Turo - Better Than Car Rental

Turo - Better Than Car Rental

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Turo - Better Than Car Rental App

Turo is a peer-to-peer car sharing marketplace where you can book any car you want, wherever you want it, from local hosts across the US, Canada, the UK, and Germany. A vibrant community over five million strong, Turo guests can choose from over 850 unique makes and models, while hosts earn extra money to offset the costs of car ownership. Whether it’s a truck to help on moving day, a Mercedes-Benz for a luxurious weekend away, or a classic VW bus for a picture-perfect road trip, with more than 200,000 vehicles listed worldwide, Turo lets you find the perfect vehicle for your next adventure. Hitting the road? • Choose from a totally unique selection of cars and drive the perfect one for your trip • Book cars directly from local hosts, as much as 30% less than traditional car rental agencies • Get the car delivered, and book trips on the go with a quick tap Car collecting dust? • Share your car and turn your depreciating asset into an earnings engine • Rest assured with up to $1 million in liability insurance backing each trip Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.


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Turo - Better Than Car Rental app reviews

  • Loving Turo! 5/5

    By motoxer913
    I’ve been on both ends of the rental and I’m really enjoying it. Be selective of who you rent with is my best advice. Read their reviews first! Tale photos before and after to protect yourself. And please be respectful of other people’s property and don’t return cars a disaster. Respect on both sides will make both happy! :)
  • Great service 5/5

    By pgenca
    Can’t wait to use this app again
  • Best thing since Airbnb but BETTER 5/5

    By cewkauf
    I have been so happy with my Turo experiences so far! It’s amazing! It’s so genius and I can’t believe I haven’t used it sooner! The ONLY thing is— they need to fix the laggy app. I’ll get an email notification about a message, but the message won’t show up in my app for a long time. So use a good email for notifications!
  • DONT download this trash, Worse of the worse now 1/5

    By Htg623
    For the beginning, Turo was good, but after several booking, the problems appear, car owner becomes to some rental companies or uncertain dealers, more and more price differences and trouble on booking process. The worse is the customer service line, the worse ever, super long time waiting on the line, and always try to use very inefficient way to troubleshoot your problem, like EMAIL or TEXTING. Come on, I waited for more than 10 minutes to a CS to deal with my problem, and eventually they only tell me they will Email me a link in 24-48 hours, even I said I need to book a vehicle for tomorrow trip. So disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t download this trash!!!!!!
  • Bad or no customer service 1/5

    By brad199999999
    Received dirty car with an un full tank. Did not get $25 credit. Can’t get ahold of customer service. Try calling every day. Last time I was on hold for 40 min before I gave up. Today I tried live chatting with them. After they knew of my situation. Asked for all my personal info. Then told me to call customer service.
  • Great service! 5/5

    By richmoney76
    Now everyone can enjoy a nice car without having to break your bank account.
  • Worst app 1/5

    By Cuspids curse
    Worst car rental app ever they blocked my account before I could even use it and when I reached out to resolve the situation the customer support refused to help me in anyway then when my friend tried to use the app the charged him extra fees after he returned the car. I recommend never to use this app their terrible.
  • Thank you Turo 5/5

    By JBdakid
    Thank you Turo for allowing me to experience so many amazing vehicles 😊
  • Turo broke my car very hard to work with. 1/5

    By Trexie85
    A renter Wrecked my 2014 Maserati Ghibli and I thought this was going to be a complete loss and take legal action. It wasn’t til a week later they got in the ball as my car was already in the shop for a week then gave me a price estimate as if it would have been a Honda Civic. They gave me the amount to rent a cheap car from them for 12 days. Horrible experience. The adjuster just credited my account another measly $90 to rent another car for 3 more days when my car has not even begun to be fixed. If you want to destroy a beautiful car, use Turo. My car has depreciated In value because of this and they don’t pay me the depreciation value I’m going to file a lawsuit against them for at least 3 to 4 times the amount from the mental and traumatic Experience this has been for me.
  • Love this app and the service 5/5

    By KIfiremama
    Great experience so far! Rented a car for a week. Went easy, and flawless. Saved me a bundle!
  • Awesome Experience 5/5

