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Udemy - Online Courses App

Join more than 18 million students who are mastering new skills, advancing their careers, and exploring new hobbies from over 60,000 courses taught by expert instructors. LEARN ANYTHING: Discover courses in 2,000+ topics - from Web Development to Photography, Music to Yoga. 1,000+ new courses published every month on popular topics like iOS11 and ARKit. LEARN AFFORDABLY: Udemy has free courses and premium courses ranging from $10 - $200, and once you enroll, you’ll have on-demand, lifetime access to the content. LEARN FROM EXPERTS: Be inspired by over 30,000 expert instructors teaching in 80 different languages LEARN ANYWHERE: Download courses to learn offline and make long flights and commutes productive. Listen to courses in audio-only mode when you’re on the go. LEARN AT YOUR OWN PACE: Ask questions to other students and the instructor and personalize your learning experience with speed controls and closed captioning. ● "Enabling students to enhance their skills and education while on the bus, or while waiting at the doctor’s office, makes education even more accessible." - Venture Beat ● "With its new app, Udemy now allows users to browse and sign up for both free and paid courses, giving them access to video lectures, articles and presentations while on the go." - Tech Crunch Free and Premium Courses available in: ● Computer Programming including Java, Swift, Python, Ruby on Rails, and JavaScript ● Web Development including HTML, CSS ● IT & Software ● Data Science ● Business, Finance and Entrepreneurship ● Leadership, Happiness and Productivity ● Design ● Marketing ● Office Productivity including Microsoft Excel™ ● Health and Fitness ● Photography ● Music ● Languages ● and more… We love feedback. Email us at [email protected]


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Udemy - Online Courses app reviews

  • Cheaper Courses online 1/5

    By lisa turtle
    The deal on courses between the website and mobile application was by a 1$.

    By Xpodia
  • I feel like I am in a college class room with the best professors expertly teaching me!! 5/5

    By coding novice
  • App crashes, videos reset to 0:00 2/5

    By Juan Esteban Delgado
    Previous versions of Udemy has the feature of when you exit the app, when you restarted the app it would go back to the exact timestamp of where you were. Now, with frequent crashes due to overzealous app updates, when it crashes (which again, is often), you'll have to find your way back to where you were in the video. It's disruptive to my flow of thought as I learn, and I'm hoping my review gains some attention from the developers. Please fix this!!
  • Good App 5/5

    By Star*power
    Udemy offers a great app to accompany it’s online course site. Also, the developers work consistently at improving it with each update. The user interface is relatively easy to navigate and comparable to what you’d expect from educational apps in its class. The app has had minor issues in the past but they’ve resolved all the problems I had with it.
  • Can’t scroll the video list 2/5

    By Ganezh
    When I load the app for the first time, scrolling the video list gets stuck and doesn’t respond for 10 seconds. The app needs to be tested on iPhone 6 or 6 plus and make some performance improvements. Getting really frustrated with the app being so slow.
  • Absolutely Love Udemy! 5/5

    By Chrissy2106
    I just stumbled across Udemy recently and I’m absolutely hooked. I love the ability to learn new skills on the go and the variety of courses available is fantastic! I’ve started learning computer programming with Udemy and the content provided by the instructors is great. I’d recommend this app to anyone interested in learning anything from a foreign language, computer science, business, etc the list goes on and on.
  • App is pretty good, has annoying features 3/5

    By waltafhgdbjmhdc
    If app is open and video is paused, when iPad closes video starts playing. Video buffers can be infinite. Please fix these issues.
  • Can’t even create an account 1/5

    By Skee0983762
    I tried creating a new account but the “create account” button doesn’t even work. I also tried logging in through Facebook and that doesn’t even work. I guess I just may have to uninstall this app and use it on my laptop. Errrrrrrr!!!
  • Love it! 5/5

    By TheLegalResponder
    Good variety of the technical videos that I’m interested in.
  • Art course struggles 3/5

