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  • Current Version: 1.0.2
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: T-Mobile
  • Compatibility: Android
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TVision App

We’re reimagining TV with you in mind by un-complicating and un-cabling your TV experience. With TVision services, you’re in control. Choose from the content you crave across Live Sports & News, top-rated Entertainment and more—all at an amazing value. TVision Live: With buzzer-beating moments for sports fans and up-to-the-minute broadcasts for news buffs—TVision Live has your fix. Plus, you can get access to great channels like NFL RedZone from NFL Network and so, so much more. TVision Vibe: Built to bring you the best of reality, lifestyle, and drama. It’s a great selection of some of the most-watched entertainment channels—made for TV lovers. TVision Channels: Make the experience your own with premium networks—Get channels like EPIX®, Showtime®, and STARZ®, for an associated monthly subscription fee. It’s TV on your terms. Download the TVision app and start watching today. Available to qualifying T-Mobile wireless customers. Content may be subject to regional restrictions and blackouts. Please note: This app features Nielsen’s proprietary measurement software which will allow you to contribute to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. Please see for more information.

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TVision app reviews

  • Ok needs some work 1/5

    By caljefe
    This app has really started to annoy me. The stay logged in feature does not work. No PiP and you can’t watch portrait.
  • Upgrade Needed 3/5

    By Rustyauhwv
    Please add an option to reduce size of the picture so we are not required to be in app while watching anything.
  • Doesn’t scroll 3/5

    By iTunes do better
    For some reason on this app my appletv remote doesn’t scroll on the guide. The guide works on my firetv and of course my Apple remote works on other apps just not in this one.
  • Lack of features is disappointing 3/5

    By frogplop
    Stream quality is well done, however the praise stops there. There is no PIP features yet, something that competition already has on iPad and iPhones. Showing channels are part of your plan, but then getting nothing but blackout restriction errors is complete false advertising without explanation. This service feels like it should have been launched 3 years ago with the lack of features it actually launched with. A bit underwhelmed.
  • Could use a few more enhancements 4/5

    By babiefishmouth
    I really like the app and I’ve tried many over the years. No major issues except there’s no volume for Travel Channel on the Apple TV. The volume for that channel works on my iPhone though. I would definitely like to see an option to add favorite channels and to be able to exit without holding the menu button. It’s annoying because my Apple TV remote doesn’t work well so I have to use a remove that doesn’t have a menu button. A Roku app would also be convenient for my Roku TVs. And for some reason when I try to setup a recording, I have to do it from the Apple TV instead of the iPhone. The iPhone says it’s setup, but nothing records. It only records when I set it up through the TV.
  • 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼 1/5

    By JAT0721
    App freezes a lot. Screen goes black with only audio available at certain times. It’s truly annoying.
  • Problem 1/5

    By Saggitaurus423
    I deleted the app by error. I wanted to add it again. The App Store says it’s already downloaded and to “Open”. I press “Open” but nothing happens The app does not show anywhere on my iPad... no settings...nothing. I restarted my iPad several times and it still states “Open” How do I install again?
  • App works great. Sometimes 1/5

    By Apple App Entusiast
    Keeps asking for my precise location and prevents the app from working. Please update this very annoying. iOS 14.2.1 iPhone 12
  • Cheap 3/5

    By smarktalk
    Functionality doesn’t match between iOS and tvOS apps such as clicking TV Shows on iOS brings up all the I presume OnDemand shows but doesn’t allow for filtering by genre, network, etc. No TV Everywhere Support. Low amount of DVR storage space (100 hours) and can’t record Disney owned channels. Can’t rewind Live TV.
  • Apple TV App Constantly crashing 2/5

    By KMSisthebest
    I signed up for TVision pimarily to watch TV through my Apple TV device. So I watch it through the Apple TV Tvision App. Unfortunately, I have not been able to get through one entire show without the app crashing or endless buffering. I also get frequent messages within the app stating that I’m not connected to the Internet. However I can immediately switch to Netflix or Prime and watch any program I’d like - effortlessly. So obviously, it’s not my Internet connection. I so wanted TVision to be a great alternative to cable, or YouTubeTV. I was excited to try it, however it’s been pretty disappointing. I’ve canceled my subscription.
  • Why no Roku? 3/5

    By ReignbowU1228
    I’ve got a free month but who wants to go out & buy brand new fire sticks or hubs or whatever just for the sole use of TVision ☹️
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By CydTheScienceKid17
    Doesn’t let me sign in or sign up. Can’t use it so I guess I won’t sign up.
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By shanta123love
    I downloaded the app and nothing pops up but a black screen each time. And I have an iPhone X.
  • Lacking Features 2/5

