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Join the conversation! Retweet, chime in on a thread, go viral, or just scroll through the Twitter timeline to stay on top of what everyone’s talking about. Twitter is your go-to social media app and the new media source for what's happening in the world, straight from the accounts of the influential people who affect your world day-to-day. Explore what’s trending in the media, or get to know thought-leaders in the topics that matter to you; whether your interests range from #Kpop Twitter to politics, news or sports, you can follow & speak directly to influencers or your friends alike. Every voice can impact the world. Follow your interests. Tweet, Retweet, Reply to Tweets, Share or Like - Twitter is the #1 social media app for latest news & updates. Tap into what’s going on around you. Search hashtags and trending topics to stay updated on your friends & other Twitter followers. Follow the tweets of your favorite influencers, alongside hundreds of interesting Twitter users, and read their content at a glance. Share your opinion. Engage your social network with noteworthy links, photos and videos. DM your friends or reply in a thread. Whether you chat privately or go viral, your voice makes a difference. Get noticed. Twitter allows you to find interesting people or build a following of people who are interested in you. Maintaining a social connection has never been easier! Beyond chatting with friends, Twitter allows influencers to build a personal connection with their fans. Speak directly to the people who influence you - you may be surprised by how many answer back. Build your profile: *Customize your profile, add a photo, description, location, and background photo *Tweet often and optimize your posting times *Post visual content *Use hashtags in your Tweets *Draw in followers outside of Twitter Track What’s Trending Discover top trending hashtags and breaking news headlines. Follow media topics, Tweet threads & live videos, to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s happening. Whether you’re interested in sports highlights, pop culture memes or politics, Twitter is your source of information. Join a community Find like-minded friends or explore interests you never knew you had. Get informed on the topics that matter to you, whether your interests are mainstream or niche. You can share content or be a fly on the wall; either way, you’ll discover something new each time you open the app. Find your voice on social media - download Twitter today! Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Instagram: Privacy Policy: Terms and Conditions: We share device identifying data with some advertising partners which may include app opens that happen prior to signing up. Please see here for more details:

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Twitter app reviews

  • Me gusta shiba 5/5

    By julio persan
  • Being Hacked 1/5

    By The Mighty Derf
    I left Facebook because I kept getting copied and my account was never secure. twitter is having trouble with being able to follow, and not have who you don’t want to follow. If I can only see right wing MAGA lies I can watch faux entertainment network
  • Info. 3/5

    By The usa lover
    I am only here because I think Ilan musk ( supposedly a freedom lover ) is going to buy it. But I think Tweeter itself are bunch of communists. I use it as much as I can to convince as many as possible about the danger of socialists, communists , lefties ( democrats ) . It would be a badge of honor if you guy expel me .
  • This place hides criminals and abusers 1/5

    By sendGodstruth
    It’s beyond evil hiding here. cults and stalkers and tech disgusting data collectors all using people as experiments
  • Review 5/5

    By Cm7942
    Don’t forget to serf often, but enjoying 👍🏻
  • Hopeness 5/5

    By aghazeyekzandageyenew
    Thank you
  • شكرا لكم 5/5

    By ابوفيصل - السعوديه عنيزه
  • Censored 1/5

    By Florida Zen
    What happened to America? ideas are not disinformation or dangerous! According to King George Liberty Freedom self-determination are sedition! Allow people to think and make up their own mind that is what makes America great and different only those in power fear new ideas! Some I will agree with and some I will not but freedom is to be allowed to decide myself. Twitter censors new ideas it is in plain sight.
  • •Earth.!?; Hello People.!? 5/5

    By Eeaaasy
    •Go.!?; Alright.!?; Hello World.!?; I’m introverted extroverted casual conscience of sociology of mathematics of being human of life.!?; Attention of Focus.!?; Done.!?; Quit.!?
  • No title just opinion 1/5

    By chumlykc
    It is my opinion certain people are since your dwell others are not
  • User features 2/5

    By Sciencgrl
    Need an edit feature
  • Twitter 5/5

    By Ely 🇲🇷
    Best social media app 🤩🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🤩
  • I love twitter 5/5

    By Acegram
    This is really an amazing app
  • muted words don’t work on trending pages or in general half the time 2/5

    By river.exe
    i mute those words/phases for a reason and i still see them 24/7 please just make them muted everywhere
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By Jegadeshk
    Pretty good!
  • twt 1/5

    By thicc queen 142727938
    it took away my close circle and i’m sad now
  • اعلانات مبالغ بها 1/5

    By waelebsar
    اعلانات اكثر من اللازم
  • A serious issue 1/5

    By nyanluna
    Twitter is a big platform so you would assume they would have an issue like this under control but no they don’t, now you may ask what this serious issue may be, well it is men spreading literal cp on this platform. It’s absolutely disgusting how they still have not yet tried to remove and resolve this issue it’s absolutely disgusting and disappointing seeing things like this not being brought up.
  • Twitter is tops for up-to-the-minute News 5/5

    By Thegiofgirl
    Nobody does it better.
  • Hi 4/5

    By nicholas j collins
    I am leaving a review about Donald J Trump I found a huge list of his people and himself that was supposed to be banned but he is not so I would like to completely remove this group completely because they are a bunch of liars 🤥🤮
  • Works as it should 5/5

    By GI=gov'tIssued
    You look up how long it holds information and what it is suppose to do then five stars. If I’m interesting enough people retweet if not then no. No big deal.
  • Review 5/5

