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Uber is a ridesharing app for fast, reliable rides in minutes – day or night. There’s no need to park or wait for a taxi or bus. With Uber, you just tap to request a ride, and it’s easy to pay with credit card or cash (in selected cities only). Whether you’re going to the airport or across town, you can request an Uber for every occasion. Uber is available in more than 700 cities worldwide – download the app and take your first trip today. Requesting your Uber is easy – here’s how it works: - Just open the app and tell us where you want to go. - The app uses your location so your driver knows where to pick you up. - You’ll see your driver’s picture and vehicle details, and can track their arrival on the map. - Payment can be made by credit card, cash (in selected cities only), Apple Pay, PayPal and more. - After the ride, you can rate your driver and provide feedback to help us improve the Uber experience. You’ll also get a receipt by email. Need a simple way to get from A to B quickly? Request an UberX, our most affordable option for individual travel. Want to save money on your ride? Request an UberPOOL – you’ll travel with other riders heading in the same direction, and enjoy a lower fare. Want a more exclusive experience? Request a high-end vehicle with UberBLACK. And there are even more options – whether you’re traveling with a big group or need a vehicle with accessibility features. See if Uber is available in your city at https://www.uber.com/cities Follow us on Twitter at https://twitter.com/uber Like us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/uber Got a question? Visit uber.com/help. Note: continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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  • Can’t schedule 3/5

    By Papasmurffett
    I don’t know why my Uber app doesn’t allow me to make a schedule to pick up. Keep asking add payment method which I’ve already set up 3 different credit cards. Can’t use it....
  • Pui - thank you! 5/5

    By webstersmom
    My phone slipped out of my pocket as I got out of the car and I didn’t notice. Pui came back into the restaurant and dropped it off. Honestly, it was the kindest thing that anyone could have done. I am so grateful and thankful to him for making sure that It was not forever lost. Thank you Pui. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Carol Marks
  • Response Failed to deliver private Data 2/5

    By Creates1234
    I request my personal data regarding my review scores etc. Uber has failed to uphold the nee privacy laws. There is no way to contact or call.
  • Use uber at your own risk 1/5

    By Alexisk21
    This app never gives me the option of putting a gift card in.Im sick of it ,this app has gave me nothing but issues. I’ve also bought to uber cards that have been invalid and emailed uber and they never got back to me i will not be using uber in the future until my problems are resolved.
  • Lack luster an down right sad 1/5

    By jkg245
    I have had uber for id say two years now. With in my two years of using this service i find it very unreliable. Uber has drivers who get the notification to pick someone up not move at all. Then when you cancel uber expects you to pay a fee. Then there is the “money holding” claiming that its to make sure the person has the funds an never pay it back. Iv waited and not harassed uber about this but for twenty one days of waiting for my money to be returned an still not have it is a grave insult to me on a major level. Uber has wasted my time plenty of times an has kept using incompetent driver that cant do the job they choose to do. Granted iv met some pretty amazing drivers who take their jobs very seriously. I feel its a shame they work for such a shady company that doesn’t even care about its customers. I find it very shady for a company to be around for years an still to this day not have a customer service number on record. But thats be a lie they do have one but sadly its only for drivers how convenient. But I digress iv made it my point to write this an make people aware that this could be how you will be treated as well. As for me ill be having this app uninstalled an have my card block uber i hope everyone has a amazing day.
  • Adding cars 1/5

    By jeep 18
    When it comes to adding a car especially if it’s a rental car Uber makes it hard to add if not impossible, after my car had to go in for repairs I had to get a rental car that my insurance covers but Uber says they do not use them so we can not add those kind of cars which now how am I supposed to make money till I get my car back I think this needs to be fixed. Second when it comes to riders leaving feedback Uber has only vague answers instead of an exact reason to why a rider leaving a negative feedback unfair to driver
  • Range of prices. No set price 1/5

    By switchingBACKtoLYFT
    This is ridiculous. You should go back to having a clear set price for locations versus a range. For example $12 ride versus $11-$14.
  • Idiots! 1/5

