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  • Compatibility: Android
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Home of the best experience for fans of UFC and combat sports. Stream live events every week on the world’s leading combat sports network with your UFC FIGHT PASS subscription. Get access to the world’s largest sports combat library with more than 35 combat sports partners. New original programming coming in 2020. UFC FIGHT PASS is available in a monthly ($9.99/month) and 12 month ($95.88) subscription. Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at the confirmation of purchase. All subscriptions are set to auto-renew on the expiration date. Subscriptions will auto-renew at the prices above unless turned off at least 24-hours before the end of their respective periods. Subscriptions can be manage by the user including turning off auto-renewal in the Account Settings. Terms of Use - https://www.ufc.com/terms Privacy Policy - https://www.ufc.com/privacy-policy

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UFC app reviews

  • Glitchy 1/5

    By 90rg3
    Fix your app please ….
  • Great app, but slow and constant crashes 2/5

    By ptonca
    I love the app and watching fights its just slow and constantly crashes
  • Love UFC but glitches when buying a fight 3/5

    By MarcLajoie
    Seems always a glitch or frozen and not as smooth on the app as I wish. Have to get out and back in a few times then it works for no reason I can see. But love the fights
  • It an app with very little useful info 1/5

    By tac4x4
    You’d hope the app would give you more info, maybe articles about fighters and their upcoming fights
  • UFC 5/5

    By Liabrielle
    The best sport to watch hands down; not just because it’s real, exciting, rough, brutal, crazy and unpredictable, but because we don’t have to deal politics, no racist issues and for sure NO BLM crap 👎 in UFC!!!! All fighters have a name, a fighting record, and the flag of the country they are representing. 👏👏👏👏 In common? They are FIGHTERS !!!💪🏻👍 We love it 😍! And Never miss it !👊🏻 UFC ☝️🇺🇸👆 God bless us All ! 🙏
  • So slow 1/5

    By babyshaq03
    App is so slow can’t even use it. What happened to you guys smh
  • Unusable in its current state 1/5

    By WillDiddle
    Hard to properly navigate menus due to the slowness of the app, for example your scroll will be perceived as a click and you’ll have lost seconds of your time waiting for the mistaken card to load before you can then back out. Search feature hardly works, no way to see what fights are on a card before having to load into it, prelims of a card are not organized with the main, it’s just bad all the way down

    By Cool app weird name
    it barely every loads, and when it does you can’t rotate your phone or the video disappears!! use the website it’s 10,000x better than this app!!! PLEASE DANA HELP THE DIE HARDS
  • unusable 1/5

    By takecareali
    the app is slow and crashes all the time
  • Fight pass is terrible 1/5

    By JoJo44445
    This is the least user friendly app ever and for $10 a month I really should have access to the entire library but it is consistently behind on updates. There are so many bugs. I try to watch fights that are available to me and they just don’t work. I actually can’t complain enough
  • Love the Ufc not the App 1/5

    By gehsjeje
    App is horrible
  • Useless 1/5

    By SheepGoesDerp
    Useless app
  • Will return when app gets better 1/5

    By USA11111111
    This app is painful to use when it comes to streaming fights. Seriously lags and don’t waste your time trying to rewind or fast forward. The app cannot support the media. I have to cancel my fight pass membership because this app is so unbearable to use. I love the UFC and will return when the app stops crashing, can support fast forwarding, and stops freezing.
  • Unresponsive and laggy 1/5

    Also the media player is trash
  • TRASH APP 1/5

    Bad design and user interface.
  • TERRIBLE 1/5

    By Calm_Cody
    This app has some of the worst input lag I have EVER seen. Not to mention the terrible quality of its search engine.
  • Needs BIG update 1/5

    By Tevin James
    This makes it hard for anyone other than a die hard to continue to pay for this. I have so many issues using this app and simply trying to watch a fight is an immediate issue, every time. It needs a big update and huge refresh, or good luck. I pay because I have no where else to go to watch these fights, with YouTube taking them down.
  • Slow 3/5

