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Uber is a ridesharing app for fast, reliable rides in minutes – day or night. There’s no need to park or wait for a taxi or bus. With Uber, you just tap to request a ride, and it’s easy to pay with credit card or cash (in selected cities only). Whether you’re going to the airport or across town, there’s an Uber for every occasion. Uber is available in more than 500 cities worldwide – download the app and take your first trip today. Requesting your Uber is easy – here’s how it works: - Just open the app and tell us where you want to go. - The app uses your location so your driver knows where to pick you up. - You’ll see your driver’s picture and vehicle details, and can track their arrival on the map. - Payment can be made by credit card, cash (in selected cities only), Apple Pay, PayPal and more. - After the ride, you can rate your driver and provide feedback to help us improve the Uber experience. You’ll also get a receipt by email. Need a simple way to get from A to B quickly? Take uberX, our most affordable option for individual travel. Want to save money on your ride? Take uberPOOL – you’ll travel with other riders heading in the same direction, and enjoy a lower fare. Want a more exclusive experience? Take a high-end vehicle with UberBLACK. And there are even more options – whether you’re travelling with a big group or need a vehicle with accessibility features. See if Uber is available in your city at https://www.uber.com/cities Follow us on Twitter at https://twitter.com/uber Like us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/uber Got a question? Visit uber.com/help. Note: continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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  • awful experience 1/5

    By Please-Read-and-Correct
    at some point in time the app stopped working, showing “oops something went wrong” every time i try to get the car. no explanations what is causing the error. Support does not respond to me. the only option that uber left me was to use lyft.
  • Using Lyft from now on 1/5

    By The President.
    Driver didn’t come down my driveway or let me know where he was or that he had arrived but I get a late charge? Plus $3.75 for toll/surcharge for a standard route. Uber is not monitoring their drivers that are ripping off the customers. Done with Uber
  • Horrible Sign-Up & Error Messages 1/5

    By Hirlau
    First, I wanted Uber as a backup incase my vehicle failed. My son has an important assignment and we cannot afford not being able to get there. I have always heard good about Uber, so started the signup tonight, all was well, but could not load any funds into Uber Cash. I used “two” well funded methods. I kept getting error messages to try back again, I did , over 9 times. So , no was was established to pay for a ride if I needed one. This was despite the fact the Uber easily loaded all of my payment methods. The Uber would not allow sign in on my cell, despite 3 hours of being online via cell & laptop. Uber would not allow my sign on via cell, as it presented error message after error message stated that an error had occurred with the cell number. 4 hours trying to get Uber to work, tried deleting my account, Uber states that the account has been deleted, but it is still there via laptop sign on . Now,,,,,, try to find customer service or a chat help,,, good luck !!! The worst app service since owning a cellphone. I know that no company is without issues pertains to their products, but this is total crap coming from a business that has been around this long. I’ll save my money & but a second car, before dealing with this poor system that Uber has. FYI, this is my only negative review of any app.
  • Wrong address 1/5

    By 88five9three
    Driver went to the wrong address, five houses north. I had to walk to the Uber instead of the Uber coming to the right address. Pretty annoying having to walk to the Uber while he stayed and watch.
  • Needs better maps 4/5

    By MrsFailRacing89
    The maps for Uber aren’t that great. I use Uber very frequently going to and from work and I take the same route every time. You’d think my Uber app would remember that. But I have to tell every driver which way I want to go to avoid traffic and trains that stop constantly. There should be a way uber remembers route their customers take frequently. The maps will also get you lost if you’re not from around the area you’re in. Other than that I’m pleased with it.
  • Can’t Tip Driver 5/5

    By William Joseph 2
    Last 2 rides, I wanted to rate and tip drivers. When I try to use receipt to do it, I get nowhere. Something wrong. Unfair to drivers.