    By Chananlie
    Love the concept and website of Udemy but I am becoming beyond frustrated with the app. Participating in one of the art courses and in the q&a section I can’t find a way to upload a photo from my phone. Looked multiple times tried copying and pasting nothing seems to allow me to include a photo which is essential for help in an art course. My other problem with the q&a section is the loading. I’ll get one post to load, scroll down wait a few minutes for the next to load, try to scroll back and everything is gone again. Or suddenly I’ll have jumped up five posts or more with one loaded, but as soon as I scroll everything is gone again. This makes it nearly impossible to participate in discussions on that board. With the q&a seeming to be the backbone of communication for the app I’d think it would be a little more reliable and user friendly.
  • UX should be improved in mobile app 3/5

    By SolveThisNeedUpdate
    - When you go my courses tab and browse one of your purchased courses in mobile app, there is no link to go to the author profile for looking his/her other courses. You basically need to search instructor name in search section to find his/her other courses. Waste of time. This problem can be solved very easy. In purchased courses, a simple button/link which goes instructor profile can be put in the “more” section. Then I can easily look my instructors other courses and enroll them if I like it. - When you look for a new course, you can see the curriculum in extendable way. Tree structure in other words. When you click the “+” sign, you can see the content of the section. This is perfect. If there is a lot of section, it says after showing some section, “There is 19 more section”. 19 is trivial, this number depends on the course. Anyway, when you click this link to see whole section, there is no tree view any more. No “+” sign to extend section content. Which means there is a very big table of contents page. You have to scroll down and up to see everything. It is waste of time. You can implement a tree view after I click to see whole section. Then If I curious about content of the one section, I can click the “+” sign and see the content. You also can add “extend/collapse all section” option. This is more user friendly. Thanks!
  • Why pay more? 5/5

    By Go Bonnies!
    Udemy classes are awesome! I learned everything there is to know about the latest Power Point. Now my slide design and presentation skill are so much better. Easy to use. No monthly fees. Thank you to Udemy and it’s wonderful instructors.
  • Can I give a zero star? 1/5

    By Thefencechild
    I bought a course on the website and when I log in on the app, it doesn’t show that I have any corses at all. I found the course that I had paid for previously and it is asking me to pay. I logged back into the website to check and it is still fine there. Update : I have sent a message to support already. It's been over a week and received no reply Update 2: after posting my update that I already contacted support and they never answered they responded to my review with the exact same response.... Your bot needs better AI guys
  • Easy to use. Adds value to my life. 5/5

    By Building_Occupant
    I love Udemy! This app allows me to quickly find quality courses in areas that interest me and makes it easy to listen or watch on the go. I’ve taken about 20 courses to date and I find interesting new courses to add to my wishlist on a weekly basis.
  • Developer Response 1/5

    By RemyinWC
    Has anybody noticed the empty canned responses under “Developer Response”. Lots of words but nothing promised or said. Hmmmmm
  • Wonderful courses and content 3/5

    By Nycraja
    Unfortunately it drops the network connection or doesn’t connect at all more often than it should. I end up watching a spinning circle for way too long only for the app to crap out. I know it’s app related because all of my other apps (browser, YouTube, games) all work.
  • Review 5/5

    By Maitre Bayard The President
    I love it because I can study whenever I go. Guerson Bayard
  • Cool courses, sucky app 1/5

    By checo13
    App freezes after each video. Can’t skip to the next video either, because it crashes. Also, it randomly freezes during a video.
  • Can be slow sometimes 4/5

    By Vikodavid007
    And i know its not my internet
  • Mr. Lee 5/5

    By Centro Bellezza
    Best online learning platform
  • Downloaded videos won’t work 1/5

    By Saed Sabah
    When you try to play a downloaded video, it keeps loading forever. You have to delete it then re-download it again, or play it online. Also, the application crashed multiple times. Don’t use Udemy mobile application, I recommend you to use a browser to watch Udemy courses.
  • Very poor experience from a new user 4/5

    By Harry's Little Brother
    This app needs some serious work. I’m unable to open many pdf files in the Resources section for the course I bought and it’s a known issue. The “teacher” for the course had to upload all the pdf files to Dropbox for students to access. It’s ruined the whole user experience for me and I can’t understand why this hasn’t been fixed with an update. The message below was very helpful, so I’ve upgraded the rating to four stars.
  • Constantly failing/closing and issues 2/5