    By ThaWilliams
    It was easy quick and convenient
  • Late fees 1/5

    By travis eyster
    I just used turo for the first time yesterday and it was a horrible experience. I informed the owner of the car I may be a bit late after the pickup time. I kept them notified that I would arrive later than planned. He was okay with it. I believe that it would be fair to assume that the dropoff time would get pushed back as well. On my way to pick up the car I called turo support, which took over 30 minutes to answer. After they picked up I asked if my dropoff time could be altered by an hour. They told me it could for a price. I politely reminded them this is my first time using Turo and I was unaware of the policies. They said it did not matter and when asked to speak to a supervisor they gave me the same unhelpful responses. I am a college student and every penny I can save counts, so I was very disappointed when I found out the company wants to charge me an additional $25.00 to add an hour for late returns. The car I was rented was listed at $50.00 a day so it made no sense to me. Additionally I scheduled the pickup and dropoff with less than that 24 hour period thinking turo would credit me or allow for some kind of discount. Overall this experience makes me never want to use or recommend Turo again. I will stick with enterprise in the future since they listen to customers and have a flexible support team.
  • Awesome App 5/5

    By jjchatl
    Great Cars and Great Rates. I love the convenience and flexibility. Available in most major cities so you can use just about anywhere. Definitely a 2 👍👍 thumbs up
  • Love Turo! 5/5

    By vtgwc
    Turo is quite possibly one of my favorite apps! So easy to use — I’ve rented about 6 cars all over the US and all GREAT experiences. I recommend this to anyone looking to rent a nice car inexpensively! So worth it!
  • Best ever 5/5

    By HerbsMaster
    Great App ever
  • Pleasant experience 5/5

    By skubaduk
    Pleasant experience, my 1st time to use Turo.
  • Much Better with Orbitz, Priceline, etc 1/5

    By ScorpioDeee
    Most cats have s minimum day rental requirement. AND they charge you $5 per day extra “rental fee” just because. Just like the car rental places forcing you to buy their insurance although you dint need it. Here, you dont have s choice. You have to pay it. PLUS the mileage is very limited. I don’t like being nickel and dimed. Orbitz, Priceline it the other rental sites are much cheaper. At least you get unlimited mileage from them.
  • ! 5/5

    By MeowZzzzz22
    A great service. Cheaper than car rental places and more flexible with weekend pickups/drop offs.
  • Turo Rocks! 5/5

    By rswierc
    Turo has its act together! They have really thought out all the nuances associated with renting one’s personal car to a stranger. Their customer service is excellent! We are proud to be renting out our car through Turo.
  • No response from customer service 3/5

    By Tormenta804
    I need a detailed receipt for work. I emailed customer service and I have yet to receive a reply. The person I rented from was great. Turo customer service needs improvement
  • Turo is the best 5/5

    By jcpncu
    Turo now is my first income Thank turo
  • Pay 3/5

    By Eazydagrinda
    Take to long to get paid
  • 10/10 Application 5/5

    By I luv giving revieeeews
    Absolutely love Turo. For those who don’t use a credit card and would rather not go through the hassle of having a deposit, Turo is your go to. It’s easy, there’s way more options than a traditional rental place and it can be done all on your phone. Would recommend to ANYONE!
  • Great renting app 5/5

    By Lotte889
    Easy to use, much better than Getaround!
  • Great car sharing platform - Airbnb for cars! 5/5

    By AlbertoMolina
    Couldn’t be happier with my choices of cars on the platform, while feeling great about helping the community! :)
  • Great ride! 5/5

    By #1Des1gner
    Iyrina was easy to deal with & her car was lovely & luxury. Enjoyed the experience from start to finish. R:)

    By Yeahh ;]
    I was really skeptical about this app, and when I search through the prices I was sold. (WORSE MISTAKE EVER) I set up everything, I was going to pick it up the next day at the airport. Well about midnight a day before they cancel it. With no explanation, they just cancel everything. I wonder why prices are so cheap, because you can’t really trust them. After waiting about 2 hours in hold (BECAUSE THEIR SUPPORT NEVER ANSWERED) I end up hanging up. I do not even think they got a support team to help. PLEASE DO NOT FAIL FOR THE PRICES. VALUE YOUR TIME. I definitely should had done that.
  • I don’t write reviews often.... 5/5

    By Kst86
    But when I do it’s for excellent apps with great features for owners and renters. I’ve been an owner on Turo for the last year, have had excellent experiences with renting to guests. Few and far between are the times I’ve had issues with renters, but Turo has been excellent at helping troubleshoot the inevitable rental hiccups. I strongly recommend using this app, it’s blazing a path for the new way to rent cars peer to peer.
  • Great experience 5/5

    By Jilla 600
    Everything was great, I will try it again
  • 1 star 1/5

    By Scottylesh
    1 star. Turo are thefts. Only the big guys come up on top. Do not buy cars for them !
  • Great TURO experience 2/5

    By J. Montoya
    It is frustrating when the App freezes in the middle of a vehicle handoff/when uploading pictures. It also freezes and becomes unresponsive when attempting to switch within screens, i.e. message screen to the itinerary or guest contact info page...extremely frustrating!! I have requested an update to their App but as of now-I’m still experiencing this!
  • Great app 5/5

