TuneIn Pro - Radio & Sports

TuneIn Pro - Radio & Sports

  • Category: Music
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  • Current Version: 16.6
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: TuneIn
  • Compatibility: Android
105,079 Ratings
$ 9.99

TuneIn Pro - Radio & Sports App

Listen to your favorite radio stations for free with TuneIn. With over 100,000 radio stations, TuneIn has the largest selection of sports, news, music and talk radio from around the world. TuneIn Pro is free of display ads and lets you record what you are listening to and listen later offline. With TuneIn: -Stream real radio stations from around the world live. -Listen to your favorite talk shows and podcasts live and on demand. -Enjoy live coverage of sporting events, concerts and more. Listen Anywhere: -Enjoy TuneIn anywhere you go with Apple Watch. -Try out TuneIn for CarPlay when you’re on the go. -Enjoy TuneIn at home with your Google Chromecast. Get even more with TuneIn Premium. -Get live play-by-play from every MLB, NFL, NHL, & NBA game, all season long. -Enjoy exclusive access to over 600 commercial-free music stations. Subscribe to TuneIn Premium through the app. If you choose to subscribe, you will be charged a monthly subscription fee according to your country. The subscription fee will be shown in the app before you complete the payment. Your subscription will automatically renews every month at the then-current subscription fee unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the then-current subscription period. Your iTunes account will automatically be charged within 24 hours prior to the end of the then-current period. The subscription fee will be charged monthly. You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes account settings. US 9.99 USD / MX 169.00 MXN / CA 13.99 CAD / GB 7.99 GBP / GR 9.99 EUR / EE 9.99 EUR / SI 9.99 EUR / IT 9.99 EUR / LT 9.99 EUR / LU 9.99 EUR / AT 9.99 EUR / PT 9.99 EUR / SK 9.99 EUR / DE 9.99 EUR / FR 9.99 EUR / CY 9.99 EUR / LV 9.99 EUR / CZ 9.99 EUR / BE 9.99 EUR / BG 9.99 EUR / IE 9.99 EUR / PL 9.99 EUR / NL 9.99 EUR / RO 9.99 EUR / FI 9.99 EUR / MT 9.99 EUR / HU 9.99 EUR / ES 9.99 EUR / SE 109.00 SEK / DK 79.00 DKK / NO 109.00 NOK / CH 10.00 CHF / AU 14.99 AUD / NZ 14.99 NZD / JP 1200 JPY / CN 68.00 CNY / HK 78.00 HKD / SG 14.98 SGD / TW 300.00 TWD / IN 620.00 INR / ID 149.00 IDR / IL 39.90 ILS / RU 749.00 RUB / SA 36.99 SAR / ZA 199.99 ZAR / TR 26.99 TRY / AE 36.99 AED / KR 10.99 USD Please note: This app features Nielsen’s audience measurement software which will allow you to contribute to market research, such as Nielsen’s Audio Measurement. If you don't want to participate, you can opt-out within the app settings. To learn more about our digital audience measurement products and your choices in regard to them, please visit http://www.nielsen.com/digitalprivacy for more information. Privacy policy: http://tunein.com/policies/privacy/ Terms of use: http://tunein.com/policies/ Keep in touch: Like us on Facebook: facebook.com/tunein Follow us on Twitter: twitter.com/tunein Read the TuneIn Blog: blog.tunein.com

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TuneIn Pro - Radio & Sports app reviews

  • Thank you for restoring my favorites! 5/5

    By A "Gypsy" Fan
    I’ve lost all my favorite settings due to the most recent update; however. Another update restored my favorite radio stations! Thank you, thank you!
  • Latest Version (16.6) Major Bugs. 1/5

    By Darfin
    This update is terrible. The only thing that works is listening to recent stations. There is an error if you try to do anything else. Can’t even use the alarm/record option on a station.
  • Ads ads ads 1/5

    By Raromr
    Cannot reorder favorites. No matter what they do t stay. Paid $10 for pro and still have ads. Terrible.
  • Indispensable, but buggy. Review blog below 2/5

    By Red_Peters
    Version 16.6 adds opening ads diminishing the streaming aspect while interfering with live radio. Not an user improvement, but an improvement for app developer’s income. ————————- Downgraded to 1 star. Need to force close restart app to work after leaving in background for other app work ———————— 11/07/17 Does not restart stream when stopped, left in background, and return to app and push play. Just sits there. ———————— Not working well with iOS 11. Poor performance in background or when switching to and fro the app. —————— 03/04/17 Perfect app for old AM radio junkies. Use it daily for my fix. Perfect performance on the iPhone 7 Plus. One issue last month that Support quickly helped resolve. Great support. The 'ol "delete and reinstall" help desk answer fixed everything. ----------- 11/11/16 Love it. Working great now. --------- 9/27/16 cannot live without this application. Hyperbole I know. Wish it would perform better in background when switching apps around. Often resets. ----------- 7/14/16 update not helping. Awful background performance. App restarts - does not keep streams in background consistently. Buggy. ----------- Old review: All is well now. iPhone 6+ ---------- Old review: "Buggy on a iPhone 5 w/8.1" Latest Pro version has been bombing out when switching to and fro the app, so I downgraded my historical and legendary 5 star review. Hopeful for a fix then I will be back.
  • Last update really messed it up 5/5

