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  • Current Version: 4.243.10000
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Uber Driver App

Uber Driver app – the app for drivers. Turn your spare time into earnings with the new Driver app — built with drivers, to bring you helpful information at your fingertips. Help as you move people and things where they need to go. Drive whenever you want — no offices, no bosses. Wherever you want to go, we want you to enjoy the journey and the destination. Sign up to drive inside the Uber Driver app. We’ll guide you through the steps and notify you when you’re all set to drive. A smarter way to earn Keep track of how much you’re making after every trip, right on the map. Schedule driving around your life. Plan your days easier with estimated times until your next request and a forecast of rider activity in your area over the next 24 hours. The support you need to use the Uber Driver app Take the fear out of your first trips with Uber — you’ll learn how to use the app when you first open it. Get the help you need with an easy in-app tool to report issues or ask questions. *This app typically uses 2 GB of data per month. Using navigation can decrease your phone’s battery life.

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  • Non payment 1/5

    By Ashley_[12
    Every since this corona out break uber has not paid me my money at all this is wrong on so many levels they allow me to work but not get paid they keep changing the dates for me to get paid this needs to get fix now
  • GPS 5/5

    By soortsfun
    Everything was great except with the GPS you should be able to put in how to get back from a place when you have no idea where you are. Also information is not clear on I declined a trip because I was asked to accept it while I was in the middle of a trip. Does the app continue to show you where you are going and then start with the new trip when you deliver? I decline because I didn’t know if would finish the first one then go into the second.
  • Me encanta 🌟 5/5

    By ffkddndnd
    Me gusta manejar y generar tip, con mi buen servicio y platicar con mis clientes por el camino para tener más propina y tener 5 estrellas ⭐️
  • Problems with app 4/5

    By Slayer3075
    Maps are incorrect on updating speed limits and road signs and sending to wrong location. Not showing my tips at this time or letting me star rate my passengers. I love driving for Uber it’s really slow at this time due to this coronavirus with everything shut down and airport wait times are really long.
  • Not worth it 1/5

    By screwuuber
    After you factor gas tires and oil Your screwed min wage is 10 dollars and the blaytently ignore that and what your time is worth all they care about is themselves it used to be 50 cent a mile and time and base pay now u don’t even get 50 cents a mile it’s bs screw u for screwing us
  • Background renewal fiasco 1/5

    By michaeld1965
    I have been trying for 3 weeks to submit my background renewal. Can someone please help me!!!!
  • Ayudas 5/5

    By viviaaaanaaa
    Deberían brindar una ayuda económica a sus conductores ya que por temas del virus no han podido trabajar ni llevar un sustento a sus casas colaboremos con estos conductores
  • App unusable 1/5

    By CarlosFMeneses
    Updated the application today 3/28/2020. When the ride is complete the app hangs. Can’t rate the passenger. Can’t navigate to the next passenger in cue. Only way to use the app is to force quite by swiping up. When the app is restarted rides are missing. My cancellation rate has gone up. I am on iOS. I deleted the app and reinstalled. Problem is persistent. Gave app feedback in the app. No response. I have screenshots.
  • App won’t response 2/5

    By Shaggymojo
    I am trying to sign up to drive and it won’t pass the page after I put in the city and press continue. I have deleted the app several times and re installed it and it still won’t proceed passed that page. Can you help or tell me what’s going on? I have called and no response and I can’t find a driver support email. Thanks
  • Idioma 2/5

    By uftavo
    En mi caso el idioma de la aplicación es español de España y es una voz femenina que habla muy rápido y casi no se entiende y no consigo otro español solo ese y es muy incómodo trabajar así
  • Full of glitches 1/5

    By RMSE
    This update is full of glitches that favor Uber and screw the drivers even more. At drop off app freezes you have to force shut app ,You can’t rate. You can’t cancel after waiting the allotted time. And if you miss a ride while you had to force shut app it’s counted against you . Your navigation system lies “ premium pickups” you don’t get paid for. Uber is fraudulent company and they all belong with in jail. Fix your app .... by your response it’s obvious you didn’t read this post . Force quit does not fix anything uninstall does not fit anything switched phone and still does not fit anything this is more fraudulent behavior on Uber’s side. You should all be ashamed of yourself you are a fraudulent company and all of you belong in jail.
  • Payment 1/5

