True Key™ by McAfee

True Key™ by McAfee

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  • Current Version: 6.1.3
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: McAfee, LLC.
  • Compatibility: Android
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True Key™ by McAfee App

Meet True Key™ by McAfee – the easier, safer way to unlock your digital world! Save yourself the frustration – True Key will remember your passwords for you, automatically filling in your account info on apps and websites so you don’t have to “forgot password” ever again. True Key will also generate secure passwords for your most important accounts. Your True Key account automatically syncs across all your devices, including desktop and mobile devices, so you’ll have access to your passwords everywhere you go! Enhance your personal security – Password Generator will create strong 8-30 character passwords for you to use on any account such as banking, email or credit card accounts, and will autofill the password for you when you’re logged into True Key so you don’t have to worry about forgetting it. Quickly access your accounts – use Face ID and Touch ID for speedy access to your True Key account, allowing you to automatically and securely login to all your apps and websites on your iOS devices. You can use 2nd device authentication as an extra layer of security when logging in – just swipe the notification on your 2nd device to verify it’s you.

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True Key™ by McAfee app reviews

  • Highly recommend 5/5

    Definitely the best thing for someone who wants secure passwords but tends to figure them because they’re so long 😂
  • Great when it works. 4/5

    By Trill Raver
    I have found True Key to be an ideal solution for password management and password generation, when it works. I love the idea behind True Key but similar to the desktop experience (which should be better) the app does not sign in to stored website as it should. Also when creating a new username password, the True Key app should make creating the sign on an easy process, instead the flow is interrupted with True Key going offline and you are unable to access your account to complete the set up of a new website login. It’s the the weirdest thing. Also there are times when using a website where you may have multiple accounts and True Key gets stuck in a loop of signing in only with the first account created. I like the app and the idea. It’s just quirky and o have to implement workarounds to achieve my desired actions.
  • Okay app with helpful customer support 3/5

    By Ironikwon
    At first I had some issues with the True Key app, but I was able to resolve them. McAfee did reach out to me with help. I appreciate it.
  • Best app EVER 5/5

    By David Gravel
    Search no more
  • Excellent App - Thank You McAfee! 5/5

    By &YouThinkImCrazy!
    So in the advent of online stores, web-based email accounts, online banking, and the ability to work from home since COVID-19; more and more stores and online accounts in general, have made changes to their password rules. It used to be as simple as “password”. Then the rules changed, it then became “Password”. Guess what - it changed again - now it became “Password1”. As luck (and new hacking capabilities came about) would have it, it became “Password&1”. You get the idea... Well... Remembering all of these passwords became impossible - unless you have an eidetic memory - which I don’t. Password vaults came about - some have been hacked, some don’t update properly, and some just plain fail and are also a huge security risk. McAfee then came out with True Key. When it first came out - I’m not going to lie - it absolutely sucked. I ran the gamut of install, uninstall at least 20 times during the early years of True Key. McAfee, like any great software company - EVOLVED. Not only do they offer highly rated antivirus and spam ware applications, but True Key has seen enough evolution to become one of the top five password vaults in the world. Since December of 2017, I have used the entire McAfee software suite to protect ALL of my computers and devices, I also have ALL of my passwords at my fingertips (except a couple of sites that have programmatically masked usernames and passwords so password wallets don’t see these fields as username and password fields). Is the program infallible? No - neither is Fort Knox. But I am very confident in True Key and since Dec. of 2018, the UI AND background functionality are without a doubt, worthy of their top five rating. GREAT job McAfee! Thank you for investing the time and effort to make an impeccable suite of products!
  • Best app password generator and easiest way to go 5/5

    By ChivasKapo360
    Quick and super easy hands down
  • Love the app...but 4/5

    By Ariido2
    I really love this app, the only down was when i have to format a hard drive, when i tried to reinstall the app, i found out that now is only as an extension into the web browser, personally I preferred the app separately ....anyhow works
  • It’s good overall but it lacks a lot of stuffs too. 3/5

    By rriju
    Overall It’s a good app for any standard users. Reason I didn’t give 5 star because it lacks following: no dark web monitoring, no 2FA ( but it has MFA), Desktop version of TrueKey is no longer supported, Password sharing is not an option, auto password changer feature not available, no security analysis and more.
  • Love App - NOT the New Update 4/5

    By Diva Phoenix
    This latest update has destroyed the UI in dark theme/mode. The title fields stay white but the input fields are all dark with dark grey font making it very difficult to see & almost painful contrast, especially in the dark. Hope it gets fixed ASAP! As for actual app function: True Key is awesome! I’ve been using if for over 5 years now, since before McAfee bought it, & it does exactly what it’s supposed to. I keep it installed on all of my devices and I rarely have to worry about passwords. Occasionally, on my phone a password created in an app won’t get saved but it’s not very often & fortunately my iPhone usually does save it as a backup so I don’t have to worry about it. Major cons: 1)Not good at generating passwords for new accounts created in apps. 2)There used to be a legacy feature where if something happened to you, you could designate someone to have access to all of your passwords. - it was disabled/removed when McAfee bought the software & it was supposed to be brought back but never was. I REALLY wish they would bring it back so I can have the peace of mind that my kids could access anything they’d need to should something ever happen to me.
  • App has become terrible in past weeks! 1/5

