Tunefor Ukulele tuner & chords

Tunefor Ukulele tuner & chords

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  • Current Version: 4.20
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: rui qin
  • Compatibility: Android
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Tunefor Ukulele tuner & chords App

TuneFor Ukulele tuner for every Ukulele lover TuneFor Ukulele tuner is design for the tuner beginners,Every one take it do not need read any normal file can tune your Ukulele easily and professional. Take it you will be the tuner master, If you want tune your Ukulele sound very very very accurate , You just need get the tuning prompt sound . If you just need tune it well you just need look the light ,When it green you have finish it . If you also can not tuning your Ukulele ,You can select the Manual mode, You can tune your Ukulele string one by one ,This is the easiest tuning mode . That all ,We can let every Ukulele lover become the tune Master . So easy , do you think so ! Try it. The best the easist tuner care for your musical life. We think you should share the best sound from your Ukulele ,And we can provide it to you with few time by your self . We provide all the tuning mode: C tuning D Tuning G tuning ect.... Tunefor ukulele, a masterpiece specifically designed for ukulele beginners, provides you with easiest way to learn ukulele! 【characteristic】 * simplest way to tune: the light turns green, the tuning finished, even a zero-base can learn to tune quickly. * various leaning modes, improving your familiarity with music score, training your fingering, and your intonation. -the “note pass” mode, specifically designed for the beginners of ukulele. - various trains of ear training to cultivate the ability to accurately distinguish pitch. - for training optional page of music score and game. - customize the mode of learning chords, a totally new way of learning ukulele. * detailed tutorial, a zero-base can play a song completely. - give appropriate guidance and avoid detours. - game training mode, no longer boring practice. - different levels of difficulty to satisfy different groups. - offers teaching contents rich in chords and score, etc. - after training, qualifying automatically your performance by rating, if you want to improve your skill, you need to practice more. * intelligently manage training-time and gain mastery of skills. - make a plan scientifically by setting an alarm clock yourself. If you want to learn to play ukulele in the easiest and fastest way but do not know where to start, download our tunefor ukulele and soon you will become an ukulele player! The app contains the following subscription options: - Weekly,Monthly - trial subscription is automatically renewed unless canceled 24 hours before the renewal - Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication - Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user’s Account Settings after purchase Privacy Policy: http://www.insbridge.cc/index.php/privacy-policy/ Terms of Service: http://www.insbridge.cc/index.php/terms-of-service/ *Prices are equal to the value that "Apple's App Store Matrix" determines is the equivalent of the subscription price in $USD. Any problem contact :[email protected]

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Tunefor Ukulele tuner & chords app reviews

  • Great app! 5/5

    By Plokjvcgy
    Got it to help me teach my daughter, I love it.
  • It was ok 3/5

    By Burgermister1111
    It worked really well for the A C and E, but it would not let me tune the G no matter how hard I tried!
  • Grrrr 1/5

    By Troopermom341
    It wouldn’t toon I just turned red when I touched GCEA and wouldn’t let me toon!😡😡😡
  • Can Not Learn 1/5

    By J&S twins
    The premium costs so I can’t learn my ukulele.:(

    By yeseniab🐱🐶🐰🐯❤️💓💗💖💘💕
    Ok so let me get started I have a ukulele and I am trying to tune but I can’t because every time I strum a “e” string it shows up as a “c” string. Which makes it very hard to play
  • Crashes 1/5

    By Juni2626
    I purchased this app a few days ago and every time I get to the third section of a song the app crashes and I have to start from the beginning. For $5.99/week I’d really love it to not crash.
  • No good 1/5

    By hameqw
    Good app till you want to stop then they keep charging your card
  • It’s ok... I guess... 2/5

    Sooo I’ve been playing the ukelele for about 2 months and I was so excited to get this app. But, it turns out that for this app, almost everything requires you to buy the premium. Since I’m broke, I can’t afford it so this app is basically pointless.
  • BAD 2/5

