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Uber Driver – the app for drivers • Help people move around your city, and make money on your schedule. Drive whenever you want—Uber offers a flexible way to make extra cash on your terms. No offices, no bosses. • Download the Uber Driver app, and sign up to drive in the app. We’ll guide you through the steps and notify you when you’re all set to drive. Hitting the road • The app offers the latest features that help you focus on driving and making money. • We’ll explain how to use the app, provide optional navigation and Help support, and let you know when there are special opportunities to make even more. Every trip you take is fully tracked by GPS for safety and security. Getting paid • You can see how much you’ve made anytime after every trip. You’ll be paid directly to your bank account every week, or receive cash on each trip—depending on the country you drive in. *This app typically uses 2 GB of data per month. Using navigation can decrease your phone’s battery life. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.


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  • Increasing fuel prices 3/5

    By vanillabluedolphin
    When I started Uber 2 months ago I was making a profit. With gas prices increasing half of my profit goes to fuel. I wish they would make changes due to this situation.
  • Driver ratings and poor customer service 2/5

    By jj58225
    1. The poor reviews from passengers with Uber’s driver rating system are dehumanizing, and do not reflect my overall performance. 2. Uber’s navigation is dreadful. 3. Uber’s customer service is even worse, if I try to get help resolving an issue with a trip I often get an auto generated response that is of no help what so ever. 4. UberEATS has sent me to closed restaurants twice this week and wasted my time and money.
  • Support 3/5

    By Msldyl
    Every time I contact support no one can help me! They can’t set up my account to be a delivery driver. Please update the app to make it easier to just be a delivery driver. Also I called to get help finding the greenlight hub and they had no clue where I should go. I had the address but it was a mall with multiple stores and they didn’t know where I should go. Having a contact number for the hub would be nice. I haven’t been able to delivery yet and I’ve been approved for weeks
  • In app nav is awful 2/5

    By stue trory
    Uber’s in-app navigation seems to function solely for the purpose of upsetting the rider, and cementing resentment toward the driver.
  • FREE. RIDES 5/5

    By sdstocks
    Enter DINAC51 into the promo code section for free rides up to $1300
  • so MANY glitches! 1/5

    By Forza_azzurri75
    Promotion tab is all screwed up. Doesn’t show the boundary map anymore and doesn’t show consecutive trip bonuses In correct chronological order. Also only shows 1 day at a time. “Promo calendar” tab is gone! GONE! How am I supposed to plan my weekly schedule if I don’t know when the bonuses are until the day of. Ridiculous. I haven’t gotten a “weekly rating” report in over a month that just stopped working all together. In daily total screen it will show that I received a tip, but it doesn’t show on any of the rides.. I have to go thru the rides individually and hit the “fair details” tab to see if the tip is associated with that trip. On Sundays after midnight my “daily total” screen goes blank and I have no clue how much money I make from midnight to 4am. After 4am it fixes itself. I guess because he new week starts? Just goes on the fritz every Sunday from 12-4am.
  • Great service 4/5

    I enjoy Driving for Uber 😊. I’ve only done less than 100 trips, but can say most all have been positive and enjoyable. The app doesn’t always give best directions though. And tries to reroute when not needed at the airport. And around college in Manoa tries to send you up driveways that are card access only. But all in all I think it’s a great service for drivers and riders. 🤙. Mahalo Nui Loa
  • Feedback 5/5

    By Tabi2017
    I’m new as an Uber driver and I’ve done about 90 trips...here’s what I’ve noticed so far. 1)sometimes the maps has a delay and it doesn’t always give you the best route. If I’m not familiar with the area, it looks like I’m incompetent with my directions. 2) when riders request UberPOOL, they should be asked twice if that’s really the ride they want to take. Or maybe have a disclaimer in bold “you might share a ride with another rider and there is additional stops” more often than not, when I’m picking up additional riders, they are surprised that there’s people already in the car or vice versa, riders are surprised that I’m stopping instead of dropping them of first. I know it’s a cheap option but riders are not found of them. 3) during busy times; i.e bars closing or pick up during a concert, encourage riders to write a message to their driver to help identify them: for example: I’m wearing a red shirt or I’m standing next to this sign... during this busy time when everybody is requesting uber and the pin location is not always 100% accurate it can be a bit overwhelming and it leads to drivers and passengers canceling rides.
  • Uber Experience 5/5