    By Ronimj733
    Have used TrueKey for years & all was fine. Several weeks ago they removed desktop version so now must use as browser add-on. Now they’ve messed up the iPhone app. ALL of the “notes” sections for my sign-ons & ID cards has been erased, which has created a great deal of problems for me. Not able to provide any feedback online to company. Another lousy feature. This product is no longer reliable & my advice is to use a different password keeper. I will be doing that shortly.
  • Not working on phone or my desktop! 1/5

    By DJ Dave P
    There’s a problem and McAfee knows about it. They just can’t fix it. I had a guy from tech support screwing with my computer for two days now. God only knows what he’s accessing!
  • Calming 5/5

    By Bethbmh
    I have had the app for over a year. It takes all the stress out of having multiple passwords. I so firmly associate this with lack of stress frequently tap this when I mean to open the Calm app
  • Works But Inadequate Feature Set 1/5

    By Nothing_2_It
    After repeatedly trying to add a new login/password entry from my iPhone, I figured out the only way the app will allow you to save an entry is to associate it with a website. Save button stays inactive until a correctly formatted URL is entered. McAfee support’s response to this was to not add a login entry but create a note. I was also told that no other password managers allow you to create a login account from IOS. Later found a review stating this issue from two years ago along with suggesting they add a folder capability. None of these suggestions were taken into consideration. It’s a shame because they are valid features and without them I don’t have much interest in continuing to use the application.
  • The MOST confusing set up every 1/5

    By Soupy5525
    I created an Acct like I was suppose to, it never asked for the activation code. Tried to log out and log back in again and it was asking to verify my Acct through my email. I literally verified it 6 times and it would let me complete logging in. So frustrated right now. I can do anything with the app at all. Can even log into it.
  • Life Saver 5/5

    By Chill Will 514
    Have forgotten some critical passwords and True Key have saved me many times from having to log in or have come to the app to retrieve my password by copying it and pasting it. Awesome!!!
  • Awesome!! 5/5

    By Ou8mycock
    Everything now has its own password!! No more trying to remember them all and having to reset passwords. No need to trust chrome or any other browser with storing passwords.
  • App no longer works with iOS 13.4.1 1/5

    By PMcColley
    After updating to 13.4.1 True key will not login, it just says something went wrong. Delete and reinstall and when you start the app you get the error “something went wrong” and can’t do anything at all. App is now useless and I cannot access my passwords.
  • Mr Gene 5/5

    By Eugene013
    Great as always
  • Does not work 1/5

    By sojourn07
    I have had more problems with this than it’s worth. Passwords do not share in my devices. Passwords aren’t recognized when I do save them. What a waste of money.
  • Nice app 5/5

    By GodsLanterns
    I love this app good to keep your passwords secured. The one thing I live about this app is that like me I cannot remember all of my password so it is a good reference
  • Get Dashlane Instead 1/5

    By Sully2018$
    Constant problems with no McAfee support. Replaced with Dashlane, no more problems.
  • Easy to learn and use 5/5

    By 1/2 mile
    Title covers it
  • Great customer service 5/5

    By kentamine1
    Like any app, there are aspects of it that may require HELP. Customer service is always fast to respond whenever I call. This is one of the reasons I prefer True Key to other password managers I have used in the past.
  • Not as intuitive when using iOS. 5/5

    By Ltcmgm1978
    I use True Key on Windows 10, Ubuntu, and iOS for iPad on Google Chrome and Apple Safari. When using it on Windows 10 and Ubuntu, a True Key button displays prominently in Chrome. Can't miss it! Not so with Safari. If you open True Key for iOS you have to select Extensions and choose Safari. Then when you go to a website to log in with Safari, you have to select the Share Button and then select the True Key Button on the Share Menu. What a pain to do! Well, once you figure out the procedure, it works OK.
  • Wendy 5/5

    By was2be069
    Had it for years- love it. Tried many others before I found this one- No reason to try another! Very easy and convenient to use!
  • Great App 4/5

    By RLRench761
    I started using this app several years ago on my laptop. Adding it to my phone is a serious game changer!! Is it perfect?? Absolutely not! But it’s convenient and I love having total access to my every password at my fingertips!
  • LIFESAVER! 5/5

    By savleigh96
    I don’t know what I’d do without TrueKey, I even use it to keep the password for my work password keeper 😂 I used to waste so much time looking through notebooks or phone notes for password, then ultimately giving up and resetting it for the umpeenth time. TrueKey changed all that 🙌🏻😊 10/10 would recommend
  • Pastor lll 5/5

    By Pastorlll
    Excellent app good for keeping passwords
  • Love the app, love the program, but..... 4/5

