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Uber Freight App

Uber Freight is an app that matches carriers with shippers. Carriers can just tap a button and instantly book a load, and the price you see is the price you get—no more back-and-forth negotiations. Loads on our app are exclusive to us through our contracts with shippers. Before you can start using the app you’ll need to sign up. When your account is approved and authorized you’ll be able to access our exclusive loads and book them through the app. From pick up to payday, the Uber Freight app is your all-in-one tool to book loads faster. • Accessible Load Details • Upfront Pricing • Instant RateCon • Submit PODs In-app • Free 7 Day Pay with POD • Fleet Management • Post Your Truck • Searchable Loadboard with Local and OTR hauls • Smart Load Recommendations Have a question? Email [email protected]

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Uber Freight app reviews

  • Customer service 2/5

    By kumtar
    Needs better customer service that understands the trucking industry. Or maybe now out source the calls at all.
  • Doesn’t work at all 1/5

    By KSKholmo
    If I could give this app zero stars I would. Upon initially downloading the app and trying to create an account it would not complete. I created the account from a computer instead. I now have an account and have several shipments completed. But still cannot use this app. I log in and get a screen that has an error message that cannot even be read because of the configuration of the screen. Absolutely useless.
  • The cheapest loads 1/5

    By jcabatr01
    They never pay for cancelled loads at the shipping location and the price for loads it’s too much cheap. Jcabalt1
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Grimnir Stormcloak
    I can open the app but that’s it. Won’t let me even click the get started button. Ridiculous
  • Started Out good 1/5

    By why so shady
    I use to hear good things about Uber Freight, but as they progressed, they’ve picked up all the bad habits from the industry. Like reducing detention pay from $75 an hr to $40. Low balling rates with no way to negotiate because customer service agents are from Bangladesh, Columbia or wherever else they can land cheap labor. There is nothing short of collusion between these major brokerages. They set the prices they want to pay us. Take it or leave it. Guess what, I’m leaving it and your app in the trash where it belongs. Taking advantage of essential workers during a crisis is the most despicable thing a company can do, especially when they’re filling their pockets. Shame on you. Will never use this app again.
  • Cheap loads always 1/5

    By i j sekhon
    Always offer 30 to 40% cheap No human working in dispatch Only computers
  • Redundancy of check calls 4/5

    By Travel brain
    Let me start with saying “I love Uber Freight overall & their App.” To me Uber Freight has cons & pros. However the later exceeds overwhelmingly the first. In this review I will mention only two cons which I think will it will need to be corrected/fixed and to be corrected now . The first is the check callls “text/email/phone call) : In my last couple of loads , I received calls , emails & texts inquiring (my current location, how many miles out am I from the shipper or receiver, what are the in and out times, what’s your ETA?.) and don’t give me wrong, All these are legitimate questions which are crucial for running a trucking business. However Uber Freight has put in place one of the best freight platforms in the market, which already put ALL those answers but one in their “Uber” fingertips. The only question which I believe is not redundant & appears to me a fair question is “ What’s you ETA?” Because Uber can’t know if you have a plan to stop prior than the Pick/delivery. So in this case I would advice UF to add this feature to the app which drivers can submit their ETA. This will contribute to execute most of the tasks seamlessly. Remember! Many O/O and small fleet owners “including me” chose Uber freight over the competitors , because of the simplicity and to find a freight is almost effortless “no phone calls involved”. I personally I give UF an access to my location ALMOST 24/7. Additionally the three hours before ANY stop “pick up/delivery “ is MUST for me to provide my location - that’s almost 90% of privacy but that’s alright. Secondly blocked reviews/ratings “unclickable to see the details) of shippers and receivers: in some of the facilities, you can see the number of ratings and reviews submitted however you can’t view the details. I think this was done after that facility requested “from UF” to hide some or all of thier reviews “ I could be wrong on this “. Anyway please remove these restrictions from viewing consigne reviews.