    By lostdie
    More will come if you keep asking passengers to walk
  • Left stranded in Newport News 1/5

    By markg757
    Driver (Mitchell) of hampton Virginia picked up and made us add to the route. When getting to the stop he says that we need to tip him and make a whole extra route totaling out at 40$ on an original amount of 9.00. He was an unprofessional driver and i won’t use his Uber ever again
  • One of my best Uber rides ever 5/5

    By arrowhead5m
    Jose knew a lot about Vegas. Told us where the best casinos are to learn where to play poker. Knows what’s happening in Vegas and where. Very knowledgeable and friendly. The type of employee I want working for me. Offered us water, clean van, helped us in and out, wanted us to be comfortable.
  • Y’all business is not gunna make money if y’all don’t take CASH! 1/5

    By PNG.shawdy
    I swea
  • I have a love/hate relationship with UBER 3/5

    By BanjoGrey
    I have to love Uber because I need it to help me live without driving. Some of the drivers make my whole day better. Excellent people! I’d say about 25 percent are a little unpleasant but always professional. I’d like UBER to get my address right. The Uber drivers are not instructed properly in writing as to which road to turn into off of the main drag to enter my community. How do I correct this. It’s a simple change. This causes irritation and delays.
  • Tipping 5/5

    By jayniesu
    On my app there is a section after the ride which says “to tip or rate”. When I go to it, The is absolutely no place to tip or rate.
  • Drive with Walter 5/5

    By Febles1
    Walter was a fine, professional driver. He drove safely and efficiently. I tipped him cash. Ignacio Febles
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Gus’s Mimi
    The new app is simply awful. It won’t let me leave a tip... after trying 20 times. 😡
  • Frustrated 1/5

    By forhevensakes
    The app says I have a plan trip. It won’t allow me to see it. I need to edit it. I think it’s coming to my home instead of my job. There’s no way to chat or resolve the problem. How do I get help.
  • Good driver bad app 4/5

    By Delanglade
    I agree with others. The driver was very good! However, we had to switch to WAZE to get there in a timely manner.
  • Uber ride 5/5

    By jlmarrero
    My driver, Rose, had a great attitude and was a pleasure to ride with. I hope to have the pleasure of riding with her again in the near future!
  • Worst Customer Service Since Time Warner Cable 1/5

    By CR.editor
    Simply the worst customer service out there: Uber and Uber eats. Make sure you link an AmEx card to your account so you can dispute incorrect charges etc. Uber does nothing to help in a legitimate refund process. Their outsourced drones only cut and paste nonsensical “responses” to requests for help. Quality of Uber cars is a joke, and drivers have only gotten worse and worse. I’m don’t with Uber forever.
  • Crashes 1/5

    By SS-1213
    Use lyft. Uber app is such a waste of time. They don’t honor discounts. I can barely use it because it crashes so frequently. I update it every time it’s available and it still crashes. Pointless. Lyft at least works
  • San Diego Richard 5/5

    By GammaLorie
    Richard is a wonderful face for Uber.
  • Giving incorrect time estimates, hope you don't need to be punctual 1/5

    By Cghytrdfgcr1989
    The time estimates quoted are incorrect. Every time I use pool it gives me a time estimate but then when it finally connects to a driver my estimated arrive time is significantly later that I needed and as a result I am late. If I chose to cancel at that point I will be charged. Give correct estimates, take into account the 2 min to connect. It's currently unreliable and therefor unusable.
  • EF 5/5

    By E Cooney
    I have been using Uber for several years. Last month you said therrr was trouble with my financial institution. They told me that was a lie. They approve it. I was able to get things working again but it was a lot of trouble. He last several rides I’ve had are wonderful. Thank you.
  • Yikes 1/5

    By whoishyde
    It is such a pain that every driver forces conversation. Can you please add a "not up for conversation" option when requesting a ride?
  • Not happy 1/5

    By Crazymanclay
    I’m not pleased with the app it was a total waste of time and money I ordered two ride one of them didn’t make it out the parking lot when the driver was first pinged for 10 minutes the second one refused to give me a ride so I got got charged 5.50$ to walk a mile and a half
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By hec498643
    I try to leave a tip after a trip and once you browser closes you cannot go back, even from the receipt email, once you click on leave a tip or rate your trip it takes you to a web site that says would you like to open this page in the Uber app? And if you click on it it takes you to a blank page on the Uber app and another window open at the App Store to download the app? And there is nowhere in the app we’re you can leave feedback or ask questions
  • Not as good as it use to be 1/5