    By RoDunc
    Great program, works wonderfully. But beware of customer service!! I was using a trial version and LOVED it, so wanted to buy the premium version. After TWO MONTHS of haggling with McAfee Customer Service I finally have my subscription working. I couldn’t GIVE THEM my money for the subscription! They either didn’t call back as promised, or called to say they can’t yet figure out what is wrong! Surprising that a company so big and well established had so much trouble with such a simple problem.
  • Security 5/5

    By eiger/400
    Great way to keep track of many passwords and easy way to log-in. With all most everything on line great way to keep track of membership and licenses
  • Love it! Can't live without it! 5/5

    By Sexy mami88
    I used to literally write all my passwords down in a notebook then switched to my laptop and my protection lapsed so I was so glad this was offered upfront. It wasn't asking all the time or maybe I skipped it or moved too fast but I make sure it gets it everytime now. Its very convenient and I really love it! I seriously couldn't live without it or I'd be resetting all my passwords all the time and that gets really old really fast. I definitely recommend u try it out!
  • worst app 1/5

    By nonickname663914659274018
    it doesn’t work. it required me to verify my email but then wouldn’t let me use the app since the link in the email kept sending me back to browser.
  • Login 2/5

    By Dtwbrowne
    Can no longer log in to account password reset doesn’t work.
  • Rock Solid 5/5

    By Asset324
    I’ve been using the app on my iPad and iPhone for over a year. I have it in a windows PC also. It has never let me down, always there. I would recommend this app to anyone!
  • Lost every password I had 1/5

    By FrontLineAssembled
    Do not trust TrueKey with your data. When the app last updated, it locked me out and Mcafee can’t help. Their only solution is to delete my account. If you must use this, write everything down. This app was supposed to help, not hinder.
  • True(Ly) Key 4/5

    By dons1959
    True Key has provided a great way to manage passwords. As with all internet interfaces, it’s not seamless new cause each site creates levels of security that mess with easy Log-Ins, but, overall, I’m happy with this product. I do hope they will keep improving it, though and forget about us faithful users!
  • Say goodbye to password confusion 5/5

    By Librarydenizen
    Such a convenient way to store passwords and other important info. like credit cards and passports.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By MochaBeauty2012
    Never use this app with an Apple phone. Mcafee decided not to support face recognization and auto deleted my login. If you forget your password you will not be able to reset the master password. I called customer service and no one knew how to support the issue. It been a month and I’m still not able to reset my password. When you click the reset master password and go to email to reset password from link it does nothing but set at a frozen screen the locks after 2 attempts. I wish I had never trusted this app with my passwords and when my subscription is up I will look to find a better virus protection app.
  • Better than others 5/5

    By JeepLady's Unicorn
    Loving this True Key. They keep better info than Chrome passwords. A must for your computer.
  • Device not trusted 1/5

    By DiStaten
    It is not accepting my password, so I tried to change it. I get a message that states my device is not trusted!
  • Great App 5/5

    By Ninja Stud
    Easy to use app to keep all passwords and logins.
  • A well though out program 5/5

    By Joe5270
    This program replaces one from another manufacturer that is incapable of working with the current version of Windows 10. It’s a robust program that works well.
  • Passwords Available Across Platforms 5/5

    By lovelakemark
    East to use password storage program that works across devices from smart phones & tablets to desktops. And the program will create and store complex passwords that are hard to hack.
  • Either the best or the worst 2/5

    By Tolikkozak
    This app can’t even send me a reset email because I forgot my password. Face check, ok, finger print, ok. But no password = death. You can’t even get help from support staff. It’s a good thing I guess. But I don’t see why it can’t sent me a reset email. Don’t forget your master password like I did foolishly. Also. The app doesn’t sync passwords always. I was logged in on my phone and changed a lot of passwords on the PC. It started to ask me for my password on PC all of a sudden. And BAM. I’m locked out. And none of my passwords were synced to my phone. Total fail on my part I guess.
  • Best ever 5/5

    By lockedout no more
    Best app for passwords I have ever used. No more trying to remember or going through the “forget/reset password” process. You will love it
  • Can be unlocked with a photo of you 1/5

    By 1DirtyAvo...
    Delete this app and demand your money back. I was able to to unlock my TrueKey account with a photo of myself! What kind of security is that? Incidentally, I could not unlock my iPhone using a photo. Seems McAfee is releasing garbage now!
  • True key 4/5

    By Nutcheese99
    I would say most of the time this works very good there’s a few sites sometimes it does not like to auto fill on but otherwise it does keep track of everything you are doing. It does keep track of your favorites and things that you like to do and makes things very easy to use. I’ve been using it for two years and I have had no real issues purchase now!
  • Must have app 5/5

    By DFM III
    This is an app that I couldn’t live without. I have 344 passwords in the system. And it’s only growing. It works on all your devices too!!!
  • Best app to keep passwords safe! 5/5

    By Scott Capriglione
    I have been using for over a year and it is by far the best password management app out there.