    By 63758480
    I’ve been playing the uke in school aand i bought one because why not! So i didn’t buy a tuner for my uke. So i was running my uke with this app and it did not work it kept on reading the wrong string. Would NOT recommend.
  • Don’t! 1/5

    By Ah it works
    This app works fine but if you sign up for the full access you can’t unsubscribe. At least not easily.
  • NO 1/5

    By E. Beuttel
    Literally what is the tuning feature anytime I try to use it it says too high then with out me doing anything it says it’s too low and just switches no matter how I tune my ukulele it just says to high or to low
  • Great overall! 5/5

    By Cat Girl 🐈
    So, you’re probably reading this because you’re about to get this app (or you’re the developer or something). I think it’s a great app! I Got my ukulele because we were playing it at school. It was so out of tune for the longest time. I decided to download this app and guess what, it’s tuned. Yay. So, that’s awesome! There are however some things I would change. The whole premium thing, kinda gets in the way of learning how to play. I get that this is a free game, but it’s kinda difficult to play sometimes. So that’s one thing I would change. In fact, the only thing I would change. The premium is fine, but maybe just free some things up. So, If you’re thinking about getting this app, do it! It’s such a great app! If you’re a developer or something, thanks for reading my review! You’re app is awesome! Cya!
  • Glitch 3/5

    By Maléha
    I got this app bc I needed a tuner. (I’m sure we all did) but when I got it it didn’t load and it’s really sad bc I really wanted to use this app bc it looked really good and the ratings were perfect! But it glitches and I never was able to use it so ya
  • For me it did not pick up my A chord 2/5

    By x___x.vk
    the app picked up all of my other chords flawlessly, granted my ukulele was really out of tune and im a beginner at tuning for this is my first time using it in a couple of months, the strings were practically brand new but as i got my other three chords perfect my A chord wasnt picking up for anything other than ‘too low’ on the tuning option, so i kept tightening it until eventually my string snapped, so now i have a tuned 3 string ukulele, i hope they fix this bug soon or perhaps my ukulele was too out of tune to fix.
  • Ehhh 3/5

    By chicken nooogets
    This app was helpful to tune but me as a beginner wanted to learn some songs but quickly found out I had to pay to learn songs. My honest review is that the tuning part works okay it isn’t really easy to work. In the end I didn’t enjoy the app
  • Awful I subscribed beacause I thought it would get better 1/5

    By lepr221
    It’s so confusing and wouldn’t let me play any songs without subscribing and it’s still bad so I’m trying to unsubscribe and it’s just sending me in circles!
  • Very bad 1/5

    By Nmania12
    This is a very helpful app but does have its ups and downs. It had me tune the wrong strings to the wrong notes and is 70 dollars for lifetime access! Who would pay $70 for stupid songs when we can just get them off the internet without any money. There are really no ups to this app so my over all rating is to not get this app at all.
  • NOT WORTH IT 😡 1/5

    By DancingInTheMoonlite
    So I am a beginner and I wanted to tune my uke. I started and it said it wasn’t in tune. That was accurate. However, I started to turn the tuning thingy and it kept say it wasn’t right. I don’t know if I was doing something wrong but it wouldn’t tell me.
  • Not much unless you pay 3/5

    By uke 2 B
    Many good features but unfortunately unless you upgrade ($$$$)only the basic level is available. I did enjoy the little bit that I had access to.
  • Could give more things in free version 4/5

    By Mama to 7
    I am frustrated that you can only use one song in the free version. I am getting sick of Mary had a little lamb.
  • Hate it 1/5

    By hhyhtfdtr
    I hated it, it was awful, I was trying to tune up my ukulele but instead I spent 3 hour how to do so.
  • alright 3/5

    By The Gaming Kat
    never wants to tune my G string, just the other 3. kinda annoying
  • What a waste 1/5

    By Joenezc
    I wasted all this time learning songs then when it gets to level 3 the whole shuts down and I can’t even practice. What is this?
  • Crashes 2/5

    By Brianna424675432
    The app worked pretty well until I got a subscription then every time I tried to learn the melody by bars it would crash on me every time and made me start all over.
  • Bad 1/5

