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  • Current Version: 4.216.10001
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Uber Technologies, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Uber Driver App

Uber Driver app – the app for drivers. Turn your spare time into earnings with the new Driver app — built in partnership with drivers, to bring you the tools you need to succeed. Help move people and things where they need to go. Drive whenever you want — no offices, no bosses. Wherever you want to go, we want you to enjoy the journey and the destination. Sign up to drive inside the Uber Driver app. We’ll guide you through the steps and notify you when you’re all set to drive. A smarter way to earn Keep track of how much you’re making after every trip, right on the map. Schedule driving around your life. Plan your days easier with estimated times until your next request and a forecast of rider activity in your area over the next 24 hours. The support you need Take the fear out of your first trips — you’ll learn how to use the app when you first open it. Get the help you need with an easy in-app tool to report issues or ask questions. *This app typically uses 2 GB of data per month. Using navigation can decrease your phone’s battery life.

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  • Deliveries 3/5

    By Veróni
    Uber don't send me to pick up orders to restaurants far from my area. Clients do not understand and they are giving me bad raiting because they wait too long for their food. Thank you!
  • Happy 1/5

    By MNK (Kan)
    I’m extremely happy and excited working with Uber family.i wish I had started working with Uber family long back. Once again thank you ever so much Uber and Uber family. Thank you 🙏🏻 Dear Uber The above message was earlier But seen even though it’s not my mistake and one rider gave me 1 star my rating goes down immediately. I’m not happy and I have to suffer and be the victim Thank you Karan Soni
  • Why is Uber Driver not comparable with Apple CarPlay??!! 4/5

    By zjwoolsey
    It is incredibly inconvenient to have to stay on my phone the whole time I’m driving for Uber when my 2016 Chevy Malibu has a touchscreen navigation system and Apple CarPlay built-in. I want to be able to use the Uber App on my touchscreen instead of my phone! When will Uber Driver be availability for Apple CarPlay?!
  • My account 1/5

    By revent388
    My account was blocked for nothing
  • Why riders can change stars but drivers not! 1/5

    By Anillo80
    Uber is especially for the riders. I had a lot of great experiences but a couple of worst also. One time a drunk passenger forgot her friend in my car and the girl wanted to have a free ride to her home in 4th of july! Of course I didn’t, she was very drunk and she could accuse me other day! I reported to Uber. What Uber did? Nothing! The rider given me 1 stars and she reported me with wrong pickup location , dirty car, unprofessional driving etc. everything is in records in uber but uber didn’t do anything. I can’t even give her a 1 star. She probably making a lot of free rides now. Because Uber believes, the driver should accept every request of the rider even it is unethical or nonsafe. One time I cancelled a request because there was only a minor, but uber increased my cancellation rate! By the way, uber doesn’t allow to carry minors without their guardians. But if they request a ride, you should picked up because you can’t cancel the ride! The other time a rider doesn’t entered the right address or uber directed me to wrong address, I couldn’t find the rider. After I found her, she said I am already 25 mins late! I made speeding under the storm but she gave me 3 stars because of the Uber navigation. What uber did? Nothing, of course! Uber help is working in probably India or Pakistan, they never helps. They only do copy paste messages! As an overall, Lyft is much better in driver help and uses Google maps. If the navigation problem happens, they take the responsibility and remove the ratings. You can also change the rating for a 1 day. Uber is totally opposite. Navigation has problems and uber help never helps . They are always in the riders site, even in unethical or unsafe demands of the riders! By the way, even I set destination mode, Uber find rides in 20 mins away for 2 mins ride. It is only 2.63 usd for your 45 mins trip (20 go, 2 ride, 20 return).
  • Passenger damaged my car 1/5

    By user157844
    One passenger damaged my door, they wouldn’t even charge the rider and the support is terrible and they just want to give you mediocre excuses on why they can’t do anything and they are all for protecting their riders while the drivers are doormats for them. Never will Uber ever back a driver and do a thing for them, always give the riders the best treatment and the drivers are just nothing to Uber in the end Update after developer left feedback: Uber gave me the run around and still refused to pay the $2300 in damages to my car. Wasted my time and made me angrier that I had to go through this again with Uber knowing they would refuse to pay for the damages And the developer tried contacting me yet again, I’m still out $2300 and your just wasting my time, you treat drivers like garbage and give them a run around, your policies are junk and just leave drivers fixing their cars while treating riders great without charging them, hiding like cowards by their made up privacy policies that only further treat the drivers like garbage and leave them with thousands in damages
  • Fare 3/5

