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  • Current Version: 4.237.10001
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Uber Technologies, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Uber Driver App

Uber Driver app – the app for drivers. Turn your spare time into earnings with the new Driver app — built with drivers, to bring you helpful information at your fingertips. Help as you move people and things where they need to go. Drive whenever you want — no offices, no bosses. Wherever you want to go, we want you to enjoy the journey and the destination. Sign up to drive inside the Uber Driver app. We’ll guide you through the steps and notify you when you’re all set to drive. A smarter way to earn Keep track of how much you’re making after every trip, right on the map. Schedule driving around your life. Plan your days easier with estimated times until your next request and a forecast of rider activity in your area over the next 24 hours. The support you need to use the Uber Driver app Take the fear out of your first trips with Uber — you’ll learn how to use the app when you first open it. Get the help you need with an easy in-app tool to report issues or ask questions. *This app typically uses 2 GB of data per month. Using navigation can decrease your phone’s battery life.

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  • Voice control 1/5

    By Zack333333333333
    Literally every single day I manually turn voice controls OFF and nearly every day this God-forsaken app turns them back on. STOP THAT!!
  • Anonymous 2/5

    By 9977665544332211
    Honestly? I only deserve this truthfully! It wasn’t my fault that party wasn’t there, this like my third day, a driver it was a very good day till I had a pick up at the airport since that part wasn’t they’re , I was once told by security, that I need to leave , they’re weren’t their!
  • Very bad iOS version 1/5

    By Downbeach 6
    This is the 3rd last update version didn’t fix the low sound ping request coming from the phone , I try 3 iPhones 6 / 6 plus / 6s plus , no problem with a iPad , me and other drivers using iOS phones we have the same problem , don’t tell to close the app and reopen it , yes it’s work for 5 min , after 5 min the ping sound became low again , I need to connect the phone to the my Bluetooth to make it work
  • Pay 1/5

    By F7firecat
    Not worth the pay
  • ok 3/5

    By FearNot727
  • Please fix this bug 1/5

    By M94321
    Please fix the issue with promotions, I have missed out on several promotions due to bugs with the app that cause my promotion to restart even though I did not go offline or reject any rides.
  • Probably some of the worst customer support I've ever dealt with 1/5

    By Hdhsjakakkakekkk
    The customer support of uber eats and uber driver are quite LITERALLY the worst. they only read off a script, they barely speak English and before you say I'm racist, it's kind of hard to figure out whether you're going to get dinged for a failed delivery or pick up when you can't smoothly communicate with who are essentially your boss, and they don't actually make any effort to help you. example: uber is threatening to close my account WITHOUT WARNING, because a customer claimed that I didn't deliver the food when I ABSOLUTELY DID deliver the food. they claimed I didn't deliver the food to get their money back but what that did is just got me in trouble because uber assumes the customer isn't lying so they instantly resort to punishish their customers
  • Es practico 5/5

    By pactico
    No pensé que me gustaría tanto, porque se necesita mucho, es practica y cuándo quiero, nadie me obliga, Gracias
  • So many things wrong 1/5

    By hehgfhhgf
    You can not charge your so called driver partners 60% of the trip fares when your drivers do all the work and we have all the expenses from our own pockets out there , you are totally trashed up this company
  • Greedy 2/5

    By beekylive
    Bottom of the barrel scum company
  • Uber Food delivery or taxi?!?! 1/5

    By unhappy user716
    Uber should really make a separate app for food delivery. It would help take away a lot of frustration. You have people who sign up for delivery and others sign up to drive people to their destinations. The company should really separate the apps.
  • Enjoying driving but there are some issues 3/5

