Turtle Beach Audio Hub

Turtle Beach Audio Hub

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  • Current Version: 2.7.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Turtle Beach, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Turtle Beach Audio Hub App

Always make sure your Turtle Beach Headset is running on the newest firmware and customized to your liking with the Turtle Beach Audio Hub for Mac. Compatible with: Stealth 700 for PS4 Stealth 600 for PS4 Stealth 700 for Xbox One Stealth 600 for Xbox One Stealth 420X Stealth 500X Stealth 400 Stealth 520 Stream Mic Ear Force PX24 Elite 800 Elite 800X Elite Pro TAC Elite Pro 2 & Elite SuperAmp Ear Force PX51 Ear Force XP510 Ear Force Call of Duty Phantom Ear Force i30 Ear Force i60 Download it now!

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Turtle Beach Audio Hub app reviews

  • Does Not Work 1/5

    By Brettrc1
    Continuously get connect Turtle Beach device. I have the device connected with the Turtle Beach cable supplied. Turtle Beach is not worth the headache. Cheap $7 headset more reliable.
  • doesnt seem to work at all. it wants to record every keystroke! 1/5

    By Firsthand owl
    700 stealth xbox. tries to update then crashes. @apple kick this crappy app from your store. pretty big privacy concern as well. honeslty this app does not need access to all of my keystrokes from "every" application on my mac. its a headset not some ai thats trying to learn the user. @apple why should a headset company need to record everything that is typed. stick to your privacy values and raise these questions next time please
  • Trash, trash and more trash 1/5

    By Sweet Eric
    Won't update, see below.
  • Piece of Crap App 1/5

    By No Nickname_Required
    This app is absolutely worthless. It is supposed to allow me to use my headphones with my MAC but it does not. There should be no requirement for a headset cable. The whole purpose of the bluetooth headset is to not use one. How about fixing the software so it works properly.

    By ereidy_13
    You can not update the headphones unless youir using the original cord that came with headphones. it should say turtle beach on it. THIS IS THE ONLY WAY. its dumb that it requires that honestly.
  • Nice Stuff wish it was a little easier to use. 3/5

    By Google9785
    Issues with using the ios or android. Connected to Mac and upgrade with no issue. Make sure to use the cable it came with.
  • upset 1/5

    By lucas bis.
    turtle beach overall is terrible and doesnt seemto want to help, i updated everything and the headset still wont stay paired, disconnects everytime i turn off my PS4
  • Works Perfect As Long as You Use Manufacturer Cord 5/5

    By Aaron in Virginia
    The firmware update didn't work when using a third party cord, but when I used the one that came in the box it worked like a charm. Great product!
  • Not sure why there are so many bad reviews... 5/5

    By Timothytripp
    It worked fine for me. Updated the firmware on my Stealth 600 automatically, and that's all I really needed it to do.
  • Doesn't Work - Useless 1/5

    By F2
    Like others have said, I get the message "... attach a Turtle Beach device..." I've attached and app doesn't pick it up. Useless.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By umputun
    Askin to attach device, restart app and still nothing. Tried on two computers.
  • Does not recognize Stealth 700 for Xbox One 1/5

    By PRGFarrell
    Downloaded and installed app. Software says to plugin headset, I do, the headset announces “charging” but the software does not see any Turrle Beach device connected. Frustrating. **RESOLVED - Not a standard USB Cable…Be SURE YOU”RE USING THE TURTLE BEACH specific cable that came with the headset.
  • Use Turtle Beach cord!!!!! 4/5

    By EDMknight
    Just wanted to let everyone know what I discovered, USE YOUR TURTLE BEACH CORD. It should say turtle beach on the cord its self. I tried using a bunch of other cords, it continued to say attach a TB headset to start. This only changed when I used the origional cord, then it started downloading. Just wanted to let everyone know! 4 stars for lack of directions.
  • No longer works 1/5

    By MattHarrisGlobal
    I have the same computer I’ve always had and the same mic I’ve always had and now the app does not work. Just keeps telling me to replug in my device.
  • Enchances your experience 5/5

    By Next mutation?
    The headset by itself is very good and has many features that I enjoy, but after downloading this app on my phone and on my computer so I could update the firmware my experiences listening to music and gaming have been increased very much. The different surround sound features and equalizer preset options they provide make aything you do that much better and immerse you more into whatever you’re doing
  • The app is fine but Its the mic 3/5