    By 시카고호랑이
    Worked hard but it doesn’t much.
  • Good 5/5

    By saw wai lin
  • Absolutely awful navigation 1/5

    By StevePDX
    Glitchy garbage! Uber in app navigation is horrible! App freezes, bonuses disappear so frustrating! Customer service is worthless.
  • More money 1/5

    By Jkadsh
    It’s not enough money for the drivers to make this a feasible decision
  • App horrible and Uber support is no good! 1/5

    By zazazzq
    It’s very unprofessional they loose your money and there’s no one physically to talk to but support and all they do is tell you anything to get off the phone! I have already not received pay for trips from three weeks ago now it has happened again. Uber very unprofessional!!!
  • Scam 1/5

    By darrell.fpm
    Uber takes more than half of your profits, better to work retail than Uber and you still gonna see more money doing retail
  • Desactivación por error de Uber eats 5/5

    By bbeueowkrburv
    Me han desactivado la aplicación por error y aun no me han resuelto el problema, la explicación tanto personal como telefónica no es nada buena, agradezco me ayuden
  • Wooo 5/5

    By nestor6486
    Wooo thank you very much
  • New IOS 13 messed up the app 1/5

    By ayoub rasdi
    The app seems to go crazy on ios 13. It keeps accepting trips by itself and reload previous trips and start them over like they were not completed. Anyway it is a mess!!! This needs to fixes asap or it is going to create major problems for the riders and passengers!!
  • Needs work..! 3/5

    By Photod606
    Yes, I use the app almost everyday. Well for starters, the voice commands are very annoying when you get within 2 miles of your destination because every quarter of a mile it’s giving turn by turn directions. Also, as far as the volume for the voice commands you don’t have a choice because if you turn the volume to anything other than loud you have to turn the music up so high to be able to hear the commands it annoys the customers. The voice commands are WAY too long winded and are not simple enough to follow. The map directions are not the easiest or simplest to follow especially when you get on a multi lane highway or it try’s to guide you to take an access road. In some situations it has given wrong directions from time to time. At night I think doing some market research would improve the colors for ease of following your routes it recommends. I love the fact that you’re allowed to use google maps but what is not convenient is when you have to exit google maps to “start or End the trip.” Over all I’m going to give this app 3 stars because it works but lacks some further research in-order to be considered for a 5 star review..!
  • would enjoy more if.... 4/5

    By Brick Shtick
    They did not give me a signing bonus, i didn’t know i could get one until after I signed up. Called and talked with them about, but basically they said too bad, so sad. i’m enjoying it, but they could have given me even a small amount and it would have gone a long way towards getting some driver loyalty on my part. So i’ll look at lyft more now, whereas I probably wouldn’t as all else is good.
  • Please fix Jag 3/5

    By HernandezJAG
    I wish wen you bring a passenger to the airport you don’t have to wait for hours to pickup another one.
  • So much fun! 5/5

    By Craig&Jenny
    I love getting to meet new people
  • We should be giving more time to rate riders 3/5

    By CryptoSandro
    We should have more time to give me a few to respond riders a review.
  • Keeps logging me offline 5/5

    By brobro9090
    I recently had a trip which I accepted, half way there the trip disappears, I close out the app and reopen it and the destination is back, I continue to the destination, pick up the passenger, drop her to her destination & complete the trip. About 20 seconds after I pull off the riders destination pops back up as if I hadn’t dropped them off yet. I click complete ride and it goes away. About another 20 seconds the same exact thing happens again. So I click complete ride once more. He continued doing that for about another 15 mins even while I’m going offline and canceling the ride over and over. Even while “offline” it would pop back up telling me now that I still never even gave the rider a ride at all, it would tell me her starting destination again. So I jus kept canceling the ride. Eventually that ride issue stopped and now whenever I go online, I’m online for a couple mins, put my phone down to down whatever, but leaving the driver app open to hear and see if a ping comes in. I’ll randomly look back at my phone and it’ll say “offline” when I know I was “online”. This JUST started happening so I’m a bit confused. It’s a nasty glitch that I’m afraid is causing me to miss $$. 😔
  • Integrity none 1/5

