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Uber Driver App

Uber Driver app – the app for drivers. Turn your spare time into earnings with the new Driver app — built in partnership with drivers, to bring you the tools you need to succeed. Help move people and things where they need to go. Drive whenever you want — no offices, no bosses. Wherever you want to go, we want you to enjoy the journey and the destination. Sign up to drive inside the Uber Driver app. We’ll guide you through the steps and notify you when you’re all set to drive. A smarter way to earn Keep track of how much you’re making after every trip, right on the map. Schedule driving around your life. Plan your days easier with estimated times until your next request and a forecast of rider activity in your area over the next 24 hours. The support you need Take the fear out of your first trips — you’ll learn how to use the app when you first open it. Get the help you need with an easy in-app tool to report issues or ask questions. *This app typically uses 2 GB of data per month. Using navigation can decrease your phone’s battery life.

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  • Uber Eats 5/5

    By mundyt
    I enjoy delivering meals for people cause I get to know many restaurants in the city and most especially what they offer and also peoples eating habits.You also get to know which restaurant are busy or slow, professional or unprofessional. Uber apps make it even easier to deliver.
  • Uber is a great experience but the customer service.... 2/5

    By Thebestinthecityfeelme
    I’ve had a great time being an Uber driver for extra money. But don’t allow yourself to get involved with customer service, they will literally send you in circles and it seems as tho multiple persons are assigned to your problem reported. I had to repeatedly report my problem over to another customer service rep... it took DAYS just to get guidance on an issue I had with my account. Terrible customer service. Terrible communication. Confusing ways to even GET to customer service.
  • Bad customer service; sketchy with $ 1/5

    By gabbymore
    I started doing uber eats about a month ago and enjoyed it quite a bit. However, my issues with this app/company arent over glitches etc that you can expect. The face of this company’s customer service is foreign based where the English is broken at best, and there is not much if any effort on actually resolving problems that arise (often affecting your pay and especially when its out of your control). There is literally no point in their customer service unless youre calling to be asked to repeat yourself multiple times only to get a response of “oh that must be inconvenient/unpleasant/sorry for your inconvenience”. The call center is just there to say that script and then if you actually have an issue theyll tell you they need to transfer you (to someone who also has no answers or solutions and gives you the same lame condolences) or claim that department can only be reached via email. If you believe it is worth emailing them to get paid you can expect a vague response citing whatever technical reason they cant help you and if you keep emailing to try to reach an agreement or some sort of solution they ACTUALLY send the same email same script from a different representative. Uber hired international call centers to forward you a scripted “sorry for your loss” as customer support. Such a shame. I was willing to overlook customer service the first couple times as it didnt affect my pay too much but I just got scammed out of a paycheck of $150 because of their glitch and they cant even bother to actually listen! Youve been warned. Try another app this one stinks.
  • Too far delivery 5/5

    Sometimes you send me too far to deliver something and the payment is too low, sometimes not even enough to pay the gas, if I can choose to travel no more than 8 miles away (or 15 min traveling)it will be perfect for me.
  • Improvements 1/5

    By Phanie0000
    Do you really want to know my review? Here it goes: Riders don’t really understand how important to us is the start rating, besides the majority doesn’t appreciate the driver effort to make everything better for riders; they don’t keep the car clean and neat or wait for us on a visible area to make everything easy and faster, also the account’s owner it’s not always the one who’s taking the trip; parents usually don’t have a carseat for babies, which imply risks. I suggest some kind of guide to make the trips better for us and also I understand that the trip rates are way too low for the effort and the cost of maintenance for the car. I also think that uber, for not giving any discount on gas or pay any car issues are taking a big percentage from the trip rate. I think is not a great deal how you doing it now for drivers but for the company. Improve!
  • Awful 1/5

    By Jdppdx
    Worse tech support out there....
  • Bad 1/5

    By jwowkqpqnqba
    Bad service and stiller
  • Why 1/5

    By Mac_Traveling_Man
    They seem to have issues with making a choice on to hire or not. No matter how you send your documents either scanned or by iPhone they have an issue. Been close to a month and no answer. They say it takes normally 2 hrs to get back with a decision and then it said sometime it takes up to 24 hrs. Well I would say walk rather then wait for a driver to make a decision if he going to work on picking you up to make extra cash that they might have issues with paying you as they do with hiring.
  • Customer service 4/5

