Trulia Real Estate: Find Homes

Trulia Real Estate: Find Homes

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  • Current Version: 12.13
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  • Compatibility: Android
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Trulia Real Estate: Find Homes App

When searching for a new home, the more you know about the home and neighborhood, the more you know it’s right. Trulia helps you discover the perfect home AND neighborhood for your lifestyle to buy or rent. Get a genuine feel of what it’s like to live there before you buy with 34 neighborhood map overlays like crime stats or schools, 30M+ neighborhood reviews from locals, and virtual neighborhood tours. Browse 1M+ real-time MLS listings with Trulia’s robust search filters, easily plan open houses, and customize instant alerts to stay ahead of the real estate market. ****** Trulia Real Estate Key Features: ****** TRULIA NEIGHBORHOODS -- get more neighborhood details than any real estate app • Browse 34 neighborhood heat overlay maps such as crime, schools, amenities, and commute • Tour the neighborhood with original photos, local stories, and drone footage • Learn about everyday life with the What Locals Say feature, ranging from whether people feel it is safe to get packages delivered to if neighborhoods are friendly. • Research schools in the neighborhood with trustworthy reviews from parents OVER 1M+ LISTINGS -- sourced from MLS databases, take your search on-the-go • Browse and save your favorites listings and searches to easily access them later • Get an overview of the surrounding area with Street View • Access the map in normal, satellite or terrain mode • Connect with highly rated agents to find a home you love SEARCH CUSTOMIZATION TOOLS -- find a home and neighborhood uniquely suited for you • Draw your own map boundaries to focus on the neighborhoods you care most about • Be in control with 30+ filters and custom keyword search • Find any type of property such as a condo, apartment, single family homes, or foreclosures DETAILED HOME LISTINGS-- simplify your home search with an intuitive experience • Browse large and beautiful photos of homes • Get the financial details you need like property tax, sales history, and more • Leverage pricing info on recently sold homes to spot high-value properties • Calculate multiple commutes by different transportation modes • Understand local LGBT non-discrimination laws for housing, employment, and public accommodations HOME BUYING ALERTS -- take your search on-the-go and never miss a listing • Stay up to date on the market and neighborhoods with alerts on new listing recommendations, price drops, or nearby open homes • Customize email and push notification alerts to only see what you care about • Check out your daily feed of new listing recommendations based on your search behavior and favorites OPEN HOMES SCHEDULING TOOL • Plan and manage open houses with calendar sync and mapping directions • Get open house recommendations near you AFFORDABILITY CALCULATORS • Calculate the full cost of owning your dream home, taking into account: mortgage, interest rate, HOA, homeowners insurance, and property taxes • Determine what you can afford based on your current financial situation ****** Trulia Rentals Key Features: ****** 1-CLICK REQUEST • Contact landlords and rental property managers on the go with just one click - it's that easy! • Set yourself apart by easily applying with our rental resume EASILY FIND APARTMENTS, CONDOS, & RENTAL PROPERTIES • Discover diverse listings in a beautiful, intuitive way • Check out floor plans and availabilities FILTER BY TRANSIT &/OR PETS • Find rentals near transit and calculate commutes • Sort for properties by whether they allow cats or dogs Discover a place you’ll love to live. We love feedback and requests! Send us yours anytime at [email protected]

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Trulia Real Estate: Find Homes app reviews

  • I love trulia 5/5

    By Emilykathleen1995
    We’ve been using Trulia to find houses for years. I love that it has the crime reports, which is different from any other app we’ve used! The only thing that I wish was available but isn’t is being able to take houses off of your search. If I’ve decided I don’t like a house, I wish I could narrow down what I’m looking at and just take it off my feed. Otherwise, it’s a GREAT app for renters!
  • Easy to use and fun to see what’s out there! 5/5

    By Hip2law
    This app is easy to use to search for homes with or without filters. Definitely useful on looking to compare available homes in areas to potentially move, and also to assess fair value of current home.
  • Best app for real estate 5/5

    By PortiaT
    This is the best application to look at real estate.
  • I need to rent a room 5/5

    By shaval1-
    Hurry up and have the owners to contact me about a room. I’m in desperate need of a room to rent Tracie Mitchell 315-275-8155
  • Eliminate houses 3/5

    By Ojm87
    If possible, it would be a great feature to eliminate the house you have seen but done want.
  • App is worthless 2/5