    By teamprice102022
    I’m enjoying twitter & only started when I heard Elon was looking at it. There’s definite censorship of everything I post and unfortunately being republican /independent & not liberal; that means being put in jail, told things are misinformation or questioned if I attempt to post anything against the liberal agenda. Gets frustrating but I enjoy educating and discussing issues with those open - very few - but none the same.
  • Stupid 1/5

    By nm7275
    Got banned without doing anything
  • They haven’t banned me yet 5/5

    By shrinkingjoeb
    Which means he’s got to be some tolerance Still left
  • Money 😍 5/5

    By isabella_escalate
    Good free porn 😍😍 slay
  • Rights 1/5

    By Foiz3!!
    I don’t like the way you think you can tell me what to say and when l can say it!! You have taken the right of the people in this country and abused them. What gives you the right to tell the people what they can and can’t say to someone or about someone. The truth will get out no matter what you do so let the truth come out !! The people already know what’s going on in our government.
  • viral 5/5

    By mamiiinnnn
    me hizo un tweet viral :)
  • It’s twitter 1/5

    By yeealy
    It’s literally twitter
  • Plzzz fix to many scam accounts 2/5

    By Mr.Aj888
    Yeah everyone talking about that even Elon too kkkkk ok guys good luck that thing really big issue in Twitter 👍👍💗
  • Unfair 1/5

    By cubanlightning
    Any Accounts from the Cuban regime are ok on Twitter they can even block you if they want to, they can lie, promoted hate and is ok with Twitter, other countries have more freedom of speech than Americans do, if every single account has the choice to block someone because they don't like how you express against a regime ,the is well known from killing torturing and jailing because the Cuban people are asking for freedom, why is Twitter doing the job for them ??? Honestly i hope any one from Twitter an reply or answer this
  • Reviewski 5/5

    By justin doney
    I love it
  • Widget 4/5

    By RKOViper
    Can you please make a widget for the iPhone Home Screen?
  • Suspended permanently 1/5

    By meh19971
    Suspended permanently with cause or explanation
  • Some my answer mails 5/5

    By mavattacucca
    Why some of my answers mails haven’t been displayed? While many other companies had to decide to hide them, all this happen on TWEET! I wonder Who runs the show here?
  • Не получается зарегистрироваться 2/5

    By двд диски
    Каждый раз вылезает ошибка!!! 2 звезды из-за санкций и ошибок
  • new update is terrible 1/5

    By qwerwyc
    First off i loveeee twitter but seeing how many people view ur tweet instead of how many likes it has it so stupid pls delete it it’s making my anxiety so bad at least make it where you can decide if u want to see it or not i literally can not stand it and it’s making me not wanna be on the app anymore please change it to a optional thing pls im begging u.
  • An evil company 1/5

    By Matt in 02140
    An evil company that is profiting by dividing our world.
  • 喜欢 5/5

    By Porsche_kane
  • True racism 1/5

    By Nucleardevil
    Restricts freedom of speech, censors because of feelings instead of facts. Racist company.
  • Idea? 4/5

    By DamenBowling
    I never know who to communicate with, please get rid of the bots. Or limit them to verified accounts. Thank you for your time. DB
  • To Bad Politics Had To Rule You 1/5

    By Rbuco
    Been on Twitter for several years but since Trump was President this social media platform has become politicized to do harm to the conservatives of the nation. To bad, it used to be an uncensored place that freedom of information flowed freely. Government will now take over and regulate you out of business. STOP TAKING MY FOLLOWERS AWAY.
  • Keep in trump free 5/5

    By Fastcat1
    I know I’ll quit if you let trump back on, but it has been great being able to discuss/reach out on issues. Especially love being able to reach other people & government agencies to encourage & make suggestions/comments.
  • Review 5/5

    By ddsaawedcvg
  • Review About Twitter 5/5

    By Cali_Fresh_Wes on insta :)
    Twitter is open unlike #I.G., #FaceBook, & #LinkedIn, those have regulations, #CENCORSHIP, where as Snapchat and Twitter just kinda don’t , however they are trying to censor Twitter, #No.
  • Biased and meddling in politics 1/5

    By Lakerfox
    The purpose of an app like twitter is to enable people to share opinions, ideas and communicate with others but when twitter starts taking sides in any debate then it loses its viability. Twitter is filled with influence groups who want to drive their agenda and stop others from speaking out and twitter is a willing and guilty participant with clear biases . They manipulate their so called rules to suit their agendas .In hind sight I wished Elon musk would have bought them and scrapped them after all
  • Twitter Respond please… 1/5

    By Tyreese charles Gholston
    My question is why hiding your likes isn’t a function to begin with?? It’s called privacy,if we don’t want people to see what we like then we should be able to hide them. It’s common sense bruh
  • A Bit Censory, But a Great Outlet 5/5

    By ND Chiosa
    While I find Twitter to be a bit too censory for my liking (what with all the algorithmic punishment for being different), nonetheless it’s a great outlet to connect with professionals and ambitious people like yourself! Come on, give it a try! 😃
  • Please stop 1/5

    By broke mattateo
    There’s countless of videos of disgusting thinks like Sa/[email protected]/cp please ban Twitter I think this is disgusting and even tho it’s not the apps fault I think it should be banned people are using this app to share horrible stuff and it’s disgusting
  • App doesn’t recognize iCloud email 1/5

    By Naruhina90
    I offloaded the app to save space, and now that I want to use it again, I can’t sign in with my iCloud email. I can sign in online with apple, but the app won’t recognize my apple email when signing in. Terrible app.
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