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11-Time Webby Award Winner: Best Community Tumblr. An effervescent pocket of pure internet culture. The subtle experience. An ecosystem of posting what you make, sharing what you love, and scrolling through all that lies in between memes, text, music, and tweets. Post pictures of your pet snake, delve into dank memes, find fellow fans, match your reality to your mood in a GIF. Add to it or simply scroll through and soak it up. Now picture all of the above, but on the go. That’s what this is. Watch as a community grows around you, led by ideas, aesthetics, initiatives—instead of individuals. Come as you are, curl up with whatever brings you to your dash in the first place. The rest will layer up like your favorite outfit in fall. Watch as your likes and reblogs fashion a feed that you will love while whatever you’re posting will float through your followers’ feeds. Oh, and the algorithm? Doesn’t even go here. Every video you find, every quote you reblog, every tag you curate, every waterfall GIF you secretly gaze at in wonder—that’s all you. You’re the explorer. We’re just a map you all keep on making. Go wherever you want. So. Whether you’re a complete innocent searching for images of bullet journals bathed in natural light, or a rookie puppy parent in need of support, or you suddenly interrupt your knitting blog to satisfy a new urge to collect marine biology memes that may or may not exist yet—you’ll find what you’re looking for. Welcome home. Welcome to weird. Make it matter.

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  • Tumblr is 🐐 5/5

    By lucstatic
    Always been and always has been 🤷🏽‍♂️
  • Slowest feed I’ve seen in a long time 3/5

    By bio.fire
    Ever since the change to non-nsfw content only basically killed this app, i am following multiple hashtags and blogs but my feed basically stagnant. I post on my own blog and I get very little interactions. The app is great build wise, the community is is alright, but the content just isn’t there…. Almost literally
  • Sluggish scrolling 2/5

    By lagunabob
    I use both Tumblr and Instagram almost daily. While I am not a coder, I would think Tumblr should be able to perform with the same agility as Instagram. Tumblr not only has a scrolling issue that is sluggish, it freezes with every move one tries to make. And these 2 apps are running on the same device. I often close and reopen Tumblr in hopes of things improving but that is usually an fruitless effort. Hello, hello, can anybody read me?
  • This hellsite is the only good corner of the internet 5/5

    By Mataya J.
    Look, your tumblr experience is entirely dependent on you. If you don’t like it, then you’re following the wrong people. Find your people; find your hyperfixations- and it’ll be like home. And for everybody still whining about the nfsw ban? Grow up. Not every site needs to be pornhub.
  • Absurdly Pathetic 1/5

    By Chevy2500HD4x4
    This app has become even more pathetic than when you “people” decided to ban adult content. Now, clicking on a push notification merely opens the app, it does not take you to the post. This app couldn’t possibly get anymore pathetic or useless.

    By ambiewhit
    Tumblr is my absolute fav. However, ever since the last update my notifications within the app don't show anymore. If I have 5 new notes, the "5" badge does not show on the notification icon anymore on the Home page. It's hard to track my new activity. PLEASE FIX!
  • tumblr support does nothing 1/5

    By Gracieogilvie
    i recently got my tumblr account terminated for no reason 2 weeks ago and i have contacted tumblr support 5 times and i have gotten 0 response. all i get is an email stating that my report had been issued and that a member will reach out to me shortly but then it goes radio silent. i have been using tumblr for years and i have never had this issue until now. all i want is my tumblr account back
  • Tumblr 1/5

    By yayayo🌝🌝🌝
    I didn’t like it
  • as long as this site functions 5/5

    By Kat a tonic
    just to be clear, I’m staying here as long as this site functions. I have 0 intentions of deleting my blog, I will go down with this ship if only to see exactly how bad it gets. i love the tumblr. i've been on it for years. it's an introverts social media. tumblr staff: 1. i will happily pay $3-5 usd a month to not have anymore ads! please! just let me pay for no ads! take my money! 2. the most recent update (6/17/2021) broke the ability to 'unlike' things anywhere in the list. also, things near the bottom of my obscenely long 'like' list- i haven't been able to unlike them for....i dono at least a year. 3. <3<3<3
  • App Problem 4/5

    By Funprincess101
    I have no problem with Tumblr and I love it my only problem is that now, some of my likes and posts aren't deleting. I've never had this problem before and I deleted the app many times and even created a new account, but I still have this problem. I still love the app either way but if this problem could be fixed I'd appreciate it.
  • you get an ad, you get an ad, you get an ad 1/5

