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Uber Driver App

Uber Driver – the app for drivers • Help people move around your city, and make money on your schedule. Drive whenever you want—Uber offers a flexible way to make extra cash on your terms. No offices, no bosses. • Download the Uber Driver app, and sign up to drive in the app. We’ll guide you through the steps and notify you when you’re all set to drive. Hitting the road • The app offers the latest features that help you focus on driving and making money. • We’ll explain how to use the app, provide optional navigation and Help support, and let you know when there are special opportunities to make even more. Every trip you take is fully tracked by GPS for safety and security. Getting paid • You can see how much you’ve made anytime after every trip. You’ll be paid directly to your bank account every week, or receive cash on each trip—depending on the country you drive in. *This app typically uses 2 GB of data per month. Using navigation can decrease your phone’s battery life. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.


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  • No new driver app yet. 3/5

    By oh puse
    I got the long link to up date my driver app to the new driver app but the update was only available for my android phone. So many question is way was it released for android and not iOS? 🤔
  • They will steal from your pay 1/5

    By Uber SF
    Still waiting over 10 days to get paid for a trip completed that my share was over $55.00. I have called support 4 times already and get nothing but a runaround. Keep telling me they need to escalate to a supervisor and they will get back to me within 48 hours. No calls or emails back in over 10 days. Today I was told again it will be resolved in 24 hours. We’ll see. I think they just hope drivers will forget about it and they can keep the money owed to me. DON’T DRIVE FOR UBER. THIEVES!!! They could car less about the drivers.
  • ExercieMatinal 5/5

    By ExerciceMatinal
    5 Stars, so far Uber is the best in town and out of town
  • The app 1/5

    By createroll
    Asks drivers to identify themselves, you should ask riders to identify themselves not just drivers this totally one sided and unfair!!!!!
  • Earnings 2/5

    By Moedaddy09
    Us drivers that drive in the suburbs are driving longer hours just to earn money. You state drive on your own terms. But do we really? I don’t think Uber takes what us drivers go through to earn good money. We driver longer miles and time wise and get paid less. For us New York State TNC drivers you may want to reach out to us and learn what it takes to driver for Uber. This reaching out to us will benefit Uber and the Drivers. Please take the time out to see how we can improve both Uber and the Driver earn more money together.
  • The new app? 3/5

    By ubermikey
    Been driving for Uber for about 7 months now. I enjoy it very much but I just seem to have a hard time being in the right place at the right time. They’ve been talking about the new updated app but I haven’t seen it yet. Is the new app up and running yet?
  • Rider share 2/5

    By nubani23
    The Rider app is a complete wast of time . They don’t care about the driver as long as the passengers are satisfied with the price . Sometimes you would spend 40 min driving with someone and make $15.
  • Needs improvement 2/5

    By Uber fan21
    I wish the process was a lot better as it is hard to know where a customer is traveling unless I call them. I hope that you guys do fix this to make our job a lot easier.
  • Problemas 2/5

    By Rafy37
    Estoy teniendo problemas para entrar en el sistema de IOS desde ya casi 2 semana cuando piensan solucionarlo????
  • Newbie 5/5

    By radarsally
    Only been driving a few days. I enjoy getting out and meeting interesting people. As long as I am driving, why not earn a few dollars along the way. I’m liking it so far!
  • Extra money 5/5

    By TonyLakers
    I made about $90 my first night. I love it! I’m hook!! Thanks UBER eats!
  • Love Uber. 5/5

    By JoJo LB
    Best way to make money. Specially for people who love being on the road and hate office jobs like me lol
  • The best 5/5

    By montaymontay
    My YouTube video on the app coming soon ( MontayMontay
  • It’s a scam 1/5

    By Ettedgui
    Don’t bother with this app. Uber is a waste of gas, time and money. It exploits the drivers so the company collects all the profits from the working class. The rating system is pointless and one sided. It doesn’t matter how many 5 star trips you give because they don’t count. After writing this review uber lowered my rating. If something is wrong with the app, for example pick up location is incorrect or gps is wrong, doesn’t matter, Uber blames the driver and lowers your rating. If you refuse 45+ minute trips, Uber will either retaliate by lowering your rating or pair you with 44 minute trips taking you to the middle of nowhere without any other means of getting back to the city unless you waste gas driving in your own dime. They eventually stop pairing you all together. The best tactic is when they pair you with passengers going to LAX when the traffic is terrible. You will be sitting there for an hour not moving anywhere getting paid 9 cents a minute.
  • Excelente 5/5