    By Matthew Daman
    Bad business practices
  • Delivery 3/5

    By mrs bellie
    Frustrated saying items missing. I ask the restaurant if everything is in the bag. Most restaurants bags are sealed.
  • Ok! Uber can do better if they want to 3/5

    By Ian's mn
    I have been delivering for UberEats for the past two months. I have only been doing UberEats because I have a two door car. There are things that I like and things I don’t like about this company: Pros: - Fast application approval (took 2-3 days to sign up) - Immediate support help - Great hustle to make fast money - Great tips from customers - App is easy to use Cons: - Company doesn’t care about drivers - Sometimes long wait time to get deliveries - App took me to a toll road which I had to pay out of pocket because Uber refused to pay it. - Wear and tear on car - No benefits for full time drivers - App sometimes freezes Uber is not making profit and I understand that one year they actually lost a lot money. But if they actually care more about their drivers ( provide better support regarding the issues we face) they would be making more profit because without drivers they actually can’t make money. Their competitors like Lyft and Doordash are doing way better than them because they care about their drivers. And I heard that most people stopped using Uber and started doing doordash and lyft, which is bad for Uber. They just need to change their business plan and actually do something to make more people want to drive for them and then it will be a win win for both Uber and the drivers. Also Uber calls their driver (PARTNER) so I recommend you start treating us like one.
  • GPS 4/5

    By Bris_ag1
    The GPS could be a better
  • Uber Driver X 1/5

    By Cjeff write
    I had extreme trouble signing up in this app. and am only getting delivery requests not getting rider requests at all, and Uber help is “NO HELP”
  • From the Uber driver 5/5

    By John Duce
    This is my second day driving in the Louisville area and I am loving it. Cool people no real boss other than my customers. Just having a good time learning about all kinds of peoples lives.
  • Responsibilities 2/5

    By mo$dom&family
    Uber doesn’t hold the riders accountable, and acts like it’s the drivers responsibility when a rider dose something wrong in their vehicle. Submitting proof shouldn’t be so hard, but uber acts as if they can’t see it, read it, or even understand what’s been given to them.
  • At the Moment I am pretty upset 5/5

    By Gbrents
    At the moment I am pretty upset, but I am hopeful for a resolution to the issue. Aside from that I am pretty happy with the service , exception being that the area I am in has been really slow my first work week. I enjoy being able to see new places in my community that I had no idea existed, and met some very nice people. Delivery pickups are fairly quick and easy to navigate in the App and Delivery has been pretty simple as well. I just wished that the App would integrate with my AV display in my vehicle, so that I can mirror the app features on the larger screen, and not have to keep picking up my phone to see what is going on and interact with the app, with the touch screen. It would also allow me to see new messages and orders easier. I wish that the Uber Eats support system would be handled and contacted separate from the Ride Share support folks. It is apparently an issue when the ride share support group has no idea of the policies that govern the operations of the Uber Eats driver; which has caused some issues between myself and Uber Ride share Drivers Support crew. One tried to suspend my account because I disagreed with him on territory policy, and claimed that Uber didn’t operate in my area. Funny how I was able to work in my area for the last work week. Duh! Now with that being said, I figure that for the first week of my work, with Uber Eats has been really fun and enjoyable; in spite of the issues that just came up. I am hopeful that a productive resolution will be worked out, as I would not want to be pushed into consideration of going elsewhere. But we shall see what the outcome will be.
  • Algorithm is BS 1/5

    By ZurcChick
    I’ve dedicated 2.5 years of my life driving for uber and it is so unpredictable. I live in a BUSY city (Denver) and lately I’ve been waiting multiple hours for a single ride!!! Thank God for lyft. I have driven over 4,600 trips on uber alone and have managed to have an overall 4.97 driver rating (which is easily in the top of the charts) and my thanks for being a good driver is waiting hours for a single request even when it’s surging in downtown Denver? There is no incentive for having a high rating so what’s the point of driving safe and going the extra mile to smile and help people with their luggage when drivers with much lower ratings are getting rides while I’m stuck fiddling my thumb waiting. Absolutely BS!!!!! Getting frustrated and uber is going to lose a good driver because I can’t deal with this much longer!!!! It’s ridiculous!!!
  • I’m really happy 5/5

    By beast wizard
    I’m wasn’t sure to do it but I’m really happy for what I been done in those 2 past days!! I’m really thinking about to do Uber drive beside the delivery!!! That’s how exciting I am!
  • Needs work 2/5

