Uber Eats: Food Delivery

Uber Eats: Food Delivery

  • Category: Food & Drink
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  • Current Version: 1.133.10000
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Uber Technologies, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Uber Eats: Food Delivery App

Delicious eats. Delivered easy. Hungry? Get the food you want, from the restaurants you love, delivered at Uber speed. Eat what you like, where you like, when you like. Find the local flavors you crave, all at the tap of a button. Browse local restaurants and fast food favorites for inspiration. Or get just what you’re looking for by searching for a specific restaurant, dish, or cuisine. Pizza. Burritos. Burgers. Sushi. If you're hungry for it, try Uber Eats. When you’re ready to place your order, you’ll see your delivery address, an estimated delivery time, and the total price including tax and booking fee. Tap to seamlessly pay with your Uber account, or add a credit card. Track your order in real-time as it heads your way. Uber Eats is currently available in cities and metro areas including Abu Dhabi, Adelaide, Amsterdam, Atlanta, Auckland, Austin, Baltimore, Bangkok, Bogota, Brisbane, Brussels, Cape Town, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Dubai, Hong Kong, Johannesburg, Glasgow, Liverpool, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Melbourne, Mexico City, Miami, Milan, Moscow, Mumbai, Nashville, New Delhi, New Orleans, New York, Ottawa, Paris, Philadelphia, Rio de Janeiro, San Diego, San Francisco, Sao Paulo, Seattle, Singapore, Stockholm, Sydney, Taipei, Tokyo, Toronto, Vienna, Warsaw, and Washington DC. Uber Eats helps you find food delivery around the world. Order delivery in Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, France, Japan, India, Singapore, South Korea, Mexico, New Zealand, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States, and more. Not in your city yet? We hope to be soon! Head to https://about.ubereats.com/cities/ for a current list of all the cities we serve.


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Uber Eats: Food Delivery app reviews

  • Uber eats 1/5

    By abbyrich6
    This app is horrible, I have tried to get an order delivered to my house and it either has been the wrong food or it never got delivered. I will no longer use this app because every time it has failed on me.
  • Terrible Customer Service 1/5

    By BBrink1402
    Uber Eats customer service is very difficult to work with and unwilling to fix a problem even if it is their fault! I’d imagine my experience messaging a brick wall would have been more helpful. It is best to use another competing app such as Postmates if you care about correctness of your order, ease of use, and customer service. I refuse to use this app again after multiple mistakes by Uber Eats and their unwillingness to make it right.
  • 😍 5/5

    By Cryirfrcyfyicfycrcicyf
  • Satisfied 5/5

    By Persian Tony
    It works for me.
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By TheDarkEra
    The app has been very useful with my late night dinners! There's a wide variety of restaurants/fast-foods to choose from!
  • They. Don’t. Care. 1/5

    By Jwl 1572
    Worst customer service ever. Could not care less and there is no way to actually reach a real human.
  • The best way to get food when you’re starving! 5/5

    By MMS0312
    The food always arrives to my door soo quickly, they have a great service.
  • Search function needs some work 3/5

    By AmazonOkie
    I like all the options of restaurants! But the search function needs serious work. Searching for the term “gluten free” (or vegan, vegetarian, etc) don’t turn up too many options. But when looking at restaurant menus, you will often see those options available, yet somehow they don’t show up when utilizing the search option. Which means it takes WAY longer to find what you need, often leading to annoyance and choosing a different food delivery service. Also, it would be great if adding a tip was an option at checkout (thus improving the chances that drivers will be tipped for every delivery).
  • Better than Grubhub! 5/5

    By the Mass
    Food always comes at the projected time and the delivery people are mostly friendly and courteous. I’ve ordered in multiple states and have always had great results!
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By Ahdovkenrkvkd
    Really dissatisfied with this app. I placed and confirmed an order with Uber eats. Estimated delivery time was 20-30 minutes. After I placed my order I checked back 15-20 min later to only see that my order was being delayed because a delivery driver could not be found. After an hour and a half of this, I called customer service, trying to get this issue resolved. I was on the phone for around 20 min only to be told nothing could be done and my order could not be cancelled and that I would be charged regardless. I’ve since taken it up with my bank to get the charges reversed, since I never received the food I ordered. Very poor customer service, and a horrible experience with the app the first time. Most definitely deleting this app.
  • Uber Eats is a JOKE! 1/5

    By eyez0nfyre
    Not only do they charge ridiculous fees if they are busy (one time it was $9 on top of my meal and delivery fee, so I canceled), they consistently double book their drivers! An order that is only supposed to take 30 - 40 minutes will take well over an hour because they have the driver drop off another delivery on the way. These deliveries are not always close together either. I know this because I used to deliver with them. So I will get cold food that has been sitting out for a ridiculous charge. It would have been quicker and more efficient just to go get the food myself! I have learned my lesson and do not plan on using them again.
  • Delayed Delivery Times 1/5