    By hfhjdhfsfhsjhfkjfhsf
    So i was in a party with one of my freinds then i went upstairs with my headset and my headset is wireless so when i went up stairs to do something then i went to talk to my freind i was really quite he said and i would also have to talk really load for them to be able to hear me soplz fix this and tell me how i can fix this
  • Doesn’t detect my stealth 700 for xbox one 1/5

    By Hollypoplove
    update says that they fixed the issue but obviously they didn’t. Turtle Beach really needs to fix this.
  • Won’t Connect to My Headset 1/5

    By Dsandoval19
    App will not connect to my Stealth 600 Headset even AFTER the update where they said they fixed the issue with connecting to headsets

    By ashleysmalling
    The last update claimed to fix the connecting to headset problem but I’m still experiencing the issue!! I’ve reset everything, uninstalled and reinstalled everything, and used multiple cords, nothing is budging and still says Please Connect Turtle Beach headset
  • Just awful 1/5

    By Gonzo117
    Keeps saying “please attach a Turtle Beach device” on my Mac, even though the TAC is plugged in and lit up. I guess I won’t be applying any firmware updates...
  • Cannot Update Firmware 1/5

    By drewb28
    “App could not complete process. Please unplug all…” every single time. This is getting ridiculous. I’ve tried it on multiple Mac computers and it’s the same thing every time. Stealth 700. I have contacted support but I have not heard back yet.
  • Really Frustrating 2/5

    By 835592748
    I bought the Stealth 600’s and I try to update them throught the Audiohub app on mac. everytime I connect the headset with the usb it starts to download the files and then says app error. That I need to unplug and try again later. Nothing seems to work no matter what usb port I plug it into I keep getting the same error.
  • Its pretty bad 1/5

    By Kiloplt
    Bought a Stealth 600, actually worked right out of the box. Saw that I was supposed to update the firmware with the app, downloaded it, and got the same error message everyone else is reporting. If it is not working when I go back downstairs, it’s going back to the store. THis is pretty bad for so many people to say its not working and no solution
  • Will not update. 1/5

    By 38060
    Will not update the brand new headset that they tell me to update before doing anything. Macbook Air High sierra OS(10.13) brand new stealth 700. such a bust. Guess these will go back to target.
  • Trash!!! 1/5

    By Evo1133evo
    wont connect to my headset
  • garbage 1/5

    By polcatt
    same as a bunch of others . On my i Mac it wont accept the headset after you plug it in and theres no help from turtle beach like a realperson to talk to . There going back to gamestop
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By cryptomatt
    I plug in the headset and it tells me to unplug and replug back in and restart the app. Done that multiple times and it won’t update!!!!! I have a new 600 and it wont update!!
  • not a good app at all 1/5

    By phillcat78
    just bought the 700s and tried to updatethe firmware. the headset connected initially but said that it couldnt update. it told me to unplug then retry pluging it in again or restart the app. I tried both and neither worked.. needs an alternative method to update if they are going to cost so much.
  • App is trash! 1/5

    By TurtleBeachisclosed
    I just purchased a pair of TB 700 Stealth for my Xbox. I downloaded the app on the MAC store. Every single time it tells me to attach a TB product it says that "the app cannot complete the process, please attach a TB product. This app is absolute garbage. Now, I have spent $150 on a headset that I cannot even update. I am returning to Best Buy as soon as I can. Turtle Beach just lost a customer for life. What a terrible way to have to update a piece of hardware. Turtle Beach is closed.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By gamerlink_123
    This is such a great app. They actually have special audio hubs for specialized games. I hope they add Rainbow six siege though, that would be great! But other than that, this app is great for turtlebeach users!
  • Never again 1/5

    By Svadjrb
    You can’t update the stealth 400 for ps3? What the hell. This headset is in perfect condition and now it’s useless because you won’t update it. Just like I ditched iPhone after they throttled the older models, I’m ditching Turtle Beach. I’ll never buy another TB product again. Lesson Learned.
  • Need New Presets 2/5

    By GrayFox248
    There seriously needs to be new presets added to this app. I have had my 800 for two years and I can’t recall seeing presets being added. The app is essentially pointless once you add the presets that you want. Other than that, you never have a reason to come back to the app. Nothing to experiment with. Nothing new. Please add more presets.
  • please attach a Turtle Beach device... 3/5

