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Uber Driver

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  • Current Version: 4.202.10003
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Uber Technologies, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Uber Driver App

Uber Driver app – the app for drivers. Turn your spare time into earnings with the new Driver app — built in partnership with drivers, to bring you the tools you need to succeed. Help move people and things where they need to go. Drive whenever you want — no offices, no bosses. Wherever you want to go, we want you to enjoy the journey and the destination. Sign up to drive inside the Uber Driver app. We’ll guide you through the steps and notify you when you’re all set to drive. A smarter way to earn Keep track of how much you’re making after every trip, right on the map. Schedule driving around your life. Plan your days easier with estimated times until your next request and a forecast of rider activity in your area over the next 24 hours. The support you need Take the fear out of your first trips — you’ll learn how to use the app when you first open it. Get the help you need with an easy in-app tool to report issues or ask questions. *This app typically uses 2 GB of data per month. Using navigation can decrease your phone’s battery life.

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Uber Driver app reviews

  • Breaks hands free 3/5

    I have a iPhone 8 and use Siri quite often to stop/play/pause music but Siri does not work while Uber Driver app is running and it pauses the music every time I start or except a trip. Seems like every time the app is updated things like this happen. Also the volume for trip requests are very low.
  • Uber 1/5

    By hunter3031991
    Uber is the most disgusting maggots crawling all over their drivers.
  • Best work at ur own schedule gig out there!!!! 5/5

    By AmyShug
    Coming from a full time student and mother of 3...driving for uber is AWESOME for my schedule!
  • The call button is not safe with the new update 3/5

    By Titus G
    You have to press the call button too many times to make a call and the that is dangerous while driving. Plus the call buttons got smaller with the new update. This is not safe, the call button should be at the most 2 clicks and the button should be bigger.
  • Major update, minor problems 4/5

    By redbullgiveyoulegs
    App is still buggy, internet connections often dies regardless of cell signal; requires a reset (airplane mode on and off) sometimes even during rides.
  • Uber Eats 5/5

    By E.Luciano
    Awesome way to make money ‼️💯🗣
  • Uber driver 5/5

    By warrentheuberdriver
    Great just get a tune up on your car 😆😆 great company..
  • Destination and signing out 2/5

    By 1984moe
    Uber took away the destination. I live in westchester sp when I go home and got no destination trips do u think am gonna risk taking a trip going so far in brooklyn and then drive an hour and a half to get home ?? Of course not.. I’ll turn uber off and work with lyft and juno instead and uber will lose too many drivers. And in rush hours I have the right to refuse trips that are so far and definitely won’t be stuck 20 mins to pick up a passenger and uber now keeps signing me out !! Great job uber this case I’ll also avoid ur requests and take Lyft passengers. Uber please think smart and stop this bs.
  • Quick cash 5/5

    By Sgoku8
    Nice part time job
  • Spring break 2/5

    By spring break season
    Drove 7-8 hours today in SW FLA. Spring break a lot of traffic of course.. Making $3-$5 for trips 6-8 miles that take 30-40 minutes . NO TIPS...their Shud be A minimum $1-$2 tips ... Also for events & Times Of year like tourism is high This time of year in fla.... Won’t be seeing me out their much more ... Glta
  • Forcing rides 1/5

    By william336
    Since the new update, Uber is forcing drivers to take certain rides when they don’t want too. The app freeze magically when you want to decline ride
  • Anyone else having to reinstall app a lot? 3/5

    By idkthatguythatisreviewingthis
    Whatever this new update is, I’m not getting work for hours. Support tells me to reinstall the app. Or quit and log back. Or drive around. But it has gotten to the point where I have to reinstall the app almost every day. I’m losing money trying to find deliveries. I just need to know if it’s just me?? I have a high rating and I’ve been doing this for 4 months now.
  • Bs 1/5

    By Pirata93
    Uber taking 40% of the cut, thas bs
  • GPS 4/5

    By MegMac1818
    I think it’s well known that the GPS is not great. Is there a way where no alleys are used as a pick up point? Just saying.
  • Tips online 3/5