    By halo969
    This is a super basic app. No Picture in Picture option. No ability to cast to TV or Google Chromecast. No way to set up favorite channels in the guide so you don’t have to scroll through channel listings you couldn’t care less about. No way to easily look at future dates & times in the guide. Have to keep swiping left to get to future times. Forget about it if you want to see listings for two days from now; you’ll lose your patience before you get there. Can’t click on a network to see everything that is airing on that channel that day like you can in other TV guide apps. Search results aren’t relevant to your keywords yet are missing items that are relevant. Tapping on a movie or show in the guide causes it to immediately start playing instead of giving an option to look at details, such as synopsis. The details screen is only available once it starts playing and then it stops playing for you to view the details. All in all it’s not very user friendly. It’s like the person who designed this app never watched TV or set up recordings on a DVR before.
  • Ok to start 4/5

    By geofftucker
    It’s ok out of the gate but you should be able to favorite shows or channels or search by genre. DVR function is broken. Lots of room for improvement.
  • Great Uncarrier Move! 4/5

    By Josue Rivera
    I would give 5 stars, but Picture in Picture is desperately needed. I hope this can be added sooner than later.

    By starrcash
  • Airplay / TV casting is disabled?? 1/5

    By madlinker
    The app was developed specifically to disable casting / airplay. they qent out of their way to block it fron all sides. Why? Enable this feature. I want to watch on my tv without being forced to buy another box.
  • Phone App ONLY 1/5

    By Chuckalso
    App on PC does not work (called and chatted to verify this!) App on Amazon Alexa does not work So only works for phone and TV? EVERY OTHER streaming service works on PC! Who dropped the ball on this?!
  • Absolutely love it 5/5

    By Ray Lopez, Jr.
    Over the years I have had U-Verse, Xfinity, DirecTv, I mean you name it, & nothing compares to TVision. I’ve had TVision for 3 years & it is by far THE best investment I’ve embarked upon when it came to cable/tv packages. TVision definitely is going to take over & if you don’t have it, get it because you won’t regret it. Extremely affordable, no contracts, awesome customer service, and super reliable, I literally have a TV at the palm of my hand & it’s awesome. Keep up the outstanding work TVision. 👍
  • Many Improvements Are Needed 2/5

    By Andarrio6
    Great start with amazing channels and content. However, there are a lot of flaws with the application interface on my iPhone and Apple TV Devices. On the Apple TV, I am unable to scroll through the guide. When swiping up or down it just stays on the same row. Also, the application only opens in 1080P and not extend to the 4K HDR setting I have it on. Very frustrating it decreases the resolution and makes the quality low compared to AT&T TV Now. On my iPhone, we need P-I-P and I keep getting signed out regularly.
  • Casting/Airplay Options 3/5

    By Kirstie Maldonado Aviously 😉
    T-Vision is very easy to use, except for the fact that there is no way to watch it on my Google Chromecast or my Apple TV! (I have an old edition where it doesn't allow me to download other apps except the ones already there.) This would be a very great edition, and if added, would allow me to put up a much better review! Please T-Mobile, implement this feature into a new update!
  • A great start but please read feedback 3/5

    By Optionscruz
    This has the potential to be a 5 star produce but a few things need to happen in order for me to let xfinity app go. Like most users we need PIP support as I love to watch and browse on phone at the same time. Second we need a recent or favorite channel icon. Third profiles need a lock or way to lock a child’s profile. If I made my kids a profile and turn on parental controls, there is nothing stopping them from just clicking on my profile as the app asks each time which profile to use. Last please update to support a higher resolution on TVs. It’s bad when my own parents came over and notice how old some of the Channels look because no HD support.
  • Can’t get past Login!! 1/5

    By harvarddr
    Zero stars!!! Can’t get past Log in screen. I’ve wasted hours attempting to just Login to this app to be able to try out the service I’m now being charged for. I Keep getting error messages. 2 local TMobile stores can’t figure it out either.
  • Badly made 1/5

    By boyfromthedwarf9
    Doesn't run without EXACT location. No reason it needs that.
  • Can’t watch DVR recording on iPad - MED-004 Error 1/5

    By kpmercer
    This app leaves a lot to be desired. All recording fail to play back on iPad Pro running iPadOS 14. Just return a MED-004 error and support website is awful. Wont even load giving 404 errors.
  • App Access 3/5

    By tone tone.
    I can log on at home but I can’t use the app on my phone. Deleted and reinstalled multiple times. It keeps stating that it needs precise location. To which - the allowance is enabled. It’s been like that since I got the service. Wack. (LOC-002)
  • Needs support for vizio or airplay functionality 3/5

    By MettaOchocincoCrisp
    There is no way I can watch TVision without buying the hub on my Vizio Smart TV. You guys need to contact vizio and add the TVision app or add the airplay feature so I can mirror from my iPhone and that would also solve the problem.
  • Unable to cast 3/5

    By maggie.morphine
    I like this app but I can only use my phone, tv doesn’t allow to downloas and device is unable to cast to my tv. This is not good
  • Local And live TV is the only benefit 1/5

    By Iwantifunny
    You can’t rewind, most movies aren’t available on demand you have to schedule a recording. For $13 I can see almost everything that’s on here on demand with Disney plus/Hulu/espn+
  • No organization and airplay issues 1/5

