Twenty48 Solitaire

Twenty48 Solitaire

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  • Current Version: 1.9.17
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Voodoo
  • Compatibility: Android
5,331 Ratings
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Twenty48 Solitaire App

How to play: • Merge cards of the same value • Score mega points with waterfalls • Make a Twenty48 card to unlock a special bonus


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Twenty48 Solitaire app reviews

  • Pretty good but... 4/5

    By art.smug
    This is a pretty good game, addictive and simple to play, but there doesn’t seem to be an accessible way to turn the sound off. I frequently listen to music and play the game with headphones in but there doesn’t seem to be a way to turn off the sound effects while playing. Otherwise, not too bad of a game.
  • Such a rip off 2/5

    By Bee1414
    Love this game so much I decided to pay to get the ads off (with them the game is unbareable) and I’ve purchased it and the ads still continue! So annoyed
  • Solitaire 1/5

    By Plzplzoj
    It would just make more sense if it operated like solitaire and be able to move the already placed cards over to its like amount as oppose to the cards being stuck where they are
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By Mtzcreative
    Unlike solitaire you can’t beat it. And basic functions to play are locked behind watching ads.
  • Newbie 3/5

    By 11Bee11
    I’d give it a 5 star, but when the advertisement for other games appear they’re hard to get rid of as if I’m being forced to download other games. I won’t!
  • I love this app 5/5

    By Xiaatbh
    I’m in joying this app it’s taught me a lot more than I know so I gave it five stars to show how much I love it
  • Misleading 1/5

    By uptontx
    Paid tp have ads removed but I am still getting them. Apple verified my purchase.
  • As free isn’t truly ad free 2/5

    By klm67!
    If I pay for ad free, I expect ad free and not have to watch about other games
  • Needs a sound toggle 3/5

    By 09groggc
    I like the game but it’s very frustrating not being able to turn the sound effects off
  • Needs less ads 3/5

    By Taycass13
    The game is a lot of fun, but the amount of ads makes it very hard to hold my attention because I keep getting stopped.
  • It’s good but needs more space 4/5

    By Ivalis
    The game is good but to me is done wrong by not having enough space. Maybe a card or 2 extra spaces would be good and rarely you can play down a card higher the 64 as you play. As you get farther and farther you can balance the percentage per card to appear, so game overs happen less.
  • Ads 3/5

    By skitts.nm
    I really enjoy the game and paid to remove the ads. But if I want more than two discards I still have to watch an ad. Doesn't seem right to advertise ad removal when it doesn't truly remove ads.
  • Ad kidnaps your phone 1/5

    By NickLessThan30
    Very entertaining game, however after playing the free version for a while, an ad came up for the gam Golf Clash that did not go away until I not to the App Store and saw it there. Other ads I have seen, including the one for Twnty48 Sol let you continue after some time, usually 30 secs. This was irritating enough that I will not spend the money in the ad free version, and I am trying to find a way to directly report Golf Clash to Apple.
  • Great game... but can we get a “mute” option? 5/5

    By Blixter77
    This is a really fun game... I’d play it more but if listening to something on the phone, you hear a “card flop” sound with every move. I’d rather hear the music, audiobook, or podcast in the background. All that said, it’s a fun take on the 2048 games. Using the discard and wild cards really makes a big difference between this and other games of the 2048 genre. Great work!
  • They lie! 1/5

    By MaggieAzalea
    I paid to remove ads but they still appear. Frustrating!!!!
  • Not Want I Hoped For 2/5

    By Matikray
    When I saw this in an add I thought it looked super fun but when I got it you couldn’t move cards from stack to stack and you couldn’t swap the two shown cards on the bottom, and I felt super limited. Sorry for grammar and punctuation mistakes.
  • Really fun! Loses a star for intrusive ads and minor crashing 4/5

    By Djitsshnpydehai
    Overall, the gameplay is fun and challenging, but not so challenging as to become frustrating. I play this when I’m relaxing and listening to podcasts. I have, however, found a few things I take some issue with. Primarily, I find the amount of ads excessive and annoying. I choose to play ads to free up my discard pile - I don’t want ads every time I level up as well! I also find that the game can get a bit laggy and crash occasionally. It’s not a huge problem, especially because after crashing it seems to save my place. Overall, a fun game! I hope to see it grow and improve in the future. (6/15/2018)
  • What is this????? 2/5

    By YV lady
    I’m intrigued enough to keep trying, but it would be nice to have a little more info in the instructions. I’m not completely sure what I’m supposed to do!
  • Turn off sounds? 4/5

    By CaptainKTV
    I like the game - it’s easy to understand, it always saves my level, and I have grown to expect ads so that doesn’t bother me much. However, it doesn’t allow me to shut off the sounds. If I’m listening to music on my train commute, I’d like to also be able to play this game without random noises in the middle of my songs.
  • Sound 4/5

    By Acz5Gc<<\
    Game is fun but the sound will not turn off!!
  • It’d be nice... 3/5

    By tangerine7199
    Hey f we can move cards between the four piles. Like you can do in solitaire, after which is what this game is modeled.
  • Wow... 1/5

    By Mal5589
    Before downloading I read the reviews where people said it didn’t save their level, as well as the developer responses that it has been fixed, so I gave it a try. I was very much enjoying this game (would have oven 5 stars!), and was actually on a roll where I was at about level 37 with about 40 million points and an almost clear playing board with all high numbers. I had left the game at various points and it was always where I left off when I got back. I just opened it again and am back at level 25 with only 13 million points and a completely full board with no options of anywhere to play. Seriously?! This makes me want to just delete the app entirely. Do you have ANY IDEA how many ads I had to watch to get to that point?! It makes you watch half minute ads every time you level up, as well as any time you want to discard a card. To be that far and have everything just deleted before I can even finish makes this seem like the biggest waste of time ever. DO NOT DOWNLOAD UNTIL THEY CAN MAKE THIS GAME FUNCTIONAL. It can’t be that hard, every other game seems to have no problem with it.
  • I’m Addicted!!!🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️ 5/5

