Tunefor Ukulele tuner & chords

Tunefor Ukulele tuner & chords

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  • Current Version: 4.30
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: rui qin
  • Compatibility: Android
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Tunefor Ukulele tuner & chords App

TuneFor Ukulele tuner for every Ukulele lover TuneFor Ukulele tuner is design for the tuner beginners,Every one take it do not need read any normal file can tune your Ukulele easily and professional. Take it you will be the tuner master, If you want tune your Ukulele sound very very very accurate , You just need get the tuning prompt sound . If you just need tune it well you just need look the light ,When it green you have finish it . If you also can not tuning your Ukulele ,You can select the Manual mode, You can tune your Ukulele string one by one ,This is the easiest tuning mode . That all ,We can let every Ukulele lover become the tune Master . So easy , do you think so ! Try it. The best the easist tuner care for your musical life. We think you should share the best sound from your Ukulele ,And we can provide it to you with few time by your self . We provide all the tuning mode: C tuning D Tuning G tuning ect.... Tunefor ukulele, a masterpiece specifically designed for ukulele beginners, provides you with easiest way to learn ukulele! 【characteristic】 * simplest way to tune: the light turns green, the tuning finished, even a zero-base can learn to tune quickly. * various leaning modes, improving your familiarity with music score, training your fingering, and your intonation. -the “note pass” mode, specifically designed for the beginners of ukulele. - various trains of ear training to cultivate the ability to accurately distinguish pitch. - for training optional page of music score and game. - customize the mode of learning chords, a totally new way of learning ukulele. * detailed tutorial, a zero-base can play a song completely. - give appropriate guidance and avoid detours. - game training mode, no longer boring practice. - different levels of difficulty to satisfy different groups. - offers teaching contents rich in chords and score, etc. - after training, qualifying automatically your performance by rating, if you want to improve your skill, you need to practice more. * intelligently manage training-time and gain mastery of skills. - make a plan scientifically by setting an alarm clock yourself. If you want to learn to play ukulele in the easiest and fastest way but do not know where to start, download our tunefor ukulele and soon you will become an ukulele player! The app contains the following subscription options: - Weekly,Monthly - trial subscription is automatically renewed unless canceled 24 hours before the renewal - Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication - Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user’s Account Settings after purchase Privacy Policy: http://www.insbridge.cc/index.php/privacy-policy/ Terms of Service: http://www.insbridge.cc/index.php/terms-of-service/ *Prices are equal to the value that "Apple's App Store Matrix" determines is the equivalent of the subscription price in $USD. Any problem contact :[email protected]

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Tunefor Ukulele tuner & chords app reviews

  • Can’t believe it 1/5

    By rats and dog lover
    I got this app to help me tune and learn how to play the ukulele but every time I try to tune my ukulele it doesn’t work and it’s really frustrating. And second you have to pay for everything and once you learn marry had a little lamb you can’t play anything else. So I hope you can fix that. And I even had to delete the app because it would not work.
  • I love the app, but... 4/5

    By Luvli620
    Ok, I only have 2 problems (yay!). So when i was tuning, it would be complete silence and then it would say they C is out of tune, I would be playing ANY note and it would say C is out of tune even if it was listening to A. Also about the tuner, 1 second, the it would say the string is tuned, then it would go crazy and keep glitching and saying it’s close, now it’s untuned, and keep on glitching until it’s made up its mind! And i only did 1 strum! Last problem is the songs. I literally could only play ONE SONG because the rest of the songs cost MONEY! The only song i could play is MARY HAD A LITTLE LAMB! And who wants to play that on the uke when there’s over a MILLION other songs to learn! I get that you need to make money but not EVERY SINGLE SONG! Anyway, I love the app, other than those probs, it’s actually not bad!
  • Umm it’s ok I recommend 4/5

    By :( # dissapointed
    Umm I got my uke a few weeks ago and I still don’t understand it and when I try to learn how on here I can’t bc almost everything makes u pay$ so I will admit it’s a great tuner only sometimes when my A chord is a out of tune it says it’s an out of tune G which gets annoying but I’d say it’s a 4⭐️ app I guess but if a developer is seeing this u should make more things free pls!!! It is better than a lot of other ones though so I guess I recommend🤷‍♀️?
  • Garbage UI 1/5

    By uganda chuckles
    This app is a mess. Many of the chords are wrong and you can’t get much without paying for it. It cuts out audio whenever you enter the app. And it constantly has pop up ads.
  • No 1/5

    By qwerty__________
    I’m a beginner and I’ve have my uke for a while but needed to tune it and I don’t have a tuner. My friend told me to get an app so I did but guess what, it doesn’t work. This app is so complicated I can’t tune with this app. I’ve tried and tried and still didn’t work. Maybe people would like the tuner more if you TOLD US HOW TO USE IT. I still don’t know if I’m supposed to tighten string or loosen them I’m so confused and aggravated about this.
  • Don’t buy the subscription 2/5

