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Uber Driver

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  • Current Version: 4.273.10002
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Uber Technologies, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Uber Driver App

Uber Driver app – the app for drivers. Turn your spare time into earnings with the new Driver app — built with drivers, to bring you helpful information at your fingertips. Help as you move people and things where they need to go. Drive whenever you want — no offices, no bosses. Wherever you want to go, we want you to enjoy the journey and the destination. Sign up to drive inside the Uber Driver app. We’ll guide you through the steps and notify you when you’re all set to drive. A smarter way to earn Keep track of how much you’re making after every trip, right on the map. Schedule driving around your life. Plan your days easier with estimated times until your next request and a forecast of rider activity in your area over the next 24 hours. The support you need to use the Uber Driver app Take the fear out of your first trips with Uber — you’ll learn how to use the app when you first open it. Get the help you need with an easy in-app tool to report issues or ask questions. *This app typically uses 2 GB of data per month. Using navigation can decrease your phone’s battery life.

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  • Needs ALOT of work 1/5

    By gig worker
    The platform itself has some fundamental problems. Uber desperately needs to increase base pay for Uber Eats orders, the system that is in place right now is overall bad for drivers and bad for customers. Customers are getting their orders bundled into triple orders and not getting their orders for quite awhile, and that’s after Uber searches for a driver to take the order, which can be difficult since Ubers pay rates are so low. The app is itself is glitchy as hell, constantly dropping connection and forcing me to close it and open it again, calculating the distance in app that is WAY off from what the actual mileage is, resulting in the driver being underpaid. Not to mention that in order for you to be paid for additional wait time at the restaurant you have to be in about a 5ft radius where the blue dot is on the map (which is usually in the middle of the road). The app is basically broken at this point.
  • Problem with Distance Calculations 1/5

    By wichaeloseph
    I have been an Uber Eats driver for about 2 months now. I've contacted customer service about this, but it is more of a programming issue and it needs to be fixed immediately because it verges on fradulent practices. This issue has been occurring since the last update, before accepting an order, the little window pops-up with the total trip payment, time and distance. This window is not accurate with the time and distance because after accepting the trip, the miles and time increase while the payment stays the same. This essentially deceives the driver into choosing a trip because it decreases the money earned per mile and minute. I have had this occur within the past week so much that I started taking screencaps of almost every trip to see if I can catch it, which I did. I had to call support and cancel an order because the distance went from 3.5 miles to 8.8 miles after accepting it, and that was just to the restaurant! It would've added even more miles to the drop-off location. I've noticed that it occurs mainly when I'm towards the end of a delivery and the window pops-up to accept the next trip before I complete the delivery I'm in. I haven't noticed it when I'm not currently in a delivery, those windows are usually accurate. This needs to be priority and get fixed with a new update.
  • Vote No on Prop 22 1/5

    By Rimyster
    They are trying to create their own law and cheat us drivers out of benefits and even pay while avoiding taxes. Don’t let them take advantage of us anymore. They claim “we” deserve better admitting they never cared, but until now. Why now? Cause they wanna sound like they care before stabbing us in the back again by denying us basic worker rights and even less pay if 22 passes. Don’t be fooled with their ads. It’s all lies. VOTE NO ON 22!
  • Need some fixes 1/5

    By Antablie
    I can’t check the payment details now after the new update. Things to be added, 1) switch between orders which to be delivered first. 2) check the customer address after accepting the order not after pickup.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By nwhite7
    Background check has been messed up for 6 months plenty of updates and still haven’t been fixed, I’ve been unable to work for 6 months
  • Uber is not a good company to work for 1/5

    By Z-Fann
    They ( uber) takes most of the money you earn they never believe the driver just a bad company I pray everyday they go out of business lyft is a better company than uber period...............
  • Watch notifications broken with watchOS 7 3/5

