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TV Guide Mobile App

Get the ultimate TV companion with TV Guide’s official app! It makes TV simple again with the best listings grid ever. You can watch full episodes and videos and get exclusive news anywhere, anytime. There are now more ways to discover what to watch with the app’s personalized all-new home screen. 
TV Guide’s Highlights and Features: - New Home Screen – discover what to watch based on what’s trending, your favorites and editors’ picks - Optimized for iOS 9 – easily find news about your favorite shows by using Spotlight search - Watchlist – a personalized TV guide where users can add their favorite shows, sports teams, movies, and celebrities and find out where, when and how to watch - Full Episodes – watch full episodes and movies on-the-go anytime, anywhere - with options from Hulu, ABC, CBS, HBO Go, MAX Go, Crackle, iTunes and more - Trending Tonight – an up-to-the-minute view of the night’s top shows determined by TV Guide users - TV Listings - use the detailed TV listings grid with the ability to: -- Set up alerts so you’ll never miss another live airing -- Add shows to your Watchlist -- View your favorite channels -- Share what you’re watching with friends on social - Exclusive content - get the latest breaking news and photos, watch exclusive videos and read episode recaps - New Tonight - find out what time and channel shows are on and access quick episode summaries - TV Guide’s app is optimized for iOS 8.0 and above
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• “Easier to operate than any other! Thank you TV Guide” – Bill Z86 
• “I can’t tell you how many times a day I check this app. Love it!” – Mishael S 
• “I’ve used this app for many years and it just keeps getting better – more user friendly.” –F-nmi-J • “TV guide is perfect...period!” – KKp6 • “I love this app, especially the Watchlist feature because I get emails reminding me of my favorite shows.” – Vast I Download the app that USA Today called “invaluable” and TIME Magazine listed as one of “50 Must-Have Apps.” Also featured in The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times,, Reuters, CNET, Fast Company, TechCrunch, and more.
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TV Guide Mobile app reviews

  • T.V. Guide .... really helps seeing in advance the shows that are coming on 4/5

    By judiree
    but don’t understand some of the features as I am a older lady and find some of these are not clear as how to do use the features.
  • Do better 2/5

    By problyaggrvated
    Wipes out my channel settings randomly and won’t let me reset them.
  • Kind of Frustrating 3/5

    By Ustexan
    I’ve complained before but every listing is shown twice. That means it takes twice as long to view.
  • The app. 5/5

    By Robertahillsjr
    Thank you so much. I think that the App is a great app. Thanks for your help. And thank you for having me. And have a great day. Robert....
  • Ad’s +++ 1/5

    By RichieM12
    There are ad’s listed after every few channel. What a waste of space.
  • Old vs New 5/5

    By Doc Michael
    I am an old timer that always bought my paper TV Guide weekly... Now I am a hipster with the times. This app is so easy to use and it is accurate up to the minute. Where were you during my early years.
  • Loses channels (2nd time) 2/5

    By EESnoopy
    After a year, this still is a problem. Leaving a second review, since the issue has not been fixed. Sept 2019 now. Also does not always initialize with current time and date. I reduced rating by two stars. Good app, but one annoying issue. When app is started, if internet connection is slow, it shows message that You Do Not Have Any Favorite Channels because it loses channel setup. The channel list must then be re-entered. This occurs as often as twice a week.
  • Pita 1/5

    By llllkkkkjjjjj
    Wont accept my password but gives no guidance on valid password besides ‘it needs a number or special character.’ Still wouldn’t accept it after I put in a number.
  • Easy Adder pretty useless 3/5

    By TheDawk
    Useful app, easy to track shows and get alerts from your watch list. BUT it used to have a nice feature that apparently is no longer being updated: Easy Adder that listed new shows to add to your watch list. The feature is still there, but the listed shows haven’t been new for at least a year.
  • I love this free TV guide 5/5

    By yalebk
    It’s right at my fingertips on my smart phone so easy to use so happy it’s available for free
  • Missing channel from guide lineup 4/5

    By smstauss
    Missing channel from guide lineup. THIS is a channel that has a range of memorable programs liken to ME TV. I hope notifying them of this corrects the problem.
  • Fails 1/5