    By Hccucdhchcxyc
    Your stupid app is impossible to log in! Logged in with Lyft in under 15 seconds. Morons!!! Lost a customer
  • Why can’t I schedule a ride in advance on the iphone app? 1/5

    By hate_lothario
    What the hell good is your service if I can’t even schedule a ride in advance to the airport on it? Totally USELESS!
  • Deleted All Uber Apps From my phone 1/5

    By bmarce
    You can be a longtime customer and spend well over a thousand dollars a year on food and rides, none of that matters when: Uber refuses to refund your money when your Uber Eats driver mishandles your food or 2. When a driver lies and states that you damaged their vehicle or caused delays. Whatever happens, Uber always takes the other side. (Regarding Ubers update, I should have predicted it, it’s illegitimate. They will simply direct you to their customer service reps, who never take your side) Another note regarding Ubers update, it fits their MO, publicly ask that I reach out to them, so that I am directed back to the support reps who denied me. In response to Ubers response, I ordered a pizza from a restaurant that was only three miles away from my house, it was delivered cold. After two weeks, during which I was ignored for days at a time, I was told I would get nothing, not even a five dollar credit. Understand that I’ve already wasted wasted hours on this issue and deleted both apps (even though I had gold status) I know that any re-review would not change anything. In response to Ubers follow-up, it’s all PR. They just want the last word. I have already attempted to deal with this over a series of weeks, the Order Number Order 1F9BC for Uber eats.
  • Uber is a FRAUD. 1/5

    By 0602varek
    Do not bother with it, Uber ropes you in and promises you rewards etc. It’s empty promises you’ll be going round and round in circles. Do your self a favour and learn how to drive.
  • Price range ? What are you thinking ! 1/5

    By Jayzzzzzz123
    These are major problems 1. Range of price : this new pricing range is BAD. Good bye Uber 2.You wait for the drivers to show up and they see the destination and make an excuse not to pick you up . This has happened so many times . This is a waste of time . We should be allowed to rate the drivers or report them or they shouldn’t be sent to passengers 3. Some of the drivers deliberately keep driving further or around to get you to cancel the trip so they could get the cancellation fee . We should be allowed to report and rate such drivers Down 4. Passengers pay the money for the service . Passengers shouldn’t be rated but allow drivers to report any unruly behavior . Besides it’s a mystery for the rating . People can have personal biases .
  • Only as good as the app works 2/5

    By kcmanning
    80% of time app won’t. What’s scariest is that when it does, it stops updating once I get in the car. I have an iPhone and t-mobile, and whether I’m in Philly or outside, not sure why I get such terrible connection or service. I’ve started just calling cabs.
  • Uber In-App “Help”/Support 1/5

    By Caploc8
    Many of the responses to reported issues here are responded to by Uber suggesting that you write in your issue to them via in-app help/support, in almost all cases the rider DID write in their issue with no resolution. It appears these responses are generic/auto replies just like the responses you receive via in-app “Help”/support and are of no help in fact, just makes the situation a far worse experience. Perhaps get some real live representatives in the USA to appropriately and effectively respond and resolve issues sent via in-app “Help”/ Support. Now if I receive a response stating “contact us through our in-app help, then don’t wast your time reporting your issues here, they obviously are not taking your issues into consideration or hearing you, most likely a robo/auto-reply. Regardless the in-app help IS NO HELP AT ALL.
  • Horrible GPS 1/5

    By flowbee2004
    We tried to get to King Of Prussia mall and Uber said it was 10 minutes from our hotel meanwhile it took us to a church that was 45 minutes away from the real mall.
  • I recommend LIFT 100% 1/5