    By B1G_Heavy302
    I love being an Uber driver , however I fee like they aren’t doing they’re best job with customer service! I have had a problem with the payout or instant pay and nobody had been listening to me. They keep asking me to make a few changes on my account, however that doesn’t work At this point I’m pretty upset !
  • Uber ignores sexual harassment and sexual assault 1/5

    By BigTinyVillaFan
    UPDATE: Uber support reached out to me after I posted this review, only to tell me they have “already resolved my issue” (by keeping the passenger who sexually harassed me on the platform and basically telling me to f myself) and that they are closing the ticket. They just want to look good by replying to bad reviews on here to make it look like they actually care. They don’t though, so don’t be fooled! As a driver, I reported an incident of sexual harassment to Uber because of a passenger’s disgusting behavior. All I’ve gotten is a slew of long automated replies that basically tell me to f off and that I won’t know anything of what happens, and it’s likely that nothing will be done at all. Called on the phone and the person on the phone just told me that the passenger has been blocked from matching with me as a driver again. So they can still use the app as a passenger but not match with me, when what needs to happen is that he be banned from Uber entirely. This passenger sexually harassed me and Uber clearly could not give a f about me as a driver, despite my gold status and 4.94 driver rating, or about the other drivers because they have not done anything to prevent this passenger from sexually harassing or possibly even assaulting another driver. From what I hear, Uber has a very long history of ignoring this sort of thing and forcing victims to settle in their awful private legal systems and not in public court. Given the high risk of sex crimes and crime with Uber, this is unacceptable that they handle this so poorly. Uber clearly doesn’t give a f about safety because profit is always prioritized over safety. If you are a woman thinking about driving for Uber, my advice to you is don’t. Honestly even as a passenger, I would advise against it because of the high rates of sexual assault on passengers from creepy drivers and Uber’s lack of simple decency in handling such matters.
  • Not too bad. 5/5

    By Scotty Frac
    I was a little skeptical about having strangers in my car, but the security features within the app make it pretty safe. It’s an easy way to make a few bucks during down time.
  • Unsatisfied 1/5

    By ThisIsAmerica27
    I drove for Uber for 2 months. Initially, when I started driving for Uber in Savannah, Georgia I was very excited. Uber is something I do to make extra money. I didn’t know much about the company besides the fact that it was a convenient way for people to get around. As a young mannered black man driving for Uber in a 2019 Honda Accord it was very easy for me to gain tips, friendly conversations, and compliments on my driving ability. In 2 months I completed 213 trips. I received 120 five star ratings, 2 four stars, 0 three stars, 1 two star, 2 one star ratings. I very courteous to my riders, I obey the laws of the road, and provide excellent customer service. I have received a few bad reviews and honestly I have no clue who they are and Uber blocked my account in definitely. I don’t believe it was anything I could have done to avoid it. It’s the south, I’m black, and all of Uber customer service representatives are base in the Philippines with little knowledge of what we go through as drivers. You do the math.
  • App 1/5

    By ohio uberguy
    I have suggested you to update the app. You have failed me. I sent my request in from the support part of the app. Instead you change the look of the app. Fat cats setting back banking that money while drivers destroy their Vehicle..
  • Uber 4/5

    Nothing is perfect. Uber has been improving. The new Comfort Ride class has been a blessing to me. Having the chance to talk with people from 61 countries has been awesome. We are so lucky. A pay raise would be nice.
  • Nothing but problems when it comes to getting paid which is kinda sad 1/5

    By gw12443
    Sorry Uber but I shouldn’t have to wait for my money
  • Short end of everything 1/5

    By u basturds
    I make so much more money when I drive with Lyft and I don’t have to contact them constantly to get what to do to make it guys are constantly trying to rip off the drivers that is so sad considering you’re the bigger of the two companies
  • Payment 3/5

    By reyesangel
    The prices in the night and the day is the same and I think is not fair for the people working at night
  • Uber eats needs better pay 2/5

    By JBVX2100
    You should be getting paid for your trip to pick up the food. If people do not tip, which they rarely do, it is really hard to make any money. After the amount of gas burned and time spent you may not profit on a slow night.
  • Excelente 5/5

    By mente supermillonario
    Excelente para el porvenir de mi familia
  • Destination mode 1/5

