TweetDeck by Twitter

TweetDeck by Twitter

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  • Current Version: 3.18
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Twitter, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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TweetDeck by Twitter App

TweetDeck makes it easier for publishers, marketers and power users to track the real-time conversations they care about. It brings more flexibility and insight to power users through a customizable layout that lets you keep up with the people and topics that matter most to you. And, you can join the conversation by tweeting, sharing photos and links to news stories, and more.

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TweetDeck by Twitter app reviews

  • Performs fine, but missing features 2/5

    By thekerker
    The app itself performs very well. I'm running it on a late 2013 13" MacBook Pro on Big Sur and it loads fine. It doesn't stutter or slow down when loading tweets like the regular Twitter app does. The organization of the panels is nice and UI is fluid and intuitive. Where I have problems is with composing tweets. I had read that back in 2019 Twitter was going to be enhancing TweetDesk specifically to add support for emojis, polls, gifs, and tweet threading. Here we are in 2021 and those features are still not available. They are available, however, on the regular Twitter app. I don't see why those features couldn't be ported over to TweetDeck, since this app is supposed to cater towards power users.
  • I remember when twitter was not the owner 2/5

    By Elgranderod
    I remember when tweeter was not the owner of this app. It was better than the twitter app. I guess they got jealous and they ruined a great thing. They also killed the mobile version. Why? It was 10^infty better than the twitter app and they bought it an killed. Don't out do twitter or you will be bought and discountinued.
  • I like it 5/5

    By it is aaron
    I'm a long time twitter user and I am not sure why there's such bad reviews for tweetdeck. I read the reviews before downloading and i was quite skeptical, but after using it its actually my preferred way to use twitter. I also really like that its owned by twitter itself.
  • Please update for Big Sur! 5/5

    By LookIntoMyEyees
    Please update for Big Sur! Love tihs app!
  • Why can't we expand columns? 1/5

    By Jack the Giant Killer
    I can set the columns to their widest and it's not wide enough, why on earth can't we manually set the width of the columns?
  • bad decision after bad decision 2/5

    By panoptic
    remmber 2009, when twitter apps for desk top were a dime a dozen, individual coders were allowed to make adobe air apps, or other apps that took up little space and worked amazing on your desk top, almost some times felt like it was just a part of your desktop background? Remember when there were just twitter apps you could use on your desktop that didnt take up the entire screen? Remember when twitter didn’t own this app, and it was actually kind of good? come on twitter. stop making terrible decisions. stop limiting what outside developers can do, please allow users to perm set tweets in chronological order, stop making it so hard to get an account that can access an api (seriously had to use the twitter api for a class data science project and I thought i was being interigated by the FBI for why i wanted one). every decision twitter has made has not been a good one. I would kill just to have the old twitter desktop app back that twitter made for a while.
  • Used to be great. 3/5

    By Me, damnit.
    TweetDeck was a great app before it was acquired by Twitter itself. Twitter then proceeded to lobotomize it, and it did not recover for a couple of years. Since acquired by Twitter, the roles have reversed: features are rolled out in the web app first, and TweetDeck is relegated to being a second-class citizen, frequently suffering from bugs that are seldom quickly fixed. It still has its pluses, but for example right now the MacOS TweetDeck app won't play videos for me, but the web app does.
  • Doesn't login 1/5

    By SirBill01
    Despite my login and password working just fine in other apps and on Twitter Web, my login does not work in this app. Bad Twitter!
  • Great Idea, but needs refinement 3/5

    By MrGalt2015
    The appp is impressive and very useful. It is very nice to see home, notifications and activity side-by-side. It is also cluttered and overwhelming. Making the columns resposive to the container would be a relatively easy fix with major impact. The additional padding between the content and the columns would make it easier and more pleasant to use.
  • Needs Work 2/5

    By jSanchez!
    Good idea; so much to improve.
  • Please add proxy support! Many thanks! 3/5

    By felawa
    In some restricted areas, agents are essential! Be sure to add proxy support! Thanks again!
  • Moving-target UI and frequent lockups 1/5

    By BobKerns
    Installed Catalina. Installed Tweetdeck. Even with realtime mode turned off, it updates too fast and shows too little context. But after a reply or two, starting a reply just hangs—the textbox appears but you can't select it, cancel, do anything else but exit and restart. Good luck even finding what you were going to reply to!
  • Cant log in! 2/5