    By Waheed Tokhi
    Great company enjoying driving for uber. Uber is the best
  • Review about Driving with Uber! 5/5

    By Abraham (Malikzai)
    Driving with Uber is awesome, especially the pool technology while pairing different folks in the same vehicle is Phenomenal!! Looking forward to see upcoming wonderful feathers!
  • Get 1500 if you use me code fatehh37ue 1/5

    By Abu hug
    bad Uber supporters
  • stole my $ 1/5

    By LongBeachDude
    Spent over 2 hours chatting with an Uber phone support rep because I was underpaid for multiple trips! The rep said the trips would be adjusted and the updated earnings would be added to my account, but instead money was deducted from my account! As of now, my weekly earnings have not been updated (still missing $45.31) and I have less money in my account after talking to uber phone support (yes, phone support deducted $ from account instead of adding said owed money). I’m still missing $45.31! The uber rep notated the amount of my correct weekly earnings to date and guaranteed that I would see this amount reflected in the app. unfortunately, the rep did not record in detail why I was owed money (after talking to him for 2 hours) and now uber support refuses to give me the money I’m owed. Fast forward 5 hours of phone support later (plus multiple in app support messages) and I’m still missing $45.31! Uber has underpaid me multiple times in the past! I shouldn’t have to battle with them to receive what I’ve rightfully earned! now this is just downright theft!
  • Driver in Tennessee 4/5

    By Bulletproof wings
    So I started driving in September 2017 and was making excellent money but since January of 2018 it’s been down hill. Now I like to do uber eats during the week and uber x on weekends but get this, Here lately if the customer orders to the wrong address which many do so they don’t have to pay extra it takes uber forever to fix the right amount, and Mother’s day I had someone in my car who’s child spilled a sticky drink on my brand new seat covers went through and stained my seat and guess what , they gave me a 40.00 cleaning fee. Then today May 18 th they tell me my profile picture is no longer valid. So I upload a new to which I have to wait two hours until I can go online. Also I was online for 3 hours and nothing pinged. They like to nit pick at certain drivers. I have excellent ratings. But uber is becoming a joke!
  • Love & hate 3/5

    By youngsteezykids.com
    I have a love hate relationship with being a Uber Eats driver. Most of the time it’s a good deal. Driving without boost usually doesn’t make it worthwhile(less than mini wage), but when I don’t have much going on it’s okay. My biggest gripe is Uber not paying for the long distances driven to pick up a order. I’ve driven 20 mins away just to pick up and drop off an order and only get less then 4 dollars!! Cmon Uber! That’s not cool man.
  • Good App 4/5

    By Smooth Drive
    The app goes offline by itself if I’m on another app after a few minutes.
  • Stop wasting your time 1/5

    By Ali🤔
    It is a great side job if you only drive on weekends at night . Other wise you will not even make minimum wage after expenses . Uber will charge riders upfront but they will only pay you based on Miles and time . They keep the rest. on most of the trips uber will take more than 50% of the fare. I wish I could post a screenshot of a trip and post it here
  • Poor 1/5

    By Ettedgui
  • Looking forward to the improvements 4/5

    By Kellie Fenili
    Fare rates and GPS issues
  • Uber Driver 2/5

    By zulu1775
    As a Uber driver my only problem with Uber is that the lack of support and help to the drivers . When you have to renew your driver documents it takes Uber to long to review them and get you back on the road causing the driver to miss out on Money and or lose you a lot of money please fix this problem ASAP
  • Car Picture 4/5

    By Hfvjgcbjccjcv
    For the most part the app works well. I look forward to seeing how the app will work with the updates introduce today in the video. You do need to allow me to take a picture and posted of my car. The picture that customer seeing now is a Kia forte black hatchback. My car is a blue sedan. This has proven to be very confusing to the customers.
  • Shady Company... 1/5

    By Wants Better
    2 bad reviews removed. Must have a paid agreement to not have bad reviews on here. Avoid this company at all costs. This company is a joke and does shady business. You take away someone’s instant pay at the drop of the hat, support marks issues resolved when they are not, and you have the nerve to write that your CEO is helping put the drivers and passengers first to become the company everyone expects? Good luck with that. You’re a disgrace of a company. Note to the editor’s response: I have sent several support messages to Uber and your support team is a joke. They mark messages resolved when they aren’t and refer back to another support team and it’s one endless loop. Uber doesn’t care about their drivers.
  • Stop now 1/5

