Ulta Beauty: Makeup & Skincare

Ulta Beauty: Makeup & Skincare

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  • Current Version: 7.6.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Ulta Salon, Cosmetics & Fragrance, Inc
  • Compatibility: Android
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Ulta Beauty: Makeup & Skincare App

Download the mobile app & discover how the possibilities are even more beautiful. Find your favorite makeup, skincare & haircare products—plus shade match and color swatch your favorite makeup and haircare in GLAMlab®, our virtual beauty try-on experience. Then, check your Ultamate Rewards account & redeem points anytime, anywhere. •Shop by category & filter by brand, price, best sellers & new arrivals. Find brands exclusive to Ulta Beauty and celebrate, amplify and support Black-owned beauty brands by shopping them directly in the app. Plus, use GLAMlab® to try on your new look before you buy. •Discover more choices for you and your world with Conscious Beauty at Ulta Beauty™. Shop the brands that share your values on things like clean ingredients, vegan, cruelty-free products, sustainable packaging and so much more. •Book a beauty service appointment for hair, skin & more in a snap! Check how busy your nearest Ulta Beauty store is and what services are currently offered before you go. •Easily find a product using our barcode scanner to view product info, ratings, reviews & save your favorites; QR codes supported. •Use voice search to find a brand or product—just speak its name. •View weekly ads, gifts with purchase and special offers, including new app exclusives every Friday. •Virtually try on thousands of looks in GLAMlab®! From our new hair color and lash try-ons to our Foundation Shade Matcher, swatch and color match products from top brands like Urban Decay, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Too Faced, NYX, MAC & more. •Find the perfect shade match using the Foundation Shade Matcher tool in GLAMlab®. •Get a customized skincare routine in minutes using Ulta Beauty’s Skin Analysis tool. •Send eGift Cards or Gift Cards by mail from your mobile device. •Feel the love! Sign up for Ulta Beauty’s free Ultamate Rewards Program. •Access your existing Ultamate Rewards account to view bonus offers, current status & points balance. •Learn more & apply for the Ultamate Rewards Credit Card—another exciting way that beauty loves you back! •Follow the latest skincare trends with our current Skin-fatuation feature and get haircare tips from our monthly style roundup, Hair Help. Find the haircare and skincare routine that’s right for you using our virtual hair color try-on in GLAMlab® and the Ulta Beauty Skin Analysis tool. •Opt in for push notifications to be the first to know about exclusive offers on your favorite products & brands, get news on upcoming events at your nearest Ulta Beauty store, and receive updates on our app and GLAMlab® experiences. •Review your Ulta.com account order history and track orders. •Use the store locator to get directions to your nearest Ulta Beauty store, view hours & even book a Salon appointment! •Share your favorite products & looks on your favorite social networks. •Search for and quickly find recently viewed products using Spotlight Search.

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Ulta Beauty: Makeup & Skincare app reviews

  • It’s bad 1/5

    By Billygoat12
    I’ve been trying to see if an item is in stock at a local store and it only shows me availability at stores hundreds of miles away. I’ve uninstalled the app, made sure my phone has the most recent update, reinstalled the app and it still does the same thing.
  • Unusable App 1/5

    By Katelinddd
    I only wanted this app to help manage my Ulta credit card. The app doesn’t even allow me to sign in. When I tried to sign in for different methods it requires an email and password but when I tap on the area to enter it no keyboard appears. There is an option to scan which I have tried and nothing happens. Useless and frustrating. Might not use this cc at all since I can’t easily manage it.
  • upset 2/5

    By Gallogjc
    i use to use this app all the time but i had to delete it and now it wont let me log in it just goes back to the login home screen 😡
  • No Zoom Feature Anymore 2/5

    By jewels2022455
    I love Ulta but this new update is terrible. The layout looks cheap and not being able to click on photos or zoom in is awful. It’s the only app I know that is like this now. I end up having to go to other websites to look at zoomed in pictures. And it glitches and crashes too frequently, where it never did this before. Whose idea was it to fix something that wasn’t broken??
  • The new App is garbage 1/5

    By Basmki03
    The new App is garbage! Ulta needs to know that this is driving customers to Sephora’s app, myself included. They recently upgraded to a new site design and it is incredibly “buggy.” First, the images don’t load at all or load slowly - pathetic in 2022. Second, they disabled the zoom option - how do they expect us to use the app on my phone when the image is too small to see? When an item is out of stock, the site defaults to a page showing you other things to buy which are not necessarily item match suggestions. Why not just show the item as out of stock??? They need to have the whole thing redesigned; this app is garbage! I gave 1 star because at least it works. That’s not saying much.
  • Please fix bugs 1/5