    By pit bull fund
    I have many customers tell me that I have a very hard time trying to tip delivery drivers from online site .
  • Love it 5/5

    By mr36busfan
    Really enjoy doing this on my days off my full time job. Love to drive and make some money and meet people.
  • Driver needs help 1/5

    By udiebdheijebxj
    You will not call me and help with my concern unless I’m on an active delivery... it’s a joke I need help loading a document and it’s completely out of my hands... it’s a uber app problem! Hello!!!??!!!
  • What a ripoff 1/5

    By Marriott Time-waster
    When I count all the costs am I even making minimum wage?
  • Directions are terrible... 1/5

    By H8Liars
    The directions tell us to go out of our way and take us to too many dead ends or through construction zones too often. We should be able to rate the customer later, not as we end the trip with them still right there. The app fails a lot here in Las Vegas due to the concrete parking structures. Customers change their minds a lot and it’s difficult for them to add a stop or change a stop. There should not be a limit on what they can tip us.
  • Great OPPORTUNITY 5/5

    By Aminaah
    Best thing so far
  • Live this job 5/5

    By bigbadbuff
    Just a very awesome job. Be your own boss
  • Uber deactivated me after 3 years and 2500 trips 1/5

    By Neo_Nightmares
    I just got a new car and they refused to reactivate me after they claim I had low ratings I had a 4.66 and it was climbing until they came and knocked me offline in the middle of picking someone up. Update Friday 3/22 : they still refuse to reactivate me after taking the driver improvement course. Uber used me and spit me out! No support! Now I have to pay for this new Jeep with out Uber!
  • Driving 3/5

    By joe75r
    Why do I get negative points for canceling on people when I only have 3 minutes left on my drive time. And if uber knows I have 3 minutes left to drive why do Uber keeps sending me riders? And why does uber wants me to make a Uturn on a no Uturn left turn. Safety,safety,safety. And if I hit the breaks a little hard is because I am being safe just because a light changes faster than usual, I am not risking my life or the passenger life so jus because a rider on a cellphone and not paying attention to the road puts a negative comment about my driving with out him knowing what just happened is not right. And because not all riders know what is going on because there are on their cellphones and not driving and uber believe them is not right. I have a class A linces and I go and do safety classes I believe I know more than the passenger not paying any attention. I am all about safety and Uber should do too. Thank you.
  • GPS is terrible and Support is useless 1/5

    By Ramonlopez
    The GPS is off. It stops in the middle of the road when the delivery is on the other side of the street or even a few houses down. The GPS travel times are inaccurate compare to real life time. I am often instructed to make illegal u turns, drive down the wrong direction on one-way streets,illegal left turns and I some cases I’m taken down a personal driveways instead of actual roads. Customer support reads off of scripts and I often have to repeat or rephrase questions and/or concerns to finally get anything done. I recently ordered Uber Eats as a CUSTOMER and when I had a complaint about about the driver and the restaurant. I got the responses on the driver app. Further more, my 100% rating was dropped down to 96% because the complaint was applied to the wrong account.
  • 180 days off going down down hell !!! 1/5

    By Johny508
    To all NYC drivers uber is going down hell !!! They take out Destination trip and they cut down in uber black and SUV rates and in uberx you only can make a little more IF there’s a Traffic otherwise you will less the minimum trips went down almost by 45 cents.... if anyone wants to join uber DONT do this mistake you’ll regret that for the rest of your life !!!!!
  • Riders can damage your car up to $1000 and get away!!! What a JOKE 👎👎👎 1/5

    By htyhyhrtybrtyhrtyrh
    It’s been good 4 years driving for uber, till today!!! Rider make a big dent and scraped exterior paint to the metal and uber doesn’t care!!! They advertised that they will take care any damage when you sing up, BIG LIE, they don’t care about drivers!!!! No support!!! I’m saying goodbye to uber and will continue drive for Lyft!
  • Can't mute inapp sounds 1/5

    By David S. Hasanli
    Can't mute inapp sounds and freeze
  • Uber is shorting earnings 1/5