    By Kev5939
    Sometime payments are very low and application need to upgrade on Apple car play

    By kelsobarrett
    *** UPDATE*** Received response from support, believe it to be a bot. Says I have to login then use support tab. How can I remove the 1 star? I CANNOT LOGIN I NO LONGER OWN THE NUMBER ON FILE I changed my number for a better carrier deal. I no longer have the number on file Uber app uses the (number on file) Uber app relies on SMS verification to login(number on file) Email require SMS verification to send reset link(number on file) New Uber account setup, my new number is attached to a different Uber member to receive the email setup link I CANNOT LOGIN I NO LONGER OWN THE NUMBER ON FILE
  • Terrible app. 2/5

    By You7Joe
    Sigh. Here's a list of the terrible things needed to fix this app. 1- when you go offline then back online again, the app keeps using Bluetooth call mode and disables music playing and distracts the drivers as they try to fix the issue. 2- The app keeps dimming the iPhone screen and you can't turn it back up using the control center. 3- shows fake surge areas all the time. 4-doesnt charge passengers for first 2 minutes of wait time. 5-Uber's rates are 20% less than Lyft (without the surge). 6- Uber's Navigation is terrible and keeps repeating unnecessary directions. EX: you get on the 5 freeway and have 20 miles before you exit, the app will keep repeating "stay on the i-5 freeway for 200ft" until your exit approaches, then the app will tell you exit in 100ft, so if you're not in the exit lane, you could be screwed. 7- You can't disable Pool rides, even though they pay much less than the already low rates of Uber X. 8- the app design language is terrible. Full of swipes, lists and clicks with no clear consistency. Important actions are buried in setting, etc.
  • Poor response time to driver 1/5

    By Fox945081
    App stopped responding when I tried to cancel a ride when rider would not respond or show up. I had to delete the app and hope I could find wifi close by to reload to continue driving. Missed out on possible rides.
  • Me gusta la aplicación 5/5

    By jessilemus
    Me gusta la libertad de poder trabajar sin la presión de un horario y poder compartir con mi familia, manteniendo siempre la responsabilidad , ética con los clientes.
  • WTH- glitch w/ “CANCEL” and NOT READY” WTH UBER!! 1/5

    By Colleen8484
    update: we can’t cancel orders!!! if we get to a restaurant and they say it’s going to be a 20 minute wait we just have to wait, without pay...we can’t say it’s not ready, we can’y move onto another order — WTH???!! NEEDS FIX NOW!!! new app update freezes when you try to select the option for ‘order not ready’ and won’t let you continue when you force-close after (your only option), it didn’t save that the order wasn’t ready so the drivers get dinged i think bc the app doesn’t know we are here at the restaurant waiting still :( it still thinks we are in commute! please fix and our ratings for this issue
  • Missing Fares 1/5

    By dudefriday07
    I’m a platinum driver. Perfect review scores. For some odd reason today, Uber stopped paying me for deliveries. I made 6 trips but only got paid for the first 3 trips. I immediately stopped delivering as soon as I noticed. I have not been compensated for my 3 missing fares and I’m not doing anymore deliveries until my account has been adjusted.
  • GPS. 4/5

    By Sunylv
    Keeps sending me long way to sone place
  • Uber 5/5

    By weeredss
    Uber app is crashing for ios
  • 4.243.10000 update is making life difficult 5/5

    By H2DaE
    I love going to work with Uber but since this update from around March 23rd 2020. I have not been able to simply work. My screen freezes when I choose Waze in my navigation settings; I can’t accept trips while in motion; and my screen freezes in general when going online, offline, and when I have to rate my last passenger. PLEASE FIX. I highly appreciate the removal of restrictions due to COVID-19 but these issues are restricing access to the app far worse than any before. PLEASE FIX. Thank you
  • Uber won’t cover damage to your car 1/5