    By jahsfsgshve
    I use to use Uber over Lyft all the time because of the service and cleaner vehicles, but as of today I think I’m going back to Lyft. I had a driver accept my request and sat in the parking lot for 10min when he should’ve arrived in 4 min. After the Uber driver canceled my ride I was given a new one who was 5 min away he missed the turn to my location and had to drive another 10 min to circle back. Now I’m late to work and I didn’t have a chance to cancel the ride because of a 5 dollar fee.
  • Driver going to wrong gps location 2/5

    By bullrl
    Overall I enjoy the uber experience, but I take exception to be charged waiting time ( even though it is a nominal amount) for driver going to wrong gps location I waved to driver as he passed by ..
  • Great driver! 5/5

    By loooooolaaaa
    Amazing ride! Good driver! Excellent Person! Thanks
  • Cost 5/5

    By socklady1
    Driver excellent VERY expensive. More than twice the amount paid when I returned later. $30.00 going. $12.00 coming home. WHY
  • Terrible GPS route 1/5

    By RainbowCows
    I’ve been using Uber for about 4 years now and as time passes, I can tell that Uber is really pushing each shared rider’s time in the car to the limit. The pickups for each shared rider gets more and more out of the way that it just ends up being ridiculous, to the point where you’re just going in circles for 20 minutes. On top of that I am often in a shared ride where 5 shared riders are picked up. Everything just becomes such a waste of time. PLEASE JUST USE LYFT. I recently started using Lyft and the whole experience is just SO MUCH BETTER. Lyft is not cheap or annoying with their shared rides. You will have a much shorter and smoother ride where it feels like you’re not going in circles.
  • Why am I not a platinum customer yet?!?? 1/5

    By Kaioohia555
    I’ve been cheated out of my uber pint several times I’m confused as to how I’ve ridden this many times and the app isn’t keeping consistent track of my points. How is it possible I’ve achieved being award 5 uber $ multiple when it takes 500 points to get it. I’m just confused as to where my pints are going and if they even count the app seems to be a fraud and so is the service. Not to mention the gold customer service is BS this app is not even customer friendly when we make you rich.
  • Pay attention to What You Are Paying 3/5

    By McDreeeemy
    I use Uber enough to almost be diamond status, I spend roughly $300-$400 per week. That being said, here are some things to watch out for. Do not get ride pass, once you do they raise the fare on almost all rides and you save no money. It’s a waste of money. Also, as I’ve earned rewards and discounts as my “customer tier” has gone up, all over has done is raised my fares to negate the discounts I get. It’s a very deceptive marketing practice and if I wasn’t taking the same trips, at the same times, with the same traffic conditions daily, I probably wouldn’t have noticed. Also, Uber is constantly adding 1 extra toll charge to every other or every third ride. This is something I’ve been monitoring closely for 2 months before writing this review, so rest assured, this isn’t something that only happened a few times and I’m just making a big deal about it, it’s something that they do constantly. Also, because of the way they handle their customer support, I can’t even get to talk to anyone about when these issues because they aren’t “help topics” I can select. Not trying to tell people not to use them, just be aware that they do these things. If they are doing it to someone who spends over $1k a month with them, then they are definitely doing it to everyone. Thanks for reading.
  • Taking care of business 5/5

    By P7400
    Appreciate all the benefits and promos of being a loyal rider, thanks Uber .
  • Code When Requesting A Ride 3/5

    By GuguBela
    I now get a code sent to me and the driver before my trip starts. My boyfriend doesn’t get a code. One driver suggested that it was because my rating was too low. I’m always considerate and kind to the drivers and try my best to keep conversation going. What is the reason for this code?
  • Ridiculous ride for Uber pool navigation 1/5

    By NYC rider harlem
    I was picked up at the correct location and then was taken several miles away in the opposite direction which delayed my arrival by another 20 Mins. It took 40 mins to ride what was originally 2 miles in distance. I am switching back to VIA. This is a driver who will pick up as many people as possible. Not good.
  • No stars 1/5

