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  • Current Version: Version 1.8.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Green Dot Corporation
  • Compatibility: Android
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Turbo Card App

Get Access to a Huge, Free ATM Network* and More with the Turbo Card FEATURES: Activate a new card Find a free ATM* Pay bills anytime, anywhere Deposit checks Get direct deposit info Slide for balance Find places to deposit cash Stash money in your Vault Send money to friends and family CARD BENEFITS: Shop online or in-store everywhere Visa Debit cards are accepted in the U.S. NO overdraft fees, ever NO minimum balance What else can this account do? Find out at Turboprepaidcard.intuit.com Monthly and other fees apply. See Cardholder Agreement for details. *For ATM withdrawals made outside of the Turbo Card ATM network, a $2.50 fee will apply. Plus any fee the ATM owner may assess. WE UPDATE OFTEN AND YOU SHOULD TOO: Regularly updating the app will give you all the latest features, security updates, and a much smoother overall experience managing your money. Questions about your Turbo Card? Log in to TurboPrepaidCard.com and email us through the Contact Us page. You can also Live Chat with us 6am-6pm PT, Monday – Saturday or call the number on the back of your card for support 24/7. The Turbo Prepaid Visa Card and Turbo Card are provided by Green Dot Corporation and is issued by Green Dot Bank pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A Inc. Green Dot Corporation is a member service provider for Green Dot Bank, Member FDIC. Visa is a registered trademark of Visa International Service Association. Green Dot Bank operates under the following registered trade names: GoBank, Green Dot Bank and Bonneville Bank. All of these registered trade names are used by, and refer to, a single FDIC-insured bank, Green Dot Bank. Deposits under any of these trade names are deposits with Green Dot Bank and are aggregated for deposit insurance coverage. Green Dot is a registered trademark of Green Dot Corporation. Technology Privacy Statement: www.turboprepaidcard.intuit.com/legal-info#technology-privacy-statement Terms of Use: www.turboprepaidcard.intuit.com/legal-info#site-terms-of-use

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Turbo Card app reviews

  • Poor service 1/5

    By bikol2826
    I’ve used this card and app for years for some reason in the last two months the app comes up with an error as well as online. I used the vault feature to save money and I couldn’t get my money transferred back to my account. Took me getting hung up on 5 times and 4 hrs of arguing for them to finally transfer my money from my vault to my account. Going to be switching to something else if they can’t get this app working correctly again.
  • Best card app 5/5

    By Populaar 👈
    Easy to deposit checks, taxes and direct deposit. This was made for me!! No bank visits or long waits!
  • Won’t work with VPN 1/5

    By me123456789&&
    Green dot (Walmart card, turbo tax card, and many others) will not allow you access if you’re running a Virtual Private Network, or even a decent cookie blocker. This is because the app isn’t worth their time if they can’t bleed you of your last remaining drops of privacy.
  • Horrible Bank 1/5

    By davidbirch
    This bank is terrible. The support team on the phone are terrible everyone there speaks English as a second language so they can never really fully understand. There aren’t any physical branches to visit to dispute anything that’s going on with my account. My only option is to fill out a form and send it to Pasadena California and wait weeks for s response in regards to large amounts of fraud on my account. And beyond all this the turbo prepaid card is just a major hassle. If I even get my money back from these fraudulent purchases removing everyone thing I have and closing the account. I’ve already opened up a new bank account with a REAL bank.
  • They are a joke 1/5

    By kyaaaa_d
    I reported a fraudulent charge on my account and was told from this company it was a approved charge and I can not get a refund! What a joke! They will not help you if money was ever taken and you wait 2 weeks just for them to deny you! Don’t ever choose them!
  • Never trust turbo card or any green dot bank again 1/5

    By chocolatee83
    Turbo card is a scam they are not trustworthy I ordered from a sneaker store and the store didn’t send me my products I called the store and they said sorry and to call my bank which is turbo to do a transaction disputed I put in for a transaction disputed and they did investigation which took 45 before the 45 days the put the money in my account then they took it out within a minute they said they need to investigate after the 45 days they denied my transaction saying that the store send my items out however I never receive the items I living in a building that has security guard nothing every came to my house the store told me to contact turbo for my money turbo denied my transaction so I just lost $281.99 which is hard when you a single mother of 3 I called and they customer service was yelling at me and cutting me off as I trying to express myself about my transaction she said oh well it’s my fault and continued to be disrespectful if this was a real bank like Bank of America or chase I would of never had this problem my kids missed out on they summer sneakers because now I can’t afford to buy any........
  • Can't even get into the app to login 1/5

    By Q qfvr
    Can't ever get passed the "get started" screen. As soon as you open the app you get stuck at the tip screen. Annoying honestly
  • Decent app 3/5

    By BFA9587
    It’s an okay app to keep track of where your money is going. I didn’t realize there was a transfer limit from your vault to your account and I usually just try to just take out what I need but ended up not being able to access my money when I needed it and now I have to wait a full 24hrs before I’m able to transfer more money out of my vault. It’s frustrating, but other than that it’s still a decent app. I just wish they didn’t have a transfer limit cause that personally is hindering me from accessing money that I need.
  • Not able to log in !! 😣 2/5