    By Afloyd1025
    I am enjoying the opportunity to make some extra money. However the city I am driving in has a lot of construction going on on the interstate. And unlike some other maps Uber maps are not up to date on road closures. Also had a delivery yesterday that took me nearly 30 mins and about 11 miles but because the address for the restaurant location on the Uber map had it listed as being in the middle of a bridge on the highway only a mile from the delivery location I was only paid for about 7 minutes and 1 mile. And there was nobody to talk to about the issue as it was happening. Uber support when called sent me directly to the restaurants phone and since I didn’t want negative impact on me personally or on Uber and because it wasn’t the fault of the person ordering the food I went ahead and completed the delivery which cost me in all nearly an am hour that I could have been making more deliveries or uberx pick ups and also cost me gas. Also when you receive a request you have practically a second or two to accept and sometimes soon as I get the notification on my phone it’s gone. They preach safe driving but if your driving down the road and only have a second to accept the request it kinda creates a hazard and requires you to give your phone way to much attention. I’ve had several that come in and as I’m trying to accept just disappear. Idk if it’s canceled or what. Anyway I’m fairly new to it and maybe as I get more experience I will become better at catching the request in the second or two provided.
  • Response 1/5

    By love2cu1
    Hi, I just logged into the app and it wants to verify by sending me a code to my phone, but I tried 5 or 6 times to resend code and no avail....
  • What the Hell!?!? 2/5

    By Biscuit76
    I currently have no sound while getting a trip! No pinging sound to notify me that I’m getting a trip. So I miss trips and get penalized for it!
  • Nothing but problems 1/5

    By Kamper Rick
    The app is always screwing up! Drivers and riders hate it. I’m switching to Lyft
  • Exposing my phone number 4/5

    By LunasRose
    This started happening 3 weeks ago, I’m fairly sure it was following an update because in one of my support groups I’m understanding that I am not alone with this problem. 1st I use IPhone which is where it seems to have the issue with most the folks I speak with. 2nd when connected by Bluetooth to my car and using Uber navigation, every time the app gives a direction or talks it shows my full name and actual phone number on my dash display for any passenger to see. I have that I need to use the Waze app to correct this, which is convenient but inconvenient at the same time as I have to switch back and forth while driving if I get another request or at the end of the ride. It’s very frustrating because this is something new. And Lyft does not do this at all. So not sure what happened but one of the updates caused a bug in the system.
  • Earnings 1/5

    By Martin earnings
    I don’t see my earnings already 1 month I called many time nobody helps
  • Rideshare RushRat 1/5

    By Rush Fanatic 2112
    I’m having issues uber audio messing up my sound. The ping notifications are not loud and it doesn’t work properly when connected to Bluetooth in my car. Please look into this and update. I’ll adjust my star rating when this gets resolved.
  • They take over half 2/5

    By beakermoose
    I have been driving for Uber and it’s crazy to think that Uber makes more on a trip than I do. The fees they charge drivers are variable so basically whatever number they decide to pull out of a hat. If you get long rides they take about 25%-30% if it’s less than 10 miles basically 55% goes to them. Had such potential. The navigation is deplorable the app is not even remotely intuitive. The 15 seconds you have to accept a ride is basically 6 seconds. Good luck
  • No se puede 2/5

    By elmaracucho?
    La app se freza hasta 5 minutos
  • Greatness 5/5

    By MiraDoee
    One of the best choices I have ever done. The app is easy to use and it’s a great way to earn income fast and on your own time.
  • Sound issues 1/5

    By QUiET aNd QUiCK
    Huge sound issue with this update on iPhone 11 pro. The app hijacks all audio while active and makes it so low you cant hear or mutes it completely. It effects all audio notifications until the app is quit. It even quiets ride notifications so if I don't feel the vibration I miss it. Please fix.
  • None zero support. 1/5

    By Gabyjz
    None zero support. You will be talking to a dump system. 👎🏼
  • GPS 4/5

    By sezerbar
    you need to improve your GPS I would rather have a more Direct route and save miles and gas and were and tear....also customers might know the route and are asking why are we going the long way
  • Horrible 1/5

    By sunni.boii
    I been with uber for 2 years my driver rating never once dropped below 95% with over 1200 rides let me tell you what they do. They give terrible support everything is a pre-typed message. You can ask uber a random question like (how to feed my dog) and they will send something like (if you need help with you order on “how to feed my dog” please contact our support team through email. Literally no help also they offer trips for long distance and low pay($3.65 to drive 10 minutes to the restaurant then 12 minutes to customer taking you two cities over)also I have screenshots to prove it. they also don’t care about their drivers whatsoever, my car was damaged while driving uber. they told me I was insured with uber from the time I accepted a trip till the time I swiped delivered or complete but once it was time to help pay for my vehicle they say “ oh we don’t help drivers we only help 3rd party meaning just customer and whoever else in the accident you don’t get anything no help or anything even if you are injured” I swear i am not making this up I recorded the phone call and can prove everything I will show anyone that ask for proof
  • Reclamo 3/5