    By CharliePunk84
    Ive had this App for months and was working just fine until recently. I cant log in,there is no way to log in at all.
  • This app is actually pretty decent! 5/5

    By Bluefox1995JH
    I gave it a test-drive for like 45 minutes, and I was actually really impressed by this app. One thing I really find great about this app, is that it can play videos perfectly fine, whereas when I go to Twitter on Safari, it won't play crap. So this app is great for watching videos and viewing photos. It's also likeing when it doesn't open the same page twice in a row, like the Twitter website on Safari did. I also like the custom trends based on my activity and followers, whereas on the website, you only get trends for you localized area. I think a lot people just don't like this app, because they're still upset that Twitter removed the app from the "mac app store" and not the "ios app store". And because it's devloped by Twitter itself, it's not a 3rd party app that always tries to ask for your money. If an update breaks this app, or any of it's features, I'll more than likely update this review, but after using today, I really enjoyed using it.
  • TWITTER app.s & apple I-tunes 5/5

    By BetsyNancy57
    Great way to communicat to the world around in channels websites, but nor to be stupid or silly illness words grossly !!!!!!!!!! The “Fake-News” notes hopefully off nothing !!!!! Chairman views from ones highness at the view overhead not to be ruling the group or akin to a company ?
  • TweetDeck needs a full upgrade. 4/5

    By JustinMacri
    i gave a review about this app and still there has been no change with the "User has been suspended" please fix your app.
  • Videos are broken, no way to report bug 2/5

    By Jeremy Meyers
    on my tweetdeck at least, clicking on tweets with videos, for video preview will pop up a window saying "something is technically wrong". Wish i had some way to report this bug but twitter is unresponsive to such things.
  • Latest update is awful 1/5

    By Dgoodmantrublu
    The latest update ruined the ability to play vidoes without going to the web twitter to see the video. This defeats the purpose of using an app.
  • So small? 2/5

    By Clbcarman
    Why is everything so small?? This is not desktop friendly.
  • May revisit.. 2/5

    By Coolbeans=)
    Initially 2 stars because the columns are not customizable which makes no sense tbh. Columns are just barely wider than what I can view on my phone. That feature would be much appreciated.
  • TRASH 2/5

    By TAEDON24O6
  • awful app 1/5

    By rhys00001
    awful app. this is such a bad app compared to the moble version why would you put this out there???
  • Just one piece of feedback 5/5

    By MARLO1634
    I liked it better when you clicked the red close button and the app stayed open in the background instead of completely closing
  • Yikes 1/5

    By Sam777
    I can view more of twitter at once in their mobile app. The views on this desktop application are so idiotic it boggles my mind that this design was shipped like this. Even at the widest possible column settings it barely matches the size of a phone screen. Why? Fixed column widths instead of customizable widths? You don't need your notifications/messages to take up the same amount of space as my feed. Buh?
  • I Love the dashboard 5/5

    By Manny_gboy98
    allow me to do more and see all in one. Easy now to make a quick response and post. till one issue the limited oh characters and the out of orden when you link many posts.
  • wrost experience ever 1/5

    By kevindesgn87
    come on... even the old twitter app was way better and simpler
  • this update does not fix the problem it says it fixes 2/5

    By B Bigelow
    web pages opening in the main window has been bugging me for months, and was happy to see this update. but the bug is still very much alive, the behavior happens constantly. I don't know what the dev team thought they fixed, but it wasn't this annoying problem. PLEASE FIX IT!
  • Newest Update Failed 1/5

    By TJB0691
    The newest update to fix the links opening in the app with no way to get back except for quitting the entire app did not fix the problem. I will look for alternatives.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By iDeaflair
  • Recent "fix" didn't work 3/5

    By blueadept69
    Previous update to TweetDeck started causing links to open in main window. (Had to guess that "Delete" key would get me out since there was no indication how to leave that screen.) Recent update said it would fix that problem. I'm here to say - Nope! Didn't work. Still opening links in the main window. Also tends to crash randomly after running for a while. Only really "good" thing about the app is that it will stream my timeline in time order (as opposed to Twitter app which shows stuff at random.)
  • No Problems because... 2/5

