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Uber - Request a ride

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  • Current Version: 3.427.10001
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Uber - Request a ride App

We’re committed to your safety at Uber. We’ve established a Door-to-Door Safety Standard to help you feel safe every time you ride. And with Uber, your destination is at your fingertips. Just open the app and enter where you want to go, and a nearby driver will help you get there reliably. FIND A RIDE FROM ALMOST ANYWHERE Request a ride from 600+ airports and in 10,000+ cities around the world, the Uber app is a great way to make your travel plans stress-free. Request a ride on demand or schedule one ahead of time. FIND A RIDE TO ALMOST ANYWHERE Whether you’re looking for style, space, or affordability, Uber can help you find the perfect ride to fit your needs: Enjoy elegance and premium features with Uber Black Ride with extra room (and more of your friends) with UberXL All of these transportation options and more are available in one place with the Uber app. SEE PRICE ESTIMATES With Uber, you can see your price estimate up front before booking. That means you’ll always have an idea of what you’ll pay before requesting your ride. YOUR SAFETY DRIVES US We’re committed to making every trip with Uber as safe as possible. That's why—in addition to our Door-to-Door Safety Standard—we've built new safety features and updated our Community Guidelines for respectful and positive experiences. You can share your trip Give your loved ones peace of mind while you’re on a trip—you can share your location and trip status so they know you made it to your destination. You can contact emergency services You can call your local authorities directly from the app, and your location and trip details will be displayed so you can quickly share them with emergency services. TIP AND RATE YOUR DRIVER After every ride, you can submit a rating along with comments. You can also let your driver know you appreciated your experience by adding a tip for them right in the app. Not all products are available in all markets. To see if Uber is available in your city, visit https://www.uber.com/cities. Follow us on Twitter at https://twitter.com/uber. Like us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/uber. Have a question? Visit uber.com/help.

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Uber - Request a ride app reviews

  • Cannot update credit card payment information 1/5

    By Really567
    Cannot believe in such a well used app one cannot update payment method. I entered all information to update the expiration date on an existing card and hit save. Went back to the card number I was attempting to update and old info still showed up. Other apps update immediately. Tried 3 times!! No update. Site needs improvement. Hope by next ride the app updates my info. Very poor customer tool.
  • Upselling 1/5

    By Adam10725
    Last night after requesting a $18-21 UberX the app said that no drivers were nearby and I needed to pay $44 for a sooner ride. The other option was to wait for another ride. I canceled the request, closed the app, requested another UberX and was immediately connected to a driver. Absolute garbage of a service. That’s how you lose clients Uber. Bye
  • Now it’s too complicated to get a ride 1/5

    By ashlumooo
    What happened with knowing how much your ride will be and how far the available drivers where? It’s really annoying how they try to push you to get a more expensive ride, I’m pretty sure they make you wait “connecting” you to a ride just so you give up and get one for a higher price. This is shameful, I used to really rely on uber but not anymore.
  • A terrible idea. 1/5

    By Jay Banzia
    Came here to give you a terrible review as a company for attempting to offer me rides at 28/40/ and 52 dollars instead of 8 dollars to go 3 miles and then canceling my request when I didn’t accept your price hikes. So I deleted your app.
  • No on Prop 22 1/5

    By rotopenguin
    Great job pushing your Prop 22 aganda
  • Don’t change your phone number!! 2/5

    By rdeckes
    I moved to a new state. Have a new phone number. Couldn’t get past the second page signing in. It didn’t recognize me. JEEZE
  • Uber App Froze My Phone 1/5

    By mmmb0
    Have an iPhoneX. My software is updated to the most recent version, and all my apps are updated. Opened the Uber app to call a ride, and it froze my phone with just the Uber logo on a black screen continually showing. Nothing worked, and the phone would not shut down nor restart for an hour and a half. Left it alone and retried, and then it finally restarted and was working again. Horrible experience and left stranded at the airport due to this issue.
  • Went from “Sub Par” to “Absolute Trash” 1/5