    By not so bright💡
    It says you can tune but you really can not and when you try to play a song you need to pay $6 do not get it was kind of a disappointment 😢 and it really gets me frustrated 😤I hate it a lot.No I love it 😍lol. Not. Awful. Let me save you do not get it and why is the review good but also meh no take out the good and the also meh and make that bad sorry who ever you are but I hate it.💩 It is poop
  • Best Ukulele app 5/5

    By Toni Bomboni
    This is hands down the best ukulele learning app out there. Yes you can get more professional training but this app is entirely free and the premium subscription is only optional and you can learn the ukulele without it I highly recommend the app
  • Terrible waste of money 1/5

    By tincansonstring
    I have a baritone uke and I am very unhappy with the app. It crashes each time I use it and does not pick up the sounds of my uke. I cannot even opt out of the payments. I do not recommend using this app at all! Save yourself the hassle.
  • This app is amazing 5/5

    By bessary27
    Usually tuning apps don’t work and this one just tuned my ukulele in less then a minute and it sounds so good! I love this app💓!
  • overall 1/5

    By bailey sad boi
    the app seemed great but when i tuned the a string it popped because it said it was out of tuned so now i have to get my string replaced
  • Change Subscription 5/5

    By benjamin82747
    How can you change subscription from monthly to forever? I can't seem to locate that anywhere? Outside of that the app is awesome!
  • UMM WHAT!? 1/5

    By kaitlyn_jones
    I had recently got a new phone I went from an Android to my current apple, and I had a good tuner on my Android. I was looking for a tuner that would tune my instrument right. It has not been long since I played my ukulele but it sounded a bit off. So I just needed a light tune that would fix it. However this tuner is horrible!!! All of my strings had been WAY off. And the way it sounded there was only some light tuning to do. Whatever I did it just stayed the same! Don’t recommend at all!!! Go out and buy a tuner from the store.
  • I don’t understand 2/5

    By Rose48Feather
    There must be something wrong with my phone or something because this app lags big time. I open it and have to press the tuner button three times to get to it. It wouldn’t pick up the sound at all, even though I tuned it by ear first, literally nothing showed up. I checked the microphone setting on my phone, and the app downloaded in less than a minute, so I just don’t get why it won’t work.
  • Mhe👿👿👿👿👿😲😴😴 1/5

    By sfhxfh
    This app was really confusing I didn’t have any instructions I was confused and didn’t know what to do and I feel that the creator should really put some instructions with this app because when I went on it I was totally confused and didn’t know what to do when I tried to play my uke it didn’t pick up the notes right and I really felt confused when I was trying to tune it because there was no instructions☹️☹️☹️☹️It was really annoying how I couldn’t find a way to tune my uke so I don’t recommend this app is really confusing and doesn’t have any instruction is difficult to pick up the notes I am definitely going to be deleting this app.and I Could just go on YouTube and see a video that is more simpler than this app Makes me mad how confusing this app it
  • Love it, but the interface is a bit funky. 4/5

    By Some guy Ed
    I love the app, it really helps me tune my Ukulele! My one and only complaint is the incompatibility with the iPhone XR. The main screen is fine, but when I use any of the other features the display shifts upwards and is cut off by the top of my screen. Again, I love the app, but sometimes it’s a bit hard to use with UI acting up.
  • I need some help 2/5

    By Sub to pewdiepie now
    I am a beginner and I’m trying to tune my ukulele. When I use the tuner it is saying all my strings or whatever you call them are all G.
  • Really REALLY 1/5

    By nylarosecruz
    Ok so I am a beginner so I’m trying to figure out how to play these notes and tune it and play songs easily but When I try to listen to Mary had the little lamb the beginner song it’s like oh you need to have premium for this and I’m just like I’m just trying to learn how to play and your trying to charge me money just so I can listen to a beginner song?!! NO! Also if you are a beginner DO NOT GET THIS APP it’s SO confusing with all the different parts and everything you click I feel like it just pops up with HEY you need premium for this so you need to give money to have this! For a stupid app that you probably don’t even need! Ok so I am definitely deleting this app and creators I know you are just trying to make it work and you know trying to teach people but like can you stop it with the premium this and maybe add directions to everything so like beginner beginners can understand more, if you did those two things the app would be fine.
  • Tuner 1/5