    By rwspd
    I downloaded a class and half the time it shows downloaded. Then when I go to play it, it will just try to process and it shows the buffering circle. Then I remove the particular lecture and then using my data to re download it, it then works. Also the app crashes or doesn't work often if I'm trying to use it the app offline. I try to use offline as much as possible to save data.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Anthony Cortez
    So much to learn and not short of different courses. Really happy I found this app thanks Udemy.
  • Bad performance 2/5

    By HansCurtis
    The classes themselves are great. This review is for the iOS app. The videos pause and buffer a lot. It’s rare that an entire video streams without being interrupted. I wonder if they’re streaming hi resolution videos? Additionally it’s horrible on battery life. If I use this app for 20 min a day it’s by far the largest power consuming app that day and my phone will be down to 20% battery. Usually I have 60% remaining at the end of the day.
  • Excellent App 5/5

    By MovementUP
    Works great for iPhone and iPad. The classes offered are stellar and the prices for these courses are excellent!
  • great value 5/5

    By Myratingimo
    its uber for tactical training
  • School’s Out! 3/5

    By cb123x
    Great app to get quick / beginner courses! Hope this concept could evolve to include more formalized / creditable HS, professional and college-level training. This could grow to be a great augment to failing and overpriced schools. Wish to see some more specific changes as follows: 1. Normalized reviews and pricing - some awfully high /inflated ratings and prices for rather basic courses with sparse content, or content that is no longer current. Perhaps a rating score for the raters and some price guides could also help. 2. Simpler method of categorizing /organizing/labeling content already purchased to make better buying decisions 3. Indications of enrolled, wish-listed for courses on the upper tier of course selection without opening each course and thus more quickly make buying decisions. 4. Repeating / allowing access to original course goals / info to enable better course evaluations, find other instructor courses, ... etc. 5. Enable / assist instructors to provide college, business, professional course instruction with certification. 6. Provide access to archived audio/video lectures from colleges, or business seminars etc. 7. Enable links to the many free college courses worldwide
  • Works weird when connecting to an Apple TV 4/5

    By Juan Pablo Conde
    I have used the app for a while and it works very well. However, when connecting it to an Apple TV to watch the videos in a larger screen, the app behaves weird sometimes: - it crashes from time to time - the progress indicator jumps back and forth between the beginning (a little above the progress line) and the current position - the app stucks after a video ends, and normally crashes after a few seconds
  • Unpleasant video streaming on Apple devices 1/5

    By jocbaz
    I’d like this app, and I’ll give it 5 stars when you enable video streaming to an universal way, not to a “Apple monopoly” only. I need to see freedom to chose what device and what video streaming option I like to use; like Android, Windows or Linux allows it. Let’s stop this limitations from Apple devices. Otherwise the money spent on this iPad is worthless.
  • Good, but... 3/5

    By miya361
    I bought a few courses on the last sale and so far things work ok. Udemy itself makes it easy for users to return a course and get a refund quickly – if you bought the course through the website and not through the app. Luckily I realized that before I bought a course. There should be an option to purchase a class with credit card or paypal through the app to get rid of the hassle. And there is a big bug, at least in one of my courses. When I try to open pdf documents from the resources, I often only get a grey screen that says “original pdf document”. The documents worked before, so I don’t know, what the problem is. Sometimes restarting the app works, but not always. If I can’t access the documents important to my class, it makes no sense to use the app.
  • Playback 1/5

    By qdtk
    Play back of the application is horrible. It blocks. It doesn’t play. It hangs. The online Safari version actually does the job which is sad.
  • Highly Recommended 5/5

    By Lengmianj
    Great apps! Thank you Udemy for making education so accessible and affordable!
  • Amazing Self Paced Learning 5/5

    By Josephpizzo
    The Udemy App has become an essential tool in career development for me. I have downloaded and used several courses both in part (for specific topics) or in the course entirety. I have suggested this to anyone and everyone. It can become an essential tool for entering a specific field, learning a new skill or to gather ideas how to accomplish a goal. One suggestion I have is to add some type of bookmarking or tagging feature. If I could tap my screen and tag or bookmark a specific topic, it would be a time saver and probably keep me in the app longer. I’d like to tap my video screen, tap an icon for bookmarking or tagging, enter some relevant text and have those saved as reference points that I could scroll or search and get access to the portion of the lesson or course that I would like. That’s just a suggestion, still great app and I can’t express in words how fantastic this product is!
  • Cannot view “downloaded” content 1/5