    By Copolitics
    You can no longer click on a product image to zoom in to see it better. Super frustrating! Please fix!
  • Customer service 5/5

    By Monster123453
    The customer service is quick to respond and answer any questions in regards to anything. I truly appreciate them!
  • Goos deals 5/5

    By Kinder/5th love
    Sometimes I get surprised with the good deals that Ultra offers.
  • Love this app way too much 5/5

    By mwill146
    First of all, I’ve never used an app THIS much. Ulta is taking all my money LOL they’d sliver super fast. I’m so obsessed with finding products to better myself and grow into my feminine energy.
  • Website 3/5

    By Suzan in Fl
    Is terrible can only see it in mobile phone size on 12” iPad. Too hard to read details in small print. Could also use more details on products.
  • Can’t Sign Up! 1/5

    By Jadelynn😇
    So don’t get me wrong I looove Ulta Beauty like the store is amazing but the app is very frustrating I tried to Sign up and it says contact this number and I did several times and it doesn’t help me at all and I can’t even sign up so I can’t even get points or order online 😢
  • Occasionally has some errors 4/5

    By Deanne2
    I had a problem adding a free gift with purchase.
  • Needs minor update 4/5

    By Birdylove123
    I absolutely love Ulta and the app is amazing. After one of the latest updates, we are no longer able to zoom into products. I want to see them up close! That is very frustrating. If I’m looking for a specific brand I’ll open the Sephora app instead just for that reason. Other than that, it’s great.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By sa2200
    The app used to be great and then they ruined it with updates, now certain products won’t load and I can’t zoom in on products, completely ruins the shopping experience
  • New app is garbage 1/5

    By n11253
    Nothing loads. Old version was 100% better
  • App not working correctly 2/5

    By ReLSe53
    When I click on an item to view the description, it reroutes to an Our Picks for You page.
  • No communication 1/5

    By kamicham
    Finally got my app to work yesterday. Today I received a letter from ULTA rewards assigning me a new number to link my rewards to account. Cannot access rewards and am completely fed up. Will lose 500 pts. Soon if I don’t use them.
  • App is glitchy 1/5

    By Islandwatergirl
    Hello I tried to contact customer service but it’s not working. Your app is glitchy and won’t go to certain products but instead goes to a product recommendation page.
  • Filters need Fixing 4/5

    By JAVthe2nd
    if you go by brand or category through the menu, you can only apply one search filter from each category at a time. for example, i can select only “cruelty free” shampoo under ingredient preferences, but if i want to narrow that to “silicone free,” it removes the “cruelty free” parameter and only excludes silicones. additionally, if you TYPE in your own search term, the only filters available are category, brand, and price. you cannot filter your own search by ingredients, nor specific concerns, nor skin/hair type, etc. pretty good app overall, but these filters not working very well makes it difficult to find the right products without scanning through every ingredient list
  • 3 stars 3/5

    By Yoli9393
    Keeps logging me out of my account and it keeps putting my old number on it again. I put my new number in about 7 times already.
  • Option to Zoom in? 1/5

    By reinahelena379
    The option to zoom in on product photos was removed. It’s hard to view the names of swatches in photos now that that option has been taken away. Please bring it back.
  • Unable to zoom in on photos. 1/5

    By Nina90's
    It’s so annoying that you can’t zoom in to the pictures anymore, that’s super important specially when you’re trying to see eyeshadows colors and you can’t even open the pictures anymore! Hopefully they’ll fix that soon.
  • Ugh 3/5

    By smhamberg7
    Everytime I get off the app and I get back on even if it’s for a second it completely refreshes.
  • Ulta Over Sephora. 5/5

    By neea666
    I’m an Ulta girl, Always😏🫶🏼
  • Missing beauty app MUST HAVES 3/5

    By ssangyi
    Please add a list button so that I can add products to my own created lists and most importantly it needs a tab for IN STORE PURCHASES. I can’t express how many people have requested this and how useful it can be for returned products if people remember they’ve already purchased something. Also needs past and future appointments tab. I feel this is a given as your beauty staff will have less no shows when someone can easily cancel or reschedule their appointments. These are key elements of a beauty app. Sometimes the app is so frustrating
  • I ABSOLUTELY hate the new App layout!!! 1/5

