Twitch: Live Game Streaming

Twitch: Live Game Streaming

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  • Current Version: 7.14
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  • Compatibility: Android
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Twitch: Live Game Streaming App

Experience the games you love like never before! Watch live streams and chat with devoted gamers around the world. Catch the action as it happens! Access all the content you care about, from frenetic Overwatch multiplayer matches to soothing Bob Ross art demos. With millions of unique streamers every day playing everything under the sun, if it’s worth watching, it’s live on Twitch right now. Twitch: TOP 3 FEATURES 1. Watch live videos of your favorite games, from blockbuster titles like Minecraft and League of Legends to little-known indie gems. 2. Connect with other gamers in real time with full-featured live chat. 3. Go live with a touch and share your passion with the world! Be a part of the leading social gaming platform on iPhone and iPad! With esports events, art, cooking, music and much more on demand, there’s something for everyone on Twitch. + Watch interactive live shows from the likes of Sony, Microsoft, Blizzard and Riot Games. + Tune into unique programming, from music festival live streams to exclusive video game events. + Discover new content with ease thanks to simple and intuitive navigation. + Switch to Dark Mode for those late night viewing sessions. Join the millions of hardcore and casual gamers who have found a place to connect over the games they love. Take your passion to the next level with Twitch! For feedback and assistance, please visit our Support Center: Please note: This app features Nielsen’s proprietary measurement software which contributes to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. Please see for more information

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Twitch: Live Game Streaming app reviews

  • What is going on at Twitch HQ? 2/5

    By Cored
    I’ve used the twitch iOS app primarily on an iPad. Each successive update seems to make it worse and worse. I tend to minimize twitch into a window while I work with other apps. In the past, this wasn’t a problem, the stream would keep playing and required minimal attention from me. Today, September 2019, not so much. The windowed mode of twitch on an iPad frequently becomes unresponsive, such that I need to completely close out the app and restart it. If ads play in windowed mode, I lose the window and have to re-open the stream I had open. A year or so ago, this wasn’t a problem. I could leave a twitch window running all day on my iPad without it crapping out within 30 minutes. Now, I frequently have to re-launch the app when it ‘breaks’. Unsurprisingly, when it breaks, I get to watch ads again. Please go back to the drawing board on this app. Go back two years, find what made it work so well, and implement it now. Today’s iOS twitch app is just a pile of s*it compared to how good it used to be.
  • Good 5/5

    By goid stuuf
    Good stuff mate
  • Twitch App needs landscape mode adjustment 4/5

    By Miyaa
    Twitch is a great streaming app. However the most recent update has it that when the iPhone is in its landscape mode, the screen seems to enlarge and crops out the edges that you can see in portfolio mode. Those edges often contain important information like the streamer’s bar towards a goal or actual information about what game the streamer is playing. I have even seen it crop out the streamer’s web cam showing their face. I feel like that needs to be corrected.
  • Best App 5/5

    By MemeManHere
    Its honestly good, cured my depression, and makes me not feel lonely.
  • Really bad update 1/5

    By Dan345667
    Lots of bugs. Can’t find the games I followed anymore. Not sure why they would take that away?! Going back to my other app, starts with a Y and has less buffering and advertisements.
  • I love twitch but now I don’t 2/5

    By Parsonstyler
    I use this app and use this with my chrome cast but now every time I use my chromecast it gets laggy and stutters every other frame please fix.
  • I love twitch 5/5

    By Ninjahper2019
  • Enjoy content but, 3/5

    By TERRYG52
    Hate all the buffering, makes streaming get too many interruptions. I have one live stream that I am interested in, and paid $5.99/ month for this subscription and expect to be able to get uninterrupted service. Disappointing that Twitch is unable to bring the buffering to an end or at least make it less frequent. I have recommended Twitch to other end users, in the past but this constant buffering is making me hesitant to recommend going forward. Is there nothing you can do about this?
  • Bad-app 1/5

    By Poorman962
    This app is filled with tons of bugs that have never been fixed and never will be fixed because twitch is too lazy to do their job.
  • Love it but emote game low 4/5