    By AW206
    Available steaming content is not organized in any way. Want to watch a comedy movie? Scroll through every movie available to see if there is something for you. Not in alphabetical order either. Also does not support airplay on Apple TV.
  • Privacy Grab 1/5

    By thirdjal
    On first launch, it asked for permission to get my location. “Fine”, I think to myself, “TV providers want to know where I am to know which market I’m in.” New in IOS 14, is a setting to grant precise location or general area. I don’t see a need for a TV provider to know if I’m watching at home, on the bus, or wherever I happen to be. They just need to know that I’m in Seattle or Portland or California. So I switch the setting for precision to off. The app sees that and refuses to launch. That feels like more of a grab than needed.
  • Needs improvement 1/5

    By Atiq_
    It keeps freezing up on my Apple TV also gets reset and u have login over again. Also needs favourite list or my list off movies and shows u can save so u don’t have go through all the movies every time watch what u want.
  • iPad Air, iOS 14.2 5/5

    By HankTop247
    After about 3 hours I start to get Location Sharing Errors when using Cellular data. Sometimes closing the app helps, more often than not I have to reboot the iPad.
  • The thought that counts.. 1/5

    By Anonymoosehereonceagain👌🏻
    Still cant get into the app after hours of trying. I have deleted and restarted the app multiple times, no matter what i do it never fails to never find my exact location even though its on in settings. I was really excited to test this out. :(
  • chrome cast support 4/5

    By chungas162
    Tvision is a great app, I would suggest adding chrome cast support to expand the app
  • LOC 002 error message 1/5

    By mama einoel
    Keep getting an error message about precise location. Verified in settings still an inconvenience.
  • Buffer fest 1/5

    By 861305
    All it does is buffer and says my internet connection is lost. But every other streaming service is fine to stream in 4K no buffering. Disappointed in T-Mobile for this.
  • tcdave 2/5

    By Tcdave
    Ordered yesterday and tested the DVR. Recorded fine but no ability to fast forward. Phoned in to T Mobile and they didn’t have an answer so not sure if it’s Apple TV or t mobile. A deal breaker for me. Will cancel.
  • Not jailbroken 1/5

    By Kevin6812
    I tried to download this and it yelled at me that I jailbroke my phone.... that’s a lie.....
  • Way Too Faulty 2/5

    By Joel_ball4ever
    Two stars for effort. My phone is on iOS 14.2, and this app does not work. Either “content is not available” or “your precise location is turned off” when it’s not... The interface feels like a child developed it. It’s choppy, no choice for image quality, and maneuvering inside the app seems like a job itself just to get it to work. This is NOT how TV is done right, in fact this makes me afraid of the new streaming service, and makes me want to go back to the standard satellite and box cable. I understand the app is new, but if that’s the case, please do not charge customers for this nonsense. There are alternatives such as YouTube TV and Sling that work amazing.

    By Sparkstack
    I don’t understand why companies keep trying to reinvent the wheel. The native playback controls on AppleTV exist for a reason. Use them. Not being able to quickly and intuitively skip back or forward is frankly a deal breaker for me and I will be going back to YouTube TV until this is resolved. As a 10 year subscriber to t-mobile I expected better.
  • Solid service but the app is ROUGH 2/5

    By Adiamonte
    No complaints about the service, the content and price are compelling. The app (specifically the Apple TV app) need some serious polish and feature additions. It feels sluggish, buggy, and unfinished. Using it serves as a pretty stark contrast to the rest iOS experience. Keep updating and improving the app and I’ll happily change my review!
  • Love it; Needs Picture in Picture 4/5

    By Bnnace
    Absolutely love it so far. Have used it a lot with no issues. But it desperately needs Picture in Picture to be able to go out and keep watching or listening while going to other apps or websites. Would also love Roku connection to this as well. I am sure these will both be added in the near future, especially Picture in Picture, which will make this a great experience.
  • Casting or Streaming and lack of options 2/5

    By AWATEA yacht
    T-mobile jump the gun on this. I think they know that there are Smart TVs that have options to stream or cast. T-mobile should have worked out the most important parts that customers demand from every TV company or TV app. I don’t like that I can’t steam or cast to my TV but I do like the having TV available with my tablet or phone on one simple bill. Please fix this!
  • Need improvement. 2/5

    By Vik0101
    Well we must have a option to setup favorite. The apps needs to be updated to utilize new control center feature on IOS 12. When I used atttv app, control center always pull up the information and when I lock my iPhone I have full control appears, but with TMobile app nope I have to manually open the tiny control and then find my Apple TV and then use volume control. No excuse TMO DEVs you should do your ground work before release. Also not very happy with picture quality and sound is compressed. So I might get back to ATT TV.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Cindy C C
    Will recommend to my friends and family.
  • Fix the bugs problem 4/5

    By dj555(
    Fix the bugs for the loading and add more episodes on demand
  • Amazing...Simply amazing 5/5

    By ThaddeusMcGee
    By far the best live TV application for mobile devices ever. Simple to use and fast. Love it