    By Jmh363905
    With iOS 14.0.1 & watchOS 6.2.8, I would get notifications on my watch when there was a new ride request. Now I only get notifications on the phone. Nothing was changed except the update. Tried to uninstall and reinstall to no avail. Also notifications for rides is awful. You have an entire section dedicated to iPhone users missing requests on your website because the alerts are too quiet and non intrusive. Meanwhile when you get a request in Lyft, it will make your flashlight blink, the screen brightness will alternate from low to high, and a sound comes out of the SPEAKER not the earpiece.
  • Help 3/5

    By iLbuio2006
    The timer only works when it wants to. There are times when a passenger is a no show, and I have to cancel, without getting paid. Please fix. Thank you
  • Unpopular opinion but please read 1/5

    By Kteddyollie1234567890
    So a little back story. I’ve been doing Uber eats as a driver for roughly 2 years now. I’ve seen plenty of ups and downs but this is the worst it’s ever been. Ever since the update that shows tips upfront I’m 100% convinced Uber is taking our tips from us. My average income has dropped significantly. It’s gotten to the point where if I calculate all my expenses I’m making less than minimum wage in California. I work full time in San Francisco and it’s already stressful enough. Dealing with traffic, air pollution from wildfire smoke, etc. but I have no current job opportunities so I must do it full time. Barely scraping by I make no profit each month I break even or even lose money(thank you America for the stimulus check). Something has to change. No prop 22 is gonna save us. I would vote against prop 22 alone if it meant that Uber was forced to pay us a living wage. I remember a better time when we would Receive a $200 bonus each week for working full time. All of you full timers reading this I need you to remember that time and demand it again. Don’t be fooled by the propaganda. Prop 22 is not here to save you it is here to distract you. Demand more from Uber please. REVIEW UPDATE* It’s only getting worse. I just spent 50 minutes trying to do a delivery and Uber paid me $3.80. I’m so done with this company they need to be flat out sued at this point.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By E Montilla
    App will malfunction at the most inconvenient moments.. literally had the app freeze on me in the middle of pulling into a customer’s street because of a stupid request that I declined. After exiting out the app and trying to get back on the app to see the drop off address, it made me go offline and I could no longer go online. Turned my phone off and turned it back on, it was doing the same thing. Turned it off and back on once again, then it finally allowed me to sign back on.. literally sat on the customer’s street for five minutes dealing with that crap. Please do a better job with making the app run smoother with less glitches.
  • Response to previous review 4/5

    By TDAH1$$$
    I to have times that I need to end my trips, especially to get gas, and the app will not allow me to stop. And the map loading addresses are very slow. Sometimes I have to drive in the opposite direction, from the area I am delivering, to load the address. I drive a truck and that takes extra gasoline that I don’t get pay for, and then I don’t get the pay that is showing on the app, because the customer doesn’t tip you as shown, because I had to drive to a area to obtain the address, so it put me behind. I lose money doing that, also my rating drops.
  • “Expected tip” made the app worse 4/5

    By whitehd13
    I’d rather see what I’m actually going to be making than the total with expected tip. It’s annoying taking an $8 trip and only making $3 because there wasn’t a tip.
  • Not a good company to work for 1/5

    By vdrjjvd
    I spent all day driving so that I could afford the costs of a wedding I am attending tomorrow. After hours of work, Uber will not allow me to access my earnings, and the helpline was completely useless. They are saying it’s going to take 3-5 business days to get my earnings, and my account is now going to overdraw due to Uber’s incompetence. This is now the third separate time that Uber has kept my money from me. Thanks Uber!

