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  • Current Version: 4.104.10000
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Uber Technologies, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Uber Driver App

Uber Driver app – the app for drivers. Turn your spare time into earnings with the new Driver app — built in partnership with drivers, to bring you the tools you need to succeed. Help move people and things where they need to go. Drive whenever you want — no offices, no bosses. Wherever you want to go, we want you to enjoy the journey and the destination. Sign up to drive inside the Uber Driver app. We’ll guide you through the steps and notify you when you’re all set to drive. A smarter way to earn Keep track of how much you’re making after every trip, right on the map. Schedule driving around your life. Plan your days easier with estimated times until your next request and a forecast of rider activity in your area over the next 24 hours. The support you need Take the fear out of your first trips — you’ll learn how to use the app when you first open it. Get the help you need with an easy in-app tool to report issues or ask questions. *This app typically uses 2 GB of data per month. Using navigation can decrease your phone’s battery life.

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  • The app won’t allow to have both driver and Ryder on same email and phone number 2/5

    By LG3123-55318
    It is very bizzarre that you expect us to have different emails and phone number to be a driver and the rider. I am driver and tried to log into a rider app with my number and it says it is already in use and cannot change. Why would you do that? Folks might have different reasons to create multiple profiles. Why not keep your uniqueness with email and phone number and allow users to create profile. Simple solutions, your IT makes it more complicated. Millennials don’t need complicated solutions.
  • F.Uber 1/5

    By PK Lay Lay
    No Justice With Driver’s
  • New uber app and the features are trash 1/5

    By Arsh 7
    This is now getting worst they said they’re improving and bring some useless updates and now the app keep crashing it freezes we couldn’t do anything with the app we cannot see our earnings properly and lot of trips missing we have to count each and every trips we make because we couldn’t trust this app hopefully you guys update it better the old app was much better then new app if it continue we might have to go for Lyft!
  • Fare related 4/5

    By nas_uber driver
    The fares should be increased as fuel prices are surging.
  • Feedback 5/5

    By mdborhan
    Excellent job; I really enjoyed every single promotion and happy to get it.
  • Driving navigation 4/5

    By Jacketboss
    Driving nav needs some work
  • Trips 2/5

    By Workdog24
    Ok since the new update I am 0-8 on return trips from the DFW Airport! Quit capping my earning potential!!!!!! This also goes for (2) Set trip Destinations!!! I spent over an hour on the phone with a representative telling me my issue would be escalated?????? Same ole Same Ole!! Next name and number please!!!!!!
  • Uber driver app 5/5

    By 2derek2
    App seems to work very well. Have not had any issues. Like that i can be in a drive and get one lined up before drop off.
  • Not knowing where I am going! 4/5

    By marykirk
    I’ve had a few issues with navigation, sending me down streets that lead to busy streets, without lights. Or picking up from busy streets when no where to park. Also, in residential, waiting for 15 mins for someone but not getting paid wait time because no parking directly outside their house, so 2 doors down../uber keeps re directing me to their house (I let passenger know where I’m parked). Also...the. Or knowing where I am going before accepting ride is frustrating.
  • Rewarding! 5/5

    By Miggy jones
    Being able to meet people everyday and experience diversity for just a moment, can be very rewarding!
  • Love driving for Uber! 5/5

    By Luckylady363
    I love driving for Uber. The only con is I didn’t get a $500 sign up bonus like many other drivers.

    By Cheazy Mack
    I had to get to da paper
  • Driving with so many Wonderful Passengers is Great! 5/5

    By Angela M. Weston
    Well it’s been close to 3 months on the road picking u one-passenger-after-another! I Love it! So many interesting people with a positive outlook on life and caring individuals to talk to with absolutely wonderful personalities, each-and-every-one. I’m very Happy and so Thankful for my passengers and the Uber-Team, who by the way, without them I wouldn’t be driving today, yesterday and tomorrow! Thanks again for being a part of us! Angela Weston ✨😇✨🙏✨😊✨
  • Bad 1/5

    By fdhvdy
    They take too much from the fares
  • Very disappointed 1/5

    By Dima C
    Very often I don’t see riders location when trying to pickup them. Don’t receive payments for consecutive trips.
  • Driver app opinion 3/5