    By uber is stealing.
    After they short you on time or distance they will insist it’s correct & after the automated response don’t work they will directly ignore you. Worse company out. Take all the money you can off referrals then strip after 30 or 50. Unless you like wasting your time. Check out my fb group Beat The App.
  • Theives 1/5

    By asdfghjkl.m. %@#&*
    Uber ain’t nothing but a thief say they will pay rate and purposefully give a ride that doesn’t pay surge when it’s in a zone and have nerve to say prove it with a snap shot nothing you can’t snap when they give ride before you drop off a rider
  • New life 5/5

    By myiqbal
    Uber is new life style job at time in my life . I Owen boss
  • Vehicle insurance approval. Instant pay is not available for my account. 1/5

    Instant pay is not available for my account. Vehicle insurance approval has taken almost an entire day.
  • Great map, great passengers 5/5

    By Johnny Slugg
    The app and map are quite user friendly. Thanks.
  • Uber eats partner. 1/5

    By beattheapp
    I have used Uber to make $2,000 dollars over a span of 8 days. They offered $450 per referral for completing 30 trips in 30 days. That’s how I got into using this service. If you do this for “work” you must be insane. The company has set their app up to where you will have inaccurate wait times when arriving to a pick up location. They have set this app up to where they will not pay you for the distance traveled. They have also set the support system for Uber eats to email only. So it can be easier to send automated messages declining any adjustment. Uber has moved from flat 5 fee to 3.99 if it’s close - 7.99 if it’s far. The pay system for partners is solely based of “expected wait times “ which means regardless of circumstances you will not be paid more than what Uber has already preset as the “expected time” this is creating a shortage of earnings across the board. If Uber continues to use the same app for Uber eats partner as their driver partner Uber but not provide the same type of support.
  • No way to contact support team 1/5

    By Sunshinelee_89
    No “ call us “option is available under support just an option for message and when you open the box there is no way to message out. The bottom of the main screen is requesting that I contact support about my account but I have no way to do so. Yes I do have the updated app downloaded to my mobile device.
  • Fraudulent activity/ scam 1/5

    By Ettedgui
    Uber changed their prices recently. I just picked up a passenger an drive him 2.1 miles. He paid 6.84, I was paid 3.24. Uber collects 3.60. Are you worried yet?
  • Navigation 4/5

    By Authentic Soccerdad
    Too many left turns without a signal at large and busy boulevards, and too often brings me to location on wrong side of the street from rider.
  • Their system is slow 1/5

    By ARE0416
    Not letting me do uber eats , it’s been processing my profile for 3 days already.
  • If it ain’t broke don’t fix it 2/5

    By Get it Right 2019
    Nothing was wrong with the old system but it’s NAVIGATION System was totally messed up.
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By addictedaries
    Everything is great the only thing that needs work is the navigation system!
  • Make money 5/5

    By pokerstud 2019
    Great way to make money. 30 dollars a day is an extra Ona thousand per moth
  • Mad 1/5

    By Southern_gurl:)
    I can’t find a way to actually email for help! Y’all just give info but when I try emailing for help on issues you send messege saying wrong this wrong that doesn’t work etc like how am I supposed to use the app if you can’t even offer correct support you need an actual option to talk to someone for support to help fix problems instead of sending us in fifty different directions it should not be this hard to fix a problem!!!
  • What a joke! 1/5

    By Does anything ever work?
    All the dumb updates are to benefit Uber.
  • Promotions 1/5

    By shhhhhhh🤫
    The app stops counting trips for the promotion after 3 trips then starts counting again after I already hit the goal of 15 trips from 3 this has become a regular thing every weekend
  • Great way to make extra cash 5/5

    By jjjjjjaaaaaayyyyy
    Awesome so far.
  • New update so bad we can’t cancel fast 1/5

    By المسمري ابو عينها
    Even we waited for cancel time it’s taking longer than usual
  • UberDriver 4/5

    By Ujal Rai
    I’m just wondering about riders. I have not revive any ride requests. I want to give ride riders too. Thank you.
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By Wilharold
    I love it
  • Best 5/5

    By isaac&jesus
    Best food delivery service period
  • The Best great opportunity 5/5

    By Busythadon

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