    By androidsdontrequirenicknames
    I constantly get notifications for properties that are well outside of my search are, and don’t even remotely fit the criteria I set... (number of rooms, property type, etc) This is probably not so much the fault of the app itself, but almost no one responds to requests to view the property. Looking myself on a browser was what it took, why have an app?
  • Looking for more listening 3/5

    By Dasha0-o
    Some of the houses were updated on other apps. And I’m also looking for houses that are privately listed.
  • What happened? 2/5

    By 88piet88
    Used to be when I got emails about properties, I could click on them and go directly to them. Now, over the past couple months, when I click on a property it crashes the app. PLEASE FIX THIS!
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Rosa Najar
    I love it
  • Ryan 5/5

    By Nicci&Ry
  • I love it 5/5

    By BTS lover 808
    I love it
  • Great app 5/5

    By None of you B
    This is a great app. It have help me and my family find a rental home every time.. Love it 👍🏽
  • Limited search options 3/5

    By Theres W
    Overall a good app, but please add the ability to enter personal search parameters on the price (or at least narrow the gaps in the preselected parameters). My max price is $325K, however I have to search on the pre-selected amount of $350K which is a big jump from $300K, and I end up seeing houses over and over again that don’t meet my criteria. I’d like for my feed and alerts to show only what I’m interested in, as it takes way too much time to sift through these every day! The app has some bugs too, for instance the mortgage calculator uses the wrong tax rate for my state and I have to change it every single time I look at a house. There’s no option to save the setting and you have to drill down into the options to get to it. Also with the last update, the saved open houses screen is no longer populated. I have to manually scroll my saved homes to see which ones are open for the day. This feature is currently the primary reason I use Trulia instead of my agent’s portal, so I hope they get it fixed soon.
  • Search function is backwards 1/5

    By tired of PTWs
    Trul-y a horrible app
  • Lack of advertising 1/5

    By optimisticcccc
    App is useless for anyone who is serious about purchasing a home. The only pictures on most of these homes are single shot street views with no inside images on anything. It’s a waste of time.
  • Fake app 1/5

    By Mike.O
    Fake realtor no one once to do any work all racist if you have an accent you won’t get a call back at all .
  • Good but not complete 4/5

    By Akpacophil
    The app is great, I just wish you could see the school grade and crime activity displayed easily. Also the search area is too broadened while the specificities about the house/apartment are too narrow.
  • The best 5/5

    By Bobby bill Thornton
    Better than all other apps out there. Has me viewing rentals in no time.
  • Zero stars 1/5

    By Single Dog Seeking
    The app doesn’t work, nothing loads, you can’t search. Completely useless
  • Nice app 5/5

    By Talentoso17
    The app is really nice.
  • Nothing loads 1/5

    By masterpants422
    Always says “this isn’t don’t have an internet connection.” None of my other apps are having a problem, so I’m pretty sure it’s Trulia.
  • App has been down for weeks! 3/5

    By 💩MHAMMY
    I have email notifications that l come through for houses in my price range. I’m currently waiting for something amazing to come along but I for the past 2 1/5 weeks, I am not able to use the app. It’s been giving me an error and honestly that is so annoying because Trulia has been my go to and now I’m having to resort to Zillow
  • Alerts... useless 1/5

    By Cannabusdriver
    What’s the point of having alerts if every time you click on them, they open up the app only to get “oops, something went wrong”? Every single time. Without fail. If alerts would work as they should, as often as they don’t, maybe then they would be useful.
  • Best and easy 5/5

    By pinkkazmin
    They ask only only the necessary.
  • I love you Trulia 4/5

    By Chuck9199
    Trulia, you offer the best, most thorough and up to date information on homes for sale . Thank you!
  • Great tool 5/5

    By Jenoeva
    My husband and I plan on moving when I graduate from school. I like how it tells you some information about the neighborhood! This is better than Zillow to me!

    By ThatCommGuy
    Terrible app. I have gone to a realtor showing her houses from your app and they’re all under contract (Chesapeake, Virginia and surrounding areas). This has not been a one time thing. This has been happening the past month. Update your listings sooner or something.
  • Bugs 1/5

    By Tu Robertico
    Ever since I updated the app when I open it doesn’t load right. The app is not centered to the screen no way of using it. This update is horrible
  • Love it 5/5

    By MizKaye
    I love this app. Give me very detailed information about the house. The schools and everything I need to know about the neighborhood.
  • No Internet Speed Data 3/5

