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Join the conversation! Twitter is your go-to social networking app and the source for what's happening in the world. From world news to local news, entertainment to sports and gaming, politics to fun stories that go viral, when it happens in the world, it happens on Twitter first. Find friends or follow influential people - every voice can impact the world! Join over 2 BILLION users worldwide! Tweet, Retweet, Reply to Tweets, Share or Like - Twitter is Easy to Use Chat privately or go big and initiate a group conversation with anyone who follows you. Track your friends & other Twitter followers or follow your favorite celebrity alongside hundreds of interesting Twitter users, to read their content at a glance. Engage your social network with noteworthy links, photos and videos. Discover which of your Tweets were liked or Retweeted. Create Your Free Twitter Account Today! Twitter allows you to find interesting people or build a following of people who are interested in you. Maintaining a social connection has never been easier! Twitter allows celebs to build a personal connection with their fans. This is why Twitter has become one of the most used social media platforms in the world. Build an Engaging Profile * Customize your profile, add a photo, description, location, and background photo * Tweet often and optimize your posting times * Post visual content * Use hashtags in your tweets * Draw in followers outside of Twitter Know What’s Trending Now Discover top trending hashtags and breaking news headlines. Whether you’re interested in sports highlights, pop culture and entertainment or politics, Twitter is your source of information. Live Streaming Events Join the conversation or watch live videos to deeply engage with large audiences directly from your mobile device. Go Live, create your own live streaming events, share videos or sit back and watch events from around the world. Privacy Policy: Terms and Conditions: We share device identifying data with some advertising partners which may include app opens that happen prior to signing up. Please see here for more details:

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Twitter app reviews

  • Agendas 1/5

    By bruno211
    Twitter has an agenda. I hope you’re held to account.
  • Complete biased crap 1/5

    By A921
    What was once a platform where people could share their thoughts is now a communist one-sided app. I will be enjoying their decline in popularity. 🇺🇸
  • Fleets are stupid 1/5

    By Roxias_
    I. do. not. like. fleets. Periodt.
  • Dubai crooks 4/5

    If Twitter Management can’t control it’s MENA regional office in Dubai, and stop them from allowing governments to access twitter accounts, maybe you should consider relocating to another law abiding country in the Middle East or totally shut down the operations in the Middle East.
  • VintageOlisa 5/5

    By VintageOlisa
    Great App !❤️
  • Democracy Corruption 1/5

    By anderalex28
    Just suspended my account because I repost a political information against they’re party. But trust me tweeter after this election just passed you having not more popularity ;)

    OK IM IN
  • 🥸 5/5

    By bronbron21
    Love Twitter
  • Got canceled by middle schoolers 1/5

    By Marco Anders
    Got canceled like 9 times by multiple high schoolers/ middle schoolers bruh
  • Biased 1/5

    By StacyQ11
    I hope Twitter goes down in flames to be buried with MySpace.
  • Review 1/5

    By progreesive
    Totally Political Bias !! Lots of censorship going on !!
  • Pure disinfo and propaganda on this all day every day. 1/5

    By Djshhdhs
    The CEO will soon be in shackles for helping to try and overthrow a duly elected president of the US. Soon to be made into a utility, this app will soon be flushed. Dump it. It’s complete garbage.
  • Yes 5/5

    By Jessieg485
    I love to porn
  • Biased 1/5

    By Akb2480787
    Why they started to censor so much. Are they publication house? Why they only shows up stories about liberals views. I try to post something conservative and they sensor. When they started to decide what I need to post?
  • Censored Garbage 1/5

    By 2020TruthSeeker
    Another social media platform bits the dust, thinking they are the truth police when in fact they are the exact opposite! Hello Parler!!
  • Twitter is against anyone with non-democratic views 1/5

    By lasikdecision1
    I hope they go the way of Fox News as well as any media suppressing information from the American people
  • It’s a add grab 2/5

    By hottdish
    It’s just adds with a obvious political bias
  • Leftist 1/5

    By ojomjpojit
    Beware, socialist, deep state censorship.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Cyclospora
    Twitter is garbage
  • Shaddow Banned Censorship, acts like a publisher 1/5

    By conservative vinnie
    anyone that gives twitter a 5 star review is a victim of their own trauma.
  • I’m being locked out because I’m for truth 2/5

    By Matt Akabane
    I’ve been locked out of my acct! I didn’t threaten anyone ! I’m for truth no lies and your locking me out proved your trying to silence me and the right wing truth supporters! I’ve reported this to my legislation I’ve also gotten in Parler wow they are not suppressing us at all!
  • Not a free speech platform. 1/5