    By Binx1830
    I take Uber, because Lyft’s Driver’s are usually rude and won’t have anything to do with you, and their fares are higher. However, no matter how up to date I keep the app, it always tries to send the drivers a messed up way through routes that don’t make any sense. I end up having to correct the drivers constantly, because there is a concrete barrier the way Uber is trying to send them EVERY time. The map never updates. Don’t tell me to go to the “Help” option, it doesn’t do any good. So, as far as what you’re seeing as a review here, you should be able as a developer to take it from here, and use it. Customers shouldn’t have to do more work, for YOUR app to work for THEM. We already certainly pay enough. At least I know I do, with as much as I spend using this service. *****UPDATE***** SINCE WRITING THIS REVIEW THIS MORNING I HAVE UBER CASH ON MY ACCOUNT, THEY REFUSE TO LET ME USE IT, STATING THAT IT IS AN “INVALID PAYMENT METHOD”, ALSO STATING THAT ALL OF MY CARDS, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM ARE INVALID PAYMENT METHODS. THEY USED TO SAY, “THIS TRIP IS ON US, PROCEED AND UPDATE LATER?” AND ALLOW ME TO GO AHEAD AND USE THE APP AND FIX THE PAYMENT IN ABOUT AN HOUR, BUT GET TO WORK OR AN APPOINTMENT ON TIME. NOT SINCE WRITING THE REVIEW THIS MORNING. IT GAVE ME THE OPTION, THEN SAID THAT IT WAS INVALID AFTERWARD. I AM A PLATINUM LEVEL MEMBER, HAVE REQUESTED “HELP” AND HAVEN’T HEARD A WORD FROM SUPPORT, AND ALSO LETTING THEM KNOW THAT I WAS GOING TO BE LATE TO WORK, POSSIBLY BEING FIRED, AGAIN FROM THIS SERVICE, YET BEING A PLATINUM LEVEL MEMBER AND WITH THE URGENCY STATED IN MY MESSAGE, STILL NOTHING. I REALLY FEEL THAT THIS IS SINCE THE REVIEW. I HAVE A 4.90 RATING. NO COMPLAINTS. YET I AM NOT EVEN ALLOWED TO USE MY UBER CASH??!!!!!! I HAVE ALREADY PURCHASED??!!! THIS IS RIDICULOUS!!!!!

    By Alex2710
    Don’t use it. Use Lyft. Bad. Lazy. Gouging.
  • Terrible customer service 1/5

    By ..terriblecustomerservice..
    Terrible customer service
  • Buggy 1/5

    By __saad--
    The app is so buggy that my phone get hit and hangs ... fix it
  • Scheduling a ride 1/5

    By Mufasa JDOT
    Don’t do it most of the time prices are going to be higher than usual, which is stupid if you have a ride scheduled.
  • Canceled rides 1/5

    By mrtoscano
    Hi, I’ve been using Uber for a number of years. I even schedule my rides as they are usually at 2:30 am to go to work. But recently it doesn’t matter. The drivers accept the ride and then they cancel on me. It searches for a new driver and now my ride went from $15 to $60 to even $116 to go 10 miles down the road. So now your app and drivers are making me late because I’m not paying that. I rather wait an hour until it goes down. I’m getting in trouble at work now because of this. I don’t think the drivers should be able to cancel. Especially I feel that you guys are price gouging!!! A driver mentioned to me that they can set their own fares. Which is also unfair. Please change these mistakes or I will have to choose Lyft or another platform.
  • What happened to Uber? 1/5

    By M Grafs
    I used to use this without any issue booking rides from the airport. Now it’ll say “6 mins” and “$30” and then after waiting for 5 minutes I get a notification that the ride is available now for a higher price. $124!
  • Charges you but price jacks you once you call a ride 1/5

    By blololol5
    The fact that you guys charge people now an estimated price but then say ride available at a higher price is ridiculous. This never used to be a thing and you guys are just price gouging people. You guys are the worst. I’m only riding Lyft or other means of transportation from now on
  • Keeps Saying Outstanding Payment 1/5

    By XoBabieee
    I've been using uber for a while. It was good at first, but now suddenly it won't let me request a ride and is saying I have an outstanding payment. I've payed for all my trips so I have no idea why it's saying this.
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By _craig
    Placed a big order for five of us. Took a while to coordinate. At checkout it said “your updated address is now too far away”. I DID NOT UPDATE OR CHANGE MY ADDRESS. Address was correct when I started my order and DID NOT CHANGE. It deleted my entire order. Waste of time. Not even worth using my free amex plat credits.
  • People are now turning each other in 1/5

    By Cutedge
    People are now starting to attack each other for not having underwear on their face and Uber is sending everyone threat letters saying that you must take a picture of underwear on your face and send it to big brother before you can ride anymore and then threatening with canceling your access. People turning each other in it’s like we’re straight out of the book 1984 or in some kind of communist country now. An Uber is helping it right along.
  • Prop 22 1/5

    By Rimyster
    Their constant barrage of Prop 22 ads just shows how desperate they are to cheat drivers a livable wage. And if it passes they will be earning even less and under stricter control. Don’t let corporations create their own law and deny workers rights. They claim drivers deserve better. Why now all of a sudden? Cause they never cared about them in the first place and now they do. I don’t think so. Don’t be fooled by them. They are spending over $84 million to evade taxes and cheat drivers! Vote No on 22!
  • Stop pushing your “no on Prop 22 campaign” 1/5

