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Undisputed Champ

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  • Current Version: 1.2.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Colin Lane Games AB
  • Compatibility: Android
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Undisputed Champ App

His face is sweaty, legs weak, gloves are heavy there’s blood on his shorts already, feels unsteady he’s hurting, but on the surface he looks strong and ready to throw bombs, but his shots keep missing the title is there for the taking he could be king, as he moves up, a new contender choke now and its gone forever as the rounds go on, a fire rages deep inside of him he won't quit, until he's Undisputed Champion!

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    By PizzaHead53
    I’ve upgraded my character so much and I still feel like I’m Level 1 with no stats 😂 all of your apps are trash 👎🏾
  • Problems with career 1/5

    By Pacnw91
    I cant advance to my career after i name my created guy. Goes to a screen with my guy with no options. Dont know if anyone else is having this problem but i cant play with my own guy so please fix soon.
  • Please update 3/5

    By blackbeard12342
    Okay so this game is pretty cool but could be a lot better. The buttons are pretty big but seem to only work when tapping in the center or something. Like sometimes they don’t work. Also there needs to be something to spend money on other than another career and levels for the characters. I have a lot of money and nothing to spend it on. Sure I could go for the other characters right now but I kind of wanna focus on the just one for right now. Also I feel like the quality of the game would be way better if the game was played in landscape mode. At least add a option to be able to play in that mode. There could be a lot more added to this game and any of it would be huge steps to making it one of the best. It has a ton of potential. The things I definitely want though is a landscape option.( which isn’t the biggest deal but would be nice ) and definitely something more to spend in game money on.
  • Hmm Ok. 3/5

    By Austinnellaroger
    Well this was a cool game for the first hour or so, but to be honest, some of the upgrades on the boxer don’t make sense? Like chin, what is that supposed to do? Anyway I think you could add a new glove like in my other boxing game prizefighters. You should add a “no glove” mode where it increases your damage. Great game.
  • The New Update.. 4/5

    By Tychee99200
    The new update brings out character creation. However, when I go to create a character the screen freezes up and won’t let me either go back to the main menu nor the even create the character at all.
  • Fun game but why is nothing explained 3/5

    By Badger15
    It’s a fun game but there seems to be no rhyme or reason pertaining to why someone gets knocked down. Sometimes I get knocked down when I am dominating the fight. Also, what does upgrading “chin” do? Does it mean you are harder to knock down? You can take punches better meaning less health lost? Some explanations or descriptions would be nice
  • Like the game very much 4/5

    By 'Dan taylor'
    It’s decent. I really like the game, because I felt this game is pretty realistic. It was hard at first, but once you get the concept, well, still hard, but manageable. If this game was super easy, it must have been not so fun. You constantly have to move to avoid getting attack. Just like real boxing. I got all the belts. The only problem I had so far is that I cannot find purchase recovery. I paid for the removing ad on an ipad, but that doesn’t work on an iphone.
  • Great game 4/5

    By Professor duty pants
    It’s a really good game, I see people’s problems with the controls it just takes a little time to get used to. I was having trouble clicking from my jab to my cross at first. I think the game is a lot of fun and I have played it for a few hours now. The only problem is that it’s repetitive and their isn’t really much incentive for unlocking all the boxers except to do the same career over again. Also their isn’t enough to do with the money. If the game just gets more filled out (which I’m sure it will with time) you have the potential to have one hell of a game! I really am enjoying the crap out of it and can see myself coming back to play more!
  • Rounds 3/5

    By nananzkzksk
    It’s very fun but pls add more stuff like more rounds also pls and time pls. You can make it a settings thing so you can chose the rounds and time. Put up to 12 rounds. Thanks
  • Mhhh 3/5

    By Potato Bat
    It's not a bad game. However after an hour or so of playing I still have no clue what chin or speed does. Is speed how fast you punch or your actual moment speed? Is chin make your chin look better or lessen the damage you take? There's also a mechanic where you can get one shot. I'm sure there's a reason for it but it's really annoying when they're very low on health and they knock you down. I feel like these things could have been covered in the tutorial, but they weren't. Put those in the tutorial please.
  • Masterpiece 5/5