    By Former UberEats customer
    FYI - your order may be part of a multiple order delivery so if your order is last to get delivered, there’s a strong possibility that your food may arrive cold. Uber eats fails to mention that in the “estimated delivery time” and won’t try to make things right. I was a loyal customer since this awful experience and have deleted the app.
  • Deleting this app, using postmates, caviar and doordash 1/5

    By CelophaneBrain
    About 50% of my orders take 2+ hours. Ive had to cancel 3-4 orders before. The customer service is very unhelpful as well.
  • Where is McDonald’s? 1/5

    By Wheelman916
    I’m giving this a one star review for the simple fact that I never find restaurants available that clearly have Uber Eats signs on display. The McDonald’s a few blocks from my work has UberEats-specific parking and checkout, but I never see McDonald’s, any McDonald’s, available to order from. When I’m at work or at home, I’m surrounded by convenient fast food, and none of them show up in this app. I can go to the drive through, and a big sticker on the drive through window is promoting UberEats.
  • Delicious! 5/5

    By Mohammed Siraj
    It was worth the $$ 👌🏾
  • Great!!!!! 5/5

    By Brig Daniela
    Love it you will too! Easy convenient affordable quick safe and no hassel
  • Uber eats 4/5

    By uberapps123
    Easy to order what you want. Great app.
  • gps problem 4/5

    By @agmailwsw.
    gps of the drivers doesn't take to the right path
  • More options 5/5

    By Gonzalez_Jorge
    It’s great I love it. Just needs more places like Burger King or something. That’s it. Other than that. It’s great. I loves it lol
  • Less likely to use anymore 2/5

    By trillietrill
    As title says, I’be been less likely to use Uber Eats because of the new ‘surge delivery’, as I call it. Before it was always a $5 charge for delivery, but now Uber wants to charge up to $15-$20 MORE for delivering food less that 5mins way. And it’s not during ‘peak hours’ as the app would tell you, because I know how busy some of the restaurants are around me. My average bill from my favorite shop would be around $11-$15 INCLUDING delivery. Now with these new updates the prices have doubled. This is without a doubt cause for me to no longer continue using Uber Eats in the future.
  • Terrible customer service 1/5

    By Nbouyounes
    Deleting this app
  • Muy bueno 5/5

    By EClaLeyenda
    Es perfecto para no tener que dejar habandonado tu puesto de trabajo y poder comer lo que apetezca o se te antoje en el momento
  • Cancelled order. 1/5

    By Unknown person!!
    I got no call and they cancelled my order and never contacted me so when I went to check where my food was at, it was cancelled. Thank for nothing uber.
  • Aaaaaa 5/5

    By analexpander2000
  • 1 star until it accepts cash cards 1/5

    By Fggggcdyfdgdeycsgjv
    1 star until it accepts cash cards
  • 👍 5/5

    By billy8mile
    Amazing and fast!
  • Best app 5/5

    By FerbsWorld
    Best app ever
  • Love it 5/5

    By Wannabpaigeb
    Super convenient!!!
  • More promo codes 1/5

    By tis but a crumb
    Would appreciate more promo codes only found ones for first users
  • 2 hour wait for no deleivery 1/5

    By johntheshepard
    I placed my order using the app, food was scheduled to arrive with in 30 minutes. Received several updates telling me they could not find a driver. After waiting an hour and a half after scheduled delivery time I called support. Support informed me that a driver was at the restaurant picking up the order. But while I was son the phone with support I received a notification that the order had been canceled. There was no offer of compensation from uber eats for wasting 2 hours of my life. Do not use this service. Support is awful.
  • 50/100 3/5

    By Laquayla
    Drivers having trouble with delivery and orders not made correctly
  • Bad customer service 1/5

    By smh1265476
    I order some food from Denny’s and only received half of my meal and the CustomerCare is tell me there nothing they can do about very bad and no help not going to use them any more unhappy.☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️
  • . 1/5

    By andrea paolaa
    app isn’t working, it isn’t loading any restaurants anymore.
  • Do You Like Missing Items and Terrible Customer Service? 1/5

    By LorneB
    Then this is the app for you. The drivers don’t pay attention to what they’re delivering. The only customer service is through the app, which I’m still waiting on a response. Go with Grub Hub or Door Dash, where the customer service is at least prompt. Update: Don’t get fooled by the “Developer’s Response”. They follow up their bad reviews with “Go to...and send us feedback”. This is actually part of their strategy to pretend like they care, when in all actuality, there is no place to leave feedback at that link. Check it out. They just rip you off and then ignore your pleas to their non-existent customer service.
  • Must Read! 4/5