    By olduberuser
    Uber has terrible customer service, I had a situation where the drivers car had more seats than seatbelts and one of my friends didn’t have a seatbelt so we left the car because it is first of all illegal to ride without a seat belt also it was a serious safety concern, we canceled the ride after not being able to find the seatbelt and on the app Uber asked why we canceled and we explained and Uber still charged us for the ride because “it’s against there policy to refund.” This is ridiculous and we feel pushed around for following state and federal law. Not fair at all.
  • Uber eats not as “fine-tuned” as the rider portion of the app 2/5

    By danilikespandas
    Can’t order breakfast past 11 am for 24 hour breakfast restaurants. Even called both places to confirm. Dude.
  • This app is the worst ever 1/5

    By Sciarc
    This app is very bad. It takes forever to open and many times it opens and it does not work. After line a 10 min of trying to make the app work, I always have to choose Lyft instead. Lyft app always opens up right away and always gets the directions right away. At times their drivers are available faster as well. The only reason I deal with the annoying Uber app is because when it works - which does not happen often - their prices are better by 2 dollars or so, what is it worth 2 dollars to delay my arrival time by half an hour? NO. I wish your app improves. I would take more rides.
  • Wish there was a zero star rating 1/5

    By Tmmy wil
    There cleaning policy is an absolute trap. Never use Uber while sick or anything cause if you get the slightest mess in the back that would cost the driver 10 bucks to clean you get chargers 150 dollars.
  • Fare Range change 1/5

    By Ivan_lastniter
    After this fare range change I’ll be using Lyft only. They won’t give you an upfront charge anymore. They put prices like($12-$18) pathetic! Well too bad this has made me change service for good!
  • 2020changes & app support 3/5

    By PSCan
    The changes for 2020 in what appears to be some states, takes away one of the best aspects that Uber had provided. Rates are no longer ‘fixed’ but estimated, just like the taxi fee structure it replaced and bettered. Huge huge disappointment. They also claim that some diamond benefits ‘had’ to be dropped, which essentially makes the rewards structure useless. However my biggest issue is the deliberate lack of support available on the app. It’s nearly impossible, if not sometimes impossible, to contact Uber support. The new app release has a bug where the link to add a tip goes to trip rating, not adding a tip. And it’s impossible other than leaving a review here to share that info via the app. The help directory is useless.
  • Customer Service 1/5

    By Kijuhyfsgg
    This company as one of the worst if not the worst customer service. The people who work there are under train and unreliable. Unable to fix a simple problem and often ended by messing account even worst before helping.
  • Dont tell you the price anymore 1/5

    By Rock_star💀
    Before i always choose uber over lyft but lately they dont even tell you how much you gonna pay. Is really frustrating because i wanna know how much im paying and dont wanna see 6-8 to end up paying 9+ especially because since they changed this setting now they go around in a route that make no sence. I have two jobs in the same street only with a few blocks apart one to another and they go all the way around take the freeway and then they charge for that. So im using lyft more now and use uber only when is really necessary but i avoid it as much as i can.
  • Wait fee 1/5

    By Mrs Fishsticks
    I have used Uber twice. Both times I have been charged “wait fees” and both times I waved down to driver and was ready when they arrived. There was NO wait for the driver. This is so uncool.
  • Won’t let me tip the driver 1/5

    By makeithardtocomolain
    Uber is a good service but in Mexico I can only tip the driver on half the rides!! What the heck guys!! Your drivers deserve tips and I want to pay them. There is no place to add the tip later or send a message about adding a tip. It has happened twice out of four rides in Guadalajara.
  • Won’t download 1/5

    By book worm 101
    I’ve had Uber for years. Now with the latest Apple upgrade the app won’t download
  • Injusto 3/5

    By yasmeidy
    Justo hoy pedí un Uber poniendo todas las direcciones correctas y la tarifa era 14.60 pues el gps de Uber me estaba mandando a otro lugar me hicieron dar una exagerada vuelta haciéndome llegar tarde al trabajo y luego me viene a cobrar 35 dólares y el reporte dice que no pueden hacer nada y no pueden hacer nada... de mi punto de vista lo veo como una estafa porque yo no soy quien conduce y mucho menos quien dirige al conductor no me gusto para nada eso!!!
  • Prices are insane 2/5