    By A Diamond Member
    I love Ulta but this new App layout DRIVES ME INSANE!!!! I didn’t want to give 1 star!! I wanted to give no stars because WHY? The worst thing you could have done was taking away my option to zoom in for a closer look. I now (inconveniently) have to screenshot a pic of the product, go to my photo album to zoom in to look at a product!!! Who thought of this??????????????? I’m so annoyed!!! To the point where I’ll exit out of the app and order on the Sephora app!!! Come on Ulta!!! Give us a new update with the option to zoom!!! And this new update looks mediocre!!!! It looks so 2013. This is not a good look and it’s frustrating!! However, not being able to zoom in on a product supersedes my dislike for the app layout!!! Please change it!!!
  • New version is AWFUL!!! Please change back 1/5

    By LoriRice
    What is happening with your APP??!! I hope this is not a new thing. Why can’t you zoom in anymore? What is with the glitchy moving of products shown up and down. PLEASE at least put back the zoom in feature. Not sure why you would change that. Your App was always good, now it’s not.
  • Gift cards 4/5

    By Wildeskeds
    Great app but need to fix adding more than one gift card. I tried everything to add a second gift card and nothing worked. I had to place two separate orders.
  • Every update is a downgrade 1/5

    By Ckj_ckj
    My biggest complaint with the app is when I attempt to move an item from my cart to “save for later”…it’s momentarily grays out and then comes right back. Seems this should be addressed in simple app testing…but it hasn’t been fixed in months
  • Bring back ability to zoom in on pictures 3/5

    By Fairasara
    It makes me absolutely nuts that they removed the ability to zoom in on pictures. That is so incredibly annoying.
  • App functionality is awful!! 2/5

    By anonymousfromfl
    - Searching: Half the time when I search something that should be VERY simple to get a result for I get a slew of erroneous and just outright wrong results. - Listings: On the occasion I do find what I’m looking for the photo listing is so sub-par I wouldn’t buy it anyway in most cases. Photos are way to compressed, they have NO option to click on them to expand them, and you can’t zoom in at all. These are basic low-level features that have been around for decades at this point. The fact that they can’t figure them out does not inspire confidence in purchasing from the companies app platform. - Descriptions: The quality of product descriptions varies widely across the apps listings. Some are bare bones descriptions and some have exhaustive product information. While they do get some leeway here since I’m sure this has to do with what the parent companies provide them regarding the products, they really need to demand a bit more information in A LOT of instances. - Overall the app just isn’t conducive to an enjoyable “shopping” experience. - It doesn’t inspire confidence that the developers and others managing the app are up to date on tech features and standards, which in turn causes questions about whether our information as consumers is actually safe.
  • The products are amazing the store it’s OK 5/5

    By snajsjwuwhehwu877
    Always satisfied with my products but my products are through other parties Ulta it’s just a distributor and sometimes they promised free gifts and they never got them. I do understand you have to select and put it in your cart and limited supply, I totally get that but most of the time never get a free gift when it’s advertised.
  • 21 Days of beauty 5/5

    By Bakergirl71
    I’d love to have it all, but pleased/my limited selections- and I am happy prices were very fair during this sale. I’m excited to get my packages 🤩❤️👏🏻
  • New app is hard to navigate and takes forever to load 2/5

    By Beckybirder
    Old app was very good and loaded quickly. Now the app takes forever, even the emails they send out take forever to load it is not user friendly at all. I don’t know who you had redesign it recently, but they did a very bad job.
  • Best Beauty Shopping 5/5

    By Tommytod5!
    Shopping at Utla it’s a great experience they always have what I’m looking for most of the time but I am having problems with one product that they used to have and I would really like to ask them to get it back in stock because I really buy a lot of it at one time. Vita Liberta phenomenal 2 to 3 week self tanning mousse in dark I would really love to buy this product and as many as I can get at one time but I do love purchasing my make up from Ulta I always do absolutely Love Utla. Kathy Hylton
  • Loveulta 5/5

    By bubbmax
    Love 21 days of beauty
  • The worst store! 1/5

    By aleks_09
    It was my first order in this store,and of course the last one. I ordered some cosmetics here and I’ve been waiting for my order almost a month. After 8 work days I didn’t received anything,they have “good specialists”,they promised me to send my order again,and told that they’ll send me gift card. I’ve been waiting again,and today I wrote them again,and they told me,that my order is already refunded. Soooo,I don’t have any orders,I don’t have gift card,and I just wasted my time for this terrible store and their service!!! It was my worst experience with store.
  • Best ever! 5/5