    By QB00
    Banning and suspending too many users for arbitrary reasons.
  • Very toxic, hostile environment & biased. 1/5

    By C0sjiffy
    Why does Twitter censor at all in the first place? Why don’t you hear about Twitter censoring liberals or Democrats? CEO Jack Dorsey admitted & apologized that he was blocking information from the NY Post. Who is anyone to censor you. Aren’t there TWO sides to every story? Twitter is a toxic & hostile environment & I’m glad to have deleted my account & go to a FREE SPEECH platform like Parler.
  • crashes 1/5

    By cjtclasswork
    the app crashes when i scroll too far down in my gallery
  • Rag 1/5

    By Virtualdoc07
    You have blocked conservatives
  • Dumpster fire 1/5

    By Eric-the-reasonalble
    Use Parlor.
  • good app, toxic community 5/5

    By mc_napkin
    all i’m going to say is, the app is great, it’s come a long way from the crappy 2011 twitter. however, as you might or might not know, the community is toxic. i use twitter for art and general news (worldwide, gaming, etc.), but i don’t post anything on it. 5 stars for the awesome app, not the toxic community.
  • Censorship is in American 1/5

    By trickstwrfox
    The obvious bias and censorship makes this platform ironically an arena for finding the actual truth. By finding marked or flagged or banned tweets or users it allows the public to source out who is over the target. Glad I sold my stock before the #plandemic and campaign agains President Trump
  • A Missed Opportunity 1/5

    By Grokmeister
    I have used Twitter for a decade. It would be extremely simple for Twitter to be what they pretend to be by verifying all users and allowing the messages to be filtered for obscenities and listed keywords. Instead, they choose to play God arbitrarily banning users and censoring content. Even if you agree with their political slant, you should be horrified by their misrepresentation as a free speech social media platform.
  • Election Fraud 1/5

    By Billyconner
    You continue to deny that there was election fraud and after January I will never use this platform again !!!!
  • Twitter. The new people in charge 1/5

    By Patriots stand strong
    Quit censoring everything Trump. Can’t you see the damage you are doing to this country? Please fix what you have done. Be American, it’s how you got to where you are...
  • Censorship 1/5

    By loyal American 4 ever
    Censorship is un-American
  • Suspended 1/5

    By Skydivinrn
    I've been suspended for almost a year and I don't know why. I submitted an appeal with no feedback or answer.
  • If you are a political junkie, Twitter is mandatory 5/5

    By audio booklover
    I love politics. Twitter is the best for a political junkie like myself
  • Tired of Your Input 1/5

    By crowntown6
    I’m tired of the censorship. It’s not your business to do so.
  • Horrible bias toxic 1/5

    By JAT_mama
    If you like your 1st amendment violated and your speech censored, “tweets” deleted, get locked out of your own account & threatened you delete your content then this is the app for you! If you appreciate your rights and want freedom of speech DUMP twitter, fb, And YouTube & more on to Parler and rumble
  • retweets 3/5

    By Daboss 23
    overall pretty good but the little things like retweeting and bookmarks just get to you eventually. its be great if there were setting options for how your twitter is setup like the night mode
  • Propaganda 1/5

    By Agtttttys
    All I see is propaganda day after day.. false news stories.. gangs telling people where to fight.. antifa meetings ..twitter is dead to me
  • Doing the right thing 5/5

    By Tjmo10000
    Twitter, thank you for properly posting a disclaimer when people in upper positions post inaccurate information.
  • No free speech on Twitter 1/5

    By 💯🇺🇸💯
    Trump 2020
  • Censorship & Bias 1/5

    By Brokenbone 46
    Couldn’t post a link to a legal document. Twitter censors claimed it could be harmful? BS
  • Good 5/5

    By bd chicoo
  • MAGA 2020 1/5

    By suzisipes
    Why are you now asking for reviews?? Parler is much better!!!
  • Censorship 1/5

    By robb3333
    Twitter is a leftist communist paradise where they censor conservatives because the leftists have no ideas except to destroy USA at all costs.
  • Quit censoring! 1/5

    By Jgb1935
    I is so wrong!
  • A suppressed righty 1/5

    By dark before the don
    Suppression of the political right. Attempting a coup along with the democrat and parts of the Republican Party against the will of the people whom support our president. Trump that is. Communist style tactics with the merits in trust the same as Soviet Union Pravda...
  • Bette Midler 1/5

    By nitlivingthebias
    It’s a shame that this platform allows the HATE SPEECH to come from the likes of a celebrity but the average Joe gets block locked or kicked off saying anything in response to her hatred.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By jose amezquita
    Just because I like it
  • Censorship 1/5

    By Phishn4u
    Censorship, let me discern my own information.