    By angelatotomia
    It used to be so cheap and now the prices are 4x anywhere I want to ride. So unfortunate.
  • Hope you never need customer support... 1/5

    By DynamiteDean16
    I used this app to get to and from work faithfully for a couple years and out of the blue one day my account is suspended and I am told it won’t be turned on again till I speak with customer service. Ok not sure what that’s about, so I call them; Everyday for 5 days and no response... finally I get a voicemail because they happened to call when I couldn’t answer telling me she was just coming back from her weekend... I call back less than an hour later, again no response. I have called numerous times since and still have not gotten an answer to why. This happened 1/7 and it’s now 1/24 and they still have yet to provide me an answer to why it was shut off or turn it back on. Save the trouble use a different car share app.
  • I want my money back! 3/5

    By Rowshan Rahman
    I was with my son and I put the destination at the place i was. So I want my money back Uber!
  • Rip off any ya or the other! 2/5

    By hbbfkng
    Constantly changing prices no matter the if it’s the same address time , increases their prices often! Then they charge you for other things you don’t even have to pay as a rider.
  • Why are they charging me $24.99 per month for help.uber? 1/5

    By Jacklynn718
    Uber has been charging me $24.99 per month for the last 3 months on an older credit card. There’s no email receipt or notification that I received. Customer support is awful and not providing an explanation or refund.
  • No Customer Service 1/5

    By Djdjxnxndudnx
    Locked out of my account because I changed phone numbers. Soon I began getting charges from whomever logged into my account more than likely because the sent a verification code to them. Had to cancel my credit card, no response from UBer and oh right no actual number to even call just lost in some workers email inbox. I will use Lyft moving forward. Customer Service is paramount smh
  • No Reason For Rewards Anymore 2/5

    By Ashkira1444
    I use this app often and used to be a fan of it overall. I even joined their rewards program because they promised flat rates and fixed rates for when surging happens. Ever since they recently priced their rides on a scale instead of a set price, I’m getting charged much more and I can’t even see why. I used to be charged 14-15 dollars to get to work every day without fail. Now, with the exact same route, it’s 16-17. This is ridiculous and I’m not even sure how it can be a law issue if Lyft hasn’t done this at all. Also, what’s the point of advertising a fixed rate for rewards members if you can’t even provide it?? Update: I understand that, I’ve seen your copy paste reply to everyone who has an issue with the new update. It still doesn’t explain why I’m getting charged a couple dollars more when I joined a rewards program to avoid this very thing. What was the point of me doing that when all the “rewards” have now been taken away? It also still doesn’t protect me from drivers who’d like to take advantage of this new system and take weird route just to jack up the prices. I might as well call a cab to have that happen to me... Definitely using Lyft from now on.
  • Login denied 1/5

    By lilich13456
    Hi, I had Uber app before it was working fine , now I got a new phone install Uber app tried to login and it says login denied and I need to contact support, I don’t know what happened I use same email and phone number
  • Uber’s app is faulty and seeks to complicate 1/5

    By qwerty48375
    Multiple issues with this app. Plus customer support is horrible they generate messages to you without answering your question. A simple yes or no question they just side step. Also I cancelled a ride because it was too far away and when I attempted to book another ride it gave me the SAME driver and time then when I went to cancel it attempted to charge me. Are you kidding? Because your app is faulty you’re going to charge me for your mistakes? That’s insane. I would put zero stars.
  • Maui WI-FI 5/5

    By Okeithp
    The airport WI-FI service appears to block logging on to Uber through their server. We had to log on through our cellular provider to get a ride.
  • Never Again 1/5

    By DJkittypaws
    I was in desperate need of a ride and tried Uber for the first and LAST time. Somehow my ride to work was only $25 but coming home I was charged close to $50. The driver took the extra long way taking unnecessary roads. I didn’t realize what the result was going to be for my wallet. I tried to dispute the charge but their terrible customer service didn’t care about me at all. All the horrible things people say about Uber is true, no wonder they are not profitable.
  • Good app 4/5