    By Youngbrunette2003
    Not able to log in to TurboCard. Perhaps after latest update? Unsure but I tried un-installing & re-installeing a few times still nothing, even go as far to restart my iPhone, Also you can’t press anybjbutton my main finical bills are paid through your useful appcsmnn I really love how useful your app is for me and my family.
  • The app won’t even load to login anymore. 1/5

    By Kyleebrianne
    I can’t login to check my balance or send money.
  • Poor experience 1/5

    By 4KSt4rf1sh
    The app itself doesn’t let me get started. It had the option but does nothing once I press the button. Nothing happens!! I don’t know how to get the app to work at all.
  • Smh 1/5

    By Ddkingj
    I keep trying to create an user ID and each time i put in information it takes me to the log in page and then tells me my info is incorrect until I can actually log in you’re only getting 1 star from me. Something as simple as creating an ID and being able to log in shouldn’t be a problem.
  • Add money to card 4/5

    By klynn0821
    Only issue I have so far with the app is I can’t load money from my phone. Will this be fixed?
  • App not working 1/5

    By Robsgrl
    The app stopped working a couple of weeks ago and now when you go to open it it just says it can’t connect and shuts down I haven’t been able to get into the app for weeks I can go online and login just fine but I can’t use the app at all
  • Love it 5/5

    By KeenDream
    Only thing is the ATM charges but I have Direct Deposit and can mobile deposit as well..:
  • App down Website not allowing login Phone number not working correctly! 1/5

    By mtezmari33
    The app logged me out and says “There was a problem connecting to turbo” so l cannot check my transactions. I went to the website but it won’t log me in because of the capcha but they’re not even loading! I called the number on my card and when I hit 3 for transactions the call just goes silent!! FIX FIX FIX
  • Can’t setup! 1/5

    By AEKF666HQ
    So I got the app to activate my card and it tells me to set up an account so I got through what it instructed me to do....and nope! It says the information I have entered doesn’t match anything in their records! Well duuhhh!! I am trying to SETUP NOT LOGIN!
  • Very useful! I love the Stash! 5/5

    By DeeDankest
    I use this card for my direct deposits from work and I get paid 1 day before everyone else does. Which is totally awesome! I love that you can stash your money, deposit your checks and check track of your transactions all on your phone. It’s pretty awesome.
  • Great! 5/5

    By qtestpnk
    I have used prepaid cards in the past. This one is the best in my opinion that I’ve used. My direct deposits are always a day or sometimes two days early!!! Checks always available the date the day after mobile deposits, never had a hold up. The app is easy the use. All banks charge for savings, you can put money in your “stash” for free like a savings. Transactions and notifications of transactions are immediately posted. I have no had a single issue. Paper checks do seem to take 5-7 business days, I wish it was more like 1-3 business days like the bank. But that’s my only critique and I can live with that.
  • N 1/5

    By Shay babyy
    What’s wrong with the app? I’ve used it fine up until today. It won’t load or anything.
  • App messing up all day 1/5

    By hastyjane88
    This app has been messing up all day. It has really caused me a lot of trouble. I need to be able to get to my money.
  • Need to fix 1/5

    By atdkpj
    Started out great but now the app won’t load anything and when not let me in to manage my account and transfers.
  • Not tooooo happy 2/5

    By j_gr1m
    I have some funds floating around and this app shows that it all went through hopefully I can get my money back. Don’t send over 300 it’s a hassle. Keep the money on the card. Going back to direct deposit next year.
  • Horrrrrriiiibbbbble 1/5

    By Braybrodyjamie
    They sent my card to wrong address and in order to fix that even tho I sent I’d and social card to them they want a utility bill I live w someone no bills are under my name still haven’t received it. They send they resent it bc I went to my post office for the to flag it down this time called two days ago a nice lady answered and told me it has not been sent even uggggh but now it
  • Login issues 1/5

    By inkedmomma84
    It won’t even pull it up it says technical issues
  • Won’t connect 1/5

    By dycmbr
    Every time I click on anything like deposit a check or monthly charge waiver, it says the feature isn’t available due to an issue on their end or it won’t connect.
  • I don’t even need to step into a bank, thanks to this card! 5/5

    By Misty Wiles
    I got my income tax return on it because we had just moved and did not have a bank in that area. I downloaded the mobile app and had a direct deposit placed into my turbo account. I get my paycheck three days earlier than most of the other staff at the hospital do. The only downer is that I can’t pay for my gas at the pump with it, but I have a card that will, so that’s no big deal. Needless to say, I never did find a bank, and I have no plans to do so.
  • No customer phone support available 1/5

    By no humans
    Spent whole day on phone with turbo tax tried calling number on back of card and every other number for green dot bank to close my account not able to do on website or app and no human contact available every time I get to prompt to speak to customer service representative it says to download app and hangs up so I down load the app still unable to close account don’t put tax return on app will update if I ever speak to a human being
  • Where did my cards go?? 2/5