    By Karma_xD
    I don’t have no problems, wanna know why…? BECAUSE IT WON'T OPEN!!! Immediently needs to be fixed! I really would like to use it, but as I said, it won’t even open!!!
  • columns need work 2/5

    By hal0genn
    good idea for an app but the columns do not resize with your window and may not fit your desktop nicely. This would be a 5 star app if they could fix this issue.
  • Why add a non-useful feature? 3/5

    By SeeWhatJENDo
    That makes me have to close the app to escape out of it? Previous versions, when one would click a link to such as a news article/site, it would open said link in my browser, automatically, but now it opens a browser view IN tweetdeck, which would be great except it ALSO opens it in my browser, AND is not possible to close in tweetdeck without closing the entire app as far as I've found. There is zero documentation or discoverable means to close a webpage view once it's opened in the app which disrupts reading through tweets.
  • Was my favorite thing ever; now useless and broken. 2/5

    By AnotherLameUser
    I've been a used of TweetDeck for years. Years! Huge fan. And suddenly with this new update, neither of my laptops are able to open it. Just get a blue background and spinning white circle. Please fix this Twitter Support -- seriously, this could not be more disappointing.
  • crash and doesn’t load 2/5

    By AmiN.D
    it crashes everytime and now it doesn’t load tweets, just stuck into blue loading page!
  • Favorite, most used app suddenly dead 1/5

    By BoringLady
    Relied on this great app for years. Tried everything to get it running- no luck. Sad now.
  • Broken 1/5

    By Howlatthemoon
    It stopped working. I removed the app, all the preferences, and reinstalled. I only get a strange animation suggesting it is trying to load or connect, but it never does.
  • Cool concept for people who actually want it 2/5

    By Paulolpop
    This is the only free Twitter app I can find for macOS. The old one (that actually worked really well and was easy to use) died, and we are left with this. It isn't a bad design, its just an unwanted design thats cluttered and space inefficient, on top of being overall just hard to adjust to. Not to mention that it doesn;t even feel like it was built from the ground up specifically for Twitter.
  • Oh, if only 2/5

    By Rumblestrip Radio
    TweetDeck is my favorite desktop Twitter client by a large margin. However after Mojave, it got to the point I was walking away because it would crash about every 90 miuntes to two hours. The recent update initially helped, it would stay running for a day or so, but recently it's back to crashing every few hours. Maybe one day it will be a stable platform, but you can call me Mr. Blue, because that will be the color of my face from holding my breath.
  • Utter garbage 1/5

    By DrHauls
    The only reason I downloaded this app was to use multiple accounts, and that is the one functionality that doesn't work at all. I can't add a second account no matter what I do. I followed the instructions on their support page to fix this problem but nope it still doesn't work. I'm going back to using tweetbot
  • Thanks for fixing crashes! 4/5

    By Stanford WV
    Wow, I thought you'd given this app up for dead. Really appreciate the update. Could use a few more features to be perfect, but it's my favorite app for Twitter out there -- which is why I kept using it through the daily crashes.
  • Twitter is back! 5/5

    By EmmaLarson1994
    Glad to finally have a deskop version back in my Dock. No issues with the app so far, love it!
  • Works Great 5/5

    By RobertCarleton
    Not sure what problems everyone else is having but I was able to login fine and it's never crashed once on Mojave.
  • Much better after update 5/5

    By zachhammer
    Recent update (1.16) completely fixes all the problems I had with this previously, most notably high cpu usage and frequent crashing/freezing when viewing media. I can safely recommend this now as a desktop Twitter option.
  • sad 1/5

    By KCee91
    This app is a complete disgrace. Not much else needs to be said
  • Buena App 5/5

    By +(Baron*12)+
    Me gusta esta app felicitaciones
  • Keeps crashing 1/5

    By EPerezF
    It's the best app out there for multiple account management. But it keeps crashing after a couple of hours or after waking up the mac.
  • Why? 1/5

    By Regigirl
    Why can't we have an app just like what is on our iphone? I don't even look at twitter on my MacBook but when my phone is charging I would like to have a user friendly twitter on my lap top but instead we have this. Yuck.
  • Literally a web app 1/5

    By Turkay345
    Clunky and unoptimised.
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