TruckMap - Truck GPS Routes

TruckMap - Truck GPS Routes

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  • Current Version: 3.27
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: TruckMap, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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TruckMap - Truck GPS Routes App

TruckMap is the best free mobile app built for Truck Drivers. The only app with truck optimized GPS routes, diesel fuel, weigh stations, overnight parking, Walmart, and Rest Areas. Truck Optimized GPS Routes - Routes and directions for Trucks, not cars - Plan for truck weight, low clearance, and HAZMAT - Customize truck height, weight, and avoid Toll Roads - Route around truck-forbidden roads and highways on your path - Filter locations on the way and never miss a stop Over 14,000 Locations - Walmart, Pilot / Flying J, Petro, Love's, Roady's, AM Best, TA TravelerCenters of America - Thousands of other trucker stops with laundry, showers, and truck washes - Thousands of Weigh Stations, DOT Inspection Sites, and Rest Areas - Over 400,000 truck parking spots Filter Locations With: Parking (Daytime, Overnight, HAZMAT), Truck Washes, Convenience and Grocery Stores, Diesel Fuel, Biodiesel, Propane, DEF Lines, CAT Scales, Air Hoses, ATM, Restrooms, Showers, Laundry, Wi-Fi, RV Dump Stations, and Open 24/7 Truck Services: Truck Washes, Oil Changes, Tire Service, Truck Mechanics, Truck Dealers, Roadside Assistance, Towing. Made in Chicago, USA

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TruckMap - Truck GPS Routes app reviews

  • First Time User 5/5

    By Garrison Jester
    This trucker GPS app works quite well.
  • Use for our Travel Trailer 4/5

    By emb743
    Great for our 34ft TT + pickup truck. Takes into account POR slower speed and won’t put you down a sketchy road. Only thing I wish it did was Apple CarPlay integration.
  • Backhauls 5/5

    By chud man
    So far so good
  • Good directions 4/5

    By Grahneg
    Best entrance to the dock as this is a large shopping center with 2 entrances.
  • Truck map 5/5

    By Elyerocks
    Very good no problem working great awesome app👍🌹
  • Uses too many residential streets 2/5

    By Drae Legend
    Sends you through residential streets if traveling Toledo OH
  • Great 5/5

    By Tinashe Tinashe
    Awesome, I love it
  • Good help 3/5

    By kevblavk
    Great directions sometimes it take you to the wrong corner. You have to figure out from that point but it will Get you to the area
  • Not bad needs some adjustments 3/5

    By DJ Bundie
    At times it may try and take me on a road that is not suited for my truck. Sometimes is comes through others and may be off. But all in all helps out when needed
  • Truck GPS 5/5

    By BAD NEWS NEW Jersey
    I love this app
  • Not that great 1/5

    By vic878897
    I was patient for like 3 days using this just to see how it stacks up against co-pilot dude this app took me to the wrong location I know where my warehouse is I put the exact location where it was and it said it was 0.9 miles away when I’m right in front of it? Idk what satellite or whatever they use but it’s off I will keep using co-pilot for now on they need to fix accuracy on pin point of location we use based on the address we put
  • Highways and interstate 5/5

    By highways and interstates
    Great app and has tools
  • Not for local driving 1/5

    By OGdubz88
    Im sure this app is great for over the road guys, or anyone that doesn’t come through Boston for that matter, but I drive around the greater Boston area and this app is horrible. Directions arent clear at all, for example it will say take exit 26ABC, then will skip right to which exit to take off the next route before ever clarifying which exit (a b or c) to take. And its hard to rely on the map because it isn’t very detailed at all. In a more cleanly laid out city I’d imagine its more manageable but in Boston, forget it.
  • Needs some work 1/5

    By AmericanSoldier11Bravo
    Map navigation is not precise and heavily delayed. Needs some work for sure
  • Great, but missing 1 important feature... 4/5