    By Beltet
    Llevo horas sin sonar la application🤦‍♂️porfavor ayudame con eso
  • I’m so confused 1/5

    By Ka7ye
    Uber is absent from every issue I have experienced.
  • Did not receive my money 1/5

    By Dellie M
    They owe me $137.06 and haven’t received my payment
  • App goes offline several times a day. 1/5

    By jm-uber
    While I enjoy driving for Uber it is upsetting that the app continues to go offline (even if I have a rider in the car) many times each day. And I’m using a brand new iPhone. Please fix this bug.
  • Audio 2/5

    By mikeval45
    Audio doesn’t work,sometimes it just crashes!
  • I Feel Betrayed 1/5

    By Jacob RP
    I loved my Uber job. I went to school during the week and work on the weekends and I made more than I needed to survive. I did what I could to make my customers happy while being reasonable. I gave them chargers, water, and an iPad where they could look up any music they wanted to. I drove them down blocks and even to other towns 2 hours away. They were happy, I was happy, and I didn't have a worry in the world. And what did Uber do? Uber changed our surge to reduce our pay, they stopped showing it when customers still got surge pricing, and when a semi truck hit my car, fired me. Their customer service team offered no help and the background check company Checkr sent me back to Uber. They passed the blame around and I had to give ip to focus on suing the driver and got out barely with enough to hold me till my lease ends. Their background reports only scratch the surface of accidents otherwise listed as not-at-fault and losing my job with them has thrown me into turmoil. But what do they care!
  • How about adjusting the app volume 5/5

    By ItsGood!
    The Uber app’ works well enough, though it’s not as sophisticated as Lyft’s (which closely resembles Google Maps), but the app is ahead of Lyft in road changes. What missing are alternate routes with arrival ETA’s. I really wish you’d add some volume adjustments keys to the app! At times I can’t hear it ad I try to adjust the volume with the keys on my iPhone 10 XS and the ringer volume adjusts.

    By Phil in Colorado
    AUDIBLE NOTIFICATIONS ARE NOT WORKING WHEN UBER DRIVER IS in background. UNACCEPTABLE! Uber claims that acceptance rate matters, yet publishes software that INCREASES “declines” by causing drivers to miss pings
  • Uber support is trash 1/5

    By P8706
    I’ve been having problems with my account. The uber x option is totally removed from my driver preferences. Uber support has not fixed the issue yet. It’s been 4 days!!!
  • GPS 1/5

    By vrivri26
    Worst gps system ever!! Why don’t you guy partner up with Waze ... their team knows navigation !!
  • Low pay 1/5

    By Mschuhmann
    1. Pay is to low for the amount of driving it takes to complete a ride. 2. Riders don’t tip. I am provide A perfect Uber experience. 8o% do not tip. 3. So often the nav system is wrong.
  • Continuous app issue 3/5

    By bgrevious
    The acceptance calculator is constantly wrong. I don’t turn down rides, but it shows I decline 2 or 3 per day. Complete crap
  • Uber! 1/5

    By lyft drivers
    This the worst job I never had!
  • Notifications 1/5

    By Garoble
    My acceptance rate is dropping because I begin with notification sounds and then it shuts off. Tried turning Bluetooth off, reloading the app. other suggestions from Uber help and ideas of my own. Nothing works and my acceptance ratings are dropping because of it. You would think a company of this size would have someone to write a patch for the app. Very disappointed since using it on my iPhone 11. Worked great on my iPhone 7.
  • The new pay and promotional pay structure is awful 3/5

    By Coaching4lyfe
    When I first started with Uber I was making really good money especially with promotions but now its hardly worth it with this consecutive trip b.s. I no longer enjoy driving for them as I did previously because it takes a hour or maybe a couple hours to make what didnt take that long before.. Sometimes Im out for more than 5 hours and will only have made 40.00 not to mention how much gas was burned up. Smh.. Im looking for something better to do partime
  • Poor service 1/5