    By CapWalker
    I have over 35 years in this industry and have qualified as an iTunes provider. I cannot recommend this app without substantial changes. To the coding and to the support. I’m surprised it’s available in this store. Despite the recent presentation there must be two things before this can be considered effective: direct accountability by a LIVE OPERATOR given the authority to fix problems, driver community support. The app doesn’t present needed, available incentive information before choosing. It’s navigational system in some cities is dangerous to follow. The community of support, learning and history is missing. It’s hard to understand that a sampling of 500 drivers represents millions of drivers and delivery partners. How UBER is accountable to you as much as you are accountable to them and your customers. The fee to them has yet to be justified in my mind, yet it is as absolute as their support and direction isn’t. You may find an acceptable situation in your town. But be thorough in your research. Talk to others. Try building a community on your own. Or do it for pure profit. But at this point you will be alone, under constant scrutiny and given little direction. And before another note from the developers see if they provide a phone number. Notice how my request to review a PHONE CALL is met with response BY TEXT. Everything’s noted in the account. You will have minimal support as a delivery partner. Drivers may have different mileage. Note, just like your support, the developer response leads TO A DEAD END. Of over 2 dozen drivers only three of us are ‘good’ by restaurant owners. I do it DESPITE THE APP. I was recently ‘dinged’ with response time issues because I wait for the restaurant. UBER has no clue how to process feedback or answer simple questions. You are the link between restaurant and customer. If you don’t enjoy that making someone happy with food and no tip, forget it. For example the developer response has been the same three times in a row. It’s a broken link with no follow up. No live support. All Uber partner drivers here feel the same : terrible money, terrible support, terrible app.
  • Claim of update for the better 2/5

    By Neck Tat
    I think it is funny that with each new update a driver like me who has been driving for 2 years and has a 4.98 rating that I seem to get less and less rides all while the new drivers get ride after ride. The updates take 2 months to finally figure if I need to sign out all the time after each ride or redone load the app call UBER support and wow you would be suppressed to find out that after 2 years they all of a sudden lost what state my cars plate was in and my plate number even though it never changed. Oh yeah I wasted 12 hours trying to get rides and nope no help also the forced picture that they uploaded and the removal of nick names was a joke. They even linked my rider app with my driver app and they still say there is something wrong with my phone number after all this time but I was able to get a call from a passenger that I dropped off like 5 hours previous asking if I had they wallet but they never did it thru the app well they did but UBER let them. Promise of update. Welll I got an update but not what they brand update was supposed to be so that means another weekend and week of no rides and no pay. Go UBER This might change if they quit charging riders more money and rubbing it in our faces that they are increasing the rider side but not to worry we will still be making pennies and nothing will change we will still be paid peanuts. If this all changes I will update this review if not it will stay
  • In app navigation needs an overhaul 1/5

    By Shaggymunky
    The in app navigation needs improvement. I was charged a toll evasion fee of $26 just because the in app navigation did not recognize the path as a toll road. I contacted customer support to resolve the issue and receive reimbursement, but since they did not see that the path had a toll they refuse to supply a reimbursement. I even showed them the waybill and the violation times overlapped, but still no resolution. Now I’m out $26 for something the app guided me to. The app needs to have an option to avoid tolls. The only way it’s possible to do so is by using google maps and always having to manually select this option. As a UX standpoint this has two negative effects. It slows the drivers down by them having to take extra steps to make sure the navigation is correct, and the passenger then has to wait longer for the drive to get everything set up.
  • Why is this app still being updated? 3/5

    By Exiledkng
    Why didn't this recent update get us the new app introduced last month? The current app needs to be retired ASAP.
  • App not working properly 3/5

    By ShellyASanders3
    Today (May 16,2018) my app has not been giving proper directions on pick-up and has not been showing drop off address or has me driving in circles. Also I have noticed other drivers arriving at the airport and receive an immediate ping as I have been sitting here for over an hour. I am upset about this situation and expect an immediate resolution to the problem as it cost me money to work
  • Fixing to do 3/5