    By user157844
    One passenger damaged my door and was left with $2300 in damages, they wouldn’t even charge the rider, the support is terrible and they just want to give you mediocre excuses on why they can’t do anything and they are all for protecting their riders while the drivers are doormats for them. Never will Uber ever back a driver and do a thing for them, always give the riders the best treatment and the drivers are just nothing to Uber in the end and they don’t care about their drivers Edit: the developers have tried twice to contact me and nothing even after I provided a quote of the damage
  • Many problems. 1/5

    By Jlliv
    I’m using it for Uber Eats. Force quitting is now a routine part of using the app. At the end of delivery, bogus first dialing for the driver photo verification appears and does not dismiss requiring a force quit. This happens because I routinely disable incoming requests until delivery is completed. Perhaps it won’t otherwise. If also won’t allow canceling. Last night I mistakenly accepted a delivery I didn’t mean to. I was quitting for the night and heading home and both the pickup and delivery were many miles in complete opposite direction. When I attempted to cancel, the confirmation dialogue was unresponsive. With wait times for phone support of almost an hour, I was *forced* to make a low paying delivery to a college kid (most NEVER tip) and then take 25 minutes to drive home. This app as it is now is fraught with some major bugs.
  • Updated killed the app 1/5

    By dapo1204
    Since the new update the app loses connection and freezes when the covid-19 guidelines pop up.
  • Uber eats 1/5

    By J75050
    So I filled out all of the information and submitted it 5 days ago and I am still waiting for work.
  • Please fix 2/5

    By H Mannnn
    This app has several issues that have not been addressed, when the app is on line and a incoming call rings the app volume goes down until you restart the app..... please fix. The follow my ride is not sending notifications and not working...... please fix. Thank you
  • Passengers lie a lot and gives 1 star even when u give them the best services 5/5

    By babahugo
    Need to work on the rating and feedbacks .. ur passengers lie a lot and give 1 star even when u gave them the best services.

    By Frustrated Candy Crush User
    The latest update on IOS 13.4 locks up after a trip. No input can be done. I have to completely exit the APP and then restart it, but it says I am online, but when I try to go offline, it goes to a screen where I can choose STAY ONLINE or GO OFFLINE, then it locks up again. Please fix!
  • Doesn’t work properly 3/5

    By Peralta140
    The app it’s not working properly when you end the trip, It doesn’t let you use the bottom part of the app doesn’t let you rate.
  • Online 3/5

    By johnbvudvjl
    Can’t accept a ride call while vehicle is in motion. So accepting rating going down. This is new issue, wasn’t before.
  • Terrible driver help 1/5

    By lil scrapper 01478956
    If you have any problem expect a problem trying to get it fixed.
  • Bad glitch won’t let me cancel orders 1/5

    By Allbandssuck
    Accepted a delivery went to the restaurant to go pick up. Was told the restaurant was on break and no one was available to make the food for the order. Tried to calling support and ended up on hold for an hour. Tried canceling the order, every time the cancellation message popped up nothing happened when I pressed cancel. Contacted the customer and she said she couldn’t cancel the order either. Ended up going back to the restaurant when their break was over an hour later and waited for them to make the food. It wasn’t until the restaurant was already making the order that I got through to support over an hour later. This whole situation could’ve been avoided if the cancellation button actually worked.
  • Why is this taking so long to fix? 3/5

    By iwanttrips
    The app loses volume without notice so I can’t hear it when trips are offered. Fix this! You have known about this problem for weeks.
  • Glitchy and has issues with map 1/5

    By Driver3455
    This app has been a pain. It seems glitchy and the mapping system would not work. I made a delivery and confirmed it was delivered but after the delivery was made, it kept showing as if it was not delivered and started the same delivery from the beginning. I could not take a new delivery job because this was happening.
  • Para los drivers 5/5