    By Rlscottsr
    Before the last update this was a 5 star app that I’ve used for years, now it doesn’t work. I’ve tried on my iPhone XS Max and my IPad version 6 and nothing is working. I’ve even uninstalled and reinstalled error 500 even in search bar. Please fix it we had a great app. Update 08/15/19 All is working again Thank Y’all so much 5 stars
  • I already paid for the app. 1/5

    By The ape mummy
    I paid full price for the app to operate without commercials. Why does it want $10 a month for the same thing now?
  • It used to be 5 stars... 2/5

    By jvx2
    But now it updates every other doing its damndest to prevent me from finding my favorites. STOP ASKING FOR A FREE TRIAL! Seriously, leave my [email protected]&$ing favorites alone and stop making ads that are hard to bypass to get to them.
  • No so many radio stations 1/5

    By Castilca
    It was an excellent app- but the changes of very limited radio stations - make this app kind mediocre
  • Wrong Update 1/5

    By Des eater
    The latest update has been a total mistake. No more NY stations and many other states. No more Canada stations, etc, etc
  • Missing Stations 1/5

    By Jametta44
    The app was updated last night and all of my favorite stations are now missing. When I try to search, I’m receiving an internal server error and when I try to browse by location, CNN is the only station available in Atlanta.
  • Poderosa 5/5

    By Wil_BO
    No esta al aire hoy
  • Where are my stations??? 1/5

    By 67Hunter69
    All programming I listen to is gone??????
  • Total trash 1/5

    By Boricuaenlaluna
    Now you can't even search any station
  • Update or just a broken app? 1/5

    By Ext1jdh
    Upon opening the app this morning, all my station history is missing. Just some default junk is there. My preferences have individual songs saved, and the swipe to open the Delete option doesn’t work (it pulls but doesn’t stick). And I can’t even find the stations in search, because it doesn’t work at all. I’ve been a TuneIn user for years, but this is just pathetic. Did you have this version written by a monkey? It’s garbage. It’s broken. It’s getting deleted.
  • Broken with August 14, 2019 update 1/5

    By Biox
    Favorites gone. Recents gone. Search doesn’t work. Locations knows maybe half of the states in the U.S. Wow, how did this get through QC???
  • Poor service reliability 1/5

    By The Navigator
    The Tunein servers go down far more often than they should for an enterprise-level service. At the time of this writing, the service is completely offline; even my favorites list and recently played list is missing. I’m amazed that I’m able to log in at all. Tunein appears to be having more trouble these days than they used to.
  • What happened? 1/5

    By prismnism
    Where are my favorites and why can’t I no longer find radio stations?
  • New version does not work 1/5

    By RWPDallas
    New version just appeared and now search fails with a 503 error and Favorite stations are missing.
  • Worst upgrade ever 1/5

    By J1smith
    All of my favorites are gone. California is gone. Texas and Colorado are gone. What is going on here? This was the best app and now it is ruined!!!
  • Many Favorite Stations Gone! 1/5

    By wolfbyte
    Many of my saved “favorite” stations have disappeared! Everything worked fine yesterday and today they are gone. What happened?
  • What happened?! 2/5

    By Minorprophet
    Another upgrade and now it doesn’t even show the radio stations for NPR? I don’t care that “Football is back!” My favorites are gone and it’s asking me to re-register?! What happened?!?!
  • No more radio 1/5

    By vodvill
    Updated version no longer will stream ANY of my favorite radio stations. What good is this? I don’t know what happened but they just lost a paid subscriber.
  • Missing Stations 1/5

    By YodaSmi
    What happened to all of the stations.
  • Help !!!! 5/5

    By Robmih
    Hello there ! Few days ago I added a station but after last update is gone !! And can’t find it again. The station name is “eTeatru.ro”. May I have your help to make it available again, please? This station actually streaming theatre and is amazing ! Thank you in advance for your support!! Best regards Robert
  • Not working 1/5

    By yiannisz21
    Not working anymore.
  • Cannot Organize Favorites 1/5

    By Garyv40
    I’d hope this latest update would fix the problem. Literally swaps items around while I’m still in the app.
  • Don’t change if it’s not broken 1/5

    By Lady January
    I use to be able to record a program by setting an alarm it was great. The reason why I paid for this app. Not it won’t record any more. What a bummer. Wish I could get my money back. What’s the point!!!
  • FAVORITES won’t stay as ordered‼️ 1/5