    By Tkritter
    Love this app.. really do! Especially how easily it is to connect through your phone. However, a key part of interacting is the emotes. For the past month they either won’t send at all or show the emote name in text instead of image form. After clearing cache and reinstalling twice, the issue still continues. Hope that gets fixed.. considering people PAY $ for the privilege of getting to use certain streamers emotes.
  • MelissaSings 5/5

    By Koipondo
    I am a MelissaSings Fan!! Melissa is the best singer on Twitch! (MelissaSings) Melissa’s beautiful, amazing voice is the only reason I have a Twitch app. I am so happy when I can watch her Twitch show......truly Awesome, so great, so talented !!!
  • @berleezy twitch stream 5/5

    By _itstoolate
    Berleezy’s SS hall of fame stream is amazing & hype asf😤🤟🏾⚡️⚡️
  • Takes forever to load on clips 1/5

    By Buttphone
    I have good internet and it’s taking forever to load on clips
  • Twitch.Tv 5/5

    By Buck o Rama
    Stream with Gamers who join chat with other creators to get followers and subscribe and support the stream
  • Siege 5/5

    By Httpx.papi
    Twitch has inspired me to take a risk in life and make new friends I use to be a quiet person until I took the risk and stream
  • Awesome 5/5

    By rapking123
    Love this app use it all the time to watch and play
  • Black screen 1/5

    By alexbrash232
    Loved the pp until recent updates. Now it doesn’t work 90% of the time. When I open a stream, the ad starts and screen turns black, then the app frezzes. No fix.
  • Subscribe in the mobile app. 2/5

    By ChampionsClubMember
    I’ve been using twitch mobile app for a few years now and my only complaint is that i CANNOT subscribe through the mobile app. That needs to change.
  • Chromecast 4/5

    By Alarmed triple a
    I love this app. The only thing that’s bad that I’ve seen is that chromecast doesn’t work for it. Every time I try to stream it on my tv, there’s some kind of lag. The voice is normal but the video it self is really slow and doesn’t match the voice. Hope twitch can fix this soon so I can watch some GoldGlove on my days off.
  • Great app but stops working with vods 3/5

    By Drwvx
    Vods as in previous broadcasts. More specifically it refuses to load and never plays. I can scroll to almost any point and it gives me the picture. But vid never plays :(
  • To many ads 1/5

    By NbaJohn13
    To many ads
  • So far really cool 5/5

    By xaviTEN
    I been messing around with the app for a minute and it’s pretty dope. I enjoy this platform a lot.
  • 5-star twitch 5/5

    By Moe Tizzy
    I used to use this app, it was handy at the time to catch up on any live chat games that I was interested in. I like it.
  • Laggy streams 1/5

    By @AlexGoswitz
    This isn’t a problem my internet is having, this is just the app being stupid! I’m trying to watch certain livestreams, but for some odd reason, the stream constantly lags! Fix this, please!
  • Could Be Better 3/5

    By Eric Galichinski
    I like the app overall but, there is a couple gripes I have with it. There is a good 15 to 20 seconds delay from video to chat. Chat being ahead of the video spoils a lot of content and I can’t engage because the topic has already come and gone by the time I comment. Emotes show up as text only in some cases. Playback on Vods don't work correctly. If I start to watch a Vod and then stop and try to watch it later, it starts from the beginning again, every time, all channels the same.
  • Slow and annoying 1/5

    By Viole Grace
    My god it barley loads and continue watching just restarts the video so annoying
  • Unusable 1/5

    By Susein McSwayney
    Used to be great, now I’m lucky if I can watch in 160p with 40 buffering breaks per hour (on 100 download internet.
  • Won’t Update Dashboard 1/5

    By WatchWilson33
    When I prepare my stream Dashboard, it always says “Something Went Wrong With Updating Your Stream Info” and I need to go back and rewrite my titles, which is already difficult enough in the awful UI.
  • I love Twitch but... 4/5

    By Hayd()49
    ads are to long.
  • Bugs with Chat 2/5

    By rob on my knob
    Goes good aside from pressing the default twitch emotes and it spells them incorrectly, “SeemsGood” turns to “sGood See sGood See”
  • Fix whisper function 1/5

    By PattyKaker
    That ghost notification drives people crazy. Please fix for the love of god.
  • Poggers 5/5