    By 111111121212121211112121
    At this point it’s mostly ads and not content. Every third post is an ad. With other sites you have an option to mute, block, report, or even let them know it’s something you’re not interested in it. Even though most of those functions besides blocking do nothing but show you new ads you had a sense of control at what you were being shown. It would be great if tumblr offered either better solutions to tailor your ads or showed less of them in your feed. As of right now they do not offer any of it except through third party app removal sites in America, which is pathetic as places like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook all over on site functions. The past few months ads have been more prevalent on your feed and they need to start offering ways to cater to their users because the amount of terrible games, life insurance policy, money grabbing, weight loss, fad diets, click baity ads I have to see over and over is absolutely ridiculous. Tumblr can do better than redirect it’s users to “helpful” faq and be better at responding to users questions and comments. Currently like many social media it feels one sided when all you can do is just scroll and deal with it.
  • Force closing app? 2/5

    By DomiDemon
    The app keeps force closing when I go to tap on my activity tab. I would like for that to not happen. Can I please revert the update? This wasn’t happening before the update.
  • Unsafe, unmoderated 1/5

    By Abergine
    Hate speech proliferates on this app and website. Certainly not everywhere, but enough.
  • love it !!! 5/5

    By moony🤍
    i genuinely love this app it’s a comfort thing for me and it makes me so happy !
  • Awful on iPad 2/5

    By Chezmerelda
    the ads are weird and incessant, and there appears to be no way to edit ad preferences (which is also weird). My main complaint is that the app just doesn’t work on my iPad. I can scroll through a few posts, and then am faced with pages and pages of un-loaded color blocks. The ads still work though.
  • Pure Joy💕 5/5

    By thedailymunch😋
    Tumblr is pure joy - moreso than any other social site... billions of people speaking their heart!!!! ... pure joy - ❤️
  • Ads 1/5

    By sjsixksndbsbd
    Creepy, annoying, and repetitive ads that get worse and worse. Super annoying!
  • Mobile App 2/5

    By Danny The Wytch
    I want to be sure it’s clear that this is a review for the mobile app and not Tumblr in general, because overall it’s my favorite site, I prefer it over all other social networking sites out there. It’s always been my safe space to connect with likeminded people and just be myself without all the social media games. However, the app is horrendous. While it’s convenient to have the app, something is always wrong with it. Editing my pinned post from the app creates all sorts of duplicate paragraphs and missing text and wonky images, I never get notifications for my asks, and it’s a nightmare trying to post things/ edit things/ share photos which end up having their quality GREATLY reduced. Tumblr is so boss in so many other areas. I really wish they’d dedicate to some real time to improving the app. EDIT: FIX YOUR APP!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot upload any photos! Keeps giving me errors for nearly every photo I try to post. I am begging you guys, seriously, please fix the app already. 😞
  • Make a functioning app please 1/5

    By Tigger126562
    I can't view my activity or DMs without the app crashing. I tried smashing the cache, then restarting my phone, then deleting & reinstalling the app. None of this worked. Can y'all please learn to code properly?
  • Definitely still some bugs 1/5

    By Kndinaz
    Ever since the update I can’t open direct links in the app. Takes me to the web browser which puts me in safety mode. Using iOS.
  • Sucky update 2/5

    By Caseseyo
    The new update is trash and constantly force-closes
  • New update doesn’t work 2/5

    By samdomenick
    Ever since the new update I cannot look at my notifications without it shutting down. This bug needs to be fixed ASAP!
  • Every Update comes with a Fun Surprise 3/5

    By femmerae
    Honestly watching the app move towards less and less functionality is just entertaining at this point, but it’s almost a slap to the jaw when the app update says “there were some bugs with the notifications. Now there’s not.” Yes thank you Tumblr, because there are more now.
  • Broke the notifications 2/5

    By Johan Highstars
    Recent update completely broke accessing old notifications, open it up and it just takes you to the top of your feed, exact opposite of what is desired/requested
  • I'm done. 1/5

    By ms.applesauce
    Used to be great. Hate the last few updates. Ever since the great purge ya'll have been terrible. The banner ads have also gotten obscenely obnoxious in their topics.
  • Desktop is much better but if you just want tumblr it’s cool 4/5

    By Emily Shewckuk
    I definitely prefer desktop but my computer is very slow and I want to take Tumblr everywhere because it’s an addiction really. As a platform Tumblr is very chill you just block tags/blogs you don’t like and move on. Everyone’s really nice once you get on the side you like. Like posts/tags and follow blogs of a certain topic to find your niche! As an app it could use some work it’s constantly very slow and when you search a tag it does not do a very good job at it because I’ve seen anti tags in that tag (doesn’t happen on desktop) Over all Tumblr is great but the app could use a bit of fixing 👍
  • No More Ads 2/5

    By Wilma Ballsdrop
    I am seeing too many ads and I don’t even get the option to get rid of them! It is making tumblr less enjoyable.
  • recent update stinks 2/5

    By Rsoe
    the new video player is clunky, hard to pause, hard to rewind, even hard to hit the X to exit. its terrible and frustrating. its like its copying instagrams which is known as the worst video player of any platform. and the one tumblr USED to have was fine but now its chasing insta for a close second
  • Be careful dicks and boobies ahead… 4/5