    By BeXXXalicious
    I love watching all the fights. Great concept but the actual app needs work. The app is soooo slow. NO RETURN BUTTON is a huge problem and easy fix they they need to do. Not all fights are downloadable. Some I click and they never load at all. They need a better search engine. Rewind and fast forward lags so slow might as well not use it. If you exit out of app, whatever you were watching closes instead of pausing in place. I love having UFC at my fingertips, but geez put some money into the quality of the app!
  • Unusable 1/5

    By DamPickett
    Simply put, this app is trash and unusable. The input lag when I’m trying to find a fight in unbearable. You’d think the biggest organisation in combat sports would have a half decent app but nope. Get your act together, UFC, and fix your application. 0/10
  • unusable 1/5

    By Hi hi hi this's game is so fun
    cant even use this app. every time i do anything it crashes
  • This app barely functions 1/5

    By 1000emoji
    This app is so laggy and unresponsive. I have to end up closing the app and reopening it multiple times just to get it to work. A subscription service from a near billion dollar company shouldn’t have these problems.
  • Still Junk! 1/5

    By King of kong 1981
    This app and it’s many glitches, slow response time, unintuitive collections of fights, the back button issue that’s NEVER been addressed, and getting ad-blasted for some really bad mma comedian are just a few examples of why I’m never paying for Fight Pass again. They know it’s a piece of garbage but haven’t done a thing about it while charging $100/year. I’m out for good.
  • What happened to the mobile app??? 3/5

    By Tasty Dee
    Been having a fight pass account for over a year now and I absolutely loved it when I first got it. I was watching fights like it was Netflix, and I have the UFC app on my Xbox One which works smoothly, but for whatever reason recently the iOS app has been SUUUUPER slow. It’s frustrating at this point. I’m bout to delete it and reinstall to see if that helps, but the developers need to do something about this soon.
  • The faq says 1/5

    By Daly_stoner
    UFC Main Cards –available 2 days following the event The main cards of UFC events – including numbers events who are broadcast in the US on Pay-Per-View - will now be available, on-demand, just two days after the show takes place. If the event airs as a PPV on BT Sport, the main card will be available 30 days after the event. The main card for ufc 262 & ufc fight night for may 8 is missing it’s been more for then 2days already
  • Love the content but the App is slow 3/5

    By Markus.Prescott
    I love MMA and all the other martial arts available on the UFC app but it often runs very slow.
  • App crashes after one fight 1/5

    By cellflipparachi
    I paid for a year long subscription and idk what’s going on but my app crashes after I watch one fight. Even if I try to turn my screen it’ll crash. I wish I could get my money back☹️
  • Useless app 1/5

    By Doom1976
    Constantly crashes. Won’t stay running. 0 stars!
  • Please fix this app 2/5

    By TCrailzy
    Ad an avid fan and fighter myself I was hoping this huge corporate ran business could have an app work well. I also work in IT and couldn’t be more disappointed on how this app hardly ever works.
  • My Favorite 5/5

    By monkseals
    I love UFC! My absolute favorite is Francis Ngannou
  • Great content, awful App 2/5

    By McGruffersen
    There is an abundance of amazing content available. However, the app is one of the worst I’ve experienced. Can’t pause, rewind, or skip ahead without causing major lag issues. Often the app just freezes and doesn’t respond to any input. Such a waste to pay for UFC Fightpass monthly when the app is so poor.
  • Cant watch fights 2/5

    By Carter197
    Cant watch certain fights. When i press on the fights the app either freezes or lags
  • LAG 1/5

    By cford1212
    This app is lags so much. It is absolutely terrible. It’s disgusting that I paid $100 for fight pass. It take me 5 minutes to search for a fight that should take 30 seconds or less. It’s like a couple of college buddies created this app
  • Matthew Neville 5/5

    By Neville_MMA
    Love the app the ufc is the greatest sport around it’s the only thing I watch. Might drive the wife crazy but that is a good thing.
  • Fight pass 2/5

