Udemy Online Video Courses

Udemy Online Video Courses

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  • Current Version: 8.31.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Udemy
  • Compatibility: Android
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Udemy Online Video Courses App

Skill up to success. Udemy is a leading destination for online courses that empowers you to grow professionally and personally. Get the app to explore our expansive library of thousands of topics with cutting-edge online video courses in Coding, Development, Python, Java, Business, Marketing, SEO, SEM, Design, Drawing, Photography, and much more. Tap into knowledge from around the world by learning from real-world experts. With courses in over 75 languages, you’ll probably find the right course for your goals. Here’s what makes learning with the Udemy app so valuable: LEARN OFFLINE: Download courses and learn even when your internet connection is unreliable LEARN ON THE BIG SCREEN: Watch courses with AirPlay and Chromecast DARK MODE: Stay focused in any lighting condition LEARNING REMINDERS: Build your learning routine with customized push notifications that fit your schedule NOTES: Maximize your learning by taking notes and adding bookmarks to remember more of what you learned QUIZZES: Take in-course quizzes to reinforce your learning Q&A: Ask instructors your burning questions to increase your knowledge or get a little extra help PICTURE IN PICTURE: Watch courses and practice skills at the same time MULTITASKING: Watch courses and take notes from your iPad. Ask questions from a single screen LIFETIME ACCESS: Take courses on your schedule. Revisit them as needed. Many instructors update courses (at no extra cost) to bring you the latest knowledge as it becomes available. Making learning with us a short- and long-term investment in your success. Other popular topics people are learning to achieve their goals: App Development: iOS, Swift, Java, Kotlin Data Science: R, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence Marketing: Mobile, Social Media, SEM, SEO Art, Music, Drawing, Photography, Health & Fitness Learners around the world trust Udemy to launch new careers, advance in their current fields, and reap the benefits of lifelong learning. Take control of your future with online courses that deliver practical, professional skills. Prepare for certification exams in IT, Project Management, and more. Earn certificates of completion for paid courses to showcase on your resume or impress in your next interview. Join millions of learners around the globe and improve your life through learning!

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Udemy Online Video Courses app reviews

  • Downloaded classes don’t show 1/5

    By Plumbrdude
    I’ve spent more time trying to get my classes to show up on the app than learning. No tech support.
  • Udemy Search broken 1/5

    By dragonjohn77070
    iOS 16, search not working.
  • I cant logging in ! 1/5

    By slimjad
    When i am trying tolig in with my facebook ,apple or google account it wont let me log in by sayin check your email and password even when i created a new account it wont let me do anything with it ! The very bad app i ever used
  • After update, blank white screen. 1/5

    By Preferred Astronaut
    Even force closing and reopening the app doesn’t help. Massive quality issue that should never have made it to production. Can’t report an issue through app store, no obvious place to report issues in your site, so until I have a place to submit support tickets to help, you’ll take a hit on the ratings. Maybe someone will listen.
  • Upskill. Reskill. Level-up. Grow!! 5/5

    By MariDarling
    I love having the option to chose my own educational path…right in my hands. The Udemy app has givin me the opportunity to level up in both my career and personal life. The diversity of courses and educators is exactly what I needed to 🙏🏽choose my own adventure in education- yes please🙏🏽 keep it up Udemy 💜
  • Suspend your account without notice 1/5

    By nospicymilk
    Didn’t do anything except watching video. But got suspended without a notice. $60 gone. Haven’t been this situation on other platform.
  • Cannot access lists - playback interruptions 3/5

    By _NM_
    Lists are missing. It would be great to include them in the app. If I pause a video and go back to it several minutes later, or if I finish a video, close the app, and reopen the app, I experience difficulties resuming the video or the course, respectively. I have to go to the main screen, and start all over. Unfortunately, there are also interruptions in playback that I doubt are related to my network, but are probably due to caching issues in the app. They do not occur when using the web browser on the same device.