    By Mick Gator Fan
    -The programs listed for the selected provider do not always match what's actually on the air. -Favorite channels get lost on iPad or iPhone every now and then, no pattern, not predictable. Usually a full power-down and restart fixes it. But sometimes I have to enter them again. NOW IT WILL NOT LET ME SELECT ANY FAVORITE CHANNELS! -Conclusion: TV Guide management doesn’t care that the app designers and developers don’t seem able to provide a good user experience.
  • Mark50 5/5

    By hakeem50
    One good app for your fire stick just look though Gide tell Siri to Chanel done over
  • Helpful 4/5

    By Boobear071278
    I moved away from cable and this app has been helpful.
  • Helpful. 4/5

    By Progressin
    I find this app really helpful with giving the local area listings. Sometimes it is great at telling the Season and Episode so that if you start watching a show, that you are not likely to catch again, like one of the old Westerns on ME or AT, then at least you can look the info up and get some closure. It is one app that I use weekly.
  • Pathetic 1/5

    By BigThelonious
    This app is pathetic. ALWAYS has problems. My most recent, shows that have been canceled that I try to remove from my watch list will not go away. Under the edit tab it says they’re gone but as soon as you go back to the list, there they remain. Who makes this app, a preschooler? Smartphones have been around well over ten years now, there is no excuse for this kind of incompetence. None. But I see that this app is made my the “Central Bigot Station” or as they like to call themselves, CBS. so I don’t know why I’m surprised.
  • Where is it? 2/5

    By junefrazier-creedon
    I mailed my payment for the hardcover of TV guide on August 19,2019 with my credit card number. I have missed at least 2copies. When will I start to get my TV guide?
  • TV guide 5/5

    By CygPigSyr
    This is the real TV guide but without the articles we used to get in paper form years ago. Setting it up is pretty easy and it runs almost always stable. Looking at the other apps after a phone switch I’m back to this app. Best for me!
  • Tis Good 3/5

    By kutekatz4
    Overall this app is handy, easy to use, and info is current. I’m not crazy about all the emails. I don’t want to turn the emails off because I like getting reminders for when my shows are on. It’s the reviews that I could do without.
  • Update 4/5

    By Dancediva:)
    It really needs an update won’t let me schedule a show
  • Tough To Use!! 1/5

    By joj w
    Tried to reset password over a dozen times. Finally had to give up and delete app. VERY disappointing as it’s good app when functioning properly but totally useless when problems arise. Zero on line help!
  • TV Guide App 5/5

    By Nurse 1970
    Love it use all the time
  • Are 14-day listings being reduced? 5/5

    By ForrFive
    I find TV Guide very useful for noting what I want to watch or record. I have found it useful in the past to have full listings for everything 14 days in advance. (Literally 14 x 24 hours in advance.). Since this past Labor Day weekend, this is no longer the case. As of 7:02 EDT Thursday Sep 5, the latest prime time listings are for Sunday Sep 15, not Wed Sep 18. I don’t know if this is only a temporary difficulty (having lasted several days now), or a new feature. I still like the app but wish it still covered 14 days of upcoming listings. UPDATE: Happily, this problem is resolved for me. When I reconfigured the app to show listings for a different cable system, 14 days of listings were available. Switching back, the same. A rare glitch in a very useful app. It’s not perfect, occasionally episode numbers are shown wrong, but all in all I love this app. 5 stars
  • Pointless if you can’t login in 1/5

    By m.deano
    Looks like the app could be useful but I’ll never known sine I’ve reset my login 7 times and logged in on the website and yet the app still tells me it’s wrong and then when I finally give up and just say connect my Facebook it can’t even do that correctly. Maybe if CBS since they own TVGuide charged $9.99 for it like they do otherwise free TV you can get over an antenna it will work then.
  • Works ok 4/5

    By Jobu was taken? What?
    The list is accurate. The reminder piece seems to not work. But it is ok
  • Improvement over older version 4/5

    By Cats mom:))
    The newly, improved version is a vast improvement over the previous editions. It loads quickly, moves through time smoothly, and doesn’t freeze. My only negative would be the colors...a dark background is sometimes difficult to read in limited light. Overall a noteworthy step forward.
  • TV Guide 5/5