    By firegid
    Uber has fixing to do Ride came in and I accepted it The ride request disappeared The rider called me to make sure I was on the way I refreshed my app and there was the ride Really? Takes forever to update trip earnings Behind on ratings and trip counts Lots bugs and fixes
  • Really?!? 1/5

    By bozomac
    I’ve tried for OVER one hour to go online. In Chicago, not middle of Idaho. “... trouble reaching the Uber network”. I’ve restarted my phone several times, deleted and re-downloaded the app several times. Nothing. Ridiculous and pathetic
  • Would be nice... 4/5

    By sayahjames
    1) it would be nice if the Uber app was apple CarPlay compatible so we could eliminate the fact of having to constantly touch our phone while driving (as if a cop sees you using it at all, it is a ticket-able offense) 2) driver earnings... it would be nice if we saw like 80 or even 75% of the pay and Uber get the other cut because let’s be honest it isn’t going to hurt you’s at all. 3) taxes... I would love the option of having the taxes taken directly out of my earnings each week, less of a hassle for me to deal with when I do my taxes.
  • Surge notification 4/5

    By drives for uber
    It will be nice if surge notification is removed for example Fare are higher due to increased demand People avoid taking cars when they see this sign please help your drivers and remove the notification And tip options should be in percentage like 10 15 or 20 so people know exactly what should be exactly tip
  • Issues with consecutive trips 1/5

    By brij7
    I never get any consecutive trip earnings. . Worst experience ever
  • Thank you 5/5

    By I medal
    Thank you
  • Navigation 2/5

    Please update the navigation it’s of a lot. I m getting bad reviews cause it’s not in the right direction always.
  • When will the new app come out ? Patiently waiting... 1/5

    By Deopersaud
    Uber has announced as part of 180 days of change there is currently a new app. I drive in New York and am currently operating on the old app, when will that new app come out for ios in NEW YORK?!???
  • Gracias con Uber me siento de lo mejor 5/5

    By Amorsito1259
    Gracias con Uber me siento de lo mejor
  • Not properly compensating drivers for their work 1/5

    By yaboyuber driver
    I have plenty of screen shots. Constantly having to contact a support system that isn’t helpful by any means when an issue arises. I’ve had cash removed from my account without being contacted about it and have had to complain and not get an answer right away. For anyone interested I have screenshots. I’ve done 1300 trips. I’m truly sick of this. Update to this. The Uber reps contacted through the app haven’t been helpful at all and can’t seem to understand the issue no matter how many times it’s explained. I still haven’t been properly compensate for trips where the customer changed the delivery address last minute. Instead we as the driver have to deal with the lost time and mileage. And btw the developer response below me is useless. You still have to contact Uber support through the app. Responses could come right away or even take a week. At this point I wish I could add pics to this review to show everyone exactly the issue that isn’t being fixed. Oh and I’ve also had Uber remove cash from my account multiple times without being properly notified of the issue. If you deliver an order and the customer reports that you didn’t they take away the delivery amount and your aren’t notified of this until you see the negative transaction amount. I have proof of this happening twice to me in pictures. At this point I almost wanna leave my email for proof Incase anyone else wants to see the pics
  • Payment info should update right away after each ride is over. 5/5

    By MAGIC1970
    Airport queue should mean airport riders only non airport riders request should not be given to those drivers who patiently waited in airport queue. Ride request range from Uber riders should be in less than two miles range. We Uber drivers our cars don’t run with water gas is almost $4 a gallon please implement my suggestions to help drivers experience better for all Uber drivers. Thank you best wishes Majid Nasiruddin.
  • Unending problems over the past couple months 1/5

    By outofspoons
    After two years of driving with uber and thousands of rides, I’ve given up on this app after months of problems. The final straw is that I can no longer get any information about consecutive trip boosts through the app. I still receive messages from Uber offering consecutive trip boosts, but none of the links in those messages work, and when I go into the app to find out when and where the boosts are, all I can see is the time of the last boost period. I can no longer access a calendar of upcoming boosts or even see a map of the area where the boosts are available. I’ve written to Uber Support about this twice, and they don’t even respond. Driving for Uber has been an endless succession of frustrations lately, and no one seems to care.
  • Stealing tips? 1/5