    By Janayh53920
    Treat your workers better.
  • Bad 1/5

    By Undertale team
    App in general is very good bye all means but the problem I hit so much that when it comes to looking for a another ride and accept this amount and when you put search for another it takes your money and never returned I feel like this company should have a message about your money not be taking away because I’m pretty fed up with this app at this point fix the app please when it comes to accept rides or not without uber taking money if this on I feel like I should contact the bank if their anyway if this process is legal ik statistically it’s not going to be but I’m just give it a shot to see
  • New version not working 1/5

    By WendyinChicago
    Since the last upgrade the app gets stuck at finding a driver and there is no way to get tech support to report the problem. I’ve paid for the subscription to get a discount but now I can’t use it! Very frustrated.
  • Avoid 1/5

    By Yaritza21
    Ordered a ride with Uber. After waiting close to 15 minutes for the driver, the driver cancelled when it appeared to be right around the corner but Uber thought it was appropriate to somehow charge me for the drivers cancellation!! Ordered an Uber back from my destination to give them another chance. Not surprisingly, the driver I was given on my return trip also cancelled and I had to order a second one again. On top of that instead of refunding my money to my bank account, they take upon themselves to refund it as a Uber credit. What makes you think I would want to use your service again after that? Unbelievable.
  • Uber lies about timing 1/5

    By Slajfern
    Requester a ride. Saw 10 minute pickup time. In 20 seconds someone with 25 minute arrival accepted. It’s a huge difference. Great first time experience
  • Thief 2/5

    By ijxnfjdbsjsnxndibe
    I’ve used Uber on multiple occasions and have always enjoyed my experiences... although I also have on multiple occasions been charged WAY MORE than what my ride actually cost. Just recently I was charged $16 for a trip that only cost $7 and I was charged $22 for another trip that only cost $8. That’s just straight up robbery like why is that even happening and then it’s a hassle to even fix the situation. There’s absolutely no reason why Uber can’t have a customer service line for issues like this. I’m just tired of having money stolen from me.
  • Stop spamming prop 22 1/5

    By privateok
    I’m uninstalling to get this app to stop spamming for its proposition. (And voting.)
  • Improvements needed 3/5

    By Senior Dre
    When a customer enters an address the driver should be able to pull up to that address, not “in the area” location. Drivers should go on routes that the customer/passenger/person paying for the ride feels comfortable. Uber has been giving routes that take extra time when the faster route is clearly available. With the system choosing the most expensive option / longest route makes no sense. Get this picture verification out. Instead the driver should have the responsibility to press a button confirming the mask. Not interested in showing you my face.
  • Amazing 1/5

    By Cafly
    I think it amazing that when I have a good ride, I am able to review my ride, but when I have a bad ride, I never get an email or message to review. I have had many good experiences with Uber but tonight sucked am I can’t review my driver. Go figure.
  • Being used for illegal electioneering 1/5

    By DJ Billy P
    This app is being used to create deceptive and manipulative campaign propaganda in favor of Prop 22 (Nov. 2020) in violation of the CA Fair Political Practices Act.
  • App Bugs and poor communication in App 1/5

    By PNWflyer
    Several issues that lead to me footing the bill. Not impressed after first few tries after ditching Uber years ago during their CEO #MeToo Scandal (Yikes). Going Lyft when ever possible.
  • Stupid promo codes 1/5

    By Marlicia
    For the past month, I’ve been getting this same email from Uber to use my promo code. Yesterday it said “don’t forget your free meal” so I finally decided to try and use it. I go through this long process to pick a place, order the food and make sure it fits to promos criteria. After all that, it says my promo doesn’t work for my device. The stupid code expired on Sept 27, ITS OCTOBER 17. Why are you still emailing me a promo code that’s expired? This must be their way to trick people into a purchase. Booooooooo never using Uber eats

    By Jorden_
    The pdf reciept link that is emailed keeps opening to a website that says “Internal Service Error” this has been over a month now; today is 10/17/2020 can we please fix that??
  • Terrible App 1/5

    By Whydoihavetocrrateanickname
    Terrible customer service. Continued to charge me through a card that I had deleted, even after I had made a new card my default. Contacted customer service and they had no idea what they were talking about. Going to Lyft.
  • Will not delete 1/5

    By sharriah
    Tried deleting my account and it will not even allow me to sign in to delete it.
  • Terrible Service From A Truly Awful Company 1/5

    By BudgieSmuglr
    After three hours of drivers cancelling because they don’t want to drive over the hill to SF, Uber declared it prime time and added a 5x charge to fares. I’m now left to choose between walking 11 miles along a shoulderless highway or paying $500 to get home.
  • Confused 1/5