    By Mocan333
    Poor costumer serice,call them many times to figureout some problems...never resolve the problems just promises!!! Also it’a very dificult to get detention from them!
  • Load Weight is changed but Uber pay you the same price 1/5

    By delete uber freight
    Yesterday I booked load for 19,000 weight but after It loaded my truck when I checked the Bill of loaded the weight is 43,000 lb. it isn’t the same weight what they posted on app. I called uber but I didn’t got respond or solution for 7 hrs finally the called me and told me we(Uber freight) do not buy you extra money for the extra load this is the way how it works Uber freight. The rapped me and I left with empty Pocket. Don’t work with Uber freight please, always the took you advantages, the poorest app ever, load heavy weight, to got solution need 7hrs on shipper. Bad customer service even they don’t speak good English. You have to delete Uber freight app right now before rapped up next🌶
  • Too low but.... 2/5

    By BLL967
    The freight rates are too low. I love the platform not dealing with brokers on the phone. Wait time between loads is bad. Those appointments should be open window unless you can reschedule appointments 10 hours is too much in my case. You need a ‘bid option’ fuelsurcharge and something for deadhead miles.
  • Worst app 1/5

    By done11111111
    20 minutes trying to reset password finally deleted after never getting email
  • short pay... 1/5

    By blanari
    book a load for $830... after we deliver the load they told us that there was a mistache in their system and this load pays only $680 and they paid us $680 only... how that works ???
  • Search 1/5

    By Rayman 123
    Search radius 300 miles , I need 150 max
  • LOW RATES 1/5

    By By angel
    Dirt cheap rates for carriers. Should be ashamed.
  • 4/18/20 1/5

    By cuscatlan85
    Say no to cheap freight drivers.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Ellistheg
    No care for driver only greed stay out the industry and focus on delivering food should be ashamed of yourselfs and the government should be to letting such a corrupt company have so much power.
  • exagerado bajos precios 1/5

    exagerado como bajaron los precios ultimamente 800 a 1000 millas por $450 sin ponerse a pensar que nosotros hacemos el viaje y volvemos vasios osea que hacemos de 1,600 a 2,000 millas por $400 o $500 y eso tan solo da para el diesel y talves el peaje, No estan valorando nuestro fuerzo que andamos arriezgando nuestra salud y la de nuestra familia, necesitamos trabajar pero tampoco vamos hacer el trabajo de gratis, tomen en cuenta que muchos owner operators estamos pagando el truck, el seguro de truck, trailer y carga y el diesel y las rreparaciones del truck, que les pasa mejor digan que les hagamos las cargas de gratis y ya ustedes cobrenlas y quedense con el pago por esa carga y nosotros les trabajamos de 14 a 16 horas sin contar las 5 a 8 horas de espera que en algunos warrehouse ai que esperar, No le hechen la culpa al corona virus porque trabajo ai y demasiado pero a ustedes lo unico que les importa es llenarse la bolsa ustedes y nosotros que somos los que hacemos el trabajo no ganamos nada y andamos arriezgando nuestras vidas, de que nos sirve seguir asi, mejor no hago nada pero no les voi a rregalar mi trabajo
  • Really Disappointed 1/5

    By SLH Dispatch
    First load was just completed. Rate sheet has appointment time listed at 10:00, delivery has appointment time listed as 13:30. Driver arrived at 08:46 am, exits facility at 14:20 I called and verbally talked to an agent about detention, explaining this is our first load and we want to make sure we are doing this correct. I was text a link to click through prompts. Ultimately arrive at “we’re sorry but detention request cannot be submit until delivery has been complete”. Went through in app prompts to request detention and again arrive at “we’re sorry but detention request cannot be submit until delivery has been complete”. Delivery complete, POD provided, lumper receipt and I email to make sure.. AGAIN.. you have everything you need.. we are new and trying to make sure are handling this correctly.. response Detention Denied-We did not receive a request for detention 30 mins prior to entering detention. Please make sure tracking is set to “Always on” or that you call in. I was initially excited by this app even though the rates aren’t great. I’m pretty confident this next load will be our last.. losing a good carrier who proactively called over $80 in detention due to flaws between the app and office. Next stop Convoy
  • Precios 1/5