    By Vondiehmer
    The pool rides DO NOT pay out to make it worth the time. The driver bonus for consecutive trips only seems to be offered during the daytime hours (some drivers only drive at nite). The competition has much better weekly bonuses (almost double)! However I do like the “new” app. It’s much easier to navigate and seems to be quicker to process the earnings.
  • Feeling good 5/5

    By ssujon
    I feel comfortable with Uber..
  • Uber driver 5/5

    By betomoe
    Enjoy the freedom of earning extra income, plus the culture diversity in the riders excellent.
  • I wish 3/5

    By tatorface225
    I wish I could see where the rider was going before I accept the request the gps is a little clanky
  • Directions 4/5

    By Nick7878444
    It usually guides me to wrong locations.
  • Uber 5/5

    By gggghhhhhhhgtuyf
    I have enjoyed driving for Uber. I have had all good rides. Met very interesting people, and had some fun conversations. Mark Kummer
  • Directions 5/5

    By LadyBMcIver
    I would like to see the directions give u the next turn in the view not wait until you turn and then have to wait for it to catch up and you are dashing left or right to make the turn.
  • Supermarket Uber 5/5

    By Ramoy M
    Can you guys do supermarket runs we just pick it up an deliver
  • Scam you’ve been warned! 1/5

    By Ettedgui
    Every time I write a poor review about the app uber lowers my rating and tries to delete my review. This company is corrupt and will do whatever they can to gouge a driver’s earnings. The secret is called “blame the driver no matter what.” Uber screws up the navigation, blame the driver, passengers smells bad during an Uber express, blame the driver etc., the rating system is fake and is solely intended to get lower and lower so uber can exploit drivers. They pair you with passengers that take you out to the middle of no where in order to gouge your earnings and cut in to you “bonuses” as opposed to just provided decent wages. If you get close to completing a bonus, the app pairs you with passengers that take you outside of the county forcing you to drive back on your own dime or just stops pairing you all together because uber discriminates. Uber pairs you with passengers with multiple stops through drive through which stinks up your car and doesn’t count towards your trips. Uber needs the money more than the drivers. Since LAX is a nightmare it takes over 30 minutes to pick up a person from the airport - which you don’t get paid for - when you finally pick them up, you’re making the equivalent of 9 cents per minute with the ridiculous traffic at best. If they cancel you’re taken out of the queue and have to wait another 30 minutes meanwhile uber collects the cancellation fee and you receive nothing. After dropping off a passenger at LAX I’m never placed in a queue after dropping off a passenger at a terminal. Instead Uber wastes your time an gas. The app should be taken off the App Store after all of the multiple class action lawsuits against the company. Sometimes Uber will pair you with a passeneger during a pool and not pay you because of the order of pick up is wrong and you can’t start their trip. The app is buggy and terrible. Waste of time, and money on gas and maintenance. Can’t make phone calls to passengers because I have a rider account and the app is so terrible that uber tells me to buy a second phone. If I drive to surge area it disappears because uber baits their drivers. The app also turns off with out you knowing so you can sit in your car driving around looking for rides with ever getting paired. I wrote this while being trapped for over 30 minutes in lax and made less than 5 bucks.
  • Why do you have to opt in to getting tips??? 1/5

    By laxstewy
    I think this is the dumbest thing ever. Why wouldn’t a driver want tips?? “No thank you, I don’t want extra money.” SEE!! Sounds pretty stupid!!! So I call the support line to talk to someone that speaks terrible English and he tells me that he manually made it so that I can receive tips. Sounded great, but now it’s been 48 hours and 20+ trips and I haven’t received a single tip. And it’s defined not for lack of trying! What is this crap?!? Why isn’t it automatic?!
  • Poco 5/5