    By Barackobamavevo
    Okay, so I delivered to someone I know personally. I watched them put the tip in the app and saw the PayPal notification charging them for it. However, according to uber support, I haven’t opted in to receive tips. This was supposed to show up as a full screen dialog. However I never saw it. Uber support keeps sending me the same message, telling me to reboot the app and that the dialog should then show up. It isn’t showing up. I think the only way to see someone who works for uber who’ll resolve my issue is in a courtroom for lost wages, which is really unfortunate
  • Great App. Redeem Code: IXE3K 4/5

    By San Francisco Living
    App much better and user friendly than Lyft. Highly recommend using their set destination option which allows specific arrival times. This is the single beat thing on the app. It makes my life easier and I’m never far away from where I need to be.
  • Just signed up 1/5

    By Badman 1992
    So I signed up for Uber and I got the approved text message tried logging in and nothing it just keep me at one screen saying waiting for approval when I’ve able been approved Someone please help me
  • Flaws 3/5

    By Kelsey Jamz
    Doesn’t tell you the name of the destination, riders aren’t charged when drivers wait but drivers are charged when riders wait, and if you live in a small city there’s a chance you’ll drive 20 minutes just to get $5 (driving a couple of miles).
  • Irritated 2/5

    By cjack2005
    From the start I have been irritated with how there is no actual person or email to reach anyone with Uber. I have searched throughout the entire website and app for help and have never found any. This needs to be fixed ASAP. How do you expect anyone to continue this way. Please prove explanation for what the required documents are. What is a brake tag-back?? Why does your app not like the profile pictures I have submitted? Why is it even asking me for a picture when there is one on my profile already. My documents changed, not my face. Why does the app continue to ask for documents that have already been accepted? These are just some of my frustrations with Uber and since there is no platform to address these issues, I decided to post them here.
  • UPDATE!!! 3/5

    By Pudakis9
    Are you guys ever going to update this app it’s been 2 months since my last update
  • Great way to earn xtra income 5/5

    By LAMA7
    Uber has been great to me in that it is flexible and a great concept. It is questionable if it is worth it in the long run after maintenance ,gas and mileage. I have driven for Uber for a year and a half and I can hardly pay my bills. I have 4000 rides under my belt. I see the company waisting money developing driverless cars and flying cars and it makes you wonder if they know what business they are in. They are actively trying to replace drivers with machines that no one wants to die in. The great thing about Uber is they give lots of people jobs.Uber should create better paying jobs not try to eliminate the workers that got them where they are.
  • UberX vs pool and short rides 4/5

    By DriverHIA
    I believe Pool should be separate from UberX in the trips menu option. Many UberX drivers don’t like pool and many do, so it should be an option. Also drivers should be informed if a ride is extremely short. In some areas traffic is heavy and can take 10 minutes to drive a few blocks. When the pick up is made, passengers sometimes only ride a couple blocks leaving drivers with a miserable $2.50. Personally if I knew the ride would only make this much I would not take it. And if the driver provides refreshments for a 4 person ride going this distance, driver lost money. A minimum $5 rate to the driver should be standard. Uber is supposed to be a higher experience than public transportation or a taxicab. But giving us pocket change seems insulting.
  • Not liking new version 2/5

    By uberrichyrich
    I was on the old version from several months ago. On a android phone. Now that I’m running the new version on Apple iPhone 8 , I don’t have the feature to filter rides for select /uberx or pools. And on earnings tab, not able to locate my promotions screen!?
  • Rider ratings 2/5

    By Curlsrock79
    It frustrating to get a bad rider rating when the drive did NOTHING wrong. I think a bad rating should require an explanation and not some generic term such as professionalism.
  • Use my code azizd369ue 5/5

    By Better thangrubhub
    Use my code azizd369ue
  • Descontento 1/5

    By flsbucaros
    Buenas tardes, recibí un primer aviso de demora en las entregas, siempre trato de dar el máximo en mi trabajo. Literalmente corro para entregar rápido el delivery, nunca hago bajar al cliente si está en un edificio. Soy amable. Hay veces en la q en la madrugada los rest. Sobre todo mcdonalds no tiene la comida lista. Y ese es el motivo de la demora! Me gustaría que tomaran en cuenta mi descontento y limpiaran un poco mi historial porque la verdad es muy injusto

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