    By Dominguez trucking
    Bueno ahora mismo no estoy trabajando, simplemente por los miserable a precios que están pagando por los viajes, donde no se tienen en cuenta los gastos de las compañías de camiones, esto obviamente traerá consecuencias ya visibles , como desabastecimiento de los mercados, y le van a hachar la culpa al coronavirus. Gran mentira donde los pequeños mercados van en bancarrota y el gobierno va a ayudar los grandes mercados, pero Uber no lo está viendo la realidad. Las pequeñas compañías de camiones que son las que trabajan con Uber se van en bancarrota también porque no pueden pagar sus seguros ni las roturas y mantenimientos de los camiones y que pasa Uber se queda sin camioneros que transporten sus viajes. Así que espero reflexionen con esos precios.
  • Driver 1/5

    By B telon
    Devaluan mucho nuestro trabajo. Son igual o peor que todos juegan mucho con los precios le suben y luego le vajan No saven apreciar nuestros esfuerzos andamos arriesgando nuestra salud y la de nuestra familia Y ellos eso no lo toman en cuenta
  • Pls Dint waist your time 1/5

    By Kanji8
    Yes like the taxi Uber this other way to screw truckers is jus an eslabón.. if you already have that little voice not to do it ( trust me ) Dont do it with Uber freight Is not worthy at all; as an OP I can tell u that anyone has a better chances out there
  • Don’t waste your time. 1/5

    By Screamth
    Loads pay horrible, you’re better off booking through a broker. At-least there you can negotiate a price. And many of the same loads are booked with higher prices through brokers. Uber is literally pocketing a lot from each load.
  • Annoying 1/5

    By fuNuw
    You do the search settings based on deadhead and equipment . When you look back in the app after 15 min, settings are going back to “ suggested” and all the equipment you actually don’t need to see. You have to set up the search type you need again. I choose dry van only, for example. When you return to app , it goes back to all kind of equipment, and shows you again loads located 300 miles away. Nobody on their right mind will deadhead that far away. You also don’t have anymore the option to bid. Lately because of all these , I am not doing anymore business with Uber Freight.
  • Options 2/5

    By jptrans
    Option to chose trailer not saved,option to chose single load not working,no option to chose radius,no option to see loads by deadhead
  • Cannot get a hold of anyone!!! 1/5

    By Thach Trucking
    I’ve been calling in for 3 days now and cannot get a hold of anyone. Doesn’t matter what option I press. Also tried emailing and texting. Very frustrating.
  • Important 2/5

    By SamerTa
    Dear Uber & Lyft, Ride hailing companies like you have fundamentally changed the landscape of our transportation system. But not all of these changes have been positive. I urge you to become true leaders of change in the fight against climate change and pollution. As you know, transportation has become the leading source of carbon pollution in the United States. We cannot tackle this problem by increasing the number of rides in fossil fuel powered cars. The negative impacts of ride-hailing services, including congestion, pollution, low quality jobs lacking living wages or worker protections, and transit decline, disproportionately impact low-income communities the most. New research has shown that congestion has increased in large cities where Lyft and Uber operate while these services have simultaneously reduced transit ridership in nine major US cities, including the three biggest. Not only does this increase in vehicles and decrease in transit use lead to more pollution, it also leads to more smog and soot, which exacerbates health problems such as asthma. I urge you to achieve a goal of 100% clean rides, ensuring that all company- and driver-owned or leased vehicles are electric by 2030, in addition to working with mass transit in meaningful ways instead of competing with it; incentivizing shared rides over single-passenger rides; assuring all autonomous vehicles are electric; and committing to treating your workers better and paying them a living wage. I am asking you to take bold and fast climate action to be a true leader in our much-needed transition to clean transportation choices.
  • Luna’s trucking 5/5

    By 1994Lunas
    Uber Freight needs to get more Reefer loads otherwise it’s a good broker to do business with. 👍🏻
  • I like how the app works. 4/5