    By Large List
    Finally the destination mode works perfectly thank you Uber, But now the entire app is glitchy, slow, buggy even on the worlds fastest phone iPhone Xs max with 256 GB of RAM.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Nachito Loco
    The worst it is incredible that I have to be calling for adjustments on fares and cancellations, I believe the company can do better and treat us better as well, fix your application is never working properly
  • Direct Deposit never Hits!! 1/5

    By Bacon's good
    I am soooo disappointed in uber. I’ve been driving with them for about 2 years and lately, I have been having trouble receiving my direct deposits. They claim that “my account information isn’t updated” which is a LIE. I even tried to update the information after the FIRST mishap. I still never received my money. Now it’s happened again and they are giving me the same run around. There is no REAL customer service system & the “supervisors” are FAAAKKEEE! I will no longer put miles on my car for uberEats PERIODT! I worked for my money & it’s not fair that I didn’t receive it.
  • Bug needs to be fixed 1/5

    By Natasha Riley
    I’ve created so many passwords it’s ridiculous. I save it to my phone and I use it on the links they send me regarding my account and it works. HOWEVER when it comes to using it on the app, it tells me there’s some sort of error and won’t let me log in!
  • Flexible hours is NOT flexible 2/5

    By assleyb
    I agree with the above comment. Love driving for Uber it gives you the chance to make extra bucks and somewhat flexibility to drive. Remember the flexible hours is NoT actually flexible because you still have to drive the time when it is not in demand to actually make $$$. Uber does NOT care for the driver JUST their profit. Obviously, $.60/mile $.21/minute they are taking all the money while drivers kills their car, back pain, having to clean car in the daily basis , vomit in the car nor outside and dealing with body fluids. Other thing, why would Uber send you 7-9 miles away to pick up a passenger WItHOUT PAY MILEAGE?!?! I can see that driving is a no brainer my goodness, that is an insult! Many NOT all passengers are OBNOXIOUS, they don’t realize the benefit of using our service especially when they go out to do their errands and the availability it has for him/her. Complaints to Uber doesn’t do any good: it only wastes time & energy. Uber be consistent with your promise 😏.
  • Don’t Drive for Uber 1/5

    By MattieH8012
    Don’t drive for Uber, join Lyft instead. Uber has no driver support anymore and it will be possible for you to lose money some driving some days. The last Uber ride I have I lost $42 on a $4 ride. Why work for a company that would allow their drivers to lose money and not even care. I tried contacting Uber Support and they can’t even answer my questions I have. They just say “I’m sorry your me having an issue with_______. “ and give no answers to my specific questions. So why do you require a receipt for cleaning up messes when you just use your guidelines to figure the fee?
  • Too many problems happen every week 1/5

    By Winsoncai
    This week happened: accept rate & cancel rate don’t work for a long time
  • For a Driver, Uber is not worth doing! 1/5

    By Falion1
    Been driving for Uber for almost 3 years now, with an overall rating of 4.99 out of 5 stars. Does this mean “anything” at all? Not in the slightest...just illustrating I’ve attempted to be as good as possible, but it’s essentially meaningless. Cash is king! And...you can’t make any driving for Uber anymore. It used to be a decent ( relative ) source of extra income. No longer! Now since Uber went public, it has cut driver pay to a bare minimum subsistence, that really doesn’t even cover your fuel, the wear and tear on your vehicle and your time spent. The idiotic points system they devised to make drivers “think” they are actually respected and thought worthwhile is actually “pointless” to poke fun at a system designed to make you chase points, work harder and for less money than before the per mile rate cuts. Only the truly desperate or those not thinking about things will continue to drive for Uber. Which is sad, as I used to truly believe Uber was the transportation of the future, but I have to believe that the company is cutting it’s own throat with it’s continued stupidity and the way it treats it’s work force. Edit: 2-18-19 In response to to your canned and phony response about “looking into things”. Are you kidding me !?! Same phony and lousy response you give everyone who expresses the fact that driving for Uber “used to be good”, but in fact now completely stinks while any reason to be a driver anymore is rapidly disappearing. I haven’t opened my driver app in 2 weeks now and highly unlikely to again, unless pay cuts are reversed. Uber is only profession I’ve ever known that the longer and better you work for, has your wages cut down again and again and again! Seniority means nothing! Work ethic means nothing! Professionalism and doing an excellent job...means nothing! You change the rules at your whims and decrease our incomes and expect we’ll just grin and keep driving. If it’s not profitable to drive...there is ZERO incentive to work. And currently for me there is ZERO interest in making money for Uber, while my car is driven into the dust for no financial benefit after paying out expenses. The HUGE mile rate cut, has made Uber just not worth doing anymore. Newer drivers won’t see some of this until they have driven awhile, pay taxes at years end, and then figure out just how much they had to “pay out” versus what they actually took in. So...send you a message and you’ll “look into it”. Which is the same thing you say to everyone, but nothing ever gets done and nothing ever improves. Have to say, that unless you’re CEO / CFO changes things radically, then the best days of Uber lie behind it and only drivers you’re going to have left is the dregs. The saddest and most telling part of all is you’re statement of “rider feedback is vitally important ”...when my entire message is from me being a DRIVER for 3 years. You’re so tone deaf to drivers needs and concerns you don’t even recognize this glaring fact. It’s all about the riders, we drivers are as far as your concerned are non-essential and of no real concern.
  • Nice supplemental income 5/5