    By rickyjean
    Echoing what others have said-I downloaded a course but when I went to access the content, it just spun around never launched. I removed the whole course and then just downloaded one section, but the same thing happened. This app is not usable for me on my iPhone or iPad.
  • Downloaded videos will not play 2/5

    By Dana Kee
    I love the content and the general function of the app, but it will not play my downloaded content. I am away from connectivity frequently and need to be able to view offline. Please fix this and I’ll change my rating.
  • Buggy 2/5

    By Ugh999999999
    Will randomly not display video lectures that were previously available minutes ago.
  • IPhone X search bar too high 2/5

    By Will1;$5.)48?38(:7?3~*#>+~^>}>
    I have an iPhone X and whenever I go to search for a class the search bar is at the very top of the screen in the unusable space. So, in order to search for things you just have to use a computer making the app obsolete.
  • Some problem…… 5/5

    By UaenaMo
    very good course.I like it very much.but……have you guys test this on iPhoneX?……the UI component……just not right……I hope this can be fixed……but I basically use the website……app is just a few moments in bed……so ...nothing major
  • Loading... Loading.. 3/5

    By Slayer847
    I’ve bought quite a few courses. But, on mobile, many of the videos in the courses just keep loading nonstop. I hacen’t been able to listen to any of the video lectures.
  • Huge Serious Bug on my IPhone 1/5

    By Dogdog2250
    Can’t watch class smoothly , even my downloaded lectures.
  • Download Issues 1/5

    By crx321
    Downloaded courses to view during my commute and although they were listed as being complete, I was unable to access the courses.
  • Courses good. App bad. 2/5

    By Woody Bergman
    They fixed the problem where the app wouldn’t play downloaded courses. Now it does that well, IF you can get it to download. I have 16GB of free space, a 71.4 Mbps cable internet connection. I left it plugged into the charger with no other apps running for several hours, 3 times, and it still didn’t download the sections of one course I selected. Also, my phone was very hot and the battery was run down. This doesn’t happen with anything else. Clearly, either it’s buggy or somebody’s borrowing my phone’s processor through this app. The courses are an outstanding value, but I’m going to have to watch them at home on a browser, because I don’t have time to volunteer helping the developers test their app.
  • Please fix the app downloads 5/5

    By iKunal
    I am a huge fan of Udemy, thank you for providing such a great service! I’m really sorry to ask this, but when do you plan to fix the “download course” issue? Previously, I could download the coursework and watch anywhere. Now it doesn’t download, and even if it says download is complete, if I disable internet, the videos don’t load. It’s very frustrating. I understand your development team probably is overloaded with tasks, but I believe this is a show stopper for you since there might be many more like me. I hope this issue is being worked on, keep up the great work that you’ve been doing! I’ll always be a fan!
  • Download content problems 2/5

    By Li Menglong
    Fix it. This app is so buggy and annoying.
  • Best download 5/5

    By Iampurebeauty
    Simple easy to learn and follow enjoyable I really understand what I’m doing and I'm a beginner
  • Update broke everything 5/5

    By bob chylan
    Lately nothing works. I have lectures I paid money for that won’t load or download when choosing “download course”. I’ve spent twice as much time trying to load learning materials than actually learning. I will change my review once this is fixed but until then you have rendered my money wasted :(
  • Downloaded video doesn’t play 2/5

    By iSloboda
    Downloaded course to watch it during trip. Almost all of videos (except 2-3) doesn’t play, and yes, all of them are marked as downloaded, whats worse - on 3g network it doesn’t load anything. Content - 5, app - 1.
  • Great website, but the app! 1/5

    By Dylancfe
    The videos of my courses work perfectly on the website, but the app is kind of terrible. Here’s my issues: 1. Some videos take forever to load, even though I have good network. Sometimes can switch from one video to the next video, I have to relaunch the app, in order to play the next video; 2. The speed of loading my data is quite slow, sometimes lags and takes minutes to load my courses; 3. Based on the issue No.1, I downloaded the videos, I thought they would be able to play properly. But most of the time, unexpectedly they still take forever to load. Please fix the issues and improvement the performance, I still have very high expectations for your application :)

Udemy - Online Courses app comments


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