    By ifircufviiv
    Very clunky and slow with the iPhone especially using airplay. It takes 20 to 30 seconds for any command to take affect. Then most of the time it times out because it’s so slow.
  • Touch response is terrible 2/5

    By Damien0711
    Wasn’t this company sold for 4 Billion Dollars? You would think they could afford to make an app that responds to touch. It has a crazy delay when typing and watching. It’s almost un-useable. It’s not like it’s free, I pay 10$ a month for this junk. Please fix or I will have to cancel. I have a better chance of finding fights on YouTube with no delay at all. Just some adds
  • Horrible lag response time 1/5

    By zackk21367
    I’ve had ufc fight pass going on 2 years. Since I’ve had it I’ve ENJOYED the unlimited amount of fights one can watch. However, the time it takes to search for a fight, play it, and if I want to fast forward or rewind, it takes sometimes up to 30 seconds to refresh the image. I know it’s something small but it takes the element out. Please fix!!!!
  • good quality but horrible performance 1/5

    By Zman1111098
    video quality is great but if if you try to pause, search, or fast forward forget it. the app is slow and hangs even on network speeds 100mb+.
  • 😎 5/5

    By cgilbert95
    Love it
  • Why isn’t this fixed?! 1/5

    By chuckdeez0232
    This app is ridiculously slow. I don’t understand why it can’t run smoothly and quickly. Every time I try to rewind or go forward it takes forever. Sometimes it takes forever to even pause the screen. I’ve never experienced anything this crappy before. Extremely frustrating!!!
  • Weird fight list 3/5

    By Garou the monster
    This app on the phone or Tv is set up really weird. How? Because the way the fights and the whole platform are set up and how long it takes for a fight to be updated. I’ll explain each athlete should have all there fights listed on there library but some are excluded out idk why but it’s like that. On top of that there are some fights that aren’t even on there but they’ve been out for almost 6 months but there not on the fight pass? Felder vs RDA isn’t even on there. When did that fight happen December of 2020. Why isn’t on here? I have no idea. But the library is awesome. Some great fights in there but the way it’s all set up is extremely weird. But overall very entertaining.
  • iPad version is trash 1/5

    By R.Kill
    The iPad version of the app barely works. It crashes frequently. More often than it works. When it does work, which is rare, it is incredibly slow. The issues are not with my connection or device. They have both been checked. This used to be my favorite app. I don’t know what you guys did to it, but please fix it! Thank you.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By isodjenaobdnrls
    This app is possibly the worst functioning app I have ever used. It’s nearly impossible to search for specific fights or even specific episodes of TUF. Not to mention it is extremely difficult to skip a few minutes ahead in the video without the whole video restarting or just shutting down. Whoever works on this app (or clearly doesn’t) needs to be fired.
  • Not great service 2/5

    By jaime tattoos
    The why I put two stars is because I thought I could watch the night fight replay but it won’t show the main event. Like why am I paying for then???
  • Overall good. Still room for alot of improvements 3/5

    By Omo Ejo $$$
    Overall dope app but still very buggy. Alot of rooms for improvements here . Pls make sure it's asap
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Dimesz
    Honestly this app has all the fight you could ever ask for must have , pls add update soon to mobile it is very slow .
  • Awful 1/5

    By GabeDerby
    The absolute worst sports streaming app. Every time I open it, it crashes. It lags every second it’s opened and it keeps logging me out. It just frustrates me because it was working fine for a long time and now I can’t use it anymore really. Please fix this because when it worked I loved it
  • Horrible layout 2/5

    By MrMarcosMiranda
    Why do I find myself having to go to google every time to simply see the fight card? This app blows
  • The app need to be fixed 2/5

    By chuancey1
    Please fix the app it’s unresponsive the delay is terrible the screen freezes it’s like this for the entire app even checking the rankings please just optimize it better needs it BAD
  • Irony 2/5

    By CVDigi
    Dana was so heavily concerned about people illegally streaming his content, yet can’t manage to get the legal method of streaming said content to work without glitching and closing whenever you try to click anything on the screen.