    By Sarah🥳💜
    I recommendDownloading this app for going to the store if you’re a beginner and make up and you do not want to spend a bunch of money on products. with Ulta Beauty you could match yourself online without having to ask for assistance in the store. You can take a picture and it’ll save but only you could see it on the app so you could use it for your own personal needs. Which i love and is very convenient in my opinion.
  • Worst customer service EVER 1/5

    By Bcoy03*2180
    I genuinely cannot believe that people still order from here. They must not have had to ever deal with their customer service. I am being 100% honest when I say that I have NEVER in my life dealt with a company worse than this one. They claim to care so much and that customer satisfaction is their top priority. Haha. That’s bull. The only way they will ever compensate something is if a product comes damaged or missing. And even then… they will only give you a $15 gift card no matter how much the product costs. Anything else and they could care less! It was my bday last week and they were having their 21 days of beauty and I waited for the exact day that the IT foundation was half off because I have been dying to try it. So I placed my order on the correct day. I used a gift card I had and then paid the remainder with my debit card. Well every time I would press the purchase button it would do the little spinning wheel thing like it was processing but it wouldn’t stop. I made sure all my info was correct (3 x’s) and every time it wouldn’t go through. I sent customer service a message and all I got was a “oh, tough break. I’m sure something else will go on sale that you’ll love.” Well then I see that my gift card and my bank card were charged for the order! Ulta just didn’t have it in their system. So I proved to them that I did place the order and that the glitch was their fault and they still didn’t care! They were not willing to honor the prices for that order. I have had several other issues with them and every time I get a “oh man, tough break. We thank you for your understanding though.” No I don’t understand. They could care less! They don’t make ANYTHING right. Plus their agents are either morons or robots cause I swear they don’t read the emails I send. They just continue to send me the same stupid automated message every response. I use to LOVE ordering from here but I will NEVER again. Not when they care so little about ACTUALLY satisfying their customers.
  • Love Ulta, one suggestion 4/5

    By arramkate
    I love this store. I mostly order online mainly because I want something specific that might not be in store. However I would love for Ulta to increase coupon codes savings. For example, we only get 3.50 off a qualifying $15 order. I would love to see more being saved. Yes, I’m getting 10 items for about 90 dollars but I would love to try to reduce that by at least $15. It would make me want to shop there more. Overall, great app, just one suggestion
  • -___- 1/5

    By MairaElizabet
    Haven’t used the app in awhile, so when I tried to sign in multiple times thought maybe I hadn’t made an account. (It’s been that long lol) So I go to create and I can’t even do that. The only info it lets me add is my name and last name. No matter how many times I click on the box to start typing nothing happens. Can’t get passed my name. I go looking and realize that I do have an account but it won’t let me. I click on the sign in button and keeps bringing up the sign in screen over and over and over and over and OVERRRRRR again. Smh 😒🫠🤦🏻‍♀️
  • Amazing 5/5

    By AJBernal80
    Ten starz
  • horrible update 1/5

    By Heatherpaq
    this update looks ugly all around and much less easy to navigate. the worst part is you cannot zoom in on any photo anymore!! It made the app completely unusable.
  • Can’t zoom in on pics 4/5

    By Nvskill
    My major gripe is you can’t zoom in or enlarge product pictures on this app. So when you see a pic of color swatches on an arm and they have VERY SMALL print of the name of each color, you literally have to take a screen shot and then go into your pictures to zoom in. Why can’t I zoom in/enlarge on the app?
  • Happy Ulta Customer 5/5

    By Chelsey Vititoe
    I love Ulta! I love to see all the wonderful rewards they give me. I love how on my Birthday month I receive a wonderful gift. Ulta brings a smile to my face!😍
  • Cannot sign in 1/5

    By PissedUltaUser
    Cannot sign in
  • Can’t sign in! 2/5

    By Mayoqueen
    Error 408 Can’t sign in! Well guess I won’t be getting the discount I wanted by ordering via the app! :(
  • Love the rewards! 5/5

    By Clearwater K
    I love getting rewarded for just using my Ulta rewards Mastercard! Just used my rewards and saved $145 on my purchase! Thank you Ulta!
  • What happened to the zoom feature??? 3/5

    By SKBisMe
    I also don’t understand why you can’t use more than one gift card in a single order. Otherwise, it’s fine.