    By Oprichniki
    After years of being on this service, and having paid for hundreds of courses for which I got guarantees of a lifetime service, one day I logged on and discovered that Udemy deleted all of my courses except a few free ones and one paid for course. I invested hundreds of dollars in courses from them, and they literally just took it away overnight. I am going to write to Apple because I think they should be removed from the App Store altogether, they’re crooks and thieves and not educators. they won’t do anything to fix my problem and they don’t have any customer service. if you wish to avoid the scam, don’t download them and definitely don’t buy anything from them.
  • I would like to report a problem 3/5

    By Walker McCright
    When I open the course, it goes to the beginning of the last video that I already watched and starts playing it immediately. Sometimes, it even goes to a random video. Please fix this so that it will go to the next video without starting immediately.
  • Upgrade 5/5

    By Kobby52
    What I am interested you to update is Picture in Picture api mode to the better multitasking features
  • Impossible to purchase courses 1/5

    By Fravahr
    Whenever I try to purchase a course it says that purchase incomplete and another purchase is in progress
  • Unable to make any purchase 1/5

    By fahadmudassar
    I keep getting an error message when buying a course that my previous purchase is still processing. Please try in 2-3 minutes. Seeing this issue from past 3 months.
  • Cannot cast on TV 1/5

    By Shravasti Singh
    I’m giving it a 1-star review because Udemy has blocked the ability to cast the video on TV as AirPlay and on Roku and also they’ve blocked screen mirroring. this is really stupid because I prefer watching the videos on my television rather than on my tiny phone screen. I will change my review once they fix this problem.
  • 8/27/22 update—cannot log in 1/5

    By LamainMusic
    Just updated the app. None of my courses were showing, so I logged out. And now I receive an error screen when I try to log in.
  • AirPlay works in mobile browser but not app 3/5

    By jw200900
    For whatever reason I cannot get the app to airplay to my Roku TV. I used to be able to do this with the app and now I cannot. Thankfully the browser method still works.
  • Subtitles size 2/5

    By Nick'snames
    It’s too small!!
  • Over payment + incompetent customer support 2/5

    By Atechfy
    I was overcharged (5x unit price) for a course & I reached out to customer support. I forwarded the receipts based on their request. Instead of dubbing the issue & refunding, they asked me to reach out to apple pay to resolve the issue. I have nothing to do with the handshake between apple pay & Udemy, which they should figure out internally.
  • Course catagory 4/5

    By engahmed1991
    Great app. But all if needs is to add the course catagory system in my courses that is found on the web version. This will help filter courses much better.
  • One star 1/5

    By robert jlj
    Can’t take screenshots of courses, which is an important tool for learning / remembering important notes.
  • Log in issues 1/5

    By just rayo
    I’m unable to log in through the app. It says to be log in I have to be connected to the internet which I am. I do not understand.
  • Terrible update **now working** 4/5

    By *J.m.I.c.*
    New update will not show the courses you've purchased. **UPDATE** it’s now showing my purchased courses. I had to delete the app and reinstall.
  • Review for AppleTV App 1/5

    By theRealLukeAnthony
    They list that they have an app for AppleTV, but it doesn’t do anything. It has a QR code that you can scan and that directs you to download the app on your iPhone or iPad and then tells you how to mirror your screen to play content from your iPhone or iPad to your AppleTV (smh). That is not a functional app. Coursera and LinkedIN Learning are able to do it, so why not Udemy? The reason I’m writing this is because I genuinely want Udemy to fix this. I love the content they have, especially for music (better than any other online learning that I’ve found) but I don’t want to have to use my iPad every time I go to learn something. Help me change this to 5 stars Udemy! Thanks!
  • Can't sign in 1/5

    By achazit
    Unable to sign in but i can sign in just fine via desktop.
  • no privacy 1/5

    By Rambo8649
    look at the app privacy and the data collected that is linked to you. very unnecessary and scary. app deleted.
  • Not bad 3/5

    By gamer24422
    Not bad. But there are issues especially with airplay. Airplay is absolutely useless not sure when it will work and when it will not
  • App not working 2/5

    By jeffjago
    When I open the app, it displays nothing. I can’t view anything. The courses I downloaded previously, are also not showing. I can’t even view other courses.
  • Can't login on mobile app 1/5

    By iReflex13
    Email and password saved to Apple Keychain says cannot sign in please check email and password and try again. I go to chrome or safari and log in with the exact some credentials without issue. Can't login to the app it's completely useless.
  • Video speed is broken 1/5

    By mcgavrana
    Video speed is adjustable in the app but when AirPlayed to another screen it goes back to normal speed. Super annoying.
  • App won’t even start anymore 1/5

    By RickshawMe
    The app will not even start on my phone. Just hangs on the logo of the startup screen. I deleted the app and reinstalled it (thereby losing all my downloads in the process) and it still won’t start. Used to work fine, now won’t even start. I have a long flight today and was really hoping to use the app with my downloaded courses, but that’s hard to do when it doesn’t open. Their desktop website seems to work fine so this looks like an issue specific to the app.
  • Course download causes app to freak out 1/5

    By iamdtang
    Experienced this on my iPhone 13 Pro and an old iPad
  • Udemy is fine, app isn’t working 3/5