    By packed aura 323
    Terrible I couldn’t tune my uke and it snapped my string
  • Make it suitable for XR 2/5

    By dearlittlebird
    Please make the UI fit iPhone XR, otherwise no XR users would buy any courses
  • Hehe 5/5

    By cutiepuppy11
    No I’m not a bot lol but when I first got my ukulele it was also really out of town so I needed to know but none of my brothers knew how to or whatever so I downloaded this app and it first this app was so confusing and I was like oh my gosh why is it moving around so much and then finally I downloaded it later on and it works so well because now I know how to use it so at first it’s a little confusing but then it gets better.
  • This app was awesome til it wasn’t. 2/5

    By Gtoxic
    If you don’t need anything other than a standard soprano uke tuner than this honestly is perfect. However... if you want to do something as simple as tune a low G you have to pay 11.00 per month for the use. 11.00 per month!! That’s absurd. If that wasn’t bad enough the one time purchase is over 60.00. I’d be willing to bet 1% of average people have paid over 60.00 for a phone app. Best of luck to the creator. I’d easily pay 5.00 for unlimited access but I’ll just be going to find something else. Hope this helps! Update! There is a kala tuner app for free that does almost everything you could possibly want it to. That includes different tuning as well as a decent selection of songs that teaches you how to play them. That’s what I’m talkin bout. Get away from this app. This is a cash grab. Happy playing. Update 2! Thank you to the developer for the response. The selection of songs still does not warrant the 60.00 let alone an 11.00 per month sub. My Netflix sub doesn’t even cost that. The kala tuner also has a nice selection of songs to choose from as well as a great tuner that can tune as you choose.
  • Malfunction 1/5

    By Noneleft36282646838228
    This app could be SO awesome... however, it shuts down every time I get to the third section of any song..... I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled, same garbage.
  • 5.99 a week!? 1/5

    By Cjbivo
    Totally taking advantage of people u don’t check their subscriptions
  • Straight five star 5/5

    By KING$TON;)
    I was really frustrated because I got a cheap tuner that came with my ukulele and I was so frustrated so I just went on the App Store and looked up ukulele tuner this came up and I used it and it's 10 times better than the cheap one definitely recommend five star
  • Scam 1/5

    By gentlealien
    There is no option to go to “Account Settings” and change your subscription as the app states. I’m being charged $6.25 weekly, which is ridiculous, and cannot cancel the subscription.
  • Stupid 1/5

    By odnbeebjdbnesfnhrifheugh
    I am a beginner and this stupid app doesn’t even help me at all I do not recommend this to anybody you can only tune and play a couple beginner songs then after that you have to get a membership that is way over priced
  • crashes a lot 2/5

    By KatieCostin
    it keeps crashing. the app is cool but i can never use it without it crashing.
  • Not correct 1/5

    By 🎈 Reviews 🎈
    My ukulele was tuned perfect! I went onto the app to check it out and it said all of them were wrong. Very disappointed. When I tried to tune it like it said, it sounded terrible. There was nothing in the background, so you can’t blame it on that. This is also a reasonably new uke so there’s nothing wrong with it.
  • ❤️This app is amazing I’m in love❤️ 5/5

    By kittybluemaryyou
    You need to get this app if you are just starting out it’s amazing in every way. I just got it and wish I knew about it when I first started out. It’s so cool and it teaches you how to play notes helps you tune your Ukulele and it helps by giving you a metronome to help you with the beats.
  • Don’t get this game 1/5

    By Random 11 year old
    It wants me to pay for 80% of the game!! I can only tune my Ukulele but I can’t play any songs!!

Tunefor Ukulele tuner & chords app comments

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