    By The 77th Doctor
    No countdown timer most of the time & people keep me waiting. I’m not getting paid for wait time and I can’t cancel and get paid for longer than 5 min wait
  • Worthless and the support 1/5

    By MrAllSummer18
    Cannot update bank account info numerous times and now I can’t even redownload the app
  • Improvements needed 3/5

    By jgray1986
    The app is very easy to use. It just needs miner changes. The first thing that would be helpful is a CarPlay app. So we don’t have to switch between navigation apps. And we can see maybe if we got an order or not on the screen in our car to make it a little safer. Also the biggest thing I want to see changed is the way customers tell us there location instructions. I can’t believe how vague the instructions are and how many times us as drivers have to contact the customer to figure out where they are. Especially at places like apartments and resorts or camp grounds. There needs to be options within the app they are ordering from as to where they are such as what floor they are on for an apartment or what lot number they are on for a resort or campground. Us as drivers need way more information about the drop off then what we are given. Also I think the tipping process could be faster. Sometimes it’s hours and still nothing from the customer about tips. Not saying it’s necessarily Ubers fault for that just think that could be done quicker. So maybe a better notification for the customer. If they want to adjust the tip or not.
  • Horrible support team 1/5

    By Naty5027504719350
    I have a small issue and I have spoken to 10! Not kidding support “specialists” and they are only able to send 2 type of messages in respond like restart the app or provide us with screenshots. They don't look at the screenshots what I have sent, they dont even read what Im saying. Like robots they repeat the same thing over and over again.
  • Title 4/5

    We are not informed properly as IC’s re: information needed to accept or decline the offering of our service. True Independent Contractors have a legal right to refuse an offer; we are essentially punished for doing so. Further, we cannot truly negotiate a fair price for services; in fact, we have ZERO** say in the matter (aside from learned abilities to utilize app functionality for fiscal benefit, which doesn’t materialize as “cash-on-hand”). [ **State of CA excepted ] It works when it works; when too many drivers are out, accepting everything tossed their way, it doesn’t. There are times when riders absolutely will (and should) pay a premium rate; this only occurs when enough drivers refuse to accept (average national rate) $0.60 per mile trips during times of high demand. Now is such a time, though volatile no doubt. It really seems as though Uber is BANKING on many thousands of new drivers given the impending economic failure of which we are on the brink— perhaps now isn’t the best time to wager on that. Then again, the $250K+ salaried consultants have that handled, no doubt. #NotResolved
  • They don’t pay for surges 1/5

    By MeggeraMayhem
    I have been working for Uber since Covid hit, and never had any issues before. But now I stopped receiving surges on 10/7 it’s been 10 days and I’ve lost over 500 dollars to unpaid surges. Up until 10/7 I was happily working for Uber, I would gush to my friends and family DAILY about how much I loved my job. Now I sit in my car and cry becuase I can’t pay my car payment and insurance this month. And Uber honestly doesn’t seem to care. I feel like I have been deceived, manipulated, and tossed aside. I would no longer recommend anyone use this app if you care at all about working for an HONEST company.
  • Cannot login 1/5

    By Chuggychow
    I don’t use Uber anymore but was emailed a verification code for logging in. I believe someone received my password and tried logging in, However I have no way to change my password because I do not have the backup codes provided. Please just delete and deactivate my account and all my data. I also cannot find anyway to contact Uber, why do you not put a number on your site so people can call you more easily? Thanks.
  • Overall awesome 5/5

    By Dschm1311
    This app overall is awesome, I like how you can make money doing deliveries or giving rides, I do prefer doing deliveries overall. The app is simple to use and now that tips have been added to the initial offers makes it more efficient for ys drivers. Ine thing i would like to see is the option for after accepting an offer or after doing a pickup is the ability to click on the address of where i need to go and be able to use my own navigation like Maps. Overall i love using this app.
  • Bug + Bug + Bug 1/5

    By Developer part time
    Giant company i suppose but. You guys can do better than this (uber eat). Learn from doordash dasher app.
  • Since I can’t find my last review and y’all wanna respond to everyone but me 1/5

    By thecaramelgoddess
    I HATE THIS APP, it’s glitchy and y’all owe me over $400 for a promotion guarantee that happened in September everything about Uber needs work. MAYBE RAISE COMPENSATION FOR PEOPLE ON FOOT LIKE ME?!
  • Uber Eats Driver App 3/5

