report the app crashing, I reported the app running stupid hot on my phone. These devs don’t care, they’re even charging for DARK MODE! You have to PAY A SUBSCRIPTION FEE FOR DARK MODE!
  • Great 5/5

    By LifeMatters61
    Good, Awesome, Wonderful.
  • Crashes 2/5

    By kwfuel
    It was great but the last week it randomly crashes on my iPad. I have to uninstall and re download it to get it to sometimes work for the day. Please fix.
  • Parking Prediction Not Working 4/5

    By Toms_23
    The best app for truckers, but right now the parking prediction is not working at any truck stop.
  • Good app, big problems, no tech support 2/5

    By Engine05
    I’ll start by explaining what I mean by good app, big problems. I like the navigation part of the app, it’ll let you look up places by name or address. It does good on creating a route a d I’ve heard it will even the take you to Apple Maps and Waze. It was great until they updated it. Now it locks up several times during the day. Today alone, it locked up 6 times. Most of the time it locks up only the count down to next turn and the time/distance on the bottom of the screen. The voice and map continue to work. Today it totally locked up and while I didn’t notice that it had locked up, I missed turns both times before I realized it was locked. When I put in a notice of a problem, which I’ve done no less than 10 times, I get en email from them every time asking where I was when it did it, what was my start and end points. I’ve replied to that every time. I then get a email telling me to delete the app, clear the cache, restart the phone and then reinstall the app. I’ve done that 8 times and it hasn’t worked yet. On one of those downloads, the version that installed now cuts off the top and bottom so I can’t see how far it is until the next turn, I can’t see the exit number, and it cuts off the ETA and distance to destination on the bottom. I’ve reported all of these problems several times and still not fixed. I tried to call the number that came with one of the emails and they never answered the calls. I’ve left voice mails every time and no phone call back. If they fix my problems I will change this review. If you're the developers of this app, please contact me and we can discuss my problems.
  • Freezes 3/5

    By jshep82
    App freezes about every 100 miles now since I started subscribing. Have to close and reopen to make it resume. Not the best thing to have to do while driving.
  • Ads are killing me 3/5

    By Seabeans
    This was once a great app, but now it’s overrun with ads.
  • New update 1/5

    By ToniGuirino
    Updated the app so now it’s kicking me out All the changes is not helping
  • Questionable 3/5

    By Tsj26
    Great app, extremely helpful but it seems if you’re using it for more than a minute it will start to slow down and freeze up
  • App crashes a lot 1/5

    By queencitylawncare
    When I asked for assistance I was asked to provide a receipt that I never received. Make sure you keep your trucker GPS just in case. Btw I use an apple iPhone 11 Pro so it’s with at&t so it’s not my equipment or user error. This started after their last update.
  • Navigation 1/5

    By countryman2519
    I’ve been using this app for navigation for almost 2 years and for the past 3 days the navigation crashes every time I try to use it, will be canceling if issue not fixed soon.
  • Overheats iPhone 12 Pro Max 1/5

    By Eric J Odom
    Latest version heats up my iPhone pro max to the point the screen dims and I have to close all apps to get the phone to cool down. Not sure why the version is hogging so many resources on the phone but it does.
  • Useless 1/5

    By McIntee
    Very inaccurate I would not recommend
  • So mad!!! 3/5

    By Numerican
    This app used to be really good, but the last few days, it’s taking me 25 miles out of the way. Are used to be really good, but all the sudden it just started closing, freezing up, and taking me in the wrong direction. I have the full membership, and I’m thinking about canceling it, and just going back to my Google maps.
  • Crashing 2/5

    By Whild One 😜
    After the update on 12/27/2020 keeps crashing
  • Excellent 5/5

    By riskyadventures
  • What going on??? 1/5

    By symtron
    I’ve been using this app and it’s been fine but now it resets a lot and for some reason when I’m in navigation mode I can’t see the top or the bottom like it went to fit full screen mode or something. I’m using the brand new iPhone 12 pro max
  • Time saver 5/5