    By lopeza95
    This last week I was in a trip in a country that neither my husband or I had access to WiFi or internet connection in most places. We only were able to use our Uber apps for 1 day then the next day without an explanation our accounts were blocked. In efforts to get it fixed we tried to find any sort of method of contact to Uber support to help us out. After searching for over an hour to find some way to get help we finally ended being directed to an in app help request. I submitted a help ticket and did not even get a response for two whole days only to be asked to submit the request in the native language of where i was visiting. Is Uber not a big enough business to just redirect the email to an English speaker? Luckily I do speak the language that they were needing it to be translated to so I replied back and that was on Saturday. I NEVER received a message back and I’m back home now but that speaks very loudly to me and husband about Uber and how much they care about customer service. Although this email may not change anything for you all it does for me and my perspective of Uber and the way I would speak of the business. My only recommendation would be to own up to your companies flaws and fix them or else Uber will continue digging the hole it is clearly already in. I am sure this is not the first time you have all heard this same message but it is definitely time to get things like this to the people who can make that change and have their clearly already lazy customer support team start taking calls from a number customers can depend on receiving an answer from.
  • Finding an address in Sintra 2/5

    By rubynars
    We provided the correct address to Ana Christina. She had problems locating the address and called the manager of the Inn. The manager provided directions. It was not our responsibility. Please revise the charge. Jennifer
  • Rates too high 1/5

    By toomoolah$
    I’m disappointed at the rate increase too high It will force me to remove account Sorry
  • As 5/5

    By llkkhytvcddffvhugfghfgbgfdseg
    Not able to leave a tip
  • Highly recommended 5/5

    By Rick in Bend
    A nice, clean car ... good driver ... and a nice person as well. What more could a rider want?
  • Great 5/5

    By griffithsg
    Victor provided a wonderful service this morning. Right on time, very nice conversation and safe driving in his comfortable car.
  • Worst Customer Service Ever 2/5

    By cari373
    They have awful customer service! Try getting ahold of someone, and it’s just canned responses. It’s incredibly frustrating! Not only that, but where once when you had an issue you were allowed to be right, now they are the only right ones. The map app is most unhelpful and took me to the wrong place, and I’m now being charged for the driver having to correct that. The cost was the same to both place because where I wanted to go was down the road by two minutes. I even checked to make sure the location wouldn’t cost me a whole lot more to get to because it was so close, I could have walked! Instead, they are adding $7 for that! All I got back from “Jose” was “this cost covers everything....” canned response. Guess it’s back to Lyft. You all disappoint!
  • Driver 5/5

    By boopseu
    Best driver you could have, very friendly and helpful
  • Julius was great! 5/5

    By encinitas rider
    Julius was great!
  • SCAM 1/5

    By wwwwwwxggghhhhh
    This app is an absolute disgrace I’ve been shown a fare of $7.01 I’ve been charged $30.11 for some reason nobody’s answering me. I’m deleting it and disputing the charge
  • Emmanuel 5/5

    By chrisq1231
    Emmanuel was wonderful, very kind, great driver
  • Payment issues 4/5

    By kkkkimggguerra
    Is not the first time that happens to me, I choose my card and it says my payment is declined, and happens in all of my payments. Even if I deleted them and add them again. Is so annoying.
  • Racist company full of haters against Asians 1/5

    By Sephora blocks my reviews
    Drivers saw me on the street and turned and stopped at the other side of the street. They also told me to cross the street when there were so many cars driving in the street. I refused and walked to the pedestrian to go cross the street, and the drivers cursed me. Also, they canceled my trip when I walked to them attempting to open the door. Since they canceled my rides, the ride history was deleted on my app automatically. I tried to seek help from Uber, but they just ignored me. The company and the drivers did that only because I’m Asian and was easy to bully (told by one of the hateful, racist drivers)
  • Far too expensive for commuters. 1/5

    By Deezknots
    Uber was half the cost a few years ago touted to be an alternative to car payments and insurance fees. It’s pricing isn’t consistent and not everyone can afford to tip these under paid drivers. The drivers get less than half of the trip charge and the quality of drivers has plummeted. I bought a car instead.

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