    By miima13
    A gusto pero el pago es poco
  • Location accuracy 1/5

    By Sdsoundguy
    Still needs major work here saying make a left turn as you are on the intersection is useless should give you warning ahead of time. 300 ft from a street address when it is 600 ft not so good. Have a drop off on the left when it is really on the right. Pool pick ups or drop offs in a lane of traffic?!?!? Do you scout the proposed intersections?!?? As a driver uf i view something as unsafe like that i make the rider move to somewhere safe like a parking lot but really these should be scouted out in advance so as a driver we dont have to do that. Update it keeps getting worse was taking some the stone brewery in escondido to the carlsbad inn and it was telling me to take off exit 50 carlsbad village drive?!?! WHAT! That exit is off the 5 south. This is an example of stupidity, bad mapping you have to take the exit off of 78 west which is a left turn onto the 5 south it is then your second exit. Oh and what is with the butchering of spanish names seriously via ranch parkway is NOT VIADUCT IT IS VIA.
  • New app and promotion disaster 2/5

    By tyronepro
    I'm a 4.6 rated driver with almost 3000 trips. After 2.5 yeas of driving uber, I'm considering taking another direction. Until now, they offered fixed rate surges at certain times within a particular area or "geofence." Uber has taken away that feature and replaced it with a bonus feature of $6.50-$7.50 if you complete 3 trips in a row. This is bad for a few reasons: 1. If I'm driving a person & using another gps app( Uber's is horrible!) I don't get any significant notification that another trip is in the queue. So many times after completion of 3 trips in a row, I don't even get the bonus because I missed a little banner that popped up momentarily as I'm driving, navigating and maybe talking to a passenger. Easy way for uber to shave off a few bucks per driver, per day and keep it in their pockets while I'm cheated out of my earnings! 2. When I do complete 3 trips in a row with the surgical precision required to multitask everything mentioned above, 7/10 times I have to call support and ask for my bonus. It rarely shows up automatically and I have to explain/ debate with agents around the globe for 45-50 minutes... they often won't fix the situation on the spot and give me a hard time, telling me I missed a trip or the system will update it. 3. When I call to complain about missing bonuses, I'm told to wait 24-48 hours for it to appear. Who has time to track a $7 bonus while completing dozens of additional trips and qualifying for additional ( though not apparent) bonuses ?!? Your move uber. I'm done until you get back to making it worth my time.
  • Doesn’t show fare after every drive - 1/5

    By Joshuaedeardk
    ***Update 1 new interface later*** ***Update 12 months later and this issue still is not resolved.*** I currently drive both Uber and Lyft and if I get 2 jobs at the same time I now officially pick Lyft jobs because I always know exactly how much I earn after every drive. The app does not show you earning after each trip. ***I’m not going to waste my time with more detail, because they know about this issue.*** Here is all the information you should need Uber, this forum is for us to stay anonymous and report issues, use it and actually listen to your drivers. I drive in Portland Oregon Network Carrier: AT&T Why is it so hard to give your drivers the fundamental ability to see how much they earn directly after each and every trip, Lyft doesn’t seem to have this same issue. It seems as if Uber wants to hide from the drivers their actual earning. If you copy and paste your developer responds we will all know you are not taken this issue seriously.
  • Thanks 5/5

    Thank you for the opportunity
  • Uber driver 5/5

    By Xoxo49337
  • Crap 1/5

    EVERY time you get close to hitting your quest (i.e. 23/25 trips for $50), The app feeds you no trips all day or terrible long trips to keep you on the road as late as possible.
  • You running your business down. 1/5

    By Ladypop101
    Recently I’ve been doing Uber eats. So MANY customers are not available nor are they answering messages/calls. So I sit there calling and texting. I get no response after 3 minutes so I make the delivery as unavailable/can’t find recipients. Now I’m on my “final warning” because of not completing deliveries. Why? How is it my fault that the person isn’t looking at their phone and paying attention? This is ridiculous! I also do doordash and they have way more business. You guys need to address these issues and stop blaming your drivers for everything.
  • Tips 3/5

    By FJNate78
    Just started driving in Las Vegas a few days ago. The app itself works well but one of my passengers told me he tried to tip me but I wasn’t accepting tips. I went through every available option within the app and was unabated to turn on tips. I called the support number and was told they would have to turn it on manually. Why is accepting tips even an option? The option to tip should lie with the passenger not the driver! Fix this ASAP PLEASE!
  • 5 star trips. 3/5

    By Caylan Gordon
    Bring back the ability to see how many lifetime 5 star trips we have
  • Navigation 5/5