    By IngAlbqq
    They need to allow the user to zoom in or out on the map when the order appears to see the direction well. Another complaint I have is about tips, it is not fair that you take an order of an amount and at the time of taking it without any delay or problem, the person puts less money and you have given that trip in vain, not only should the customer benefit , also the delivery's must have a guarantee of payment of the order!
  • Worst app ever!!! 1/5

    By coli2020
    I never write bad reviews about anything! Unless I have something nice to say-BUT- The Uber app has to be the worst for multiple reasons which I’m not going to take time and write about it! And their customer service it’s even worst! That’s not fare to drivers such as myself!
  • Not getting payed surge pay at all 1/5

    By nmlobo13
    IM WRITING THIS IN HOPES THAT SOME BODY HIGHER THAN UR (“””CUSTOMER SERVICE”””)CAN HELP ME WITH THA PROBLEM I AM HAVING............ok so Iv been doing Uber for about 5 months no problem. First three months then I noticed on some delivery’s i was not getting paid for being in the surge areas even though the app had the amount the SURGE PAY would be on my next trip at the end of the order no surge pay.Iv trynd everything resetting app uninstalling then reinstalling Iv tryed everything.......WHAT IS THE WORST THO is calling customer Service time and time again and they tell me there looking in to it... or they act like they can’t hear me and hang up the phone. One customer service female left me waiting on the phone for 30 minutes she took me off hold and just hung up the phone...I really like driving and working for Uber but what do I got to do to get my account working rite I don’t receive any surge pay I have screen shots/ recordings of me not getting my pay.......
  • Zoom 1/5

    By Nunyabeeswaxokay
    If I could zoom in on map before accepting a delivery I would give this 5 stars but I often have to unassign orders due to not actually knowing where I am going. Map can be very deceiving.
  • Same issues 2/5

    By Jerry4184
    I would write a review explains all the problems with the app, but I’m reading the reviews and I’m having the same problems everyone else is having so I’m not repeating. I have notified Uber of multiple issues and they generally say it’s a known problem and they’ll note it. That’s always been the end of it. Nothing gets fixed. How does a technological gig company not have the know how to make a working app? I driver for other gig companies as well and never do I experience problems like I do with Uber’s app.
  • Room for Improvement 3/5

    By AveryRaine
    Most of the features are what you would expect, but, there are some things that I would really like to see improved. First, I want to touch on the fact that in NYC I get to deliver on foot. I’m super glad that’s a feature because I don’t have a license and don’t ride a bike! However, how it’s presented to the customer needs to be improved. I walk A LOT doing this app. If I work 5-6 hours I do maybe 10-15 deliveries in a day and walk over 13 miles doing deliveries. It’s not bad but I think it’s presented to customers as me being on a bike because I’ll be maybe half way or 3/4 of them way to a drop off that is close to a mile from the restaurant and have customers texting me asking where I am and why I’m not there yet. Normally they’re understanding when I explain I work on foot, the distance from where I picked up, and how much longer Google Maps says it will be for me to get there. Navigation needs to be updated. If I deliver on foot then it should be possible to update in app navigation to show me directions for walking instead of driving. I have to use Google Maps separately for navigation because I get directions for driving based on one way streets in the Driver app and what is only 6 tenths of a mile on foot would be a 3-4 mile trip if I followed the directions given to me in the driver app. Having to use two apps is annoying because it drains my phone. Also, chain orders should be explained better to customers. I had a customer scream at me after I explained twice that I had two deliveries picked up from side by side restaurants and that, even though his was first picked up, the other delivery was closer to drop off so the app tells me what order to do things in and the second pick up had to be delivered first. ALSO UBER NEEDS TO ADDRESS TIP BAITING!!!!! I had one delivery that had an $8 preset tip. It took me three minutes to get from picking up the food to the customer. He met me outside, I passed it off with good customer service skills, nothing was missing or damaged, but he edited my tip down to $0. I think if someone sets a tip beforehand they shouldn’t be able to reduce it by more than half unless they call Uber and send in evidence that I opened their food or stole an item or something. I get afraid now to take anything with a large preset tip because I’m afraid I’m going to get cheated out of my money again. Protect your contractors!!!
  • Horrible company 1/5