    By not cool 89
    SMH ok I gave 2 stars because when I got the cash advanced I had access to the funds immediately!!! But that was at the END of JANUARY! Now it’s the END of FEBRUARY!!! I’ve had to order a total of three cards....I still don’t have 1....where do the cards go...cause on the site it says “the card is SITTING at my LOCAL POST OFFICE waiting to be delivered” but clearly that was never the case!!! I’m glad I wasn’t depending on my tax money cause I would be in a bind!!! We will see if it comes March 11... TBC!!!
  • Keep saying incorrect at atm I know my PIN number 1/5

    By dzb79
    I go to withdraw cash and it keep saying incorrect pin this my first withdrawal and I can’t talk to no one I need my money off this card
  • This app is awful 1/5

    By Felicia1025
    Can’t even log in and I know my information is correct how can I resolve this issue if I can never get a representative to talk to
  • Notifications don’t fully work 3/5

    By im a man hoe
    I setup to receive notifications when I get a direct deposit but when I got my deposit I didn’t receive a notification I had to login manually and check the balance please fix this , other than that its great 👍🏼
  • Hate 1/5

    Can’t change my pin
  • No support what so ever 2/5

    By JosephS117
    App works good for what it’s supposed to but my card stop letting me withdraw money from any atm and bank (still won’t) I have spent literally all day trying to reach their customer service line, longest hold time was over 2 hours and then it would just time out and cut the call. I emailed them and it feels like it’s just as useless. Horrible experience trying to access my own money, will never use this service again if it doesn’t get resolved soon.
  • Worst card service app 1/5

    By hdtdgagaj
    What’s the point in having an app if people are unable to sign in? Totally unacceptable.
  • Isn’t working !!! 1/5

    By Livyholtz
    Fix your app !!
  • Tricked into using and no customer service # 1/5

    By Kizzmet21
    First I was tricked into using this method to get my return. It said I was approved to get an advance so I used this method. Then get an email saying sorry you are not approved. If I had known that in advance I would have just had it deposited into my regular bank. Now that I have the card and am logged in. I don’t see a customer service number anywhere. Only one for direct deposit set up. I want to know where I can withdraw my full refund so I can no longer bother with this nonsense card.
  • Can’t even login 1/5

    By katieautumn
    The app is awful. I can’t login on the app, it’s constantly saying my login information is incorrect but if I open up my internet and go on the browser site it works just fine. This happens multiple times a day when I try to login and check my account.
  • Needs work ASAP 2/5

    By alexis reanne
    I’ve had the app for a month now and sometimes is allows me to log in & have access to my card info and some days it’s doesn’t acknowledge when I tap “get started”
  • Can not log in from app 1/5

    By unchained.melody
    I downloaded the app and right before signing in, it gives me an error message that it can’t connect to the app.... ?? you really can’t do anything with this card without the app working. PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE.
  • Upset 2/5

    By itachi acumora
    Can’t deposit a check at all not very happy about that
  • Useless 1/5

    By Apple Pilot
    Can’t login. Annoying and useless.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By AlwaysRoxy
    Won’t let me sign up. I put in all my information and press continue and it freezes. Doesn’t do anything after that. Tried to uninstall and do it again and it did the same thing.
  • Terrible customer service! 1/5

    By SimpleSimon58
    The app itself is okay except the transaction history could use improvement. But let me tell you about their customer service for this card. It is honestly the worse experience I’ve had in a long time! I was concerned about a transaction that was said to be returned back to the card. The customer service representative started to argue with me and wouldn’t let me explain my situation.. Needless to say she was being very unprofessional! The rep kept placing me on hold and eventually transferred me to the Spanish line for whatever reason ( I don’t speak Spanish ) and my problem is still not resolved. Smh would not recommend this card to anyone! Next year I’m having my refund sent somewhere where at least I know people actually care about what’s going on with my return
  • Deposit checks 3/5

    By F OFF NOW
    DO NOT use the camera to deposit your check you have to wait 10 days!! 10 DAYS FOR YOUR MONEY!!!! It’s ridiculous. Other then them HOLDING MY MONEY and not giving it to me the app and card are great but I will be finding a new one.
  • Can’t open app on phone 1/5

    By phatbaby77
    I downloaded the app to my phone but it will not open what’s the problem
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Aleckszg
    Can’t do anything you guys need to fix this issue.
  • Tax return 4/5

    By ThatGuyFern
    So I did my taxes and opted for the refund advance. Got an email stating to setup my login info, after I finished and tried to login to access my account, they locked me out of it and now I have to wait 24hrs. It said my advance was available to use online and the card would arrive within 5-10days. I can’t reset the password cause it’s asking info about the card that I don’t have yet. No other way to do reset it?
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By EilleenBeanQueen
    After being blackballed by BOA for something that was not my fault I was grateful to have any account at all. I had very low expectations in the beginning with this bank, but I have been pleasantly surprised. The only things I would like to see improvement on is customer service. I think they farm out their service reps overseas...most you can’t understand and forget it if you need anything done that is the least bit complex. However, that being said BOA has first rate customer service but you pay for it in the end with their outrageous fees. Even when I can get a “big girl” account someday at a sticks and bricks bank. I will probably keep this account for my fun money...

Turbo Card app comments

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