    By everajr78
    Love the service and choices
  • Holy Corvette Action! 5/5

    By JM 1976
    My wife and I planned a road trip up the Coast of California and discovered the Turo app the day before. Extremely easy to set up an account and within 24 hours we were driving in a 2018 Corvette. The price was a fraction of a normal car rental and the process was 10x easier. Thank you TURO!!!
  • Gfletch561 5/5

    By gfletch561
    Very very awesome time using the corvette will definitely rent from Turo again
  • Turo making a difference 5/5

    By UssOnline
    Turo is awesome and doing a great service to both renters as well as hosts. I’m sure this is the next unicorn if not already!
  • in general 5/5

    By Bdilicia
    awesome which had found this app sooner
  • Great $$$ 5/5

    By Arsy500
    Great way to make some extra cash! Turo support is fast but could use some improvements.
  • Amazed 5/5

    By Crystal McNeil
    This app is simple. Convenient and I'd recommend it to anyone. Definitely a better experience overall than conventional car rental.
  • Love Turo - easy and convenient 5/5

    By GTuroisGreat
    Turo is so easy to search and find the car for the price you are looking to spend. It’s always less expensive than a rental car agency! And you have many more options to choose from as well! I’d definitely recommend trying it out! I’ve never had any pick up or drop off issues and thought it was less of a hassle than a rental agency.
  • 3 best and worst things 3/5

    By CordellBCT
    1 ) Nice cars for affordable prices 2) Convenience due to many vehicle locations 3) Flexibility with rentals (ie. extending, canceling etc) WORST THINGS 1) People who are renting their cars out are not always poignant when responding to people who are interested in renting. 2) Petulant damage or complaints of damage that falls under wear and tear (ie. rock chips, road debris, unnoticeable scratches) 3) People who are renting their cars out need to have a level of respect and in regard to not only being on time but being considerate. (ie. If pick up time is 10am HAVE THE CAR READY AT 10AM!!!... same applies to drop off. (P.S if drop off time is 8pm and the owner doesn’t arrive until anytime AFTER 8pm (idc if its 8:02pm), if the car spontaneously exploded at 8:01pm, ITS NOT MY RESPONSIBILITY... I will leave the key under the fender and roll out in an uber like nothing happened... Also, “Rentees” should remember to always take care of other people’s property though....always.
  • Locura 5/5

    By fernando spinning
    Locura una plataforma tan excelente y poderosa mis respetos los admiro gracias fue un placer rentar con ustedes lo mejor del mundo 🏆
  • Graat 5/5

    By عامر منصور
    Great app easy money maker
  • First time renting our t my car 5/5

    By hades as
    Everything went well and it was a great experience. I often times work from home and my car just sits there for days. Today I was able to make a few extra bucks for doing almost nothing. I did the math on how much it’s costing me compared to what I make and this service basically pays for my car plus makes me extra money. It’s like having a car for free in my situation. 5/5.
  • Wonderful App 5/5

    By TURO owner
    Very smooth customer experience on the marketplace. Does it has any issues at all? Yes from Claims side. Learning it to work on it.
  • I thought this app was great..... i was wrong!! 1/5

    By bruce laspina
    I don’t understand how i rented already twice from this app, one rental i had for a course of over 2 weeks with no issues, yet i was emailed by this app stating that due to my credit score i can not rent any more! This makes absolutely no sense, I’m a frequent renter and it’s a shame how badly you do business!!!
  • Thanks! 5/5

    By joeazuza
    I love using this Turo app. It gives me the opportunity to rent my vehicle out when I am not using it. I travel a lot and my car just sits there and I pay for it for no reason. Turo thanks!
  • An Amazing Experience 5/5

    By Maximilian C-S
    It is really a great app where you can rent your dream car and have a blast with it! It’s very convenient and easy to get into! Hopefully one day I have a nice car like the ones I’ve been renting and share it with the world!
  • Awesome 5/5

    By samui gomez
    I am a car owner And Turo has provided me for that little extra income Renters 90% of the time are cool and clean Highly recommended
  • Terrible customer service 1/5

    By CarsonRoberts
    I have reached out to Turo several times now in an attempt to get a refund for a pre-damaged vehicle and they have not even replied.
  • Turo by far is the most convenient way to rent cars! 5/5

    By Alvin Clean
    Never will I go back to renting at the big rent a car places because renting through Turo is hassle free and convenient! No more long lines, no paper work, no deposits, and they have a wide variety of fun and unique specialty vehicles that you will not find anywhere else!

Turo - Better Than Car Rental app comments


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