    By vargas medina
  • Uber support AND Navigation are a joke!! 1/5

    By d.o.n.o.t.d.o.i.t.
    If you’re thinking about driving for Uber, DO NOT DO IT. Drive for LYFT! Their driver support is 1000000 TIMES better and you talk to a REAL person in the country where YOU live. After Uber takes their HUGE chunk from your earnings, it’s easy extra cash. If you EVER have an issue, you will get automatic responses with a random name. If you try again, you’ll more than likely get the EXACT same response with a different “support person”. Navigation is horrible and half of the time it is not accurate. If the rider blames you, Uber will not support you, they’ll send you the same response, again.
  • I will change my review to 5 stars again soon as we are able to cash out unlimited times 1/5

    By chosen 33
    So I’m ubering for a month making money and I’ve been able to cash out (whenever I want) but guess what ? The update says I can’t ! Oh wow I hope people change to Lyft because we love to get our cash when we need it.
  • Navigation 5/5

    By Lilbobby66
    Everything is great but if I had to rate the navigation I’d give it not even 1 star. IT IS TERRIBLE! Tells me last minute when to turn. And gives long routes instead of the easiest/fastest route. My iPhone navigation works way better
  • NO incentive for bike delivery and disrespectful wages 1/5

    By Aurora Rose B
    I was so stoked when uberEats bike edition finally became available in my city and I wanted to try it out thinking it was a godsend.... Ive already been delivering 3 years/ summer and winter, in my city, so I know what Im doing (thru trial and error) and using the right gear to transport all kinds of food successfully.... BUT once I found out the wages... $ .15/mile!? With under a dollar pick up/drop off!? Ok... A little suspicious, I tried it out anyway thinking it will add up with tips and whatever. WRONG I did an afternoon of runs and most of the food runs had smoothies!!! LUCKILY i had a front rack and cup holder to keep those babies cool in the 90• degree weather. I have no idea how someone would have handled smoothies in hothot weather and most of the riding you NEED TWO HANDS ----My city is hilly and rush hour is a real thing.... The fact that bike deliverers get less than car drivers.... assuming its cheaper because we dont have to get gas...... wrong! that's disrespectful to assume...... A lot of money goes into healthcare (safety from distracted drivers) and FOOD (same thing as gas, right?) and gear (bike maintenance/food carrying supplies/weather prevention)!!!!!!!!!!! my afternoon of delivering for UberEats was a joke, i received no tips, The fact the customers get a large amount of time to tip thru the app means youre not getting a tip, so you just busted your butt to get someones food to their swanky apartment for hardly anything at all.....
  • One of Big Worse Companies 1/5

    By Arash01
    They suspended me for two days without any compensation on the premises investigating a customer’s comment about me being unprofessional. The pay is also terrible as they take half away from the fare value which is already steeply slashed for the customers.
  • The one think that I do not like 4/5

    By drive4you
    When picking up a rider in a shopping complex or a specific business the GPS does not give you the store or business name. It gives only the address. All of the stores or business have that same address so it is very difficult to locate what business they are waiting at for me to pick them up. Otherwise I am very pleased with driving for Uber. Thank you
  • Worst customer service for drivers 1/5

    By Niicck1
    I have been driving with Uber since 2018. They were very good to their drivers, but since last 12 months uber is getting worst and worst. They advertise through social media and other platforms that they care about drivers, but when you call them regarding an issue, the stuff listen to you then tells you “I understand your issue and give us 48 hours to resolve your problem.” Then, you wait 48 hours, and see nothing happens. When you call them again, they tell you the same thing and will do nothing about it. I mean if you can’t help people with their problem then just say it; don’t make them to wait two days and then forget about their problem. It shame , such a huge corporation have the worst customer service 👎👎
  • Great for extra $$$$ 5/5

    By supercalifradulous
    Very easy to use. App is so much easier than Door Dash. Love it!!
  • Better Than Lyft 5/5

    By JeffinRush
    Way better app than Lyft. Safer for you because you get to rate customers. Unlike Lyft, Uber starts charging customer for wait time after 2 min. If you drive to location and wait and try to contact customer and can not contact, you get a message to cancel and you get a cancel fee. Lyft does none of that.