    By pepin trueno
    A los grandes héroes. Los choferes de Uber que han podido continuar sin parar, para llevar de un lugar a otro a los usuarios, mis más sinceras felicitaciones, por cuanto ustedes son los que han dado la cara, por los que no podemos correr este riesgo por la edad que tenemos. Honor a quien honor merece
  • Price 3/5

    By Ronny Ghotra
    Price is very low.
  • Still broken 1/5

    By NedsDong
    Audio/Bluetooth glitch still exists, in fact I think it’s worse. I think the only thing they changed in this update was making you default back to points view constantly on the map, nobody gives a crap about your crappy attempt at incentives! I want to view my total! Also a bug that keeps turning Uberx back on when I turn it off. Stop replying with BS fixes like force close the app! It doesn’t work! Fix it!
  • Greedy company 1/5

    By One hung low.
  • Uber policy on drivers who have been driving For over three years 1/5

    By dent223
    I’ve been doing Uber for three years I had a good rating and I was getting money then one day Uber did a back ground check on me and stop my stop my account on Uber for something i did 10years ago and it wasn’t A violent crime on nothing just because it was a felony and that’s wrong and I thought I should share this cause they lost a good driver and and remind you the only thing on my record I haven’t been in no trouble in 10 years. My point is The company need to get to know there drivers before they Let someone from another country make decision that’s going to determine that you can work for Uber or not i’m a single dad and I was relying on Uber so thanks because You don’t care about your drivers
  • 4 year NOLA 4.98 Uber Driver KPH 5/5

    By ubers NOLA star
    Nothing other to say: Brilliance, beyond genius. Soar Uber Soar Ubers NOLA star - Volvo driving KPH
  • What customer service!!! 1/5

    By Sam68879
    I’ve held off on writing a review for quite some time and wanted to a few times when i received such horrible customer service or had problems with the app working correctly. I’ve driven for Uber a little more than a year now and started doing so to help supplement my lost wages from previous employer. I will say one thing that’s “great”, is the ability to login and drive whenever i was able and wanted to do so. as for my ever increasing frustration and dissapointment with the company and how it operates, i have lots to say. last summer i was driving in LA County a lot to try and maximize my earnings due to the heavily populated cities and constant need for ride shares there. One early morning out in West Hollywood I’d given 7 rides already with only two showing up in my earnings and a constant error message explaining the company was behind and couldn’t produce the recent and updated information and “not to worry”. This continued through the rest of my drive time that morning and still never showed up when I’d finished for the day and driven myself home. So i called the “so called” customer service number, explained in detail the missing trips and times just to be told they would for sure show up later and to give it 5 days max. Guess what happened in 5 days? NOTHING!!!!!!! I called back to voice my concern for the missing trips and my missing earnings just to be told the exact same thing. I was extremely frustrated with the lack of concern for my money the company stole from me while the operator found my upset to be funny. I explained I’d already waited the 5 days and this was my second attemp to resolve this issue which was of no concern to anyone i spoke with representing the company. several days had passed and i was still out my money and couldn’t even replace the gas i burned up working for the company that day and yet the employees did not care to take a llook further into this or acquire advice or help from someone else who may have been able to actually research what happened and why. As upset as id gotten i asked for a supervisor or anyone else who might be able to help me and get some answers. I was laughed at and asked to wait on hold all the while i countdown here the conversation from the employee telling a co worker ( i assume) that i requested to speak with his Supervisor and they both start laughing. The operator gets back on the line with me to tell me his supervisor was much too busy and couldn’t get on the call with me. after that he proceeded to hang up the phone on me. I. was ANGRY at this point and Uber basically stole from me and my kids. This issue was never resolved and after many attempts to have it resolved, it never was. Shame on Uber for your non existent customer service ran by incompetent individuals. I cant believe the company is okay with representing itself in this way and it’s left a bad taste in my mouth ever since. I started driving for Lyft after this and they actually have great customer service and want to resolve any errors on their end when you call in or email through the app. I could go on forever i think with more of my concerns but Uber has already wasted too much of my time and I’m not giving anymore........ WHAT A NIGHTMARE......
  • Fixed this issue 3/5