    By simu_ro
    For few versions of the app now, FAVORITES won’t stay as ordered only while “in app”. Once you close the app from background and re-open it again they’re shuffled again and all over the place. Needs fix asap, really frustrating especially if you have plenty of radio stations for FAVORITES tab. P.S. I’m using iPhone Xs Max and latest software version, iOS 12.4.
  • Superior customer service and product. 5/5

    By Mike T Newman
    Had an issue with needing help with a trial I started on the app and reached out to TuneinRadio and they responded very quick and helped with my issue 100%. Good group of people here.
  • Outstanding!! 5/5

    By #7 Forever!
    This app has freed me from my XM radio account. The selections are endless. Awesome app. Time shifting my preferences is so easy.
  • Great system 5/5

    By Rhotel
    No agenda. They make the stations I want available.
  • Tuned out 1/5

    By VonDragula
    Alarm record function is broken.
  • Streaming after 60 seconds 1/5

    By WmH2
    The stream always stops at 60 seconds. Replayed the commercials to listen to the station. And then doesn’t have any issues later with the stream.
  • Getting worse!!! 1/5

    By Seri16
    Not getting what i paid for, getting a whole bunch of comercial even i have the paid version!!!
  • Buffering is terrible-can’t recommend 1/5

    By terrilee_nc
    Edited review August 2019: This has been my favorite music app for years - I had to take away all the stars - all of a sudden, the buffering is SO BAD it’s unusable. My internet connection hasn’t changed, and other streaming apps work fine, so it must be TuneIn. I wonder if Pro users are being throttled down to pressure us into buying premium?? I can’t recommend TuneIn until/unless they fix this! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Previous Review: In my experience, TuneIn has improved tremendously since I first started using it. It used to buffer and crash constantly; now it seldom does. I favor it to listen to small university jazz stations with small broadcast range (even my local ones!) - I couldn't enjoy them otherwise. It's also handy to listen to my favorite NPR shows when I'm traveling. I haven't used some features, like recording, since I use podcasts to catch up on my favorite shows. I also usually listen to public radio so ads aren't much of a problem for me. My rating may be higher than most because I haven't used some features.
  • favorites shuffle on their own 1/5

    By Ilirvak
    unable to organize favorites
  • Relaxing but not sleepy 5/5

    By halehlooyaa
    You can enjoy it anytime 24/7 🌈
  • Junk... 1/5

    By hal056
    I did not go to iTunes quick enough to quit the subscription and a got another year of pause...rewind...over and over. This occurs on hi speed wi fi and it not acceptable for ~ $100 per year. Trying to cancel mid subscription.
  • Commercials after I paid? 1/5

    By Berlin02048
    Why am I getting commercials after I PAID for the Pro version?
  • Opens a window to the world 5/5

    By UTDoyle
    I appreciate the opportunity to listen to radio broadcasts from around the world for free!
  • I can’t record or rewind with this version. that is what I paid for. Please fix 1/5

    By Stars tops.
    I can’t record or rewind in this new version. Thats what I PAID for. When will you fix this.
  • What are they doing. 1/5

    By Dpfris
    I purchased the pro version in 2011. Now they want me to pay a monthly fee ? Am I grandfathered in or not I have no idea. Developer did not make that clear.
  • Muy confiable 5/5

    By Boa15
    Excelente gran variedad
  • 19-Jul-19: Still wish for “record” of custom URLs 3/5

    By Cheapskate01
    (1): Don’t know why my reviews keep getting purged! Whom did I offend? (2): The week of 07-Jul-19, WFMT posted a re-run of its Midnight Special program memorializing the late Norm Pellegrini. It was on a custom URL. It is gone now, quite possibly forever. Thank goodness for Tune In version 5, which I have on all my iOS 6 and iOS 9 devices. I was able to capture and save this little piece of Chicago radio history. Thanks, Tune In. Give me back “record” of custom URLs, and I’ll give you five stars!
  • CarPlay is a problem 3/5

    By _y3k_
    Basically, subj. CarPlay works like crap on my BMW and that’s critical for me. Otherwise, great app.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By ChuckHoffman
    These are some of the things I like best about this app: Most stations are available through this app. It instantly syncs with the signal, and quickly starts streaming. If you need to answer the phone, or do something else for a moment, you can pause it, just like a TiVo, and not miss anything. This is the best radio app I have ever tried!
  • Great app 3/5

    By Jacmelien
    I bought this app years ago. I haven’t used it for a while. Recently I started using it and it packed with commercials. I paid for it because I don’t want to listen to commercials.
  • Stalls & Crashes 1/5

    By Atemp_E
    Latest version stalls & crashes constantly.
  • Station placement favorite list 4/5

    By Susielucy
    Favorite station placement doesn’t hold in place as it used to. That’s a loss

TuneIn Pro - Radio & Sports app comments

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