    By tonynpr
    We depend on this app we pay for 35% of our income to support this app and nonexistent support. I drive UBEREATS. Delivery directions frequently take you to a brick wall in a parking lot as the home is in a gated community. UBER GPS wall or not will take you to a point one street over or to the back yard of a home . Of gated it takes you to a point outside the wall. I cannot fly over it. So you think support would want this corrected. Yeah me too. Not the case EVER. So you write them. BTW note UBER EATS HAS NO APP SUPPORT UNLESS YOU ARE CURRENTLY ON A DELIVERY PERIOD. MAP WISE NO CHANGE NOTHING. So the mountain of emails begin. First response you did not follow the most efficient route since you used another non uber gps . Which is untrue I Pay foe it and I am using it so I inform then .NEXT response well in some cases the Uber GPS is not the best one So I should use another GPS IE google . I have an Iphone. Waze is way to inaccurate but you can submit correction and gee they get it updated. Uber not so much . So your only paid to the point outside the wall. Third response you were already paid to the house from the restaurant. SO I surmise if you have the correct route to the RESTAURANT why don’t they send it to me. So sometimes you are miles off. Some gated communities have guards and limited access I cannot go through a resident only gate. I don’t have the sticker it requires. UBER REFUSES TO FIX IT. You have to write it down go and drive 30 miles to nearest green light facility. And get it fixed there. I am a 5 Star with a 100% satisfaction rating with over 2000 deliveries. So the new app comes out Uber sends me an ANDROID APP. So I write again send screen shots and the fact I have used an I PHONE Since October 2017. . I am told new app is available as of yesterday. But they refuse to send it to me instead they send me back to itunes where I already have the latest version of the old app., YOU cannot make this stuff up. The incompetence is truly amazing. Canned lies and no fix in sight. SO if someone there can read this and send me the new app that the President of the company so eloquently discussed on a recent video And greenlight promised me yesterday and you send me an ANDROID APP. Fix the damned app.
  • Prepare to be ripped off 1/5

    By stightslot
    Uber is a scam at best their algorithm will send new drivers lucrative rides that pay a lot more in comparison to older drivers. I have a friend who was an Uber programmer and that’s right from his mouth. The algorithm will feed new drivers an illusion that driving for Uber is a great job and play mental games on new drivers. A lot of drivers fall under the illusion that they will earn 60-70k or more etc per year. The numbers will add up at first and reflect that. Rest assure the longer you drive the less money you earn and the quality of rides you will receive won’t add up to anything over min wage. Uber will also steal your earnings as well. I was giving riders in my car $1 each real cash out of my pocket for an experiment. I asked each of the riders to place a $1 tip thru the app before exiting my vehicle and I had them show me they made the tip visually on their phone with my own eyes. Needless to say ....$56 of my cash later and 56x I had riders do this and NOT one of those single $1 tips ever showed up on my side of the app. Uber is keeping your tip money. Uber flat rate surge is a total scam. Uber is charging riders sometimes $100 or more for a 10 mile ride and the driver is getting less the 10% of the fare in most cases. If your a rider your even more of a problem to support using Uber , do you really want your money going to Uber or the guy who picked you up? Id rather see the guy who did the work earn the money. Uber is a sleezball company full of racism and sexual harassment amongst their employees and company values. Stay clear away from them they will cause you financial hardship if you dive in head first thinking your gonna make money with them. Get a real job. Also take a taxi , taxis don’t charge you a surge!
  • Hate it 1/5

    By Mikol562462820
    Worst hustle ever how the hell do you think your gonna keep new drivers if you keep lowering how much you pay per mile and how much you take from your drivers I had a trip that cost a rider of mine $50 after Uber took out there cut I only made $19!!!!! So not worth it biggest scam ever
  • They do not listen to drivers. 1/5

    By Deaf facebooker
    They made changes and updated to the apps that does not directly help driving partners. They made changes for Uber to make more money. 100% of the drivers hate the most recent update because they took away the most important part of our income - prime surges. They are no longer in multiples they only dole out flat rate surges from $1-$20. I drive in a high demand area and loss more than 50% of the check this week. I drove the same way hours I have had and made close to $1200 a week. Now I make $300 a week. It’s just incredible how uber deliberately lies to use over and over. They think they are helping drivers while they are tremendously hurting us!
  • Needs 5/5

    By davesoloib
    Needs to have a way to divide Uber driver and Uber’s eats. Sometimes a lot of drivers only wanna do either or note a mix .
  • Improve Navigation 4/5

    By mxdavila
    The navigation is somewhat inaccurate. It takes a few seconds to adjust and be able to go tge right way
  • Do your math! 1/5

    By wall_75
    I been driving with uber for almost a year . I regret! You basically! Driving for free. They make it sound like and look like you make so much money which it does but after your car maintenance, food, gas, etc! For let say for 12 hours driving ! You ended nothing left for you. The worst part! The ratings . It doesn’t matter if your 5 star! Or lower ( they make that clear in the policy ), only one rider can screw up and uber will literally deactivate your account. Mostly! Of the riders lied and report to uber because they get disappointed that you give them low ratings. It’s very annoying the operator. They keep repeating what you say. All the negative comment is very accurate. Uber Deactivated my account the day of my birthday! ( they don’t care a dumb!). I have thousand of riders and I have barely complained and mostly because they are drunk !( consider this is Las Vegas ). My point is ... not worth it.
  • Great way for extra cash 5/5

    By zala0025
    It’s been great way for making extra cash during late hours and weekends
  • why not bangla language ??? 5/5

    By JcyRasel
    plzzz add bangla language
  • Me encanta una buena opción para tener un ingreso extra 5/5