    By jabauw
    Now I have to stop completely just to accep a trip, I was 45mph with a passenger I couldn’t get the next trip beacuse I have to stop...not make sense at all
  • Price changes 2/5

    By nappa ssj
    I’m tired of paying so much money to become a platinum member and when I get close the prices go up. This is a multi million dollar company but have tricks to overcharge hard working people. Shame on this company.
  • Needs improvement 2/5

    By Grouch Ritz
    I have been driving with Uber for about 2 weeks now. I have over 100 drives, the app needs work especially with navigation. During navigation it will give you off the wall direction, some things I have had it tell me. “ from the up coming left lane, make a right turn” from the right 3 lanes make a left turn. I wish they would allow you to navigate with Apple Maps on iPhone at least. It’s easier in Apple Maps for delivering food since Apple Maps has the houses so you can tell which house you have to deliver too. Many houses don’t have the house number on them so seeing them laid out makes that easier.
  • Not so Uber 1/5

    By TheCrow200
    Costs for everything go up, Uber does not care; no increase in fare pricing. Ripping off the drivers by dipping into extra earnings during high volume times by first applying multiplier to base fare and the taking 25%. Drivers are not paid for the mileage to the pick up point even though part of the trip, giving Uber thousands of miles for free. Fees for cancelations and wait times WAY to low. Fares too low. 25% cut for Uber almost robbery. Support a complete and utter joke. Rating system a horror system, not an honor system. Anonymous for riders (30 days to rate), but not for drivers (must rate immediately to move on to the next ride) Greedy, clueless and lying company, exploiting their drivers on a daily basis. Empty promises, a disastrous app, and clueless as to what drivers have to endure. I challenge all Uber executives to drive for a month and rate rides honestly. Let’s see where they end up, or even if they make it through the first night. I am busting my behind day in and day out, just to be let down, lied at, or simply being ignored. SHAME PS. Get your s**t together Uber, and finally start appreciating your drivers, YOUR BOTTOM LINE!!!! We don’t have to drive for you, there are other options. Without US, YOU go down. We can just move on to something else.....You can’t!
  • Need Apple Play / Android Auto interface 4/5

    By hmt3
    The app still jacks with the iTunes music sound levels, either through direct line or Bluetooth connection. If a rider uses the new Internet phone option to connect with you, it messes up the connection as well. We really need the Apple Play/Android Auto to work. This would be a great benefit to those of us who have touchscreens in our cars. It would mean we could have a bigger screen to work with, and we could see more of the service area. It would also eliminate the need to put the phone right in the middle of the windshield. It would also be useful if the application would respond to voice commands. And the new function where the rider’s ratings are displayed and the length of the trip for premium users needs to be visible after we have excepted the trip. Right now, it’s only on there when we’re getting the notification that a new trip is available. It’s also blinking when it does this, and we’re trying to pay attention the road and don’t have time to decipher blinking items. This is unsafe.
  • The best 5/5

    By Pulposa9697
    Drivers please enjoy your time here
  • Uber Eats 4/5

    By robomann72
    I would give the app 5 stars if I knew where I was going before I accepted a delivery. The only other problem was delivering downtown. No where to park in downtown Orlando 😡👎🏻 The rest of my deliveries went great.
  • I gave up on Uber customer support 1/5

    By Ash Alawami
    There is a long list of issue with the app, each Version android and IOS has lost: you contact me look me up by the name and contact me through the app: This nightmare all started when I update my android devise from version back in December 5th. - the app keep displaying a warning message asking me if I want to stay online or go offline because It claims I keep declining or canceling rides although I did not receive any requests. - I can not see how far distances is my pick up. - I can not see complete information about trip requests received while on a trip or the destination is set. - the ISO has a major problem with the sound of receiving trips, all Troubleshooting suggestions did not fix it. - passenger can easily change driver rating to retaliate but not the driver. - Uber is taking more than %25 of the ride, ask your passenger how much they pay and compare it with whatever Uber says , if the passenger pays $100 Uber may take up to %40

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