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Uconnect App

No matter where you are, your vehicle is never far away with the Uconnect® App. Owners of vehicles equipped with Uconnect + SiriusXM Guardian* connected services, or earlier vehicles with Uconnect Access* connectivity can take advantage of the following services designed to make your life easier:
 - Lock or unlock your car from virtually anywhere
 - Start your car & cancel start remotely
 - Flash the lights & sound the horn to help find your car
 - Locate your car on a map using Vehicle Finder 
 - Send a destination to your car’s navigation system using Send & Go[1]

 *Vehicles equipped with connected services will have an ASSIST and SOS/9-1-1 button on or above the rear view mirror inside the vehicle (excludes FIAT 500e). You can log in to the app using the same username​ and password that you used when activating the connected services.

 Compatible vehicles in the U.S.:
 - 2015 – 2017 Chrysler 200
 - 2015 – 2019 Chrysler 300
 - 2017 – 2019 Chrysler Pacifica
 - 2015 – 2019 Dodge Challenger and Charger - 2014 – 2019 Dodge Durango - 2013 – 2017 Dodge Viper
 - 2014 – 2019 Jeep® Cherokee - 2017 – 2019 Jeep® Compass  - 2014 – 2019 Jeep® Grand Cherokee - 2015 – 2019 Jeep® Renegade - 2018 – 2019 Jeep® Wrangler - 2020 Jeep® Gladiator - 2013 – 2019 Ram 1500/2500/3500/Chassis Cab
 - 2016 – 2018 FIAT 500e (electric vehicle) Compatible Vehicles in Canada: - 2018 – 2019 Chrysler 300
 - 2018 – 2019 Chrysler Pacifica
 - 2018 – 2019 Dodge Challenger and Charger - 2018 – 2019 Dodge Durango - 2019 Jeep® Cherokee - 2018 – 2019 Jeep® Compass  - 2018 – 2019 Jeep® Grand Cherokee - 2018 – 2019 Jeep® Renegade
 - 2018 – 2019 Jeep® Wrangler - 2020 Jeep® Gladiator - 2018 – 2019 Ram 1500/2500/3500/Chassis Cab Questions? You can also push the ASSIST button on your rearview mirror to speak with a representative, call customer care or contact your dealer. 

Vehicle must be properly equipped with compatible Uconnect system. Vehicle must be registered for Uconnect Access or SiriusXM Guardian fulfilling all registration and subscription requirements. Vehicle must be located within the 50 United States or Canada and have an active and usable cellular connection.
[1] Send & Go requires Uconnect Navigation. Remote Vehicle Start not available on all vehicles. You are responsible for using remote features in accordance with any laws, rules, or ordinances in effect in your vehicle’s location.

 To learn more about these services, please visit or 
 For phone compatibility, visit

 ©2019 FCA US LLC. All Rights Reserved. Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, Mopar and SRT are registered trademarks of FCA US LLC. ALFA ROMEO and FIAT are registered trademarks of FCA Group Marketing S.p.A., used with permission. © 2019 FCA Canada Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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Uconnect app reviews

  • New activation 1/5

    By bellboy1968!
    Activated 6/24/2019. Went through all the steps to assure proper set up. After 3 calls in, work order ticket to see why it isn’t working. Was promised a call back same day. 6/25/2019 7:30am eastern time. Still no call. Soooooo, please help!
  • Tillys Toy 5/5

    By tillys toy
    Best thing since sliced bread. Love it
  • Works great 5/5

    By Kjdaffv
    Works great, love doing a remote start in the winter on my Jeep Cherokee when the heater, heated seats and heated steering wheel are waiting for me when I exit the movie theater. I do not like the fact that information can not be updated on command like I can with my wife’s Buick Regal and my daughters Chevy sonic. Also the information update does not always work when you turn the ignition off So info on gas, tire pressure, oil life etc could be days old. Also oil life % is way off I would have to drive over 10,000 miles to get oil life % below 20%. Info said I had over 50% left and I had over 5,000 on the odometer of my new Jeep Cherokee.
  • Mr Wonderful Kevy Kev 5/5

    By Mr Wonderful Kevy Kev
    Love It!
  • Cool Car! 5/5

    By Mango Charger
    It’s so nice to get into a cool car this summer!! 🙂
  • Not as good as OnStar 3/5

