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Tumblr App

Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. Whether it’s fandoms or philosophy, fashion or felines, Tumblr is where your interests connect you with your people. EXPRESS YOURSELF — Post photos, GIFs, text, videos, live videos, audio, anything. — Make your own GIFs. Cover them in stickers and text, if you like. BE YOURSELF — Look however you want. Customize your Tumblr’s colors, fonts, layout, everything. — Follow whatever topics you’re interested in. Find new ones you didn’t even know existed. CONNECT WITH YOUR PEOPLE — Join millions of people in millions of communities across millions of #tags. — See something you love? Reblog it to your Tumblr and start a conversation. — Start a private conversation with your friends in messaging. — Or just follow, if you’re feeling shy. No big deal.


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  • I don't get it. 1/5

    By TwobitTalking
    Whenever someone sends me a link to tumblr. It redirects me to the store page instead of opening the app. So I can't ever see what people send me.
  • Ads everywhere 1/5

    By Grrrrrrrrrrrrreg
    When they started ads it wasn’t too invasive. Now the first 5 things I see are ads and then every other 5 things are ads. It has become unusable. Too many ads!
  • could run better, a lot of lagging sometimes 4/5

    By LewieDa13th
    do better please and thanks
  • I love it 5/5

    By Dragon warrior 289
    I like it because I can search hentai without the feds coming to my house
  • Too many recommended and sponsor posts 2/5

    By A Mac, Photoshop and a Beard
    Too many recommended and sponsored posts are making tumblr spammy. Let me see stuff that I follow, don’t bury me in crap I don’t want to see. It’s rude.
  • Enough with the Recommended Posts! 1/5

    By Spudin8r
    All of a sudden 10 of my top 20 posts on my dashboard are “recommended posts”, and they are completely irrelevant to my taste. Worst.... feature.... EVER!
  • Stop recommending crap!!!!! 1/5

    By dsm6
    Leave me alone! Stop recommending anything! It’s all crap you push at me. I’m about to give up! it’s gotten so bad, I can’t get to anything I’m following.
  • All good things must end.. 1/5

    By heinous!
    Tumblr has been an awesome go-to app for years but... the new release adds all kinds of terrible posts on your feed that you can’t turn off. What was once a seamless coherent steam of things you like is no broken and infested with post no one cares about. Tumblr you sh*t the bed on this one. Please add something to turn off the suggestions. Tumblrs idea of suggestions is about as good as a death row inmates dating advise...
  • Chromecast. 5/5

    By Coolcollinluke
    LOVE this app! One thing that could make it better is you should make it so we can watch it on a bigger screen on iPods with Chromecast
  • Awesome sauce 5/5

    By Princess Sophia😜😎😂😍🤓🤓🤓
    The app was s really good
  • Keeps Getting Worse 2/5

    By Ms. Kevin
    After the latest update 2 days ago I open to several “recommended” blogs that I have no interest in. I have all my settings so I am only supposed to see blogs I follow, so this is Yahoo’s way to drive people to blogs it obviously has a financial interest in, especially most of what has been coming my way are Hollywood crap which I despise. Also has anyone noticed that when tumblr got an update the message was funny and made you laugh? Now it is boring and serious. What have you done Yahoo? Fired all the original developers who made tumblr great and had fun doing it??? Now all you care about is money!!!!!
  • Annoying! 1/5

    By TOFU
    Annoying recommended post!! Take that feature off!!!!
  • CRASH! 2/5

    By Anthonykeidis lover
    Since they added the ads that scroll through the dashboard, it has become the most unstable application I’ve ever used. The ads are getting out of control as well as the tumblr account posts. I don’t care what tumblr thinks is cool or relevant, get it off my dash.
  • Reblogging Function 3/5

    By Candycrusher342
    If you have multiple blogs, it can get frustrating that the reblog button switches the places of the blogs constantly. The constant switching made me post things to the incorrect blog because my movement is muscle memory and I thought that my main blog was in the top position but it had moved to the side position after I had reblogged one thing to my other blog. I feel like this didn’t happen before and made the app much easier to work with
  • Eh 1/5

    By wsaabie
    Wish the posts I follow would load as fast as you make all the ads! Used to love your app, now it’s just like Facebook.... loaded with crap ads that never go away!!! I just want to see the content I want to see, I don’t want to sort through tons of ads! Make an ad free version??
  • Rocking’ App 5/5