    By AAPx3
    Pretty neat so far Made some additional income!
  • Good 5/5

    By scropio1976
    Very clean good smelling car and she was very friendly
  • Uber delivery 5/5

    By Queen Of Eats
    I really enjoy delivering with Uber eats , I love the different atmospheres of the restaurants I pick up from & most of all the smiles & great gestures I get from everyone for delivering their food in a timely & professional matter .
  • Even eze can 5/5

    By letme see for my eyes
    I’m on it but still trying to get use to it
  • Day 2 4/5

    By UberDanno
    Overall pretty decent and fun. Avg 8 hrs a day. The only main knock is the GPS and that may not be anything fixable and other programs seem to have the same nuiances. Never quite accurate - seems 90% is a good average Most customers have been great and friendly. Even the nightime anti - DWI group. Nice to see the responsibility in them. I need to learn more on the peak times and when, need to get my airport cert too. Im here to make money, all I can and maximize. Its a 2nd gid to my primary work as a business owner in transportation and trucking but the china trade war is affecting things alot So this will be some good fill in.
  • Fare 1/5

    By californiagirlsun
    I wish I get more requests it’s very slow beside it’s become so cheap fare it’s 2.80 but gas it’s 4.19 insurance price is more than other state I wish at least we get 75 % not 50% fare
  • Map problem 1/5

    By walidrony
    I’m using ios 12.3.1. Uber drive apps don’t show detail mapps at all, I have to relay on communication. I’ve uber apps also installed in my device which show all information properly. Need a solution badly
  • Too Terrible Customer Service 1/5

    By YuiRiri
    Some customer service is so unprofessional such as the one who named Kelvin. A rider made a mess in my car, I got pictures to prove that it was the rider made it. And this guy just thought it was a fake, and flagged me so that I couldn’t get any compensation. Now a rider vomits in my car, and all customer services think my report is not true. And I try to ask the reason why they think the pictures are fake about vomit. They just ignore my messages. As a two-year-old driver of Uber. The customer service of Uber is so disappointed me. I have to say Bye to Uber now.
  • Unfair 1/5

    By 1detroitdave
    To unilaterally disconnect a driver for a background check without prior warning is reprehensible. Uber is my only source of income and I depend on the app. My life has taken a really bad turn because of that act . Totally unfair practice to administer to an individual who works as hard as I did for Uber.
  • Request 1/5

    By Czar216
    Twice today when I accept requests from passengers it didn’t went through.
  • Excellent Job 5/5

    By rakN8751
    I love meeting and serving others!!
  • Pay is too little 3/5

    By Little man DJ
    It’s getting ridiculous taking passengers for 3.02 dollars and I’m supposed to be happy. I do it for extra money but at times it’s not worth it.
  • Bring back the boost notification 2/5

    By Kevinsalt
    It used to say when you would get a notification what the boost amount was. That was super important when working in a zone that is really close to a zone with a lower boost amount. Please bring that back.
  • Contacting someone to ask a question 1/5

    By Leeward Mike
    I need to schedule a ride to the airport. All directions don’t work. There are none of the icons or options in the app that the directions are telling me to do. When I call the phone number, it tells me that to send a message through the app. There are no links to click in the app for me to text a message though. I am an Uber driver who needs a ride. You are leaving no possible way for me to use Uber for a ride. Why in the world would you not give an option to ask a question or schedule a ride?
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Elgindkddhd
    Excellent app I love it
  • Navigation is awful 2/5