    By yrrabsille
    Why. Why. Why is there no Favorites list? WHY? It navigates the Northeast really well, avoiding parkways and everything. In fact, its far better than other apps for that purpose. But having to search for the same locations over and over because there’s no favorites list?... there’s no excuse for that. Thats just a basic feature of any good nav app.
  • I wish it had speed limit indicator 4/5

    By MaxUst
    I wish it had speed limit indicator
  • 20 years out of date 1/5

    By mft Box hauler
    Not Current Not even close. Homers truck stop has been gone for over 20 years. It was on Stamey Farm Rd in Statesville, NC. Jakes Red Ball in Charlotte, NC same story No more Wilco Hess, The truck stops are now Pilot and the ones with no truck fuel lanes are now Sppedway. Don’t Waste Your Time With Truck Maps app.
  • Getting to truck stops 3/5

    By tt_Time
    I only want to be directed to the nearest and fastest location when driving in a big rig truck j am looking for your help so that I can keep my eyes on the road keep it simple
  • Only missing one feature 5/5

    By DingleBerrySlinger
    If you could incorporate CarPlay like google maps or Apple Maps has it would be amazing. My truck has CarPlay and I’d use this all the time over my garmin if I could use it. Also I can’t wait till you incorporate real time traffic. Those 2 features and it’ll be hands down the best trucking app out there.
  • Not worth it driver, don’t do it 1/5

    By Madmaggi
    As previous reviews have stated this app will put you in some nasty spots 100%! Here’s an example-going up to big island VA it wants you to take 501 all the way into the paper mill, but if you’re over 65 feet long you are NOT allowed over the mountain pass from Lynchburg into big island-clearly marked huge yellow signs. Sent it to the tech team for the app to report the STILL tries to route you that way and absolutely will NOT show alternate routes. FYI if you ever follow this and get stuck there 1.DO NOT make that turn as VSP waits to give tickets! Instead take 501A through town and yes it’s tight but it’s the only way to get back to BR29. Follow it to the roundabout and hook the hard left to get onto Park. From Park follow the signs back to 29BR then jump off at hwy 130 to get to the paper mill. 1. Fix it so we can choose an alternate route 2. Update your mfkin maps for legal truck routes-go state by state with an atlas and eliminate every single road with a restriction for trucks (length, weight, height) and then give the option to CHOOSE the route you want that follows directions our shipper/receiver gives. Until you do this it’s worthless for truckers of any kind 😡 assimilate your defecation
  • Not So Bad 5/5

    By Rucker Park
    Overall this truck gps works well, jus a few touch ups here & there and I think any truck driver will never have to purchase a gps from the truck stop again.
  • Good Trucking Navigation So Far 5/5

    By Mahdi Abdoos
    it’s usually gives me the same route as my Garmin GPS i just have this as a backup plan and sometimes it’s gives me better route than my Garmin but of course i always check through it before i go and i like how they update it all the time i wish we had an option to alternate routes.
  • Overheats 3/5

    By 5Ktrucking
    Great app would give it 5Stars but the processing power make phone super HOT by for the hottest app on my iPhone max eats a lot of battery as well even while plugged in. And not just on my phone but my co drivers also. But even with those negatives I’d still recommend this app to other truckers. Hope they can fix a few things and add a few options.
  • To many errors 1/5

    By Ralphoe
    Not good
  • Do NOT USE IF YOURE OTR!!!! 1/5

    By stahpfkinlying
    If your OTT and you drive anything close to 53ft DO NOT USE THIS APP unless you like driving through neighborhoods and racking up DOT violations. This app takes you nowhere near the shipper and doesn’t use up to date truck routes and will set you up for failure
  • Nice app, but... 1/5

    By Bloot72
    I want to give this app a try but it constantly tries to route me down roads that trucks should not or are not allowed on, ie dirt roads and roads that are clearly marked, NO TRUCKS ALLOWED.
  • The best but....... 4/5