    By aleheco
    Good app but once you buy the subscriptions you can NOT cancel it... I’ve tried everything and it still charges me.
  • The tuner doesn’t work and you can’t do anything 1/5

    By hhhhihhuih
    It’s dumb
  • 👎 1/5

    By Fun🕺🏽💃🏽!
    Im a beginner and I decided to try out this app since it was recommended. When i tried to tune my strings, it would only pick up the C and G strings but not the E and A strings. And when i tried to tune the A and G strings, it would only pick up as an out of tune C instead of an out of tune A or G. It was very annoying since the wrong strings were being tuned to the C string. Please fix the app to let it focus on the right strings or recognize them.
  • I miss the old notification sound 5/5

    By Shelaina1205
    you shortened the notification sound and now I don’t get to rock out to it at 8pm everyday :( but great app!!
  • Don’t buy the upgrade-it’ll empty your pockets 1/5

    By zak.rockwell
    The app was great at first, until I had to buy the membership to use everything available on it. This was ok at first, but I deleted the app within a week after buying the membership and it continued to charge my card over $50 for an app I wasn’t using nor had downloaded on my device anymore. Was super disappointed with this and there’s no way to get a refund.
  • Change isn’t always good 2/5

    By Connie A G
    I liked it better when there wasn’t a premium option. I can’t do anything and now there’s ads. Annoying as heck.
  • ????? 1/5

    By Dinimac4
    I can’t figure air how to use the tuner. Someone help this app is to confusing for me. I disagree with most of the reviews.
  • I have questions 5/5

    By ^%|•g
    Ok it is like the best thing for me and I get to learn how to do things I never knew. It is amazing! But I just have one question to the person who made this can you hear us with the audio???
  • Bummer 2/5

    By Jb81805
    Great idea but when it’s time for the third part of each lesson, it glitches and the app closes.
  • Great but... 3/5

    By gkfnkydfv&:!$5$&;
    I love the app it helps me tune my ukulele but I have to pay for a pass so I can do the songs in this app
  • Almost good 4/5

    By beet yeet
    It’s a good app if you just want to tune your ukulele but if you want to learn how I would go to YouTube unless your willing to pay an overprice subscription
  • Awful 😒 1/5

    By T.Ø.P_Girl
    Please don't get this app unless your willing to pay money for premium.
  • Goods and flaws 3/5

    By Galaxy_the_Fox11
    This is a good app for a quick tune and it helps me with a few things.I would like to say though, every time I open the app there is add for a different app witch is pretty annoying. Second I can barely do anything because I’m not going to bye the premium! Lastly the instructions are not very helpful for when I don’t understand somethings. Thank you for the helpful tuning app though!
  • Crashes constantly 3/5

    By ChristyCercy
    I love the app but as I try to progress through each lesson it gets to the third training level and crashes. I would love to complete one but NOPE. App crashes on the third lesson when asked play 75% accurately. Bummer.
  • Hate it 1/5

    By GemmaGray8
    It’s super annoying. It doesn’t tell you what chord you’re supposed to be tuning and is super confusing I hate it.
  • Cancelling subscription 3/5

    By kcaba2
    Hi yeah this is a good app for learning basic tabs. How do I cancel my subscription?
  • Ok 2/5

    By Lpsyesgamer
    It’s ok I got my G and A tuned up but It thinks everything is a g or a
  • It’s okay ig 3/5

    By RayneO'reAll
    I have used this for as long as I’ve had my uke, so about 2-3 months, and it is a reliable tuner, but the quiz part doesn’t work. It won’t allow me to play more than one level at a time, and annoys me to study when the game doesn’t even work.
  • It’s mediocre at best 2/5

    By I just want to be heard
    I dislike that I have to pay to to do more than one song, I would prefer it be pay to get extra songs and unlock songs once you complete the previous one, most features are only for premium, but the tuner kind of saves it
  • Expensive and not optimized for iphone 10 2/5

    By Adam R Winfield
    Expensive and not optimized for iphone 10 Plus, it has annoying ads in the paid version
  • Ukulele time! 5/5

    By Anonymous18L
    This app is good, average tuner works as expected. I’m giving this app 5 stars because if you enable notifications every day at 8pm this app will give you a notification that just says: UKULELE TIME! and it seems very happy and makes me quite excited, so every night at 8pm when I see the notification I will yell “UKULELE TIME!” to my partner and it has caused several laughs and brought us even closer together. Thank you for the joy this app brings.
  • Help 1/5

    By Circle eater
    Doesn’t work on iPhone XR
  • Great for learning tabs and tuning uke, pretty major flaws 4/5

    By INukeDogs
    First off this is the best app I’ve seen for a beginner looking to learn uke, or just someone wanting a reliable tuner. I adore the selection of tabs provided, and the game has just the right amount of tools to guide you into learning the songs. Major flaws however. Namely even though I purchased premium, I have to exit out of this annoying add for another tuner every time I open the app, even if I just want to quick tune. I even ended up caving in and downloading the advertised app just to see if the screen would go away, news flash, it didn’t. Another major flaw is the constant crashing if the app, and how the star system at the end is completely broken. It’d be nice to see my progress across all the tabs I’ve practiced, but the star rating just never seems to register. All in all I’d highly recommend it, but if the flaws mentioned above are never addressed I could see myself dropping it.
  • Rip off 1/5