    By Latina 74
    Me encanta una buena opción para tener un ingreso extra
  • Gps lacks accuracy 3/5

    By ItZikaiZ
    The gps while most of the time is good, it makes the driver look bad when driving passengers to FLL
  • Awful Issue with Uber Driver 1/5

    By ShayTheGod3025
    I signed up using a commute app (And before you guys reply and say this, I know it’s been discontinued) but it won’t let me fully sign up. I get to the area where you have to enter your drive to work and drive to home and when I click submit it sends an error message. I can’t click back on this screen so it is now stuck. When I delete and reinstall the app it takes me to the same screen. Can you please add a cancel button or a back button to this page so that I can be an Uber driver and delete the option to become a commute driver. Thank you.
  • Great experience 5/5

    By koloboy
    I've enjoyed this new endeavor tremendously......
  • Better rides 3/5

    By JustDriving
    Too my possibly premium trips not worth me driving 9mins away and the rider is only going 4mins away.
  • Needs more information available 2/5

    By Joe6793
    Past deposits should stay on your account so you know how much your getting paid. So you know if payments are missing
  • Awesome Experiences 5/5

    By Saudia Ransom
    Thank you UBER for providing me with safe and financially building rides. At a time where work is slow for me, I have been able to use UBER to provide for my family financially! The rides are awesome, and pay pretty well. The customers are well screened and delightful to work with this far! Thank you again for an awesome experience thus far! I pray that this experience continues to be fulfilling and great moving forward!
  • Uber Delivery 3/5

    By Caroltea
    I am a new delivery driver and still learning.
  • Ridiculous 1/5

    By alienhumanz
    This app has been giving me nothing but issues. I have been trying to become an Uber driver for the past month. One woman helped me in the support live chat but since I’ve used it, the live chat has disappeared. I finally have an account but can’t log in because I need a verification code. The verification code is not being sent to my phone... It’s times like these that it would be helpful to talk to an actual person to get the problem resolved and yet there is no way to get the help you need. This is wildly inconvenient and needs to be fixed.
  • Pool 4/5

    By Zachbal
    Doesn’t seem the pool rides are as profitable as x
  • Awesome 5/5

    By GOOD!!!!!
    Very good experience
  • Freezes after drop off. 4/5

    By Djwhoo2005
    I have to go offline and back online after every drop off. It freezes. IPhone 6 Plus. Have gotten long trip 45 minute or more requests. Then its a 14 minute trip. Angry
  • Drive 20 min for $3.85 fare 3/5

    By Carmeda13
    I understand some rides live in an a area where Uber is not readily available but asking me to drive 20 min in the opposite direction for a $3.85 fare is not economical. There should be a commuting fee added to the drivers earnings to compensate for travel in addition to the fare.
  • Bissnuss owner 5/5

    By asjdgd
    Enjoy first day of my job meet so many nice people in one day as well saw beautiful view in different places
  • Everything & More 5/5

    By Ehrich10
    My opinion since I have joined Uber is up beat and an optimistic one! Uber seems like they really do want you to succeed! At first it is They well and give you a lot of help with tips and full out breakdowns of your entire transaction and how much u the driver get to how much Uber retains for using and improving the app! The option to “flip a switch” go to work after a few hours your feeling hungry, flip the switch to offline and enjoy a meal! Remember you have to standout from your fellow drivers, be memorable! It really does matter!
  • Support is still a mess 2/5

    By kdoaprhrbsk
    I’ve been driving with Uber for a little over a year. As a student it’s a great way to earn a little extra cash and blow off some steam. However, despite several updates and changes, the support for drivers is still an absolute mess. Anything beyond simple requests such as a cleaning fee or refunding a rider is essentially a weeklong process. Several different times now there have been promotions that I’ve worked on and ended up earning significantly less than what was told. When attempting to send a message over the app I was always just replied with what amounted to a copy-and-pasted response and over the phone I was generally just told to submit a note on the app. At the least, it would be nice to know that someone is taking the time to fully look over our issues (including any photos) rather than just a speedy response that might as well come from a computer.
  • Issues 4/5

    By Citi89
    So I started using the Uber Driver app to make more money on the side when I wanted like most people here however, when my registration for my vehicle expired I was informed to send a new copy so I can be reinstated as a driver. I've taken that photo multiple times and sent it in and each time I open the app it says the same thing over again. Really trying to start back driving but how can I if the photo never goes through. I've taken it with great lighting and the photo shows up clear but it will not accept it. Please fix this issue so I can start back driving, please!!! Update 8/13/2018 The issues I had prior to this current post have been resolved so thank you for your help. I had to get my phone replaced and after replacing the device I had to sign back into my account but when it states that it's sending a message to my phone it doesn't work when sign in using the app. When I am signing in via web browser the message goes to my phone allowing me to sign in. Can you please fix this issue?

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