    By Skjdjdjdh
    So good you can’t stop
  • People who say this game is too hard are trash 5/5

    By kslap62
    Seriously, this game is really fun, the art style is sublime, and the bots are nice and challenging. I beat the career mode on my first try, losing twice along the way. It’s supposed to be challenging, don’t let the 7 year olds convince you that it’s too hard
  • Love the game but difficult on my phone 4/5

    By bruhreallysnapped
    I love everything about this game except that Im playing on an iphone Xr and it makes it extremely hard to block your opponent without hitting the home button
  • Impossible to win past 5 games 3/5

    By ThatReviewBaller
    I beat about five people and was about 5-1 but even the first match I had to put so much effort in and just barely won the match. When you’re playing you notice that you’re beating the 💩 out of the other player and his health barely budges and regenerates 100% more quickly than yours. I really like your games and it would be nice if you could make it a little easier so that it could be more fun and enjoyable. 👍
  • Unwinnable fights 1/5

    By Spoons429
    My fighter on professional difficulty is max level can't do anything else to him and yet Ive come to a point where all my fights are unwinable. I understand it's not supposed to be easy but if absolutely aggravating when you fight the same guy multiple times and dont stand a chance. Honestly this game has no strategy just button mashing and the fact that there is nothing I can do to win is ridiculous.
  • Needs work 1/5

    By my thoughts on games
    It may look like a fun/good game but there’s no way I can find to win I get knocked out from about 10 punches and spamming does not work at all
  • This game is good, make it great 3/5

    By Huge Fan since 2006
    I got past the career mode just using the punch cross combo forever and blocking for stamina. It was fun but it needs to be more realistic. This game has potent to be insanely good though. You should really update it and make it finer. Thx
  • Not worth your time 1/5

    By mcgeeite
    There’s really no strategy to win it’s just spamming. Even then the you can’t get past the first level. Might be enjoyable if you’re playing with a friend on 2 player or something besides that it’s not that good
  • Not realistic 1/5

    By Lakdkkxkkdkdkfjdjdjskdjjfjdkak
    Would be a good game if it was more realistic and fix some stuff. How do I have max chin and health and I get knocked down in 10 seconds. Also when I click the punch button it won’t punch so I’m just standing there getting hit and not able to throw a punch.
  • I’m enjoying this 5/5

    By MgdmGdmgD
    Yes controls are simple. Jab, cross, block. Hook would be great, or perhaps uppercut. But others said make a combo, use your fingers to make a combo noobs. This game reminds me of good old rink king! Plus this game has blood! I just jab opponents to make them bleed, and make the floor bloody. Multiplayer online would be great, but as the games is. I paid for it after the first match. If anything could you add a hook? Thanks dev!
  • Trash 5/5

    By Deverian lee
    This game straight trash impossible to win
  • Fun game. Needs fine tuning 3/5

    By Dan50243
    I’ll be in the middle of a fight and this is basically how it goes in terms of controls Me: *Enters J,C,J,J,C,B* Game: Jab, Jab, Jab, Jab, Cross, Block That and tell me why my guy has a strong chin and when I fight someone, I beat them so bad their health is next to empty, and I’ll have basically full health and they’re the one to get a knockdown. Oh that too. The recovery is way too quick, I understand it needs to be in order to be fast paced. But if I put a guy down twice before the round is over, they’ll basically be back to full health in the break between rounds, that isn’t realistic
  • 9.9/10 5/5

    By tyuiogjv
    Add custom characters and some sort of combo system. Please
  • OK. 1/5

    By 1bossway
    I purchased no ads but still getting ads after fights. Would consider this a good game if this wasn’t the case. Not getting what I paid for.
  • AMAZING!!!!! 5/5

    By Therocketman21
    This is probably the best game I’ve played in a long time I love it!!!
  • Pretty good arcade style game 4/5

    By Super mega ultra epic!
    This game is pretty good! The career mode is fun and satisfying, and the all the characters add a cool dynamic as well. The game is very arcade like, and you should not expect too much depth. There is a couple of complaints I have with the game however. Sometimes you will be knocked down when you have much more health than your opponent, but your opponent won’t get knocked down. This game seems a little luck based in that way. Also, I wish there was a little more to the game, like a training mode, or a mode with power-ups, or something else new and exciting.
  • Just a bad game. 2/5