    By perry.pe
    The app automatically updated yesterday and suddenly nothing was visible within the app. I have found that the only function in the app that does seem to work is the search function. The website was down for “routine maintenance” in the middle of the day yesterday and since then I can access the course through my app only by searching for it in the search function and selecting it from there. It’s not listed in my learning and it hasn’t been saving my spot in the coursework either, which has resulted in me rewatching videos when I don’t need to. Pretty disappointed as the app worked so well before.
  • Not sure what changed, but all fail 1/5

    By MrUngrateful
    One course will not download, and the player is in a weird start loop. So the app just doesn’t work. Deleting app and data and problem is back after a reinstall.
  • Recent update 2/5

    By Malealuvsyou
    Udemy is hit and miss on ipad but recent update I can not see any featured content, my classes aren’t showing up but it shows my wishlist and account and nothing else :(
  • My download keeps removing when I tap on them 4/5

    By belllway
    My downloads keep removing when I tap on it
  • Fix the app 2/5

    By Zafferano
    It would be great if the lectures would autoplay when you have the autoplay setting turned on.
  • Video Playback is Flawed 2/5

    By CR Hubbard
    The two star rating is for this app, not Udemy as a whole. Even when I’m on the best of high-speed internet, this app spends nearly as much time buffering as it does playing. On top of that, when it does manage to play, it often leaves the buffering ‘wheel’ spinning on screen and doesn’t allow me to even pause. I have cleared the cache. I have reinstalled the app. Nothing changes this.
  • Great app 4/5

    By John Valentine Uk
    Please give us the ability to view recently enrolled, recently watched courses. Just like the options from the web. Thanks
  • On the whole it’s good, but streaming is broken 3/5

    By I make video games
    I really want to watch kicked back on the couch… not squinting at my iPad or MacBook. I’ve never gotten streaming to work, from iPad, iPhone, etc to Samsung TV or Apple TV. The udemy app on Apple TV just says “use your device and cast to the Apple TV.” I’ve tried that. I’ve tried it while the udemy app is open on the Apple TV, just in cast both sides needed the app running. I’ve checked that local network access is enabled on all my devices. I’ve checked that they’re on the same local network. I’ve tried casting from Chrome. No dice. It’s just not going to work.
  • Bugs with lecture options 2/5

    By Cloudyhill
    On iPad, when I play the video in full screen, and if I change the play speed a few times, the app will go back to “my learning” page. And I have to re-enter the course I was watching.
  • This app is becoming a total piece of garbage 1/5

    By LBaker1988
    Seems like it used to work well but now it's constantly losing my spot in courses, videos refuse to play, videos replay instead of continuing to the next one, speed of playback changes for no reason. Just a disaster of an app
  • Very difficult to access purchased content 1/5

    By Brasain
    I have a horrible time trying to access videos, pdfs, and links in this app. I always keep it up to date, but over time the content has become almost completely inaccessible. It was a nice idea, but it does not work if I cannot access my purchases.
  • Scam 1/5

    By Thedrunch
    Videos won’t play. Customer service is nonexistent. Courses are things you can easily find for free with a little googling. Don’t get scammed out of your money.
  • Vow 5/5

    By Jorge Germán
    I swear that I’ll be a programmer in two programming languages!!!!!!
  • App is useless without screenshot 1/5

    By Soorena125
    The general process for pretty much every user is to take screenshots of the content and add your own notes . Nobody remembers everything and udemy has implemented a feature to disable this vital part of any decent application on fears of piracy. We have paid for the content but udemy is making it impossible to use .
  • Cannot view search results 1/5

    By gr8dad1965
    Cannot view search results and no recommendations for correcting this. Contacting customer service only takes you to the numerous offices they have. I wouldn’t recommend.
  • New version spoiler user friendly UI 1/5

    By sangeeeeeee
    Nee version just spoiled user friendly UI by introducing so many new features which are irrelevant . Especially with my course tab I am expecting to list courses which I bought not all the courses which are available in Udemy.
  • Airplay doesn’t work, nor casting 1/5

    By Fenil.Shah
    I like the courses but it’s 2022 and airplay and casting doesn’t work. I urge developers to try to fix this issue or hire me and I can do it for you.
  • Video player is unreliable 1/5

    By suzilek
    The content is great but the video player often doesn't play videos and just keeps loading. I often have to exit the app entirely and start it back up just to play the next video.
  • CarPlay not working 1/5

    By Laith Al Obaidy
    When open it from CarPlay the app crashes right away.