    By hookahtown
    They don’t appreciate what their drivers do for them and how much they get done tor them, I work as a Uber eats drivers and account got flagged, and can’t get help with situation they didn’t disclose the reasoning and their support agents are very unprofessional! Don’t recommend them!
  • Uber is the best 5/5

    By Tebibu baki T
    I start by driving Uber eats now am driving Uber ride it’s so good the really work with a driver this make them different for other ride share company Thank you✌️👍
  • Trash. Corrupt. They alter passenger routes 1/5

    By GxF4Truth
    Of course every single time they make a new feature it doesnt work. Of cours eeveytime they update the app gets worse? Isnt your job to make it better? Or are you just PRETENDING to be one of the worst in your profession? So that you can have a job to keep doing? Cuz if you do your job right they’ll never need you again😂 like doctors taking payments from big tobacco in exchange the doctors told everyone cigerates are good for you. Just like your app makes us take the longest route possible stealing from your customers 5-50 bucks a ride
  • Uber is dead 1/5

    By ave_montain
    What are you doing? You kill all earnings people work just for you in this pandemic time, you cut a half from uber eats you pay nothing for multi orders, that’s insane you are a evil.. we don’t want drive 20 miles for 8$ stop used us..also we don’t drive 8 miles for 6$ that’s not right because many people don’t leave tips.. we are people and want to eat we don’t want work for free for only your packet.. fired Dara he is ruined all Uber community lives.. he make 10 million$ a year we make 10 000 stop used us..
  • “Current location” gives wrong address 3/5

    By Korvidae
    I’m an Uber Eats driver, and in the last week I have had several issues where the customer used current location as their delivery address and it ended up being the wrong address. I’ve had my ratings lowered because of this when it is not my fault! This feature should be removed and the customer should be required to type their actual addresses in so we actually deliver to the correct address and do not get blamed for “not completing an order!”
  • Terrible Support & Lack of Details 1/5

    By Ya Yev
    You can pretty much only contact support if you have a previous ticket. Other than that, there’s no way to message them, you have to use QA wiki pages. Support closes sessions with no helpful info. There is a lack of details for every ride. Plus, Uber hides those details and you really have to go search for them.
  • New driver 4/5

    By Opinionzzzzz
    I wish I could use Apple maps for navigation. The built in GPS is awful. As a new driver, it wasn’t obvious how to change my default navigation system. My only choices are Google Maps and Waze. The app is clunky and it was hard to figure out how to do my first few uberEats deliveries. DoorDash is much more driver friendly. I will stick around because the payments have been decent & I like that there aren’t zones.
  • Uber eat 1/5

    I joined uber many years ago, and I watch how the fare got lower and lower each year. In now days, most of the food delivery order has a fare of $3,not including the tip given by customers. When the customer doesn’t give tip, We are only making less than 10/hours. It takes time waiting for the food to get ready, which can be more than half hour, and for $3 , I have to drive for over 5 miles. I also have to pay for the gas that I used during this order, which meant that I put very much time and effort to make only $3. Also more importantly I have notice, when it’s saying the distance is 12 miles for the order that I received , the actual distance I drive is 16 miles. The actual distance is hidden for us, the drivers. This is deception. I hope Uber executives can recognize the difficulty of drivers and make improvements. I hope Uber can provide more benefits for drivers, Thank you!
  • Please fix the sound 3/5

    By HIMED69
    Every time switch the volume up goes back to mute too many driver complain of the same problem specially iPhone user
  • Bad Request error 1/5

    By BishopStewart
    Can’t login on my iPhone. Account works on an android device. Getting a bad request error when I input password
  • Final destination 1/5