    By simplesol2
    Bad navigation that uber uses and recommends. Tell you to turn right and shows to go left.
  • 4.5 yrs of driving 2/5

    By Sauce master B
    In all fairness the concept is great.. the potential to make a little $ is nice.. BUT the deception from Uber making $28 an hour is just not real honesty. That # is only based on time having rider in your car .. NOT waiting for a ride, NOT drive time to get/pick up a rider, NOT having to WAIT for rider to get to car, NOT FOR INCORRECT rider pick up locations AND if you think you get tips THINK AGAIN, uber has created a thrifty system that allows people not to tip (yes there are some good people who appreciate you and do tip).. even if you are held hostage with groceries in your trunk..apparently you feeling good that you helped someone is all the tip you need.. forget putting food on your table that’s your issue!! Uber does not seem to care about drivers as much as it cares about corporate making $$$$$. Mileage and time rates so low, I can actually make more money working for McDonald’s and not kill my car with massive miles. I have a HUGE issue “NOT being paid in surge areas”.. even when I’m told to take a screenshot and send it in, they reply back that “Their system does not show it” ... THEN HOW DID I CAPTURE a screenshot that’s date n time stamped and I am a “Diamond” rated driver? The fun part..having to debate it over and over and over and over again and again and again because every time you respond or send in information YOU GET SOMEONE DIFFERENT and you have to explain it to them but the irony of it “it goes to a different person, then who you were explaining to and they want more information.. IT NEVER STOPS!!! 4.5 yrs, 4.96 rating.. apparently I’m a liar. Not fair that riders can rate you from NO FAULT of your own due to traffic, flat tire, telling you “you get a better rating if u speed and get them there on time”. Being forced to wait while they run into a store 5-15min cuz if you don’t, you get a bad rating. It’s not tough taking people from point A to point B but somehow they have high expectations thinking WE ARE PROFESSIONAL DRIVERS .. I’m just a fun guy with extra time who enjoys meeting people and helping out.. but some how riders think we drivers are making BANK$$$ There are times I have sat and waited 1hr-2.5hrs with no rides.. I have sent in several ideas over the years. But like I said, it’s about Uber Corp making $$$$$ drivers are 3rd rate .. as long as they keep getting new drivers believing $$$. That’s all they care about, well that’s all they have shown twd me after 4.5yrs and a 50% pay cut.. after dropping the rate per mile!! Love to see Corp take a 50% pay cut and then be told .. don’t worry, you are gonna make more money!!! Just like I was told.. Like I said, uber DOES NOT CARE..
  • Lo mejor de lo mejor 5/5

    By superchapy
    Son lo máximo !
  • Awesome 5/5

    By rhenry73
    Enjoy work and earn $. Meet people and riding around town, city and airport . Make money . I made $133 for 5 and half hours . Awesome ! That’s no joke .
  • Needs some tweaking 3/5

    By HealthyPforHealthyL
    Overall the app is pretty cool. However, there are a few things that really need some tweaking to make things smoother for both the driver and the customer. 1) The app map doesn’t adjust to the phone orientation. So if you prefer your phone on it’s side, be prepared to know that right is up and left is down. 🤦🏻‍♀️ 2) There isn’t much time to accept a run. It’s like 10 seconds or something like that. Not very long. Sometimes it takes longer than that for me to get my phone unlocked. 3) You do not get to see the location of where you are delivering too BEFORE accepting the run. I feel like a driver should have the option of knowing where they are going before accepting a run for no other reason than time management. So a “preview” screen before accepting would be great. Other than that, it’s pretty user friendly and explains many things so it’s easy to understand.
  • UberEats Is What You Make It 5/5

    By Ole School Brooks
    For the most part I truly enjoy my Uber experience. Certainly there are rude and unappreciative customers you have to deal with...but that’s life. I realize those people have their own issues that have nothing to do with me. Most customers are pleasant and grateful. On busy days there’s nothing like receiving one trip after the next for hours on end....those are the best days. Keep up the good work from your end Uber and I’ll do the same. I’m truly grateful for the opportunity. GREG BROOKS
  • Fare charge 1/5

    By ardghyrfg
    Minimum fare should be $7 , that’s how presented by Uber, what are all $2-3 charges?

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