    By hayley🐺
    I can’t tune my ukulele without having to purchase with money. This app is confusing I don’t even get it. It really tunes your ukulele awfully if you don’t purchase a subscription. Over all they are gold diggers asking for money.
  • Awful 1/5

    By Cate west rich
    I couldn’t learn anything!It was just asking for money.At least YouTube is free where I can learn some thing for FREE!
  • STUPID APP! 1/5

    By Coolclonetycoon4
  • Menu hidden behind notch 1/5

    By Terretay
    This app needs to be updated so the things at the top of the screen aren't behind the notch. I'm sure it's a good app, but I can't hardly use it.
  • ??? 3/5

    By ilovepickles1029
    Okay so when I first got a ukulele it helped a lot with tuning.But like a few days later when I was gonna tune it the app didn’t work.But overall It’s a good ukulele app
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Plokjvcgy
    Got it to help me teach my daughter, I love it.
  • It was ok 3/5

    By Burgermister1111
    It worked really well for the A C and E, but it would not let me tune the G no matter how hard I tried!
  • Grrrr 1/5

    By Troopermom341
    It wouldn’t toon I just turned red when I touched GCEA and wouldn’t let me toon!😡😡😡
  • Can Not Learn 1/5

    By J&S twins
    The premium costs so I can’t learn my ukulele.:(

    By yeseniab🐱🐶🐰🐯❤️💓💗💖💘💕
    Ok so let me get started I have a ukulele and I am trying to tune but I can’t because every time I strum a “e” string it shows up as a “c” string. Which makes it very hard to play
  • Crashes 1/5

    By Juni2626
    I purchased this app a few days ago and every time I get to the third section of a song the app crashes and I have to start from the beginning. For $5.99/week I’d really love it to not crash.
  • No good 1/5

    By hameqw
    Good app till you want to stop then they keep charging your card
  • It’s ok... I guess... 2/5

    Sooo I’ve been playing the ukelele for about 2 months and I was so excited to get this app. But, it turns out that for this app, almost everything requires you to buy the premium. Since I’m broke, I can’t afford it so this app is basically pointless.
  • BAD 2/5

    By 63758480
    I’ve been playing the uke in school aand i bought one because why not! So i didn’t buy a tuner for my uke. So i was running my uke with this app and it did not work it kept on reading the wrong string. Would NOT recommend.
  • Don’t! 1/5

    By Ah it works
    This app works fine but if you sign up for the full access you can’t unsubscribe. At least not easily.
  • NO 1/5

    By E. Beuttel
    Literally what is the tuning feature anytime I try to use it it says too high then with out me doing anything it says it’s too low and just switches no matter how I tune my ukulele it just says to high or to low
  • Great overall! 5/5

    By Cat Girl 🐈
    So, you’re probably reading this because you’re about to get this app (or you’re the developer or something). I think it’s a great app! I Got my ukulele because we were playing it at school. It was so out of tune for the longest time. I decided to download this app and guess what, it’s tuned. Yay. So, that’s awesome! There are however some things I would change. The whole premium thing, kinda gets in the way of learning how to play. I get that this is a free game, but it’s kinda difficult to play sometimes. So that’s one thing I would change. In fact, the only thing I would change. The premium is fine, but maybe just free some things up. So, If you’re thinking about getting this app, do it! It’s such a great app! If you’re a developer or something, thanks for reading my review! You’re app is awesome! Cya!
  • Glitch 3/5

    By Maléha
    I got this app bc I needed a tuner. (I’m sure we all did) but when I got it it didn’t load and it’s really sad bc I really wanted to use this app bc it looked really good and the ratings were perfect! But it glitches and I never was able to use it so ya
  • For me it did not pick up my A chord 2/5

    By x___x.vk
    the app picked up all of my other chords flawlessly, granted my ukulele was really out of tune and im a beginner at tuning for this is my first time using it in a couple of months, the strings were practically brand new but as i got my other three chords perfect my A chord wasnt picking up for anything other than ‘too low’ on the tuning option, so i kept tightening it until eventually my string snapped, so now i have a tuned 3 string ukulele, i hope they fix this bug soon or perhaps my ukulele was too out of tune to fix.
  • Ehhh 3/5

    By chicken nooogets
    This app was helpful to tune but me as a beginner wanted to learn some songs but quickly found out I had to pay to learn songs. My honest review is that the tuning part works okay it isn’t really easy to work. In the end I didn’t enjoy the app
  • Awful I subscribed beacause I thought it would get better 1/5

    By lepr221
    It’s so confusing and wouldn’t let me play any songs without subscribing and it’s still bad so I’m trying to unsubscribe and it’s just sending me in circles!

Tunefor Ukulele tuner & chords app comments

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