    By OctoberWest
    I used Uber to commute to work. The next day it says my card isn’t accepted and to use another one. I tried 5 different cards which said the same thing. Spent $25 on Uber cash I can not use because my card isn’t valid.
  • Worst Customer Service 1/5

    By Jiaghjkkgf
    Worst Customer Service and no call support bottom at all. You can hardly contact to them and it charge you by frauds
  • V0TE N0 on Pr0p 22 1/5

    By Jeeeeeeedeese
    Don’t listen to the app! Google vote no on prop 22
  • Needs update esp for returning users 2/5

    By Maribel Yokohama
    I’m a returning user after many years of absence. The app has no option to put a new credit card and delete old ones . How do you sign back in when it doesn’t accept your old, credit cards that no longer work? I do not want to create new accounts. I want to sign back in. Uber needs to address this or I will continue using rival companies.
  • Disappointed 3/5

    By whataboutkitty
    I’ve been riding with Uber for 4 years and I’ve seen all the changes and updates since then but this time around, I can’t bear to use the app anymore despite needing transportation. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and I’ve never had an issue finding rides till now. It takes over 5-10 minutes or more to find rides sometimes and it always gives me the suggestion that there's a ride nearby but for more money. I’d press it and it has me wait long again and it’s ridiculous. Then turns out that ride is no longer available and they keep giving me suggestions until there is one available. It’s very frustrating when I have places to go and it’s delaying me. Also the prices have gotten significantly higher and it’s never a definite price. Yeah, I understand the extra charges after time and distance and stuff but it goes up dramatically sometimes and even after a few days, there’s random extra fees that they charge my credit card. The drivers never answer or communicate anymore either and I often have the issue where they stay in one spot and don’t move until they cancel, ask me to cancel, or if enough time has passed that will force me to cancel because they would not move. They’re never punctual or the pickup ETA is never really right and you have to wait longer. I had always loved Uber and the reward system but it’s getting really frustrating to deal with it sometimes. Better to use Lyft at this time for their definite and non-changing lower prices, their punctuality, and their quickness to get you a ride because I’ve grown so disappointed in Uber and it saddens me.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By afrank2109
    The app and even their website is completely broken. I have $100 in Uber Cash and when I try to do anything they don’t even acknowledge it as a payment method leaving me with wasted money that I can’t even use. Ridiculous that a billion dollar company doesn’t even have a phone number to call for help I have gone through all of the help options and it does not exist. It’s all automated and badly automated at that.
  • Expensive 2/5

    By Rigobertoiu
    I paid $9.12 for 2 miles from my pick up to my home 🙁
  • Worst experience 1/5

    By kodakd5
    I would not recommend very unprofessional!!!! No contact help number and horrible
  • cancel 1/5

    By halper69
    Can you please tell me how you get tubers one is six minutes away the next one is 13 minutes away and they both cancel and you’re still waiting for a ride how is this even feasible and we can’t rate them
  • I left Postmates for this BS?! 1/5

    By N0StressZone
    I left Postmates just to get ripped off by the Uber eats app. The authorization hold wasn’t a hold. They held it and they kept it!
  • App Randomly Crashes 4/5

    By EllleJordann
    I enjoy Uber and it has been such a connivence for me. However, when I click off the app while waiting for my Uber to arrive the app will randomly start “installing”. Then when I open the app again my ride was somehow cancelled, making me have to order another and wait even longer. I don’t blame the drivers or anyone really, but it would be great if that bug could be fixed.
  • Random Prices 1/5

    By evvvvvvvvbv
    If you cancel a ride and try again the prices are higher. If you close out the app and instantly open it back up the prices are higher too. Close out and open it again and the prices will be raised even more. Try another time and it might be lowered; I did this multiple times within 10-20 seconds and the prices changed dramatically each time. They constantly change pricing to make more cash, has nothing to do with traffic or availability etc. They also now updated the app so you request rides at the estimated price (example $10-12) but literksly no cars will pop up for 5min so then the app asks “do you want to upgrade to a new Uber for a higher price that’s available now?” And all the options of the new cars they offer are literally over $30 dollars lol. This app and company is a scam.
  • NOT Fair! 3/5

    By legendiroo
    More than 7times I have ordered an uber. One their way to my pick up point cancel the request and then m charged a fare for them moving. Then the charge is added to my next trip. Is it my fault he canceled but then we go patronize your app have no say. That is why a lot of people choose other apps over yours. You guys should work on it. Thanks!
  • Forces screen brightness to maximum 1/5

    By Vledoc
    No option to fix this rediculous feature. Stop treating us like idiots.

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