    By Iudex2029
    The app works fine, but it doesn’t perform as well as OnStar doing remote tasks. Not sure if that’s the apps issue or and issue with Uconnect in general.
  • Doesn’t work most of the time 1/5

    By David P 2
    Takes long to respond or doesn’t respond at all.
  • Not bad 5/5

    By Trooper2221
    Not bad, it’s a little iffy at times. Well it is the internet. But ya glad we have it
  • Less secure now 5/5

    By geminirays
    They removed symbols from the password requirements so now I cannot login. This is for my car pretty sure we should be able to use symbols for the password.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Adam P
    I set a password on the website, and then I come here to enter it, and it says, “please enter a valid password,” and doesn’t make the submit box touchable. It’s like they have the wrong criteria programmed about what is acceptable content for a password, so I can’t log in.
  • Not a Tesla 1/5

    By rilesport
    This app might work half of the time. When it does unlock it takes the better part of a minute. I have a Tesla too. Their app works 100x better than this.
  • Convenient but can improve... 3/5

    By FireEater1968
    Very convenient app with some great remote triggers. But, it can be improved with a few advancement of its features. What would be great is if the app would show the actual status of the vehicle when the vehicle info is displayed. What I am referring to is showing real time status of the vehicle running/not running. I have done a remote start and rec’d the notification that the request was received (in app notification), but the vehicle was not actually started. This could be done as an alternative through the remote page by “graying out” the start command button if the vehicle is running, and “graying out” the cancel command button if the vehicle is not running. The same could be done for the doors locked or unlocked. Overall, I am satisfied with the app and love the Sent and Go feature! It can be a bit finicky at times, but is a GREAT feature when it works like it should.
  • Pathetic 1/5

    By BlueRevan
    Called to try and activate my account. I got some high school dropout who had no intention of trying to help me. They must be hourly because it was like they weren’t listening to me at all. I actually hung up decided not to activate my account. Good thing Uconnect wasn’t the reason I bought my new car!
  • 👎 1/5

    By bahaa510
    The app works for me only few time and never work again .i hop Jeep can update the app and make it better and add more future like windows control AC control.we in 2019 with all the Technology I think that something easy on this time to do.
  • App can never connect to vehicle 1/5

    By Pinzz06
    Only thing the apps good for is a remote start which I can do from my keys non of the other features work....
  • Didapointed 1/5

    By Zoot25
    This app is not uploading my vehicle’s information whatsoever. I’m very disappointed...
  • Doesn’t cover new cars 1/5

    By Pshrynk1
    I bought a Jeep Gladiator and tried to get connected. Turns out that they don’t support their latest model. At all. Don’t even bother trying if you’ve got a new car.
  • Zero percent of the time, it works every time. 1/5

    By jeffrey697
    Total and complete waste of time, energy, effort, and hope. Like the dimmest kid in the class, this app fails EVERY time.
  • Confused 1/5

    By Ethan Hejl
    I’m not sure how to even register on this app and sync it with my car
  • App really slow 1/5

    By Shad_i3
    App really slow.
  • Connection 1/5

    By Chuck 1092
    Phone to Jeep does not connect fast enough needs to be better
  • Junk App 1/5

    By Mpm1307
    Ever since this you app took over the old Ram system it doesn’t work. It’s garbage. The only way it works is if your inside the truck.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By R1chard Noggin
    What a piece of crap. Can log in but can’t do anything!
  • Not Reliable 1/5

    The Unconnect app is intermittent at best with my new 2019 Jeep Cherokee at the Unconnect help is no help other than take your vehicle to the dealer.

    By Dr_Joee
    Every since the last update, the app now doesn’t work correctly! No location updates as well as remote starts and locks are no longer available.
  • Ughhhh 1/5

    By TaylarMac
    So what am I suppose to do when the app won’t even open?!?! Any suggestions?!
  • Doesn’t work right 1/5

    By MLBdriver
    It always tells me my vehicle data will not load. They said my account is online and they didn’t seem to have a fix for it.
  • Waste of money 1/5