    By Skranky on XBL
    Endless hours of entertainment
  • It’s dope 5/5

    By shinsou💜
  • Best gamer site 5/5

    By freezeralert
    This is an excellent app to explore for new games and titles👍🏾👍🏾
  • :3 4/5

    By foxyfany
    Menos comerciales :3 o pónganlos al último
  • Audio only 5/5

    By shfjdjs
    It’s great. Being able to have “audio only” would be even better if you could lock your phone and not have the app close.
  • Bug fix please! 4/5

    By cc_129
    Everything’s great except I’d like it to be easier to stop watching the stream when it’s in the little box at the bottom of the screen. Also, every time I go back to a finished stream when I had already watched any portion of it, and ad will pop up and once it’s over, it completely starts the video over so I have to drag to find my place again. VERY ANNOYING
  • Can’t clear notifications 1/5

    By Greg Helper
    I have two notifications I cannot clear. When I click on notification icon it takes me somewhere with no notifications. Deleted and reinstalled did nothing.
  • !!! 2/5

    By MusicScoot
    For some reason I can’t do anything other than edit my bio and watch videos. I would love to try to stream but that doesn’t seem to be in the cards with this app right now.
  • Eh, 2/5

    By Swoogy/
    The twitch app is extremely unstable. Each time I watch an ad, it starts the video over. Every time I close my phone and go do something for more than 2 minutes, it plays an ad, and starts the whole stream over again. For the past few hours, twitch has been just not playing a stream when I select it, and I don’t understand why. The ad will work, but then it just freezes on the first frame of the stream and no matter how much time you give it, it will not work. I have tried everything; closing out the stream then going back, closing the app then returning, shutting my phone off, and even deleting the app and re-installing. Also, the ad hasn’t changed since i’ve been using it. It’s been the same 2 wingstop ads for the past 3 days.
  • Just went downhill 1/5

    By pPuUbBggG
    Over the course of the past couple months, the Twitch app has only gotten worse with more bugs coming up. Its not simple and easy to use because they somehow made it more complicated than it should. The ads are way overdone to where its difficult to even watch a stream without going through 3 ads. The interface is really bad where literally everything changes order for no reason from emotes to the set up of recommended channels and live channels. Overall, its a horrible experience to use.
  • Emote Issues 2/5

    By Andi.7
    Emotes I choose appear as random words or letters in chat.
  • Password 5/5

    By Jame6362
    I tried so many password to try and make a new account and evertime I did it said please make a new or I put my phone number or Facebook it give me a error what is wrong with this stupid app I wast about 35 min try to make one and it still don’t work please fix it.... it a good app I like it but why you have to make a hard password I can’t even log on with my own email please help me
  • Scroll Bug 4/5

    By Showoff Quan
    The app is great and I love Twitch but I keep getting this bug where every time I scroll down to check and see which streamers I follow are online, I get randomly returned to the top of my feed and am unable to scroll down until the app is restarted.
  • Review 1/5

    By Kateeze
    Ads are very excessive, no “go live” button
  • Update 1/5

    By Miacr107
    Recent update has caused emotes to not show up properly hopefully it will be fixed soon.
  • Awful User Interface 2/5

    By tmbottegal
    While Twitch was great... It isn’t anymore. The video playback/stream connectivity is terrible with anything lower than a 3-bar LTE connection (except ads, they run seamlessly. Wonder why...), there isn’t even a fricking buffering icon. It just freezes randomly, with no buttons to rewind or pause. And half the time I leave a playback, when I come back it doesn’t save my progress and starts back from the beginning! Honestly, I only watch stream archives/highlights on YouTube now because I got so sick of it. If the UI improves, you would get five stars. But I honestly don’t see that happening anytime soon.
  • Black screen 1/5

    By Reclusive Demon
    No matter what I do it’s black screen. Won’t play anything.
  • Impact wrestling. 3/5

    By S2Midwaymike
    I watched twitch for the first time tonight. Wasn’t really impressed we should be able to turn off the chat room. It takes up 1/3 of the screen and it’s annoying. The other thing is way to many commercials. 10 commercials in a row during the main event that’s to excessive.

Twitch: Live Game Streaming app comments

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