    By Mr. CU
    Worst app
  • Could Be Way Better 3/5

    By YungATDMoore
    The way the app works is horrific! It distorts the sound on your phone and messes up the headphones connection as well. It can also freeze up your entire iPhone when being online for long periods of time! This just started happening so maybe a simple update could fix these issues!
  • My Experience 5/5

    By Deleazer
    Uber would be great if customers could select their favorite drivers for future rides.
  • Yaser alazzawi 5/5

    By Ajazzawi
    I’m so happy that I’m Uber drive
  • iOS app is a TRAP! Beware of EZ Pass 1/5

    By Di'Amari
    Within my android Uber app, i have no problem navigating between the Uber navigation app and the Google Maps app for directions. However, ONLY with this iphone does the Uber app change my toll route settings every time I accept a ride in the Uber app and transfer the GPS control to google. This is costing me HUNDREDS in fines. Whats worse is you never know theres a toll en route to your location since theres no real verbal warning anymore. All i want is for the Uber app to STOP changing my toll-free route settings without my consent, or at least give a verbal warning so i can make the change before im doing 50 mph into a toll i wasnt prepared for yet!
  • Thank you Uber for changing my life for the better! 5/5

    By Got any root beer
    I’m an Uber Driver in the Boston area. I’ve been with Uber for a little over a year and I LOVE MY JOB!!! People really love riding with me so much, and I really enjoy driving them! When I get a rider who’s been in my car before, they’re thrilled to see me again! Some people don’t want to hire me because I have cancer and they think I’m unreliable. They’re wrong! I show up to work, and I do my full time job driving for Uber with a big smile on my face and I give it my best! So, THANK YOU Uber very much for giving me not only the best job I’ve ever had, but for giving me the option to work when I wanna work so I don’t have to worry about getting fired for being in the hospital! I’m gonna beat cancer AND I’m gonna keep driving Uber!! My only complaints are 1. My riders ask all the time if they can request me, and I don’t have a way for them to get their favorite driver (me)! 2. Recently my Uber app stopped working. I can’t see ANY of my NEW ratings on my driver app. I can see my rating of 4.96, and I can see old ratings from about a month ago, but now when I get new reviews it isn’t showing up on my app, like a family going to the airport left me 5 stars, and it won’t show up on my end. So, I’m a little annoyed cuz my rating could go up to a 4.97 or better, but I can’t get a better rating cuz my app says I didn’t get any ratings lately, even though I physically saw the family leave me 5 stars. I really hope this issue gets fixed so I can see my ratings!!
  • Overall good 4/5

    By budah75789
    Is a good app but many times I fell like costumers or the gps are not well suited. Cancelling is an ordeal as well, but the bonus system is great
  • Unfair 1/5

    By Young718ny
    Uber will not paid me my wait time and companys dont care if you wait a long for order they screw you over wait for nothing just pay you the same. They dont care if you wait a long time for a order and they dont care about us we just a pawn in a game make them rich keep us regular pay Edit I Took a order at 10:06pm I wait a long time i finish the order 10:32pm Uber tell me that order only took 12 mins the order was not complete at 10:18pm it was complete at 10:32pm i sceenshot photo that the customer Wrote me at 10:29pm i told the customer about the long wait time. I was not paid my long wait time and I msg uber support no help they send me Computer Msg Everytime and i call uber support they said sorry for the wait that it did not Give me nothing for my wait time. Uber request was $4.80 Something when i got it & i took it I was not paid My long wait time the payout has to be $5 to $7 i did not get it i only got paid $4.87
  • Extremely disappointed in the new update. 1/5

    By freerangeslave
    I went from being an exceptionally rated driver to poor now simply because your platform/app doesn’t notify me of everything it should. During the evening of valentine day into the morning of the following day I only received notifications for 33 rides out of a total of 66 rides from what I noticed in the settings/my profile after my shift. So there’s a total of 33 rides that you’ve counted against me due to your app not notifying me. That’s simply unacceptable, it’s almost enough to want nothing to do with the platform and switch to another platform. I gave up a huge bonus promo from a competitor to use your app and I can see it was a huge mistake. If I use the app today and this garbage happens again and I notice after my shift that will be the last straw.

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