    By Dragonfly1075
    Don’t let them con you into paying for Uconnect after your trial is over. Half the time the app won’t open, the rest of the time it forgets my saved password. Once you open it, the features are not all that impressive. Remote start takes forever and really the rest of it is fairly useless. It’s not worth the money they charge. Also noteworthy - the representative I spoke to when signing up told me that paying for Uconnect would enable voice text via the car controls on my iPhone. It did not. iPhone voice text is NOT compatible with Uconnect.
  • Not bad 4/5

    By scrufymanweasel
    So far the app is pretty convenient. But the vehicle location doesn’t always update
  • Works sometimes 2/5

    By sicembears16
    Only works 25% of the time.
  • The description is basically lying 1/5

    By Ksticher
    The functionality that it shows in the description doesn’t actually exist. You can’t see the information on your vehicle. All you’re able to do is start the car, and lock and unlock the doors. No fuel level, no health report, no TPMS. Not sure how Apple allows them to get away with blatantly lying to their consumer. It would be great if it actually did that, but it doesn’t.
  • Updates are random at best 1/5

    By Bill H Denver
    The app rarely updates, even when closed, deleted then reinstalled. If you lower tire pressures to go off road then it will update immediately suggesting to go to your nearest dealership to refill tire pressure. Typical of most products today, bait and switch. We have deleted this app.
  • TERRIBLE 1/5

    By boobookittyfun
    right now my dog is locked in the car, car running and they can’t get it to unlock. So I’m paying $90 for locksmith. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!
  • Worst software in a vehicle 1/5

    By iamhootis
    Cars should NOT advertise and yet uconnect just that. Unwanted spam IN MY CAR is UNACCEPTABLE. I am actually selling the vehicle as Chrysler has violated too many laws and my privacy with this unethically written garbage.
  • Slow and unresponsive 1/5

    By RedKoolaidHiker
    App is slow to open and very slow to remote start your car or any other command. Most of the time I get to the car first. It’s SO slow it makes no sense. It also doesn’t save password most of the time so then you have to type in a password, passcode then it will open what you can do in the app. By this time you have gotten to your car. Useless.
  • Does not work 1/5

    By Mrslinzg
    The screen just opens and stays blue. The old app worked fine.
  • App stinks 1/5

    By islesfan5555
    Every time I want to use it to load screen just hangs. I am forced to restart my phone every time
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By gantos
    I think the app is awesome!
  • Comment 5/5

    By easter rabit
    Very good to have.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By wjf417
    The app RARELY works. You call for support and they give you the runaround. Use the Mopar website instead - always works.
  • Time after time 1/5

    By realy dammad
    Time after time I try to open the app and it will not open, what is going on can’t you get it fixed
  • Sirius Guardian activation 1/5

    By hbucklin3
    Brand new vehicle, trying over and over to activate “the new improved U Connect” 4 calls, everyone had a different idea, “no problems, just give it 24 hrs” nothing! Oh the call yesterday had me driving 15 minutes, then call SOS and asked to be connected, still not connected. Good grief!
  • Please Update! 2/5

    By _iwrotethesky_
    Logging in is a pain and it lags communicating with my vehicle. This whole Unconnect needs an entire remodel. It has such potential to be better through Mopar.
  • Not letting me set up as a new user 1/5

    By anrennan
    I’ve downloaded the app and it ask for user ID and password but doesn’t have the option to set up
  • Great thing to have 5/5

    By djg80
    I love the Uconnect
  • No Apple Watch support 3/5

    By MikenVA
    I couldn’t get the app on my Apple watch to move past “Hello. Just a moment...” so I called customer service. Went through 3 levels of help and absolutely no one even knew there was an app for the Apple Watch. After transfer after transfer and being put on hold while waiting for yet another person they disconnected me. The app on my iPhone works well but they need some serious training with their customer service team.
  • Great when it connects to the vehicle 2/5

    By SailfishinFL
    I love the intent of this app. However, it doesn’t communicate with my vehicle very often. I have no idea how to make it connect. When it IS connected, it works great.
  • Simply not worth a Sh!t 1/5

    By NotConnect
    Vehicle updates once every couple days or maybe after two weeks. Features such as lock, unlock, and remote start have yet to work on it. The location finder only seems to work when the Jeep is in sight...thanks.
  • Start Up option not present 1/5

    By Big Daddy Drizzle
    Why isn’t the startup or unlock/ lock option not present??

Uconnect app comments

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