    By Zombiezzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    2 stars for the idea but overall this game is a boring mess.
  • Fix the game 2/5

    By TwistedMurloc
    Button input is delayed so you can’t do combos. Career mode opponents have too much chin/health? Add a gym to level up a character more, another way to use money instead of buying boxers. Just wanting to help because this game has potential.
  • Throw the whole game away 1/5

    By sammichguy47
    The guy knocks me down and I’m literally beating his face in and also his health barely moves...
  • Bad game 1/5

    By parker528385
    First guy on career mode is easy then the second you can’t beat
  • Yeah 3/5

    By fusedbuffalo115
    You should add an harder mode because pro is easy no Matter what
  • Pretty good 3/5

    By Madeline who loves Makeup
    The only problem that I have is that I get knocked down randomly when my health and stamina are both up and I don’t know why.
  • Trash 1/5

    By Qjej Afumansongabahili
    Way too hard, I played like 6 rounds, which i know isn’t much, and lost 36-38 every time, which honestly makes it look like you can’t win at all??? So, I mean it’s pretty bad. I understand in career you have upgrades which can help you win, but on quick play there’s no strategy or anything, you just buttonmash and lose. The other guy is way too powerful, and neither of his stats go down hardly at all. I’m gonna keep playing and see if anything changes, but I wouldn’t recommend this game.
  • ADS!! 2/5

    By KDog504
    I bought ads free and it still shows ads... Why is this happening?!
  • They knock you out but you can’t them 1/5

    By Bigshot bobby
    Lame. Max stats get knocked down 3 times in one round, but I have never even knocked anyone down 3 times in a fight with max stats.
  • Ads. Will change when fixed 1/5

    By ShigginJigz
    Pay for no ads to support producers. Still have ads...nice.
  • Okay 4/5

    By 2566334567533
    It’s okay. The game is perfect. I’m a fan of it. The only problem is that when I jab and i hit the punch it doesn’t pick it up and it doesn’t work.
  • Good game 5/5

    By WoogieBrown
    Pretty good game , nothing to really complain about, looking forward to being a fan of you guys
  • Ok game. But is it really fair? 2/5

    By Jackal
    So playing this game is fun for a little while I mean every time you hit they Hit... you block then jab and they immediately hit. How do you hit with skill? Seems like the computer will always hit the same time and what determines the knock down? Needs more polish before you can really dig into this game
  • Upgrades 2/5

    By hdhskdkdd
    I upgraded my character to a high level, and then after a fight it resets most of my stats for that same character
  • Cool game 4/5

    By Lucas 0944
    It’s VERY similar to Pixel Punchers
  • Glitch 2/5

    By dhksksjdj
    Won’t let me cross after I jab
  • Wish you guys would add hooks 4/5

    By jokhjbc
    I like the game but just jabs and straights makes the game stale the more you play..
  • It’s ok 4/5

    By read me!!!123
    I feel like you don’t do enough damage with every punch and you never know if you’re winning. MAKE MORE SPORTS PHYSICS GAMES
  • It’s ok 4/5

    By read me!!!123
    I feel like you don’t do enough damage with every punch and you never know if you’re winning. MAKE MORE SPORTS PHYSICS GAMES
  • Doesn’t explain mechanics. 2/5

    By Mtngpeopleiseasy
    I started playing the game and the first level was pretty easy in career mode but then the second level came and the fighter would just knock me out in one hit multiple times and I have no clue how to counter that. I literally can’t play the game because the second level of the game is impossibly hard even on noob mode.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By 1200638998320649
    This is worse then a waste of time! The graphics are bad, but to make it even worse the gameplay is pointless and absolutely terrible I recommend strongly not just not downloading this but to also remove it from the App Store for what a waste of space it is.
  • Chin stat 5/5

    By Xbox rktm8420
    What does the chin stat do? But otherwise great game also I want to make my own champion
  • Just needs a better multiplayer! 4/5

    By Gjxjgb
    Instant 5 stars if we get a Bluetooth or LAN online multiplayer, it’s very difficult to play with two people on one phone

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