    By weh114
    When I opened the package I updated the software through the app with no problem. I used the headset for a couple of games of BF1. I wanted to make some audio changes and now the app keeps telling me "please attach a Turtle Beach device…” Make sure you use the supplied chord as it’s data and power, not just power.
  • Works as expected 5/5

    By fatherofnard
    This software works for the headsets it is designed for. I installed on my mac and connected both the usb reciever and the headset to my usb ports and in 3 mins everything was updated as expected. Headset still works with all my devices as it did before. No issues for me, I bought the Stealth 700 and has been great on everything so far.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Scew mac users
    Downloaded the app only to have it not be able to update my headset. It starts the process but then i looses its connection and cancels the update, using original cords and the cables are in perfect condition. You guys really need to step your game up if youre going to sell $200 plus dollar headsets. I shouldn’t have issues trying to update like this for that kind of money.
  • this app does not work. 1/5

    By NintendoGlove
    I have a stream mic. it will not connect no matter what mode you put the mic in. there are no drivers for this issue to download and no youtube videos. apperantly tb has it out for mac users.
  • Improvements. 2/5

    By Tsuujin
    Really? Your “whats new” changelog is just the word “improvements”? Come on, guy. Try harder.
  • Not compatible for Mac 10.11.6(El Capitan) or lower, only Sierra or higher. 1/5

    By anonymousaz
    Bought the new Stealth 700 today, only to find out that I can’t set it up w/o the update thru this app-which only works w/ 10.12(Sierra) or higher, which has been out roughly a year. For those of us w/ 10.11.6(El Capitan) or lower, we’re screwed, and the headsets are a paperweight. You’d think after the Stealth 500X’s all having the headbands crack and break, they’d improve their quality control for this newer version.
  • Not enough customization 2/5

    By Lameeee
    There should be a way to delete presets at least. the 800x doesnt have a button lock so if you accidentally touch a button, you have to cycle to what feels like 1,000 presets to get back to the one you prefer. super annoying.
  • Deleting Presets 2/5

    By Universal Language
    I can’t figure out how to delete presets using this app, as there are simply way too many on my headphones. hope they update it to give us a way to do this.
  • Worked. 5/5

    By Gudkarma
    plugged in both headset and wireless base into my mac…automatically accessed it with the app. updated and changed settings as i needed. worked without a htich.
  • Others must be doing it wrong 5/5

    By Ler_M06
    Before downloading this app, I read all of these reviews. Most of them being terrible, I was pretty nervous to try it out myself. Welp, it worked just fine, first try.
  • Worked Perfectly 5/5

    By SRC109
    My Stealth 500x stopped responding. I updated firmware from the instructions and it worked with no issues.
  • to be fair 5/5

    By thevtbt
    To be fair to the developers, given the number of negative reviews, this app worked perfectly for me the first time.
  • How to fix: 3/5

    By YKheadphones
    For anyone having issues getting the app to recognize your headphones, do NOT use the turtle beach cable. Use a regular mini-USB cable. The one that come with the headphones say “do not use as a data cable.” Once I used the correct cable, the app recognized my XP510s.
  • App just simply does not work 1/5

    By JedR14
    I have been having trouble with my Elite 800x headset for xbox one, and approached the support team via email. They instructed me to do the bootloader mode, and I did, but with no luck. I told the support team that the app does not appear to be working properly, they then sent me an email with specific intructions to activate bootloader mode. I followed the instructions to the letter, and still my headset will not pair with my transmitter. I am very displeased with Turtle Beache’s app. Especially when I have one of their most expensive headsets, but their support team is great at replying to my emails.
  • Quick and effective. 5/5

    I see a lot of negative reviews for this software, and I am not experiencing any of these difficulties. I plugged in my hardware (Turtle Beach 800X) and it updated to the newest firmware without delay or any difficulty. I love my headset and this software is a great addition to organize my presets. To the engineers out in Valhalla, NY, well done!
  • for anyone having trouble updating 3/5

    By JJMick6
    If you have an elite 800 and having trouble updating, the app needs to be more specfic in the fact that it wants you to plug the usb into the headset and not the base station. Took me a few minutes to figure out how to make the firmware update selectable. hope this helps
  • Unable to update firmware 1/5

    By ..Satisfied..
    Having the same problem with “App could not communicate with your USB device, plug it back it, and then try it again” error that others have mentioned experiencing.

Turtle Beach Audio Hub app comments

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