    By JWD333
    Very useful
  • People’s court judge Milian 1/5

    By mickeyzuccaro
    How can you take her off at 1:00 Chicago time and program Jerry Springer trash show which offers no informational content?
  • Even handier than 25 years ago! 5/5

    By Carolx11
    OTA viewing is easier with my TV Guide app. Thank you!
  • Developer Refuses to Update 1/5

    By Wilsotele
    Have repeatedly reported a glitch since March 2019. No bug fix has been issued. Uninstalling and reinstalling have not worked.
  • Good app 4/5

    By D2D2013
    Usually very good, but sometimes the timing is off, especially for the ION listings. And, for the Rocky Mountain PBS channel that now share Create with World. Mostly inaccurate. Could be the stations aren't transmitting any info. I also wish the ads in the app wouldn't be so large.
  • Not what I expected 1/5

    By The Mill Farm
    I thought that (after reading online) that you could watch shows on this app. Nope! Deleting it immediately. I don’t need something else to tell me what’s on. I have a guide for that.
  • Guide app 5/5

    By NRA1944
    Makes it fairly easy to check out what’s on all the channels.
  • Over air TV guide 4/5

    By n1yvm
    Works good thinking had to put in different zip code to see the Chanel's I get and just updated my favorite channels much better. Thanks Paul.
  • What happened to the ratings?? 3/5

    By sggmc
    We watch movies quite often and this app used to list the rating for each movie but now it says “NR” on almost every movie! What happened that the ratings are no longer listed? I want to know what to expect before I start watching a movie!
  • New to this app 4/5

    By Mayreb
    The app is a lot better than accessing TV Guide website on Goggle Chrome. But still learning my way around it.
  • Great 5/5

    By lLadyvol
    Great app. Since cutting the cord very helpful for me to find my sports and shows I watch. Thank you!!
  • This app is down again. 2/5

    By b.e suz
    For the zillionth time this app is not working. It loads and then freezes if you try to go to listings or look at anything. For over a week now. Updates on available channels are really slow too. Months? Years?
  • It’s OK, won’t load now 3/5

    By WagnerTech
    This app has potential, if they would just keep up with the channel additions. And now it just won’t load.
  • It would be good if 1/5

    By Lucinda353
    It says grit is no longer broadcasting. I wrote them and never answered. Grit does broadcast. Watch it all the time wish they would get it right. Gritis channel 76 not 80.
  • Great app for me 4/5

    By Teacherlkc
    I use this app daily. It is always accurate and beats out two other apps of this type I’ve tried. My only complaint is that there is one channel I watch occasionally is never listed.
  • Better than newspaper so far 5/5

    By BobNash
    I have been using TV Week in print. It seems that this app might be better. I have only used it for 1 week and hope my opinion lasts.
  • Signin impossible 1/5

    By smarterthantisapp
    Tried signing in several times. Now can’t as remembers my email blocking further attempts to Register are blocked. Just found out today, 1week later ,you must sucrose to hard copy to use app. 1(212)857-7500 is their phone.
  • Unhooked Luddite 5/5

    By Q sent ME!
    Greatest app for what may come in with antenna. Signals are good and so is basic free selection these days. Take away the big pharma ads that only the US and New Zealand are subjected to and it’s not that horrible.
  • Crappy and dumb 1/5

    By tabarsi00
    It freezes frequently (iOS) and frequent commercials interrupts my current activities, ie. cuts off music etc.
  • Years 4/5

    By Slimer Food
    I don't think TV GIUDE has the right years on it! EXAMPLE.…the movie was filmed Last year.
  • You can’t get Out! 2/5

    By tcraz8
    I just don’t use this. I thought I would get ideas for new shows. It focused on my watch list. Which is fine but not what I intended to use it for. I want to delete my account. Nope! 4th email, no answer! No way to delete. And watch out. You get two to three emails a day. Customer service is NONE existent. Now CBS has all my info and won’t let me out!
  • Old days 5/5

    By texas78233
    Reminds me of when I was a little boy in the 50’s. A small book with everything a person needs to enjoy the new tv. Now it’s digital and perfect.
  • Unreliable 1/5

    By worldwide traveler
    This app does not always work. Details of listings won’t load.

TV Guide Mobile app comments

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