    By Wes936
    Many bad reviews on here, but that has not been my experience. What I like! Paid always in 4 days or less. Free quick pay also. Have been paid for all detention requests over the last year, only a few times was I detained though. Only have had two loads canceled in the last 12 months from Uber, but it was while I was on another load. So no big deal. Actually found a better load both times. Have had a issue with 2 or 3 loads on incorrect PU#s, but was resolved in less than an hour every time. Was called back by the agent handing the load. Have always been professional with me while on the phone. Love being able to research shipper and receivers before I book the load so I can avoid place that seem like a pain to deal with. Never had a issue in 12 months of the app crashing or not working properly, but I do use a iPhone. What I don’t like. If the app is on and running, getting check calls from someone in India that I can not understand is annoying. I’ve always turned my phone off at night but I do notice missed calls in the middle of the night while on my 10 hour break. So not to bothered about it, but seems kinda of stupid to me. Thanks
  • Drains battery 2/5

    By Mr. Been
    App works fine. But why location has to be on when I’m not under a load? If you look at battery usage, Uber Freight is on ways #1.
  • Looking for loads 2/5

    By Ryder Central
    Could you finally make visible “reefer/van”loads on “reefer only “ feature! I must use “any” feature wasting my time to find “reefer/van” or “reefer” loads available.
  • great 5/5

    By aaslesa
    great company to work with
  • Check calls 1/5

    By My white dog
    Location is set to always track on your app. Yet you request two to three check calls from me daily. Again app is always running. Ya hear? It’s always running. I’ve stopped answering your calls for support updates because you fail me Everytime I have an issue with shipper or receiver. I report the issue and you say don’t worry sir someone is working on it and after 4hours no one calls. No one. Then next load no ones at the receiver for the 7am appointment. CAlled you guys to ask you to call the receiver because you didn’t give me a contact and your rep says they can’t call the customer either. Huh? What the hell. So long story short your app doesn’t work like you think it does nor does your support while hauling a load. Your check call support from me will be equal to the support I receive from you. I’m at 100% for all my loads I move for you and you should be nothing less than that either. Your platform could be so great but your management doesn’t care about it carriers. Even the people at Uber that respond to the comments made here always say the same thing “reach out to us at bla bla bla. Drivers reach out all the time to your support and it falls on deaf ears. This is how companies die.
  • Overall Bad Service/ Would Not Recommend 1/5

    Whenever I am picking up a load they always have the wrong address and I have to go further than the address provided to actually get to the pick up location. Every time I have made an complaint they always blame the driver. Every time I have booked a load the weight was 42,000 and when I reached the location the shippers said it was 45,500. When I told them I can only load 42,000 as that’s what Uber told me but when I told them this they said that I would have to pay for cancelling the load. I even have proof for this. Highly would not recommend to any drivers!
  • Pay detention 1/5

    By 🇻🇪🙏cuban🙏🇨🇺
    They make fun of the drivers, they don't pay detention hours and they don't respect the e-book, they don't count if you're late for bad weather or if there are accidents just closing the account, they're pathetically dishonest.
  • Fair 1/5

    By PDS trucking llc
    Uber call you 4 or 8 hours before your appointment time just because they want to k ow were the hell i am??? And my location in on! All ways calling me when im trying to sleep! They have to send you a msg and we answer when we can
  • Hi 4/5

    By amadoumdiop
  • Horrible/Greedy...what a joke. 1/5

    By H&M Transport
    Arrived 30min early at Shipper for 1pm appt. Got out after 7pm. Thats 4hrs at $75hr=$300. Shipper messed up, loaded me the wrong product, had to unload then reload again. During this time uber kept calling and calling to get an update. I was in contact with them 30min before hitting detention and the rest of my time at shipper. I did everything legit in order to get that detention. Checked in on the app, called support to notify of detention starting, and shipper also clearly stamped, marked and signed my in/out time. At Receiver same thing, 4hrs there. So thats 2hrs detention. Once again I kept constant communication with support team, since this load had to be delivered the night before, but due to me burning 6hrs at Shipper didnt make it. Once delivered I pulled out of receivers property and uploaded my BOL with all times clearly marked, along with detention request. Received an email confirming of my detention request right away. So waited a few days for my direct deposit. Noticed no extra money for detention!! I call support, and whats their response? “We’re sorry. You cant claim detention after 24hrs of delivery”. How am I suppose to know they’re not going to pay me? It takes more than 24hrs to get paid. By the time you notice there’s money missing its too late. All they said was “heres the detention link for next time”. Really? Bunch of thieves, scammers.
  • Something Has Changed 1/5