    By MamaHenEatz
    Delivers absolute great service, amazing quality. Timing couldn’t be better! #loveuBerEatz
  • Awful Customer Service 1/5

    By Ad91215
    So the big problem with Uber Eats is they just constantly update the arrival time to later and later if your food is late- so that when the food takes 40 min to be delivered, like mine did, and is stone cold, like mine was- they say there's "nothing they can do" because the food was delivered within the estimated arrival time. The driver dropped off another order on the way, but 40 min of my food sitting in his car is way too long. 10 times out of 10 when I order, I'm given an estimated time of arrival, but by the time my food is on its way, that time is now 30-45 min later than the original estimated time. But of course "there's nothing they can do".
  • Kept postponing eta 1/5

    By gassshogggg
    Sat for a hour like a fool waiting for no reason, don't take orders if you don't have drivers its that simple!
  • Worst 1/5

    By NikanAzar
    worst customer service! All call centers in India with no way to fix things
  • Doesn’t accept Apple Pay and terrible support 1/5

    By Ben Voris
    Apple Pay works for Uber rides, but not UberEATS. After exchanging several emails with their support, each one less useful than the last, they stopped responding.
  • Outsourced customer service is not good! 4/5

    By W Addams
    As written in the title. Me and the customer service personal often have difficulty understanding each other because we both have accents.
  • Never got my food 1/5

    By lilkhair
    The driver never called and when I tried to contact her she acted like I’ve received my food confirmed it and everything. I m not getting a refund. There’s no number to call.
  • 4/5 times something goes wrong 1/5

    By SaraBearRenee
    Almost every time I or a friend has used this app, something went extremely wrong. Either the person was EXTREMELY LATE, one even stopping at a store on their way to my house!!, missing an item, taking the order to the WRONG address etc. not worth it.
  • App is fine. drivers are I experienced 3/5

    By Mateoishungry
    I think it is unfortunate that people pick up food orders if they are not comfortable leaving their car and delivering it to the door. That is the whole call concept of food delivery. I had a driver refuse to come to the door and I came outside, he prominently displayed his knife on his belt and was obviously spooked. Someone like this should not be delivering things to my house. Peer to peer businesses need to take more steps to prepare and train people in this. Food service is not for the meek. And I hate to think that people would take it lightly.
  • I hate this company 1/5

    By Cute Katt
    this app is worthless. Thinking about some food to check over in my cart, decided I didn’t want it. Accidentally tapped place order, then called and got a rude man on the phone saying that he could cancel it but wouldn’t give it back. Hate this company so much. Family is never using this again.
  • If you love terrible customer service and cold food... 1/5

    By Chrisfnrb7
    The only thing colder than your food when it arrives is their terrible customer service. Drivers pick up multiple orders out of the way from your house and let food sit in their cars while they make other deliveries. Driver picked up my order and drove 15 minutes in the opposite direction, so my food sat in his car for over 30 minutes while he made other deliveries. I don’t blame the driver, I blame the app. The customer service is useless because they don’t acknowledge that a mistake was made even when confronted with images from their own app showing their driver driving in the opposite direction.
  • iPad 1/5

    By Capt Barrel
    What is it with these app developers? If they plan to have folks with iPads use their app why pray tell isn’t there a Landscape option??????
  • Worst delivery app ever 1/5

    By Zach2634
    The idea is great but the execution is horrible. I’ve used Uber eats several times with different restaurants but the same theme continues. Food arrives late, ice cold and for the extra charge totally not worth it. I ordered tonight and it said the estimated time was 30 minutes. It arrived after 1 hr 15 min and ice cold. For 40$ worth of inedible burgers and salad. Unfortunately this is not an exception but the rule for this service. Why would I pay the premium up charge on food that arrives cold?? Deleting app
  • Shana 5/5

    By Shana French
    Awesome service! Fast delivery of warm fresh food.... I don’t have to leave my home!
  • Stupid cancellation policies 1/5

    By jdiaushbd
    I was trying order food on this app and I accidentally pressed order while trying to figure out what to order. I call up customer service to immediately cancel my order since I placed it like a minute before that. Apparently once you place an order you cannot cancel it if the restaurant already started preparing my order. I have no idea how a restaurant can already be preparing my order a minute later and already be done. Uber eats has the poorest policy on cancellation. Thanks for robbing my money. I’m never using Uber eats for food delivery.
  • Don’t order from Uber 1/5

    By ShayleeDelarah
    Take your business elsewhere you pay for food and don’t get the food but instead a I’m sorry your order is incorrect we can’t issue any commercial gestures have a nice day. So you are out of your money and the food you never got🖕

Uber Eats: Food Delivery app comments


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