    By aashu thulung
    Sometimes navigation told us to go on one and and no left turn.
  • Driver App 4/5

    By BNA Buck
    Overall a very good app, I would like to see improvements on the app’s notification windows. Notification alerts for trip requests pop up on the app while driving on an active trip with passengers. The pop up alert window covers up the navigation and guidance for the active trip. You cannot see the turn by turn guidance on the map page of the app until the Uber request notification for the additional ride request times out. I would suggest an app option that allows the driver to turn off new ride requests until the active trip is completed. This would avoid pop up windows displaying over navigation information for an active trip.
  • Uber 5/5

    By JusTRasHEd
    Nice , easy and unique.
  • Navigation 4/5

    By Shorwa
    Most of the time Uber navigation affects my rating, cause of wrong pick up and drop off points. Thank you!
  • Great! 5/5

    By kamikeyyy
    Hey my fellow Uberians, I’m enjoying doing Uber eats and it’s actually a good way to make some fast cash all I ask is that during promotional hours can you PLEASE keep the area of promotion on the main map. PLEASE? It’s frustrating having to go see which region the promotion takes place when it could be right there like before this update. Btw the update looks really nice on the newer phones. This is all I ask, keep Ubering
  • Bad app 1/5

    By tone1214
    I signed up for Uber and they said I needed to wait a week to get my back round check done so I checked back everyday and it tells me that I need to take a picture of my self and take a picture of my insurance I did for a whole week and it won’t take it but they using my picture and not approving it
  • GPS voice. 3/5

    By upkel
    The latest update has messed with the voice on the GPS again. It is robotic and I cannot hear it. Makes it real hard to use.
  • Y’all owe me 6.00$ 1/5

    By po'd uber driver
    I sat in front of a sketchy ladies house for 22 min with her running out every few minutes with promises of good tips to keep waiting. I decided to just leave after I noticed how long it was and her jaws were swinging. I did not want that passenger as my rider. Next thing I know I get the fare adjusted and then saying I’m taking cash rides so I’m a little aggravated at the fact that my team didn’t discuss the issue or take it out of their end when it’s a billion dollar company and I make 10$/hr driving for Uber. Thanks for ruining my evening, I ended up making less than 10/hr for a rider to make one statement.
  • No phone support in my app 2/5

    By ZacharyCosmos
    Both before and after the app update, I do it have the phone icon, nor does it give me a number to call for phone support. In the Help Section, under “Do you offer phone support?” it tells me to simply click the phone icon in the upper right corner, or to click “Call Support” Unser the Help heading. It simply doesn’t exist either place. I haven’t been able to drive for a couple months due to other time commitments, and I was hoping to get back into it soon. I may not if Uber doesn’t want to help me. In the past it has been an enjoyable and meaningful side gig. But again, if Uber doesn’t even include their number where they say they do, I hesitate to give them any more of my valuable time. In this moment I am leaning more towards driving for Lyft.
  • Uber select 3/5

    By king23464
    Uber select keeps dropping off my account. Even though I’m still driving my select car it just disappears off app. Called hotline twice and I got the same answer multiple times. They want you to delete it and wait 15 minutes. However this has been happening every night and is very irritating. It’s costing me a lot of money as I usually get 3-4 select rides a night.
  • Tips 1/5

    By Courtluv82
    I cannot accept tips pls fix this problem my passengers have been trying to tip me but can’t no where in the app it says anything about tips
  • doing cheating nowadays 1/5

    By garry 1990
    i took a trip to philadelphia and i paid $14.94 toll and they gave me $4.65 toll only also whenever after every 2 hours application stop giving trips especially when you are in consecutive trips.
  • Why fix something that’s not broken? 3/5

    By Zack123456789
    I just got use to the old version and now it’s all different. I use to be able to turn off the app with one touch now it’s a two step process which makes it difficult when I’m trying to switch to a different app quickly.
  • Earning section isn’t working 1/5

    By Dee_pharmtech
    I’ve been doing Uber eats for awhile and then when I upgrade my car vehicle information for renewal car insurance policy, I did some deliveries then the Earning section is always down. Isn’t working properly. I’ve tried uninstall it and re-install it again it’s still the same thing. Please fix this problem thank you.

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