    By An-je-51-98
    I’m sure Trulia is great for purely urban areas where every address has high speed internet available. However, we are in a smaller population area ~150k people and high speed internet is not universally available. Trulia shows me lots of wonderful looking properties that are totally worthless since they have horrible internet. No one wants these properties but there is no way to filter on Internet speed (or even if the basic type of internet available). Trulia would be my go-to tool but I can’t use it now and am stuck with the local realtor site since it at least has some very basic Internet data.
  • Does the job 5/5

    By BW PYRO
    Does the job for the most part can’t really ask for much more
  • Crap 1/5

    By Prettyjuls
    So I can’t use my email address to login because you want to force me to use my Facebook. Well, No!!!
  • Useful App 4/5

    By Vampira6419
    Gives very good info.
  • Dreams 5/5

    By UnderWho
    I often just look at these homes knowing that mine is amongst them..
  • Errors 1/5

    By Jojolovetoshop
    For the past month, this app have been having errors (a red bar would show up stating that an error occurred, try again later). I still get notifications via email that there a house that I may like but, every time I open the app, there’s an error and theres no houses to search for and see. I haven’t seen a house on the app for at least a month now because of the error it has.
  • Errors - terrible 1/5

    By Scardy
    Just downloaded app and literally 2 minutes later get “an error occurred please try again”. Exited app restarted, turned on WiFi, still same error. Signed out and tried to sign back in, “sorry, something went wrong with your request”.
  • Pending, Pending Pending 4/5

    By Oceana.k2a6
    It’s great except almost all the houses are already pending. Also, they seem to think I’m a slum lord. Some of the houses are downright creepy.
  • Great App 4/5

    By 5vbtp5
    Only two thing missing are the lot lines and prices of all homes around current listing.
  • Connection issues? 3/5

    By J Anonymous J
    I love the app. But as of recently. It’ll say internet connection issues. Except, every single app works except this one. All other apps connect immediately. So it doesn’t seem to be an actual WiFi/ data issue. It only happens on this app. No matter how many times I close app. Sometimes I’d I delete the app it’ll work again. But I’m not about to delete it over and over. I’ll prolly just start using a different app altogether
  • Glitchy - never works 1/5

    By Kacey9999999
    This app is so glitchy. It never works correctly. Every single time I go into it now, there’s an unknown error and it can’t load anything. Please fix ASAP
  • Used to love trulia 1/5

    By Essieblesssy
    Have been searching for a home for the last couple years trulia was really my go to but the app almost never works anymore and the actual website has just as much problems !! Get it together guys
  • Works when it wants too 2/5

    By BeeAle13
    Lately it’s not loading anything!! It works maybe about 50 percent of the time, it’s annoying that I get a notification about a new home, I go to open the app and look and a message says “well that’s not right check your internet connection” I turn off the WiFi and it still doesn’t work please fix its supper annoying
  • Can’t sign in error keeps popping up 3/5

    By frhie
    Hey the app works fine but I can’t sign into my account it keeps saying there is an error every time is there an issue going on?
  • Stopped working 1/5

    By MessaNessa2004
    Keeps saying connection issue but my WiFi and data is working just fine
  • Worst log in. 1/5

    By xam45
    I literally had all these beautiful homes saved for what I’m looking for and now this garbage app won’t let me log in anymore so now I lost all the homes I was eyeballing. This app is ridiculous. Never using it again. And best part is there’s no one to contact for help.
  • Loving it 5/5

    By Onyibor
    I’m loving using this app, I love how intuitive the app is and you get crime reports as well. Very friendly for a family planning on safe place to live.
  • Home 5/5

    By charlylee79
    This is the best app I will recommend to everyone Thank you
  • Great Updates But Doesn’t Work 2/5

    By Lady Aero
    I haven’t used Trulia in a number of years and was pleasantly surprised when I opened the app. There’s a fresh clean layout and some useful new features, such as detailed crime statistics. Unfortunately, the app isn’t very usable. Some sort of connection issue is preventing data from loading. It’s not my internet connection because I’m able to use other apps as well as the web edition of Trulia with no problem. So, it might be an issue with connecting to a real estate database somewhere or wherever Trulia gets its content. I hope this is fixed soon because it will be a great app when it works.
  • Used to be great 5/5

    By Unhappypictaker
    What happened to this app? It used to be my go-to real estate app. I love the “street view” and “crime” features, but for the past week or so it’s been extra glitchy and hasn’t been returning results for searches. Don’t know what’s taking so long to fix it. I’d otherwise give this app a 5, but because of their lax response in getting this app fixed it barely gets two stars.

Trulia Real Estate: Find Homes app comments

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