    By Good Friends Trucking
    Please add to narrator a North, South, East & West when giving commands on every command. I know it’s in the navigation list but it still will be nice to hear the narrator especially when I’m in the city.
  • Useless 1/5

    By hfsbjifvk
    First trip, it tries to send us down not one but three streets marked ‘no trucks’.
  • AWESOME APP! 5/5

    By Edrodz
  • Dont spent alot of money 5/5

    By Haydar009
    This app perfect and free especially NYC works perfect with 13.6 high and 53 ft semi truck forget about garmin dezl and other expensive navigation dont spent alot of
  • Best free trucker app out 5/5

    By B.B.KING78
    Best free trucker app out
  • Rolling Wheels 5/5

    By ChristSpeed
    TruckMap keep you rolling with direct routes. You’ll come to appreciate it!
  • Seen better 4/5

    By guythatknows
    Missing some stuff... it’s ok
  • Glitch glitch glitch 1/5

    By Lipped it
    Constantly finishing route after weight stations. Glitch galore on directions especially by urban areas. 5 miles from destination in Orlando it reroutes is 54 miles out of the way. It’s really needs a major overhaul.
  • Not good app 1/5

    By andrewandrew91
    Not At all correct on any destinations
  • Decent 3/5

    By Vendetta5.11
    I’m local, so I generally know my way around. I use this more to help me avoid accidentally going into a no-truck road. It will get you in the ballpark. I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone not familiar with an area. It also gives, in my opinion, far too many notifications. It will give you a quarter-mile notification, and then a tenth-mile notification, and then a notification at the maneuver. If you’re going over 35 mph it basically just hijacks your audio completely for a while. Also if a road has the word “court” in it, and it’s abbreviated to “ct” it will tell you that you’ve arrived at “Connecticut”. I love arriving at “Sheridan Connecticut” in Michigan. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  • Driver 4/5

    By shaneb shaneb shaneb
    Directions were awesome
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Bonny the don
    It it an awesome app and very easy to navigate. The first time I used it when I drove to Buffalo, NY from NYC. I was so used to use Waze and then realized that it has some lacking when it comes to drive a truck. Driving an Uhaul truck was amazing with truck map app.
  • best truck gps 5/5

    very good!better than rand mcnally and garmin truck gps!I only use this app for truck router!
  • Nice but...! 5/5

    By B51Kbron
    You guys need to make a night vision...! Is too bright in the night time
  • No good 1/5

    By PatMurray
    Downloaded this to drive a 15’ uhaul and it tried to take me down residential areas waste of time
  • Ehhh 4/5

    By Killenu
    This app still needs work
  • Just wow 5/5

    By Cast Theatre
    I’m new in the truck field on 2 months I drive a 18ft Box truck that is 12’6 This has helped me a lot as I’m new to the no truck route I want everyone to download this as it’s helped me a lot with no issues All I want on here is the ability to see where police are (such as Waze) It saves your routes too so when you need a address just type in a little bit and it will pull up Also shows diesel stations, rest stops, weigh stations & Walmart’s 10/10 thanks truck maps for keeping me safe and getting me around
  • Great app. 5/5

    By 79mpjax
    Very useful Save me on numerous occasions
  • OTR driver 4/5

    By broyeo
    Accurate directions but the map is small and difficult to see
  • Great! 5/5

    By Hunter655321
    Easy to use. Never fails
  • God’s 5/5

    By OR&R
  • Pretty good truck gps, needs improvement 3/5

    By rottdude1985
    Gets me to the places I need to go on truck routes, and has reviews for some truck stops. A few changes would be great: • Light/Dark should depend on time of day • Light mode has white time, gps indicator, signal, battery, etc against white background making them illegible • All text in navigation screen should be bold • Remaining time and distance text is so small I can’t read them while driving.
  • Gaktruckingllc 5/5

    By gavlo1984
    Need a little work but ok