    By Mr. Tate
    I like this app and have seen it around. It is a tremendous opportunity for me to me a lot of really creative people.
  • ??? 1/5

    By Nick Etheridge
    Please fix the bug where we’re unable to remove all captions on mobile. It’s annoying to have to wait until I can get on a pc before i can remove captions I don’t want so that I can finally post what i wanted to reblog. I don’t want to just repost every image with a caption i don't care for instead of reblogging... and there’s so much unnecessary white space with the source's username being at the top of a reblog/post... very displeased... seems to be an unnecessary change or an accident. You guys have been doing pretty well for awhile now and i love tumblr but this change to the app is really annoying
  • Newest update is pure regression. 1/5

    By Frobag
    I’m now seeing 4-5 posts of ads and other sponsored bull crap when I launch the app and need to scroll a considerable amount before I see actual content. Full screen videos in landscape mode always have the playhead showing now because for some reason tapping the screen to make it disappear was too revolutionary. Terrible app, would not install/10
  • Dreadful recommendation spam 1/5

    By ConcernedButPowerlessUser
    Tumblr, quit loading my feed with garbage I don’t care about! I use your service so that I can CURATE what I see. You are undercutting my reasons to use your platform. Please stop.
  • Good but... 3/5

    By Rosie2247
    It’s a good app to have when you can’t be on a laptop. However, it keeps crashing or closing unexpectedly when I’m viewing my friend’s art and I end up loosing my place. Please find a fix.
  • Jammed 4/5

    By Chibi-Chan & Fei
    When I was gonna fix the hashtag it got stuck and I can’t go to my account, can you fix it?
  • The recommendations are annoying 1/5

    By [Silkage]
    I will follow what I like, and it will show on my dashboard. But I’m not interested in the recommendations, just so annoying.
  • ADs with more ADs 1/5

    By zenithangunn
    The latest update makes your news feeds ADs and forcefully recommended blogs. So In the first few scrolls you don’t see anything of your content and instead marketed posts and suggested blogs. We get it, you’re harvesting our likes and interests to sell the metadata. Does it have to be so obvious?? No matter how many recommendations you “Whoosh away” over 50% of the stuff you see in the app now is marketed content or recommendations or suggestions. It’s clutter and nothing but ADs to harvest your clicks.
  • Notifications Won’t Work 3/5

    By True Hetalian
    I have notifications but they won’t work. I have notifications on in settings but it still won’t do anything. Please help and fix this
  • Over it 1/5

    By bout read to delete
    Used to be good but now they are pushing adds like no other. Pushing stories I could care less about. I have started to “flag everything as inappropriate” in hopes they will stop pushing this crap on me
  • Just leave recommended things in the search tab 3/5

    By Kdkill
    It’s really annoying seeing the exact same things being recommended all the time even though I’ve X’d them out several times.
  • It used to be good. From 5⭐️ to 2⭐️ 2/5

    By 10boner
    They’ve recently made changes to the way my feed is displayed. Now I’m force fed different blogs that aren’t even remotely related to the content I’m looking at or interested in. I understand the need to post advertisements from sponsors, but I don’t care about 100% of the stuff they’re populating in my blog feed. The other less noticeable suggestions that are “in my orbit” also miss the mark, but they don’t take over my whole screen. I can review those quickly and investigate further or pass, vs. the new takeover method. I am less inclined to come back as frequently as I have before because they are changing the way I get to pick and choose when I want to see.
  • Only ads 1/5

    By Ted162562
    Recent updates have made the app just terrible! I get more ads then content I actually follow. If you want to destroy tumblr, this is how you do it!
  • New version is annoying 1/5

    By MikeyC13
    Sponsored (Ad) content is one thing, but all this new content that you “might” like is annoying. I can find my own content thank you very much
  • This app is addictive! 5/5

    By Anthony Fiandaca
    I was up all night, now I’m addicted. - Ashley P.
  • Reccomendations? 1/5

    By Scottishduffy
    How do I limit or get rid of recommendations? They are in no way relevant to what I’m interested in. I spend more time scrolling past or googling ways to stopping this function, than actually enjoying tumblr.
  • Used to be great, but now filled with ads and random blog posts 1/5