    By Instabran
    Rating system needs A LOT of work and driver justification, not to mention high wages for the amount of work you put not only on yourself but on your car not to mention the expense and end of year taxes being an independent contractor. Another thing is the support center apparently EVERY message or concern is a “no response needed” message...
  • Eventually quitting Uber Eats 1/5

    By Chelle H
    I used to love delivering for Uber Eats, but now it has become a nuisance. For starters, this app has not been functioning correctly for weeks now when it comes to showing me my earnings. Last week I went to check my earnings and I keep getting the “We’re a little behind” message. It’s been two weeks and I don’t even know if I’ve been correctly compensated. Support is no help. Are we even compensated for our drives to the restaurants? I find myself driving over 20 minutes to these restaurants and through tolls for all of $8. Please tell us if there is a toll prior to the trip. This app is killing me.
  • Flexibility 5/5

    By Ga 😊
    It’s my first week and I like that the hours are flexible. It’s working out perfect for me and thus far all of my customers have been great.
  • Can’t cash out 1/5

    By tonyycola
    I can’t cash out or get my tips
  • Luxury Car 4/5

    By FreshBonAppetit w/ JJ
    I’m driving a Luxury vehicle... I’m trying to figure out how to get in the correct status? Let me know! Thanks Jeremiah
  • Money 4/5

    By 1sdaddasergvvg
    For the most part I don’t like the 60% to me and 40% to Uber trips. It’s my car, my insurance, my gas, my phone and I should be getting more than 60% on $100 dollar trips.
  • I love Uber Eats ! 5/5

    By leather lamp
    I love the idea of just picking up food for people and dropping it off the whole process is really easy and simple highly recommend this app.
  • No good promotions 1/5

    By gangantugs
    No good promotions
  • New driver. 5/5

    By iPhone 5s man
    So far so good. A few days on the road, no problems. The only thing that would be nice to add is apple maps or CarPlay or both.
  • This app is trash 1/5

    By Ubersucksasshole
    Low pay outs, lack of jobs, rude customers, awful customer service. Customer service is the worse I’ve ever had to deal with.
  • Loses track of promised bonuses 1/5

    By Jed Merrill
    Was promised an extra $4.25 on my next trip due to surge pricing this morning. The app lost track of it, even though I accepted my first ride. Customer service was not helpful. I no longer trust the app to keep track of bonuses, and feel like I need to do screen captures every time it promises a bonus. Thirty minutes wasted on the phone. Zero stars, Uber.
  • Pay better than I expected 5/5

    By Cwolow
    I didn’t expect to be paid a lot, I thought it was just 3-4 bucks a delivery. But it ranges from 3-12 depending on distance and promotions. I’ve been doing this for maybe 4-5 hours a day during the promotions, and I can easily make 300-400 bucks a week
  • Notification delivery lacking 3/5

    By iHateBoats
    I have missed a lot of rides because this app is bad at alerting the driver. A banner is not enough.
  • Bluetooth or App problems 1/5

    By yasmoms
    App does not make a sound when getting notifications for a trip when connected to Bluetooth. This is very disappointing, because I use ITunes and other apps in my car through the Bluetooth audio connection.
  • Rating not updating 3/5

    By psidhu3191
    Hi i have been a driver with uber for around 6 months and have done over 800 rides with a constant rating of 4.90 or over. Since last two weeks i have done over 100 rides but the count under 5* is not increasing. Lot of riders almost everyone gave me 5* in front of me even today with tip but the count isnt increasing. I contacted support and they said they are not able to figur out what is going on. Also you can check how many 5* i have got in last two week at your end but the count doesn’t increase. It is a glitch in the system as one of the drivers i asked in the parking lot has the same problem. Please figure it out as soon as it negatively affect the driver.
  • Not Fair 1/5

    By Dmv bob txt
    Uber cuts almost 45-50% of the total amount that the riders pay. Unfair!
  • Missed pings 2/5

    By th3nproj3ct
    The time to click on a ping should be extended a few more seconds! I’ve also missed couple by pressing on my screen, and it somehow deleted the ping, and it counted it as a missed ping.
  • Uber broke after car maintenance 1/5

    By Sirius Alchemy
    Uber needs to compensate drivers for the time and distance to pickup once a ride is accepted, and the compensation for toll roads is considerably less than the actual tolls incurred.

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