    By Fat fingers on a smart phone
    I wish I could share this app without all the porn. There’s good stuff as good content.
  • My fave blog site 5/5

    By AhhShakespeare
    Tumblr is my favorite blog site it has all the tools and is easy to use.
  • Why change such a good feature ?? 1/5

    By rhymeswithchuck
    The ability to scrub through videos from the feed was such a great feature that now seems to be gone? Not too only did they change what wasn’t broken, but they changed something great into something horrible. Nice job guys.
  • Don’t waste your time 1/5

    By phobafett
    Trust me…just don’t. It’s called a hellsite for a reason. I wasted 7 years on this site, and after being gone for 3 years? I’ve never felt better. There’s better websites out there for you.
  • Let’s cut to the chase 3/5

    By Hangry Uber Customer
    TUMBLR is, at least to a large extent, a very good porn site. Adults ought to be free to make their own decisions about the content they choose to view and contribute. TMBLR is free to set its own moderation policies. The way TUMBLR has approached this reality- and I understand the choices it has made, and why- has been an attempt to reach a middle ground, but it has been lackluster. In the 21st century, there are ways to set age limits for certain content, to moderate very highly offensive and illegal content reasonably well, and to do so without punishing the conscientious and law abiding adults that want to exercise their perfectly sound inclination to engage porn. Content providers should tag content as porn and the app should filter pornographic content for all accept those that opt to view/contribute porn. For those users that opt, require some authentication that has a reasonable association with age, and make it binding. If the user is caught lying about their age, ban them- ban their isp# or whatever number IDs their device, etc. If the content provider fails to tag content, ban them. If a user posts illegal content, block them, give them an opportunity to appeal, and then block them if they don’t or if the appeal fails. TUMBLR is a great app- for all things, not only porn. It’s a worthy contender, and more than anything it can support the (legal, ethical) interests of everyone… users, advertisers, TUMBLR, and even the US Congress.
  • App down date 1/5

    By Tatted.matty
    I’ve been with tumblr since nearly it’s inception. The app has always evolved nicely save for the inability to DL videos, but I digress. The latest update removed the ability to slide across videos so to preview without opening the actual video was always a great, elite feature. The removal of said feature seems absolutely counterintuitive. I’m hoping this was an unintentional oversight in coding. Silly regression. Please fix.
  • hellsite (derogatory) 1/5

    By the down with cis bus
    the app stil doesn’t work lol
  • alphabetize. 1/5

    By AngelofDeath275
    why do i have to ask for alphabetization in 2021
  • Yes best 5/5

    By heavens on earth
    Best place to socialize
  • Logged me out 1/5

    By Haleighsaur
    Since the latest update I get kicked off and told I HAVE to change my password! I’ve changed it three times already! Twice yesterday!
  • Ad’s Audio Issue 1/5

    By Ycon34
    Updated app last night and now I keep hearing the music coming from Ad’s, even when I’m on a different page and it’s so annoying having to go back and mute the audio. Also sometimes the mute button isn’t even there?! So, you’re just stuck listening to the Ad’s music while you’re scrolling, and it doesn’t stop. So annoying! Please fix!!!
  • Used to be the best, now it’s just like the rest 2/5

    By DharmaShark83
    I won’t go into a long diatribe about the good old days, but I will say that tumblr isn’t as good as it once was and leave it at that. My main reason for this review is to say that they need to update the app to be able to block accounts from all of your blogs, not just the main blog. It shouldn’t be such a hassle to block people on all of my blogs. Why isn’t this a feature in the app yet? If I run a mature blog, I want to be able to block minors from seeing my content easily, not jump through a bunch of hoops because it’s a side blog I run.
  • Terrible App 1/5

    By KAYLA178
    Not much to say. Poorly managed. Terrible setup. Don’t download.
  • Lots of white supremacy 1/5

    By Monkeys piston Etrick
    Can’t see “female presenting nipples” but they’ve got a plethora of nazis! Come on down to tumblr where all the ads are by Trump!
  • pls fix 1/5

    By tazzenheim
    latest update makes videos load overwhelmingly slow
  • Trash w/o mature content 1/5

    By mature content
    Bring back the mature content
  • Tumblr is life 5/5

    By CeeNicole
    This is literally the ONLY social networking app I use and have on my phone I’ve been an active member for well over 10 years and as long as it doesn’t turn into the other popular apps I’ll always keep it. It’s safe space I love it over there.
  • Bad ads 1/5

    By bob19462834
    stop letting white supremacists run ads
  • yes 5/5

    By Stardrop Dreams
  • uwu 5/5

    By your sexy daddy
    once more the uwu will rule the galaxy... and... we shall... have peace
  • :( 1/5

    By un-poc0
    Why won’t you let me upload Live Photo’s. We’ve had a beautiful relationship since 2010. Why you do me like this.
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