    By Djoink
    When I started working with Uber Freight in 2017, they were awesome. Over the past month (JAN 2020) they seem like no one and nothing they do is in the same page. They changing they policies to meet the national standards they say! They started to call in the middle of your eight (8 hr) hours break asking for a status on the load, are you gonna be OnTime, how many miles are you from your delivery. I could just send them a status update on the app and it must trigger them to call you 30 minutes later to ask the exact same status you sent using the app. I thought that was the purpose of the app. I complained about it and they started calling and texting me more, as if our breaks don’t mean nothing. They really need to get back to where they was when I first started to pull for them.
  • Rates have fallen dramatically 2/5

    By elkcurd
  • What a joke 1/5

    By TruckingTee
    Easily hands down the absolute worst load board. Both loads and runs are a joke. Uber has to be taking well over 30%. Complete waste of time. Deleting. Even their responses are a joke. Anyone who uses this gets what they deserve. Screw Uber.
  • bad loads, bad customer support. 1/5

    By Joe675849
    All loads, on delivery will be wait 5-6hr. Payment is bad. If you need fix problem, support don’t know what is do. Forget about all you detentions.
  • App doesn’t work on iPhone 8 1/5

    By mrfunk2000
    Error message. “cannot get/sign up carriers”
  • Love Uber! 5/5

    By C Yoel
    Love Uber freight app, better costumer Service that Convoy! No problems paying detention.. no problems paying TONU! I will like to see more loads to get more loads with Uber!
  • 👎🏼 1/5

    By wow jyst wow
    By far one of the worst brokers now!. The only reason they were worth dealing with was because of decent rates but now with rates crumbling and the bad costumer service! NO THANKS!
  • Low Rates 3/5

    By Ætius
    • recently I’ve been seeing loads for $50 on your loadboard which made my jaw drop • If the shipper says that the load was cancelled and I have exceeded my 2 hour wait time, don’t expect me to keep waiting at the customer for free without eligibility to accrue detention until you can award a TONU. • when you book a load and want to book another load. After booking the first load the app refreshes and UBER hides the rest of the loads that were shown initially.
  • I like the app a lot! 5/5

    By Muhammadyusuf12345
    App is great! Can you guys put Power Only loads, too?
  • The worst loadboard app 1/5

    By Kotor Varos
    The app constantly shows you loads 200-300 miles away. Even when you try to sort them by deadhead miles you still get weird lineup. You could have a load 10 miles away but you won’t see it. Horrible app experience.
  • Rudeee 1/5

    By jimmyksingh
    Uber freight is completely use lesss!!!! When you over weight or have any kind of problem They dont answerr the phone for 2 hours
  • Bad, greedy company 1/5

    By Tango133
    I’m hauling Uber load and I had to deliver today December 27th but hwy58 is closed and I have been stuck here for 15-20 hours, instead of paying detention one lady from Uber called me and saying that I can deliver this Monday and they are not going to pay me anything. What a joke ? Why would I stuck with 640 dollars load for next three when i can make couples thousands in theses couple of days. Last she’s threatening me and saying she’s going to close my Uber account if I don’t deliver this on Monday with a same amount. She’s probably doesn’t care bcz she’s in the office not on the road so it’s easy to threat from office. But all I asked is detention. And she’s threatening me instead of paying detention. Pls close my account I don’t care. I request everyone’s pls get good price if you haul any load for them. Uber is doing bad business.

Uber Freight app comments

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