    By Bella.Lana
    This is a good app but where did Uber cash loading go? I can’t pre-load $ anymore and get a % discount? UPDATE: I checked App Store and the app needed manual updating. Once updated I was able to pre-load at a discount. :D
  • Slow 2/5

    By Wittern1
    Update the location of car please
  • Owners should be arrested 1/5

    By starjordie
    Why was I charged 49 cents for Wait Time when I was the person waiting on my driver because he was lost? I had to call him and direct him to my location. The location was correct on the App but the driver was one street away from me in a stationary position. This is my first time using this service. Maybe I should consider using another transportation method if this penny-pinching robbery is what to be expected. Really 🙄 Not to mention the non existent “Customer Support” in App. Just laughable 🤣 NO CUSTOMER SUPPORT = NO CUSTOMER
  • Location for apartments needs to be improved 3/5

    By curyeah
    I live in apartments and every time I use Uber it always take d them to the next block and I hate it because I get charged a wait fee when I waiting on them not the other way around
  • App Hangs/freezes in ios 13.1.3 1/5

    By gr8gizmoguru
    Even after updating thrice, the app still hangs / freezes in IOS 13.1.3 while booking. So i am booking cabs in rival app. Your loss Uber. Fire your engineers Update - app still freezes as on 24 th jan 2020
  • Bad ride home 2/5

    By scared riders
    Our driver ran all of the stop signs without slowing down, when we told her she was going the wrong way she just ignored us. Her radio was so loud that we couldn’t hear each other and she didn’t even turn it down when we had to talk to the security gateman.
  • Uber Eats 1/5

    By 83meowj
    Uber double charged me. After following their rules and waited the 10 days, they reply that I waited too long and no refund. Epitome of awful customer service and they are in fact, thieves.
  • Customer Service 1/5

    By Gerald305305
    So sad Uber does not have a customer service line to talk with anyone. I tried to change my CC to my company corporate card and it did not work. I google there 800 number that’s only for emergencies and they hang up after info that was given. I followed the google instructions to hit the 3 stripes then look for call support and that option does not exist, so I updated the app and still nothing. So I downloaded Lyft and it accepted my corporate card I guess I will be using them for now one.
  • They gave me $3 for being harassed by one of their drivers 1/5

    By Dashielle030701
    I don’t want the compensation at all. All I wanted to know was what they’ve done with the driver who made inappropriate comments and almost abducted me. Not hyperbole either. I know my route and this guy kept swerving and taking the long roads back when his GPS was clearly giving him instructions to the route I was familiar with. This guy didn’t turn around and bring me home until I called my mother on the phone and complained loudly about how I felt unsafe. I gave her screenshots of the app to show her my info as well. All Uber did was say sorry and gave me a $3 compensation for my trouble. Keep your $3. I want that guy off your app and reported to the authorities. And if you’re gonna compensate someone... like really, $3? I still have the screenshot of the email and the text messages I sent my mom for anyone interested seeing them.
  • Nice 4/5

    By mardi gras mami
    I appreciate this service and I did not take taxis before the introduction of rideshare. The food delivery service is quite speedy & convenient, but I don’t use that as much. I’ve never got a chance to UberPool yet, unfortunate because I’d likely ride frequently if it were cheaper (I understand it could not come close to bus prices). It is a bit cost-inhibitive for 1 rider 10 minute trips to be nearly $15 one-way. I always wish more rideshares in my region were greener, it’s kind of why I don’t like taking my own car. Please add a feature that allows to request a hybrid or ev UberX. I’ve even had drivers in big, inefficient trucks, but it isn’t something I could give them less stars for. I like the PayPal & Venmo integration. I don’t understand why the jump ebikes & scooters isn’t just within the Uber app alongside UberX, comfort, & XL
  • Update 1/5

    By yg559
    I don’t like there new update

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