    By Scorpion_616
    The destination option is the worst specially in my final destination, always take me away from my destination, then it shut off because the time is finish And it never calculates the toll and add to your fare, the app charge the rider only. you have to pay attention to it and call customer support and ask them to refund it otherwise after 10 days you will lose it they will not refund it to you.
  • Smh 1/5

    By 6((9;;
    They do a lot of underhanded things to their drivers. They make up things as they go. Hard to justify driving for them on any level. Uber seems much more concerned with political Mumbo jumbo than anything else lately. If you want to actually work, door dash is much busier and pretty straightforward even though their app is a pain to operate. In the end, Uber eats is dying on the vine. I would not refer anyone to drive for them. If I could give them a negative rating I would. It is the worst thing in the world at this point. Anyone who drives for Uber needs to have their head examined.
  • 👎👎👎👎👎👎 1/5

    By de leon 896754
    Es una abuso lo que esta aplicación está cometiendo con sus conductores, aparte de que los viajes los cobran baratos a los usuarios se queda la aplicación con casi un 45% sean más consciente..... QUE USTED NO PONEN CELULAR, NO PONEN NET, NO PONEN GOMAS, NO PONEN MANTENIMIENTO, MUCHO MENOS VEHÍCULOS.... hay que se más consciente y si tanto quieren cobrar su por ciento de casi un 45% aumenten los viajes de por Dios! Esos viajes son muy baratos y ensima ustedes se quedan con todo....eso no cuadra, es mucho abuso, esta aplicación se va arreglar el día que venga una competencia fuerte aquí en RD!! Que abuso de aplicación solo piensan en ellos y no en el conductor!👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
  • Newest update removed bonuses 1/5

    By detroitforever1
    This newest update caused the red areas on the map to go away, can’t tell if it’s busy or slow because the map doesn’t alert you by showing different shades of red. They always do this crap.
  • Viewing earnings and sending thanks 3/5

    By laws5759#*
    Every week I have to log out and remove the app in order to view my earning details or send thanks for my tips. This is getting old. For a high tech company you can’t seem to keep things running smoothly.
  • Gotta work more ! 1/5

    By Volki33
    Gives order 5-15 miles away to pick and drop locations are even further. Probably a lot of people will not use Uber eats as a customer unless you find a solution for it !
  • GPS tracking is terrible 3/5

    By Betterthanrest
    Working for Uber is great for the most part. Two complaints #1 the GPS system is terrible there has been multiple times where I’m taken to a random spot and told that’s where I need to drop off the food. I’ve had to communicate with customers multiple times to find out where to drop off the food. Either Uber isn’t doing a good job receiving and sharing the proper address or their gps system needs work. My other complaint is there isn’t a effective system that tells drivers where they should head to get most business. For the most part I have to drive around a 30 mile radius hoping that the certain area I’m in has delivery’s needed. It’s just less efficient and cost effective.
  • Great for side gig 5/5

    By khaniexlove
    Just started and I love the extra money that it’s bringing in! Isn’t for everyone tho.. if you decide to sign up use my code “ va7kphpwq” to earn an additional $775 when you hit 100 rides
  • 66 billion dollar company can’t fix their app? Nah, they just carry Kanalick’s shady legacy 2/5

    By ThorbyCorvin
    Notifications are completely berserk. My CarPlay thinks it’s on a call whenever Uber Driver is turned on. It’s not really a bug, when we consider that this is a 60 billion dollar company that engineers their application to behave like a jealous girlfriend, forcing you to always keep the app on top, prohibiting the gig working from taking competing bids. They’re so secretive that they won’t let Apple Maps be used because they try real hard for us not to have a record of delivered addresses.
  • Worse customer service 1/5

    By ladyd809
    Calling Uber Customer services is the worse they can’t help Drivers with anything request a supervisor and they don’t come on the phone 2 Months already and My cori still pending with uber I work for a school Department In Mass they process my Cori done I 2 weeks ... Here I have uber treating like a have a record at this point I want my account cancel with uber

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