    By nmberdntly
    I downloaded this game two days ago and can not stop playing 🤯🤯🤯 I wanted to see if anyone can beat my score of 7,849,564 pts because I just started playing and something doesn’t seem right??
  • Fun, Addictive 4/5

    By Mvicsan
    It’s a really fun and addictive game. I just really wish there was an option to turn off the sound. It’s the only reason I deducted one star. Hopefully this option becomes available in the future. ☺️
  • Ads interrupt far too often 1/5

    By Shmephaniee
    I deleted the app because I would make 5 moves before an ad disrupted the game for 30-45 seconds. I’m not here for ads.
  • WHAT IS UP???? 1/5

    By 2QT4U2
    I just started this game and am so frustrated! IS there a way to merge cards or make waterfall columns? I’ve read several reviews that indicated those possibilities but HOW????? Ugh, and this looks like a really good game if I could figure it out!!!!
  • Fun game 4/5

    By jimmerrrange34
    Great game! One I’m actually good at. I reached 25.27 million points but it only shows me at 996k points in world rankings. I have a screen shot of my score and it also has it on my app. Hope y’all can fix that.
  • Addictive 5/5

    By ProfBusiness
    So fun. Challenging. Addictive.
  • Bug 1/5

    By quanvh.sebk
    Too many ads, even level complete have video ads. And game bug, I have screenshot but can't attach in review
  • Addicting 4/5

    By whooptime
    The game is very addicting. You’ll find yourself at level 50 before you know it. I often played the game while on the train but it’s been frustrating that I cannot turn off the sound with this new update. With this reason alone, I’ve been playing this game less.
  • Addicting but could use some basic updates 4/5

    By KC3238
    I love the game. But could you add an update that lets me turn off the sound/sound effects? I like to play while listening to podcasts and it becomes too much noise.
  • Dont Pay for Ad free! Didnt work:( 1/5

    By nadkairel
    Paid for Ad free game but still have to wait 30 seconds of Final Fantasy every time.
  • Wildenurs 2/5

    By Chicken grandma
    An interesting game, but The adds between games are way too long.
  • Really fun but... 4/5

    By Alex Hamame
    I love this game. It is so addicting but sometimes it will say I lost when I have spaces left which isn’t fair
  • Constant ads make it unplayable 1/5

    By Bdavidwh
    I understand I need to watch ads to support a free game, but the ads are almost constant, interrupting play every time you go up a “level”. Completely breaks the flow of the game.
  • I love it and it’s very addicting.... but 4/5

    By Jordan Blackkkk
    The ads are ridiculous just like with all Voodoo games and when you pay the 3 bucks to go ad free you still get a good amount of ads for getting more discards. I also think you should get 3 or 4 discards at a time.
  • Ads 1/5

    By yarazahrani
    The ads pop up just way too much
  • Due to cost 1/5

    By amymarie315
    I’m giving the app a one star because I actually liked paying the game but didn’t like seeing adds for use of the discard pile. I paid the $2.99 thinking it would get rid of the ads. NOPE. I still have to deal with ads. Just the banner ads are gone which those didn’t bother me. Thanks for stealing my money.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Crashingderbys
    This game is a rip-off of the other popular 2048 games. This game is such garbage, no taste at all. Oh and don’t forget to mention all of the ads that come up every time you do something. The discarded pile only clears ONE tile an ad !! Ridiculous!! It should clear all of them! And you can only discard two cards at a time?! You developers are horrible at making games, Voodoo is a horrible game company.
  • Ads 3/5

    By courtney_b_43
    Fun game, but I paid to have ads removed and still have them
  • Love this game 5/5

    By iswebb
    Only suggestion for improvement is being able to move your cards around as in solitaire
  • Ad-supported version won’t open! 1/5

    By LLBBooks
    I absolutely adore this game, but I now can’t get it to open, even after force-quitting and re-opening over half a dozen times. I can only get as far as the screen that says Voodoo, and Boston Trudeau Studios. I would be quite happy and relieved to change this rating to the 5 stars it deserves, but I need the game to open first!

    By Bingolover2318
    I love this game but there are so many ads I’m just going to delete it. I understand some ads but there are just way too many.
  • Great but... 4/5

    By Cmonater
    This game is super fun, but would be way better if cards could be moved to merge with other cards in other columns like real solitaire. It’s kind of annoying and inconvenient that they don’t, but still a fun game!
  • Should be more like solitaire 5/5

    By softball219
    This game is so addicting! It should be more like solitaire where you can move the cards from different lines! Love it though
  • Add volume/sound control 2/5

    By Twiggykwiggi
    I play games while listening to audiobooks so it’s quite annoying I can’t turn off the card noises that are at the same/louder volume as my book.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By bluejewel12345678
    This game is poorly designed. You can’t move columns over like normal solitaire! I’m obsessed with the original 2048 and thought this would be fun but just disheartening you can’t do anything once tiles are placed.
  • Inappropriate Ads 1/5

    By allgone987
    Game says 12+ but some ads are too mature for young teens.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Chg hbhvgncdm
    Omgsh I freaking love this game I got to 790.72 so so addicting ahhhhh like i really love it like I love chicken nuggets 😭❤️🎉
  • Ads every few minutes 1/5

    By Papa Nanny Boo
    Why is there an ad every 5 minutes?!?!? Annoying as hell

Twenty48 Solitaire app comments


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