    By craig1378
    Updates traffic very well
  • Poor design and functionality 1/5

    By asfghjkv
    May as well use google maps. Bought subscription till it continuously kept rerouting hundreds of miles out of route
  • It’s got what truckers need but..... 2/5

    By Trebor skraps
    First off, I like the app. The parking info is fairly up to date. Now the bad.. 1) a subscription for routing that, at best, works half the time without something freezing up or crashing. 2)feedback and assistance??? Unheard off. The best I can get is a canned email saying to do something for an android phone. I will say there are 2 guys on Facebook that try to help but the devs either have their hands full or are just college sophomores with better stuff to do. 3) there are “truck stops” listed on here that are just gas stations with no diesel. You can’t get them off. I’ve sent emails and no reply. In some cases, a simple google earth look would tell you it is wrong. 2 stars is the best I could rate this app. Why pay for a membership that you can’t use and the “fix” is to clear the cache on your android device. 🤔
  • I never liked anyone post 1/5

    By desertflyz
    I never click to like anyone post and never been to those places so why it have a blue like on ppl post
  • Alex_BG 2/5

    By Alex_Bg91
    My iphone 12 pro max getting hot every time i open app and my screen become dark... why this happen only with this app?
  • App acts like a virus 1/5

    By 0310macfreak
    App acts like a virus on iPhone XS. I’m using the free version. But there’s no reason it should crash my phone. It seems like the app thinks behaves like it’s an Xbox game trying to run on a phone. Why would an app this simple put a phone into overdrive. It will crash all gps apps and drain your battery. It’s a resource hog. Didn’t used to be. But it is what it is. It’s a necessary evil.
  • Review 2/5

    By runamukinil
    App works fine I guess unit I can’t see 300 a year for yet another subscription that is only used a few times a month no thanks
  • Slow 3/5

    By Brians phone1234
    You scroll up, wait for the hole page to load then you can scroll again, keep doing this 5 minutes you’ll find it over a dial up connection. It likes to freeze but wait it’ll eventually catch up, now they’re trying to get you to get that gps or pay fog trending and history. Other than that it’s a good app if idiot drivers would update what they see at the weigh stations like if there is a cc (chase car) or not but steering wheel holders to drrrr I guess if I gotta pay got all that oll just go back to chance guessing go around games cause you’re doing it anyways
  • Pricy and incorrect navigation 1/5

    By mujeebbb192
    They charge 30$ a month it’s not worth for the service they provide
  • Great experience 5/5

    By xymdxxx
    I find everything what I need 👏👏
  • No more Trucker Path for me 1/5

    By DragonLost
    I’d rather flip through paper guides than deal with that this app. Feels like it was coded in India. Need to stop prioritizing ads. This app chugs on my 12pro.
  • Not opening 4/5

    By Namdhari Sports
    It shows “Open Button”in the App Store but not found in my iphone 11.
  • GPS Trucker Path 1/5

    By Dave82966
    The Trucker Path GPS is Terrible!!! For one Trucker Path charges you $299.99 at once. If I wanted to spend $300 at one time i would’ve purchased a GPS unit. Second of all your app was SLOW at updating often passing the road that I was til turn onto since your “gps” didn’t give street names most to f the time. The update time was NOT in real time.
  • Alltaken60 3/5

    By alltaken60
    This says free app but when I download you have to pay $99 to use it
  • Freeze warning! 3/5

    By Eaverything is taken
    I’m sure this would be an excellent app if it didn’t freeze up all the time. It’s pretty frustrating to try to use something that won’t work half the time. Should I cancel or keep Hoping it gets better?
  • New problems 2/5

    By IllestMca
    With every update. Something that was working perfectly gets messed up. My app will not run in background!! If I go to look at my weather map my trucker path resets and I have to choose my route again
  • Title 3/5

    By tfwithnickname
    Obviously useful tool for a trucker, but overwhelmed with ads. Full version price is unreasonable( for the price of top streaming service offers some gimmick features). Regardless what's up with this bug: on reviews section within app randomly liking reviews. It lives thru many updates. Didn't developers notice it yet?