    By Greeny004
    The dashboard is basically 1/4 blogs you follow, 1/4 ad posts, and now 2/4 RANDOM posts from RANDOM blogs. Honestly with this much nonsense on my dashboard the app goes straight into the trash.
  • Removed an important feature 1/5

    By PhotoPow
    In this update I can’t delete the captions of pictures I want to reblog anymore
  • It’s literally so bad, I deleted it off my phone 1/5

    By Skakig
    This app is a clear reminder why smartphones are a waste of life. It’s so bad, this app, after using the latest iteration that I deleted it immediately... and started living. Good job freeing the proletariat!
  • Stop showing me recommended posts. 1/5

    By Deadheadredhead
    I don’t like “recommended” posts showing up in my feed. If I wanted to see posts from other blogs then I would follow them. Also, the recommended posts are not at all relevant to the type of posts I interact with and reblog.
  • Annoying 2/5

    By Kiss may
    I see more recommended crap in my dashboard than I do posts from people I actually follow. If I care about that stuff I would follow those blogs, but I don't. Please remove it.
  • Stop bombarding me with recommended stuff!!! 1/5

    By yotort
    All of a sudden my dashboard is flooded with recommended content, and there is no way to turn it off .
  • BethAnn316 5/5

    By BethAnn316
    Great app.
  • Oath / Verizon Really Dropped the Ball on this app 1/5

    By Spyder1125
    Trying to monetize it with garbage. Poor execution. It’s the beginning of the end. So sad...
  • Download issues 1/5

    By corrupted-beauties
    We have a page called corrupted-beauties, we post video of naked bodies of women. No intercourse yet every video is deleted by Tumblr, yet there are other blogs that continuously post extreme sex videos and they don’t get deleted. Wouldn’t recommend Tumblr until the issue is resolved.
  • Someone should look into this app 1/5

    By pahsbs
    I use tumblr for what a lot of people use it for, porn. I’ve come across many blogs that have child abuse content and people put their kik names to trade such pics. It’s disgusting. This site should really be shut down.
  • Worked fine but unnecessary ”improvements” 1/5

    By J XL
    Same garbage as every other social media company. New tweaks put unwanted things in your dashboard with no option to opt out or remove them.
  • Get rid of the Recommended posts! 1/5

    By Grand Gouda
    Used to really enjoy Tumblr, however, now half the posts on my dashboard are “Recommended”. These aren’t posts from blogs I follow nor are they posts I want to see. And they’re not the occasional “Sponsored” post. I understand advertising and sponsored posts. But the recommended posts are out of control.
  • 😡🤬Stop it😡🤬 1/5

    By xscarlettrosex
    What’s the point in blocking someone if you can still see what they post?!?!😡 If I block someone, I don’t want to see ANYTHING from them on my dashboard... 🤬I should be able to scroll through in peace and not have to worry about seeing 💩 from people I block...😡🤬 Seriously... it’s ridiculous...😑 Another thing, stop with all the recommendations... I have no interest whatsoever in any of the things you keep recommending... 🙄 And get rid of all the porn blogs too... My blog has nothing to do with porn and has nothing but anime, games and animals and they feel the need to follow me... There are minors who use this and they don’t need to see that 💩either.... But yeah.. Do something about it...
  • You are ruin it 1/5

    By JI1976
    Why you are annoying your users making the user experience so unpleasant. I can’t understand why I’m seeing so much content that I’m not interested in. It’s hiding the content I want to see. I want chronological post and only the ones I follow. I already delete the app from my iPhone and thinking about deleted from my iPad, too. There are smart ways to show paid ads and it’s not hidden them inside legit post.
  • Stop recommending posts. 1/5

    By fletchd92
    I don’t want recommended posts on my dashboard... how many time to I have to tap the x before they stop interrupting my feed...
  • Needs to stop crashing 1/5

    By Telciedt
    It crashes every two seconds and it hate it. Doesn’t mean I’m gonna stop using it 🤷‍♂️
  • Hate blog recommendations! 1/5

    By OhWejo
    I didn't mind the horizontal-scroll recommendations, but to put posts directly into my feed defeats the purpose of having a personal blog.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Charlie n waki-di-doo
    It's really fun to look at and it's kinda like Facebook
  • Hard To Change Username 4/5

    By TonyaS11111
    It’s really hard to change the username or password of my account. Otherwise, everything is really easy to use!

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